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Reviewed: 10/27/2014

Mario Party 9 really is a 9! It is really fun and enjoyable!

  1. After 4 and a half years without any new Mario Party games, the awesome series is back! This game is quite a bit different from the other games in the series because Hudson Soft is done with developing Mario Party games and ND Cube took over. I was actually happy about this change. Now let's get to the full review here.

    First up is the most important thing about a game, the gameplay. I'm dividing this into three sections.

    Party Mode 8/10
    So the party mode has the biggest change to the series which is the car! Believe it or not, I like the vehicle mode. I always have fun in the car when we are traveling together and everyone takes turns as the captain. Another big change about the party mode is the addition to mini stars which replaced stars and coins in the past Mario Parties. I liked the stars and coins a tiny bit better, but the mini stars are fun to collect as well. I also think the mini ztars are kinda funny, but I hate when I get too many of them. I love the Special dice blocks in this game, especially so that you can get to the space you want easier and so you can avoid spaces like Bowser Spaces. My favourite thing about this mode are the captain events because they are so fun and that there is one for each board (three for Bowser Station). You will have fun in the Party Mode.

    Minigames 10/10
    Like the past Mario Parties, the minigames are extremely fun to play! There are four different types of minigames, Free for All, Bowser Jr, 1 vs Rivals, and Boss minigames. The free for all minigames to me are the most fun because they are exciting and very addictive. In the Bowser Jr minigames, you team up with someone and try to defeat Bowser Jr. If you beat Bowser Jr, you each get 5 mini stars, if you lose, you each lose 5 mini stars. The 1 vs rivals minigames are cool and the solo player is against two or three players. The Boss minigames I enjoy a lot. I really like when the boss is halfway defeated, the battle gets harder in some way. And whoever defeated the boss gets bonus points for their final attack. The minigame modes are also fun such as Step it Up and High Rollers. The extra minigames are also awesome! I have always had fun with the minigames in every Mario Party game I have ever played and I always will!

    Others 7/10
    Mario Party 9 has very good gameplay and all that, and I like the museum mode because there is quite a few interesting stuff you can find there with your party points such as constellations of characters and items in the game. However the gameplay is very similar to Wii Party. If you play the game enough, you will find the similarities. But that's okay because Wii Party is an awesome game as well!

    Gameplay overall 8.7/10

    Graphics 10/10
    Mario Party 9 has the best graphics of any wii game! The visuals are so cool and I love all the bright colours. The lighting is great and clear. The characters are so bright. The graphics are one thing that makes this game awesome!

    Sound 9/10
    The sound effects in this game are great! The music is awesome! Most music in this game is extremely fun, others not quite as much. But there is no really boring or any annoying music. This game has lots of cool sounds.

    Story 9/10
    The story mode is funny. Mario and his friends are looking at the bright constellations in the sky, but then all of a sudden Bowser and Bowser Jr are stealing them. You have to get all of them back on each board in order. My favourite part of the story is everytime Bowser is looking at the mini stars and Bowser Jr comes in and says "Bad news dad" and Bowser gets all angry! That is just hilarious! The story mode is one of the best story modes in the Mario Party series.

    Character selection 7/10
    The character selection is pretty good for all the characters they put in. They included the 8 original characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Daisy, Waluigi and Toad) who should be in every future game. The new characters (Koopa, Shy Guy and Kamek) are awesome and I love playing as them. They brought Birdo back at least because she is awesome. Birdo is lucky because they left out so many other favourite characters of mine like Dry Bones, Hammer Bro, Blooper and Boo. They are all awesome characters, why did ND Cube leave them out. Oh well, at least they are still in the game but with different roles, but Toadette isn't in the game at all, ND cube, why didn't you bother putting Toadette in the game? She was great! But the character roster is okay because of who is in the game.

    Boards 9/10
    I really like every board in this game. I love that each board is very different from the others! They all have their own gimmicks such as the Bob omb on your vehicle in Bob omb Factory and the Magma in Magma Mine. Like every board in the series, Mario Party 9 has amazing boards! My favourite is Blooper Beach.

    So Mario Party 9 is an awesome game and I play it often. It is one of my favourite Mario Parties and Nintendo and ND Cube did a great job creating this game! So Mariofan16 is giving Mario Party 9 a 9 out of 10.
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  3. Product Release: Mario Party 9 (US, 03/11/2012)
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