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Dragon Quest I & II Cheats


  • Rename the Prince and Princess

    To rename the Prince (2nd character) to whatever you want,
    start the game up, then choose to Continue an Adventure. When you are at the ''file screen'', put the cursor to the left of the file you want to change the name.

    Hold the directional pad to the Left and also hold the Start button and push the A button with them still held down. A naming prompt will then appear for you to enter in
    the new name.

    To change the name of the Princess (3rd character), put the cursor to the left of the file you want to change her name in, and this time hold Right on the directional pad along with the Start button, and then press the A button while still holding right+Start. A naming prompt will then appear for her.

    You must have the Prince in the party for the code to change his name work, and the same for the Princess.

    Rename the Prince prompt appearsHold Left + Start and press A
    Rename the Princess prompt appearsHold Right + Start and press A

    Contributed By: Red Scarlet.

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  • Borrow the Sword of Destruction attack power to Falcon Sword

    At the gate of Hargon's Castle equip the Falcon Sword & take the Sword of Destruction in the Hero inventory too. Walk into the castle. In the castle it look like Midenhall, then equip the Sword of Destruction & you will cursed. After that use the Charm of Rubiss, then you will change the equip weapon automatically back to Falcon Sword. But the attack power in the battle will equal the Sword of Destruction. Ex. Hero lv.40 hit with Falcon = about 60-80/turn = 120-160 total Hero lv.30 hit with Falcon + SOD (Sword of Destruction) power = about 85-125/turn = 170-250 total plus the high % of critical from SOD if you luck enough to critical twice ~ 280-320 total

    Contributed By: Hand_some.

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Dragon Warrior Cheats


  • Best Dragon Warrior Names

    Dragon Warrior 1 for NES modifies your starting stats and growth by the name you choose. Only the first 4 letters count for this calculation You can use this website to see what names work for you: Just make sure your short-term modifier is at least a 3 for the best growth :) A more complete list of names can be found here: Most of the names below were tested with this calculator. You can test them yourself for more details. Names are case sensitive; a hypen ( - ) is used to seperate names meaning you can use any of those names for the same result.

    HP + MP growthLink-Hero
    STR + AGI growthMara-WRAITH
    STR + HP growthEdea-Kane-John

    Contributed By: darkwraith007.

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  • Final Password (Japanese Version Only)

    At the password screen, press Right 7 times and enter the Japanese character. Left 7 times, Down 6 times and enter the Japanese character. Up 2 times, Right 5 times and enter the Japanese character. Left 2 times, Up 2 times and enter the Japanese character. Press Left 1 time, Down 1 time and enter the Japanese character 2 times. Down 3 times, Left 1 time and enter the Japanese character. Up 3 times and enter the Japanese character. Down 1 time, Left 1 time and enter the Japanese character. Up 4 times, Right 4 times and enter the Japanese character. Down 1 time and enter the Japanese character. Left 1 time, Down 1 time and enter the Japanese character. Down 1 time, Left 2 times and enter the Japanese character. Right 2 times, Down 1 time and enter the Japanese character. Left 1 time, Down 1 time and enter the Japanese character. Up 5 times, Right 4 times and enter the Japanese character. Right 3 times and enter the Japanese character. Left 5 times, Down 1 time and enter the Japanese character. Left 4 times, Down 2 times and enter the Japanese character. Right 4 times and enter the Japanese character.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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  • Start strong or weak

    At the start screen when you enter your name

    Higher starting statsTEST
    Lower starting statsENIX

    Contributed By: iamepic1965.

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  • Death Necklace

    Go into the mountain cave and get the treasure box at the bottom that gives you 130 GP. Do this over and over about 15 times and you will get the Death Necklace. Go sell it at an item shop in Breconary.

    Contributed By: The Gaming Genius.

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Dragon Warrior II Cheats


  • Modify Party Names (Japanese Version)

    In the Japanese version, the Prince and Princess' name are already predetermined. If you want to change them, just start a new game, type the Hero's name and before entering the last letter, hold Select + Start and enter the last letter. If done right, you'll be taken to a second name entry screen where you'll be able to name the Prince and then the Princess.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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  • Double Sword of Destruction

    -Have the Falcon Sword equipped to your dead Hero before entering Hargon Castle.
    -Enter the Castle. Equip the Sword of Destruction to your dead hero.
    -Get out of Hargon Castle.
    -Revive hero.

    Now the hero attacks twice with the Sword of Destruction.

    Saving or lv up might negate this glitch.

    Contributed By: Garnovich.

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  • No random encounters for the first part of the game

    There is a glitch that will freeze the random number generator so it always generates the same number.

    Name your hero TUT, and select a message speed of fast.

    Now there are no random encounters, townspeople always move south, and you never get lottery tickets from buying items. You can proceed through the game with no random encounters until the battle with the gremlins at Lianport, where the game will freeze due to lack of random numbers for the AI.

    Saving the game at any point ends the glitch, restoring the the random number generator to normal.

    Contributed By: Dwedit.

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  • Share Weapons with Equipment Glitch

    Early on in the game, you don't have much gold, and the Prince of Cannock starts out with just a club.

    If you Equip a stronger weapon on the Hero, then transfer it to the Prince, you can also have the Prince equip that weapon. As long as nobody levels up or accesses the Equip menu, both party members will share the attack boost from the weapon.

    Contributed By: Dwedit.

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  • The Second Water Flying Cloth

    Go to Zahan, and get the Magic Loom. After that, go to the Dragon's Horn North Tower, and get the Dew's Yarn on the 3rd floor. Take these items and see Don Mahone. After you give him the items for him to make the first Water Flying Cloth, *WITHOUT SAVING*, go back to the Dragon's Horn North Tower on the 3rd floor, and search for the Dew's Yarn. It *WILL* be there. After you get the Dew's Yarn the second time, *SAVE*. After saving, turn the game off (make sure you hold in reset so you don't erase the files) and turn it back on. Go back to Don Mahone and get your first Water Flying Cloth. Now go back to Zahan and get the Magic Loom again. Take the items to Don Mahone once again, and save. Turn off the power, then turn it back on, then go back to Don Mahone, and get your second Water Flying Cloth.

    (If you saved after giving Don Mahone the Dew's Yarn and Magic Loom, but DIDN'T go back to get the Dew's Yarn again, it will no longer be there. The Magic Loom however, you can get again at any time.)

    Contributed By: Lhunthangion.

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  • Unlimited gold

    There's a place in the game where you can defeat a clown and win a Staff of Thunder, which sells for 19,500 gold. Once you beat him, go sell the staff, save at the king and reset the game. When you come back, the clown will be there again, and you can get another Staff of Thunder.
    Continue doing this to get as much gold as you want.

    Contributed By: terrisus.

    18    3

  • Use cursed equipment without the curse

    Normally, when equipped with a cursed item (Sword of Destruction, Gremlin's Armor, or Gremlin's Tail), there is a 50% chance the person wearing the item will freeze in battle, rather than act. This is unfortunate, as the sword and armour are the most powerful in the game.

    However, there is a way to gain the benefits of the items without the curse.

    1. Equip the item(s). This will give you the increased attack and/or defense of the cursed item(s) and inflict your character with the curse.

    2. Go to the House of Healing and pay to have the character equipping the item uncursed. This will cost 100 GP per experience level. This will remove the item(s) from your item list and remove the curse, but does NOT cause your attack or defense stat to recalculate.

    3. Never again look at your equip screen for that character or gain an experience level. The game does not recalculate the character's attack or defense stats until you look at the equip screen or gain a level, so you do not lose the hefty attack or defense bonus granted by equipping the cursed item(s).

    You are free to look in and use other menus, including item and status, or even save and reset, without losing the bonus. However, since leveling up recalculates your attack and defense, you may want to wait until you are ready to defeat the final boss to use this glitch, since it cannot be repeated without finding a new copy of the cursed item.

    Contributed By: Ragn_Charran.

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Easter Eggs

  • Sword of Thunder

    In the cave to Rhone, on level 5, fall down a hole (any hole). Go to the lower left corner of level 4. Go one square up and one square right. You'll fall down a hole, and the sword will be right there. Best Sword in the game.

    Contributed By: theinfiniteweird.

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Dragon Warrior III Cheats


  • No Random Encounters (Japanese PRG1 Only)

    This cheat is only allowed in Japanese, PRG1 versions of the game. (If you are unsure of your game version, simply try this and see if it works - if not, your game is a PRG0 version.) Hold the A Button on Controller 2 on the world map and, whilst the button is held, no random encounters will be fought.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Carrying Multiple Leaves of the World Tree

    If you get the Leaf of the World Tree, use Limbo spells for the character that has it during battle. After finishing the battle, if you examine the place where the Leaves of the World Tree are, it will get it again so repeat this.

    Contributed By: GakkouGurashiRe.

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  • Cheat in the Monster Arena

    You need the Silver Harp for this, which you find in the back of the shrine in Northwest Alefgard. Take the harp to any fight arena, and use it. Then talk to the ticket seller. You'll notice one of the monsters in the roster shows up as a blank spot. That one will NOT participate in the fight.

    Bet on the monster RIGHT ABOVE the one you think will win. You will win with the monster below the one you bet on wins, and you win with the that monster's odds.

    For example, say it's the Magician/Spiked Hare/Magician fight. After using the harp, it shows up as [BLANK]/Spiked Hare/Magician. If you bet on the Spiked Hare and Magician B wins, you win, with a payback based on Spiked Hare's odds.

    You can really clean up on the Bomb Crag/Man Eater Chest fight. Bet on the Bomb Crag, Man Eater Chest will automatically win, and for a 300 GP bet (level 30), you will win over 60,000 GP!

    Contributed By: pepper2000.

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  • Gain the first eight Hero spells without leveling up

    You can obtain the first eight magic spells for your Hero at the very beginning of the game without leveling up. To do so, first go to the eatery and register enough people to fill up the entire list. Your Hero will instantly learn the first eight spells he would have otherwise learned through leveling up.

    There is a negative side-effect to using this trick (Be careful!): If you haven't already learned the Heal and Return spells before using this trick, you won't be be able to use them outside of battle.

    Contributed By: Axion9.

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  • Money-Making Trick

    This is straightforward and easy to do:

    Go to the eatery and register some soldiers. Afterwards, let them into your party and then take them out to the tool-shop and sell all of their equipment. Each soldier comes equipped with a club and leather armor, which you can sell for a total of 134 GP. You can then repeat this process as many times as you'd like.

    Contributed By: Axion9.

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  • Parry and Act

    There is a bug in DW3 that lets you Parry (cuts ALL damage by 50%) and perform any action (attack, spell, item) in the same round. Simply select the parry command first, back up with the B button, and select the desired command.

    NOTE 1: You cannot do this with the last character in the line.
    NOTE 2: You cannod do this with the first character either, unless the first character has no magic. Put non-magic-using characters, such as a soldier, in the lead.

    Contributed By: pepper2000.

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