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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17

Tier List

To try to make this game play remotely like Smash Bros and begin to resemble a remotely playable game, you're going to want to look at "custom battle." This is the only mode in the game that lets you turn off the random items and assist characters. Given this game is most similar to Brawl of any Smash Bros game, you're going to be wanting 3 stock 1v1 matches. This is the kind of context this tier list is designed for. The tier list also assumes you're playing on remotely sane stages that aren't filled to the brim with gimmicks.

God Tier
#1 Blossom
Top Tier

#2 Mojo Jojo

#3 Numbuh One

#4 Bubbles
#5 Samurai Jack
#6 Kevin 11
#7 Father
High Tier
#8 Aku
#9 Toiletnator
#10 Vilgax
Middle Tier
#11 Scotsman
#12 Dexter
#13 Him
#14 Grim
#15 Buttercup
Low Tier
#16 Captain K'nuckles
#17 Hoss Delgado
#18 Chowder
Very Low Tier
#19 Johnny Bravo
#20 Flapjack
#21 Billy and Mandy
Bottom Tier
#22 Ben 10 (Old)
#23 Mac and Bloo
#24 Captain Planet
#25 Ben 10 (Young)
#26 Monkey

Blossom has a mindless infinite anyone can accomplish with no effort with Neutral Special + Jab which solidifies her spot in her own unique tier with no real issue.

Everyone in god/top tier besides Kevin 11 and Numbuh One all have very similar Side Specials where they rush forwards that can combo enemies to roughly 130% that explains the extent of their placing. Samurai Jack's is slightly worse than the other characters, and his horrible recovery makes him the worst of the group. Mojo Jojo's amazing projectile makes him the best of this group of four aside from Blossom. Father has very little business being this high outside of having one of these Specials.

Kevin 11's down smash infinite is very powerful, but hard to do and doesn't work on everybody. The dsmash combo is capable of working on Mojo Jojo and Samurai Jack, who are both above him on the tier list, but their side specials combo Kevin long enough that it may as well be an infinite, and their Side Specials are much easier to hit than Kevin's Dsmash. Jack's counter and Mojo Jojo's amazing projectile generally mean they should win the matchup against Kevin without too much hassle. Kevin's ridiculous dsmash is still very strong and infinites a lot of very notable characters who don't outclass him, such as the entirety of high tier. Father has a chance at beating Kevin with the Side Special alone, though his lack of other notable properties outside of high power makes it a much more contestable matchup.

Numbuh One's jab functions somewhat similarly to the Side Specials of most of the other characters in the tier as he rapidly jabs enemies along the stage for up to 60% damage on Foster's Home 2. This is his main claim to fame, though he also has a very useful Neutral Special projectile. The Side Specials can arguably rack up more damage, but Numbuh One's jab is completely inescapable. His projectile, while doing slightly worse against characters that aren't Mojo Jojo, does beat out Mojo's in a direct fight, important when they're two of the best characters in the game. His air game, which is supposed to be the main focus of the character, is just the icing on the game.

Once we're past the top 6 characters things get a bit more sane. Aku's infamous laser is still an incredibly obnoxious projectile that pretty much gets him his tier list placing by itself when coupled with his strong jumps, but he doesn't have any ridiculous combos. Toiletnator's Down Special combo game is very strong, his Final Smash is amazing, and he still has a generic projectile to ensure he isn't just zoned out. Vilgax has a weaker but still useful version of Aku's laser, but has an actual melee game to back it up most notably with his excellent Down Special.

Scotsman is able to invalidate enemy projectiles very well and has amazing power, having a pretty strong melee game once he forces enemies in. The main problem for Scotsman is the Aku/Vilgax laser goes through his gunfire and ignores it. Dexter is largely an all rounder without anything too individually broken, but is a strong overall package who excels in all categories. Him's Side Special is an amazing move that raises his mediocre moveset by itself, though he's not without other helpful moves like Neutral Special and fsmash. Grim has one of the best projectiles in the game if it's not outclassed and a very spammable Side Special, but is just too predictable to place higher on the tier list. Buttercup is in a similar boat to Numbuh One, but her projectile gets outclassed by a lot of other higher tier characters such as Mojo Jojo, Aku, Scotsman, Numbuh One.

Captain K'nuckles' trap Neutral Special is a very interesting and useful move that has a lot of potential, but it struggles a lot to carry the rest of his moveset, having little else that's helpful outside of high power and a good Final Smash. Hoss has a projectile and a decent Side Special and Final Smash, but nothing really exceptional. While Hoss appears very slow, he has enough viable moves he can ignore most of the slower ones. Chowder doesn't have a real projectile, but his Side Special is very long range and very fast, and he has very strong spammable smashes.

The three characters in very low tier do all at least have projectiles and some other useful traits, like Bravo's nair, Flapjack's side aerial and final smash, and Billy and Mandy's high power Down Special. Characters at the very bottom have no real advantages to their name. Old Ben 10 at least has a slow projectile that isn't going to zone out anyone else and some power, but is slow outside of that. Mac and Bloo have high power and at least have vertical range and a functional Final Smash. Captain Planet is extremely lacking in all attributes and has basically nothing positive about him. Young Ben 10 has no projectile and is arguably the slowest character in the entire game, with his only particularly good thing being his Final Smash. Monkey isn't as slow as some of the others, but has an actively horrible final smash and lacks anything whatsoever to define him, being the definition of generic. His generic high power clapping fsmash is the only thing that's positive about him, but most characters in bottom tier at least have a token high power move like Mac and Bloo's Neutral Special.