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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17



Scotsman is a pretty extreme heavyweight archetype in the game, hitting very hard and being decently slow, though there are definitely slower (and much worse) characters. While his projectile isn't that great as a projectile, it does a good job of blocking enemy projectiles which lets him get in and do what needs to do.

Neutral Special: Scotsman raises up his leg and fires bullets out of his machine gun leg rapidly. This has infinite range and the projectiles quickly travel the entire screen. This does a few hits of 4% and flinching. Against tall characters, it can do up to three hits, but shorter characters will be juggled very slightly and only get hit twice. This will destroy all other projectiles in its path without taking away any potential power of the gunfire. For how stupidly good this is, it is unfortunately kind of slow compared something like Mojo Jojo or Numbuh One's similar Neutral Specials, having a lot of ending lag that means it's not super spammable. It's still very useful against other characters, easily outclassing their projectiles.

Side Special: Scotsman does a rushing slash forwards. This does 15% and very low base knockback that scales up heavily to kill people fast. This can potentially hit twice if used at close range and is easier than you'd think, letting Scotsman get 30% out of this move with minimal effort. Just hitting once provides 4 Final Smash meter pickups, so this builds meter stupidly fast by hitting with it twice.

Up Special: Scotsman does three whirling slashes all around his body as he magically rises into the air, traveling a pretty good distance but taking a long time to do it. Each slash deals 10% and decent vertical knockback, and at percentages that aren't super high it's pretty easy to hit enemies twice with this attack. While potentially good as an actual attack considering it can hit multiple times and has a huge hitbox, the very long duration, in addition to it putting Scotsman in helpless, means players should be very careful with it.

Down Special: Scotsman goes horizontal in midair before rapidly falling towards the ground until he hits something for a typical stall then fall. Should he land on anyone, they will take 14% and very high diagonal knockback away. Scotsman cannot move horizontally through the air in this attack and is totally locked in once he presses this move. Still, for not being able to move horizontally like some of these other falling attacks, this is pretty good for the massive power and Scotsman' fat body making him a big hitbox.

Final Smash: Scotsman plays bagpipes in a cutscene before his wife who is twice the size of him falls down next to him, dealing 53% and very high knockback that can kill people from 0%. Anybody who was next to Scotsman when he activated the Final Smash will be hit and almost surely die.

Forward Smash: Scotsman stabs his sword forwards, dealing 15% and very high forwards knockback with a pretty big helping of ending lag. This attack will not hit at point blank range as Scotsman reaches through the enemy with the attack. This move can potentially kill people as low as 30%. While this is stupidly strong and definitely a key move for Scotsman, the blind spot is a lot bigger than you'd think and makes the move awkward to use in tandem with its end lag.

Up Smash: Scotsman does two slashes in front of himself, each dealing 9% and very, very weak knockback forwards. The slashes will cover above him due to how huge their hitboxes are, but are primarily aimed in front of Scotsman. The two slashes will always combo into each other until around 150% or so, at which point they won't and the move becomes useless. Make sure to hit the first slash at close range if you expect both to hit. This knockback is so tiny it may as well be set, with the only purpose of the scaling being to make the attack harder to combo at high percents for some strange reason. This attack is only usable for damage racking, and isn't terrible at its job once the foe is at too high of a percent that Side Special stops hitting twice.

Down Smash: Scotsman slams his sword behind himself before swinging it all the way over his head and slamming it in front of himself. All throughout the move Scotsman deals 16% and strong diagonally forwards knockback, being his main vertical killing move. The hitbox that spawns behind Scotsman is quite fast, but the slash in front of him is very slow which also means the duration is quite long. This is a pretty crappy attack all around with how slow it is, and it's awkward to use given the fast hitbox is behind Scotsman. If you're going to use this attack for some reason, you should probably intend to hit with the first hitbox or use it to catch a foe out of a roll.

Jab: Scotsman does a punch, then a headbutt, and finishes with a sword slash for his jab combo. If all hits connect, the enemy is dealt 11% and pretty high knockback for a mere jab combo. The jab combo struggles to combo into itself and has blind spots at point blank range. You can try to jab cancel the first hit into an fsmash as a mixup, but this doesn't true combo and oftentimes Scotsman will be too close to the enemy for fsmash to hit after using jab anyway, making it better to use fsmash by itself.

Dashing Attack: Scotsman does a rushing stab with his sword for 8% and average knockback. Not too slow and decent range, but an unnotable attack on the whole.

Up Tilt: Scotsman does a low range upward stab of his sword, dealing 8% and weak vertical knockback. This attack is slightly laggier than it looks and is very hard to hit due to the low range. While his up smash can't kill, this kills so late it's not exactly much better.

Down Tilt: Scotsman does a fast crouching stab of his sword that deals 11% and decently strong forwards knockback.

Neutral Aerial: Scotsman spins all around himself with his sword outstretched, dealing a single hit of 7% and flinching that is unsafe on hit and totally useless garbage.

Side Aerial: Scotsman does a generic stab forwards for 6% and a flinch in a low range hitbox. Yes, it's a flinch for some reason, and yes it is unsafe on hit.

Up Aerial: Scotsman does a huge slash of his sword around his body, dealing 10% and high vertical knockback. This has amazing coverage all around Scotsman comparable to something like Cloud's nair. The hitbox starts slightly below and in front of Scotsman before ending behind him, meaning this attack is perfectly capable of hitting grounded enemies and is his primary aerial. This aerial does a great job of making up for Scotsman' weak anti-air options and his terrible other aerials.

Down Aerial: Scotsman thrusts his sword downwards below himself, dealing 11% and high horizontal knockback in an animation somewhat similar to Link's dair. This attack is certainly faster than Link's dair, but has an awkward overly specific hitbox. It's still far superior to Scotsman' nair and side aerial given it has actual good reward for hitting at least, though up aerial is the only one you should be using move of the time. If the foe is on the stage, you're definitely better off using Down Special to hit enemies below you, with this move only reserved for off-stage enemies. Keep in mind that uair is also still perfectly capable of hitting enemies below Scotsman as well.

Grab and Throw: Scotsman has a pathetic, tiny baby grab, barely moving his massive meaty arm whatsoever as it just twitches in place slightly. Having him reach forward whatsoever would apparently be overpowered. His throw deals 5% and has higher base knockback than other throws, meaning it's useless and can't combo into anything even if it does kill a lot earlier than other throws.

Relevant Attacks (8/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Up Aerial

Useless Attacks (5/17): Jab, Up Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Side Aerial, Grab/Throw

Analysis: Scotsman needs to land very few attacks to win most matches. His Side Special provides him with the bare minimum damage fsmash needs to kill, and produces a massive amount of meter to power his incredible Final Smash. His Neutral Special projectile isn't an outright amazing zoning tool against enemies without a projectile, but is very useful just to destroy enemy projectiles with greatly inflates his tier placing. Scotsman is a pretty simplistic character and doesn't have to do much complicated, the most difficult part is just spamming uair as the character's main spacing move.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 2/5 Power 5/5 Air 1/5 Range 5/5