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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is what you'd expect out of a typical swordsman in a Smash Bros clone type game, complete with generic counter. He is definitely the overall fastest character in the game and has a very respectable quick melee game, which is a shockingly unique playstyle in this game filled of constant projectile spam. He unfortunately has a bad recovery and the highest falling speed of anyone in the game, which is bad when everybody already has very high falling speeds, making him drop like a rock off-stage especially when combined with his horrible mid-air jump.

Neutral Special: Samurai Jack does four slashes in front of himself, dealing 3 hits of 3% and flinching, then a final hit of 3% with weak knockback in front of himself for 12% total. This is a pretty mediocre attack that is supposed to emulate Marth's dancing blade, but is just a generic multihit move. At least it actually works how multihit moves are supposed to instead of being nothing but flinching hits like so many attacks are in this game. Still, this attack is largely outclassed by his fsmash which is an almost identical move, just more powerful.

Side Special: Samurai Jack rushes forwards about a platform's distance, dealing 8% and decent knockback forwards along with him. This is a decent enough attack and can sometimes be used to supplement recovery, but this will put Jack in helpless if he ends the move off-stage. Jack's high falling speed and mid-air jump are so bad that if Jack uses this attack to go off the stage while standing on it, he will almost surely die from it which can make this attack be a big-time beginner's trap.

This attack is fast enough to easily combo into itself if Samurai Jack constantly performs the move back and forth on a foe trapped in the middle who gets knocked back and forth along with him as he goes. The knockback won't scale to knock enemies out of the combo until 130%. This is only a true combo at certain percentages, and enemies have a decent amount of time to potentially get out of the combo most of the time with a lot of free frames to react and potentially hit Jack with a jab or something. Computers struggle to get out and will fall victim to the combo most of the time. This is less reliable than it is on Mojo Jojo and the Powerpuff Girls because Jack travels slightly farther than they do during this attack, which means he has to travel further back to rush into the enemy. The attack is thankfully still fast enough this is still spammable for this purpose.

Up Special: Samurai Jack does a slash as he travels a massive distance upwards extremely quickly, the furthest any recovery goes in the entire game in a single boost of upward momentum. Anyone in Jack's way will take 13% and middling vertical knockback. This recovery's massive vertical distance is the only thing that at all enables Jack to recover and not just be a horrible character, and should largely always be used over Side Special for recovering. As an attack, this move is horrible because Jack will go up so high he will undoubtedly be punished as he has to fall back so far down onto the ground to come out of helpless. It's also very possible for Jack to just kill himself with this attack it recovers up so high, as unlike Smash Bros it is entirely possible for a character to kill themselves by jumping up off the top blast zone with a recovery move.

Down Special: Samurai Jack does the vintage Fire Emblem counter. If anyone hits Jack during this, he briefly becomes invincible as he takes a single step forward and does a very quick slash for 12% and high knockback, one of his best kill moves if you can land it. Ideally, Jack wants to get in the way of enemy recoveries and use counter for surefire kills. This strategy would be great, but Jack's very awkward recovery makes it very dangerous. This counter is very quick compared to Flapjack's and is entirely safe on hit, and the power is the same regardless of what attack hit Jack. Like Flapjack's tacky tickle counter, this will counter grabs, unlike Smash Bros where grabs go through counters. Jack should be heavily spamming this attack and be relying on it as one of his main kill moves. Ranged attacks like Blossom ice breath/Aku fire breath and of course projectiles can enable the user to stand away fire enough to not be hit by the counter attack, though, so Jack has to be careful of those and should never try countering projectiles unless already in the foe's face.

Final Smash: Samurai Jack says "There is no escape!" in a cutscene before rushing forwards a distance comparable to his Side Special. Anyone in the way takes 50% and decent vertical knockback. This will not kill an enemy at low percentages like most Final Smashes can and will require some damage racking on Samurai Jack's part first, but the Final Smash is at least very easy to hit. For the rest of the stock, Samurai Jack will have the top half of his robes ripped off after performing the Final Smash.

Forward Smash: Samurai Jack does a flurry of slashes in front of himself, the first few just flinching enemies and the last one doing the knockback. Should all hits connect, it totals to 16% as the enemy gets sent away with average knockback that does an acceptable job of killing. At 0%, the move does absolutely zero knockback to enemies for some reason, which may potentially make it unsafe on hit.

Up Smash: Samurai Jack does a generic upward slice, dealing 12% and decent upwards knockback.

Down Smash: Samurai Jack does a slow slice forward for what is one of the slowest moves in his set, which is still pretty fast. This does 10% and what is probably the strongest knockback in his set outside of his counter. Samurai Jack takes a step forwards during this move and the move has a large blindspot next to him because of it, with foes having to be stand away a couple paces from him to actually get hit by the move.

Jab: Samurai Jack does a series of three slashes in front of him, dealing 11% if all of them connect for a very notably damaging jab combo compared to other characters. If only the first two hits connect, and are then canceled into something else, you still get 7% out of it, making it a lot more worth it to do jab cancels with Jack as compared to other characters who only deal about 3% with their first two jab hits most of the time. Most notably, jab canceling the first two hits will true combo into fsmash for a big-time total of 23%.

Dashing Attack: Samurai Jack does a simple slash as he comes to a stop from his dash, dealing 8% and respectable forwards knockback.

Up Tilt: Samurai Jack does a half circle slash arc above him with his sword, dealing 9% and average upwards knockback. The range on this attack is pretty good for a utilt and it is capable of hitting enemies standing in front of Jack with ease.

Down Tilt: Jack does a simple stab of his sword along the ground in front of him, dealing 8% and decent knockback.

Neutral Aerial: Samurai Jack does a stab of his sword forwards, dealing 3 hits of 6% and flinching. This attack is fast enough that despite doing no knockback, it seems to be at least frame neutral or possibly even safe on hit, it's that fast. No, it can't combo into itself, and yes, it is still useless, with a tiny awkward to hit hitbox.

Side Aerial: Samurai Jack slashes his sword in front of himself in an arc similar to Marth's fair, dealing 11% and high horizontal knockback. This attack has a great hitbox that is a lot more capable of being used as an actual direct spacing attack which is a pretty big rarity in this game. It's a shame his recovery is too awkward to use it for off-stage much, but this aerial is legitimately good enough to use on-stage out of shorthops, exceedingly rare in this game.

Up Aerial: Samurai Jack slashes his sword above himself like Marth's uair, dealing 10% and average knockback above Jack. Pretty much nobody is capable of juggling in this game due to high falling speed and slow, awful aerials with tiny hitboxes, but this uair is fast enough and has a big enough hitbox this is legitimately possible with this move. Jack has surprisingly usable aerials that he'll do his best to make use of on-stage given he can't go off-stage for long.

Down Aerial: Samurai Jack slashes his sword below himself, dealing 11% and forceful horizontal knockback. This attack has a smaller hitbox that's harder to hit than Side Aerial and Up Aerial, and as such can't be seriously recommended. Side Aerial is already so strong that this doesn't even seem stronger, and side aerial has a much more generous hitbox. Given downward knockback is banned in this game and so this aerial just does the same knockback as side aerial, it comes across as pretty useless.

Grab and Throw: Samurai Jack does a generic average grab with a throw that can't combo into anything whatsoever in his set, not even Side Special. The throw deals 6% and scales to do pretty high knockback pretty quickly, surprisingly usable as a kill throw.

Relevant Attacks (12/17): Side Special, Up Special, Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Jab, Up Tilt, Side Aerial, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (3/17): Neutral Special, Neutral Aerial, Down Aerial

Analysis: Jack's Side Special should hopefully be enough for him to get in, and spamming the hell out of it is the main thing that inflates his tier list placing from just average. Aside from this, he has a pretty impressive resume on his melee game with his jab into fsmash combo, his great counter, a strong throw, and a very nice spammable aerial he can use on the stage. Given he doesn't have a projectile, he'll be relying on jumping over projectiles and hitting enemies with his strong side aerial a lot. While Jack certainly does have advantages, he is still held back by his recovery and lack of a projectile. His Final Smash isn't the best either.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 4/5 Power 5/5 Air 3/5 Range 4/5