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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Numbuh One

Numbuh One's (Yes, that is the correct spelling of his name for some reason) most obvious feature that sets him apart from the rest of the cast is the fact that he has three huge midair jumps that make use of his jet boots, giving him basically infinite recovery and a good candidate to go through the story mode with. Aside from his boots, he has an extremely spammable projectile to help him out and make him be decent, even if the rest of his moveset is only average at best.

Neutral Special: Numbuh One takes out a tacky gun that shoots forward jellybean projectiles, dealing two hits of 3% and flinching. It appears to be 3 different projectiles, but only two hits occur, so one of the projectile graphics seem to just be for show. They are definitely separate projectile entities, as like Mojo Jojo this attack will beat out all other projectiles as one of Numbuh One's projectiles cancels out the enemy projectile while the other one behind it will keep going and hit the enemy. This attack is incredibly spammable, but the stun is so brief that it won't do a good job of delaying enemies from reaching him unfortunately. This will beat out even Mojo Jojo's Neutral Special given it's so fast, and basically forces enemies to approach Numbuh One. Enemies attempting to attack Numbuh One from above will find it very difficult with his extremely good aerial statistics and his Down Special downward angle projectile.

Side Special: Numbuh One takes out a wooden device of some sort (a mouse trap or something? It's impossible to tell with how briefly it's out) and snaps it forwards, dealing 15% and high forwards knockback for one of his main kill moves. It's pretty fast and has good range, making it decent for its job.

Up Special: Nigel boosts upwards with his rocket boots, dealing 14% and decent vertical knockback. Only use this as a recovery if you absolutely need to when you have Numbuh One's three amazing jumps at your disposal. As an attack, it's functional, and the way helpless works in this game you can still jump after using your recovery (but not attack), so Numbuh One has more mobility after using this as an attack than most other characters will.

Down Special: Numbuh One fires a large red projectile downwards that does 8% and average knockback. This attack does not have infinite range unlike most downward aimed projectiles, though the range will usually suffice. Just be careful you don't camp from -too- high up with Numbuh One's super high and spammable jumps. Having this attack makes him very good at off-stage harassment when his jumps are so good.

Final Smash: Numbuh One takes out two tacky guns and gains infinite free flight and invulnerability. The guns constantly spray out spammable gas of some sort when you mash the attack button that traps enemies in mass flinching hits. At the end of the Final Smash, Numbuh One shoots out some green rockets that do the actual knockback at 45 degree angles to either side of himself, so have the enemy lined up to actually be hit by these. If you trap an enemy in for the whole Final Smash, they'll take about 110% damage, but it's still rare this attack will actually manage to kill anyone outright so it's definitely not the best.

Forward Smash: Numbuh one jumps up before moving forwards slightly as he does a punch, dealing 12% and decent forwards knockback.

Up Smash: Numbuh One does a headbutt upwards with his bald head, dealing 14% and high vertical knockback. This can hit enemies standing in front of Numbuh One as well as those above him.

Down Smash: Numbuh one spins around as moving forwards with his leg outstretched, dealing 12% and decently strong radial knockback away from himself. This attack goes on for a long time and is pretty crappy because of it.

Jab: Numbuh One does two punches, then a kick, dealing 7% if all hits connect. This is the fastest jab combo in the game. Jab 3's knockback does not improve at all and is set, enabling Numbuh One's full jab to easily combo into itself. Numbuh One will drag people across the stage with the third hit of his jab, and if he starts at one end of Foster's Home 2 and goes to the other one while jabbing them across the whole stage, he will deal 60% to them! Sadly, nothing combos out of the jab unless you cancel out of the first hit, in which case you can combo grab as usual. This is a stupidly strong combo especially if you can get a good stretch of stage. If your enemy is foolish enough to pick a stage with a wall, this is an easy infinite, and this will combo people off of a walk-off edge with ease.

Dashing Attack: Numbuh One does a sliding kick as he comes to a stop, dealing 5% and acceptable forwards knockback. An unremarkable attack, but not unusable.

Up Tilt: Numbuh One does a generic upwards punch that deals 7% and tiny upwards knockback. This will miss short enemies standing on the ground in front of Numbuh One, making it pretty crappy.

Down Tilt: Numbuh One does a generic crouching low kick for 5% and average knockback.

Neutral Aerial: Numbuh One does two kicks in front of himself, dealing 6% and knocking enemies away with average knockback. This can only hit once, so the fact there are two kicks in this move just makes it pointlessly laggy.

Side Aerial: Numbuh One kicks in front of himself, dealing 8% and average forwards knockback. If you want a generic spacing "aerial", you're better off just using Side Special instead of this.

Up Aerial: Numbuh One flips upside down and does a kick, dealing 5% and tiny upwards knockback that takes a long time to scale at all. With Numbuh One's three jumps, you'd think he could juggle enemies with this, but falling speed is so high in this game that it's very hard. If you get them up remotely high, finish them off with an Up Special.

Down Aerial: Numbuh One stalls in the air before falling towards the ground feet first, dealing 10% and decent vertical knockback to anyone he hits, continuing to fall until he touches the ground. Given how hard aerials are to hit in general with in this game most of the time, stall then falls are generally good, but Numbuh One really wishes he had better options to hit enemies off-stage with without killing himself.

Grab and Throw: Numbuh One has an average range grab, and when he throws them he does 6% with knockback that can scale to KO pretty quickly for a throw in this game, though it won't kill until like 180%. At low percentages the throw combos into the Neutral Special projectiles.

Relevant Attacks (11/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Down Special, Final Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Jab, Up Aerial, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (2/17): Up Tilt, Neutral Aerial

Analysis: Numbuh One's specials, jab, Final Smash, and his jumps are the extent of what makes him good. He has other vaguely usable attacks, but just exclusively using his B button attacks and jab will get you most of where you need to go. He's not as equipped to use his mass aerial jumps as he would like with the mediocre aerials he has, but Down Special is the only move he really needs for that. Numbuh One should be able to be pretty annoyingly campy with his aerial mobility and his two projectiles that can't be outcamped by anyone. When in melee range, though, Numbuh One is pretty unimpressive. His only good melee option/grounded attack is his jab, but thankfully that's all he really needs. When it comes time to finally kill them you might struggle a small bit, but with so much damage from the broken jab it should not be a problem.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 3/5 Power 3/5 Air 5/5 Range 2/5