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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17



Monkey is a generic all rounder character, but he's pretty much below average in all respects making him very weak. He has one of the most generic and uninspired sets in the game. It's strange that he was chosen for the game as playable over pretty much any other character from his franchise such as Mandark, Dee Dee, or even Major Glory or Krunk.

Neutral Special: Monkey punches both of his hands forwards, forming a large hand made of white energy in front of himself that does 15% and decent knockback. This is decently fast and is technically a "strong kill move", but just barely qualifies.

Side Special: Monkey does a handstand and spins forwards as he whips his tail around, dealing two hits of 7% and weak set knockback forwards. Surprisingly, this attack seems to actually be safe on hit, an extreme rarity for these types of attacks in this game, and is a good way to try to drag an enemy off-stage assuming you get both of the two hits to land. The attack still has a long duration and can be easily punished.

Up Special: Monkey does a cartwheel as he flies up an average distance for a recovery in this game, dealing 13% and decent knockback upwards. The attack is pretty laggy by recovery standards.

Down Special: Monkey channels energy around himself, generating hitboxes around him that deal 13% and fairly high knockback. This attack has a long duration that makes the attack pretty mediocre overall, though it's still strong. The attack has far more range behind Monkey than in front of him, with a large white energy hitbox spawning over his tail.

Final Smash: Monkey glows with white energy and gains invulnerability and constant free flight for a couple brief seconds, doing heavy damage and knockback on contact with anyone. This Final Smash lasts a very brief time so Monkey has to kill enemies pretty quickly. He only needs 3 hits to kill most enemies from 0% with this on a small stage and this Final Smash is still decent, but it's one of the Final Smashes more possible for enemies to survive compared to some of the better ones out there. This is similar to Sonic's Super Sonic Final Smash, as Monkey has horrible physics and is very difficult to control during the Final Smash, making it pretty hard to use.

Forward Smash: Monkey claps both of his hands forwards, dealing 15% and very powerful knockback with an impressive base, killing enemies quite quickly. The raw power of this fsmash is one of the best things about the character, though the attack is a bit on the laggy side.

Up Smash: Monkey stands on his tail to elevate himself up into the air as he does two punches, dealing 12% and decent vertical knockback. The attack can surprisingly hit enemies standing on the ground in front of Monkey despite the fact it looks like it shouldn't be able to. This attack is capable of poking through the middle platform on Foster's Home #2, pretty useful all around.

Down Smash: Monkey smashes the ground on either side of himself with his hands, dealing 15% and good vertical knockback.

Jab: Monkey does a series of cartwheels forwards, dealing 9% if all hits of the jab connect. This is by far the slowest jab combo in the game, meaning this is the only jab in the entire game that can't be jab canceled into grab. This attack is garbage and should never be used.

Dashing Attack: Monkey does a cartwheel forwards, dealing a single hit of 4% and flinching that isn't safe on hit.

Up Tilt: Monkey does a punch above himself that can hit enemies in front of him as well, dealing 7% and weak set vertical knockback that isn't safe on hit.

Down Tilt: Monkey does a laggy punch forwards while crouching, dealing 8% and average forwards knockback.

Neutral Aerial: Monkey spins around, dealing up to 3 hits of 8% and flinching that is unsafe on hit.

Side Aerial: Monkey punches forwards with both arms, dealing 9% and average forwards knockback. It is very hard to hit a grounded short enemy with the attack, having a small hitbox.

Up Aerial: Monkey punches with both arms upwards, dealing 10% with very weak upwards knockback, though it does scale and is safe on hit. This is still a pathetic way to "damage rack", given it's too slow to combo.

Down Aerial: Monkey's arms massively extend downwards as he punches with both of them, dealing 11% and respectable horizontal knockback away from him. His only particularly noteworthy aerial.

Grab and Throw: Monkey has a slightly above average grab range and throws enemies away at the usual angle, dealing 4% and low knockback. At low percents the move can combo into Monkey's Side Special.

Relevant Attacks (10/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special (Recovery only), Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (6/17): Jab, Dashing Attack, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Up Aerial

Analysis: Monkey has zero advantages and is pretty slow throughout his moveset. Despite being so slow, the only move that packs the power that his slow speed deserves is his fsmash, which can kill people as early as 25%. Abuse of that move is the only way you're going to get anything done with this crappy character, as he is really lacking in utility and is basically a heavyweight without the power. Without his fsmash, he'd indisputably be the worst character in the game, and he still comes close either way.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 5/5 Power 2/5 Air 4/5 Range 2/5