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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Mojo Jojo

Mojo Jojo is a ranged specialist/projectile spammer, having arguably the best projectile in the game. In addition to this projectile, he has an insanely powerful Side Special that can potentially combo enemies up to about 100% with minimal effort. His cape extends out a significant distance behind him, though it thankfully is not a hurtbox. He also has two midair jumps rather than just one.

Neutral Special: Mojo Jojo takes out two large guns and fire them both forwards, shooting forth two projectiles that does 4% and weak knockback. One of the projectiles is slightly higher than the other, but the high one is still capable of hitting the shortest grounded characters so this is not an issue. Despite firing two projectiles, this isn't even slow and Mojo Jojo can very easily have out four projectiles at once taking out a very large amount of the stage. The projectiles move slow enough to cover enough space that this is arguably the most obnoxious projectile move to spam in the game.

What truly makes this move amazing is the fact that any projectile will cancel out with nearly any other projectile in this game. Nobody else is capable of firing two projectiles for the cost of one spammable input, meaning than when clashing with someone else's generic single projectile, one of Mojo Jojo's projectiles will be used up to destroy the enemy's projectile while the other one will keep going! Pretty much the only exception to this is the Aku/Vilgax laser, which ignores enemy projectiles as if they weren't there. This is arguably the more spammable of the two even if Mojo Jojo's projectiles don't cover the entire space at once like Aku's glitched version of it. Aku is the only one that can even begin to compete with this attack, everyone else is forced to approach through it. The one enemy who can beat out this projectile is Numbuh One, who also fires two projectiles in a more spammable version of this move. Mojo's Neutral Special is generally better outside of the specific matchup against Numbuh One, given how pathetically weak Numbuh One's projectile is. The best enemies can try to do is to use downward aimed projectiles like Bubbles' Up Special/dair or Dexter's dair to camp from above, though Mojo Jojo also has a downward aimed projectile on his dair as well. On Foster's Home #2, the most balanced stage, enemies will be a lot harder pressed to use this strategy on Mojo Jojo anyway due to the large platform separating the two levels of the stage. Ben 10 has a similar special to this move, but it is much slower and the projectile that's fired high up will go over the heads of short characters, unlike Mojo Jojo's.

Side Special: Mojo Jojo extends his arms forwards as he flies forwards about a platform's distance at a super fast speed, laughing evily as covered in a purple aura. Mojo Jojo deals 10% and weak knockback forwards that barely scales to start with, only starting to knock enemies a significant distance past 120% or so. This move can be used to help recover, though it will leave Mojo Jojo in helpless afterwards. What makes this attack so powerful is its insane ability to chain into itself. All Mojo Jojo wants to do is to spam Side Special back and forth to knock enemies back and forth with him, very casual up until the combo finally stops and enemies start getting knocked out of the attack.This does not always truly "combo", but at the least will leave the enemy with extremely little time to react. At certain percents around 50-90%, it absolutely does combo. Still, foes have so little time to react that they're going to have to use a very fast attack to knock you out of the move that's not going to punish you very badly, and you will often be able to go right back into mindlessly spamming this move right afterwards. Computer enemies in particular have no idea whatsoever how to deal with this attack when spammed like this, letting you easily take them to 130% before casually finishing them off with an fsmash. Mojo Jojo's arguably combos the best of any of these attacks, better than Blossom and Bubbles and most definitely better than Samurai Jack's.

Up Special: Mojo Jojo's jetpack spawns on his back as he rockets upwards, dealing 12% and high upwards knockback. The knockback has a surprisingly high base on it that means if an enemy is close to the top blast zone even at a low percent, you can casually use this to kill them. As far as recovery, the distance traveled is slightly above average and should pretty much always be used over the Side Special unless Mojo Jojo is going to fly directly onto the stage with that Side Special.

Down Special: Mojo Jojo throws a purple potion below himself. The potion travels down with infinite vertical range at a slow speed, dealing 11% and high vertical knockback to anyone it hits. Dexter has a similar move on his down aerial that is slightly weaker, but far more spammable and causes him to stall heavily in the air which is blatantly better than this. Mojo Jojo's is still perfectly usable, though, and the power boost is welcome even if Mojo can't really use this move more than once per air trip. The fact he even has this attack in tandem with his absolutely amazing Neutral Special provides him some extra ranged utility if nothing else.

Final Smash: Mojo Jojo drinks a potion containing Chemical X and turns into a gigantic gorilla. Mojo Jojo then pounds the ground several times around himself, uncontrollable and invincible, dealing up to 136% with a final hit that should easily hit enemies hit by the rest of the hits. Certain portions of the Gorilla's body will stun enemies in place and prevent them from escaping, but others will not as the attack's hitboxes are incredibly janky, particularly the ones that arbitrarily stun enemies in place to actually get hit by this Final Smash. As such, this is one of the worst Final Smashes in the game and potentially easily avoided, with little Mojo Jojo can do about it other than hoping it works. Mojo Jojo is powerful enough he really shouldn't care about his Final Smash meter and should just use it when the meter happens to fill by itself.

Forward Smash: Mojo Jojo juts out his palm forward as it becomes surrounded in a purple aura. This attack deals 17% and very high knockback for Mojo Jojo's obvious main kill move, easily killing enemies at as low as 50%! While the attack has kind of poor range, Mojo Jojo takes a step forwards during the attack, making it easier to hit with than it appears.

Up Smash: Mojo Jojo all of a sudden goes horizontal in midair and spins as he travels a small distance forwards. On contact with anyone, the attack deals 6% and flinching that is obviously unsafe on hit. This attack would be bad even if the move did knockback, as the damage output is horrible for this move and it is extremely slow. Quite possibly the worst attack in the game.

Down Smash: Mojo Jojo takes out his gun from Neutral Special and shoots the ground in front of him with it, causing a purple blast of energy that deals 14% and high knockback. This move has about two frames of animation, though is obviously not that fast, of course. Despite the blat spawning a ways in front of Mojo Jojo, the ground in-between Mojo Jojo and the purple blast itself is still a perfectly fine hitbox - the blast itself is only the edge of said hitbox. This makes the attack have pretty good range better than fsmash which can make it preferable sometimes, though Fsmash generally does its job well enough and has much superior power.

Jab: Mojo Jojo does a punch, another punch, then a kick, doing 9% if the full jab combo connects. This attack can't jab combo into anything outside of grab, though feel free to try jab canceling the first hit or two into Fsmash as a mixup to catch the enemy off-guard.

Dashing Attack: Mojo Jojo kicks out with both of his legs as he comes to a stop, dealing 8% and decent knockback in a quick attack. While this is good, it's pretty hard to justify using this attack over the amazing Side Special.

Up Tilt: Mojo Jojo does a generic punch above himself that does 8% and low vertical knockback. This attack will not hit enemies in front of Mojo Jojo on the ground. While this attack is bad, it unfortunately has to suffice as his main anti-air given his usmash is unusable.

Down Tilt: Mojo Jojo punches forwards while crouching, dealing 11% and high horizontal knockback. Mojo Jojo magically slides during this attack and it is extremely fast. He does not slide a specific distance during a certain portion of this attack but instead slowly moves forward so long as he is in the attack's duration, meaning if dtilt is constantly spammed Mojo Jojo will passively and awkwardly slide along the floor forwards. This is obviously slow as a movement option, but can be useful to beat out dodges and the like. It is also very possible for Mojo Jojo to turn around and start sliding in the opposite direction weirdly during this attack while punching in the opposite direction, giving this attack some decent utility. At the end of the day you should still probably stick to fsmash and dsmash, but the attack's jankiness can be useful.

Neutral Aerial: Mojo Jojo's arms stretch out and enlarge a ridiculous amount to either side as he spins them around to either side, dealing 2 hits of 2% and flinching in a terrible attack that is unsafe on hit. The range is also not nearly as good as the terrible animation makes it look out to be, either, and the attack goes on for a considerable time. The attack gives usmash competition for one of the worst moves in the game.

Side Aerial: Mojo Jojo does a low range punch forwards, dealing 6% and average forwards knockback. The hitbox is hard to hit and the payoff is low, making this a poor attack that struggles to even hit enemies out of a shorthop.

Up Aerial: Mojo Jojo does a punch upwards as spinning around, dealing 10% and decent vertical knockback. This is one of his more usable aerials even if the range is small.

Down Aerial: Mojo Jojo punches downwards with both arms, dealing 11% and decent horizontal knockback forwards. This is a fast attack with good range below Mojo compared to his other crappy punching attacks. Considering the existence of Mojo Jojo's Down Special, he wants to be above enemies in the air anyway when it comes to aerial combat, so having his dair be his good aerial is a natural fit.

Grab and Throw: Mojo Jojo reaches forward with both hands for a slightly above average grab range, then tosses the enemy away for 5% and average knockback. The attack can combo into Mojo Jojo's Neutral Special projectiles at certain percentages, or at least force enemies to jump over them at other percentages.

Relevant Attacks (11/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Down Smash, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (2/17): Up Smash, Neutral Aerial

Analysis: Mojo Jojo's projectile spam, amazing Side Special combo spam, good recovery, and gimping game with his Down Special and dair make him an amazing character overall. His fsmash is so powerful that it's rare Mojo Jojo will even need to gimp anyone in the first place. Neutral Special, Side Special, and fsmash are the only real moves Mojo Jojo should need to even win most matches, but he's not without utility and there's no real area the character is weak in outside of having a bad Final Smash.

Official Developer Given Playstyle Summary: "IN PTE, MOJO JOJO IS HARD-HITTING WITH ABOVE AVERAGE RANGE."

Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 2/5 Power 4/5 Air 4/5 Range 4/5