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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Mac and Bloo

Another duo based character, Mac and Bloo walk side by side in such a way that their combined hurtbox isn't very large. Because these characters have basically nothing to go off of, most of the attacks in their set are just generic attacks that any pair of two characters could do, with them mostly throwing each other for their moveset.

Neutral Special: Mac does the Hadouken motion as Bloo turns into a blob and gets shot forwards. Despite imitating a far more famous attack, this is a short range melee attack more comparable to Dan Hibiki's "projectiles" than a real Hadouken. Despite being a melee attack, this comes out fast and does 20% with huge knockback and is definitely the character's main kill move. Most moves in this game have tiny base knockback to the point they almost have zero base knockback, but this attack is a rare exception and has huge base knockback. This makes the attack useful on gimmick stages with walk off blast zones and such, enabling you to knock the enemy away at 0%.

Side Special: Mac throws Bloo forwards as a ball, going forward about a Battlefield Platform's distance before returning to Mac. Bloo deals 7% and small knockback as he goes. This is a fast attack and is the closest thing this character gets to a "projectile", a simple ranged attack. While not useless, this is a very bad replacement for a real projectile, as Bloo is still a hurtbox when he travels forward during this move that means spamming projectiles will casually beat out this move. This applies to any of the many moves where Mac/Bloo throw each other, but is most prominent on this one. This attack is also the laggiest move in their set.

Up Special: Mac and Bloo rapidly punch to either side of each other with extremely little animation. As they go up, they deal a single hit of 11% and fairly high vertical knockback. This attack recovers them up a decent distance and they move upwards insanely quickly. The animation is covered by a lot of effects, and along with the high speed of the recovery it seems to be trying up how the move is barely animated. This would be okay as an attack, but the existence of Mac and Bloo's usmash makes it obsolete as a vertical attacking option.

Down Special: Mac and Bloo takes out a pair of paddleball racquets and rapidly bounce the balls on them to either side, dealing 13% and high knockback away from them. This behaves as a typical Smash Bros down smash that would knock enemies hit to either side and be useful to catch rolls. While strong, Neutral Special's range and immensely superior power almost always make it the better pick.

Final Smash: Mac poofs out of existence as Bloo turns into some throwaway gag super persona he used in a dream sequence or something. He turns into a hulking giant and plays an electric guitar that stuns enemies in place for a long time, dealing multiple hits that total up to 96% and finally dealing vertical knockback that should easily kill the enemy at the end even if they had no damage when the final smash started. If the ceiling was high, enemies must survive at low initial percentages. Bloo is invincible during the Final Smash, and it lasts for a very, very long time as enemies are stuck there watching muscular Bloo play a guitar until they're finally allowed to die.

Forward Smash: Mac swings Bloo forwards in front of him, dealing 14% and decent knockback. This is very slightly faster than Neutral Special, but is significantly weaker and not worth it most of the time unless you really, really need those extra couple frames of speed.

Up Smash: Bloo throws Mac into the air very high and very quickly. Mac flips upside down and does a kick that deals 10% and knocks enemies up with average knockback, pretty weak for a smash attack. This smash is still very fast and has huge vertical range, making it great for hitting enemies on platforms above them. On Foster's Home #2 (The most balanced stage in the game), this will hit through the middle platform up to the main stage. Despite how it looks, this attack is also capable of hitting enemies in front of Mac and Bloo, making it pretty useful all around.

Down Smash: Mac holds onto Bloo and spins him around himself, dealing multiple flinching hits that add up to 20%. This does zero knockback and is unsafe on hit, like many dsmashes of this type. If you want a real "dsmash", use your Down Special.

Jab: Mac punches, then both characters punch, then Mac spins Bloo forwards for the jab combo. If all hits connect, it does 8% total. Jab canceling out of this move can only combo into grab because the characters are too slow to do much else.

Dashing Attack: Mac and Bloo grab each other's limbs and somersault forwards together in a cartwheel. This attack lasts a pretty long while, and it deals 5% and a microflinch that is blatantly unsafe on hit, especially with the move's long duration. Sometimes the move can hit twice, though it's very janky and this will still not make the terrible move safe.

Up Tilt: Bloo hops on Mac's back before hopping up off of it as turning into a ball, dealing 9% and weak vertical knockback. This reaches up just as high as the usmash and can also poke through the main platform of Foster's Home #2, albeit just barely. Up Smash should already be fast enough for your needs that you don't need the slightly weaker utilt, the move largely comes across as redundant with the existence of usmash.

Down Tilt: Mac does a generic sweep kick that does 5% and average knockback forwards in a very unremarkable attack.

Neutral Aerial: Mac and Bloo hold onto each other's hands and spin around. This deals up to 4 hits of 2% and flinching in another useless unsafe on hit attack, and it lasts quite a while to boot.

Side Aerial: Mac hops on top of Bloo as he rockets forwards a small distance. As he goes, he deals 6% and does average forwards knockback. This is the pair's main spacing aerial and is capable of hitting enemies on the ground, though triggering it against grounded opponents is pretty difficult with the small hitbox of Bloo's body. This should mostly just see use as extra horizontal recovery.

Up Aerial: Bloo rockets up above Mac doing a kind of punching motion and does a pair of hits of 4% and set vertical knockback. This attack borders on being unsafe on hit, and such weak damage isn't really worth trying to land this specific move with. The ending lag is long enough you certainly aren't going to get any combos out of it.

Down Aerial: Mac and Bloo hold onto each other as they rocket down in a standard stall then fall dair. This falling attack deals 9% and decent vertical knockback. Mac and Bloo can move horizontally in the air until they touch the ground, but cannot exit the attack until they do. This is largely their only usable aerial against grounded enemies and is obviously useless off-stage, where you should be using the side aerial.

Grab and Throw: Mac and Bloo reach forwards. Unlike the other small characters who have their arms weirdly enlarge to greatly increase their grab range to have amazing grabs, like Dexter and Mandy, Mac's arms do not enlarge whatsoever and means the grab range is horrible. The throw is the usual one at a 45 degree angle that deals 4% with weak knockbakc, though it can combo into Side Special at low percents.

Relevant Attacks (9/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special (Recovery Only), Down Special, Final Smash, Up Smash, Side Aerial, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (4/17): Down Smash, Dashing Attack, Neutral Aerial, Up Aerial

Analysis: Mac and Bloo are a very mediocre character who are seriously lacking in advantages. They have only average speed and their power doesn't nearly make up for it outside of Neutral Special. There are characters with more power and plenty of other advantages besides it, that's really all these two have going for them. On the most fair and balanced stage that should be basically the only one played in competitive play, Foster's Home #2, the usmash/utilt are pretty useful for attacking enemies above them, and that's the best range they have at their disposal, vertical range. Vertical range will very rarely come into play, and all enemies have to do to avoid this is to stand on the lower level to avoid this which isn't at all difficult. The fact their uair is horrible also prevents this from being at all threatening.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 1/5 Power 5/5 Air 2/5 Range 3/5