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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Kevin 11

Unlike the two movesets for Ben 10, Kevin 11 actually turns into monsters for moves other than his Specials! Unfortunately all he ever turns into is some diamond/crystal creature 99% of the time. On moves other than his specials, he just turns his arms to crystal, but hey, that's better than completely generic punches and kicks, right? Kevin 11's voice is very "dudebro" in this game, and he sounds like he is practically puking during several of the moves.

Neutral Special: Kevin 11 turns his entire body to crystal as enemies are knocked away with 17% and very high knockback away from him. This attack is only right next to Kevin, but is fast enough it's pretty good and it's worth landing for the high power. This is the character's main kill move.

Side Special: Kevin 11 turns into a spiky rock and rolls forwards, dealing 12% and decent knockback forwards. This attack doesn't travel too far, but is fast and overall a good way for him to get in. Sadly, the move doesn't provide him any kind of armor, he can casually be knocked out of it like anything else. Despite being a Side Special where Kevin 11 rushes forwards, enemies will be pushed too far in front of Kevin during this attack because he doesn't travel far enough with it and it has too much lag to combo, unlike the Side Specials of Mojo Jojo, the Powerpuff Girls, Father, and Samurai Jack.

Up Special: Kevin 11 turns his arms to crystal and spins around as he generically rises up for his recovery somehow. This deals up to three hits of 6% and very light upwards knockback that isn't safe on hit considering this attack put Kevin into helpless. As such, this is not only unusable as an attack, but a highly punishable recovery as well.

Down Special: Kevin 11 turns his entire body to crystal and goes to punch downwards in a stall then fall. The animation is blatantly stolen from Captain Planet, aside from the part where he turns to crystal. Kevin 11 deals 13% and high upwards knockback to enemies he hits, but unlike Captain Planet there is no unique hitbox that means he can hit foes twice. Like the other move, Kevin 11 has zero control over his aerial movement during the attack and is automatically dead if this move is used off-stage. When Kevin 11 hits the ground, a massive amount of icicles shoot up from the ground all around him, a platform's worth to either side. Shockingly, these crystals are entirely for show and are not a hitbox. This is presumably what was supposed to differentiate the move from Captain Planet's version, but no, the developers forgot to make this do anything. Kevin 11 is in the patch of characters that were lazily added in to the console version, so it's to be expected. Maybe you can mindgame a foe who hasn't played the game before (most people on the planet) to make them think it does something?

Final Smash: Kevin 11 transforms into his most known form (the one that is a boss in the story mode), a mess of all of his transformations at once that is a giant. You'd really think they would just make this playable instead of the stupid teenager. The monster can move and jump, though his jump is very slow and you'll want to start using your actual attacks as soon as possible given your limited time in this invulnerable form. Pressing the attack button causes him to whip a grass tentacle a long distance forwards for 20% and huge knockback. Special causes a giant icicle to form all around him with hue range that does 22% and huge vertical knockback. Grab causes him to shoot 3 fireballs forward that do 17% and weak knockback, pretty easily the weakest attack of the three and should not be used over the other stronger attacks.

Forward Smash: Kevin 11 leaps up into the air and forms his arm into a crystal sword then jumps down in front of where he was standing to slash it, dealing 15% and pretty high forwards knockback. This isn't as powerful as his Neutral Special and is laggier, though has better range. Against tall enemies, this attack can hit twice, once as Kevin rises, once as he goes down, making it a powerful attack against them.

Up Smash: Kevin 11 forms his arms into ice swords and slashes them above him, then at the ground, dealing 11% and decently high upwards knockback. At low percents, this attack is able of hitting twice for some reason, though it's pretty awkwardly specific and hard to get down. At low percents you should be far too concerned with the dsmash to bother with this attack's weird (though potentially useful) hitbox. This would see use on a character without a broken win button move like Kevin's dsmash.

Down Smash: Kevin 11 turns his hand into an icy hammer and smashes the ground, causing a smashing sound to play as debris is shot every which way. This deals 12% and causes the enemy to enter their shield broken state. This lasts for a very long time, longer than when it happens by actually getting your shield broken in this game, roughly 4.5 seconds. This attack is one of the most defining features of the metagame, because this is another attack that can infinite people like Blossom's Neutral Special. The amount of time foes are stunned is always exactly the same, and if Kevin hits them right as they come out with the stun again with the dsmash, he can infinite them in place as stacking on more instances of 12% damage. He can possibly charge it to deal more than 12% per hit, though that makes the timing a lot more difficult. Kevin 11 has no moves he can knock the enemy out of the dsmash with to combo into another dsmash, having to do the infinite the hard way. Hitting the foe with another dsmash while they're already stunned will knock them out of it, so you have to wait for the exact moment to do it. This is difficult to do consistently enough to infinite somebody, but if you get good with it you can combo the attack into itself many times before messing up the timing. It's important to know the kill percentages of your moves so you can know when to stop bothering with the dsmash and just kill them already with a fully charged fsmash or Neutral Special. It's not unheard of to get 6 dsmashes in a row, which gets you 72% all by itself.

The only problem with this incredibly broken attack is that despite the animation specifically hitting the ground (debris is even shot up from the attack!) the hitbox is a ways above the ground. This means the attack won't hit short enemies, and means Kevin is only good against tall enemies, largely a low tier character without this move. While it can hit short enemies in the air, this will only infinite them when they're on the ground. Some gimmick stages with slopes can potentially enable the attack to infinite anyone by having Kevin stand lower than the enemy, though those are pretty rare. If you're fighting someone tall enough to be infinited by this attack, they will also be tall enough to be hit by a fully charged fsmash twice.

The full list of characters vulnerable to this attack when standing normally is Aku, Toiletnator, Hoss Delgado, Scotsman, Him, Johnny Bravo, Mojo Jojo, Vilgax, Father, Captain Planet, Samurai Jack, Grim, Old Ben 10, and Kevin 11 himself. This totals to 14/26 characters in the game, and consists of a lot of the stronger ones. Have fun with that Kevin 11 mirror match!

During his Specials, Kevin 11 has a very high chance to say "not even a challenge." This can potentially looping over itself if you spam them enough. He should really be saying that line during this move instead.

Jab: Kevin 11 does a basic three part jab combo that does 9% if all hits connect. At low percents, Kevin can combo Side Special into the full jab combo.

Dashing Attack: Kevin slides forwards a significant distance as he gains a blue aura and becomes a hitbox that deals 8% and high forwards knockback. This travels a lot further than his Side Special for perspective, making this a very strong dashing attack compared to most.

Up Tilt: Kevin 11 performs a generic upwards punch, dealing 8% and very weak upwards knockback. This looks like it should be able to combo into attacks with the pitiful knockback, such as Kevin's broken down smash, but the ending lag is unfortunately too long to enable that and the move is useless as a result.

Down Tilt: Kevin 11 turns his arm into a crystal sword and slashes it in front of him while crouching. This deals 9% and has no hitbox in front of Kevin. Instead, the hitbox spawns behind him for some ungodly reason. This knocks enemies in front of Kevin with low set knockback until 110% or so, where it very suddenly and abruptly scales to do massive vertical knockback for reasons unknown. The hitstun is still too brief on this attack to cover for Kevin's stun abuse dsmash, and the ending lag is enough to prevent it from comboing into anything else period, making it punishable on hit at low percents before the randomly high knockback kicks in.

Neutral Aerial: Kevin 11 does two punches forwards that each deal 6% and flinching. The attack is unsafe on hit and has no use because of it.

Side Aerial: Kevin 11 punches forwards with a crystal sword arm, dealing 10% and decently strong knockback forwards in his primary spacing aerial. The hitbox is small pretty small and hard to hit.

Up Aerial: Kevin 11 does a simple punch upwards with both hands that does 8% and flinching that is unsafe on hit and useless.

Down Aerial: Kevin 11 swipes his crystal sword arm below himself, dealing 11% and pretty strong knockback forwards.

Grab and Throw: Kevin 11 has a low range grab and a generic throw that deals 5% with high knockback for a throw. At low percents, this will combo into Kevin's Side Special which isn't bad.

Relevant Attacks (10/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special (Recovery Only), Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Dashing Attack, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (5/17): Jab, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Up Aerial

Analysis: Without his dsmash infinite, Kevin has a couple combos but really nothing all that great, and is pretty slow all around, he would pretty solidly be in low tier. As such, Kevin 11 should only be pulled out against enemies who are tall enough the dsmash infinite can work. This single handedly lowers all characters who are vulnerable to this attack on the tier list. Even on characters this works on, the dsmash is a bit slow to start up and you really have to get the timing down in a practice match before doing this seriously, it's much harder than Blossom's infinite which anybody can do if told how and works on everyone. Characters like Aku are going to be doing their best to avoid getting hit by the dsmash at all, so a lot of Kevin's game is just going to be pursuing these campers with Side Special and Dashing Attack to get in to use his cancerous dsmash.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 2/5 Power 4/5 Air 3/5 Range 3/5