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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo isn't as big of a heavyweight as the other characters that are his size, being fairly fast. While he's still strong, he's definitely at the lower end of the heavyweights on the spectrum. Despite this, he doesn't have a whole lot going for him and comes across as one of the more generic movesets in the game.

Neutral Special: Johnny Bravo throws a hair comb forwards with infinite range, dealing 7% and pretty high knockback forwards. This is spammable enough Bravo can easily have up to 3 of them on screen at a time as he spams a continuous stream of the things.

Side Special: Johnny Bravo summons a bike and rides it forwards as performing a pose. The bike spawns behind Bravo as he jumps slightly into the air to land on it as it comes down under him. After he lands on it, he rides it a brief distance forwards before it vanishes. Contact with Bravo while he's on the bike does 13% and decent knockback forwards. The bike is not a hitbox when it first spawns in, only once Bravo is riding it, giving the move some starting lag. The bike isn't able to block/absorb attacks like Wario's bike at all - if anything, the bike seems to be an extension of Bravo's hurtbox during this attack, and it will vanish out of existence instantly if he takes a hit.

Up Special: Johnny Bravo leaps up at a 45 degree angle a significant distance for a decent enough recovery. As he goes up, his body is a hitbox that deals 16% and knockback in the direction he was already going that's fairly forceful, though won't kill people until very high percents. If below a platform, this can be used as an attack, and would be decent as one overall if not for putting him into helpless.

Down Special: Johnny Bravo does a series of karate chops in front of himself, dealing two hits of 8% and flinching that doesn't appear safe on hit. This attack has a very weird hitbox and is very close range, and is a terrible move should you actually land it anyway with a painful duration. A disgusting move all around.

Final Smash: Johnny Bravo sees a horde of girls in a cutscene and becomes generically motivated to impress them. He then proceeds to rapidly dash back and forth and do several karate chops around himself that stun the enemy in place as they take massive damage (assuming they were next to him when he used the attack), with the last hit dealing mediocre knockback. This Final Smash has very little killing potential unfortunately, but can rack up major damage, 110%, which means it's not just useless. Still, a Final Smash that can't kill is pretty bad at the end of the day, even if 110% is just about as close as you can get without killing them.

Forward Smash: Johnny Bravo extends his arms out to either side and spins as moving forwards slightly. This attack does 8% and a flinch. The attack isn't even a multihit, it just for some reason does 8% and a flinch that is obviously unsafe on hit.

Up Smash: Johnny Bravo jumps up and does a slap in front of himself, dealing 16% and pretty good forwards knockback. Despite him jumping up, the hitbox is bigger than the animation would suggest and will hit grounded enemies, thankfully.

Down Smash: Johnny Bravo karate chops the ground twice. The two chops are very fast and the fact there are two is irrelevant to the hitbox, there only being one hitbox that does 12% and very high launching vertical knockback that functions as Bravo's main kill move.

Jab: Johnny Bravo does a series of three karate chops. If all of them connect, the attack does 9% in total with the last one doing average knockback for a jab. The attacks don't work at close range and Bravo advances very slightly as he does so, making it very awkward to hit them all. Bravo can't jab cancel the attack into anything else of any value other than his jab.

Dashing Attack: Johnny Bravo strikes a pose as a yellow aura surrounds him and he slides forwards, dealing 8% and knocking enemies away. As he goes, a car screeching sound plays as he skids to a halt. This attack is pretty fast and strong for a dashing attack especially, making it surprisingly usable.

Up Tilt: Johnny Bravo does a generic punch upwards that does 9% and weak knockback that can't combo and is thus useless. To hit a grounded enemy, you have to hit foes at a very specific range (not point blank) that makes this attack pretty useless overall.

Down Tilt: Johnny Bravo does a karate chop while crouched, dealing 8% and meager knockback forwards. This won't hit enemies unless they're a very specific distance from Bravo, not too close or too far, making it a steaming pile of garbage.

Neutral Aerial: Johnny Bravo enters a reclining pose in mid-air as he lays over on his side, propping up his head with his hand. Several hearts pop up around him as he says "Hey, baby!" This is a fast attack with a big hitbox that deals 11% and strong forwards knockback, making it his best aerial. The move is fast and has a good enough hitbox that it can hit enemies out of a shorthop with little problem, a great aerial all around and his primary spacing attack.

Side Aerial: Johnny Bravo does a two handed overhead punch similar to DK's fair, dealing 9% and decent knockback forwards. Aside from not being a spike like DK's fair, the attack has a tiny, highly specific hitbox that does not remotely match the animation of the move. While it's faster, the range nerf is so huge the move would be unviable even if Bravo didn't have an amazing nair.

Up Aerial: Johnny Bravo instantly turns upside down in mid-air, then kicks upwards. This kick deals 8% and set knockback upwards that is enough to be safe on hit, but is useless for any practical purposes and is just taking 8% onto the enemy's damage.

Down Aerial: Johnny Bravo does a stomp downwards with both legs, dealing 10% and huge forwards knockback that is one of the strongest moves in his set and possibly the strongest aerial in the game. The hitbox is a bit small, but the power makes it worth it in this case, and it's still a lot easier to hit with than the awful side aerial.

Grab and Throw: Johnny Bravo does a casual grab forwards with average range, then a generic throw for 4%. The throw will combo into Bravo's Neutral Special projectile pretty easily.

Relevant Attacks (10/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Final Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Dashing Attack, Neutral Aerial, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (7/17): Down Special, Forward Smash, Jab, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, Side Aerial, Up Aerial

Analysis: Johnny Bravo doesn't have too much of a defined playstyle and is wallowing in the pool of mediocrity. His Side Special isn't terrible but is a lot worse than it looks given how long it takes the hitbox to come out - a noob player will spam this move thinking it behaves like Wario's bike. His core moves are his generic hair comb and his nair of all things. His Final Smash not actually killing people is also pretty bad when he gets a decent amount of Final Smash pickups, and his choice of KO moves is pretty much down to usmash, dsmash, and dair with little alternative. While dsmash is good, the fact it kills vertically makes it awkward on a lot of stages with high blast zones, making him struggle to kill more than you'd think. He's not even as slow as you'd think at first glance, but lacks much in the way of advantages. His neutral game consists of very little beyond generic hair comb spam.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 3/5 Power 3/5 Air 4/5 Range 2/5