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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17

Introduction and Basic Game Mechanics

Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion XL is as blatant of a Smash Bros ripoff as they come to the point nearly anyone can recognize it as such. Competitive play for this game barely exists, and there are only a handful of people who have attempted to draft tier lists for this game. Because of how similar this is to Smash Bros and how much more famous Smash is than this very obscure game, I will be describing the game in Smash Bros terminology and making comparisons to various characters from that game.

The game has most of the same inputs as Smash Bros, including specials and smash attacks. The only exceptions are that characters lack a back aerial, forward tilt, and have only one throw with no pummel. Characters have a side aerial regardless of which direction they are facing, inputting forward tilt gets you the jab, and upon successfully grabbing the enemy characters will automatically perform their single throw. All throws are very fast and have little to no animation while dealing weak upward knockback. Characters can grab the ledge of the stage and have prone state like in Smash, but do not have any attacks from these states of vulnerability. Characters can use any attack from out of their prone state.

Characters attack each other to increase each other's damage percentages, which increases the strength of the knockback dealt by their attacks and potentially knocking the enemy character off of the blast zone. Attacking other characters causes them to drop small items that are picked up on contact which increase the character's meter, shown next to their damage percentage, somewhat similar to Playstation All Star Battle Royale, but unlike that game the meter is not required to kill enemies. When the meter is full, characters can perform their Final Smash attack. Air dodging works as in melee, where performing an air dodge causes characters to enter helpless afterwards. Helpless state in this game prevents characters from doing anything other than using multiple jumps. Downward knockback does not exist anywhere in this game, all attacks are designed to do either horizontal, diagonal, or vertical knockback, making it more difficult to stop enemy recoveries.

Many attacks in the game are poorly designed and are not safe on hit, meaning the foe gets out of stun before the ending lag of the attack ends which means you are punished for successfully landing the attack. Very few attacks will combo and those that do will rarely combo beyond two hits, with the game most directly being inspired by Smash Bros Brawl given its release date. That's not to say the game doesn't have longer combos, but those combos are very cancerous infinites and/or long lasting combos that can practically combo people from 0% to death. Knockback in this game scales very weirdly by comparison to Smash Bros, with many attacks barely scaling in knockback at all until abruptly scaling massively around the 100% mark. This enables some combos for those who look hard enough, though the awkward nature of the game still makes them minimal most of the time and oftentimes it can just mean attacks are instead unsafe on hit at low percentages.

To contact me with any questions or further information about this obscure game, just private message my account here on Gamefaqs, Master_Warlord7. As I am forced to state, I am not affiliated with Cartoon Network or Papaya Studios in any way, but this FAQ is copyright to me, MasterWarlord, 2017.