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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Hoss Delgado

Hoss is an extremely slow heavyweight character. There are other heavyweight characters with just as much power who aren't as slow as Hoss, leaving up somewhat out in the cold. He has a handful of tricks to aid him, most notably his Final Smash. Most of his moveset is his cybernetic hand turning into random objects, and he has a very generic voice actor who randomly screams "BANZAI!" in an uncharacteristic manner when he dies.

Neutral Special: Hoss fires a chainsaw out of his cybernetic hand as an infinite range projectile. This isn't quite as spammable as something like Grim's Neutral Special projectile, but is still good enough to get the job done, dealing 8% and decently high knockback.

Side Special: Hoss turns his cybernetic hand into a chainsaw and slices forward with it, leaping forwards as he does so. The attack does 12% and fairly high knockback forwards. Like most attacks in the game, the base knockback is quite low, which is a good thing in this game because it enables the attack to potentially hit enemies twice. If you hit an enemy with this at point blank range at a low percent, they'll be knocked through Hoss as he leaps forwards to the point that he can hit them with the attack again for a nice 24% total. This is a bit specific to hit with on small characters, but can still potentially hit them twice. Without this technique the move is only average, but it's fairly decent if you know this trick.

Up Special: Hoss spins as he jumps up a high distance into the air for a good recovery. His body isn't a hitbox, but he throws out 8 shurikens in all of the primary directions away from himself. These shurikens have infinite range and deal 9% with vertical knockback regardless of which one hits or where they hit the enemy, following the usual PTE rules of forbidding downwards knockback despite it looking like it should. This is a great recovery and would be amazing as an attack if it didn't put Hoss in helpless, but sadly it does. At around the 80% mark, this attack will knock grounded enemies past where Hoss jumps up when he uses the move. Hoss can't actually combo anything into the attack unfortunately unless he's standing on a lower platform when he first uses the attack, making it a useful attack on Foster's Home 2, the most balanced and fair stage). Even so, the foe will likely still be in stun when Hoss lands on the ground at higher percents, and he can potentially combo the attack into another Up Special or at least pressure the foe with the many projectiles this attack generates. This attack has a lot of potential but is difficult to use well.

Down Special: Hoss fires a grenade out of his cybernetic hand downwards. The grenade has infinite downwards range and deals 13% with fairly high vertical knockback. During the animation of this attack, Hoss makes a very small jump upwards. Apparently, this tiny jump was enough that the developers decided Hoss should enter helpless after he finishes this attack. Not only that, but for some reason this is a weird unique helpless state that greatly increases his falling speed and limits the speed of his aerial movement down to a crawl until he lands on the ground again after finishing the attack. This attack could be used to great effect for powerful gimping on off-stage enemies, but this was just not meant to be given this attack is almost instant death when used off-stage. Used on on-stage, it's an acceptable attack but really nothing special, only seeing use on gimmicky stages with high perches for Hoss to camp down from.

Final Smash: Hoss says "You can't have SAW this coming!" before he starts rapidly shooting chainsaws out of his cybernetic hand nearly as fast as you can mash B. These chainsaw projectiles do 19% each with hefty knockback to back them up, and it lasts for about 8 seconds or so. This should be more than enough to kill Hoss' enemies unless the stage is very gimmicky, especially considering Hoss is invincible during the Final Smash. Of note is the fact that each of these chainsaws will drop Final Smash pickups when Hoss hits his enemies, letting him build up meter towards his next Final Smash during his Final Smash which is very impressive, letting him build up about a third of a meter in a 1v1 context. If Hoss has multiple enemies, he can potentially chain Final Smashes into more Final Smashes with all the pickups he can get which can make him a real terror. Given how casual this game is compared to Smash Bros, odds are likely you'll play a FFA of it if you ever actually play it, so it's a good strategy to keep in mind.

Forward Smash: Hoss' cybernetic hand turns into a spiked ball. In addition, a strange red holographic effect of the spiked ball shows up around Hoss' spiked ball hand which is much larger than his hand. This "hologram" is the actual hitbox, and it deals 15% with decently strong forwards knockback. This attack's duration lasts for quite a while, and the power isn't as strong as you'd expect for such a slow attack on a big heavyweight archetype like Hoss. The move is pretty much inferior to Side Special.

Up Smash: Hoss turns his cybernetic hand into a chainsaw and hoists it upwards. This creates a hitbox all around Hoss that deals 16% and decent upwards knockback. While somewhat weak for a smash, this has great range and is his fastest smash attack by a mile.

Down Smash: Hoss turns his cybernetic hand into an axehead and chops down in front of him in another fairly laggy smash attack. This deals 17% and quite high vertical knockback, probably the strongest of his smashes.

Jab: Hoss does a punch with his regular hand, then his cybernetic hand, then an uppercut with his regular hand. This jab combo does 8% in total. The first hit will miss short characters if used at point blank range, sometimes the second hit can also miss. Overall, it's nothing special. The third hit barely knocks enemies away at all and is very weak, enabling Hoss to potentially try to combo out of the full jab combo rather than jab canceling it, though the ending lag of the third jab hit still prevents much of anything from working out of it. This is the only attack in Hoss' entire set where he uses his regular arm whatsoever.

Dashing Attack: Hoss Delgado does a sliding punch forwards with his cybernetic hand, dealing 6% and weak forwards knockback. The attack is laggy and has pitiful power that doesn't justify that lag.

Up Tilt: Hoss does a generic uppercut with his cybernetic hand, dealing 7% and knocking enemies upwards with incredibly weak vertical knockback. The attack unfortunately has too much ending lag to combo, so much ending lag the attack is blatantly unsafe on hit.

Down Tilt: Hoss does a generic punch with his cybernetic hand, dealing 8% and decent forwards knockback. The attack is a bit slow, though faster than his smashes.

Neutral Aerial: Hoss does a punch with his cybernetic hand for 7%. The punch covers a half circle arc in front of Hoss, dealing strong knockback in front of him. It's a decent attack but blatantly outclassed by the side aerial.

Side Aerial: Hoss does the same animation as neutral aerial, but he only punches in a quarter circle in front of himself, more of a chopping motion. This does 8% and is slightly stronger while being faster. The one advantage nair has is more range, but it's too obviously outclassed by this move's existence.

Up Aerial: Hoss tosses a grenade above himself, dealing 12% and high vertical knockback above himself. This is still a melee range attack despite a prop being involved, the grenade exploding immediately above Hoss.

Down Aerial: Hoss' cybernetic hand turns into a chainsaw which he slices downwards, forming a hitbox below himself that deals 10% and decently strong horizontal forwards knockback. Hoss frantically frails his legs during this attack's animation as he stalls in the air during this move. If this attack input is mashed enough, it is possible to stall in the air forever with this move. The timing to get it down is nearly frame perfect and the most I could get is 4 in a row, but if you really cared you could stall in the air forever with this random attack if you got the exact timing down. Just holding down and mashing the attack button rapidly isn't enough for the attack to register somehow, you need to time it properly or get lucky.

Grab and Throw: Hoss has an average grab and the usual generic throw that does 4%. Like other throws, Hoss' throw is capable of comboing into his Neutral Special projectile at low percents, making it decently useful.

Relevant Attacks (12/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Final Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Jab, Down Tilt, Side Aerial, Up Aerial, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (4/17): Down Special, Dashing Attack, Up Tilt, Neutral Aerial

Analysis: Hoss is not nearly as good as that relevant/useless attack ratio would suggest, as he's one of the very slowest characters in the game. His projectile means he's at least going to be decent and above a decent chunk of characters without such a luxury, but aside from that he doesn't have too much going for him outside of his Final Smash. His Side Special, while potentially quite good, is pretty precise to get it to actually hit twice, and it's awkward getting his jab to confirm other hits when it has a blind spot at point blank range.

Official Developer Given Playstyle Summary: "IN PTE, HOSS DELGADO HAS A GREAT ARSENAL OF RANGED ATTACKS."

Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 2/5 Power 4/5 Air 2/5 Range 4/5