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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17



Youtube E-Celebrity Arcadea claimed Flapjack was a "Marth clone" in his video covering this game, literally because Flapjack has a counter and no other reason, because a lot of people are too stupid to acknowledge moves other than Specials. As far as his actual playstyle, he relies on a few long range attacks along with his token projectile, being far more generic compared to Marth's playstyle involving his tipper.

Neutral Special: Flapjack throws a piece of candy forwards that moves at a rather high speed, dealing 7% and very, very poor knockback. This is a fast moving projectile and relatively spammable as simple space controller, easily his best move. He will often say "want some candy" during this move, and has a chance of saying it in a rather cringey vulgar tone that blatantly implies he is using "candy" as an innuendo.

Side Special: Flapjack throws out a candy cane about a platform's distance before it boomerangs back to him. Flapjack cannot act until the candy cane comes back to him, which makes this attack one of the slowest in the game to finish. This does 9% and average knockback. This is a long ranged attack that is pretty decent if it hits and comes out relatively fast, though the lag means it's average at best given he can potentially eat up a fair deal of punishment.

Up Special: Flapjack generically spins and goes upwards for a fairly high recovery. This recovery has a decent amount of starting lag during which Flapjack stalls in the air, then he goes up. As he goes up, he deals 10% and weak upwards knockback, then he flashes at the very end of the move for an additional hit of 10% and slightly higher upwards knockback. The second hit is capable of hitting enemies who were hit by Flapjack on the way up. This can potentially do 20%, but is too slow and has too awkward of a hitbox to use as an effective offensive attack. The recovery at least travels quite a significant distance, though the startup can get enemies prepared to potentially gimp you.

Down Special: Flapjack laughs for a counter stance. If he is hit during this time, he will extend out his arms and tickle the enemy, dealing several flinching hits that total to 28% if all of them connect regardless of the power of the foe's attack. Enemies who hit Flapjack from a range will definitely not get hit by all of the hits, and Flapjack will still go through with the whole counter animation even if he counters a projectile, potentially enabling the enemy to just use the attack again if it outranged the counter and punish Flapjack. Flapjack and his enemy are left in a frame neutral state afterwards, where Flapjack should probably be mashing the grab button afterwards to ensure he wins given grabs are the fastest attacks in this game. Speaking of grabs, unlike Smash Bros grabs will not go through Flapjack's counter and will be countered just like anything else. Almost everyone who's viable has a decent projectile, though, which is the real "counter" to Flapjack's counter. Flapjack is invulnerable during the actual animation where he's countering people and there's very little visual indicator for when it stops, but once enemies get the timing down it becomes a lot more possible to bait out the counter then punish it with an attack during the ending lag.

Final Smash: Flapjack summons a giant octopus in a cutscene, then a giant tentacle comes across the stage to stab in front of Flapjack. This can kill enemies very early and has a pretty huge hitbox for a very strong Final Smash overall. The tentacle spawns from the blast zone behind Flapjack before stabbing in front of him, so this attack has a lot more effective range if you use this with your back to the enemy. Assuming the foe survives the attack, they'll have found themselves with 50% tacked onto their damage.

Forward Smash: Flapjack swings a lollipop forwards, dealing 15% and high knockback that is mostly vertical for some reason. This attack's power shouldn't be underestimated despite going at such a weird angle, though because of this move's knockback angle Flapjack does very poorly on stages with high ceilings like Kid's Next Door 1 given this is his main kill move.

Up Smash: Flapjack leaps up and supposedly "chomps" the enemy, given comic sans text appears above his head that says "chomp!" and a chomping sound effect plays. All that happens on Flapjack's end animation wise is the texture for his mouth changes to a closed one. This attack deals 10% and average upwards knockback. This will not enemies on the ground in front of Flapjack, and Flapjack jumps up so awkwardly and jerkily that it practically looks like he briefly teleports up and down during this attack, making the hitbox very awkwardly specific and difficult to use.

Down Smash: Flapjack does a ballerina twirl as spinning forwards, dealing several hits of flinching to enemies at point blank range that totals to 21% if all hits connect. 21% is a lot, but it needs to be point blank range. Flapjack will push enemies along with him as he uses the move, so there's no need to worry about going through the enemy. This attack is not safe on hit, with the enemy having frame advantage afterwards. If the enemy is not quick to react, Flapjack can potentially combo this into his fastest move, his grab, but even the computer will rarely fall victim to this "combo", making dsmash a terrible, unusable move.

Jab: Flapjack does a punch, a kick, and a headbutt for the usual 7% combo that basically all jab combos do. Flapjack can jab cancel the first two hits into his grab, though nothing else is fast enough to work for this in his moveset.

Dashing Attack: Flapjack does a cartwheel out of his dash that does 6% and weak knockback forwards. This isn't impossible to use, but is still fairly slow and has lousy payoff for actually landing it.

Up Tilt: Flapjack does a simple upwards punch that can only hit enemies very close to him, dealing 7% and very weak upwards knockback. The attack looks like it should be able to combo into itself, but the range is so poor that this is not possible.

Down Tilt: Flapjack does a karate chop in front of himself along the ground, dealing 6% and very weak knockback in a very mediocre attack given it's a bit on the slow side.

Neutral Aerial: Flapjack kicks out to either side, doing 5% and average knockback. This move isn't bad, but the low power makes it outclassed by his side aerial. This can at least hit behind Flapjack, and if used in the air the attack will finish a lot faster. This can hit grounded enemies, but the side aerial is much better to use out of a shorthop.

Side Aerial: Flapjack takes out a very large lollipop that extends out and shakes it around forwards, dealing 11% and pretty respectable forwards knockback. This attack has a somewhat long duration, but has huge range and good power. In addition, this attack has very little landing lag and is fast enough to actually use out of a shorthop. The lollipop won't fully extend out all the way if the move is shorthopped, but it can still easily hit foes if done right to make it an effective spammable move to use while approaching and/or retreating through the air. This is a very important move in his game that is pretty versatile based off how close to the ground he is, functioning as a moving "poke" attack on the ground and a long range spacing tool in the air.

Up Aerial: Flapjack performs a generic flipkick that does 7% and average upwards knockback. This is nothing special, but isn't unusable.

Down Aerial: Flapjack spins his legs around, dealing a pair of weak hits of 6% and flinching that are not safe on hit, have tiny range, and are just generally terrible all around. Never use this awful move.

Grab and Throw: Flapjack's arms roughly triple in size as he grabs forwards for good range, then he throws the enemy for 4% and average knockback that scales surprisingly well once it gets past the weak base knockback. At low to middling percents, this can casually combo into his Neutral Special projectile.

Relevant Attacks (9/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special (Recovery only), Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Jab, Side Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (6/17): Up Smash, Down Smash, Dashing Attack, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, Down Aerial

Analysis: Flapjack's projectile is the only big thing he has going for him, and those aren't exactly rare to have. His counter is very good at damage racking, though characters with good projectiles and long range melee attacks like Aku's fsmash can potentially get around it, and he can potentially even be punished for landing it if he doesn't win the quick draw from the frame neutral state afterwards. His power is nothing special, and he has a lot of mediocre normals. His grab and side aerial are pretty good, but Flapjack just kind of struggles in neutral and has very little to offer outside of his projectile and counter. He's going to be spamming his side aerial a lot as a spacing tool, because it's the only remotely decent one he has. He's not terrible and does a lot better on characters who don't have a reliable answer to his counter.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 4/5 Power 2/5 Air 4/5 Range 2/5