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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17



As an extremely stereotypical villain, Father is a pretty simple generic heavyweight character with low speed and high power. He is not a particularly versatile character, but he's not much slower than the "fast" people, meaning he's not too bad overall.

Neutral Special: Father does a powerful fiery punch forwards, dealing 24% and extremely high knockback for what is quite possibly the strongest move in the game. If this attack hits at, say, 24%, this can potentially kill people. This attack isn't even that slow for what you'd expect, and is certainly a lot better than Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch in both speed and power. Father moves forwards slightly during the move after the starting lag is over, but it still will hit enemies at point blank range unlike a lot of jerky animations in this game, actually being useful for this surprisingly potent attack.

Side Special: Father crouches down on the ground and does a sliding kick forwards, dealing 10% and average vertical knockback. He slides a pretty significant distance, a lot further than Captain Falcon's Side Special or Down Special, and goes at a much faster speed than him.The attack does a good job of improving Father's recovery. This Side Special shares properties with Blossom, Bubbles, Mojo Jojo, and Samurai Jack, very similar to all of them. The ending lag is low enough this attack combos into itself very well if Father just uses the attack back and forth while a foe is helplessly stuck in the middle. Unlike those other characters, enemies have absolutely no chance to get out of this at any point, this will true combo all the way to 100% before the knockback finally scales enough for enemies to be knocked out of it. This is not difficult at all to get going and massively inflates this otherwise average character's tier placing.

Up Special: Father boosts upwards in an aura of fire at a 20 degree angle, dealing 15% and very powerful upward knockback to any foes who he passes. This puts Father into helpless at the end and functions as a decent recovery, though Father should use his Side Special to recover instead if possible. This produces a surprisingly massive amount of Final Smash pickups, and as such this move is heavily recommended on those who are standing on platforms above Father. This attack in general is good in those scenarios, just so that Father can land out of the attack quickly to recover from helpless.

Down Special: Father shoots forwards a stream of fire that does several flinching hits that total to 10% if all of them connect. If this hits at close range it will always deal the full damage, though further away you can't always count on it. While this move is usable, Father has better options, and despite being a "melee move", his Side Special moves him so far so fast that it's a superior ranged option to this attack and does all of its damage in a single hit, while dealing actual knockback to the enemy. What actually pushes this move into the territory where it's just terrible is the fact that this move for some reason produces zero pickups to increase Final Smash meter.

Final Smash: Father says "Here we go!" in a very campy voice before bracing himself and letting out a lot of powerful fire all around himself in a single concentrated blast. The melee range blast should kill people by itself at 0%, though if that somehow fails to hit Father also launches several huge fireballs from all around his body that should also hit anybody who was hit by the main blast. On average, hitting a person at melee range you can expect 70% out of this, and this isn't a hard Final Smash to hit given you don't even have to face the enemy when you activate it, just be in melee range. Unless the stage is very gimmicky (Which a lot of stages unfortunately are), this will kill the foe, and if it doesn't you're potentially looking at an additional 70%, easily one of the best Final Smashes. Beware, though, that for this to work properly the "close range" when you activate this Final Smash needs to be outright point blank.

Forward Smash: Father does a simple kick forwards that does 16% and pretty high forwards knockback. This pales in comparison to Father's Neutral Special, though comes out pretty much instantly as far as I can tell and as such should definitely be mixed in with the more powerful attack. During this and Father's other smashes, he has a chance to do an insanely generic evil laugh with the pitch of the laugh chosen at random, often giving him a very weird sounding and uncharacteristic flamboyant high pitched laugh. He seems to share this trait with Captain Planet of all characters.

Up Smash: Father punches upwards as a trail of fire follows his fist, dealing 16% and relatively high upwards knockback, though it's pretty poor by Father's very high standards for power. This can hit enemies in front of Father, but is pretty easily his slowest smash and as such an overall bad move.

Down Smash: Father does a sweepkick in front of himself, dealing 15% and significant upward knockback that easily outclasses his usmash. While this can't be used as an anti air, this is his best launcher move.

Jab: Father has a somewhat slow jab combo with poor range that deals 7% in total. The last hit is by far the slowest and should never be used. Father can jab cancel the first two hits of the jab into his shockingly fast fsmash with surprising success, and that should be exclusively what he uses the jab for. The fsmash is already so fast that Father doesn't exactly need much help landing it, and the jab only takes 3% on with the first two hits if used to combo into the fsmash, so this isn't as powerful as Vilgax's jab combo into his Down Special.

Dashing Attack: Father spins around, dealing multiple hits of 2% and micro flinches. This attack's duration is quite long and the ending lag is terrible. The range is terrible and barely reaches out from Father at all, making it extremely difficult to hit a foe more than once and almost impossible to hit them more than twice. This is one of the worst moves in the game and has zero reason for use. Characters in this game have their "walks" be nearly as fast as their dashes anyway, and with this absolutely disgusting dashing attack you have zero reason to be dashing as Father.

Up Tilt: Father does a simple upwards punch, dealing 7% with very low base knockback, though eventually scaling to be a kill move at high percents. This attack combos into itself, but surprisingly does it best at around 50-80% because of just how low the base knockback is. At around 10-40%, the move can combo into itself a single time, whereas at 50-80% it can combo into itself two additional times for a total of 21%. At around the 50-100% mark, the up tilt can combo into Up Special for even more potential damage, though Father will sadly usually have to do it after the first utilt hits. The Up Special usually won't be strong enough to be an outright kill confirm, though on stages with low ceilings it can be possible and make this move very scary.

Down Tilt: Father punches forwards while crouched, dealing 5% and average knockback forwards. The range and lag on this move is much too terrible to justify the weak power, and the base knockback is too high to use for any kind of combos.

Neutral Aerial: Father does two punches forwards which total to 12% with brief hitstun. This attack does no knockback, but isn't unsafe on hit, putting the two characters into a roughly frame neutral state. A mediocre attack.

Side Aerial: Father does a spinning kick that generates a sizable hitbox in front of him that does 11% and fairly high knockback forwards. This attack's duration is laggy enough it's difficult to use without touching the ground, but if high up in the air the attack's huge hitbox is formidable and Father's only particularly good aerial besides his main aerial, the dair.

Up Aerial: Father does a generic punch upwards that does 8% and decent upwards knockback. The attack's base knockback is terrible to the point it will do almost no knockback whatsoever, though it can kill at very high percents. The hitbox is pretty specific and as such the attack is not recommended.

Down Aerial: Father kicks downwards and generates a pillar of flame below himself a bit taller than he is. This hitbox deals 10% and high horizontal knockback to enemies below him in the direction Father was facing. This is Father's only aerial that can hit enemies standing on the ground and will be the main one he uses for the amazing range it has, being a death sentence to recovering enemies and useful for enemies he's approaching through the air.

Grab and Throw: Father has a very pathetic grab animation as he stoops slightly down, having horrible grab range. The throw is as pathetic as ever and deals 4% with pathetic knockback, but Father has nothing that can combo into it. Like everyone else, his jab cancel combos into grab, but there's no real reason to use that.

Relevant Attacks (9/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Down Smash, Jab, Up Tilt, Down Aerial

Useless Attacks (5/17): Down Special, Dashing Attack, Neutral Aerial, Up Aerial, Grab/Throw

Analysis: Father is a very powerful heavyweight with enough fast attacks to keep him going with his Side Special, utilt, and fsmash. Side Special spam is obviously what makes up his competitive viability, but he has techniques to use outside of it. Should he get into an advantage state with an off-stage enemy, his Neutral Special and dair should heavily threaten the enemy. His main problem is that this game heavily revolves around projectiles, and he lacks any projectile. His Side Special will take him a good distance, and hopping over projectiles and using Side Special can potentially get him in, but it's not easy and may get him punished. Father has to be jumping around a lot to get over projectiles, and can use his dair to great effect when he has to be doing that so often. His problem is that's really his only aerial attack that doesn't suck and it's his only one that can hit enemies standing on the ground. His bad air game wouldn't be a big deal if he had a projectile, but he doesn't. His terrible dashing attack also comes back to bite him when he needs to approach people, meaning he can't at all reliably use his dash. Father is significantly better against enemies without projectiles and has a decent melee game once he gets in, but he's nothing special at the end of the day without his broken Side Special.

Official Developer Given Playstyle Summary: "IN PTE, FATHER IS A POWERFUL CHARACTER WITH AVERAGE SPEED."

Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 3/5 Power 5/5 Air 1/5 Range 2/5