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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17



Dexter is one of the stronger characters in the game overall, with no real disadvantages. He plays into more of a zoner archetype with his projectiles and powerful mid range attacks.

Neutral Special: Dexter takes out his ray gun and shoots out a blast of electricity. The projectile travels forward infinitely and deals 8% with average knockback. The projectile can be charged for a very long time, but this barely improves the power at all and only makes it do 11% at full charge. Don't ever bother charging this projectile, just use it as the spammable tool that it is.

Side Special: Dexter teleports a significant distance forwards very quickly, about 2 Battlefield Platforms. As he phases back in, he's a hitbox as stereotypical "Zap!" text shows up around him, dealing 11% and meager knockback. This is impossible to gimp and a very powerful recovery that enables Dexter to either get away to spam his projectile more, or get in close when necessary. This should always be used over Dexter's Up Special if possible, given it's a vastly superior horizontal recovery, is far faster, and is actually decent as an attack to boot. This attack is also very useful in a lot of the story mode levels in order to bypass obstacles and traps faster than you're supposed to, as the teleport is fully capable of bypassing solid objects.

Up Special: Dexter produces a helicopter pack on his back, recovering straight upwards an average distance. He can move from side to side as he goes up at a fairly fast speed, and is a hitbox that does 14% and high vertical knockback. After the recovery completes, Dexter enters full on helpless and cannot perform any other attacks afterwards. This recovery is not bad and can even be decent as an attack if the enemy is high above you, given air dodges are pretty bad in this game. Still, the Side Special's speed and the fact you can attack out of it easily makes it the superior option.

Down Special: Dexter summons a ray gun above himself to shoot down onto his position, dealing 13% and decent knockback away. This is fairly comparable to Pikachu and Blossom's Down Specials, though the range is a lot shorter than those moves leaving the attack only average. This is safer to use than his Up Special on foes above him, though is not nearly as strong.

Final Smash: Dexter summons his giant mech and gets into it before firing a huge laser forwards that can and will kill everything in its path. There is a long cutscene that plays before the Final Smash comes out, but as far as gameplay the attack pretty much comes out instantly given everyone is frozen for the overly long cutscene. The laser reaches forwards a very impressive distance and doesn't waste its time with gimmicks, making this one of the best Final Smashes. The Final Smash deals 40% and will kill enemies even if they didn't have any damage on them, it's that strong.

Forward Smash: Dexter's arm becomes mechanized and punches forward as zapping enemies with electricity, dealing 14% and high forwards knockback. This can kill blossom as early as 65%, making it very powerful. It reaches forwards further than you'd expect for a melee move all while being it fairly fast, making it a great move with no real downside.

Up Smash: This is basically the same as his fsmash, but aimed upwards. The attack deals 15% and also does very high knockback. Dexter's power isn't something to take lightly.

Down Smash: Dexter throws a potion to the ground where it explodes very quickly. This is one of the most powerful attacks in the game damage wise, with only characters like Vilgax able to compete with its 21% damage. The knockback is purely vertical and is not as powerful as fsmash's insane knockback, but if you're just spamming smash attacks for damage racking purposes (not a bad strategy in this game's incredibly simplistic metagame) this is the attack to use.

Jab: Dexter generically punches the enemy 3 times. The first hit does 1%, the second hit does 2%, and the last hit does 4% and actual knockback. The first two hits can be jab canceled into Dexter's grab like everybody else in the game. His jab is nothing too special.

Dashing Attack: Dexter does a generic low range punch as he comes to a stop from his dash, dealing 6% and very unimpressive knockback. This attack is pretty bad, and is only made worse by the fact you have to be dashing to use it.

Up Tilt: Dexter performs a generic upward punch, dealing 7% and weak upwards knockback. This will not hit enemies standing in front of Dexter and has bad range even against aerial enemies, making it a very unimpressive move given the poor power.

Down Tilt: Dexter does a headbutt and travels a large character width forwards, dealing 8% with fairly high knockback. Strangely, the attack's hitbox doesn't seem to come out until after Dexter has already moved forwards, making this attack miss at close range. Dexter moves forwards in one very sudden jerky motion, making this attack sometimes awkward, though if you get used to it it's still a pretty useful attack to have as it threatens enemies at mid range quite well.

Neutral Aerial: Dexter waves his ray gun in an arc in front of him, causing a trail of electricity to be briefly generated in a half circle arc in front of him. This does 7% and low knockback, but has a very nice hitbox on it. This is a rather slow aerial to fully finish, but it still starts up fairly quickly and the hitbox lets Dexter zone people pretty well.

Side Aerial: Dexter's arm enlarges slightly as he performs a simple generic punch forwards, dealing 8% and average forwards knockback. This is a rare aerial that can potentially hit short grounded enemies if you really try but it's still not advisable. This is faster and stronger than the nair but harder to hit with overall.

Up Aerial: Dexter punches upwards with both hands, dealing 8% and very weak upwards knockback. His arms don't even enlarge during this attack, meaning the range is terrible and it's unrealistic to hit with when you have so many better options to hit enemies above you like Down Special.

Down Aerial: Dexter throws a potion to the ground that explodes on contact with anything. The potion has infinite downwards range and will keep going until it hits something. The potion's size is small, but its hitbox is pretty large to either side. If the hitbox is hit to the sides, the move does 10% and flinching, while if it hits dead on the enemy will take 11% with impressively high knockback. This is a very powerful attack, especially on off-stage enemies, and is the main move that defines his air game. His nair is the only other aerial you'll want to be using much if the enemy gets in close, his side aerial and uair are just garbage. Dexter stalls in the air during this attack, and this attack can potentially be spammed if you mash the attack button enough times while holding down. This wouldn't be that good, but the hitbox on the attack that only deals flinching can potentially enable you to hit enemies twice or even three times to deal major damage, and it's likely that the last one will deal knockback to the enemy. For perspective on a motionless, grounded enemy, spamming dair's "sourspot" is the fastest way for Dexter to damage rack someone.

Note that Dexter does not truly stall in the air during this attack, his falling speed is just extremely slowed. If you manage to buffer this attack into itself (which isn't easy and can't be done 100% consistently given the brief frame to input dair again), Dexter will just keep falling at his extremely slow speed as he goes down, meaning this attack cannot be used to infinitely stall. Getting this timing down is still important to camp down at foes from the air with excessive spam of this move, as if you fail to re-input the attack Dexter will suddenly fall a significant distance downwards when he comes out of the slow-mo falling.

Grab and Throw: Dexter's arms enlarge a very strange amount for this grab as he stretches forwards significantly and his hands grow to quadruple their regular size, inflating like balloons. The throw is quite weak and deals just 4%, but easily combos into Dexter's Neutral Special for an effective 12% combo. If you combo the first two hits of the jab into the grab then to Neutral Special, that full combo does 15%. This only tacks on an additional 3% and the grab is much easier to hit with than the jab anyway, so don't go out of your way to try to use it.

Relevant Attacks (11/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special (recovery only), Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Down Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (3/17): Dashing Attack, Up Tilt, Up Aerial

Analysis: Dexter is a typical zoning character with his Neutral Special and Side Special which should be obvious to anyone who first plays the character, but his dair is another very powerful tool in his arsenal that shouldn't be overlooked. His smashes are very powerful kill moves and can knock enemies away for him to keep camping his enemies to death when they're not ready to die yet. Dexter's fsmash in particular is ludicrously powerful and should mean he shouldn't have to damage rack his enemies much, but his final smash is stupidly strong as well. Dexter shouldn't actively pursue enemies he knocks away so that he can actually pick up the pickups enemies drop when damaged to build his Final Smash meter, because it's good enough to be worth it. Once he gets it, Dexter should try to save his Final Smash if he can to kill an enemy on a fresh stock and just finish them with fsmash. The Final Smash is so powerful it will kill enemies regardless of their percentage. With his strong recovery to back him up, Dexter has no real disadvantages and is one of the most powerful characters in the game. He has a shockingly low amount of useless moves and a large amount of them that are helpful, making him a versatile character.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 3/5 Power 4/5 Air 2/5 Range 4/5