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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Chowder and Kimchi

Chowder is followed around by a fart cloud called "Kimchi" at all times. Strangely, the sentient fart cloud always stays to his left side at all times rather than following behind him properly, though it thankfully is not a hurtbox. Kimchi is only actually used for Neutral and Down Special, which makes it weird that the character is even titled "Chowder and Kimchi" given Kimchi is blatantly not a character. He has three midair jumps that are all very small, and his aerials are bad enough that he doesn't really have the tools to use them well offensively.

Neutral Special: Chowder throws Kimchi forwards a platform's distance, dealing 8% and weak knockback in a fairly fast attack. This is the only ranged option Chowder gets and the projectile goes a set distance, so as such he largely ends up as a melee character. This can't be used to camp given the very specific hitbox and is mostly good as a comboing move after hitting the foe away with weak knockback on something else.

Side Special: Chowder inhales, attempting to consume whatever's in front of him. This is considered a grab and will go through shields. After sucking up the enemy, Chowder automatically spits them out after a few frames, dealing 15% and strong knockback. This is very comparable to King Dedede's Neutral Special, but unlike that move Chowder must spit the enemy out immediately and this can't be used to suicide kill like that move. The enemy's location is stored when Chowder sucks them up, then they are respawned where they previously were and are dealt damage and knockback at that time when he does the spitting animation. This means the enemy will not move with Chowder if he moves while performing the Side Special, and if he attempts a suicide kill by eating the foe while falling off-stage they will magically respawn on the ledge where they were sucked up.

This attack will neutralize projectiles. No, Chowder won't actually suck them up, the projectile will just magically vanish when it comes in contact with the graphic of wind being sucked in by Chowder's mouth.

Up Special: Chowder spins around and magically goes upwards a respectable distance somehow for an average recovery. The attack does mediocre knockback and 12%, and should never be used as an actual attack.

Down Special: Chowder throws Kimchi below himself and slams on top of it. Even if used in the air, this move's range will not increase, and it is just a melee move. The attack does 11% and fairly high knockback. While this can hit grounded enemies next to Chowder, this is primarily usable as an attack from above in the air. Treat this move as a second dair.

Final Smash: Chowder belches forwards a long stream of fire. If all hits connect, the move deals 54% in total. It can potentially kill if the foe already had damage but is not especially good at it.

Forward Smash: Chowder burps, generating a green gas cloud in front of him that deals 13% and decent horizontal launching knockback. The base knockback is very, very low and can combo well into Neutral Special at low percentages.

Up Smash: Chowder extends out his tongue in front of himself before sweeping it up over his head, dealing 12% and decent launching knockback. The move is better at hitting enemies directly in front of him rather than above him given the hitbox spawns there first. The move can combo into itself at low percentages, and if up against a wall/ceiling combo can potentially be very powerful as you keep sending them into it over and over.

Down Smash: Chowder hops up into the air before burping at the ground he was previously standing on. Not nearly as good of range as fsmash, but deals 18% and somewhat higher knockback. This move's range is still not good enough to catch rolls and it's pretty mediocre overall.

Jab: Chowder does a headbutt, then juts out his stomach forwards, then claps his hands for a three hit jab combo, advancing forwards as he does so. If all hits connect, it does 9% in total and mediocre knockback. Only the last hit does any knockback, and Chowder can jab cancel out of the first two hits into his grab.

Dashing Attack: Chowder does a generic headbutt forwards, dealing 6% with weak knockback and far too much ending lag to be viable.

Up Tilt: Chowder flicks his tongue upwards. Chowder extends his tongue in front of him upwards rather than the long arc of his usmash, giving the move tiny range and dealing just 5% and weak knockback that can't combo.

Down Tilt: Chowder flicks his tongue along the ground for better range than his terrible utilt, but still just average. The attack deals 8% and surprisingly high knockback, and can be worth throwing out to try for the kill given it's faster than fsmash.

Neutral Aerial: Chowder spins around with his tongue extended, dealing several hits of 3%. While his tongue is quite long, the hitbox is a lot more specific than it looks. This attack never does knockback and is always unsafe on hit, and it's extremely difficult to even hit the foe with more than just one hit. This is easily the worst move in his entire set.

Side Aerial: Chowder kicks forwards with a foot that magically enlarges for this attack, dealing 5% and weak knockback. The move is reasonably fast and hits low enough to make it usable out of a shorthop.

Up Aerial: Chowder does a flipkick upwards. Given how fat Chowder is and how he doesn't have legs, almost his whole body is the hitbox. This does 7% and very weak upwards knockback that isn't entirely safe on hit though easily sets up for another potential uair.

Down Aerial: Chowder's foot magically enlarges and he kicks it downwards, dealing 8% and average horizontal knockback. There is little reason to use this attack over Down Special, given the superior power and range, and this attack doesn't seem any faster.

Grab and Throw: Chowder has a fairly bad grab and has a pathetic throw that deals only 4% and sends the foe forwards at a 20 degree angle. This throw's knockback is so pathetic that it actually combos well into his Neutral Special.

Relevant Attacks (10/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special (Recovery only), Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Tilt, Side Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (5/17): Down Smash, Dashing Attack, Up Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Down Aerial

Analysis: Chowder will struggle with his lack of ranged options, though has decent comboing ability and respectable KO moves. He's one of the more generic all rounders in the game, not really having much in the way of flaws outside of his lack of range. His Final Smash is better at damaging than killing, and if allowed to actually land all his attacks he'll damage rack and kill faster than most any other character, but is easily kept out by the projectile spam common in this game. His aerials are pretty mediocre at best and his side aerial is only in the "useful moves" section because of lack of anything better, you should generally just stick to Chowder's strong Specials.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 3/5 Power 3/5 Air 5/5 Range 3/5