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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Go to the options menu, then cheats, and enter in one of the following codes below. As the game will warn you, using any cheats will disable the ability to earn any achievements/trophies. In a hypothetical scenario where this game was played widely competitively (hilarious), these would be useful to unlock everything right out of the box to set up for a tournament, or if you just want to get straight into multiplayer action with friends.

Cheat CodeEffect
MONSTERUnlock all alternate character costumes
MISSYUnlocks 5 hidden stages.
OSCARUnlocks 8 characters.
SUMOUnlocks all levels and characters from the store.
RUFUSUnlocks all TV Clips.