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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Captain K'nuckles

K'nuckles is for the most part a rather simple heavyweight character with few options. He hits very, very hard, though his lack of range and poor recovery make his high power his only real advantage. His main gimmick is his Neutral Special trap, which saves him from being outright terrible.

K'nuckles has a weird bug on the stage Foster's Home #2. This is by far the most balanced and fair stage and should be considered the "Final Destination" of the game, given how unplayable and gimmick filled most of the levels are (This is the stage most of the testing for this guide was done on, far better than the intended training stage). The stage is basically Luigi's Mansion without any destructible pillars. As far as the bug, if K'nuckles is standing on the bottom layer of the stage and does a full first jump to the point the top of his hat clips through the top of the level, he will stand in midair. The top of his head/hat will clip through the ceiling, and he will be able to move, walk, and attack from this weird state so long as he stays underneath the platform. This doesn't have a ton of practical use, though it can let him use attacks like usmash from below to some success and it's more useful than some of his terrible moves like his Down Special. His down smash, while normally a terrible move, is decent here just to let him duck his head down below the ceiling it would otherwise be clipping through as a weird "dodge."

Neutral Special: Captain K'nuckles leaps back as a sand sculpture of himself is summoned in front of him the same size as he is. When a foe makes contact with the sculpture, they will be stunned and put into their shield broken state as the sand sculpture is destroyed. Shield break is a much, much shorter stun in this game than in Smash, and it lasts the same brief time regardless of the victim's percentage. Sand sculptures last for roughly 11 seconds if not destroyed, and K'nuckles is capped at only having 2 of them out at once. If destroyed by the enemy, K'nuckles is prevented from making any more for a few seconds that isn't especially consistent. Using the move when K'nuckles can't produce a sculpture will have him still go through the lag of the attack as he leaps backwards, but no sculpture is produced.

The sand sculptures will still stun enemies who attack with a physical attack that moves their hurtbox over the sand sculpture. If the sand sculpture is hit by a projectile, it will be destroyed without stunning the enemy. Other attacks that aren't true projectiles where the character does not have to directly touch the target, like Aku's fire breath fsmash or Blossom's Neutral Special ice breath, will still safely destroy the sculpture with no issue. Both of the previously mentioned attacks have enough range to still hit K'nuckles despite him leaping back and will spell out trouble for him. Sword attacks from characters like Vilgax and Scotsman can also work, though they have to make sure to use the full range of their moves to not get stunned, having to hit it from a decent distance away.

Aku's Side Special and Down Special as well as Him's Side Special, despite being melee attacks, will go through the sand sculpture without caring due to them being coded weirdly as transformation attacks. The charging side specials will also still hit K'nuckles pretty easily if they use it as K'nuckles uses this move. Perhaps the weirdest interaction with this move is Aku and Villgax's Neutral Special lasers, which will go through the sand sculpture without destroying it. While there are scenarios where Aku would want to destroy the sand sculpture without attacking it, he has other moves to do that anyway. The use of the sand sculptures largely depends on the matchup.

If a foe is knocked into a sand sculpture by an attack and are still in hitstun, they won't get stunned by the sculpture and it will break as they fly past it, which is really unfortunate for K'nuckles. While the sculptures last a long time, his lack of projectiles prevents him from using it as a trap all that well and he mostly has to use it as a more active attack. The main thing that makes this move actually good is that for whatever reason, if this move is used in the air, it still works normally and the summoned sand sculpture will magically float in the air. Placing these in the path of recovering foes is the primary use for this attack, and K'nuckles has plenty high enough knockback to send them off-stage. While some characters like Scotsman will be able to recover through them, they can end up killing a lot of other enemies outright as their recoveries are interrupted, those recoveries it can screw over are screwed over hard.

It is possible to infinite enemies with these by jumping into a character's model to place it inside of their model just as they come out of the brief stun. This is very difficult to the point you won't be able to keep it up long, and only works on tall characters anyway. Most importantly, this attack does zero damage, so you're "infinitely" stalling with something very hard to execute that you'll inevitably eventually mess up.

Side Special: Captain K'nuckles goes horizontal and boosts forwards a decent distance, doing 10% and average knockback to enemies who get in his way. This can be used to supplement K'nuckles' recovery since his Up Special is mediocre, though his vertical recovery is still quite bad. Beware this attack will still put K'nuckles in helpless. The distance traveled can be a decent mixup after hopping back after setting up with a Neutral Special, going past your sand sculpture. This is much too slow to be used to combo into itself, and at low percentages is outright unsafe on hit. At higher percents it works decently enough.

Up Special: Captain K'nuckles magically travels upwards at a 45 degree angle. He is a fairly powerful hitbox as he does so, dealing 15% and very high knockback. This is a weak recovery by this game's high standards and will never hit grounded opponents, and is impractical to use as an attack despite being powerful. Considering his powerful trap to use against recovering foes, it's pretty unfortunate K'nuckles own recovery is very weak and predictable - he is very vulnerable to an enemy K'nuckles' sculptures in a mirror match.

Down Special: Captain K'nuckles leaps into the air before crashing down onto the ground, very similar to Bowser's Down Special. He isn't a hitbox as going up, but as going down deals 10% and deals a second hit of 10% when he hits the ground with high knockback that will send enemies away. This has several properties that make it significantly worse than Bowser's move. First off, the first hit deals no knockback and so this move is useless on aerial opponents. Even if this move is used in the air, K'nuckles will still jump before he falls down, making it a lot more awkward to hit with it in comparison to something like Buttercup or Bowser's Down Specials. While K'nuckles will jump a high distance into the air with this attack, it cannot be used for recovery as unlike Bowser, K'nuckles cannot snap to the ledge while using this attack. If this hits a grounded opponent, which is the only particularly practical use of the move, both hits of 10% will connect and you'll get a decent payoff, though the jump at the start still significantly telegraphs this terrible move.

Final Smash: An annoyingly long cinematic plays where K'nuckles finds a giant candy barrel and becomes angry about there being no candy in it. K'nuckles then falls into the barrel before he becomes furious and causes it to explode. Any nearby enemies will suffer the shield break stun effect before taking 50% and huge knockback. The cinematic is irrelevant given enemies are stunned for the whole duration, and this will hit enemies regardless of what side of K'nuckles they are on. This is a very powerful Final Smash if K'nuckles can get in even remotely close.

Forward Smash: K'nuckles does a simple punch forwards, dealing 18% and massive knockback, some of the largest in the game on an fsmash. The move is fairly fast and has decent range for a generic melee attack. The only catch is for whatever reason the move does not hit at point blank range, which can make the move a bit awkward at times and result in you getting punished.

Up Smash: K'nuckles stab his arms up in the air, dealing 17% and fairly high upwards knockback. His fsmash kills enemies a good deal faster than his usmash, though his usmash has better range, hits enemies at point blank range and will hit enemies standing in front of him, not just those above him. It's a fairly solid move, though not as good as fsmash given it doesn't set up for sand sculpture spam as well.

Down Smash: K'nuckles crouches and extends out his arms as spinning, dealing 20 hits of 1% and flinching in an unsafe on hit attack, making it a move that should never be used. Only all 20 hits will connect at point blank range, with the move dealing 16-18% if K'nuckles hits at the edge of the move's range.

Jab: K'nuckles punches in front of him, does an uppercut, then punches in front of himself again. The first two hits deal 3% and flinching while the final one does another 3% and knocks enemies away. This jab combos absolutely horribly and it is extremely difficult to get all 3 hits to connect on an enemy who is standing perfectly still, let alone a real opponent. Against small characters, landing all three hits is completely impossible. K'nuckles doesn't have anything good to jab cancel out the first hit from other than grab, which isn't particularly good. If going for jab cancels, K'nuckles should really only even bother performing the first hit, given oftentimes even the second one won't combo into the first. The jab is programmed that poorly.

Dashing Attack: K'nuckles does a somersault forwards, dealing 9% and fairly high knockback in a very slow attack that is not recommended.

Up Tilt: K'nuckles uppercuts the enemy in a very short range attack, dealing 9% and average knockback. It hits enemies in front of K'nuckles, though the move has such bad range it actually struggles to hit those above him.

Down Tilt: K'nuckles does a sweeping leg kick, dealing 8% and decent knockback in a fairly unnotable move.

Neutral Aerial: K'nuckles goes horizontal in midair and extends his claws to either side of him as spinning around. This deals 2 hits of 6%, and the second one deals a small amount of knockback, but enough to make the attack safe on hit unlike a lot of the terrible multihit moves in this game.

Side Aerial: K'nuckles punches forwards in a quick high range punch that deals 12% and pretty decent knockback. It's one of his longest range moves and one of his best spacers, though it's sadly very hard to hit enemies who are standing on the ground with it. Smack some enemies with this when they're off-stage to aid your gimping game pressure alongside the sand sculptures.

Up Aerial: K'nuckles goes horizontal in midair and extends his claws up above and below him as spinning around. This is largely the same as his nair, but the hitboxes are above and below him and the move is very slightly more powerful, dealing 7% per hit instead of 6%. The move deals upwards knockback regardless of where you hit with it, as almost nothing in this entire game is capable of dealing downwards knockback. The attack can potentially combo if you hit an enemy below yourself then use the move again, though the hitbox is hard enough to hit with it's hard to give this attack too much praise.

Down Aerial: K'nuckles goes upside down and falls to the ground in a fairly fast attack, dealing 10% and fairly high horizontal knockback to any enemies he hits. This is a good move, though is sadly unusable off-stage given K'nuckles keeps going until he hits the stage or dies. If he jumps up high, it is possible to threaten an enemy recovering high with this before holding back towards the stage on the control stick to come back in. This is vastly superior to his down aerial, which is so terrible it should never be used, not even as a mixup to this attack.

Grab and Throw: K'nuckles has decent grab range and has the usual generic throw that sends enemies at a 45 degree angle, though seems to scale harder on horizontal knockback than vertical knockback. While it just does 7%, this throw is actually somewhat capable of killing, extremely rare in this game. Like most other grabs, it can be comboed out of the first hit of his jab.

Relevant Attacks (9/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Side Aerial, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (4/17): Down Special, Down Smash, Jab, Dashing Attack

Analysis: K'nuckles is not an easy character to play at all, and even at the top of his game he can't compete due to how most of the top tier has great recovery and projectiles to beat him out. Playing on a walk-off stage doesn't even benefit K'nuckles that much, as while it will fix his bad recovery it means he can't use his sand sculptures to his advantage nearly as well. The sand sculpture would be a great move on a character with good recovery/projectiles, but on its own isn't enough to save him. While he can win due to just how quickly he can kill people with his fsmash and Final Smash, it's going to be an uphill battle. While his Final Smash is amazing, K'nuckles' attacks produce few pickups to build up his meter to actually use it. Vilgax is the character most comparable to him as another hard hitting heavyweight with poor recovery, but Vilgax's superior range on his melee moves and his laser/shield give him a lot more versatility in comparison.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 3/5 Power 3/5 Air 3/5 Range 3/5