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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17



Buttercup is one of the best characters and one you have access to very early in the story mode. Her good jumps, high aerial movement, and her Side Special make her an easy choice to clear most of it quickly.

Neutral Special: Buttercup launches a huge fireball. The move can be charged like a smash attack, and deals 12-17% with huge knockback. The fireball travels pretty slowly and covers enough distance to travel most entire stages before vanishing, going farther than an Aku laser though not nearly as spammable. Charging the move doesn't increase the range at all and the power buff is small enough it's not worth the considerable time investment.

Side Special: Buttercup punches forwards before doing a series of kicks, adding up several flinching hits that totals to 25%. Buttercup advances forwards during the move, and while the range is small it's a great damage/meter builder. While Buttercup won't automatically pick up the energy the foe drops from this attack, if she goes backwards along the path she dragged the foe along she'll have a ton to grab for free. At the end of the combo, the foe is dealt fairly high knockback away. This move will infinite generic enemies in the story mode without them having any chance to shield and is extremely useful there, though will not do the same to playable characters.

Up Special: Buttercup does a leaping uppercut, dealing 14% with high knockback. This attack has decent range in front of her for a melee attack as she jumps up off the ground. Likst most recovery moves, this puts Buttercup into helpless afterwards which limits its use as an actual attack.

Down Special: Buttercup pounds the ground underneath her, dealing 13% and high knockback. If this attack is used in the air, Buttercup will fall straight down at a moderate speed, though does a lot more knockback when it hits the ground. Buttercup's fast falling speed is much faster than the fairly slow pace she falls during this move.

Final Smash: Buttercup gains a red aura and gains infinite free flight, invincibility, and becomes a hitbox that does 20% and huge knockback on contact. Buttercup moves very quickly during this attack with poor handling. The attack is largely the same as Sonic's broken Final Smash from Brawl, though Buttercup doesn't move quite as quickly and it is more controllable by comparison. This is an amazing final smash and is largely impossible to avoid getting hit by at least once, and Buttercup's broken Side Special lets her build all the meter she needs to do it.

Forward Smash: Buttercup does a generic kick forwards, dealing 18% and large knockback forwards. This is her most powerful move aside from her Final Smash, and while not super fast certainly gets the job done.

Up Smash: Buttercup punches upwards with both of her arms, dealing 12% and decent upwards knockback. This attack can't hit enemies in front of her on the ground, though has surprisingly good vertical reach for how puny her arms are.

Down Smash: Buttercup stomps the ground in a small range hitbox, but dealing 15% and forceful upwards knockback.

Jab: Buttercup does a generic punching three hit jab combo that totals to 9%, dealing weak knockback with the final hit. Buttercup can cancel the first two hits of jab into her Side Special, but the first two hits of jab are incredibly weak and will push the foe far enough forwards that not every Side Special hit will connect, making it deal less damage than hitting the Side Special normally. The move can combo into her grab, though that is overall useless. Her fsmash and dsmash are a bit too slow to true combo out of it, though can make for decent mixups.

Dashing Attack: Buttercup does a weak sliding kick that deals 4% and is largely unremarkable. Buttercup should really be using her aerial statistics to move through the air rather than dashing and has no business using this crappy move.

Up Tilt: Buttercup does a tiny range horribly weak uppercut that does 5%. While it can hit enemies in front of her, the fact the weak knockback sends foes a bit in front of her prevents it from being usable for any comboing.

Down Tilt: Buttercup does a leg sweep for 8% damage and middling knockback that can't kill at realistic percents, giving her minimal reason to use this somewhat slow move.

Neutral Aerial: Buttercup does a series of punches and kicks with bad range that do 4 hits of 3% and no knockback. This attack is unsafe on hit and it's very hard to hit with multiple hits, making it Buttercup's worst move.

Side Aerial: Buttercup performs a headbutt forwards, dealing 9% and fairly high horizontal knockback for an aerial that can reasonably kill.

Up Aerial: Buttercup performs a flipkick that deals 7% and no knockback. The attack is fast enough to combo into itself and be safe on hit despite not doing any knockback, and more complicated combos may be possible out of it, though the game's high falling speed makes it difficult to do anything but another uair or possibly an Up Special.

Down Aerial: Buttercup kicks her leg downwards and heads downwards at an accelerated pace until she hits the ground or dies, dealing 8% and decent knockback on contact. While not as strong as her Down Special, this attack comes out more quickly, has Buttercup fall more quickly, and has no lag when Buttercup touches down on the ground in comparison to the slow Down Special. In addition, Buttercup has control of her aerial momentum and can shift to the slides slightly during her dair, whereas her Down Special goes directly down and prohibits it. Her dair is definitely the better move and still gets the job done, though the delay on Down Special could potentially hit a foe who predicted dair. The only downside is Buttercup is pretty lacking in options to hit enemies below her without falling to the ground and has no real options to do so if ground isn't underneath her, though off-stage she should be trying to use her Side Aerial.

Grab and Throw: Buttercup has a decent range grab for her size, but her throw does very generic weak knockback with a high base that's useless for any practical purposes, and only deals 5%.

Relevant Attacks (11/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Side Aerial, Up Aerial, Down Aerial

Useless Attacks (6/17): Jab, Dashing Attack, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Grab/Throw

Analysis: While Buttercup has her fair share of useless moves, so does everybody else in the game. Buttercup has no real disadvantages, having a terrifying melee game with her Side Special especially, having an excellent projectile, high power, and a rather weird aerial game most comparable to Bowser from Smash of all characters. Having two stall then falls is largely a good thing in this game, given how few aerials work out of shorthop to actually hit grounded enemies. Her Final Smash is the real kicker that easily sells her as being fairly good, and it's not at all difficult for her to build meter.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 5/5 Power 4/5 Air 3/5 Range 2/5