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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17



Bubbles is the weakest of the three Powerpuff girls by far and has several moves copied from the other two. Like her sisters, she focuses primarily on aerial combat with her good jumps and recovery.

Neutral Special: Bubbles screams, doing multiple hits around her that deal up to 20 hits of 1% and flinching. While the range is a fair bit bigger than the soundwave graphic and hits all around Bubbles, the move is not safe on hit and has a ton of starting lag along with a long lasting duration. This is a far cry from something as broken as Blossom's Neutral Special and is one of the worst specials in the game.

Side Special: Bubbles flies forwards through the air about 1.3 platforms, a hitbox that deals 8% and middling knockback as she goes. She travels quite quickly and this enables her to approach easily enough in combination with her good jumps. This is cloned from Blossom's Side Special, and while not as good as the almighty ice breath is still Blossom's second best move, so Bubbles is happy to get it. Like Blossom, this attack can potentially combo into itself while leaving very little room for the foe to react if spammed back and forth. It will not totally lock the enemy in hitstun like Neutral Special, but they will only have a precious few frames before they are hit by the next Side Special, easily comboing computers up to 120% by itself. At certain percentages, the attack will true combo. This should easily be able to net you at the very least 50% by itself.

Up Special: Bubbles flies upwards about as high as Buttercup's recovery, dealing 8% and weak knockback. Upon reaching the top of her ascent, Bubbles will float in place as she is able to move horizontally briefly as firing three lasers from her eyes downwards at 45 degree angles. Each laser deals 8% and average knockback, and they will not combo into each other. This is pretty good as a recovery given how long Bubbles can fly for free, and is very difficult for enemies to punish due to the lasers. Using the move as an actual attack, Bubbles will want to use it entirely for the lasers. While it's not the best, Bubbles' ability to move during the attack makes it a better camping option than it first appears, and she has no alternative given she has no other projectile.

Down Special: Bubbles spins around on one foot in a move that hits all around her, dealing 12% and decent knockback for a fairly generic special. The move comes across as more of a down smash, and can be used like most down smashes to catch rolls.

Final Smash: Bubbles gains free flight while constantly firing lasers from her eyes, similar to Blossom's Final Smash but not entirely the same. The lasers have about as much range as in her Up Special, and deal 10% and decent knockback on contact. Unlike Blossom's Final Smash, this one is capable of killing Bubbles' opponents and has more range, but is still harder to actually use overall and can't build nearly as much damage, only about 3 or 4 hits on average. The opponent will absolutely get hit by at least part of this Final Smash, but it's rarely going to be a meaningful game changer.

Forward Smash: Bubbles performs a quick generic punch in front of herself, dealing 13% and high knockback. This is fairly fast for the power as a kill move.

Up Smash: Bubbles performs a flipkick that sends enemies up with forceful knockback and 14%. Despite the animation looking like it shouldn't, this can and will hit enemies on the ground in front of Bubbles.

Down Smash: Bubbles performs the exact same animation as her Down Special, but spins a longer distance and travels forwards during it. This hitbox is more powerful, dealing 15% and heavy knockback. While there is not much starting or ending lag, the duration lasts a long time and can get foes ready to punish, or they can just fire a projectile at you during the attack.

Jab: Bubbles performs two punches and kick, totaling to 7% damage if all hits of the jab connect. Performing the first two hits and canceling them will combo them into a grab with little problem. This is cloned from the other two girls and has fairly little use. Only the third hit builds any meter and it builds a miniscule amount.

Dashing Attack: Bubbles goes horizontal as flying forwards and spinning with her arms extended out. This does several flinching hits that add up to 12%. This is very close to being unsafe on hit and is roughly frame neutral after hitting the enemy, and you will need to perform an attack immediately afterwards in order to defend yourself such as your grab.

Up Tilt: Bubbles performs a weak upwards punch that does 6% and fairly weak knockback that is primarily vertical.

Down Tilt: Bubbles performs a sweep kick, dealing 8% and decent knockback. Strangely, this attack can hit behind Bubbles. If Bubbles hit an enemy behind her at a low percentage, they will be knocked in front of her at the end of the move and enable her to combo the move into something else.

Neutral Aerial: Bubbles spins, performing the same animation as Down Special and dsmash yet again. This is a very close range hitbox that does 2 hits of 2% and flinching. The move is unsafe on hit and is totally useless in comparison to the other moves that share this animation. Down Special can be performed in the air anyway.

Side Aerial: Bubbles does a simple kick, dealing 8% and average knockback. This is her fastest aerial and the primary one to use to attempt to space.

Up Aerial: Bubbles headbutts upwards, dealing 11% and fairly forceful knockback upwards. This is a pretty strong uair and is capable of actually killing enemies off the top, which improves Bubbles on walk off stages. With Bubbles' aerial camping, she can try to encourage her enemies to come up into the air to actually get hit by the attack.

Down Aerial: Bubbles fires a laser out of her eyes downwards at a steep angle about 10 degrees, going primarily downwards but very slightly forwards. The laser is the same appearance wise as the ones from her Up Special, but is more powerful, dealing 11%, though the knockback is still fairly weak upwards knockback that won't kill any time soon. Regardless, having this option without expending Bubbles' Up Special increases Bubbles' camping potential from the air significantly. Dair should be the primary tool. When using Up Special to attack, do it before using Bubbles' midair jump so she can use it afterwards to avoid retaliation from the enemy. Helpless is weird and different from Smash Bros in this game in that you are prevented from using attacks, but can still use jumps if you have any left. While this projectile is obviously aimed to gimp, the weird knockback means it struggles to actually kill foes in this context and will just get you some more damage.

Grab and Throw: Tiny range grab and throw that does 4-5% and knockback at a 45 degree angle. This is cloned from her sisters and is unimpressive and largely useless.

Relevant Attacks (11/17): Side Special, Up Special, Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Down Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Side Aerial, Up Aerial

Useless Attacks (5/17): Jab, Dashing Attack, Neutral Special, Down Aerial, Grab/Throw

Analysis: Bubbles would be the worst Powerpuff girl without her Side Special, but she edges out Buttercup when she has it, as it's really hard to go wrong with a move that can potentially combo foes for free up to 120%. Even without it, she is still a perfectly viable character with her aerial camping playstyle and has a handful of combos at her disposal at lower percentages. Her Up Special recovery is possibly the best in the game given she actually defends herself during it, and she has her Side Special to make it even stronger. Given how much of her game is focused on the air, she is worse on walk off stages.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 5/5 Power 1/5 Air 5/5 Range 1/5