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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Billy and Mandy

Billy and Mandy are a two in one character who stay together at all times unlike the Ice Climbers. They are massively sized down in order to make them not be a gigantic target and the two of them take up roughly the space of one of the Powerpuff girls horizontally. They aren't much shorter than the other short protagonist characters, but are still slightly shorter, making them some of the smallest targets in the game. Their roll goes a very long distance for some reason, possibly because it was meant for when their models were a more realistic size. This isn't always a good thing as it can make you annoyingly roll off the stage a lot, which rolls are capable of doing in this game unlike Smash Bros.

The developers didn't have many ideas at all for their moveset, as they use a generic cartoony hammer and bat as props for most of their melee attacks. Minimal effort was put into designing these characters, giving them few frames of animation and resulting in their moveset ending up being fairly fast compared to something like Young Ben 10, who has so many of frames of animation he comes across incredibly slow.

Neutral Special: Billy shoots forwards snot out of his nose for an infinite range projectile that does 10% with fairly high base knockback, making it good for generic zoning and camping due to how easily it can be spammed.

Side Special: Mandy throws Irwin forwards as laughing cheerfully in an out of character fashion. Irwin travels forwards in an arch arc about a platform's distance, dealing 8% and middling knockback on contact. Irwin vanishes afterwards in a puff of purple smoke. This move is significantly laggier and weaker than Neutral Special, and hits at a very specific unusable range.

Up Special: Mandy spins around Billy as she rises, dealing up to 3 hits of 9% damage and knocking the foe away enough the move is decently safe on hit. This is a very average recovery, though makes for a decent attacking move that does up to 27% if you hit with all 3 hits from the start.

Down Special: Mandy opens a portal to the underworld, causing two skeletal hands to come out and reach to either side. This move does 14% with very poor base knockback but high scaling, and is surprisingly fast for how powerful it is. The attack does mostly vertical knockback, and at low percents can sometimes hit twice if you hit at point blank for a whopping 28%. This is the character's primary kill move assuming there's a top blast zone available, and most common melee defense in general when foes get in close after your snot spam.

Final Smash: Billy and Mandy go through a very long generic cutscene where they put on their costumes from the "Chickenball Z episode", because it was hip to parody Dragonball at the time for some reason. This causes several random explosions to occur around the stage that do massive damage and knockback that will instantly kill as Billy and Mandy zoom around and fight outside of the player's control. One explosion happens right where they first used the move, and is the only one that really matters given it's the only one the player has control over. They will wear the costume from the Final Smash for the remainder of their stock, this has no effect on gameplay.

Forward Smash: Billy takes out a hammer and Mandy takes out a bat as generic cartoon props they never used, which they both simultaneously swing forwards, dealing 14% and huge horizontal knockback for another great kill move. This and the pair's other smashes have very, very few frames of animation actually coded in and look incredibly janky. That's not to say they only have a single frame of lag, because the game holds out these animations for a while, but the "animation" mostly consists of the props being spawned in front of the characters as their arms are placed in front of them.

Up Smash: Billy swings his hammer up above himself while Mandy jumps up into the air while swinging her bat. This is the pair's laggiest smash, dealing 12% and fairly high vertical knockback. This can't hit enemies on the ground in front of them. This is arguably the worst animated move of all of their smashes, as Mandy has no animation for jumping and just rises into the air as holding the bat above her head. The animation is incredibly quick blatantly to try to hide the lack of animation frames on the move. Mandy's model squishes itself inwards slightly during the attack to imply upwards "motion" or something. The attack has greater vertical range in front, where Mandy stands, because of "her jump" while Billy just swings his weapon while standing in place.

Down Smash: Billy and Mandy swap positions and leave a decent sized gap in-between themselves as they swing their hammer and bat on either side of themselves before going back to their original positions. Like the other smashes, this has extremely few frames of animation and is a lot faster as it sounds, with them basically teleporting to either side to do the attack. When it hits, it deals 14% and decent knockback regardless of which weapon hit. The characters separating a bit from each other provides very good reach to both sides, and the move is quick enough it's very doubtful that you expanded hurtbox will be used against you.

Jab: Mandy swings her bat with the first hit, Billy swings his hammer with the second hit, then they swing both weapons for the last hit, dealing 8% if all hits connect. Like all other jabs only the last hit does knockback, but they don't have anything they can jab cancel into outside of their grab like most other characters.

Dashing Attack: Billy slides forwards along the ground, dealing 6% and middling knockback on contact. This is too slow, has too little range, and doesn't have enough payoff for the standards of the character.

Up Tilt: Billy swings his hammer above himself for a simple 9% and decent mostly horizontal knockback. This can hit enemies in front of the pair but is very weird with whether or not it does so, and absolutely requires point blank range. This is not a great anti air, and neither is their terrible laggy usmash, leaving the pair a bit vulnerable from above, mostly having to rely on their Up Special and aerials.

Down Tilt: Mandy punches in front of her while crouching low to the ground, dealing 6% and middling knockback. The attack comes out almost instantly but has a lot of ending lag, and has poor range and power.

Neutral Aerial: Billy's fist massively, massively expands for some reason as he punches forwards several times. This deals 3 hits of 3% and flinching in a terrible, unsafe on hit attack. Despite how much Billy's fist expands, the range is still bad because he's the character in the back of the duo, barely punching in front of the combined space they take up.

Side Aerial: Billy and Mandy take out their weapons as they spin forwards. This doesn't have nearly as much range as you would think and has a very awkward to hit with hitbox, and only deals 7% and mediocre knockback for your troubles. This attack has very little animation as the props spawn in the characters' hands and the models rotate around. The move has a long duration and it's almost impossible to hit a grounded enemy with the attack.

Up Aerial: Mandy swings Billy above her, who swings his hammer above himself. This deals 10% and fairly high upward knockback for a potential kill. This is the only aerial that is fully animated, but that doesn't make it any slower than the others for gameplay.

Down Aerial: Billy swings his hammer below himself, doing 7% and decent knockback in an acceptable attack. The attack has a single frame of animation that the pair transfer into and out of during the attack's lag.

Grab and Throw: Mandy extends forwards her arms as they magically enlarge a significant amount before performing the usual generic throw for 4%. This can combo into Neutral Special and Side Special pretty easily at low percents.

Relevant Attacks (8/17): Neutral Special, Up Special, Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Down Smash, Jab, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (6/17): Up Smash, Dashing Attack, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Side Aerial

Analysis: Billy and Mandy have a bit of everything. Their recovery is the only area they don't excel in, but it's not like it's a terrible recovery. The snot is a very luxurious strong projectile, and they have a decent amount of powerful close range KO moves, which is about the extent of strategy you're going to get in this game. They are a very simple character with fast attacks, though they have short range and very awkward hitboxes, so can sometimes be a bit lost at close range when the enemy isn't in kill range.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 2/5 Power 4/5 Air 3/5 Range 4/5