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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17


Ben 10 (Old)

Ben 10 is known for shapeshifting into 10+ different monsters. In this game, he transforms into one monster per special and turns back into his generic human form at the end of each move. The rest of his moveset is made up of generic punching and kicking and is exceedingly underwhelming.

Neutral Special: Turns into some fire alien and fires one fireball high, one fireball low. The high fireball will go over most of the short characters like the powerpuffs but both will hit taller characters like Aku. Infinite range, powerfull against tall characters since it does 10% per fireball. Compared to Mojo Jojo firing two projectiles, this is much worse because of being laggier and firing the second projectile so uselessly high up that it won't actually beat out enemy projectile spam well at all.

Side Special: Turns into some giant alien and shouts "Humongous Saur" stupidly and charges forward, dealing 12% and fairly high knockback but with lots of lag.

Up Special: Turns into some Winged Ice Alien and generically goes up, goes decent distance. He fires icicles below himself that are the move's hitbox and deal 13%, main body is not a hitbox. The icicles do horizontal knockback, maybe could gimp people?

Down Special: Turns into some ice alien and lets out an annoying scream, makes a hitbox around himself. Generic bad GTFO move at high percents that does 6%, at low percents can combo into itself.

Final Smash: Turns into the alien from Side Special, then gains armor and fires projectiles out of his arms, generically strong final smash that seems to have decent range around him.

Forward Smash: Generic Kick that does 13% and very high knockback. The attack is laggy, but more than makes up for its with its strength.

Up Smash: Uppercut that doesn't hit people in front of him, deals 14%.

Down Smash: Generic kick that hits in front of him, dealing 16%. Will not hit grounded enemies who are short.

Jab: Generic punch punch kick jab combo that does 7% if all hits connect. Cannot jab cancel it into anything.

Dashing Attack: Skidding Kick, deals 9%, unsafe on hit and does barely any knockback.

Up Tilt: Overhead Punch, 7%, fairly high knockback for tilt, can hit people in front of him.

Down Tilt: Sweepkick, 9%, one of his few attacks that even hits prone characters.

Neutral Aerial: Spin kicks around himself multiple times. Good range and very fast. The move only does 4% and very weak vertical knockback, and while the move comes out fast there is too much ending lag to use to combo. The move borders to being unsafe on hit.

Side Aerial: Ben 10 does a generic kick forwards that does 7% and average knockback in front of him as his main spacing aerial.

Up Aerial: Ben 10 does a very fast flipkick that does 10% and very weak knockback. The move is fast enough it is capable of comboing into itself once.

Down Aerial: Axekick downwards for 11% and average knockback. Does horizontal knockback, not downwards knockback.

Grab and Throw: Generic tiny range grab and throw that does 5% and very weak upwards knockback that will literally never kill. Can potentially combo into Neutral Special.

Relevant Attacks (8/17): Neutral Special, Up Special (recovery only), Final Smash, Down Smash, Forward Smash, Side Aerial, Up Aerial, Grab/Throw

Useless Attacks (4/17): Side Special, Down Smash, Dashing Attack, Neutral Aerial

Analysis: The projectile is one of the more spammable ones in the game and he could be decent as a counter against Aku. His projectile is his only noteworthy special and his other attacks are very mediocre, fsmash is your primary generic melee move. Terrible against short people. He is not nearly as powerful as advertised, coming across as a below average in nearly all traits.


Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 2/5 Power 4/5 Air 2/5 Range 5/5