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by Master_Warlord7

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FAQ/Move List by Master_Warlord7

Updated: 09/19/17



When Aku is in the air, he enters bat form and has 3 midair jumps. He moves much faster through the air than on the ground, faster than most characters can move period. This changes his Neutral Special. There are various glitches that can be performed in 1 player mode/with assist trophies/etc to glitch Aku into bat form on the ground which enables him to glitchily perform his grounded attacks in bat form as his model glitches out, though this has no practical use from what I can see even if it could be consistently triggered in a 1v1 scenario. To do it in one player, have Aku be your character when there is a transition to some other gimmick section like an FPS section, then after the segment is over Aku will be in the glitched grounded bat state. This glitch wears off once Aku takes hitstun.

Aku is the last character on the character select screen and his Neutral Special is very obviously based off Vilgax's given the grounded version is identical, indicating he was probably a rushed character addition given his lack of polish, even by this game's standards. Many of Aku's moves are also directly ripped from his boss fight, most directly his Side Special bull form, his bat form, his Final Smash, and a couple of his generic claw swipes, further showcasing how rushed this character addition was.

Neutral Special: Whe used on the ground, Aku sweeps a laser along the ground about 2.5 Battlefield platforms fairly quickly, dealing 6% and weak knockback but it scales decently. In the air, the laser comes out instantly with its full range, looking more like a big red wall than a laser. The laser does not merely shoot out from Aku in bat form, the full range of the laser just instantly spawns in front of him with no lag. Aku laughs whenever he performs the attack and it is very easy to have 3 instances of him laughing at once from how spammable the attack is. The aerial version has no landing lag, and can be canceled out of very very quickly if Aku shorthops the move, which he'll be doing a lot to hit the many short characters in the game anyway. The aerial version actually seems more powerful, dealing 7%. The base knockback is very low but it scales decently. The aerial version is the most spammable zoning tool in the game, especially when coupled with Aku's aerial mobility, and is what defines the character.

The grounded version, while slower, still has use. Notably, if fired when on a higher elevation of ground downwards, such as the ledge, the move has infinite downwards range. While the move does horizontal knockback (Downwards knockback is extremely rare in this game), this is still spammable enough it can be very obnoxious for gimping, letting Aku aggressively edgeguard from on-stage, though he's certainly capable of pursuing foes off-stage.

Side Special: Aku turns into a bull and charges forwards, aiding his already fantastic recovery with additional horizontal recovery and being a decent KO move, dealing 10% and fairly high horizontal knockback. At 0%, the move can potentially hit up to 3 times. There is a headbutt at the very end that does very slightly higher knockback but is not really worth trying to hit with, and it still does the same damage.

Up Special: Aku turns into a spinning mass of tentacles as going upwards, dealing 13% and high knockback that is a rare move capable of killing off the top. This is the move's primary use, as his recovery is so good Aku should use his other options to not enter helpless if at all possible.

Down Special: Aku turns into a scorpion and does three attacks in place that add up to 30%. Because of this attack changing Aku's model, it will keep going if frozen by Blossom's broken Neutral Special. The freeze duration is not that long, so by the time Aku is finished with the move he should be done using this attack anyway. Aku's Side Special will also not be interrupted, but it will cause him to do the attack in place as encased in the ice. This seems to be something to do with how Aku's transformations are coded with swapping his model. His bat form moves can still be frozen, but while frozen in bat form his model will spaz out and look like a glitchy mess.

Final Smash: Turns into a dragon and breathes fire. Very powerful and will kill most people, about a platform's worth of range in front of him. He'll continue doing the same attack two more times, though against an enemy with a brain only the first hit matters. He is invincible for the duration of the Final Smash.

Forward Smash: Aku breathes fire, decent range and deals 13%. Good if enemy hasn't gotten into point blank range yet where Aku is vulnerable.

Up Smash: Aku extends his arms upwards and enlarges his hands, stabbing upwards with his claws and dealing 17% with high vertical knockback. Can only hit aerial enemies or those standing on platforms above him.

Down Smash: Aku's bottom shapeshifts into spikes that extend out all around him. The spikes will miss short characters unless the move is used at point blank range, but has good range against taller/aerial characters. Deals 14% and decent knockback.

Jab: A jab combo consisting of three slashes, the last one has a lot of range. Deals 8% if all hits connect, deals almost no knockback and is blatantly unsafe on hit. Aside from this, the three hits of the jab combo don't actually always combo into each other unless Aku uses the move at a very specific range, and portions of the jab have a hard time hitting short characters.

Dashing Attack: Aku leans forwards and does a punch with both hands, dealing 8% and generic weak knockback. Has a blind spot at close range.

Up Tilt: Aku claps above himself, dealing 8% and weak upwards knockback. Cannot hit opponents not in the air. The hitbox goes less high into the air than usmash in the event usmash would miss, but it's not any faster than usmash.

Down Tilt: Aku swipes at the ground weakly, dealing 8% and tiny upwards knockback. This has a very weirdly specific hitbox and as such is a terrible move, requiring foes to not be too close or far away. The move's hitbox may actually be targeting too low, as it consistently hits prone enemies but requires insanely specific spacing to hit standing enemies who don't have huge hurtboxes.

Neutral Aerial: Aku spins around with his wings, doing 7% and absolutely no knockback, blatantly unsafe on hit.

Side Aerial: Aku quickly flaps his wings forwards, dealing 9% and heavy horizontal knockback forwards, very rare for an aerial to do this much knockback in this game. Useful for edgeguarding.

Up Aerial: Aku flaps his wings upwards, doing 7%. It's a pretty specific hitbox but can set up for an Up Special kill. You have to specifically hit with his wings, meaning the move has no hitbox directly above Aku, only at 45 degree angles above him.

Down Aerial: Flaps wings downwards, does horizontal knockback killing at 7% in an awkwardly specific hitbox.

Grab and Throw: Aku has better grab range than most characters and deals 6% with upwards knockback that can't kill on his throw. Like several of his melee moves this does not hit foes at point blank range. After throwing the enemy, his laser will very casually combo into the throw of course.

Relevant Attacks (10/17): Neutral Special, Side Special, Up Special, Down Special, Final Smash, Forward Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash, Side Aerial, Up Aerial

Useless Attacks (6/17): Jab, Dashing Attack, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, Neutral Aerial, Grab/Throw

Analysis: Aku's melee game is fairly mediocre and he is defined by his laser spam. He is able to kill people quickly off-stage with his gimping game and godly recovery, and can easily run away from people. He has a handful of decent attacks at mid range to knock enemies further away, though his awkward hitboxes make him bad at point blank range. Aku is fairly crap on walk off stages given he loses one of his primary advantages.

None of Aku's moves produce many pickups for him to be able to pickup to raise his Final Smash meter. In addition, because of his laser spam, most of the pickups will be out of range for Aku to collect, so he will rarely even use his Final Smash to begin with and largely has to go out of his way to do so. That said, he doesn't terribly need it to be top tier. On walk-offs, he may be forced to try to build the meter more.

Official Developer Given Playstyle Summary: "IN PTE, AKU IS A MASTER OF THE AIR AND VERY POWERFUL."

Official Developer Given Statistics: Speed 1/5 Power 4/5 Air 5/5 Range 3/5