Art DirectorKo Takeuchi
Game DesignTakumi Hatakeyama
Game DesignTakfumi Masaoka
Game DesignKyohei Seki
Game DesignKo Takeuchi
Game DesignMasami Yone
Graphic DesignAkari Hishinuma
Graphic DesignIo Kurihara
Graphic DesignMai Okamoto
Graphic DesignKyohei Seki
MusicAsuka Ito
MusicShinji Ushiroda
MusicMasami Yone
Music ArrangementAkira
Music ArrangementYusuke Itagaki
Music ArrangementAsuka Ito
Music ArrangementTomoki Kikuya
Music ArrangementKaoru Okubo
Music ArrangementHideyuki Suzuki
Music ArrangementYuichi Takahashi
Music ArrangementNao Tanaka
Music ArrangementShinji Ushiroda
Music ArrangementMasami Yone
Music ArrangementKoichi Yuasa
ProgrammingTakumi Hatakeyama
Programming DirectorTakafumi Masaoka
Sound DirectorKoji Kamada
Sound DirectorSeishin
Sound DirectorMasami Yone
Sound EffectsMasami Yone
Sound SupportShinnosuke Kobayashi
Sound SupportAkito Nakatsuka
Sound SupportLawrence Schwedler
Sound SupportKenji Yamamoto
Technical SupportMitsuo Iwamoto
Technical SupportTakehiro Oyama


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, oliist, t260saga, terryclinker, BoostPower2004, NamcoMuseum2, and LordAndrew.

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