Super Mario Bros. Cheats


  • Access 5-1 from 1-2

    To access this warp, you must be Super or Fiery Mario. Go to the pipe at the end of the level and jump on top of it. Jump up and break the block over top of the part of the pipe farthest left. Then, position Mario on the edge of the pipe, with one foot hanging off the edge. Duck, then jump backwards as far right as possible. If done just right, Mario will slide through the pipe and the bricks. Walk over to the warp zone area and enter the middle pipe. This pipe will take you to world 5, level 1. The same area can be acessed from a pipe in the same place in 4-2. However, this is meant to be a warp zone to 5-1, whereas the 1-2 warp to 5-1 is a glitch. After completing the jump trick in level 1-2, you can also go down either of the other two pipes, both of which will take you to Minus World -1.

    Contributed By: nintendoman666.

    20    7

  • Extra jump after collecting a power up in mid-air

    This only works with mushrooms and fire flowers. Reveal a power up from under any block which contains one. Now jump onto the power up and release the A button. As Mario is transitioning to the next power up, hold down the A button, and Mario will jump in mid-air!

    Contributed By: TheUltimateM4.

    10    2

  • Shoot fireballs as small Mario

    Go to either 1-4, 2-4,3-4, etc. and get to Bowser. Make sure you are Big Mario and try to jump over Bowser or run under him. Stand near the Axe and Bowser will start to walk towards you. As he gets near you, jump high, and touch Bowser and the Axe at the same time. If you do it correctly, you will hear the sound as if you were to shrink, but you will just flash and stay big. Go to the next stage, and get a Mushroom. (Yes, there will be a Mushroom instead of a Fire Flower.) When you touch the Mushroom, you will shrink. Then get a Fire Flower, and you'll have Fire Power as small Mario. (Note: after you do the Bowser/Axe trick, enemies that touch you will be able to kill you when you are Big Mario. When they touch you while you are small Mario after getting the Mushroom or Fire Flower, you will turn back into Big Mario.)

    Contributed By: Lhunthangion.

    19    4

  • Timer Underflow Glitch

    This glitch only works in the castle levels where you fight Bowser at the end - for example, World 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, and so on. It is best to defeat Bowser with Fire Mario or Fire Luigi beforehand, as you must wait out most of the timer to execute this glitch. At the end of the castle levels, there is an axe which you must touch to end the level. If you time your jump correctly (a full jump as the timer goes from 002 to 001 often works) and land on the axe while the timer reads "000", you'll continue as normal to the usual sequence at the end of the castle. However, your timer bonus (50 points per second remaining) will be calculated as if you had 999 seconds, not zero, left on the clock. This allows for an easy 49,950 point boost! Note that this glitch, if executed on levels using a flagpole, will prevent you from earning the bonus in that level.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    9    1

  • Unlimited 1-Ups

    Get to world 3-1, and become Super Mario. At the end of the level, by the staircase before the end flag, you will see two turtles coming down the stairs. Jumping over the first one and then jumping on the second one should cause it to hit the star and bounce back. From here, jump on it and keep yourself off the ground for unlimited 1-ups.

    Contributed By: Dude Love Fan.

    31    5


  • Hard mode

    Beat the game once and you will unlock the hard mode, in this mode all goombas are replaced by buzzy beetles and the levels are more difficult.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hard modeBeat the game

    Contributed By: onepiecefan2007.

    5    0

  • World Select

    After beating the game, if you do not turn off the console, you will return to the title screen. There, you can press the B Button to start as desired in World 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    15    3


  • Blooper Dodge

    If you just walk along the sea floor, Bloopers will never be able to kill you because they are forced back up just before they hit the floor(or you).

    Contributed By: baconlabs.

    13    3

  • Continue

    If you run out of lives and want to continue then at the game over screen press and hold A then press start at 1 player (or 2 player) and you will start at the beginning of the world at which you died!

    Contributed By: cheeseyhuman2.

    31    7

  • Level Warp

    To warp to Worlds 2, 3,or 4 during World 1-2, go to the end where the 2 platforms are rising, get on the first platform, and use it to jump onto the highest structure in the middle, then jump on the next rising platform, but this time, when it reaches the top, jump onto the TOP of the level. Walk foward and drop down the small jump, and you can now warp to Worlds 2, 3, or 4 by going down the desired tube, and pressing down.

    Contributed By: InternalFlame.

    15    4

  • Level Warp to World 6,7 or 8

    To warp to World 6,7 or 8 during World 4-2, go to the place where three blocks are can be seen (where a pipe can also be seen). Jump below the third block where you can reveal a secret block but be careful on jumping below the 1st block because you can't break it thus going to the secret warp world unless you are a small Mario. Then step on to it and break the 2nd and the 3rd block. After you have done this, go down, then jump again below the second block now (it should have been broken now). The position of the two revealed blocks must be a stair from right to left. Anyway, step on to the 2nd block then braek the 1st block and there you can see the vine going up. Climb until you reach the day light again. Get some coins if you wish and you can now see three pipes like in the secret warp Worlds 2,3 and 4. Go down your desired pipe.

    Contributed By: yodi rr.

    10    5

  • The Fireworks Secret

    This is a pretty commonly known secret. If you touch the flagpole of any level with either 1, 3, or 6 seconds left on the ones place of the timer, you will get that amount of fireworks. For example, if you touch the flagpole with 126 seconds left on the time, you will get six fireworks!

    Contributed By: skcin7.

    18    3

  • Warp to World 5

    Well this secret is so easy. At the very end place of world 4-2 (where you can see the pipe going to the flag) jump on the long pipe and break the brick above it and go through the end and you can see the pipe going to the World 5.

    Contributed By: yodi rr.

    9    5

Super Mario Bros. 2 Cheats


  • Suicide

    While playing, pause the game, hold Up, B & A on controller 2 and unpause.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    23    3


  • Double Jump - 2 Methods

    Method 1:
    Use any character and run right toward an enemy at full speed. Just a split second before you think you're about to get hit, jump! With good timing you'll be able to jump yet again in midair!

    Method 2:
    This is yet another way to jump in midair. Stand on the ground while you have 3 or 4 life units and let an enemy run right into you. You'll lose a life unit, but you'll be able to jump in mid-air.

    Contributed By: Chives14.

    5    4

  • Flying Logs

    This is most easily performed in World 1-1. Grab a POW block, and carry it to the set of logs. Wait for a log to bog over the waterfall, then throw the POW block so that it hits solid ground. For some odd reason, this will cause the log to fly high into the air. Strange, eh?

    Contributed By: skcin7.

    8    3


  • Warp to World 4

    Go to world 1-3 and find a potion. Now find the vase next to the brick building all the way to the right side of the level. Drop the potion and go into Sub-Space and then warp into the vase (stand on top of it and press down) You will warp to World 4!

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

    16    2

  • Warp to World 5

    Go to world 3-1 and go through the door to the large waterfall with all the clouds. Now jump down and land on the platform in the center and enter. Take the potion and drop it near the vase. Enter Sub-space and warp through the vase (press down on the vase) You will warp to World 5!

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

    9    0

  • Warp to World 6

    Go to world 4-2 and get the potion. Now find the vase and put the sub-space door next to it (drop it from atop the vase) Now enter sub-space and warp. You now warped to World 6

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

    14    2

  • Warp to World 7

    Go to world 5-3 and get the potion (make sure you can squat-jump to the vase, you need to get someone with a good jumping ability or use an enemy to give you a boost.)

    Put the sub space door near the vase and enter sub space and warp into the vase. You are now in world 7!

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

    11    1

Super Mario Bros. 3 Cheats


  • Avoid Damage From Bowser

    When fighting Bowser in the final level of the game, his lower half will not do damage to you. That means you can avoid damage from his ground-pound attack by ducking if you have obtained a power-up at some point, or, if Small Mario, you can walk under him and through him without sustaining damage!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    29    15

  • Beat Fortress via N-Spade

    In the game, you need to wait until the N-Spade card game - which appears with every 80,000 points you earn - spawns and moves to the spot of a fortress on the overworld map. If you go there now and play it, the fortress will as if you had beaten it afterwards, being collapsed and unplayable. Note, however, that the bridges and locks affected by defeating the fortress normally will still not unlock or reappear, so only do this when these things are not required.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    16    9

  • Delete Hammer Bro. Fights

    On the world map, when a Hammer Bro. is on an adjacent node to you when you fight another one, that other Hammer Bro. is guaranteed to move to Mario with its next movement and start another fight. This can be abused in the instance of three or more Hammer Bros. being adjacent, such that Mario is next to at least two of them when he fights one of them. The other Hammer Bros. will converge on him, but despite more than one being there, he will only fight one Hammer Bro. battle. However, this can also cost you the item one of the Hammer Bros. is using, so be wary.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    10    5

  • Infinite Lives Glitch

    In World 3-4, about halfway through the level, you'll slide down a long hill to get on another long hill which has some Koopas on it. Take one of their shells further to the right. As the Lakitu appears above, return back to the left. There are two ? Blocks, with a pipe and some bricks between them and wood blocks on the ground. Let the Koopa shell begin bouncing between the wooden blocks and on-screen. The Lakitu's Spinies will almost always launch or crawl down to be killed by the shell; the shell will subsequently rack up more points and lives as time goes on and more Spinies are added.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    25    26

  • Invincibility with the Tanooki Suit and Kuribo's Shoe (JP Version Only)

    When you come across a Kuribo's Shoe, make sure that you have a Tanooki Suit equipped. Just before you jump into the Shoe, transform into a statue. Mario will turn gray and enemies will be unable to touch him.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    17    7

  • Quicker 1-Ups

    In this game, when you normally jump on enemies in sequence without touching the ground, the points you earn will increase from 100, to 200, to 400, to 800, to 1,000, netting a 1-Up on the sixth sequential jump and all those after. However, if your fifth (the one after 800 points) jump lands on either a Lakitu or Boomerang Bro., you'll begin getting 1-Ups right then! This glitch was fixed in Super Mario All-Stars.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    16    5

  • Skip World 7-1

    At the start of World 7-1, there is a doorway you're meant to go through. Instead of doing that, run at it and jump at its top-right corner. If done with ample acceleration (and sometimes crouching just before jumping - that can help) you can glitch into the wall and skip the majority of the level.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    15    10

  • White Block Invulnerability Glitch

    Whenever you find a white block (such as the one in 1-3 that leads to the Whistle), stand on it and hold Down until you go through it. Then enter a pipe. In most cases, once on the other side, you'll be unable to be hurt by enemies for the remainder of the level (although sometimes also invisible).

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    13    8

  • World 3-Fortress Door Glitch

    In World 3's first fortress (just after 3-3), there are several doors you're meant to go through in the level, guessing which is the correct one. If you enter a door and it's wrong, you can immediately press Up before falling to go back through the door. Further, doing this on the third and fourth doors will warp you, instead of to the gray pipe like the other doors, straight to the boss room.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    12    4


  • 28 P-Wings

    Complete the game and watch the ending. Now start a new game. You got 28 P-Wings!

    Note, however, that this will not work on the Japanese versions of the game, where you simply stay at the ending screen until you turn off the console.

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL and KeyBlade999.

    33    12


  • Always get 3 stars

    At the end of most levels (in which you get a card). Use full speed with marios that allow you to run, and hit the bottom left hand corner of the "card block". If done right you will be able to get that star each time. MUST DO THIS EACH TIME AT END OF THAT LEVEL.

    Contributed By: mbuck12.

    12    4

  • Fight Bowser With No Fireballs

    In Bowsers castle at the end of the game, it is possible to make it so he DOES NOT SPIT FIRE AT YOU. This trick is easy and only requires getting to world 8 with a P-wing. First off, use your P-wing on the map before entering the Final Castle. YOU MUST GET TO BOWSER INTACT. If you get to the Bowser fight room and the Bricks that he smashes through are not flush with the rest of the floor, then you are in the wrong room. Now, when you reach Bowsers room, FLY straight up and to the left. You will be able to walk on a wall above the screen. Drop down on the other side. You will be in another room to Fight Bowser in. When you drop, you will be on a door that opens to the princess. Ignore this room and DO NOT GO TOO FAR TO THE LEFT. If you do, you will have to fight Bowser and he will still have his Fire Balls. Fly back over the wall to the first room you were in and start the Bowser fight. He will still throw his head back and make the sound of spitting fire, but nothing will come out. ;)

    Contributed By: Ocularis_Draxus.

    12    6

  • Infinite 1-Ups

    Get to World 1-2 as Raccoon Mario, with the tail. Climb the hill at the beginning and jump over the horizontal pipe. Stand there for a bit and a whole bunch of Goombas will start walking out of the pipe. Wait for 2-3 of them to come out of the pipe, then jump ontop of one and HOLD A to fly high into the air. Now that you are in the air, use your tail to slowly glide down from the air. On you landing, be sure to land on a second Goomba. Repeat this process for as long as you can. Eventually, the points you get for hitting each Goomba will turn into extra lives. This can be done for as long as you desire to do so.

    This can also be done in 2-Fortress, and 7-5, but it is most notably done in 1-2.

    Contributed By: skcin7.

    22    6

  • Make player 'hide' behind scenery

    To ''hide'' behind scenery, simply hold down for a couple seconds while standing on a white block. Then your player can ''hide'' behind scenery for about thirty seconds.

    Contributed By: Dave 008 Bond.

    17    3

  • Morph a wandering hammer brother into a treasure ship.

    To turn a wandering hammer brother (the ones that walk about on the world map) into a white ship full of coins, collect a number of coins that is a multiple of 11. Make the tens digit in your score match the multiple of 11. Stop the timer at the end of the stage that you are playing in on an even number.

    One combination would be: 11 coins, 9,310 as your score, and the timer at 104. This only works in worlds 1, 3, 5, and 6.

    Contributed By: Felix Arabia.

    16    4

  • See a different Thank You letter from the King

    Get through an airship and defeat the boss as a frog, Hammer Mario, or Tannooki, and you'll receive a letter from the King that reads a little differently.

    Contributed By: Retro.

    21    3

  • To get the N-Spade Card Game

    To get the N-Spade card game to appear on the World Map. You must do gain 80,000 points as one player, and successfully beat the stage that you broke the 80,000 points with.

    Contributed By: capcomkid.

    18    5

  • Warp to Level 8

    You could just use the warp whistle at level 7...

    If you want to go straight to level 8, you must use a Warp Whistle to proceed to the Warp Zone, then use another warp whistle IN THE WARP ZONE. You will be transported to the level 8 pipe at the bottom of the screen.

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

    22    5

  • Warp Whistles

    These secret items will allow you to warp. Here are their locations.

    Level 1-3
    Find the white block near the end and crouch on to of it for 5 seconds. Then proceed to the goal, and go behind it. You will find a Mushroom house with a Whistle.

    Level 1 Fortress
    Fly over the top of the level when you find the first door with your raccoon powers, and find a hidden door at the far right on the ceiling. It leads to a warp whistle

    Level 2 Hammer Brother
    Get the Hammer from one of the Hammer Brothers here and use it to destroy the rock at the upper right corner of the Level 2 Map. Then engage the hammer brother on the other side. You should get a chest with a Warp Whistle.

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

    18    7

  • White Mushroom Houses

    By getting enough Coins in certain levels, you can access a special White Mushroom House! These contain special items:

    - In Worlds 1, 3, 5, and 7, you'll obtain a P-Wing
    - In Worlds 2, 4, and 6, you'll obtain an Anchor

    These are the levels in question; by getting at least the specified number of Coins, you can find the special White Mushroom House, accessible from the overworld.

    - Level 1-4: 44 Coins
    - Level 2-2: 30 Coins
    - Level 3-8: 44 Coins
    - Level 4-2: 24 Coins (all of them!)
    - Level 5-5: 28 Coins
    - Level 6-7: 78 Coins
    - Level 7-2: 46 Coins

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL and KeyBlade999.

    22    9

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Cheats


  • Bypass the First Bowser (World 8-4)

    In 8-4, as you approach the end, you'll cross a pit of lava guarded by two Parakoopas before entering a pipe. This pipe leads to a flat area (except for a dip and a pipe). Past said dip and pipe, you'll find the first Bowser, a fake one that is nonetheless difficult to beat because you cannot instantly kill him with the axe like normal - you must either dodge him, or kill him with Fire Flower fireballs. If you cannot (or do not want to), approach the gap just after the pipe while dashing at full speed - do not jump over the gap. You will run into the wall by doing so. Hold Right on the D-Pad for a while until the first fake Bowser is on-screen (you do so because the camera will not scroll otherwise). When he is about one-third of the way across the screen, you can then just hold Down and you'll automatically scroll past him, still stuck in the wall, although the camera is not scrolling. Once past him, you are free to continue on - you are not required to defeat this Bowser.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    6    1

  • Infinite Lives Glitch

    In World 1-1, go right until you see a Red Koopa boxed in by some bricks. Hit the second brick on the bottom and obtain the Mushroom from it. Then break the third brick and either the leftmost or rightmost one, trapping the Red Koopa on a single brick. You can then stomp on it, and then on its shell like in the original Super Mario Bros.'s infinite-lives trick, infinitely bouncing it back on the wall before you can touch the ground.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    7    1

  • Timer Underflow Glitch

    This glitch only works in the castle levels where you fight Bowser at the end - for example, World 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, and so on. It is best to defeat Bowser with Fire Mario or Fire Luigi beforehand, as you must wait out most of the timer to execute this glitch. At the end of the castle levels, there is an axe which you must touch to end the level. If you time your jump correctly (a full jump as the timer goes from 002 to 001 often works) and land on the axe while the timer reads "000", you'll continue as normal to the usual sequence at the end of the castle. However, your timer bonus (50 points per second remaining) will be calculated as if you had 999 seconds, not zero, left on the clock. This allows for an easy 49,950 point boost! Note that this glitch, if executed on levels using a flagpole, will prevent you from earning the bonus in that level.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    3    0


  • Extra life at the flagpole.

    Before you touch the flag at the end of a level, make sure your coin total is a multiple of 11. (00,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88 or 99). Touch the flag when the last digit of your remaining time is the same digit as your coin total and you'll receive a 1-Up.
    (For example, 55 coins and 275 time left, or 11 coins and 081 time left)

    Contributed By: max123.

    8    0

  • Warp Back To World 1

    To warp back to World 1, you must be in World 3-1. Near the end of the stage, jump onto the spring and fly over the flagpole. When you land, run forwards, and you'll find the warp pipe that takes you back to World 1.

    Contributed By: bowser194.

    6    2

  • Warp To World 2

    When you're in World 1-2, jump onto the bricks at the top. Run forwards, and you'll go past the pipe to exit the stage. Keep running, and soon enough, you'll find the warp pipe that takes you to World 2.

    Contributed By: bowser194.

    5    0

  • Warp To World 3

    To warp to world 3, you must be in World 1-2. When you reach an area where there is a pipe, a few bricks, and a Steel-Shelled Koopa, hit the first brick on the left. A beanstalk will pop out. Climb up the beanstalk, and at the top, run forwards until you reach the warp pipe that takes you to World 3.

    Contributed By: bowser194.

    5    1

  • Warp To World 4

    To Warp to World 4 you must be in World 1-2. When you get to the moving platforms jump onto the platform. While on the platform get a running start then jump to the to the small brick ceiling then jump again to the next brick ceiling. Keep going until you see 2 pipes. Go down the pipe that's on the far left. You will be led to a secret area with lava. Make sure that Mario or Luigi is small. Run under the small lava pit that's positioned under a brick wall. After you make it under the lava pit keep going until you see a pipe. Don't go down the pipe. Instead, search for a secret coin block that's located one space to the left of the lava pit. Then get on the coin block and look for a coin block that's located one space to the right of the coin block that you are on. Jump on next coin block and jump up to brick wall ceiling. You should find a Warp Zone that leads to World 4.

    Contributed By: LusterSoldier.

    7    0

  • Warp To World 5

    To Warp to World 5 you must be in World 8-1. After you pass the 3rd Hammer Bro go down the next pipe you see that points upwards. You will be led to a secret water area. Collect the coins and exit. When you exit you will end up outside. Go up the stairs and you will see a pipe that leads you back to World 5.

    Contributed By: LusterSoldier.

    5    1

  • Warp to World 6

    You must be at least Super Mario to do this. Near the end of World 5-1, when you see two rows of floating bricks past two Red Paratroopas, hit the rightmost brick of the top row to release a vine. Smash the brick next to it, and then climb the vine. After going through the small bonus area, you will be dropped off on a pipe right next to a Warp Zone that takes you to World Six.

    Contributed By: Sinspawn_X.

    5    0

  • Warp to World 7

    Near the end of world 5-2, when you encounter the trio of tiny elevators, try to go as high as you can, so you can jump off the last elevator and reach the top of the ceiling. Continue to run right, making sure to jump when the ceiling ends, and you will eventually reach the Warp Zone for World 7.

    Contributed By: Sinspawn_X.

    5    0

  • Warp to World B

    In World A-2, about halfway through the underground part of the level, you'll find a set of staircase-like blocks. You can break through the blocks above them and get on the upper portion of the area. From there, you can run and jump heading right and past the warp pipe heading outside - this takes you to a World B warp zone.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    3    0

  • Warp To World C

    When you are in World A-3, use the spring to get over the flagpole at the end of the stage. From there, run forwards until you reach a pipe. It takes you to World C.

    Contributed By: bowser194.

    5    0

  • Warp To World D

    In World B-4, go to the very last pipe in the level (it's next to a lava pit). Jump in the pipe and you will be taken to a Warp Zone area that will lead to World D.

    Contributed By: StarFighters76.

    6    2

Area/Level Hints

  • Warp to World 8

    In world 5-2, when you reach the three elevators, hop on the first one and use it to hit the brick immediately left of the elevator. Climb the vine that sprouts from the brick and travel through the small bonus area to reach the Warp Zone that'll take you to World 8.

    Contributed By: Sinspawn_X.

    5    0

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