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Fitness fun in the sun!
Explore the sunny Junior Fitness island resort, packed full of exciting aerobic beach activities! Play in 3 various game modes & get fit using either the Wii Remote or Wii Balance Board. Exercise has never been so much fun!

- Customise your characters clothes and hair
- Choose from Single-Player or Two-Player Mode, or play with the whole family in Party Mode
- Choose 2 difficulty levels suitable for children of all ages
- Get fit in two ways: Play with the Wii Remote or use the Wii Balance Board

Includes 10 games:
- Balance on a Timber
- Catching Coconutes
- Acrobatic Jump
- Surfing
- Tribal Dancing
- Jump on a Raft
- Vine Swing
- Treasure Race
- Sandcastle
- Play on the Bongos

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