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Sing your heart out with Robbie Williams and friends!

One of the greatest performers of our time has been immortalised in his own video game. Robbie Williams... singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer and modern legend, celebrates 20 years in the music industry. We Sing Robbie Williams lets you sing on your own or with friends and enjoy Robbie's most classic and iconic songs.

More than just a song pack, this is a true Robbie Williams experience for fans old and new. This is We Sing Robbie Williams!

Includes an additional BONUS single SHAME as an unlockable item

- 25 iconic & chart topping songs, ALL with videos!
- Features locked footage from the famous Knebworth concert
- Contains a Robbie Williams photo gallery
- A trio of Robbie Williams Medleys to enjoy
- Personalised in-game Awards & commentary from Robbie himself!
- Solo, Party, Karaoke & Jukebox modes
- EIGHT Multiplayer varieties & Singing lessons

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