• Costume and Character Unlocks

    Complete the following objectives to unlock a new costume for Hue/Val or a new playable character entirely.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Characer: RustyBreak 30 Breakable blocks.
    Character: A.R.I.D.Fall to your death 20 times.
    Character: CloneGet the Mimicry Power-up 10 times.
    Character: Commander VideoGet 3 Medals in 10 Adventure levels.
    Character: Commandgirl VideoGet 3 Medals in 15 Adventure levels.
    Character: DrifterGet the Swapper Power-up 10 times.
    Character: GunvoltGet killed by a laser.
    Character: JuanLand one of each attack.
    Character: MaxSet the Fun type to Maximum.
    Character: PrincessBeat 10 Adventure Mode levels with at least 2 players.
    Character: SaturaBeat Adventure Mode.
    Character: Scram KittyTaunt 20 times.
    Character: Shovel KnightButt Pound 10 enemies.
    Character: SwiftSpend more than 3 Minutes in the air.
    Character: TeslamancerGet the Lighting Power-up 10 times.
    Character: TostadaLand 5 Super Punches.
    Character: Unity-chanSet the Fun type to Kawaii.
    Character: XeodrifterPlay a Level in each Adventure map.
    Costume: BowbarianBeat the Bowhemoth.
    Costume: HuenicornBeat Bowhemoth in 10 Deaths or 20 Minutes.
    Costume: Jungle ExplorerPlay 5 Multiplayer games.
    Costume: LumberjackBeat Satura in Forgotten Forest.
    Costume: PiratePlay 7 Multiplayer games.
    Costume: Police OfficerPlay 2 Multiplayer games.
    Costume: Prison UniformBeat Satura in Break-Out.
    Costume: SkeletonPlay 10 Multiplayer games.
    Costume: Tiki MaskBeat Satura in Lost Luau.
    Costume: ZombieBeat Satura in Monster Manor.

    Contributed By: Gunarm Dyne.

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  • Records

    Records are this game's equivalent of Microsoft's Achievements or Sony's Trophies.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A winner is youBeat Adventure mode and defeat Satura
    And you're okayBeat Satura in Forgotten Forest
    Be aggressiveLand 20 hits in one game & win
    BlotbusterBeat 100 enemies
    Breaking outBeat Satura in Break-Out
    Butt buttDo 10 butt pounds
    Can you dig it?Break 30 breakable blocks
    Can't be kept downBeat Bowhemoth in 60 deaths or 60 min
    Chan-tasticSet the fun type to Kawaii
    Clear-cutBeat all of Forgotten Forest
    CompletionistBeat all levels in Adventure mode
    Crowning aroundPlay King of the Hill
    CuratorUnlock all Gallery content
    Did your timeBeat all of Break-Out
    DisposableGet the Mimicry power-up 10 times
    Everyone gets...Get the "Everyone Gets a Title" title
    Final nightmareBeat Satura in Monster Manor
    Game timePlay 1000 multiplayer rounds
    Gang's all herePlay with 9 unique costumes/characters
    Hanging 103 medal all of Lost Luau
    Hard to stomachBeat the Bowhemoth
    He who laughs lastWin a tie-breaker
    Here we go!Play a lot
    Highway robberyPlay 2 multiplayer games
    I'm here all nightDo 20 taunts in one game & win
    In the zoneSpend more than 3 minutes in the air
    IndigestibleBeat Bowhemoth in 10 deaths or 20 min
    Into the driftGet the Swapper power-up 10 times
    It's the fallFall to your death 20 times
    Just a bitGet 3 medals in 10 Adventure levels
    Just a phazePlay a level in each Adventure map
    Lazy laserGet killed by a laser
    Learning curveDie 100 times in the Bowhemoth
    Lockup lockdown3 medal all of Break-Out
    Marathon runnerRun a total of 42,195 meters
    Mile high clubJump upwards 1609 meters
    Muddy watersSet the fun type to Maximum
    My first RunbowPlay a Run game
    No bones about itPlay 10 multiplayer games
    Not scaredBeat all of Monster Manor
    Perfect Darkness3 medal all of Monster Manor
    Please the kingBeat 10 Adventures with a friend
    PracticePlay 500 multiplayer rounds
    Ready? Fight!Play Arena
    Ride the waveBeat all of Lost Luau
    Safari so goodPlay 5 multiplayer games
    Shoo, cat!Taunt 20 times
    Shut-outPlay without anyone else scoring
    StretchingPlay 100 multiplayer rounds
    Talent scoutUnlock every guest character
    The stunnerBe stunned when you get the trophy
    ThunderstruckGet the Lightning power-up 10 times
    Toasty!Land 5 super punches
    Tree medallist3 medal all of Forgotten Forest
    True completionist3 medal all levels in Adventure mode
    Tubular, dudeBeat Satura in Lost Luau
    Usurp the hillWin when an enemy has 1 second or less
    Warm-upPlay 300 multiplayer rounds
    What a tripGet 3 medals in 15 Adventure levels
    Why so angry?Land the most hits & get the least wins
    Yarr the man now!Play 7 multiplayer games
    You Juan-a go?Land one of each attack
    You're the masterPlay a Colourmaster game

    Contributed By: iPacheco.

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