• All Symbol Unlock Requirements

    In Star Fox Guard, completing certain objectives can earn you new symbols to display on your player card. Note that the whole board won't be visible until you get to the fifth planet in the story mode, and titles that you've preemptively completed the requirements for won't be awarded until the requirements are visible in-game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AnnihilatorGet 20 Perfect Guard bonuses
    Battle HardenedDefeat a star strategist's squad every day for a week
    ChampionDefeat a squad found via ID search made by a rival with a battle rating 5,000+ yours
    Combo MasterGet at least five combo bonuses during one mission (combo bonus is awarded for five consecutive hits)
    ConquerorLaunch a successful attack on every map
    Cunning CombatantSurprise 300 robots
    Dedicated DefenderPlayer for a total of 15+ hours
    Demolitions ExpertDefeat 10 bots by causing B.A.M. Unit explosions
    DestroyerDefeat Infernal Joker in four minutes or less
    Elite OperativeComplete 50% of bonus missions
    Fortune FavoredDefeat a star strategist's squad five times
    Future PresidentClear all extra missions
    Giant SlayerDefeat Hi-Ho King in two minutes or less
    Go-GetterAchieve Rank 25
    Grand MasterClear all missions and launch 20 successful attacks on every map
    GunslingerShoot 10 robots thrown by Big-G out of the air
    Hard WorkerUpdate a squad at least once a week for four consecutive weeks
    HeartbreakerDefeat a friend's or family member's squad
    Indomitable HeroDefeat four robots while under a M.A.G. Unit's effect
    Jack-of-All-TradesGet every precious-metal bonus that can be earned while defending
    Keen ObserverClear main mission 40, Magnetic Mayhem!, without the alarm sounding
    Lylat ProtectorClear all main missions
    Master ThiefLaunch at least five successful attacks with Nabbot in squad
    NemesisDefeat five of a rival's squad
    New RecruitStart your new job
    Party CrasherDefeat 100 robots during the credits sequence
    PioneerDefeat an untested squad
    Popular StrategistAchieve a max-level Heat Index.
    ProdigyClear all missions and launch 20 successful attacks on one map
    Promising NoviceDefeat a rival's squad
    ResearcherWatch a My Squad replay in which another player battles one of your squads
    Seasoned VeteranDefeat a rival's squad on every map
    SniperGet a Perfect Guard bonus on all sharp-shooter missions
    Squad BuilderComplete five My Squad battles
    Squad CaptainLaunch five successful attacks with a normal squad
    Squad CommanderLaunch five successful attacks with a big squad
    Squad LeaderLaunch five successful attacks with a small squad
    Start-Up StrategistLaunch a successful My Squad attack
    Steadfast DefenderDefeat a rank 30+ rival's squad
    Superior ShooterClear main mission 20, Make Way for Big-G!, without losing any cams.
    SurvivorDefeat an invading force with fewer than five AegisCams left
    Swift ShotDefeat Queen Clucktron in two minutes or less
    Thrill SeekerDefeat a squad found via ID search
    Top of the ClassReach Rank 50
    Tough CookieDefeat Squads in five consecutive World Rivals battles
    TrailblaizerClear an extra mission
    TycoonEarn at least 1,000 precious metals with a single squad, and then collect them in one go.
    Versatile GuardianGet all special-cam precious-medal bonuses
    WarriorDefeat a rank 50 rival's squad

    Contributed By: georgethecow4.

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  • Unlockable Bots

    While most bots can be unlocked through the main game. Three bots are not.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Drill Hi-HoBring the first boss's health to 0. During the quick time event defeat the Drill Hi-Ho that apears. (Slow Cam recomended)
    Green ClucktronBring the second boss's health to 0. During the quick time event defeat the Green Clucktron that apears. (Lock-On Cam recommend)
    Infernal A.T.K. UnitIn the final boss's second form, do not damage it (directly), and survive it until it summons one with three A.T.K. Units. Destroy it.

    Contributed By: WhiteFox1992.

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