Why won't Intenso work right?

  1. I've unlocked the Intenso ability, but I can't get it to work right. The game claims you can activate it by jamming both control sticks down, but that never works. I can only get it to work by jamming both control sticks UP on rare occasions that always take several attempts before I'm successful. (Yes, the Intenso meter is full.) I would check the manual, but this game's manual is a piece of c*** that doesn't tell you anything other than the basic controls. (I certainly wish I hadn't wasted those pieces of silver before I discovered you could break those pinatas or that they even were pinatas.) What's going on here?

    User Info: BulbasaurusRex

    BulbasaurusRex - 4 years ago
  2. Yeah, I learned about that a while ago. They really should've been clearer with their control animation.

    User Info: BulbasaurusRex

    BulbasaurusRex - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You activate Intenso by clicking both control sticks simultaneously. It sounds like you are pushing the controls in the downward direction, but both sticks click by pushing them gently into the gamepad.

    Hope this answers the question for you anyone else with the same problem.

    User Info: dannyjoejr

    dannyjoejr - 3 years ago 0   0

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