NES Remix Cheats


  • Gold/Rainbow Frames and Different Menu Music

    Earning three stars in every level of a game will add a gold frame around that game's icon. Likewise, earning three rainbow stars in every level of a game will add a rainbow frame around that game's icon. Earning either frame for a game will change the music that is playing when the game is selected on the menu.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold frame around gameEarn three stars in every level of a game
    Rainbow frame around gameEarn three rainbow stars in every level of a game

    Contributed By: jakestar0306.

  • Rainbow Banner across menu screen

    There is a default Gold Banner which spans the entire menu screen near the top. To unlock a Rainbow Banner, the final reward, you must earn all 612 Rainbow Stars on the challenges!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Rainbow Banner612 Rainbow Stars

    Contributed By: da_PreNz.

  • Unlocking Extra Games

    There are eight game packs that are not available from the start. To unlock them you must obtain starts by completing challenges in the different games.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BonusCollect 310 stars across all challenges
    Clu Clu LandCollect 250 stars across all challenges
    GolfCollect 220 stars across all challenges
    Ice ClimberCollect 160 stars across all challenges
    PinballCollect 190 stars across all challenges
    Remix IICollect 155 stars across all challenges
    The Legend of ZeldaCollect 100 stars across all challenges
    Wrecking CrewCollect 130 stars across all challenges

    Contributed By: SpiralSage and stevemcginn.

NES Remix 2 Cheats


  • Unlock Games Without Collecting Stars

    To unlock every game excluding Remix II and Bonus, press START+SELECT+A+R at the game select screen.

    Contributed By: metroid00700.


  • Bonus Levels 21 & 22

    Earn Stars to unlock more levels

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bonus Level 21Earn 501 Stars
    Bonus Level 22Earn 504 Rainbow Stars

    Contributed By: Nickwpearce2.

  • Gold & Rainbow Frames

    To change the frame around a game collect every star or every rainbow star set!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold FrameEarn three stars in every level of a game
    Rainbow FrameEarn rainbow stars in every level of a game

    Contributed By: Nickwpearce2.

  • NES Remix 2 * Levels

    Earn Stars to unlock more levels

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Remix 2-01Earn 150 Stars
    Remix 2-02Earn 150 Stars
    Remix 2-03Earn 150 Stars
    Remix 2-04Earn 165 Stars
    Remix 2-05Earn 165 Stars
    Remix 2-06Earn 165 Stars
    Remix 2-07Earn 180 Stars
    Remix 2-08Earn 180 Stars
    Remix 2-09Earn 180 Stars
    Remix 2-10Earn 195 Stars
    Remix 2-11Earn 195 Stars
    Remix 2-12Earn 195 Stars
    Remix 2-13Earn 210 Stars
    Remix 2-14Earn 210 Stars
    Remix 2-15Earn 210 Stars
    Remix 2-16Earn 225 Stars
    Remix 2-17Earn 225 Stars
    Remix 2-18Earn 225 Stars
    Remix 2-19Earn 240 Stars
    Remix 2-20Earn 240 Stars

    Contributed By: Nickwpearce2.

  • Nes Remix I Levels

    Earn the specif amount of stars to unlock new levels in the Remix game!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Remix 1-02Earn 10 Stars
    Remix 1-03Earn 20 Stars
    Remix 1-04Earn 30 Stars
    Remix 1-05Earn 40 Stars
    Remix 1-06Earn 45 Stars
    Remix 1-07Earn 55 Stars
    Remix 1-08Earn 60 Stars
    Remix 1-09Earn 65 Stars
    Remix 1-10Earn 75 Stars
    Remix 1-11Earn 80 Stars
    Remix 1-12Earn 85 Stars
    Remix 1-13Earn 95 Stars
    Remix 1-14Earn 100 Stars
    Remix 1-15Earn 105 Stars
    Remix 1-16Earn 115 Stars
    Remix 1-17Earn 120 Stars
    Remix 1-18Earn 125 Stars
    Remix 1-19Earn 135 Stars
    Remix 1-20Earn 140 Stars

    Contributed By: Nickwpearce2.

  • New Games

    Earn stars to unlock different games!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bonus GamesEarn 250 Stars
    Dr. MarioEarn 1 Star
    Kid IcarusEarn 70 Stars
    Kirby's AdventureEarn 1 Star
    MetroidEarn 130 Stars
    NES Open Tournament GolfEarn 477 Stars
    Punch-Out!!Earn 50 Stars
    Remix 2Earn 150 Stars
    Super Mario Bros. 2Earn 1 Star
    Super Mario Bros. 3Earn 1 Star
    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost LevelsEarn 90 Stars
    Wario's WoodsEarn 1 Star
    Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkEarn 110 Stars

    Contributed By: Nickwpearce2.

  • Stamps 96-100

    Most stamps you unlock by getting 'bits', like in Remix 1; however, these five are different!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Stamp 096Finish Bonus-21
    Stamp 097Finish Bonus-22 (all gold stars in the game)
    Stamp 098Finish Bonus-22 (all Rainbow Stars in the game)
    Stamp 099Finish Super Luigi Bros.
    Stamp 100Finish Championship mode and rank in the top 10

    Contributed By: Nickwpearce2 and Smash Master.

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