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"Monster Hunter Frontier G (MHF-G)", which has been popular among users through it's continuous evolution of in-game content, is now available on PS3®. With the addition of a wide variety of original monsters, special reach weapons and unique abilities for each weapon, hunting that can only be experienced in this title will develop. You can also enjoy communicating with hunters nationwide through the online "Hunting Team" system and regular events. Introducing the charm of MHF-G, which features regular updates!

In "MHF-G", 40 original monsters are currently emerging. In addition to the familiar monsters in the series, a total of more than 100 types of monsters stand before the hunters, including variants, rigid species, strange species, and peculiar individuals. Also, in the Barone Caravan, a giant monster, Raviente, will emerge that will challenge up to 32 people! You can experience unprecedented thrill of powerful hunting.

In this title, 11 types of weapons (one-handed sword, twin sword, large sword, sword, hammer, hunting whistle, lance, gun lance, bow, light bow gun, heavy bow gun) have appeared. Each has different characteristics, and the hunting style changes greatly depending on the weapons equipped. You can also create "special reach weapons" that have different reach from normal weapons, and "rigid weapons" that have special functions.

There are various unique abilities depending on the weapon, such as a quick fixed point attack with a one-handed sword and a lance that can protect fellow hunters within range. Furthermore, if you hunt repeatedly and the hunter rank increases, the unique abilities for each weapon will be revealed.

One of the charms of MHF-G is that you can meet hunters from all over the country and deepen your ties through hunting. If you find a companion you like, try forming a "Hunting Team". When a Hunting Team is formed, a space dedicated to the hunting team can be used, and convenient functions such as a chat function with hunting team members can be used to deepen exchanges with friends. Furthermore, as the hunting team rank increases, not only will the facilities and functions that can be used be enhanced, but also the hunting team will be able to raise puggy. Play with the hunting team members and enhance the facilities.

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