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by noz3r0

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Guide and Walkthrough by noz3r0

Version: Final | Updated: 12/28/2013
FAQ of the Month Winner: December 2013

Oh yeah, Mario time!


Thank you for choosing to read my Super Mario 3D World guide. This is my first FFAQ, but I've been doing pure text guides for quite some time now. This game felt like it really needed pictures so that's the reason I took this route. Hopefully the pictures are useful in showing you the locations I describe, that way you can claim every Green Star, every Stamp, and cap every Goal Pole to complete the game in it's entirety. If you like this guide you can always recommend it via the buttons above and it's a great way to drop a note or say thank you. Also, you can follow me on Facebook for the latest updates and progress:



MarioPrincess PeachLuigiToadRosalinaEach character has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Mario is an all-round, easy to control character but he has no special abilities. Luigi has the ability to jump higher than any other character but he sprints slowly and has low traction. Princess Peach can hover in midair for a short time and can sprint earlier, but runs significantly slower than other characters. Toad is the fastest character in the game but suffers a terrible jump due to his small stature. Rosalina has a spin attack and a high jump but runs slow and loses her spin attack when she acquires a power-up.

The Power-Ups

TransformationPower-UpWhat do they do?
Super MarioSuper MushroomThe Super Mushroom makes the character larger than their small version. All characters generally start levls in this status, but if hit are reduced to a small version. Fire Flowers will give a character the ability to shoot fireballs from his/her hands. This is useful for defeating enemies at a range. The Super Bell lets the user don a Cat Suit that comes with the ability to claw at foes and climb walls for a limited time, you can also pounce at an angle from the air -- this is a new Power-Up. The Double Cherry creates 1 additional clone of the character, which is useful for acquiring secrets in levels that require more than one character to be on a tile, though multiplayer can render this Power-Up useless in those situations. The Super Leaf brings one of the more coveted Power-Ups, the Tanooki Suit. The ability to hover in the air for a length of time cannot be underestimated since any character will benefit from a prolonged jump. Mega Mushrooms make the characters huge and virtually invincible with the ability to smash trees and large blocks without taking damage. The Super Star however, actually make the character invincible and unable to die from being hit by an enemy (though falling still results in death). Lastly, the Gold Leaf grants a White Tanooki suit. This suit is basically an infinite Super Star and Tanooki Suit combination. The character cannot be harmed while in the suit and gains the benefits of the Tanooki Suit. This Power-Up appears if you fail a level several times consecutively. Using this Power-Up renders completion of levels null. In addition to these standard Power-Ups are the Propeller Box, Lucky Bell, Kuribo's Skate, and a Goomba Suit. The Propeller Box allows the character to fly through the air for short stints. The Lucky Bell is like a regular Cat Suit Power-Up but when doing a Ground Pound, the character will turn into an invincible golden statue that produces coins. Kuribo's Skate is use a skate that a character can hop into for better movement on icy surfaces. The Goomba Suit lets you go incognito, avoiding enemies as long as it's worn.
Fire MarioFire Flower
Cat MarioSuper Bell
Double MarioDouble Cherry
Tanooki MarioSuper Leaf
Boomerang MarioBoomerang Flower
Mega MarioMega Mushroom
Invincible MarioSuper Star
White Tanooki MarioGold Leaf

The Enemies

NewAnt Trooper, Big Ant Trooper, Big Galoomba, Blockstepper, Blurker, Brolder, Cat Banzai Bill, Cat Bullet Bill, Cat Goomba, Charvaargh, Conkdor, Flopter, Fuzzler, Grumblump, Hop-Chop, Horned Ant Trooper, Ka-Thunk, Madpole, Parabones, Piranha Creeper, Rammerhead, Ring Burner, Skipsqueak, Snow Pokey, Spiny Skipsqueak, Splorch, Splounder, Ty-Foo, Walleye
ReturningBaddie Boxes, Banzai Bill, Banzai Bill Blaster, Beach Koopa, Biddybud, Big Boo, Bill Blast, Blooper, Blue Lava Bubble, Bob-omb, Boo, Boomerang Bro, Bullet Bill, Bully, Cannon, Cannonball, Chargin' Chuck, Cheep-Cheep, Coin Coffer, Firebar, Fire Bro, Fire Piranha Plant, Fizzlit, Fuzzy, Galoomba, Goomba, Goomba Tower, Hammer Bro, Koopa Troopa, Lava Bubble, Magikoopa, Micro-Goomba, Octoomba, Para-Biddybud, Peepa, Piranha Plant, Big Piranha Plant, Porcupuffer, Raining Debris, Spike, Spiny, Stingby, Thwomp
BossBowser, Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Hisstocrat, Boss Brolder, King Ka-Thunk, Prince Bully, Motley Bossblob

Most enemies can be defeated by jumping on them once or multiple times, but others are invulnerable to this type of attack. Use the Cat or Tanooki Power-Up to swipe the enemy or the Fire Power-Up to shoot them. The Boomerang Power-Up is also useful and can clear multiple enemies at once. Obviously, the Super Star Power-Up will defeat all enemies simply by touching them but this is a limited Power-Up and cannot be easily obtained like the other Power-Ups.

Character Control
ActionWii U GamePadWii RemoteWii Remote + Nunchuk
DashY or X1B
MoveLeft AnalogD-PadControl Stick
JumpB or A2A
Ground PoundZL in AirB in AirZ in Air
  • Spin Jump - Rotate the analog stick in either direction to begin spinning then jump. This allows you to reach the character's maximum height from a standing position.
  • Long Jump - While running, crouch then jump to perform a low height but long distance leap.
  • Crouch Jump - Crouch for a few seconds and Mario will begin to shake. Jump at this point backflip quite a height*
  • Ground Pound - While in mid-air press the crouch button to quickly smash enemies, blocks, and other objects.
  • Ground Pound Jump - The moment you land from a Ground Pound jump again to maintain your momentum.
  • Somersault - Crouch down then dash to perform a somersault. This move can break blocks that you can't ground pound.
  • Side Somersault - Dash in one direction then simultaneously reverse direction and jump to tumble away from impending doom.
  • Rolling Long Jump - While doing a somersault quickly jump to dive forward.


Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad start off walking down the road when they stumble upon a busted pipe. Mario and Luigi fix it then a Sprixie pops out, hastily trying to explain her situation; Bowser pops out and captures her. The group follows down the pipe to World 1.

All Level Totals
Green StarsStampsGoal Poles

World 1

Green StarsStampsGoal PolesWarp Zone
2466World 1-2 to World 2

You can run around the map unlike various previous installments of Super Mario where you were restricted to the path. You can find coins, blocks, and 1-Ups so keep an eye out for them! There isn't much to do at the start though so head to World 1-1: Super Bell Hill.


You can use the links above to jump down to specific levels.

World 1-1: Super Bell Hill

Start off by running straight ahead to the ? Block to obtain a Super Bell and receive the Cat Power-Up. Run to the right and collect the coins, defeating the Goombas as you go. Head along the near side where the sand is located to find a hidden coin block and also start a chain of coins. Back up top you can jump into the clear pipe and hold up to claim Green Star #1. Continue to the right and into the second clear pipe which drops you off at the halfway point. From here you can visit the Sprixie with binoculars to get a look at what's ahead. Run over to the Rabbit and catch it to obtain Green Star #2 then head into the pipe against the wall. In this room you'll see the Stamp atop the pipe, just head inside to reach it. Back outside, climb the large back wall to the top where you'll find a Rabbit and Mega Rabbit. Catch the Mega Rabbit to release a Mega Mushroom and snag the Green +Clock to add some time. Use the Mega Mushroom and drop off the ledge heading right over the bridge demolishing everything in your path. Your goal is to reach the blocks after the bridge that you'll break. Drop down the hole to find Green Star #3 then use the Warp Box to go back out.

Secret 1-Up Mushroom

If you have time you can head underneath the bridge to discover a hidden 1-Up Mushroom.

From here, head to the end of the level where you can start a coin chain. With the Cat Power-Up you don't have to cap the flag, because you will climb up towards the top but only so far.

World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave

Proceed through the tube at the start of the level. You can claim a Fire Flower from one of the ? Blocks but you'll want to keep a Cat Power-Up in standby if you grab this. Break the purple blocks to reach a hidden area where you'll want to defeat the Koopa Troopa then toss it's shell around to quickly collect all the coins. Continue heading right and defeat another Koopa Troopa, but try to keep it's shell in tact if you are hunting for a secret.

Maximum Lives

If you take this turtle shell and stand at the south side of the narrowest path to your right, face north then toss the shell and immediately jump. This will cause Mario to jump on the shell repeatedly without requiring you to do anything. You'll collect 1-Ups very quickly and can cap at Triple Crown (1110 lives).

As you move towards the end of this segment hit the blocks along the back wall. There are actually three in a row going straight up, the top one is a 1-Up Mushroom. Head through the pipe to reach a section with moving cloud platforms. Jump between them to claim Green Star #1 then ride the right platform all the way to the top and jump off. Dash across this upper tier until you reach a pipe, then take it to a green pipe that leads to a room with three Gold Koopa Shells. Kick them around for a ton of coins then head back to the cloud platforms. Snag the Green +Clock on the mid level then go through the tube to reach the checkpoint. The back wall has a second level of blocks that yields a Fire Flower if you need it. Climb up the blocks to the right and jump into the Mystery Box. Defeat the two Koopa Troopas in time to claim Green Star #2 then exit. Another block along the way contains a Fire Flower -- continue through the next pipe.

Secret Exit

There is a secret exit to this level and it takes you to World 2-1: Conkdor Canyon. Above the area with the Stamp is a wall that leads up to a red pipe, you'll need a Cat Power-Up in order to reach it though. It's easy to reach, just climb the wall.

In this final section climb up the blocks to a ledge guarded by a Koopa Troopa. Defeat it then enter the pipe to be taken underneath this platform where the Stamp may be found. Claim it and return to the top, grabbing the Super Star from the block across the gap. Defeat the tower of Goombas to find Green Star #3 then continue to the exit. For completing this world you'll gain access to a Toad House which you'll want to take advantage of.

World 1-A: Chargin' Chuck Blockade

In this tiny world you face off against two Chargin' Chucks. Jump on their heads or shoot fireballs (or use the Cat Power-Up to claw them) to remove their helmet then finish them off. Once they are defeated a bunch of coins and Green Star #1 appears in the center. Collect your reward and head to the next level.

World 1-3: Mount Beanpole

At the very start of the level climb the tree on the left to claim Green Star #1. Continue across the bridge and work your way to the Red Pow Block that will take out the Piranha Plant. Collect the Super Bell from the ? Block then look right of the Pow Block for a hidden 1-Up Mushroom in a block. Climb up passed another Pow Block to spot the Stamp between two ledges. Just past this section at the left end is another Pow Block. Hitting this and the next one will open up a path to a pipe. In this new room is a P Switch that spawns several blue coins. Collect them all quickly so you can unlock Green Star #2. Continue to climb to the summit of the mountain. With the Cat Power-Up, climb up the large wall to your right just before the bridge to claim 1-Up Mushroom then jump across to the left. Hit the Cat Wheel to raise a tower, climb it to the Cloud Cannon that launches you into the clouds! From here hit the ? Block to spawn a Super Star then dash through the clouds defeating enemies and claiming Green Star #3 at the end. Defeat the Mega Piranha Plant after you cross the bridge and use the Warp Box to reach the Goal Pole.

Hidden Toad House

If you head north of World 1-4 you can enter the doorway to a grassy mountain which is actually a Toad House, use it if you need some items.

World 1-4: Plessies' Plunging Falls

This is a level you'll have to play more than once but the first time around it's best to just grab all the Green Stars then grab the Stamp on your second trip. Start by hopping on Plessie and a little ways down use the Splounders to bounce up to Green Star #1. From here stick to the right side and bounce up to the Red Ring and collect all eight Red Coins along the upper path for a 1-Up. Stick to the left side and bounce up the tiered water levels to reach a 1-Up Mushroom then dash through the waterfall on the left side. Claim Green Star #2 here and a Super Star which will help you move through the final area. Use the Dash Panels to get some speed and jump off dead center of the final platform to reach Green Star #3 and plenty of Coin Rings.

In a replay of this world take the right path at the waterfall. It winds left and right but the Stamp is found here.

World 1-5: Switch Scramble Circus

The rooms in this level are filled with Switch Panels that all must be flipped green in order to proceed. Hit the coin blocks and flip all the Switch Panels then continue along the way to some Stingbies. Defeat them and use the Roulette Block before making your climb up the cliff. Hit all the Switch Panels along the way to open the way via Warp Box. Don't use it though, instead wall jump up one of the sides to reach a platform above the Warp Box where Green Star #1 is found. Now use the Warp Box to reach the Checkpoint Flag. The next area is filled with Switch Panels that must be flipped, but be careful with the Biddybuds. Climb up the next cliff and use the Red Ring to collect eight Red Coins for a Power-Up. Head to the left side an into a Mystery Box to a room with a bunch of crates. Destroy the back left ones to reveal Green Star #2 then head to the next area. Here a Magikoopa guards Green Star #3 so you'll need to run through the center and defeat it. Run around the edge to collect some +Clocks then make your way to the cannon. Launch through the Coin Rings and hit all the Switch Panels in the last room. Climb to the top to find the Stamp then leap to the top of the Goal Pole.

World 1-Toad: Captain Toad Goes Forth

Toad levels force you to use the Gamepad and play as Captain Toad. Captain Toad cannot jump but you can spin the camera around and use various features of the Gamepad to complete the level. Start by walking around and claiming Green Star #1 from the bottom level. Head up the ramp and ride the platform to Green Star #2 then back onto the platform. Move through the left hole to find Green Star #3 then back out through the other hole. Pass by the Biddybuds and up the ramp to the top level, sneaking inbetween the large group of Biddybuds to grab Green Star #4. Take your time as you move across the thin board to Green Star #5 and the end of this level.

Unlock Requirement

This level requires that you have at least 10 Green Stars in order to unlock it. It's not difficult at this point in the game to have collected that many stars, just make sure you have them.

Start by moving up to the Green Star Ring and collecting the eight Green Coins to spawn Green Star #1. Collect a Super Bell to gain the Cat Power-Up, then climb atop the back wall for a +Clock before continuing right. Ride the moving platforms over the gap then kick one of the Kick Bombs into the wall to the right revealing the Stamp. Now climb up the wall above the Stamp and hit the Cat Wheel to raise the platform. Climb to the top and jump across to the right to find Green Star #2. If you drop down from here you can land atop some Thwomps to find more +Clocks. Continue up the pathway and defeat the tower of Goombas to get Green Star #3 then continue to the final area before the boss fight. Use the Kick Bombs to blast away the back wall and reach the Warp Box.

Highway Showdown with Bowser

Bowser rides in his vehicle tossing Kick Bombs at you but you can kick them back to deal damage. Direct hits to Bowser deal more damage than hitting the vehicle but either way is effective. You need to watch out for the Kick Balls that are about to explode and the lava pools that Bowser will spew onto the path. If you move through this battle long enough the scenery will change a bit and Goombas join the fray. Land several hits on Bowser or the vehicle to end the battle then use the Warp Box to reach the final area.

Claim the Green +Clock and jump atop the Goal Pole to save the Sprixie Princess. She will create a pipe to access World 2 if you haven't already done so in World 1-2. Head on over to the next World!

World 2

Green StarsStampsGoal PolesWarp Zone

The first thing you want to do upon reaching this world is to visit the Sprixie House and claim an easy Stamp. Head to World 2-1 once you've done this.

World 2-1: Conkdor Canyon

Right at the beginning you'll meet a Conkdor. Trick it into missing you then jump on it's head, too easy. Claim the Super Bell from the nearby ? Block then climb the back wall to Green Star #1. Continue right through the sand pits and passed some more Conkdor. You can climb the wall here to find a Gold Pipe which leads to a room with a Gold P Switch. Pressing this causes coins to fall down the gap in the room, but you can jump back and forth across to collect a bunch of them. Back through the pipe, continue right to the Red Ring and run circles around the Conkdor collecting the Red Coins for a Super Bell. Dash up the ramp or defeat the Conkdor as you climb to the Checkpoint Flag. Move across the moving platform to a Roulette Block then past all the Conkdor on the narrow walkway. When you reach the Conkdor at the center of four blocks, trick it into smashing them to reveal Green Star #2. From here, run up the sandfall to the left to find a Green +Clock and a ? Block before proceeding. Cross over the raised platform, grabbing the Stamp along the way to find Captain Toad being chased by a Conkdor. Defeat the Conkdor to be given Green Star #3 then dash through the weaving bridge to the Goal Pole.

Unlock Requirement

You need to have at least 15 Green Star to unlock this level. You'll also need one player to use the Gamepad.

Touch the platforms on the Gamepad at the beginning of this level to raise them and gain access to the next tier. On the third tier you can raise the platforms to find a Fire Flower in one of the blocks. Underneath the second platform you can drop down to the Stamp. Continue to a wall that requires you to make the platforms pop out so you can climb to the top. At the top, go to the left where you'll find Green Star #1. Off to the right is the Checkpoint Flag and a Warp Box. In this new area you'll need to step onto the moving platforms and blow into the Gamepad Microphone to make them move. Ride them to the far end then into the Cloud Cannon where you'll be able to race through the clouds and claim Green Star #2. When you arrive back on the platform blow on the Microphone again to reveal the shadow of a block along the back wall, hit it for a 1-Up Mushroom then climb up. Here you can pop out three platforms, but only pop out two then blow on the Microphone again to move a platform to the third spot. Ride this platform down to Green Star #3 then head back up using the movable platform and pop out platforms to cap the Goal Pole. You gain access to a Toad House after completing this level.

World 2-3: Shadow-Play Alley

At the start of this level you'll want to grab the potted Piranha Plant since it will devour everything in it's path. When you spot the shadow of the star move towards the screen and you'll find Green Star #1. Continue right to a block with a Super Bell so you can acquire the Cat Power-Up then cross the gap with the moving platforms to reach the Checkpoint Flag. Enter the door here to gain a new perspective. When you can drop down below the Mega Piranha Plant do so, then slash the blocks away so you can reach the Stamp. Exit back into the 3D World and grab a potted Piranha Plant so it can eat away the Blurkers that hide a Mystery Box. Inside the Mystery Box, step on the P Switch then run underneath the steps to Green Star #2. Cross the moving platforms to a door, but don't go inside. Instead move to the next area to see Captain Toad cowering in fear. Move towards the screen and knock down the Bowser Board to receive Green Star #3. Now exit via the door and cap the Goal Pole.

World 2-4: Really Rolling Hills

Start off by claiming the coins around the area and using the pipe at the back end to reach a cliff. If you have the Cat Power-Up simply climb this wall to Green Star #1 but if you don't, hop down to a block with a Super Bell first. To the right of the starting area is a Mario Character Switch that must be pressed by Mario in order to reveal the Stamp so obviously if you are not Mario this switch will not work and you'll need to replay the level with Mario. Head through the pipe leading right and go under the far hill for a 1-Up Mushroom before going through the Red Ring. Collect all eight Red Coins quickly and you'll get a Super Bell. If you climb the tall left and right ledges you can get some coins to appear, but otherwise continue to the far north and down the pipe. Once underground you'll want to take the top path to find a Super Bell -- you need the Cat Power-Up. At the end of the floor jump up and climb the wall to a bunch of coins then drop down to a pipe that leads to Green Star #2 which is collected by lighting up the entire floor (there isn't a time limit!). Head back out and don't be fearful of falling, instead willingly do so to find a bunch of coin blocks and Green Star #3 then use the pipe to head back to the top. Use this final pipe to reach the final area with the Goal Pole.

World 2-A: Big Galoomba Blockade

You'll have to fight three Big Galoombas in this level. The Cat Power-Up or Fireball Power-Up make easy work of them, but it's simple enough to jump on their heads too.

World 2-5: Double Cherry Pass

Start this level by moving up to the Double Cherry then to the corner for a Fire Flower. Get used to the controls then climb up to the right. Destroy all the crates here to reveal another Double Cherry and Green Star #1. If you need it, the bottom block has another Fire Flower but otherwise use the nearby pipe. When you drop down launch a bunch of Fireballs to defeat the Blocksteppers. Jump onto the middle of the P Switches to make the clones split and thus touch both panels at the same time, this reveals Green Star #2. Continue up to some more blocks with another Double Cherry then use the right pipe to ascend to the Checkpoint Flag. Climb up past the Blocksteppers to the left then hit the ? Block to raise the blocks higher and higher to the Stamp. Climbing higher still, you'll encounter a Fire Bro but if you toss some Fireballs into the clear pipes you'll take him out to reveal the final pipe. Jump onto the Multi-Vator at the left side with four clones to raise the platform up to Green Star #3 then cap the Goal Pole.

World 2-Mystery: Mystery House Melee

In the Mystery House you'll need to clear each room in 10 seconds or less to claim the Green Stars.

  • Green Star #1 - Defeat two Galoombas.
  • Green Star #2 - Defeat two Koopa Troopas.
  • Green Star #3 - Defeat two Cat Goombas
  • Green Star #4 - Defeat four Conkdors. This is best done with the Cat or Fireball Power-Up.
  • Green Star #5 - Defeat two Fire Bros.

World 2-Castle: Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade

This level slides along with or without you so keep pace! Climb atop the first vehicle and hit the blocks for a Fire Flower. Defeat the Blocksteppers and cross over to the third vehicle where the blocks reveal a Cannon Box that you need to keep for the rest of the level if possible. Hit the Red Ring and if you get all the coins you'll receiver another Fire Flower. Ahead is another chance to get a Cannon Box by breaking the Bullet Bill Cannon. After the first wave of tanks you'll get a chance to defeat some Piranha Plants that guard Green Star #1 -- note that you can shoot the star. Climb up the next tank and break the crate ahead for Green Star #2. More Blocksteppers are in this area but if you charge up your shot you can take them all out at once. The crates on the next long stretch tank block off the Stamp but it's easy enough to collect. Continue along to the final tank and shoot the back wall to reveal Green Star #3 -- this star is only collected by breaking the wall with a Cannon Box so you must make it this far with one. Jump into the pipe for the boss fight.

Boom Boom

Boom Boom spins around the room violently but it's simple enough to jump on his head. Doing this causes him to slip into his turtle shell and bounce around the room. Dodge this attack then jump on him again, but this time he retreats to an invisible turtle shell. Follow the thin outline to dodge then jump on Boom Boom one final time.

Claim the Green +Clock and cap the Goal Pole to free the Sprixie Princess and reach World 3.

World 3-1: Snowball Park

The Propeller Box

In this icy level you'll be dealing with Snow Pokeys. You can't just run up to them and often they are a bit too tall for you to simply jump upon. Use the Cat Power-Up to easily defeat them as you progress. Collect the coins from the ? Blocks and cross the frozen water. Behind the first tree across the water is a Propeller Box, a useful item that doesn't take away your Power-Up but instead is worn over top of it. Turn the corner and clear out the Bizzybuds to find Green Star #1 then loop around, continuing right. Defeat the Snow Pokey and hit the ? Block to find a Super Leaf, another convenient Power-Up that grants the Tanooki Suit. Dash past the Goomba in the skate to reach the Checkpoint Flag. Below in the ice rink are several Goombas, defeating them will give a skate you can use. Hit the Red Ring and claim the eight Red Coins to receive another Super Leaf. As you make your way up the ramps past the ice rink you'll spot a few snowballs and a Rabbit. Grab a snowball and chase after the Rabbit, past the Biddybuds and give the snowball a good toss to stun the Rabbit and claim Green Star #2. At the next icy area you'll have to contend with a few Snow Pokeys, but you can easily grab the Stamp from the narrow ledge on the left side. Before entering the green pipe, climb atop the tree and leap up using the Tanooki Suit to reach Green Star #3, likewise if you have the Propeller Box still just fly up. Take the green pipe to reach the Goal Pole.

Unlock Requirement

You need to have at least 30 Green Stars to unlock this level.

As you start the level you'll notice that the screen will be scrolling so you need to keep up. Hop over the first fence and hit the ? Block for the Super Bell. You will want the Cat Power-Up for this level, it makes things simpler and is required to claim some of the items. Continue right past the enemies to a Coin ? Block that allows unlimited coins, just watch out for the fence that sweeps across. Ahead you can obtain another Super Bell if you hit the hidden block above the brown ones. You'll approach a somewhat trickier area now with a few moving fences. After the first leap you can spot Green Star #1 so climb up or wall jump to claim it. There are some Donut Blocks that will disappear if you stand on them for too long but it's the only safe way across without a Power-Up; with the Cat Power-Up simply do a mid-air pounce and you'll glide gracefully to the Warp Box. Before taking the Warp Box, realize that the screen stops scrolling for a moment and make a leap past the fences to Green Star #2 at your right. Through the Warp Box you find the Checkpoint Flag, but you can't take a breather yet. Defeat the Biddybuds then snag the Super Bell as you climb up then across a string of Donut Blocks. As the screen moves up you'll find a fence with a clear pipe nearby, don't use the pipe! Instead, climb up the fence to find the Stamp and a Cat Wheel. Hit the Cat Wheel repeatedly to raise the platform to your right then time your run and climb up to easily claim Green Star #3. From here you need to be patient and leap over the fences, past the Biddybuds, and over to the Warp Box. Hit the Cat Wheel in the Goal Pole area to raise a platform that makes it possible to leap to the top, but with the Cat Suit you can just make a half-way jump since you'll climb to the top anyways.

World 3-3: Shifty Boo Mansion

Bring a Super Bell in reserves for this level, it makes things simpler. Start off by jumping atop the second set of ? Blocks to find a Fire Flower that you'll want to switch to your reserves, using the Cat Power-Up now. Continue moving right, taking the steps up and climbing the wall to reach a +Clock high above. Leap down and jump into the painting to reach a room full of Peepas. Leap over them and try to stay to the left so you can grab Green Star #1 with about 2 seconds left on the timer. When you leave this room ride the nearby sofa upwards to the Stamp then proceed through the door at the end of the hallway. There are a bunch of bookcases in this area, but also a bunch of Boos. In this library you'll need to hit all the bookcases in the back to slide them out of the way, revealing Green Star #2. Head right to the Checkpoint Flag and if you leap against the back wall you can reach another Fire Flower if you need it. Continue heading right to find a Big Boo, then check the mirror to notice there's a 1-Up Mushroom at the screen side -- you can reach it by walking onto the cloudy platforms. Go up the steps, ignoring the fake green pipe. At the split go left if you want to grab a +Clock but otherwise go right. You can make a leap out to the cloudy platforms past the door for some coins but it's not worth the time. Through the door, you'll end up outside where the entire section is filled with Boos and fake items. Just rush past everything to the next door to return inside. Claim the Green +Clock to the left for a bonus 100 seconds then dash all the way right to the sofa. Ride it to the second level and use the pipe to spawn Green Star #3. Jump down and enter the door to reach the Goal Pole, but the first one is a fake!

World 3-4: Pretty Plaza Panic

The short 100 second timer on this level will force you to rush but 100 seconds is plenty to snag everything. Start by turning around and jump off the back-center for Green Star #1. Move up to the rotating platform and leap past the Piranha Plant to reach the second large platform. If you maintained your speed it's simple to dash to the Rabbit that holds Green Star #2, just chase it around the fountain. Cross the rotating platforms ahead, going left to the Peach Character Switch if you are playing as Princess Peach to claim the Stamp -- you can always come back if you aren't. Jump past the Goombas to the raised platform with the Cloud Cannon. Race through the clouds after obtaining the Super Star to gain some extra time via +Clocks and Green Star #3 with a great leap at the end. When you emerge the Goal Pole is just nearby, so make a good jump.

World 3-Toad: Captain Toad Makes a Splash

From the start walk down the ramp into the water. Pass by the Rammerhead to reach Green Star #1 then head back towards the ramp. Hook around the pipe to the backside where you can find a Super Mushroom and some clear pipes. Ride the pipe up to the right where Green Star #2 is located. Take the pipe once more but into the other exit. Make your way to the edge and drop off to the raised level where you can strut to Green Star #3 then into the pipe. At the top you'll want to fall down onto the P Switch to bring Green Star #4 right to you. All that's left is to walk carefully by the Rammerhead along the wooden planks then up the ramp to Green Star #5.

World 3-A: Magikoopa Blockade

The Magikoopa will stand in place, firing a magic blast after a wind up. Dodge this and jump on it's head or just wait for it to teleport, following it to it's new location. Claim the Green Star once you've defeated the Magikoopa and continue on to the next level.

World 3-5: Pipeline Lagoon

This is the first underwater level in the game, but you start on the beach and bringing a Fire Flower along isn't a bad idea. Cross the water past the Goombas and jump on the invisible Coin Coffer in the bushes to the right of the pipe for a few quick coins. Take the pipe to reach the next area where you can climb up the wall with the Cat Suit to a tree that has a Super Mushroom. Into the water you'll find a Roulette Block with the chance to grab a Fire Flower or Super Leaf preferably. Beware the Goombas and Cheep Cheeps as you move through the water, they aren't difficult to deal with but it's easy to get complacent. The enemy you really need to be careful of is the Porcupuffer, best defeated with a well-placed Fireball. Before you head into the pipe at the end of the waterway, swim upward with the rising water to Green Star #1. Through the pipe you'll reach the Checkpoint Flag and another body of water. Swim down to find a Fire Flower in the alcove to the left then continue right. At the sign that points down, instead swim up! Grab the Stamp and Cannon Box before following the signs guidance. Avoid the Porcupuffers and shoot the wall at left where it's visibly cracked to reveal a pipe. This pipe takes you to a wonderful room filled with coins, Gold Rings, a +Clock, and Green Star #2. Back through the pipe, head right firing at the Porcupuffers so you can clear a path to swim up, disregarding the green pipe. Take the clear pipe to Green Star #3 and up to a +Clock then into the pipe that leads to the Goal Pole. After clearing this level investigate the ground on the far side of World 3-6 and dig up a pipe that leads to a 1-Up Mushroom.

World 3-6: Mount Must Dash

This is a quick level that forces you to dash near constant, remember to use a Side Somersault to reverse direction quickly if you get into a bad situation. Start off by climbing up the tree at the start for a Super Bell then begin the dash. Take the low road at the split across the Donut Blocks, but don't think you have to jump down, just grab Green Star #1 and jump up to the ledge. As you move to a ramp be sure to slide so you can hit the Para-Biddybuds without fear of taking damage. At the end of the ramp is the Checkpoint Flag then it's back to dashing. Head up the hill but run off the first ledge instead of propelling yourself over. Jump into Mystery Box amidst the Para-Biddybuds to reach a room with Dash Panels and a Rabbit. You have 10 seconds to catch the little guy, just use the Dash Panels and you'll get Green Star #2 easily. When you emerge continue dashing right, making well-timed leaps then use the Jump Panel to propel into Mushroom Trampolines upward to the Stamp high above. The next portion is simple but if you want to reach Green Star #3 you'll need a good leap from the Jump Panel and the Cat Power-Up to pounce over to it high above. Use the Warp Box for the home stretch and dash to the Goal Pole.

World 3-7: Switchboard Falls

This level, if you couldn't guess from it's name, is built on Switchboards. You can use the GamePad to press the direction arrows to help yourself out, but otherwise stepping on the arrow will move you in that direction. Hop aboard the first Switchboard and over to the next island. Hit the ? Block to snag a Fire Flower then climb up to the left for a hidden 1-Up Mushroom before going right. Defeat the Fizzlit and ride the Switchboard over to a Switch Block so you can continue across. Ahead you can claim a Super Star to take out the enemies ahead and ride the Switchboard to the Switch Block, enabling a path down the mountainside. As you slide down jump off into the alcove with the green pipe. Inside you'll want to just fall and snag all the coins as you easily reach Green Star #1. You're brought back at the Checkpoint Flag that positions you at a bunch of Switchboards. Make your way across carefully, grabbing the Red Ring and it's Red Coins (more easily obtained by hitting them on the GamePad) for a Fire Flower. Clear out the Stingbies as you enter the cave then drop down. On this Switchboard, step on the left arrow and duck to reach Green Star #2 cleverly hidden near the waterfall. Make your way back to the right where you'll need to time your hits on the Switch Block to thwart the Fuzzlers that rotate around. The Switchboard your on will fall when you hit the Switch Block, just ride it right and jump over the Fuzzler as you go uphill to Green Star #3. Make your way back left, riding the final Switchboard to the Stamp and the Goal Pole. You'll gain access to the Castle and a Toad House for clearing this level.

World 3-Castle: The Bullet Bill Express

As soon as the level starts you need to quickly ascend the the train and snag Green Star #1. Hope back down and you can pick up a Cannon Box then jump back on the next car. Flopters will drop in from above, but the nearby ? Block has a Super Leaf that lets you easily jump on their heads. Continue right where the Cat Bullet Bills will seek towards you, easily jumped over. Ahead is a Goomba Tower with Green Star #2 atop, just shoot them with the Cannon Box or swipe them with the Tanooki Suit tail or use the Cat Bullet Bills to chop down the tower. Crates are on the next car and blowing them up will reveal a Mega Mushroom which is useful for racking up points while not taking any damage. Enter the pipe to find Captain Toad in a crate on the far train, freeing him rewards Green Star #3. Cross back over to the Bullet Bill Express where two Fire Bros. guard the lead car. Take them out and claim the Stamp from the lower portion of this car before using the pipe.

Pom Pom

Pom Pom wields a ninja star that she'll throw around at you, but it's not hard to dodge a single ninja star. That's the trick though, Pom Pom will disperse into multiple copies -- three, four, then six -- and you need to find the real one. The real Pom Pom is easily indentified by her green hair bow and pink ninja star, jump on that one before it gets hectic. Enter the Warp Box and snag the Green +Clock on the way to the Goal Pole.

World 3-B: A Banquet with Hisstocrat

As you free the Sprixie Princess you'll gain access to another clear pipe, but not yet World 4 as a carnival-like structure flies onto the small island you are now located on. Enter the level and grab the Super Bell from the ? Block before going up the steps then into the gondola.


This large snake has a few fellows snakes it likes to call into battle to try and defeat you. Hisstocrat starts by summoning boulders to drop from above, their landing zones indicated by shadows. Avoid them and wait for the smaller snakes to emerge with plates on their heads. Some of these smaller snakes will not have a plate on their head, this is indicated by the eyeball poking out amidst the rustling sand. Ride the snakes high into the air then pounce on Hisstocrat to damage him. You'll have to do this three times to defeat him and it's hard without the Cat Power-Up, fortunately some snakes bring Super Bells with them which makes this is a relatively simple boss battle.

World 4-1: Ant Trooper Hill

In this level you'll be introduced to Ant Troopers, an enemy that cannot be defeated by jumping on it's head but can be clawed. They follow a set pattern for the most part, always walking in the same direction. The block at the entrance is just a few coins but you can certainly climb up to it. At the back wall break the ? Block for a Super Bell that immediately comes in handy. Climb up the wall, following the path and avoiding the Ant Troopers; the Horned Ant Troopers are also pretty annoying but have the added feature of damaging you should you jump on it's head. At the top enter the cave filled with Ant Troopers. Midway through is a ledge with plent of Ant Troopers. Defeat them then ascend to the Stamp, but ignore the Crystal Blocks on your way out for now. Climb the wall at the end of the path instead of crossing the bridge, you'll find Green Star #1 resting atop. Go back to the Crystal Blocks now and break them to reveal a Super Star. Now cross the bridge defeating as many Horned Ant Troopers as possible on your way to the Checkpoint Flag. Ahead you'll find Big Ant Troopers and you need to ride them to cross the spikes. Jump onto the ledge when you reach it, then into the pipe to a new area. Jump up the Ant Troopers or climb up the wall to get Green Star #2 then exit. Continue to ride the Big Ant Troopers over the spikes, jumping only to get Green Star #3 as you reach the end of the trail. If you miss the jump up don't worry, you can slide down the wall to the right for a ton of coins and then reach the Goal Pole area. You don't need the Cat Suit to reach the top of it, but it sure does help if you aren't good at bouncing off the Ant Troopers.

World 4-2: Piranha Creeper Creek

This level introduces the Piranha Creeper, a large Piranha Plant that grows out of pipes or holes. If you hit it with a jump, a claw, a Fireball, or even a Boomerang it will retract a little bit. Force it to retract completely and it disappears. Head past the first wave of these enemies to a ? Block that has a convenient Fire Flower, Super Mario 3D World's form of weed killer. March through the first area and defeat the Piranha Creeper blocking the pipe to the next zone. Move through this cave to the Mystery Box where you'll find several Piranha Creepers that form steps up to Green Star #1. You'll need precision jumping to bounce all the way up unless you have a Cat Suit to climb up the wall. Continuing through the cave you'll encounter more Piranha Creepers, one that guards the water leading down to Green Star #2 but it's easily dealt with a few Fireballs. Just past this section you'll spot a Piranha Creeper coming out the side of the wall where water goes down. See through this deception and bounce off the Piranha Creeper and into the wall, to discover that you can walk through this coin filled area to the Stamp. Use the pipe to reach the final area where you'll discover a Roulette Block.

Warp Zone

If you have the Cat Power-Up or are fortunate to get one from the Roulette Block you can climb the wall here. At the top make your way across the moving platforms to find a Red Pipe that leads to World 5!

Grab the Super Leaf if you can, it makes navigating the area a bit easier plus it has the added benefit of tail swiping the Piranha Creepers. The rotating platforms ahead have a Green Star Ring that you'll want to activate but take out the Piranha Creepers first so you can easily run through this tight area grabbing the Green Coins and ultimately claiming Green Star #3. At the end use the pipe to reach the Goal Pole where you can bounce off a Piranha Creeper to cap it.

World 4-A: Brolder Blockade

Brolders are living boulders that have eyes and arms to see and smash you. If you hit them with anything they'll turn back into just a boulder, curling up in defense. This is your chance to pick them up and toss them into the lava, which is exactly what you need to do in order to clear this blockade. Grab the coins and Green Star once you've defeated them then be on your way.

World 4-3: Beep Block Skyway

This level will test your patience and timing so it's likely you'll die a few times, just don't get discouraged and take a break if you need to. At the start wait for blue Beep Block to change over to the pink one then cross to find a Double Cherry inside the blocks. Cross over to the next platform and claim another Double Cherry before crossing the mismatched bridge. Start on one color then time your jumps to the middle section and all the way across. Watch out for the Boomerang Bros. since you need your clones to hit the P Panels in the back for some coins. Step onto the pink Beep Block then time your jump over to the blue one where another Boomerang Bro awaits. Defeat him then work your way to the back side where Green Star #1 rests on the blue Beep Block, be sure to time your run then enter the Warp Box. Hopefully you still have some clones as you defeat another Boomerang Bro and find another Double Cherry. Ascend the stairway of alternating Beep Blocks and grab another Double Cherry if you don't have at least 4 clones. At the top use the Checkpoint Flag and the Multi-Vator that needs 4 players to raise up to the Stamp. Likewise, you can summon other characters in with other controllers or use a Cat Suit. Make your way down the opposite end of Beep Block steps to another Warp Box. In this final area you'll encounter two more Boomerang Bros, defeat them then claim the +Clocks and another Double Cherry before entering the pipe. Hit the P Switch in this room then collect all the Blue Coins to spawn Green Star #2, this is obviously easier with a bunch of clones. Back outside, you'll face the hardest part of the level. You need to slide all the way down the slope but the Beep Blocks will force you to jump back and forth. Try to keep at least 2 clones alive by the time you reach the bottom. Hit both P Panels at the bottom to get Green Star #3 then defeat the Boomerang Bros. on your way to the Goal Pole.

World 4-4: Big Bounce Byway

This level focuses on Mushroom Trampolines and a new enemy, the Hop-Chop. In the first little area you can just ran past the Mushroom Trampolines and hit the blocks as you go for some coins, but you need to climb the wall ahead. Up top you'll find a Red Ring and collecting the eight Red Coins will reward you with a Fire Flower. Continue to climb, jumping up the Mushroom Trampolines to the left side where +Clocks can be found. At the top defeat the three Hop-Chops to find that one doesn't disappear and instead becomes a portable trampoline. Position it against the back wall and launch yourself up to a nook with Green Star #1 then pick up the Hop-Chop again. Quickly run across the giant Mushroom Trampolines to the Checkpoint Flag then go up the steps. Position the Hop-Chop underneath the moving Mushroom Trampolines and bounce up, using them to reach Green Star #2 cleverly hidden ahigh. Clear out the Stingbies then check the back wall for a Fire Flower amidst the ? Blocks before bouncing up to a ledge with the Mystery Box. Here you must quickly defeat the Hop-Chops and bounce up to Green Star #3 before the 10 seconds expires. After exiting the Mystery Box you'll find a large moving Mushroom Trampoline that will take you through some Para-Biddybuds. The first ledge has a ? Block then it turns to a large swarm of Para-Biddybuds with the Stamp at the center. Claim the stamp then try to get some 1-Ups by jumping on them before using the Warp Box. In the Goal Pole area, use a Hop-Chop to help cap if you lack a Cat Power-Up.

World 4-5: Spike's Lost City

This level introduces the Spikes, an enemy that stands still throwing spiked rollers that need to be avoided. At the start head up the steps and deal with the Spikes and Galoombas. Use the ? Block to find a Super Bell, an indicator to climb the wall a little ways back to find the Stamp. Head up the ramp then into the pipe where you need to step on a bunch of Switch Panels while avoiding spiked rollers from the Spikes. Once completed, Green Star #1 appears and you can return to the outside. Be careful as you cross the pendulum platforms with the spiked rollers, your reward is the Checkpoint Flag on the other side. Before heading up the long ramp, ground pound the circle of flowers to reveal a Super Star. Rush through the Red Ring and collect all eight Red Coins for a Super Bell as you roll through the Spikes. The large wall you ran past has Green Star #2 at the far end, you'll need to jump from the top of the ramp and climb up the curved wall/narrow ledge of the wall to reach it though. Ride the swaying platforms to the end, but don't turn right. Long jump over to Green Star #3 before defeating the Spike guarding the Goal Pole.

World 4-B: Fire Bros. Hideout #1

South of the previous level you'll find a pipe that leads underground and to this level. Here you'll need to defeat three Fire Bros. which can sometimes shoot themselves. It's not a difficult task, but you are limited to 100 seconds on the clock. Collect the Green Star then head to the Sprixie House that you unlock to claim an easy Stamp.