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Walkthrough by horror_spooky

Updated: 11/09/2013

Sonic's latest adventure is the Wii U exclusive Sonic: Lost World! Once again 
utilize the magical color powers of the Wisps and foil Eggman's latest evil 
scheme with this guide!

Sonic: Lost World
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

The *ONLY* sites that have permission to use this guide are CheatMasters.com 

Contact Information
E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
   Windy Hill
   Desert Ruins
   Tropical Coast
   Frozen Factory
   Silent Forest
   Sky Road
   Lava Mountain
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sonic and Tails once again find themselves battling the evil Dr. Eggman. Eggman
is up to his old tricks, but this time he is forcing a group of even more 
diabolical baddies to do the dirty work for him:  the Deadly Six!

ZL - Spin Dash
ZR - Speed up
L - N/A
R - N/A
X - Roll
Y - Kick
A - Jump
B - Jump
LS - Move
RS - N/A
D-pad - N/A
Select - N/A
Start - Pause

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Very straight-forward level. For the most part, you just have to move Sonic 
forward. The bumpers will guide you through the level. That being said, let's 
use this laid-back opportunity to discuss some of the basics behind the 

As Sonic passes enemies, targets will appear on their bodies. Press Y to 
smash them and free the animals trapped inside. Enemies can also be damaged 
by jumping on top of them.

Gathering rings is important as Sonic's health is determined by how many rings 
he has in his possession. Taking damage will result in Sonic losing his rings, 
and taking damage with no rings results in losing the level.

In the middle of the level is a beefier ring that serves as a checkpoint. Be 
sure to always hit the checkpoints so that if you do happen to lose a life 
when playing one of the levels, you don't have to start it all the way back 
over at the beginning.

Hold ZR to run and use B to jump. Avoid the obstacles such as spikes and 
destroy the enemies if you wish as you push through this first level. Watch 
out for other hazards such as the ground crumbling away and of course, don't 
fall off any edges or anything.

Throughout the course of this level, little hints will pop up on the TV 
screen. To read these hints, click the question mark on the GamePad screen. 
This provides information relevant to the part of the level that you are 
currently playing, functioning as tutorials, basically.

To end the level, you need to jump on top of the yellow button on the 
capsule. The farther away you jump from the capsule and manage to land on it, 
the more points you receive for completing the mission.

Before getting into tips for the actual level, let me explain the hub world a 
little bit. This is the Windy Hill Zone, and Sonic can explore it on a grid, 
kind of like the hub worlds in Mario games.

On this gride, there are a few things to take into account. For one, there can 
be free lives and other items found simply by moving along the grid. In 
addition, there is a robot that can be spoken to that will give you achievement
like "missions" to complete in each world. You can check these at any time in 
the actual Zone by clicking on the character's icon on GamePad's touchscreen.

When starting up Zone 2, you'll notice that there are multiple options 
available to you besides just playing the level. The choices include playing in
a type of co-op mode, checking the rankings, and then when you beat the level, 
you can come back and play Time Attack on that level.

Anyway, let's get to the nitty gritty of Zone 2, which changes perspective to 
2D! Collect as many rings as possible when going through the level as there is 
a boss fight at the end of it. Also try to collect the Red Rings. There are 
five Red Rings in each level that can be collected. These are used on the hub 
world to unlock more content.

Some new enemy types are introduced in this zone. The most annoying one are 
these green robots that drop spikes. Let them spawn their spikes and drop them 
before attacking.

At the end of the zone, is a boss fight against Zazz. Zazz uses a yellow robot 
to zip around the screen as well as summon large stars that drop in sequences 
of threes to damage Sonic. Avoid the stars by standing in between them.

To damage Zazz, first damage the yellow robot thing he's using. Just jump and 
press Y for Sonic to smash into the ground, which will in turn cause him to 
go upwards and hit the robot. Three hits will knock Zazz off of it.

Zazz will then start running around. Stand in the very middle of the area, 
with your back to Zazz. When he runs underneath, jump and pound on his head. 
Keep doing this until he retreats to the robot.

This time the robot will be much faster. However, you can disable it before 
Zazz even has a chance to use it. Just spam the homing attack over and over 
again until Zazz is knocked off, then continue beating up on Zazz with the 
same strategy from before.

This zone is another 3D zone. The main issue here is that there are multiple 
tunnels with large rocks rolling down them. Avoid the rocks by moving to the 
top of the tunnel (or the bottom, depending on your perspective). There are 
green glue traps that slow Sonic down as well. Otherwise, it's just a very 
basic zone. Again, this is the first world, so don't expect anything too 
challenging just yet.

Before starting this zone, you need to have saved at least 100 animals. To 
save animals, jump on capsules found in the levels, defeat enemies, and just 
complete the levels and do well to earn bonus animals saved by the end of 
each zone.

The first part of this zone is 3D, but then it changes to 2D. During the 
3D portion, avoid the obstacles and be especially cautious about falling off 
the edges. This is a bigger danger here than in any zone before it so far.

When the perspective switches to 2D, it is because of another boss fight that 
is in store for you. First Zazz will need to be pursued through the level, 
but watch out as he will sometimes throw that yellow robot at you.

Then when Zazz gets into some bushes, jump ahead of him. Now Zazz will pursue 
Sonic and try to smash the yellow robot into him. Try to collect as many 
rings as possible, but do NOT slow down for any reason or else Zazz is just 
going to smash them all away.

The boss fight with Zazz plays out a bit differently than before. This time 
around, he will throw the yellow robot at you from one side of the screen, 
then do it again from the other side. When the robot bounces, run underneath 
it to avoid it. When the robot rolls, jump over it to avoid being hit by it.

Get behind Zazz as soon as this happens, then jump over him and bounce into 
the top of his head. Otherwise the game will automatically lock onto him, and 
you probably won't do any damage with this method of attack.

Zazz's attacks will become faster, so be weary of that. Otherwise just keep 
up with the same strategy until he collapses and is subsequently defeated as a 


By howdy is this level lengthy. The outside sections are 3D and will see you 
encounter enemies such as giant snakes, fire-spitting robots, big blobs of 
purple goo raining down from the skies, and huge cacti that roll around in a 

For the first area, hug the left side to find a 1-up. Then in the first temple,
you will notice that the perspective shifts to 2D. The red platforms need to be
stood on to make them raise. You'll get a point where a robot spider is 
crawling around on the ceiling and there is a slope that seems impossible to 
run up.

Well, the solution to that is easy! Time to bust out the spin dash move. To 
spin dash, hold ZL and mash on the A button build up speed. Let go of ZL and 
Sonic will zoom up the slope and up the wall. This and the wall bounce move, 
which is activated when Sonic is shining blue when jumping up walls and is 
used simply by pressing A to jump between walls, are two skills necessary to 
get through this zone alive.

The snakes are especially irritating while inside the temples. They will pop 
out from the sides of the screens, out of the darkness, and eat Sonic, killing 
him with one crunch. The game tries to bait you to areas with the snakes using 
1-ups and rings, so avoid those areas. You can just wait for the snake to 
attack and then retrieve the goodies if you are patient enough, however.

The zone starts outside. Then takes you inside. Then you go outside again. Then
inside one final time. After coming out of the second temple, keep pushing 
forward through the enemies and desert traps and what-not to find the capsule 
to jump on and end the level.

This zone shifts the tone significantly. Whereas the first zone is actually 
set in a desert, this one is set on a series of trees that fall apart. Sonic 
mostly runs on his own in this one, with your only input being to move him 
from safe "branch" to safe branch.

Right before the boss at the end of the zone, go left three spaces. Through 
the honeycomb is a bunch of 1-ups. Grab them all. If you'd like to keep 
building up a stock of them, just die on purpose when fighting Zomom and 
keep collecting them.

When you're ready to fight Zomom, avoid the spike ball and then land on the 
face platform. Zomom will smash the ground, causing the platform to rotate, so 
keep up with it. When Zomom jumps really high in the air, use his shadow to 
determine where he will land and avoid that area. Then using a homing attack to
damage him.

Zomom will then smash into the platform with such force that it sends Sonic 
flying. Bits and pieces of the platform and a bunch of spike balls will be the 
new obstacles to avoid, so do your best at avoiding those. Upon landing back 
on the platform, once again avoid Zomom's attacks and move with the platform 
as it rotates.

Zomom will once again daze himself, and that is your cue to do a homing attack.
Repeat the process until Zomom scurries away defeated.

Zone 3 is absolutely bananas. It begins on a giant piece of licorice and then 
blends 3D and 2D gameplay throughout. There are new enemies to keep in mind, 
such as these motorcycle bug robot things (...) that will attach Sonic to 
their backs and then explode. If you get stuck to one of them, button mash to 
escape. Trying to attack them will just get Sonic stuck, so unless you are 
super concerned with trying to free all the animals, just try to jump over 

The main challenges from Zone 3 will stem from the platforming across giant 
floating pieces of deserts and what-not. Nomnomnom. Just be careful and watch 
before you leap and you should do fine. This level will end by freeing a giant 
capsule of captured animals, but keep an eye out on all the other capsules 
sprinkled throughout the level.

Access to this zone requires that you have saved at least 300 animals at this 

2D and this time in the actual desert again. A tornado chases Sonic through 
the stage, but then you'll hit a dead end. At the dead end is a yellow wisp in 
an item bubble. Collect the wisp and then use the power (tap the icon on the 
touchscreen) to become a drill!

Drill through the dirt. Collect the other yellow wisps from their item bubbles 
to keep the drill power going. Avoid enemies and collect rings. Eventually you 
will reach a point where there are purple lasers blocking your path and a 
machine in the middle powering the lasers. A bug-looking robot will come out 
of this machine. Destroy the robot to subsequently destroy the machine and 
get rid of the lasers.

When the drill section ends, you'll once again be in a battle against Zomom. 
Use the same strategy as before, except this time there's no need to worry 
about the rotating platform or anything. After damaging him, Zomom will flee. 
Use the drill power to chase him, and when that ends, hit him one more time to 
put him away for now.


I absolutely love this level. For the most part, it is fairly relaxing and you
just have to go with the flow. There is one section where you have to jump 
along some floating cloud platforms. Hold B to build up the jump to gain more 
height as you do this. This section contains an entire row of 1-ups for every 
other row, so it is very useful when it comes to building up your supply of 

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you reach the area with a bunch of 
cages, you're going to need to destroy the cages to make the purple flower in 
the center blossom. This flower can then be used to launch Sonic and continue 
on through the end of the level.

Things get complicated here. Two new concepts are introduced in the form of 
the red wisp as well as travel through giant streams of fruit juice.

First, the red wisp. The red wisps will give Sonic the ability to launch 
himself like a rocket to different spheres in the area. You can also launch 
him into the red balloons, which will give you extra rings and also let you 
launch Sonic again.

To use the red wisp, you have to actually move the GamePad around to aim. 
Aim where you want to send Sonic, and then press B or A to launch him there.

As for the fruit juice, you'll come to a sphere with a fan in the center 
surrounded by totem poles. A large watermelon constantly spawns here and 
chases you around until it is broken, only to spawn again. Lead the 
watermelon into the totem poles until there is a decent opening available.

Then just lead the watermelon into the fan. This will create a huge stream of 
watermelon juice that you can ride to the next area. You'll have to repeat 
this in the same zone, except with an apple.

Master Zik also shows up for the first time at the end of this zone. He rides 
around on an apple and tries to attack. Make him ride his apple into the 
fan and he will be sent flying to another sphere. Get in the stream of juice 
and then Zik will try using magic against you. Dodge his magic attacks and 
then use a homing attack on him when there is an opening to defeat him.

Rails! This zone is entirely on-rails. Jump between the rails to avoid 
obstacles and collect goodies. There are golden mine carts that can be smashed 
for extra rings if you'd like as well.

The only thing that I really need to talk about here is a point late in the 
level where there are walls that do not open unless you hit these little 
poles right before them that look like checkpoints. It is possible to bypass 
these walls by jumping completely over them, but it is perhaps wiser just to 
play it safe and go directly for those buttons that open the walls anyway.

Very lengthy level, but it's basically just a combination of everything you 
have done in the previous zones in this place. Before you can access this 
zone, however, you will have to have found at least 1,000 animals! If you do 
not have enough, just go back to some old missions and replay them to earn 
enough to unlock this level.

There is one point that is a little tricky. There is an unblossomed purple 
bulb at the end of one sphere that needs to be woken up so that you can use 
the flower to launch Sonic to the next area. Notice the large white butterflies
that are near the flower. Run into all of them and they will start following 
Sonic around. Lead them to the bulb and they will make the flower blossom. 
Another thing to keep in mind is that you're going to need to use the red 
wisp to travel between most of the sphers in this zone.

The fruit return here as well, but in different capacity. There is a pineapple 
in this mission that you need to chase around so that it can squash all the 
robot turrets in the area so that you can in turn progress to the next part 
of the level.

Master Zik shows up at the end of the level as a boss fight. However, it is a 
very easy one. He starts on one sphere with a bunch of fruit protecting him. 
Use the homing attack to break through the fruit and then attack him 
directly. This will cause him to retreat to another sphere.

Use the red wisp to follow him. Then repeat the process. He will retreat to a 
third sphere, but this time he will create balls of magic that can hurt you 
and he tries to run away. Get close and wait for him to shoot off his magic 
attacks, and then attack to defeat Master Zik.

A bonus zone. This zone is very different than the others in the Tropical 
Wilds because it takes place entirely in the air. To control Sonic here, hold 
in B to make him descend. Letting go of B will make him rise to the top of the 
screen, but don't hold B for too long or he will fall off the screen and 
subsequently die.

Avoid the enemies while also collecting as many rings and 1-ups as possible. 
If you are willing to lose a few rings, a 1-up is hidden in the middle of the 
second patch of razor flowers that is encountered.

The level will end with Sonic returning to solid ground. Jump on top of the 
animal capsule to win.


This first zone is actually fairly straight forward at first, but gets more 
complicated right near the end. This world is ice-themed, so there are slippery
floors that will make keeping Sonic fast a bit tricky. This level also 
features new hazards such as spiked balls that roll around and pools of black 
goo that can kill Sonic.

There is one section that involves cloud jumping again with plenty of rings to 
acquire during it. Remember for the cloud jumping, hold in B to get a boosted 
jump as you move from cloud to cloud.

At the end of the level, you will notice that you keep getting dropped off at 
the same checkpoint. When you arrive at the checkpoint, move forward a bit 
and then take a left. There will be some goo, but if you jump towards it 
there is a bouncer on the wall. Use the homing attack to bounce off it, and 
then following this path will land Sonic on an area with a wall and rings 
that go along the wall sideways.

Get the wisp and then jump towards the rings that are sideways on the wall. 
This will cause Sonic to lock in on the next bounce pad just ahead. Use the 
homing attack to bounce off all those, which will net you a Red Ring as well 
as land you on another sphere. Go around to the other side of the sphere to 
find the large animal capsule. Jump on top of it to free the little critters.

Sonic is inside a snowball for this level. Inside the snowball, one of the 
goals of the level is to collect rings and enemies Katamari style. Then 
when you reach checkpoints, they will go to your score total for the level 
and be saved there.

The basic strategy in this level is to just push forward and run over the 
enemies as fast as possible. Waiting too long to do something will often 
result in being killed by an enemy or knocked off the cliff.

Avoid the small Yetis as they will bounce the snowball around uncontrollably. 
There are big Yetis later in the level as well. These guys turn red and charge 
Sonic. Hit them faster to knock them off the cliff. To build up speed in the 
snowball, just hold ZL.

The end of the stage is a boss fight against Zeena. Zeena hides in the snowmen 
and your goal is to destroy all of them to find her. Hold ZL to build up 
speed and smash into the snowmen. Then when Zeena makes a break for it, smash 
into her as well.

The first round of this is very simple as there are only a few snowmen and 
nothing else to worry about. Rounds 2 and 3 add snowmen with bombs on their 
head. Hitting these will not damage Sonic, but they will cause all the other 
snowmen to disappear, forcing you to start that round over. In addition, 
taking too long to smash all of the regular snowmen will also force you into 
starting the round over.

Oh, Sonic and his casino levels! In this level, there are silver coins that 
can be picked up and then deposited for speed boosts and extra points. But 
otherwise this zone is by the numbers. The only thing to really take note of 
is that in the middle of the level, there is a pinball mini-game in which you 
have the goal of depositing Sonic into the middle of the machine. There are 
two sets of flippers to work with, at least. The left flippers are controlled 
with ZL and the right flippers are controlled with ZR.

1500 saved animals are required to unlock this zone.

2D ice level. Be sure to hit all the speed boosts or else you will fail when 
hitting the tops of ramps that launch you across the screen and are necessary 
to complete the levels.

Zeena will be at the end of the level to fight with Sonic, though this battle 
is remarkably different than the first fight with her. This time she swings a 
large snowman head as a weapon very fast, in a circle. This is easy to avoid, 
however, so just wait until she tires herself out. Then use the homing attack 
on her to deal damage.

Zeena will start swinging the head again. Once again, wait for her to tire 
herself out and then attack. The third time, she will cover the sphere 
with two lasers that will swing around it. Jump over these lasers like jump 
rope and then when she slows down, go in for the homing attack to put Zeena 


While nothing major, this first zone does have a few tricks to keep in mind. 
Mainly, there are lilypads that need to be traversed to get through the gunk 
that can damage Sonic. Jump on top of them to make them blossom, but then 
quickly use them to traverse as they will close not long after that.

Another thing to keep in mind is a new enemy type encountered. There are 
robotic spiders that present quite the challenge if you don't know what you're 
doing. Basically, this world introduces Sonic's Kick as a viable attack option,
so you'll want to bust that out right now.

To kill the spider robots, first use the kick move. To do this, jump and then 
press Y when Sonic has locked onto the enemy. This will knock the spider onto 
its back. At that point, just use a homing attack to get rid of the spider.

This 2D level can be very long and challenging. Two different enemy types here 
require the kick move to defeat. One is a robot teddy bear that throws bombs. 
Before the bombs are flashing (which means they are about to explode), kick 
them back into the bear to blow it up.

The other enemy is a green robot that throws blades at you. They are impervious
to the homing attack, but the kick does a good job of getting rid of them.

This zone requires the use of the pink wisp in order to complete. There are 
multiple sections where you come to a ledge that seemingly can't be passed. 
Right by these ledges are itme bubbles containing the pink wisps. Activate the 
wisps and then get the stylus ready.

Music notes will pop up on the screen. Tap each music note in the sequence 
that they appear to transport Sonic across the gaps.

As you near the end of the level, there will be a large owl robot in the 
background with its eyes serving as spotlights. Avoid the spotlights by hiding 
in front of trees and the real owls that are hanging around. Wait for the 
spotlights to look upward before continuing to the next area.

At the end of this zone is a boss fight with Zor. To reach it, jump on the 
plant that is poking up after the last checkpoint. The fight is fairly simple 
in nature.

Basically, the large owl robot seen earlier is being controlled by Zor. Zor 
will launch bombs from the owl that will then spin around the area. Run in 
the OPPOSITE direction of the bombs so that you are facing them head on. When 
they get closer to the ground, jump and kick them. This will cause the bombs 
to spin back at Zor and knock him off the owl.

At that point, run over to Zor and use the homing attack on him. Zor will then 
start launching even more bombs. Send two bombs flying at the owl robot to 
knock him off again, and then lay in with a homing attack. Repeat the process 
for a third time to defeat Zor for now.

Lots of tunnels and the like. Don't be afraid to slow it down when you are 
spinning through the tunnels as there are plenty of enemies and obstacles 
that can really screw you over here. Otherwise, this zone is just a straight 
shot to the finish line.

A whopping 3,000 animals need to be saved to enter this zone. Luckily, you 
should have plenty of carnivals opened up. Go to those and complete the 
mini-games to unlock more animals, and remember that you can always go back 
and re-visit old levels to save animals.

This zone brings back the yellow wisp for practical use. When you reach the 
point with the yellow wisp, you are to burrow through the dirt and destroy 
the robot enemies in the dirt in order to progress.

When you reach the dark tunnels, you can pull the switches to make the level 
lit up, but it's only temporary and honestly not even necessary to see what 
you're doing or where you're going.

The only time the lights need turned on for sure is with the boss fight 
against Zor at the end of the zone. Zor will create shadow clones (with his 
ninjutsu, no doubt), of himself and shroud the stage in darkness so that it 
is impossible to distinguish which one is home. Zor and his clones will smash 
the blocks underneath Sonic so there is a time limit to finding the real Zor 
and damaging him.

Finding the real Zor is actually very easy. Just pull on the switch and it is 
very easy to tell which are the shadow clones and which is the real Zor. After 
that, just attack the real Zor one time to put him in his place.

The Deadly Six are almost defeated!


This zone is very similar to the first zone in the Windy Hills. Structurally, 
it is more or less the same, with more enemies, more hazards, and new hazards 
as well.

There is a sphere with three large centipede-like robot bugs. They pop out of 
holes and then slam their faces into the ground, causing a shockwave that 
needs to be avoided by jumping. Then attack the head of the robot as much as 
possible. It's good to build up the strength of the homing attack before going 
in and doing this, which you can determine by the amount of rings around the 
lock-on circle.

Even at full power with the homing attack, it's still going to take multiple 
homing attacks to defeat these guys. Destroy all of them in order to progress 
through the level further.

The crimson wisp is introduced in this zone. Getting this wisp turns Sonic into
an eagle that is controlled by tilting the GamePad. If you are playing only 
on the GamePad screen, I highly recommend switching over to the TV before 
using this wisp as it makes controlling the eagle a lot easier.

Granted, it is not necessary to use the eagle to get through the level, but 
it sure as hell makes it a lot easier. If you choose not to, you can run along 
the walls to get through the zone.

Later on, there is a sphere with a large turtle on top of it. Sonic will be 
on a lower cloud ring. The turtle robot fires missiles that get stuck in the 
top cloud ring. When this happens, jump and kick the missile to send the 
missile flying back into the turtle robot. Do this until the turtle robot is 
defeated and then complete the level.

Side-scrolling zone with Zavok wreaking havoc in it. He has a large robot 
dragon that I can only describe as a Dragonzord. Use it to get through the 
level and across the large gaps. Later on, watch out for the lasers it shoots 
out of the cubes that make up the bodies, so use the objects in the environment
to avoid the laser fire.

When you reach Zavok, avoid the dragon and get to its rear. Attack the glowing 
orb there with homing attacks to disable the dragon momentarily. Then climb up 
the back of the dragon and use the homing attack to bounce from cube to cube 
until you reach Zavok and can hit him. Repeat the process a couple of more 
times to defeat Zavok for now.

If you played the Zone ? level in the Tropical Coast, then you know what to 
expect here. Basically, hold in the jump button to cause Sonic to descend, 
otherwise he will always be floating to the top of the screen. Avoid the 
obstacles as much as possible.

For the most part, this is very straight-forward. The only thing to really keep
in mind is the large robot encountered near the end. This robot will fire 
multiple red missiles. Roll into the missiles to cause them to fly back into 
the robot and damage it.

A mixture of side-scrolling and 3D for this zone. You will need to have 
collected at least 4,000 animals to unlock this zone. Zavok will be the boss 
at the end of zone, of course.

Zavok will once again be utilizing his Dragonzord thing. At first, he will 
attempt to punch Sonic repeatedly, followed by a Falcon Punch-like attack. 
Jump over him and then when he throws his arm up to block, perform a kick, 
quickly followed by a homing attack.

Do this enough and Zavok will retreat to the other side of the dragon, breaking
off a section of its body. Jump over to the new section and then stand in the 
space between the cubes. Zavok will cause large blue lasers to shoot out of the
cubes, so it is certainly within Sonic's best interest if those blasts were 
avoided, eh?

Repeat the process from before:  dodge, kick, homing attack. Then Zavok will 
retreat again, this time breaking off TWO sections of the dragon and doing 
the laser attack again. Now when you reach the head of the dragon, the goal 
is to keep doing the kick/homing attack combo until he is near the edge of 
the head. He will start wobbling, and at that point you need to build up a 
powerful homing attack (multiple lock-on rings, remember) and then perform 
that after the kick to knock him off the dragon's head.


This entire zone takes place on a single sphere and sees return battles against
Zazz, Zomom, and Master Zik. The first Zeti to fight is Zazz, and he is also 
the easiest. Build up the homing attack and smash into him a couple of times 
to defeat him.

Zomom will come next. Avoid the volcanic rocks that hit the sphere and start 
rolling around on it. Zomom will spin around and try to smash Sonic as well. 
Wait for him to be spinning, build up a homing attack, and then hit him at 
full power.

Do this twice, and then master Zik will be up. Stay right near Master Zik 
when he lands because all the other parts of the sphere will crumble away into 
lava. Hit Zik a couple of times with a fully charged homing attack to complete 
the first zone here.

On-rails again. This is stage can be quite tough. It's like the previous 
rail stages on crack. This zone doesn't do anything new really except for 
adding fast and slow rails. Green rails are fast and red rails are slow. 
You need to use the red rails to slow Sonic down because there are multiple 
areas in the zone where there are slowly opening gates and if Sonic hits the 
gate before it is completely open, then he'll lose a life. These gates can 
be jumped through, but the red rails certainly make the process much easier.

This level mixes 2D and 3D. The first segment is 3D, and then the second 
segment is 2D. For the first segment, you'll need to use the green wisp. The 
green wisp allows you to hover to create across gaps and reach higher areas 
that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The 2D section features rising lava. Take your time though, because the lava 
will just rise faster the faster that you go. At the top of this area will be 
a boss fight against Zeena. The two of you battle on a teeter-totter with 
spikes hanging from the ceiling above. Damage her with charged homing attacks 
to continue to another 3D section, followed by another 2D section with more 
rising lava.

At the top of this area is Zor. Avoid his attacks as you work your way to the 
top of the area. Do not bother to attack Zor as that will just wind up with 
Sonic taking damage. At the very top of the stage is a switch that needs to be 
pulled to defeat Zor. Pull the switch and the foundation that Zor is standing 
on will crumble and he will fall into the lava below.

Once again, there is another 3D section followed by another 2D section. At the 
end of that is another fight against Zavok. Zavok will attempt to smash 
explosive cubes on Sonic and also shoots fireballs at him. Jump over the 
fireballs and avoid the cubes. When Zavok is on the same ground as Sonic, 
hit him with charge homing attacks when he is charging up his charging attack. 
You can tell when he is charging his rushing attack because he will be crouched
on the ground.

This does not end the fight with Zavok. He will grow giant size and chase 
Sonic up the level like the lava. Use the homing attack on the explosive cubes 
to send them flying into Zavok, which will damage him. Keep doing this until 
Zavok is destroyed.

5,000 animals need saved to unlock this zone.

Final boss time. The battle with Eggman is fairly simple. Avoid his attacks 
and then when his robot's leg is exposed, hit it with a homing attack. Then 
use the homing attack to reach the cockpit and attack the cockpit to damage 
Eggman. Hit him with another homing attack after the initial attack to the 
cockpit to continue to the next phase of the fight.

Eggman will then use a variety of attacks on Sonic. First he will shoot laser 
balls in a straight line, so just stand in the middle to avoid them. He will 
then send is robot's arms to try to crush Sonic, so jump to avoid taking 
damage from that. Then repeat the process from earlier with the homing attacks.

Eggman will then speed up his attacks. The laser balls will be much faster and 
he will also spread them out, forcing you to jump over them instead of just 
letting you stand in the middle. He will shoot lasers out of his palms that 
he will very quickly slide across the screen. Avoid the moves just like you 
did before, then do the homing attacks and you will be done.


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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Sonic: Lost World for Wii U!

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