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by Seth0708

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Seth0708

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/11/13

Introduction Time

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! is the second video game based off the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. It was developed by WayForward and released on 14 November 2013 for Sony Playstation 3 and X-Box 360. This was followed by releases on Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and PC on 19 November 2013. It might be considered a marginal sequel to Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! also developed by WayForward, but the two do not reference each other directly.

The game features the voice cast of the show. The graphics seem to be emulating the look of older 16-bit gaming platforms. Gameplay is heavily reminiscent of Gauntlet, in fact the title features four-player co-op play to cement the feeling. There are eight characters to choose from, with at least one more planned as DLC. The story is by series creator Pendleton Ward.

Playable Character Time

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! features nine different playable characters. You begin with Cinnamon Bun, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and Marceline the Vampire. From there you can unlock the Earl of Lemongrab, Flame Princess, Ice King, and Lumpy Space Princess. Finally, Peppermint Butler is available as DLC. Character descriptions and stats can be found below.

Cinnamon Bun

Token Slots2

Cinnamon Bun was one of Princess Bubblegum's servants. He is strong, but has a short attention span. Later in the series he starts working for Flame Princess and helps her overthrow her father. His inate ability is that his dodge will also shove opponents. He has high health and strength, but low focus, making him one of the heavy-hitters style of character.

Cinnamon Bun's imagination attacks are very defensive. His first bar will cause food to drop. His second bar will make him temporarily invincible. His third bar will do the same, only the invincibility will last longer.

Earl of Lemongrab

Token Slots3

The Earl of Lemongrab was one of Princess Bubblegum's experiments, created in her laboratory. He was given a earldom by the Princess, from which he would later seize control of the Candy Kingdom through a legal technicality. He was later fired and has appeared periodically ever since. He is unlocked by clearing floor seventy of the Secret Secret Lab. The Earl can block and reflect projectiles. He also has the highest focus of anyone.

The Earl of Lemongrab has an odd mix of imagination attack abilities. His first bar will heal everyone in the party, making it good for multiplayer especially. His second bar will make him temporarily invincible. His third bar, meanwhile, will damage every enemy on the screen.

Finn the Human

Token Slots3

Finn the Human is central character of the series. He is seemingly the last Human alive in the Land of Ooo, the rest of the species having gone extinct. Finn has average stats, although his inate ability allows him to equip three tokens instead of two like everyone else. Finn is a good choice for starting out with as he and Jake share the spot for balanced character and with his extra token it can help you on the early floors.

Finn the Human's imagination attacks form an odd back-and-forth. His first bar will damage enemies a little. His second bar will turn weaker, and weakened, enemies into food. His third bar goes back to the first and does damage to enemies, only slightly more than a single bar.

Flame Princess

Token Slots1

Flame Princess is the ruler of the Fire Kingdom. She is a somewhat chaotic fire elemental who was imprisoned by her father in a lantern before being freed by Finn, whom she dated for a while. She is unlocked by clearing floor eighty of the Secret Secret Lab.

Flame Princess' imagination attacks are all offense. All three levels will do damage to all enemies on the screen, at increasing amounts for each level of bar.

Ice King

Token Slots2

Ice King is the main antagonist of the early season of the series. He was originally a Human named Simon Petrikov, but bought a cursed crown when he was younger that eventually transformed him into a villainous ice-themed wizard. He is unlocked by clearing floor thirty of the Ice Tunnels dungeon. Ice King's inate ability is that he can freeze enemies. His stats are fairly balanced like Finn and Jake.

Ice King's imagination attacks are somewhat balanced. His first bar will freeze all enemies on the screen. His second bar will make him invicible for a short period of time. His third bar will damage all enemies on the screen.

Jake the Dog

Token Slots2

Jake the Dog is a magical dog and Finn's best friend and adoptive brother in the series. He is Finn's constant companion on their various misadventures. He is also dating Lady Rainicorn and has five children with her. Jake is the second balance character along with Finn. Instead of a boost in tokens, however, Jake's inate ability is that he can stretch his body to get over pits. This allows you to reach areas isolated by pits in the dungeon.

Jake the Dog's imagination attacks provide support roles for the party. His first bar will cause sub-weapons to drop around the screen. His second bar will cure the party of all curses. His third bar will heal everyone in the party.

Lumpy Space Princess

Token Slots2

Lumpy Space Princess is the princess of Lumpy Space. She is a large, purple cloud and is depicted as a self-absorbed teenage "princess," often texting on her phone while doing every day things. She is unlocked by clearing floor ten of the Secret Royal Dungeon. Her inate ability is increased imagination. Lumpy Space Princess can actually get the highest imagination of anyone, so if you rely on those special attacks she may be the way to go.

Lumpy Space Princess' imagination attacks are a mix of support and utility. Her first bar will freeze all enemies in place. Her second bar will cure everyone in the party of all curses. Her third bar will deal damage to all enemies on the screen.

Marceline the Vampire

Token Slots2

Marceline the Vampire is actually a half-demon, half-vampire who is the daughter of the demon lord of the Nightosphere. She began as an adversary of Finn and Jake, but eventually became good friends with them. She is over a thousand years old. Marceline's inate ability is that she can absorb red shots, to gain imagination. She can also safely cross over hazards on the floor by hovering. Her health starts lower than most, but she has higher then average focus.

Marceline the Vampire's imagination attacks are all offense like Flame Princess. Each bar does damage to all enemies on the screen in increasing amounts for each bar consumed in the attack.

Peppermint Butler

Token Slots1

Peppermint Butler is Princess Bubblegum's butler. He is versed in black magic and has a strong connection to Death and the Land of the Dead. He is available as a DLC character slated for late this year.

Walkthrough Time

Begin the game to view the first movie scene. Princess Bubblegum will summon Finn, Jake, Cinnamon Bun, and Marceline. She will explain that the Candy Kingdom has many enemies and that when those enemies are captured she locks them in the dungeon. Unfortunately they seem to be escaping, so she wants you to go inside and figure out what is going on because I DON'T KNOW. This will begin the Tutorial.


Princess Bubblegum will take you to a part of the dungeon where her Banana Guards train. First she will instruct you to move around, so just walk around the room until she is satisfied. Next she will explain attacking, charge attacks, and the thump meter. Defeat the two skeletons she summons with charge attacks to move on.

Next she will cover the imagination meter, special attacks, and sub-weapons. She will offer you some bamboo poles. Pick one up and whack the skeletons a few times until she relents and tells you to just use your regular attacks on them.

Once they are dealt with she will discuss blocks, dodges, and reflecting projectile attacks. Two bubblegum worms will spawn and start spitting at you. You need to time your block to coincide exactly with when it would connect with you to destroy the projectile and move on. She will now move on to inate abilities and stats before ending the tutorial.

Back on the surface Princess Bubblegum will tell you to talk to other people around to possibly increase your stats. You can speak to her at any time to delve into the dungeon. Lastly, she will give you your first quest. You can learn more about quests in the Quest Time section below.

It is not covered in the tutorial, but is worth noting, that pressing select will bring up a map of your current floor. Floor switches will be indicated in red, exits will be indicated by stairs, and your current position will be indicated by a white box. This will become a very helpful feature later in the game.

Candy Castle Grounds

The Candy Castle Grounds function as a base camp for you adventures. The other playable characters you have unlocked will wander around here. You can speak to them to switch to one. Princess Bubblegum is also present and can be spoken to in order to enter the dungeon.

There are also various other characters present who offer quests or upgrades. At the beginning of the game the only people present other than the playable characters are Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Mr. Cupcakes, Neptr, and Muscle Princess. Every ten floors you clear of the main dungeon will add another character to the courtyard.

Lady Rainicorn upgrades your focus. Initially this costs one-hundred treasures. After that the second upgrade costs four-hundred treasures. No one has any more than two upgrades to focus, so that is it. Focus decreases the amount of time it takes to charge a charge attack.

Mr. Cupcake will upgrade your thumps. Initially this costs thiry treasures. After that the second upgrade costs one-hundred and twenty-five treasures. The third upgrade costs three-hundred treasures, which is as high as it goes for any of the characters. Thump increases your health meter by one unit.

Muscle Princess will upgrade your rowdiness. Initially this costs sixty treasures. After that the second upgrade costs two-hundred treasures. The third upgrade costs five-hundred treasures, which is as high as it goes for any of the characters. Rowdiness increases the damage you deal with normal and charged attacks.

Neptyr will upgrade your imagination. Initially this costs one-hundred and seventy-five treasures. After that the second upgrade costs seven-hundred treasures. No one has any more than two upgrades to imagination, so that is it. Imagination increases your special attacks damage that uses the imagination meter to perform.

The treasure chest in the northeast corner contains all your sub-weapons. Even if you do not currently have a sub-weapon there, it will still show you all the sub-weapons you have found in your travels. This makes it easier on you to figure out what you are missing if you are chasing trophies.

When you are ready speak to Princess Bubblegum to go into the dungeon. She will tell you about tokens briefly, but don't worry about them right now. She will also let you know that when you come back out of the dungeon you should spend all your treasure before going back in because she will take whatever you do not spend in taxes. It's the law, so spend everything you can whenever you come out.

Secret Royal Dungeon

Dungeon floors are randomly generated each time you enter. As such this part of the guide is going to provide general information on enemies in each set of ten floors, as well as boss strategies. Every five floors you can leave the dungeon, while on every tenth floor you will find a boss. The subsections below are thus divided into sections of ten.

On non-boss floors your goal is to find the stairs down to the next floor. While some enemies are stationary and begin in place, most enemies will spawn out of enemy generators spread out throughout the floor. As mentioned in the introduction, this is very reminiscent of Gauntlet, so if you have played that you will be right at home here.

Various types of food and treasure can be found on the floor or even drop off enemies. Food heals you as soon as it is picked up, so if you pick it up at full health it will be lost. Treasures come in different shapes and sizes, signifying how much treasure they count for on the surface for costs. You can also find sub-weapons and tokens lying about. For more information on them, see the Sub Weapons and Tokens sections below.

Floors 1-10

Your initial floors start out simple enough. You will begin by encountering skeletons and bubblegum worms on these initial floors. These all behave the same as they did in the tutorial and should not pose much trouble for you. These floors even use the same dungeon motiff as the tutorial level.

Starting on the third floor you will start encountering dive bomber birds. These birds will hover just out of reach and then quickly dive at you. The best way to deal with these enemies is to stay just out of their range, wait for them to dive, and then move in and kill them as they try to fly back.

Starting on the sixth floor you will begin seeing spitting plants. These enemies are stationary and will fire projectiles in either a cross or diagonal pattern. They can alternate or stay the same, so be on the look out for both. They can also regenerate other nearby defeated plants by burrowing roots towards where they were. If you kill one, you need to take out all of them in close proximity quickly to prevent this.

Demon Cat

On the tenth floor is your first boss, the Demon Cat. This creature originally appeared in the episode Dungeon of the series, which funny enough is the name of the trophy for defeating it. He is not impressed by the "one or more adventurers" who challenge him because of his "approximate knowledge of many things."

The Demon Cat has two attacks. It can use an arcing lick attack that will damage anyone positioned in front of it or close to his mouth on either side. He can also fire fireballs from his tail directly behind himself. To avoid both attacks, position yourself to either side of the Demon Cat and strike it once. When he spins, he will perform one of his attacks. If you strike once and start moving you can keep on the side of him the whole fight and chip him down without taking a hit.

Once the Demon Cat is defeated a short scene will play and you will be sent topside. Completing these floors will free Choose Goose and add him to the main courtyard. He can be found in the northwest corner there. Choose Goose sells various items such as tokens, food, and sub-weapons. He sells some exclusive stuff too, although once bought it will be added to the dungeon item drop pool.

Floors 11-20

These floors have the same dark dungeon motiff as the last ten and many of the same enemies. New to this floor are the Faeries. These enemies fly around like the birds, but instead of diving at you they will fire projectiles directly at your position. These projectiles are the same as the bubblegum worms, so just treat them like a mobile version of that enemy.

Locked exits will start appearing at this point as well. These exits require a key to open to continue. But what if you don't have a key? If you don't have one, stand on the locked exit for a few seconds. Key-per should spawn on the screen. Pick him up to gain a key for the exit.

Hug Wolves and dynamite sticks will start appearing starting on floor sixteen. Hug Wolves will charge directly at you when you pass in front of their field of vision. If they get you, you will be damaged and receive the hug curse. Dynamite sticks charge the same, but when you defeat one it will begin to flash before exploding. The explosion sends eight projectiles out in the four cardinal and four diagonal directions, so get away from them once one goes down.

Also starting with floor sixteen, upside-down ice cream guys will appear on floors with water. These enemies will emerge from watery pits and fire projectiles at you. They are stationary while firing and will not leave the water. They behave much as Zoras do in the original Legend of Zelda. You can either avoid them or strike them as they are above the surface of the water to defeat them.

Stampeding Prisoners

On floor twenty you will face a ravenous mob of prisoners. Simply winning this encounter is fairly easy, but there is treasure scattered all around and you will likely wish to snag as much of it as you can. Just don't get too greedy and get killed.

The prisoners form three sections in the upper, middle, and lower portions of the screen. They will charge to the right, forcing you to keep moving right as well to avoid them. Sometimes one of these three quadrants will surge forward faster than the others. If you get caught in a surge of prisoners, you will take one hit to your health and respawn a little ways back in the encounter. Your goal is to reach the bubblegum bridge at the end, sending the prisoners careening off a cliff.

There are various traps and switches in your path. Switches will either deactivate electrical forcefields in your way or spring traps. Traps can be either movement-impeding gunk on the ground or curses with negative status ailments. There is also treasure everywhere, so grab as much as you can as you go, just don't get caught.

At the end of the line you will enter an icy section of the dungeon and find Tree Trunks hiding there. You will take her back to the surface where she will become a questgiver like Princess Bubblegum. Her quests require slightly more effort than Princess Bubblegum's.

Ice Tunnels

These floors have an ice motiff to them. This means plenty of slipping and sliding, as one might expect. Dark blue patches on the ground indicate ice that will cause you to slide all over, so try to avoid them. Your old friends the skeletons, Faeries, Hug Wolves, dynamite sitcks, plants, and bubblegum worms are back as well. The bubblegum worms also have a small upgrade in that they can now burrow and move around between firing shots.

Floors 21-30

Reindeer are a new enemy beginning on floor twenty-one. These enemies dash around seemingly randomly, crashing into anything in their way. They take a fair amount of hits, but cannot change direction once they start dashing. They are momentarily stunned when they crash into something, so wait for them to do so and then move in for the kill.

You will also begin running into exploding treasure chests on this floor. These chests simply explode when you try to open them instead of giving up treasure. This seems to be random, but you can avoid the explosion by moving away quickly enough. Any time you open a chest, hold away from it as the animation to open it begins and you should get out of the way if it does explode.

This set of floors also can have timed floors. Timed floors come in two types: monster and treasure. On monster floors you have to survive until the timer runs out, while on treasure floors you have until the timer runs out to grab as much treasure as you can. Oddly treasure floors still have exits, but you will move on to the next floor with all the treasure you grab even if you don't use them, so don't bother looking for or racing to them.

Starting on floor twenty-six you will start to encounter piglet foes. These pigs have a projectile attack that is significantly larger than previous enemies. It is a large gust of wind that they will aim directly at you. Try to approach one at an angle and quickly finish it off before it can fire. Avoid large groups of them if you can.

Ice King, Fionna, and Cake

This fight is a little misleading. Your initial reaction is probably to try and attack the Ice King. This will result in him dropping various food items and, eventually, some unique dialogue. All of this would seem to suggest this is what you want to do, but it is not.

Instead your real goal is the giant Fionna ice robot. Destroying her will clear the encounter. Unfortunately she hits pretty hard and has two friends with her. Ice King, for his part, flies around shooting ice projectiles at you. These are usually pretty easy to avoid since he tries to stay away from you.

Cake, meanwhile, will charge at you and either try to hit you with an ice mace or perform a spinning attack. You want to damage Cake because after a few hits he will shut down. This will prompt Fionna to run in and repair him, opening her up to attack. Disabling Cake and then attacking Fionna as she repairs him should take her down in about three cycles. If you get low on health, go smack Ice King to make him cough up an ice cream to heal with.

Clearing the thirtieth floor will unlock Ice King for play. He is found hovering around the southeast corner of the courtyard in the Candy Castle Grounds. You can also turn in the quest to find him from Princess Bubblegum if you have it for twenty-five treasures.

Floors 31-40

Beginning with floor thirty-one you will start encountering electric eels. These beasties fly around, but if they spot you they will coil up and electrify their bodies. They then begin bouncing around the screen, hurting anyone they touch. Sneak up behind them or, if they are already on a rampage, wait until they stop bouncing and then move in for the kill.

Also beginning on this floor are chest enemies. These enemies look like chests until you try to use them, at which point they attack. Holding away as you try to pick them up works just like it does for chests with traps. These enemies seem to be invincible, so don't keep fighting them thinking they will turn into something cool.

On floor thirty-six you can start encountering the diving birds again, but they are a little different this time. Now when you strike one for the first time, it will split into two birds. They won't split again after that, but it does mean you need to make sure you can combo them down before you start attacking.

These floors are also where you can start encountering Death. Linger too long on a floor and he will appear and try to attack you. He takes off three thumps and is very difficult, so watch out. He will continue to chase you if he appears until you get to the exit. If you are trying to defeat him, please skip down to the Starchy's Quests section.

Gunter's Love Child

On the fortieth floor you will find Gunter making bacon pancakes. She also has her kitten love child with her who is going berserk. The psychic kitten will fly around the arena shooting psychic waves (which look like those fired by the piglets) at you.

You need to bat the various penguins hanging about at the kitten. When you connect with one, the kitten will start playing with it like a yarn ball. This is damaging the boss. Do this a few times to make the kitten fall asleep and win. Do not try to approach the kitten and hit it as this will hurt you. You can also eat the bacon pancakes on the floor for some health.

Defeating Gunter's offspring will unlock Princess Bubblegum's final quest, but sadly does not do anything else. Next stop is the Ancient Ruins series of floors.

Ancient Ruins

These sets of floors have an "ancient ruins" motiff, at least for the Adventure Time universe. How that works out here is that the ruins date to before the Mushroom War, so they look like a modern ruined city. You will start seeing a lot more switches here then in previous floors. Step on these at your own discretion.

Floors 41-50

No new enemies or hazards show up until floor forty-six. Here you will start encountering lub glubs. These enemies behave similiarly to the piglets in that they wander around firing projectiles at you. Their projectiles, however, are exploding ducks. These will hurt you if they touch you while moving, but if they do not hit you they will eventually stop and explode after a few seconds. These bomb ducks can be attacked, but it is usually better to just avoid them.


On floor fifty you will find Susan Strong. She will explain to you that the other Hyoomans are hiding in the shadows. Unfortunately there are Gloops hiding out there too. This encounter requires you to listen to sounds, so you may have to turn the audio up.

In the darkened corridors of this area you will see various eyes peering out of black clouds. You can walk through this without getting hurt. The option to tickle them will pop up while you are standing on one. If you tickle a Gloop you will take damage, while if you tickle a Hyooman you will break the shadows around them.

When you walk on one of these shadows they will make a sound. Gloops make a grunting noise. Female Hyoomans make a squeeling sound, but unfortunately male Hyoomans make a slightly different grunt than Gloops. Which type you get is random. It is really annoying getting male Hyoomans because the sound they make is not very distinct from the Gloops.

Once you tickle a Hyooman you need to escort it back to Susan. If you get too far ahead it will disappear back into the shadows. Likewise if you get close to a shadow the Gloop inside will emerge and you will need to kill it. Gloops have a melee and a projectile attack, but if attacked quickly you can defeat one before it can do anything.

When you rescue three Hyoomans the Gloops will begin swarming. Fighting them in the open is a bad idea because you cannot hide from the ones in the back that fire projectiles. Instead lure them through the various corridors of the room. Duck around corners and whack the ones in front as they approach. After a couple hits, run to the next corner before they start firing. Repeat this until you clear them all out.

Once you clear floor fifty you will return to the surface. Susan Strong will now be here. She offers quests like Tree Trunks and Princess Bubblegum. She will initially offer you a collecting quest, so go ahead and pick it up. Turn in Princess Bubblegum's quest as well and get her next one.

Floors 51-60

An annoying new enemy makes his first appearance starting on floor fifty-one. The Magic Man will teleport around and fire large projectiles at you. If these connect they will put a random curse on you, so watch out. He takes a lot of hits to kill, but if you do kill him he will drop two gold bars worth ten treasures.

Beginning with floor fifty-six large flame guards. These enemies only have a melee attack, but have the advantage of taking no damage when attacked from the front. Hit them from the side or back instead. You will also start seeing pig chefs on these last floors. These enemies are identical to the piglets save they can teleport like the Magic Man. They wear French chef hats to tell them apart from the other pig enemies.

Goliad and Stormo

Goliad and Stormo are locked in an epic mind battle when you arrive on floor sixty. You can't interact with them, so just stay away. A timer with one-hundred and twenty seconds will appear at the top of the screen. Your goal is to survive until it reaches zero.

The encounter will begin with waves of psychic energy emitting from the two. Openings will be present and you need to move through these to avoid being hit. Stay toward the bottom of the screen to make this easier. This will be mixed with bullet storms like something out of R-Type. Dodge as best you can.

Every thirty seconds the two will be blown back to the side walls and white energy will emit from the two. Run to one of the lower corners and hunker there to avoid being hit. A Lub Glub and a dynamite stick will spawn at the same time. You will need to deal with these two, but don't get hit by the white beams doing so. The dynamite stick will usually come to you, so defeat it when it arrives and save the Lub Glub for after the phase.

These phases repeat until time runs out. Sometimes a phase will be accompanied by a bunch of boulders. These leave shadows on the ground, so you can see them coming; just step out of the shadow. When time reaches zero, you win.

With the boss encounter cleared you will rescue Mr. Pig and have access to his quests. You should earn The Ultimate Party Dip during these floors as well. Molasses is the last consumable you should need at this point and it can start dropping from chests or be on the ground at this point. Regardless, you will now have access to the Secret Secret Lab floors.

Secret Secret Lab

This set of floors has a green-tinted lab motiff to it. Imagine something out of the "science gone mad" style of films from the 1960s and you will have an idea of what it looks like. This is also where you will start to see gold bars lying around in greater numbers, making some of those higher upgrades an actual possibility now.

Floors 61-70

With floor sixty-one you will start encountering furry hunchbacks. These enemies hop around and will attack when close to you. They perform a fire area-of-effect attack around them, so they can hit you even if they are not facing directly at you. You need to be quick when attacking them as soon as they get in range to avoid being hit by this attack of theirs.

The only new threats on floor sixty-six are that bubblegum worms now spew three projectiles instead of just one. This is the first floor where you can find BMO, who drops food randomly, but is also the final familiar for All the Little People.

Lemongrab and Lemongrab II

On floor seventy you will face a weird boss encounter. Lemongrab has a bubblegum apendage hanging off his left side causing him great distress. Being the jerk he is though, he and his cohorts will attack you instead of trying to get rid of it.

Lemongrab II will come at you, so smack him a bit until he becomes stunned. As this is gong on, lemon drops will flood the room. Stay away from Lemongrab and his huge appendage and just kill any lemon drops that come near you. After a short time, the large vent in the northeast will activate and suck everything in. Run to avoid being sucked in.

Lemongrab II will become active again at this point. Repeat the above two more times and the machine will explode, stunning Lemongrab. At this point you want to approach his appendage and wail on it. You should destroy it even with a regular weapon at this point and win the encounter. Trying to attack the appendage before the machine explodes is futile and will not do damage, so don't even worry about it until then.

Defeating the two Lemongrabs will unlock the Earl of Lemongrab for play. It will also unlock the Nightosphere in the northwest corner of the courtyard. For more information on this dungeon, see the Nightosphere section below. For information on the main dungeon's next floors, just continue reading.

Floors 71-75

Your old Skeleton friends will be back starting on floor seventy-one. They now have a new attack where they swing their shackles around themselves, damaging anyone on any side of them. The Flame Guards have a new ability as well: they leave a flaming trail that will hurt you if you step on it behind them as they walk.

Gum Lab

For whatever reason the Secret Secret Lab ends at floor seventy-five and the Gum Lab begins at floor seventy-six. The two have basically the same motiff, with the addition of gum on the floor and walls in the latter.

Floor 76-90

The only new hazards you will see are the aforementioned gum; touching it will slow your movements and "stick" to you, pulling you back towards it if you stop moving, until you make sufficient distance from it. These floors are also the first opporunity to finish Fruit Salad Days if you have picked up every type of food up to here.

Prison Machine

The boss on floor eighty is actually a breath of relief. Flame Princess is trapped inside a large generator. The generator is in the center of the room and will spin, damaging anyone down there with it. Various lights dot the upper floor. Smashing the lights that are lit will stop the generator while it affects repairs. Run down and start beating on it to damage it.

Once repairs are done it will start winding up. Run back up before this happens and start smashing the lights again. Lub Glubs will spawn up top and sometimes drop food when defeated. Avoid or defeat them while smashing the lights. When the generator stops again, run back down and hit it some more. Hug Wolves will spawn down with you, but they are not that much of a threat. This entire process will repeat until you destroy the machine, which shouldn't take more than two or three cycles.

Clearing floor eighty will unlock the Flame Princess for play. This is your last playable character in the base game. Starting with floor eighty-one you will start seeing purple Faeries. These variations of the Fairy have their standard projectile, but also have a charged projectile that is bigger and does twice the damage.

There isn't really much new on the next ten floors. The pig enemies will soon have top hats, meaning they take more hits to defeat, but not much else. You should be able to get Crystals Have Power if you got the two tokens from the Nightosphere once you hit floor eighty-six as the last main dungeon token will start appearing in chests there.

Gumball Guardians

On floor ninety Princess Bubblegum will appear and tell you that the dungeon is cleared. She will make you promise not to mess with her desk in the back of the lab. You have to make this promise and then you have to mess with her stuff to move on.

Doing so will activate the Gumball Guardians. These two float around the edge of the platform and have three attacks. Their first attack is to shoot lasers in a zig-zagging pattern on the floor. Their second attack is to fire an ice ball that will put a slippery patch on the ground. Their third attack is to fire an assortment of gumballs at you that damage you on impact.

The Gumball Guardians will weave back and forth along the edge, usually one close to the edge and one far away. Focus on the one close so you can melee it. They have seperate health, so you one will be defeated before the other making the encounter easier. Dodge their attacks and just keep thumping on them.

Once both are defeated they will summon a chalkboard, three buttons, and two ice cream cones. The ice cream will heal you, so use it if you need it. A math problem will appear on the board that is really difficult. The buttons move the numbers to try and solve it. You can't really solve it, but hanging towards the top and hitting the buttons while you dodge them seems to move the phase along quicker.

The Gumball Guardians will be aligned across from each other on either side of the platform. They will spew fire and move up and down. They are spaced so you can dodge these by moving side to side between them. Do this and hit the buttons when you can. Eventually they will proclaim that a "better" math problem is available and put a simple addition problem on the board. This one you can solve. Hit the buttons to make the answer appear and the boss will be defeated.

Clearing floor ninety will rescue Starchy. This is your last questgiver. You can complete his quests in rapid succession if you have the appropriate sub- weapons once you get his missing broom. This can be found in random chests in the Gum Lab. Once that is knocked out, you should be able to get every sub-weapon and unlock What Was Missing.

Gum Hive

You are now in the home stretch. This last set of floors has a pink bubblegum motiff to it. This makes it look semi-organic almost. Although this does offer a change in look, there aren't any new hazards or enemies to be found.

Floors 91-100

While there isn't anything new per se to encounter on these floors, this is a good place to grind out your remaining upgrades. Running floor ninety-one to ninety-five is probably the best place for this. The difficulty here is also a good way to prepare for the Nightosphere as they are about the same, but there are more treasures in the Gum Hive.

Bubblegum's Dark Secret

The final boss has some spoiler goodness for the lore of the series, so I won't go into what it is exactly, but I will provide a strategy for defeating it. This fight has three phases. I strongly recommend you use Speedy Feet and Bubble Soap tokens for this fight as the floor will be repeatedly covered in gum hazards and you need to be able to move very quickly.

Phase one begins right away and sees the boss spawning skeleton generators and bubblegum tentacles. You damage the boss by hitting it in its large face. The enemies can be a nuisance, but if you have Speedy Feet you should be able to dodge their projectiles and largely ignore them. The boss itself will routinely drop gum hazards on the floor that will become overwhelming unless you have Bubble Soap, in which case you don't need to worry about them at all.

Periodically during this phase the boss will send two long tentacles down both sides of the screen. Watch to see which one starts to twitch first and run to the opposite side of the arena. The tentacle will whip up to the face of the boss and disappear. Quickly dash to the other side as the second tentacle will follow suit after the first.

When the face has taken enough damage the boss will extend a thick gum strand down the center of the screen, trapping you on either the left or the right side. At this point you only need to worry about the skeletons on your side, and not on the other, but beware the bubblegum tentacles can still fire at you through the central gum wall if they are close enough.

This is the start of phase two. The boss will extend small hands out of this central gum wall. After a moment these hands will shoot completely out and damage anyone in the way. Move up on the face of the boss and keep hitting it. When the hands appear next to you, dash towards the bottom of the screen to dodge them. This should prompt them to appear just below the top position, allowing you back in to hit the face some more. Repeat this until you clear this phase.

Phase three will begin with the boss knocking you to the bottom of the room and creating a green shield in front of itself. Enemies will continue to spawn during this phase and you should focus on them. Your goal here is to build up your imagination bar so you can use an imagination ability. It does not matter which one you use. As soon as you use such an ability, the shield will shatter and the heart of the boss will be exposed. Run up to it and hug it by pressing the action button when prompted. Doing this will cause the boss to knock you back again and regenerate the shield. Repeat this process two more times to defeat the boss.

Congratulations you have cleared the main game! If you are feeling up to it, finish out any quests you still have left, upgrade your stats, and head over to the Nightosphere for some post-game content. The section below details what can be found in there and how to play all of the games BMO has to offer.


The Nightosphere is unlocked after clearing floor seventy. It features a constant stream of floors for as long as you wish to go. Every five floors you will fight a boss and can then leave if you wish. These floors are very difficult, harder than the main dungeon, so I would recommend finishing the main dungeon and maxing out your stats before coming here.

Every fifth floor you will fight a boss battle. These are harder versions of the regular bosses in the main game, although the battles play out much the same. For example, the Gloop encounter requires you to find more Hyoomans and has more Gloops, while the Gunter's Love Child encounter requires you to bat more penguins at the kitten and it is more aggressive in attacking. The basic strategies to these bosses all still hold true, you just have to be more careful when fighting them.

There isn't much to say about the Nightosphere Trophies. They are quite difficult and require you to clear fifteen, twenty-five, and fifty floors in one go. This difficulty is compounded by the frequent crashes when loading floors. All I can really say is don't bother trying until you max your stats and make good use of tokens like Zeldron's Armor to maximize your survivability.

BMO Cartridges

There are a number of collectibles to be found in the Nightosphere. There are two tokens that can only be found here (see Tokens below). Three of the four BMO games are also found here. These can be found in random chests. It does not matter what floor you are on; all of them can be found on floor one at times, it is just random. The BMO carts seem to be more common than the tokens, for what it is worth. The games themselves are very simple, reminiscent of second generation titles.

Conversation Parade 2 is the game you receive from Princess Bubblegum. This game starts out seeming like a choose-your-own adventure. The setting is a brunch conversation between a male and a female coworker. The male will say something and you can pick from one of two responses. Picking different choices will result in different responses in turn, but eventually topics will cycle and there is no "end game" to the conversation.

Adventure Master Duo is a primitive fighting game. You play as Abraham Lincoln battling another Abraham Lincoln. You can punch, kick, and shoot a fireball. Your goal is to defeat the other Lincoln before he defeats you. Doing so will award you a point, while losing awards the other Lincoln a point. There is no blocking, so don't bother holding back to avoid attacks. To shoot a fireball, perform a quarter circle forward (down to forward on the directional pad) and press the punch button.

Heat Signature puts you in control of a submarine. Debris and oxygen tanks float in from either side of the screen. You need to collect oxygen tanks to keep your oxygen meter at the bottom of the screen going while avoiding the debris. Hitting a piece of debris or running out of oxygen will result in a game over. One point is awarded for each oxygen tank you collect.

Super Best Bros. has you control either Finn or Jake. You stand on a bridge while apples and knives fall from the sky. Touching an apple awards one-hundred points, while touching a knife will kill you. Your goal is simply to try and get as many points as possible without dying.

Quest Time

Quests are offered by five different characters found in the Candy Castle Grounds. Initially only Princess Bubblegum is present, but through the course of clearing the Secret Royal Dungeon you will rescue four more questgivers. There is a trophy for completing all quests for each of these five. Their quests are detailed below:

Princess Bubblegum Quests

Worth Your WhileCollect 10 treasures.10 treasures.
Collect 2 sub-weapons.Cone O' 9 Flavors.
Spend 50 treasures.2 keys.
Stop the Prison BreakClear Floor 20.Speedy Feet.
Locate the Ice KingClear Floor 30.25 treasures.
Protect the Hyoomans!Clear Floor 50.Candy Seeds.
Psychic DisturbanceClear Floor 60.50 treasures.
Forget About the DungeonClear Nightosphere Floor 5.Lollipops.
Foreign PolicyDefeat 1 Magic Man.Conversation Parade 2.

Princess Bubblegum's quests are the most straightforward. The first three you will probably complete on your first trip to the dungeon. Even though you can only get the quests in order, if you have completed the requirements for a quest before receiving it you will automatically complete it when you do get it. These quests come one after the other until you complete Locate the Ice King. Once you do, you won't get the next quest until clear floor forty. The next three come in sequence, but you won't get the last quest until you clear floor one-hundred. At that point you have no doubt killed a lot of Magic Men, so go back in and get one to get the fourth BMO cartridge and finish Princess Bubblegum's quests.

Tree Trunks' Quests

Hug in Wolf's ClothingDefeat 5 Hug Wolves.Booties.
Delicious PieCollect 1 Crystal Apple.Delicious Pie.
Dangerous DaggerCollect 1 Cursed Sword.Flame Chucks.
Find Mr. PigClear Floor 60.Thumps Coupon.
Baked GoodsCollect 1 Bread Shot.Croissant Wave.

Tree Trunks is rescued at the end of floor twenty. Her first quest is just to kill five Hug Wolves, which is simple enough, but afterwards begins offering collecting quests. Crystal Apples can appear in any chest in the Ice Tunnels (floors twenty-one to forty). Cused Swords can be found scattered on the floor in the Ancient Ruins (floors forty-one to sixty). After that you need to clear floor sixty and then collect a Bread Shot to finish off her quests.

Susan Strong's Quests

Hat TrickCollect 1 Kitten GunCatling Gun
NostalgiaCollect 1 Marshmellow.Rowdiness Coupon.
BeautificationDefeat 10 Lub Glubs.Metal Detector.
Find Sweet Little ManClear Floor 90.100 treasures.
Weapon UpgradeCollect 1 Bamboo Pole.Shark Sword.

Susan Strong is rescued by clearing floor fifty. Her first quest is to give her a Kitten Gun. Her second quest is to find a Marshmellow. These can be found in random chests in the Ancient Ruins (floors forty-one to sixty). Lub Glubs appear in the Ancient Ruins. From there you are waiting until you clear floor ninety to move on.

Mr. Pig's Quests

Scrambled EggsCollect 1 Over Easy.Egg Drop.
Feartastic JourneyClear Floor 70.Imagination Coupon.
TypecastingCollect 1 Magic Wand.Chery Blossom Wand.
Sweet SilenceDefeat 50 Birds.Almighty Key.
Strategy GuideCollect 1 Mind Games.200 treasures.

Mr. Pig is rescued on floor sixty. By the time you get them, you should have access to all the items he wants for his quests. For Sweet Silence you can go back to the Secret Royal Dungeon and just farm birds there if you wish, or you can just work on it naturally as you progress.

Starchy's Quests

Waste RetrievalCollect 1 Broom.Focus Coupon.
Fine DiningCollect 1 Crabs.Scorpions.
Fuzzy FavorCollect 1 Kitten Gun.Caturday Cannon.
Take Out the TrashDefeat 50 Nightosphere generators.Nightosphere Amulet.
The Impossible DreamDefeat 1 Death.Heart Sweater.

Starchy is rescued on floor ninety. The broom for Waste Retrieval drops form a random chest in the Gum Lab. The enemy generators for Take Out the Trash have to be ones in the Nightosphere; ones in the main dungeon do not count. Defeating Death for The Impossible Dream is very difficult. Death spawns if you spend too much time on a dungeon floor and kill most of the enemies. He does three thumps of damage whenever you are in melee range. You need to use a ranged character like Ice King and shoot Death from afar. This is going to take a long time and you will still need to dodge his bones. Keep at it though and he will eventually fall.

Sub Weapons

The sub-weapons in this chart are organized in the order they appear in the sub-weapon chest in the Candy Castle Grounds, left to right, top to bottom. This should make it easier for you to find any weapons you are missing if you are trying to complete your set for the trophy.

NameInitial LocationDescription
Bamboo PoleTutorialPretty useless, really!
BananarangFloor 56 (Ruins)A bunch of rangs for ranging.
Big AxeFloor 46 (Ruins)A sturdy blade of considerable size.
Bread ShotChoose Goose ShopShoots gluten in every direction.
Candy Cane GunFloor 51 (Ruins)Standard issue Candy Kingdom ordinance.
Cone O' 9 FlavorsFloor 16 (Royal)A slow-churned whip.
Catling GunSusan StrongA rapid-fire meowchinegun.
Caturday CannonStarchyCelebrate with exploding colors.
Cherry Blossom WandMr. PigFire through walls - magic!
CrabsFloor 21 (Ice)A sea snapper, sized for slinging.
Croissant WaveTree TrunksBrunch has your back.
Cursed SwordFloor 41 (Ruins)Curses all who equip it.
Egg DropMr. PigTactical yolk-based ballistics.
Fire HoseFloor 36 (Ice)As advertised.
Flame ChucksTree TrunksA fire ninja's favorite weapon.
Goblin WhipFloor 31 (Ice)Grab a Goblin, swing it round...
Hero's GauntletFloor 41 (Ruins)Throw a heroic punch.
Homing BeesChoose GooseKnow exactly where to bee.
Ice StarFloor 31 (Ice)Sweet frost ninja gear.
Ice SwordFloor 21 (Ice)Finely frozen blade.
Jake's SwordChoose Goose ShopShort but strong -- like Jake!
Kitten GunFloor 1 (Royal)Fires cat-shaped projectiles.
Magic WandFloor 26 (Ice)A fine display of wizard potency.
Neptr ArmFloor 66 (Lab)Throw pies.
Over EasyFloor 1 (Royal)Handy little egg grenades.
Poot NewtFloor 21 (Ice)Point it away and stand back.
Sack of ButterFloor 46 (Ruins)Slicks the ground where it lands.
ScorpionsStarchyCreepy crawlies kids can't catch.
Shark SwordSusan StrongRepeatedly bites its target.
Treasure BagFloor 51 (Ruins)Sometimes coins fall out.