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How do I get to the Arena Request? 1 2 years ago
Where Do I Get a Soothing Pack? 1 3 years ago
Where is the Stunted Stuntsman? 1 3 years ago
Looking for performa in a treasure chest *Chapter 6 Spoilers*? 1 3 years ago
What's the easiest way to obtain detrius? 1 2 years ago
What do I do to get Raging blast for Itsuki? 1 3 years ago
Mannequin puzzle in 106 basement? 1 3 years ago
Whats the pattern for the block puzzle in Chapter 6? 1 3 years ago
Tezuma last request? 2 3 years ago
where to buy Tome Item ??? 2 3 years ago
Where is Anigoe? 1 3 years ago
Where can I find Blackscale Force? 1 3 years ago
What was the name of the movie you see with Ellie? 4 3 years ago
Where is Elenora in the side quest "Read, Chat, Fall in Love" ? 1 3 years ago
Where do you trade the items you get from Salvage enemies? 1 3 years ago
Arena mirage location? 1 3 years ago
What is Destined Glory from Illusory Urahara Battle Arena? 2 3 years ago
Where can i find cultist's zeal? 1 3 years ago
Coffee and Doughnuts? 1 3 years ago
Where is the best place to get 3-Star Prestige? 2 3 years ago
Where can I find Master Seals? 2 3 years ago
What material do i need for for tsubasas Kartikeya? its the one that gives her agidyne and javelin rain 2 3 years ago
Are sidequest missable? 2 3 years ago
Tezuka request?(business man in harajuku) 1 3 years ago
When is the (Master Seal) item available to purchase? 1 3 years ago
Where is Illusory Obsidian for the Golden Child/Monster side quest? 1 3 years ago
What quest gives Locktouch as a reward? 1 3 years ago
Need Tsubasa's Obelisk material list. Is naruto real? (question mark tax) 1 3 years ago

Plot / Story Questions Answers Last Answer
Do side stories expire? 1 3 years ago

Tech Support / Troubleshooting Answers Last Answer
how do you redeem the codes? 1 1 year ago
Wii U region help? 1 1 year ago
Where can I purchase the DLC? 1 2 years ago
Game forces bad sessions? 1 2 years ago