Second phase of final boss fight, how do I resist attacks?

  1. Alright. I have been going up against this guy and it just seems ridiculous that he has an attack that can simply kill all of my characters at once. My characters are all at level 61. I am using Itsuki, Tsubasa and Yashiro. All my attacks are strong as heck, but it hardly makes a difference. How do I win?

    User Info: DarionLegacy

    DarionLegacy - 2 years ago

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  1. For me, i have Itsuki, Mamori and Kiria in the main party.

    *Whenever i can, ill always cast Rakukaja from Itsuki and Dekunda to remove debuff from party. My itsuki also has diarahan for my secondary heal sources. When u have the chance use wrymcide to initiate a session though Medeus will gain more weakness when u drain his health, when this come use the heavy sword damage.

    *For mamori i mainly use her as a tank, she is taking 80% of my damage with her passive "Shield of Devotion" i literally maxed out her passive. Her passive where she will enter guard stance when attacked is also good. If situation becomes dire, use her Special Performance to full heal or full revive ur party. For damage source use her ice attack to initiate a session.

    *Kiria pretty straightforward use her bufudyne to initiate session, in my case she dealt the most damage to that dragon. When medeus use Dies Irae it all comes to luck wheter she can avoid it or not, not in my case though this where mamori SP becomes God send. I periodically switch her with touma to cast debilitate in order to lower all medeus stats.

    *Always cure the burn effect, Amrita did the trick for me

    *Use Clap Track to recover SP so you can spam Mamori SP

    *If u feel confident with ur damage output, always put mamori on guard

    *If mamori becomes unconscious, immediately cast Naga Blessing from Itsuki and revive mamori with the other.

    *if 2 of ur party is down including mamori, prioritize reviving mamori or try ur luck by initiate a session using wyrmcide and hope that Duo Art for Itsuki n Tsubasa becomes available

    There is an easier way where you can cast Concentrate on Kiria and then cast Naga afterwards, this will not initiate any session but this alone will deal 5k of damage. This will only work if ur kiria has high status of Mag

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  1. Sorry for the late response. Itsuki is gonna be your main unit for dealing damage to Medeus, assuming you have Wyverncide on him. Your other units should be focused on either buffing/debuffing the opponent, Healing, or getting rid of the minion units Medeus summons. It'll be a long battle but this strategy should work.

    User Info: GiddtheDevil

    GiddtheDevil - 2 years ago 0   0

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