How can I get the pictograph of Cyclos after I beat him?

  1. I am on my second quest, and literally just found out about the Nintendo Gallery. I missed Cyclos's picture (I thought I could find him later after I beat him) and now that Miiverse is over, I can't get one in a tingle bottle. What do I do? And what are the other missable figurines?

    User Info: Kidvette2004

    Kidvette2004 - 2 years ago


  1. Unfortunately, in your Second Quest and now that Miiverse is over, I'm afraid there is no way of getting Cyclos's figurine once you've learned the Ballad of Gales. You would have to start a new file in order to complete the gallery with it.

    Sorry about that...I can list off the other figurines that are missable, though, so you can be sure to collect them before they're lost.

    - Helmaroc King, which has to be obtained before you defeat him on your second fortress visit.
    - Phantom & Puppet Ganon, same circumstances for both, just take it before you defeat them in Ganon's Tower.
    - Tetra. (Who also gives you her pirates' figurines.) You need to take hers while escorting her to the basement of Hyrule Castle, or when you meet on Outset Island in the Second Quest.
    - Big Octo, of which there are six scattered across the Great Sea. Just take a picture of one before you've beaten them all.
    - Kogoli. He's a round-eyed Rito NPC who disappears from the game once you start the Earth Temple - you must get his figurine before then.
    - The Wizzrobe miniboss in the Wind Temple.

    User Info: whisperstar13

    whisperstar13 - 2 years ago 0   0
  2. Some additional notes: The Darknuts you face later in the game with capes are counted as unique enemies, and while they aren't missable, it's best for you to take a photo of one before you've killed the ones on the path to Ganon's chamber, since the only remaining ones are something of a pain to get to.

    Also, apart from Helmaroc King and Puppet Ganon, none of the bosses are missable. Four of them can be photographed again when you reface them in Ganon's Tower, and you can go back to the top of the Tower of the Gods and photograph Gohdan's head on the wall to get his. It still counts.

    User Info: whisperstar13

    whisperstar13 - 2 years ago 0   0

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