Review by TopHattedPika

Reviewed: 06/26/14

Mario Kart 8 is a very good Mario Kart game. But it has a few problems

I'll start listing the good points.

*As usual, the mechanics is still awesome, and the games play well. The cars, bikes and ATV's are all suited for whatever kind of driver you are, and drifting works very well. The underwater parts are neat, but have a few minor problems (That we will see later). All flying and anti gravitational parts are fun, easy and fairly useful.

*The items SELECTION is very good. This game removed the worst items in the series, that were the Fake Item Box (That couldn't defend from other items and was very mean), the Thunder Cloud (There isn't anyone who liked that) and good for some and bad for others the Giant Mushroom, which I found rather useless in the last game and its cut didn't bother me. The new items suit well, as the boomerang innovates but keep tradition, the Wonder 8 (Whatever it is called) is pretty much the Lucky 7 with a coin, and Super Horn works well enough.

*All the courses are amazing, very innovative and fun to play. The retro ones are fun to play, and a cool Nostalgia hit. Some feel like new, like Donut Plains 3. The best new ones are Sunshine Airplane, Electrodome and Shy Guy Falls.

*I'm destining this point to make sure everyone knows this: THERE ARE TWO RAINBOW ROADS, one of them that feels like 'The 100''s Arch, and the other one that is a nostalgia hit, but innovates being one-way only.

*I could keep telling you that the soundtrack is great, the cars customizations is nice, highlights work well and all stuff, but I'll use this point to tell you that THE ONLINE IS SO GOOD

Now for a few bad points I found.

*The character selection. It brings back a few good characters that weren't in MK7, but IT CUT DIDDY KONG, DRY BONES AND BIRDO, veterans, and adds disgusting characters like ANOTHER BABY, the useless Baby Rosalina, a Metallic Princess Peach (as we needed one) and not one or two, but ALL THE KOOPALINGS. Yes, not just Ludwig, Roy and Lemmy as everyone wanted it. It has WENDY KOOPA on it.

*How the items are displayed. I mean, in Mario Kart Wii this was so refined, why not know? I got a Wonder 8 in Third place and a triple mushroom in 11th. Why?

* NO MAP IN THE MAIN SCREEN! Hope to get the Gamepad! If you get a wii-mote, you will get really prejudiced.

That is all. A very good game, but with minor problems that very well could ruin your experience. I recommend you to buy iy if the last three points don't really bother you.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mario Kart 8 (US, 05/30/14)

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