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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 12/11/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2016

Table of Contents

  1. Version History
  2. Introduction
  3. Power Badges
  4. World 1
    1. World 1-1 — Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!
    2. World 1-2 — Bounceabout Woods
    3. World 1-3 — Sponge Cave Spelunking
    4. World 1-4 — Big Montgomery's Fort
    5. World 1-5 — Knitty-Knotty Windmill Hill
    6. World 1-6 — Shy but Deadly
    7. World 1-7 — Clawdaddy Beach
    8. World 1-8 — Burt the Bashful's Castle
    9. World 1-S — Hang Tongue!
  5. World 2
    1. World 2-1 — Across the Fluttering Dunes
    2. World 2-2 — Duplicitous Delve
    3. World 2-3 — Walk the Chomp to Unwind
    4. World 2-4 — Knot-Wing the Koopa's Fort
    5. World 2-5 — Spiky Stroll
    6. World 2-6 — Lava Scarves and Red-Hot Blarggs
    7. World 2-7 — The Desert Pyramid Beckons!
    8. World 2-8 — Bunson the Hot Dog's Castle
    9. World 2-S — Perils of the Perplexing Pyramid
  6. World 3
    1. World 3-1 — Yoshi and Cookies
    2. World 3-2 — Wobble Mobile Jaunt
    3. World 3-3 — Scarf-Roll Scamper
    4. World 3-4 — Big Montgomery's Bubble Fort
    5. World 3-5 — Fluffin' Puffin Babysitting
    6. World 3-6 — A-Mazing Post Pounding
    7. World 3-7 — Fanciful Fluff and Feathers
    8. World 3-8 — Miss Cluck the Insincere's Castle
    9. World 3-S — Woollet Bill's Last Ride
  7. World 4
    1. World 4-1 — Monkeying Round and Round
    2. World 4-2 — Lakitu Peekaboo
    3. World 4-3 — Rollin' Down the River
    4. World 4-4 — Knot-Wing the Koopa's Aqua Fort
    5. World 4-5 — Sunset at Curtain Falls
    6. World 4-6 — Spooky Scraps! Don't Get Spooked!
    7. World 4-7 — Yoshi Branches Out
    8. World 4-8 — Naval Piranha's Sewer
    9. World 4-S — Naval Piranha 2: Now It's Personal!
  8. World 5
    1. World 5-1 — Fluffy Snow, Here We Go!
    2. World 5-2 — Frozen Solid and Chilled
    3. World 5-3 — Flying-Carpet Cruise
    4. World 5-4 — Big Montgomery's Ice Fort
    5. World 5-5 — A Little Light Snowfall
    6. World 5-6 — Up Shuttlethread Pass
    7. World 5-7 — Snowy Mountain Lift Tour
    8. World 5-8 — Snifberg the Unfeeling's Castle
    9. World 5-S — Yoshi's Curtain Call
  9. World 6
    1. World 6-1 — Lair of the Smooch Spiders
    2. World 6-2 — Snag-Stitch Mountain
    3. World 6-3 — Vamoose the Lava Sluice!
    4. World 6-4 — Knot-Wing the Koopa's Sky Fort
    5. World 6-5 — Yoshi, the Terror of All Boos
    6. World 6-6 — Feel Fuzzy, Get Clingy
    7. World 6-7 — Kamek's Last-Ditch Flyby
    8. World 6-8 — King Bowser's Castle
    9. World 6-S — Skeleton Goonies' Lava Lair
  10. Craft Island
    1. Boss Tent
    2. World ★-S — Wonderful World of Wool
    3. Scrapbook Theater
    4. Yoshi Hut
    5. amiibo Hut
  11. Special Thanks
  12. Contact Info

Version History

Version 0.3

The walkthrough portion is finished up through World 3. December 26, 2015

Version 0.5

The walkthrough portion is finished up through World 4. December 29, 2015

Version 0.7

The walkthrough portion is finished up through World 5. January 1, 2016

Version 0.9

The walkthrough portion is finished up through World 6. January 3, 2016

Version 1.0

Yay, this guide is finished! There will almost certainly be some tweaks to make in the future, but for now this can be submitted. January 8, 2016

Version 1.1

I went through and revised/edited the entire guide, removing typos and errors, as well as adding extra sentences (and even paragraphs in some places) for greater clarity. January 16, 2016

Version 1.11

Found a few more errors to correct. January 18, 2016

Version 1.2

I found more errors and corrections to make. Special thanks to an anonymous commenter who found that I'd inadvertently left out Smiley Flower #3 in World 3-2. In going back through the guide, I realized there were also a few items I'd labeled incorrectly (e.g. putting "Smiley Flower #3" twice and leaving out #2 in the process). I also ran the guide through a spellchecker and fixed a few grammatical and spelling mistakes. March 10, 2016

Version 2.0

I have converted this previously text-only guide to a formatted version! I've also made numerous changes, the biggest one being hearts. Instead of indicating where Yoshi can have maximum health, I've included a heart counter for each course (so the 10th heart is naturally the earliest place where you can have max health). This way, the player knows how many hearts are left to collect in each course. I've also updated the amiibo Hut list. November 26, 2016

Version 2.1

I made some tweaks here and there, including changes to headings (i.e. there are now larger headings for full worlds). I've also altered the order to the list of Yoshis in the amiibo Hut, specifically putting them in the same order as data mined from the game itself. I also removed "Lucario Yoshi," which was erroneously included in prior versions (like all Pokémon amiibo, scanning Lucario will simply give you a default amiibo Yoshi). December 10, 2016


Welcome to Yoshi's Woolly World! The purpose of this guide is to walk you through obtaining 100% completion in this game. It's not necessarily meant for those who just want to finish the main game, as the game was designed to be easy enough to beat on its own. Though I suppose this guide could be of some use if all you were wanting to do is finish, it's mainly geared toward those who want to find all of the many collectibles hidden throughout the game world. Also note that this guide is based on the North American version of the game. (I'm aware that there are differences in nomenclature from the European and other versions of this game.)

There are various criteria that need to be met for full completion of this game, which will all be detailed below. The bulk of completion, however, revolves around four main items in each course, which is where we'll start.


Yoshi's health is measured in hearts. You start each course with 10 hearts, and taking damage from enemies or traps costs 5 hearts per hit. However, if Yoshi takes a hit with 5 or fewer hearts, his heart total will go down to 1, with a crack in the heart, which will remain visible above Yoshi until he heals himself with other hearts--if you take damage while on this last heart, Yoshi will lose a life. In other words, you start each course able to take three hits. Yoshi can increase his heart total by collecting hearts from Winged Clouds or from checkpoints--which also turns nearby enemies into a heart each as well. In rare instances, a heart will dangle from a balloon in midair. Note that you can collect hearts not only by Yoshi touching them, but he can even flick out his tongue to eat them if they're too far away to touch. (Hearts disappear after a few seconds, so this is important to keep in mind.) Yoshi's maximum health is 20 hearts, which allows him to take five hits total--you'll be able to tell he's at full health because the hearts surrounding him will turn from pink to gold.

For purposes of completion, you need to finish each course with the maximum of 20 hearts (if you gain more hearts while already at 20, those hearts will go to waste unfortunately). This guide will show you the locations of all hearts in each course, keeping track of them with a heart counter (e.g. 10/20). The number of hearts available to collect varies per course. The six special courses are a challenging case because those courses contain only 10 hearts each--i.e. just enough for Yoshi to attain the maximum of 20 without taking any damage. All other courses are more lenient, thankfully. The guide below will tell you how many hearts are in each course. (Note, however, the heart counter will not include any possible nearby enemies who can turn into hearts if they're near enough when you touch the checkpoint.)

Finishing a course with 20 hearts won't actually accomplish anything in the game, though, except adding that gold star to your course results board.

A cautionary note about checkpoints, though: If you lose a life late in the course and start back at the last checkpoint, there may not be enough hearts left in the last stretch of that course to get your heart total back to 20. Yoshi will always revert back to 10 hearts after losing a life, except in Mellow Mode, where Yoshi will start each life with 20 hearts regardless.

Smiley Flowers

Hidden throughout each course are 5 Smiley Flowers. Much like beads, they can be collected either by Yoshi touching them or by hitting them with a yarn ball. Once Yoshi has all 5 Smiley Flowers from a course, the final flower will disappear with a flash in the shape of a star as confetti falls while an applause is heard. If you collect all 40 Smiley Flowers across the main eight courses in a given world, you'll gain access to that world's challenging special course. If you collect all 270 Smiley Flowers from all eight worlds of the game (including the eight special courses), you'll unlock a new secret course on Craft Island!

Even aside from all this, the item serves a secondary function: All the Smiley Flowers you've collected in a course will be on the Goal Ring. When you finish a course, if the light lands on a Smiley Flower, you'll play a Bonus Game for more beads. The more Smiley Flowers you find, the more likely you are to be able to play a Bonus Game at the end.

Wonder Wools

At the beginning of the game, you see Kamek transform most of the Yarn Yoshis of Craft Island into wools of yarn, which he then absconds with. Unfortunately for him, he drops some of these wools in the worlds he flies over. Every course in the game contains 5 Wonder Wools each. Unlike Smiley Flowers and beads, Yoshi can only collect these wools by touching them--hitting them with yarn balls does nothing. Once Yoshi has all 5 Wonder Wools from a course, the final wool will disappear with a flash in the shape of a star as confetti falls while an applause is heard. Then, when you return to the world map, the 5 Wonder Wools will come together to stitch together a new Yoshi for you to use. There are a total of 66 Yoshis you can play as (not including the Yoshis you can obtain from the amiibo Hut), most of whom are unlocked via collecting Wonder Wools. Note that the differences between the various Yoshis are cosmetic only--they are all exactly the same in terms of gameplay. Once unlocked, a Yarn Yoshi will stand in the place on the world map where he was unlocked, waiting to be called upon. Also, you can visit the Yoshi Hut on Craft Island to view the Yoshis available to you all in one place. You can also choose a different Yoshi to use in the Yoshi Hut.

Stamp Patches

Beads (which look like gems) are this game's currency--you can use them to purchase a Power Badge to use. Small beads are worth 1, medium-sized beads are worth 5, and large beads are worth 10. Some beads, however, are special--when Yoshi collects them, a green Stamp Patch logo will appear momentarily and be added to your Stamp Patch total. Unless you are using the Power Badge that shows hidden items, you have no way of knowing which beads are Stamp Patches (though if you are revisiting a course you've already cleared, the Stamp Patches you've already collected will be marked, and if you collect them again, a gray logo will show instead of green). There are a total of 20 Stamp Patches hidden in each course. All beads, and therefore all Stamp Patches, can be collected either by Yoshi touching them or by hitting them with a yarn ball. Once Yoshi has all 20 Stamp Patches from a course, the final stamp will disappear with a flash in the shape of a star as confetti falls while an applause is heard. There are a grand total of 1100 Stamp Patches in the game. Collecting these Stamp Patches in regular intervals will unlock stamps you can use in Miiverse. (These intervals when you obtain new stamps will be marked in the guide below.)

Course Results

Once you've cleared a course, you'll see the course results board, where the number of hearts, Smiley Flowers, Wonder Wools, and Stamp Patches you've acquired will be tabulated. You can have a maximum total of 20 hearts, 5 Smiley Flowers, 5 Wonder Wools, and 20 Stamp Patches per course. For each of those items you max out, a gold star will appear next to it. If you collect everything in one go, a stylized flower will be drawn in the upper left-hand corner of the board, and Yoshi will celebrate. But you're free to collect everything in intervals, not all at once--that flower insignia isn't required for 100% completion and isn't really stored anywhere. It's just a nice touch.

World List

On the world map, if you pause and go to the World List, you'll be able to see your results from every course you've played in each world so far. Courses marked with a gold star are fully complete. When all courses in a world are completed with that gold star (this does include the special course too), then you'll see the stylized flower in the corner of that world's menu screen. When you see that flower, this means you've finished everything there is to do in that particular world! You can scroll through the various worlds to see your progress and even use this screen to jump straight to a different world without having to go through Craft Island. Speaking of Craft Island, completion is reckoned differently there.

Craft Island

There is only one course on Craft Island, and it won't be opened until you've found every Smiley Flower in the game (all 270 of them). In addition to that ultimate special course, the other requirements for completion of Craft Island are by unlocking all the Yarn Yoshis in the Yoshi Hut and by filling the Scrapbook Theater (both the enemies and the music). Only the amiibo Hut does not count toward completion. Unlocking the Yarn Yoshis occurs not just from collecting all the Wonder Wools in the game but also defeating all twelve boss rematches in the Boss Tent (which is only opened after completing the game, as are a number of other Yoshis).

Details for all these things, including completion of the Scrapbook Theater, will be covered in the guide below. I'll make note of where you encounter enemies for the first time (hit them with a yarn ball to add them to the theater), and there will also be a special section at the end of the guide devoted just to the Scrapbook Theater, indexing all the courses where each enemy will be found, as well as exactly how you unlock each piece of music in the game.

Power Badges

There are a total of 14 Power Badges you unlock as you progress through the game. For a certain amount of beads, you can equip a Power Badge before entering a course to help you throughout that course. You can also go to the pause menu and swap out badges even in the middle of a course--but note that you can't equip two badges at the same time, so whichever badge you switch to will replace the previous badge. The following list will give you the names of each Power Badge, how many beads each costs per use, and after which course you unlock the badge for use. I'll also give a brief description of what the various Power Badges do and tell you how useful (or not) each is for completing the game.

Clear the course!
Clear:World 1-1

This is the only Power Badge that is exclusive to Mellow Mode. When you activate it, the course you're at on the world map will clear itself without you even playing it, and a path will open to the next course. The purpose of this guide is full completion, so suffice it to say, I don't recommend using this badge ever. This game is easy enough to finish as it is, so there's no real reason you should need this.

Play alongside Poochy!
Clear:World 2-5

Poochy can be pretty helpful in this game. Yoshi's canine pal can give you a ride as he will move in whichever direction you're facing while riding him. He destroys all enemies in his path and can give you a boost when he jumps after running into a wall. This Power Badge is heavily limited, however, by the fact that many courses won't be Poochy friendly--courses with vertical segments or doors, for instance. You probably won't be using this one to gather up collectibles, but it might be amusing to try it out just for fun.

Make all yarn balls big!
Clear:World 1-2

This is the earliest Power Badge of any usefulness you'll obtain. With it equipped, every possible yarn ball that you collect--whether from eating an enemy, Yarn Baskets, or Yarn-Plants--will be the large variety. What's the difference between a big yarn ball and the regular yarn ball? In addition to increasing your likelihood of striking a target, big yarn balls will go through an object or enemy up to three times before dissipating, unlike a regular yarn ball, which is spent after one hit. One minor drawback is it does make it harder to throw yarn balls through particularly narrow passages.

Higher defense!
Clear:World 2-8

This Power Badge will reduce the number of hearts lost while taking damage, from 5 down to 2. Yoshi will still start each course with 10 hearts and will still need the requisite additional 10 hearts to reach full health. If you're going for completion and trying to complete each course with 20 hearts, this badge will prove rather useless. If you're struggling to complete a course at full health, Mellow Mode would be a better option--Yoshi will have all 20 hearts to start a course and will even have 20 if you lose a life and have to restart from a checkpoint. Give this badge a pass meanwhile.

Grab items with
Yoshi's tongue!
Clear:World 3-8

Just like it says, this Power Badge will allow Yoshi to collect any item--beads, Stamp Patches, Smiley Flowers, and even Wonder Wools--simply by flicking his tongue at them. While Yoshi's tongue does have a fair bit of range, it has nothing on yarn balls, and since you can collect all of the above except for Wonder Wools by throwing yarn, that limits the usefulness of this badge. That being said, it can be situationally useful in certain instances where an item like a Wonder Wool lies just beyond reach.

Improve your speed!
Clear:World 4-4

This Power Badge will make Yoshi run, jump, and climb faster than normal. This is a great badge to use when returning to a course just to pick up collectibles you've missed and already know where they are--you can simply speed your way through a stage to get what you need and then move on to the Goal Ring. It can also come in handy if you're struggling to keep up in auto-scrolling courses.

Clear:World 1-8

Eating a watermelon normally will enable Yoshi to shoot up to fifty seeds from his mouth before running out. With this Power Badge equipped, as soon as Yoshi runs out, a new watermelon will spawn immediately nearby. This will be useful for clearing out enemies and shooting your way through courses with a lot of spongy earth. However it's not as useful as it may seem since the watermelon will greatly hamper Yoshi's ability to eat enemies (and thus make yarn balls). It's pretty inefficient having to spit out dozens of seeds to just free up Yoshi's mouth to eat something else, especially if you're on a time crunch. I would only advise using this badge in specific situations where you need to break through a lot of spongy material.

fire watermelon!
Clear:World 5-4

A fire watermelon will allow Yoshi to breathe fire up to three times, but this Power Badge will cause a new fire watermelon to spawn as soon as Yoshi is out. This is ideal in World 5 where you encounter a lot of ice that you can melt. But it suffers the same drawback as the other watermelon badge in that Yoshi's mouth is better suited to eating enemies rather than breathing fire at them. The best place to equip this badge would be World 5-7, for its section of ice blocks holding beads and Stamp Patches.

ice watermelon!
Clear:World 5-8

The counterpart to the fire watermelon is the ice watermelon, giving Yoshi three bursts of icy breath that he can use to freeze enemies, then push them to their doom. Unlike the previous two watermelon-themed Power Badges, this one won't be anywhere near as useful, since the only places in the game where you'd need ice breath to advance or collect an item, there will already be ice watermelons for you to use. You can safely skip this badge unless you just want to experiment with freezing different enemy types for the fun of it.

Pull items to you with
your magnetic force!
Clear:World 4-8

Whenever you get within a certain range of items--be they beads (including Stamp Patches), Smiley Flowers, or Wonder Wools--they will automatically be pulled toward you when you have this Power Badge equipped. You can magnetically gravitate them in from about a Yoshi's length away. This has some degree of usefulness in particularly fast courses or auto-scrolling ones. Far and away the most useful course for this badge is World 5-S with its fast flying curtains all the way throughout. It could also be worth a return trip to 4-5 after you unlock this badge if you missed any items there.

Power up Ground Pound!
Clear:World 1-6

When you play co-op, if both players execute a Ground Pound at the same time, a large shock wave will emanate and destroy all enemies on the screen at that time. With this Power Badge, a single player can do that with any and every Ground Pound. While this is a neat badge to have and can come in handy in a few tight spots where there are a lot of enemies, it tends to be only useful in specific situations and generally won't help much with 100% completion, unless you need to clear out a bunch of enemies in a pinch. World 6-4 may not be a bad idea, with all the Bull's-Eye Bills homing in on you there.

See hidden items!
Clear:World 3-4

Three things happen when you have this Power Badge equipped. First, while you normally have to reveal an invisible Winged Cloud by being in the same space it occupies, this badge will show it to you much earlier--approximately when you're in the same part of the screen with it. Second, any beads that conceal a Stamp Patch will flash white, letting you know there's something special about them. Finally, hidden alcoves you can enter by walking through walls, jumping through ceilings, dropping through floors, etc. will glow--entire sections that can be explored. This badge is by far the most useful in the game! Starting when you first obtain it after World 3-4, you should make it a habit of equipping this one before every course you enter from then on.

Immunity to fire and lava!
Clear:World 2-4

This Power Badge is absurdly overpowered. Precisely as it says, it makes you invincible to fire and lava. This means that no fire-based traps or enemies are capable of harming you: Flooffs, Lava Drops, and the fireballs from Hot Dogs--heck, even Gargantua Blarggs can't do anything to you! Contact with these enemies will bounce Yoshi back just a tad but do no damage. Likewise lava is no longer instant death; falling in will simply propel Yoshi high into the air as if it were a spring board. This badge is incredibly useful on fire-based stages such as Worlds 2-6 and 6-S, but it's kind of a cheap shot. I recommend only using it after finishing a course the legitimate way first, then only using this badge if you need to return to pick up a few items you missed earlier.

Fall into a pit?
No problem!
Clear:World 1-4

Like the previous Power Badge, this one breaks the game wide open. When you fall into a bottomless pit, no matter where or which one, Yoshi will spring right back out, being launched almost to the top of the screen as though bouncing from a big spring ball. There is a small danger of colliding with enemies (particularly airborne ones) when springing from a pit, but in general this makes many courses very easy to get through. As with the previous badge, I can only recommend using this badge after you've cleared a course normally first and then need to return and obtain something else.

Try One For Free!

Every so often after clearing a course, you'll be given the option to try a Power Badge for free when you enter your next course. This is a great time to experiment with badges you're not as familiar with. In the early goings, "Make all yarn balls big!" is a good general badge to use. Once you've unlocked a fair number of Power Badges and/or built up a substantial number of beads, the general rule of thumb you should follow is to equip "See hidden items!" for a first run of a course. After you finish it, if you know where any other collectibles are that you missed, go with badges such as "Improve your speed!", "Pull items to you with your magnetic force!", or "Grab items with Yoshi's tongue!" Only use "Immunity to fire and lava!" and "Fall into a pit? No problem!" on courses that are frustrating you to the point where the course is no longer fun. If one Power Badge is particularly useful in a course, I will be sure to point it out in the walkthrough below.

World 1

With all that out of the way, let's get started! When you begin the game, you have three files from which to choose (which will determine the color of your starting Yoshi--see below). Likewise, this guide will assume you're playing in Classic Mode instead of the much easier Mellow Mode. Next, you'll select your controller settings. Just choose whatever controls you're most comfortable with. Note that for Throw Style, I recommend "Patient" over "Hasty" as the former will make it more manageable to throw yarn balls while in midair. Press "OK" once you're ready to go.

You'll be treated to a series of cutscenes that will kick off the story. When you gain control of Yoshi at the start, you will be in a part of the world map known as Craft Island. You start off with either Green Yoshi (if you're playing File 1) or Pink Yoshi (if you're playing File 2) or Light-Blue Yoshi (if you're playing File 3), but you can switch to Red Yoshi if you'd like--choose whichever one you want and then explore the island a little bit. There's not much to do here at first. Only two tents are available at the moment: the amiibo Hut (go inside to load an amiibo to use as an alternate Yarn Yoshi) and the almost completely empty Scrapbook Theater. Craft Island serves as a hub to all the various worlds of the game, but for now the only World Bobbin available takes you to World 1, so go ahead and set off. When you arrive, there will be one course available to you, so let's begin our adventure there.

World 1-1 — Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!

To start off, you'll find a Shy Guy in front of you. Eat him, then press down to turn him into a yarn ball (or an egg, for those more familiar with earlier Yoshi games). Collect the two rows of beads, the second of which features Smiley Flower #1. Ahead you'll find a couple Shy Guys as well as a Piranha Plant. If you're interested in filling out the enemy portion of the Scrapbook Theater, all you have to do is throw a yarn ball at an enemy to add their entry to the theater. Do so here to obtain No. 1 Shy Guy and No. 13 Piranha Plant and thus begin your collection. Also, throwing yarn at Piranha Plants is the most effective way of dealing with them, as this stuns them, allowing you to finish them off by jumping on them (they are invulnerable to your jumps and tongue normally). Above the Piranha Plant is a row of beads concealing Stamp Patch #1.

On a raised green platform you'll find a Gift Box. Flick Yoshi's tongue at the bow to unravel it and open the way to Smiley Flower #2 hidden inside. Jump through the row of beads afterward to grab Stamp Patch #2. (You can also lick the blue spire here to get more beads.) Go down the first green pipe to enter an underground room full of beads, including Stamp Patches #3 & #4. Continue right after returning above ground to find Wonder Wool #1. Run along the ground straight ahead to find some beads in a hidden alcove, at the end of which is Stamp Patch #5.

Next, go up to higher ground and hit the Winged Cloud with a yarn ball to make five hearts appear (Hearts: 5/20). Collect them fast before they disappear! Use the Yarn Basket here to stock up on yarn balls (Yoshi can carry a total of six at a time). Walk straight ahead and Yoshi will start pushing a segment of the wall, revealing a bunch of beads, one of which is Stamp Patch #6.

Throw yarn balls at the platform outlines above you to create actual platforms Yoshi can use. Doing so will also cause some beads to appear, including Stamp Patch #7. From the second such platform, push the right wall to gain access to the hidden Wonder Wool #2. On the third platform, unravel the bow protruding from the left wall (i.e. by eating it), opening up a new passage filled with beads. Stamp Patches #8 & #9 are in this bunch, then the three beads leading down to the flippers contain Stamp Patch #10. Instead of dropping through the flippers, backtrack and get on the fourth and highest yarn platform. Unravel another bow to reveal a passage to Smiley Flower #3.

Continue right to hit your first checkpoint of the game (Hearts: 10/20). Every time Yoshi touches one of these sign posts, he will gain five more hearts of health, and any nearby enemies (such as the two Shy Guys and Piranha Plant here) will be transformed into hearts themselves! Not only that, but if you lose a life after hitting a checkpoint, Yoshi will restart from that checkpoint instead of from the beginning of the course. This is also the first time in this course it's possible for Yoshi to have full health (this will be true in every course where you obtain the 10th heart, but most courses have additional hearts should you take damage later, hence why I use a heart counter for this guide).

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 3 Smiley Flowers
  • 2 Wonder Wools
  • 10 Stamp Patches

After the checkpoint, collect the three yellow beads, in the middle of which is Stamp Patch #11. Go down the pipe here and unravel the bow on the wall to the left, then another bow, giving you access to a Winged Cloud containing Wonder Wool #3. Go back right to find three more Winged Clouds high above. The leftmost cloud has five hearts if you need them (Hearts: 15/20). The rightmost cloud has a Gift Box, inside of which is Smiley Flower #4. And the middle one contains a ball-shaped sphere that you can use to jump to the six beads above the underground area, including Stamp Patches #12 & #13. Jump up from there to return to the main aboveground area. Be sure to refill your yarn ball supply at the Yarn Basket here.

There are three more yellow beads over the next green pipe in this area, which are concealing Stamp Patch #14. After that, you'll come to some cloud platforms above a bottomless pit. Deal with the Shy Guys here, then throw a yarn ball to the right, through a line of beads into the Winged Cloud that you see. This will cause a massive flower to sprout and give you passage across the pit. Once you've jumped up the leaves and reached the top of the flower, toss a ball at the Winged Cloud above you to release a Gift Box with Wonder Wool #4 inside it.

On the next cloud platform, you'll find a Shy Guy and a Yarn Basket. Throw a ball at the circle of beads off to the right to reveal an invisible Winged Cloud. Striking this cloud will cause another large flower to sprout, as well as some Shy Guys. Take them out, then descend to the bottom leaf, at the center of which is another invisible Winged Cloud. Hit it to spawn beads all over the flower's platforms--the top center bead is Stamp Patch #15.

At the next series of cloud platforms you'll find two Winged Clouds, the first of which has the last five hearts in this course (Hearts: 20/20), and the second creates a line of beads, at the left end of which is Stamp Patch #16. Jump around on the middle cloud to reveal an invisible Winged Cloud, hitting which will sprout a huge flower you can use to climb back up. Before you do, though, go to the far right cloud, get rid of the Shy Guy and unravel the bow to open the way to Wonder Wool #5 and a group of beads containing Stamp Patch #17.

Now you're ready to move on. Climb up the flower you just made, and at the top (in front of the flower's face) jump to reveal another invisible Winged Cloud, inside of which is Smiley Flower #5. Jump through the arc of beads to your right to locate Stamp Patches #18, #19, & #20. Congratulations--if you're following this guide, you should have obtained all the collectibles that can be found in this course!

Now it's just a matter of running to the right where you'll find the Goal Ring. Jumping through this ring will clear the course, but take note of the light flashing through it--if you jump into the ring at the same time that the light is on a Smiley Flower, you'll get to play a Bonus Game. Ergo, the more Smiley Flowers you collect in a course, the better your chances for activating this Bonus Game.

The object of the Bonus Game is to collect as much fruit as you can within the 15-second time limit in order to win beads. The fruit can be obtained by having Yoshi touch them or (by far the more efficient method) throwing yarn balls at them. In the Bonus Game, all fruits are worth 50 beads each, except for the watermelon, which is worth 300--but the watermelon only appears once per Bonus Game. Snag it as soon as you see it!

After completing World 1-1, you get your first Power Badge:
Clear the course! (2000 beads)

Upon finding all five Wonder Wools in World 1-1, you'll knit back together Flower Yoshi!

With that, our first course is done. You now unlock the first Power Badge, which lets you skip a course and gain access to the course after it without having to play it--but it's only available in Mellow Mode. You can switch from Classic Mode to Mellow Mode at any time to make the game easier, but it's not recommended. This guide will assume you're playing on Classic Mode throughout, but if you're really having trouble with a course, there is no penalty for changing to Mellow Mode if you want.

Also, collecting all five Wonder Wools from a course for the first time will open the Yoshi Hut on Craft Island. If you want to switch to Flower Yoshi, you can either do so there or just go up to Flower Yoshi here on the World 1 map and press A. (The Yoshi Hut will be more useful for switching out Yarn Yoshis the more of them you obtain as the game goes on.)

Without further ado, let's press on to World 1-2.

World 1-2 — Bounceabout Woods

Starting out, you'll see a couple Shy Guys lying underneath a leafy spring. Use this leaf to jump up to the line of beads above it, at the top of which is Stamp Patch #1. Eliminate the Shy Guys, and where they were resting you'll find an invisible Winged Cloud containing five hearts (Hearts: 5/25). Next you'll find a larger leafy spring, with several columns of beads above it. Collect those to obtain Stamp Patch #2 hidden in the top right corner of the beads. Go to the bottom right-hand corner of this area to reveal another invisible Winged Cloud, and hitting it will create a trail of beads at the end of which is Stamp Patch #3. Continue forward, drop down, and past the Shy Guy run into the wall to find a hidden alcove with beads leading to Smiley Flower #1.

Take the series of leafy springs to make your way upward, but instead of going right into the tree, bounce left to find Wonder Wool #1 and some beads on a cloud platform. Collecting these beads will spawn another trail of beads leading you back where you came from. Follow the red arrow and jump off the leafy spring to the right to spring up to a new area.

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 1 Smiley Flower
  • 1 Wonder Wool
  • 3 Stamp Patches

Go right and jump through the arc of beads to find Stamp Patch #4. Defeat the bouncing Shy Guy below you to reveal Wonder Wool #2. Past two more Shy Guys to the right there is Stamp Patch #5 inside the tree, then bounce up and left into another tree nook where you'll uncover an invisible Winged Cloud with five hearts in it (Hearts: 10/25).

Above you is the red outline of a leafy spring, so hit it with a yarn ball to make both it and some beads appear (including Stamp Patch #6). Use this to bounce up and to the left to find a Shy Guy bouncing by himself. Take care of him and jump on the yellow leafy spring. Three bounces reveal increasingly high-value beads, and the fourth drops a Gift Box. Collect the beads and open the box to obtain Smiley Flower #2.

Now go right, and when a line of beads appears, follow them down. Up ahead, you'll find both some beads and a couple Shy Guys hanging from balloons. Pop the balloons to drop the beads (or just grab them). The last bead here is Stamp Patch #7. As for the Shy Guys, if you get close enough, they'll drop on their own, so it's better to deal with them while they're in the air. In the middle is a Gift Box containing Wonder Wool #3.

Next is a Yarn Basket and another series of balloons carrying both beads and Shy Guys. Bounce off the big central leaf to trigger an invisible Winged Cloud--striking it creates a stairway leading up and to the left. Take it and enter the doorway you find at the top. Inside, use the leafy spring to collect the beads here--at the top of which can be found Stamp Patches #8 & #9--as well as Smiley Flower #3. Exit this area and go back to the right. In the bottom corner is another invisible Winged Cloud. Hit it to create a trail of beads, at the end of which is Stamp Patch #10, and likewise the last balloon holding a bead here is Stamp Patch #11. Hit the checkpoint here for five extra hearts (Hearts: 15/25) and then enter... a Transformation Door!

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 3 Smiley Flowers
  • 3 Wonder Wools
  • 11 Stamp Patches

In this bonus area, you get to be Umbrella Yoshi! The wind will blow you where you need to go, but you can steer yourself and press A to open your umbrella for a speed boost. I recommend doing so whenever possible because you start with 20 seconds and have to gather as many collectibles as you can en route to the goal, and you'll also need to grab + Clocks to restore your timer and make sure you can reach the end before time runs out. (If you don't make it before running out of time, you'll be placed back at the Transformation Door to give it another try.)

Float upward to grab three columns of beads; at the top of the third column is Stamp Patch #12. Go right, out of the tree, and you'll spawn a downward leading trail of beads. At the end of the second segment of beads is Stamp Patch #13, and at the end of the third segment is a + Clock that will reset the timer back to 20 seconds. Grab it!

Next is a horizontal section. Collect the beads as you go, and in the middle of a cluster of green beads is Wonder Wool #4. Go forward, grab another + Clock, descend inside the tree to obtain Stamp Patch #14 at the bottom of a column of beads, then proceed right to a large series of beads rotating in circles. In the middle of this circle can be found Stamp Patches #15 & #16. Finally, go right, then up and to the exit.

Note: At the end of this transformation sequence, you should have...

  • 3 Smiley Flowers
  • 4 Wonder Wools
  • 16 Stamp Patches

Hit the checkpoint on the other side (Hearts: 20/25), and then use Yoshi's head to jump and keep hitting the jar of beads you find here until it's emptied--you'll obtain Stamp Patch #17 for your trouble. Go up, then cross the platforms to the left and up again until you see a square of four breakable blocks in the tree on your left. Destroy them with yarn balls (there is a Yarn Basket in the vicinity if you need it) to reveal a door. Inside you'll find more beads suspended by balloons above leafy springs. Collect them all, getting Stamp Patches #18 & #19 along the way. Jumping on the yellow leaf at the end spawns beads (the first three times), a Shy Guy for each of the next two times, and finally a Gift Box on the last bounce. Open the gift to find Smiley Flower #4. Now leave the room.

Continue right across the platforms, and remove the Shy Guy sitting on the small branch to find an invisible Winged Cloud that creates a trail of beads to Smiley Flower #5. Continue up to find a Winged Cloud with the last five hearts inside (Hearts: 25/25). Directly above you is a bow protruding from the tree wall. Get up there and unravel it, then go inside and bounce up to collect beads and Wonder Wool #5. Unravel another bow to get out, eliminate the Shy Guy in front of you, and then just keep bouncing up the leafy springs all the way to the top--at the end you'll bounce along a long trail of beads that will culminate in Stamp Patch #20. Immediately to the right is the Goal Ring.

After completing World 1-2, you get a new Power Badge:
Make all yarn balls big! (1000 beads)

Upon finding all five Wonder Wools in World 1-2, you'll knit back together Treetop Yoshi!

World 1-3 — Sponge Cave Spelunking

As soon as you begin the course, you'll see a Chomp Rock in front of you. Instead of pushing it forward, hop over it and push it back toward the left, breaking two blocks and opening the way to Wonder Wool #1 and some beads. Now push it to the right, running over a Piranha Plant, into a cave with a spongy rock substance inside. Push it through the spongy material all the way to the right, at which point you'll fall down a level, so push the Chomp Rock back to the left to collect the beads down there, including Stamp Patch #1. Doing so will cause a line of beads to appear above you. Collect those as well as the beads in the spongy material (Yoshi can break through it with his head), and you'll gain Stamp Patches #2 & #3 on the far right. Free the spring ball above and bounce to a high room containing Smiley Flower #1 and some beads. Finally, go right and enter the pipe.

In here, collect the beads and use Yoshi's Ground Pound technique to break through the spongy earth and go down the pipe at the bottom.

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 1 Smiley Flower
  • 1 Wonder Wool
  • 3 Stamp Patches

Hit the checkpoint as soon as you emerge (Hearts: 5/25) and fill up on yarn balls from the Yarn Basket. In the spongy rock to the right you'll find a new enemy, a Nipper Plant. They can easily be defeated by stomping on them or throwing yarn at them. In the present case, trapped in sponge, you'll want to hit them with yarn, which will also add No. 14 Nipper Plant to the Scrapbook Theater. Hit the first diagonal row of yellow beads to score Stamp Patch #4, then do the same for the other row of yellow beads to get Stamp Patch #5. Also grab the red bead here, which is actually Stamp Patch #6. Clear out the Piranha Plant who's covering an invisible Winged Cloud containing five hearts (Hearts: 10/25).

Now don't clear out too much of the sponge because you'll need to use some of it to climb up and reach a hidden upper area where you'll find more beads, a Piranha Plant, Yarn Basket, and Winged Cloud. Use the basket to restock, hit the cloud for Wonder Wool #2, and collect the beads; the top center bead is Stamp Patch #7. Above the Piranha Plant is an invisible Winged Cloud inside of which you'll find some beads and Stamp Patch #8. Now go back down and head to the right.

Hop across the mushroom platforms, eliminating Nipper Plants as you go, and you'll uncover an invisible Winged Cloud on the second mushroom--hitting it will cause taller mushroom platforms to sprout, and beads will appear on them. Also, there is a new enemy here, descending from above: the Nipper Spore. Once it reaches the ground, it will become a Nipper Plant. Being a very small enemy, if Yoshi eats it, it'll be gone immediately--Yoshi can't spit it back out or turn it into a yarn ball. Anyway, toss a yarn ball at it to add No. 15 Nipper Spore to the Scrapbook Theater. Before going up, check under the first mushroom platform for an invisible Winged Cloud that contains five hearts (Hearts: 15/25).

Now climb up the taller mushrooms, and use yarn balls to clear out the sponge above you. The yellow bead in the top right corner is Stamp Patch #9. You'll find the outline of a pipe above you at the top--hit it with yarn to make a pipe appear and then enter it. In this room, collect the beads and grab Wonder Wool #3, then return the way you came.

Go down and to the right, dealing with Nipper Spores/Plants and a Shy Guy along the way. Restock at the Yarn Basket you'll see, and soon you'll reach a downward sloping area of sponge. Throw a yarn ball down the line of beads, at the end of which is Stamp Patch #10. Go down and throw upward to nab Smiley Flower #2. Either defeat or ignore the Nipper Plants, fill up at another Yarn Basket, and continue forward. Dispatch the Shy Guy and enter another spongy area. In the first gap of empty space above you, toss upward to reveal an invisible Winged Cloud that has some beads and Stamp Patch #11 for you. Check for another invisible Winged Cloud on the lower level for five hearts if you need them (Hearts: 20/25). While you're down here, ground pound through the sponge in the lower left part of the floor to descend to a hidden area. Hit the Winged Cloud here to reveal Wonder Wool #4 and some beads, then use the spring ball to bounce up and out. Go forward and activate the checkpoint for the final hearts in this course (Hearts: 25/25), but don't go down the pipe yet! Above it is an invisible Winged Cloud containing some beads and Stamp Patch #12.

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 2 Smiley Flowers
  • 4 Wonder Wools
  • 12 Stamp Patches

In this next area, you'll find a Chomp Rock. Push it forward and down to destroy some Nipper Plants, then push it down and forward again to get rid of a couple Piranha Plants. (Feel free to collect the beads along the way.) In the gap above the second Piranha Plant is an invisible Winged Cloud containing beads and Stamp Patch #13. After that gap, jump off the Chomp Rock and through the ceiling to find a hidden alcove with beads and Smiley Flower #3 inside. Finally, push the Chomp Rock all the way forward, and when you've shoved it into the final pit, you'll reveal another invisible Winged Cloud. Hit it to cause several tall mushroom platforms to sprout. (There's also a Yarn Basket here if you need to restock.) Climb up and use yarn to break through the sponge above you. The green beads on the far left and right are Stamp Patches #14 & #15, respectively. Break the spongy rock below the Gift Box to drop it onto the mushrooms below; open it and grab Smiley Flower #4. Restock at the nearby Yarn Basket and move on.

Stand at the red arrow and throw a yarn ball straight up--it should ricochet horizontally and hit the line of beads containing Stamp Patch #16. When you get to the spongy area, make your way straight up, then pass through the wall to your left, near the ceiling, to reach a hidden alcove containing beads and Smiley Flower #5, then go back out. Break your way through the rest of the sponge in front of you--be careful not to get cornered by the Nipper Plants around here--and grab the high red bead for Stamp Patch #17 as well as the far right red bead for Stamp Patch #18. Ground pound through the sponge on the right in this area to obtain Stamp Patch #19. Run to the left down here to pick up Wonder Wool #5. Jump out and go to the right to find an arrow pointing up. Free the spring ball with a yarn ball and then bounce your way up and out.

Emerging outside, Yoshi will uncover an invisible Winged Cloud. (Be sure to eat the nearby Shy Guys and produce at least two yarn balls.) Hit the cloud to reveal a Chomp Rock. Push it right, running over the Shy Guys and Piranha Plants, and you'll reveal another invisible Winged Cloud. Hit that to drop several lines of beads, one of which will give you Stamp Patch #20. Now run to the Goal Ring.

By this point, you should have collected 50 Stamp Patches, earning you some new stamps to use in Miiverse.

Upon finding all five Wonder Wools in World 1-3, you'll knit back together Circus Yoshi!

World 1-4 — Big Montgomery's Fort

To begin with, you have a Yarn Basket, so fill up on yarn balls. While you're doing so, you'll notice a bump that travels along the ground. After a few seconds, a Monty Mole will pop his head out of the ground hoping to surprise you. Surprise him instead with a yarn ball to the face, which will then add No. 44 Monty Mole to the Scrapbook Theater.

Run forward, making sure to dodge the ball 'n chain here known as a Spinner, and grab the line of beads that ends with Stamp Patch #1. A couple Monty Moles will accost you afterward; dispatch them, then hit the Winged Cloud for five hearts (Hearts: 5/25). Make the platform to the right visible with yarn, hop up to it, then unravel the bows on both sides to reveal high passages going either way. Go left first, dodging the Spinner, and collect the beads, including Stamp Patch #2 on the far left. Now jump into the high right passage, grabbing the beads, Wonder Wool #1, and at the end as you drop down Stamp Patch #3. Unravel another bow as you fall to reveal Smiley Flower #1. Now enter the door on the right and hit the checkpoint on the other side (Hearts: 10/25).

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 1 Smiley Flower
  • 1 Wonder Wool
  • 3 Stamp Patches

After the checkpoint, drop down the spinning wool platform to the bottom. Be careful of the lava beneath you as you jump across the platforms ahead--falling in is instant death! You'll see Lava Drops here, which jump in and out of the lava. Hit one with a yarn ball to add No. 59 Lava Drop to the Scrapbook Theater. The red row of beads just before you reach the seesaw platform contains Stamp Patch #4. On the seesaw platform, deal with a couple Shy Guys and refill your yarn at the Yarn Basket. Go to the left side so that the right side of the platform tilts upward, then right jump to grab a couple beads and Wonder Wool #2 above the right edge.

Throw a yarn ball to create a platform up ahead and spawn some more beads, one of which will be Stamp Patch #5. Jump to the next seesaw platform, destroy the three Shy Guys, make it tilt up and to the left, then jump up to the high alcove to your left where you'll find a Winged Cloud with Smiley Flower #2 inside. Collecting it will spawn some beads to lead you back to the previous seesaw platform, and at the end of them is Stamp Patch #6. Make sure the platform is now tilting as high to the right as it will go, then jump up to the high seesaw platform. Kill the Shy Guy, then ride it down on the right side, where you can unravel a bow in the wall and open a path to Smiley Flower #3 (but be careful of the Lava Drops in this area). Bounce on the spring ball to jump out of here, nabbing Stamp Patch #7 as you go.

In this area, you'll find a couple spinning wool platforms on top of each other, the bottom of which has a ring of beads around it. These platforms almost always rotate downward, so the trick is to keep jumping to stay on it (also, as long as Yoshi is in the upper half of the wool, he'll be on solid ground--he doesn't have to be at the very top of it). Stand in place to eventually collect all the beads, then jump up to the next wool platform. Here a row of beads is laid out across it, which you'll have to navigate to obtain; the center one is Stamp Patch #8. Now proceed up and to the left.

Above the first wool platform you see in this next area is an invisible Winged Cloud. Strike it to reveal beads and Stamp Patch #9. Dodge the Spinners over the next two wool platforms, and be sure to collect the beads strung along the third one as the middle one of those is Stamp Patch #10. Don't worry if you fall--there is solid ground below you, albeit patrolled by Shy Guys. A trio of wool platforms is next, except these change direction every second or so (and also have a Spinner above them). Be sure to collect Wonder Wool #3 from the middle wool platform, as well as Stamp Patch #11 from the far left bead. Jump left from here to land on a seesaw platform with a couple Shy Guys and another Spinner overhead. Tilt the platform down to the left, solidify a platform with yarn below you, then unravel the bow in the wall on the left. Go over into the hidden alcove and jump through the platforms to reach Smiley Flower #4. Before you follow the red arrow above you to go left, go right real quick to grab the beads for Stamp Patch #12. Now continue to the left. Descend through the wool platform here and collect the beads, which include Stamp Badge #13, hit the checkpoint (Hearts: 15/25), and enter the door.

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 4 Smiley Flowers
  • 3 Wonder Wools
  • 13 Stamp Patches

Hit the Winged Cloud here to cause a long line of beads to form. Run through them, ignoring the Monty Moles that jump out of the wall in the background (if you don't break stride, they won't catch you), and you'll collect Stamp Patches #14, #15, & #16. Now defeat the four Monty Moles that have spawned, then jump in the middle of this high area to reveal an invisible Winged Cloud, inside of which is Wonder Wool #4. Not only that, but if you backtrack to the second Monty Mole spawn point, you can uncover another invisible Winged Cloud, this one containing five hearts (Hearts: 20/25).

Now continue right, and at the next low point, where a Spinner is rotating, there is yet another invisible Winged Cloud, which has Smiley Flower #5, some beads, and Stamp Patch #17.

Go right to an area where the path forks. Take the upper route, which will spawn a line of beads along the bottom route. Collect them all, and you'll gain Stamp Patch #18 on the left and Stamp Patch #19 on the right. Jump back up to rightmost island area where the large Spinner is rotating to find an invisible Winged Cloud containing Wonder Wool #5. Go right, dodging more Spinners, and collect the three beads here at the end for Stamp Patch #20. Unravel the bow on the ground to open up the floor beneath you, but beware of the two Monty Moles who will jump out of the newly revealed wall when you do so. Take care of them, then hit the invisible Winged Cloud in the middle of this area for five hearts if you need the extra health for the upcoming boss battle (Hearts: 25/25). Once you're ready, enter that red boss door to meet the first boss!

Boss Battle: Big Montgomery

After the cutscene, Yoshi must do battle with Big Montgomery, the Monty Mole that Kamek has enlarged to a great size.

Montgomery starts by burrowing underground and into the background wall. Make sure you're not in his way when he leaps out onto the floor (you can easily see where he's burrowing, though). After this, he will charge at you. Use this time to either jump on his head or hit him with yarn. Either way, he'll fall down and reveal his vulnerable weak spot. Ground pound him to score your first hit and earn some beads.

Montgomery will burrow back underground, then reappear with a blue spiked ball that he will throw at you. Jump over it as it rolls slowly toward you. Montgomery will have by this point returned underground and into the wall, so it's just a matter of waiting for him to reveal himself, then bop him when he tries to change you. Ground pound his weak spot again for more beads.

In the third and final phase, the boss will burrow underground, and when he emerges this time, he will throw a brown spiked ball that bounces across the room toward you--so just run under it when it's in the air. The fight from this point is the same: wait for him to charge you, hit him, then ground pound him to finish him off, earning you some beads in the process.

Winning this battle will add No. 65 Big Montgomery to the Scrapbook Theater.

After completing World 1-4, you get a new Power Badge:
Fall into a pit? No problem! (7500 beads)

Upon finding all five Wonder Wools in World 1-4, you'll knit back together Hot Cocoa Yoshi!

World 1-5 — Knitty-Knotty Windmill Hill

Go forward, cross the gap by jumping on the windmill's rotating platforms and collect the beads as you go. Defeat the Shy Guy up ahead and use the Yarn Basket to stock up on yarn balls. Take note of the trees here, which have bows you can unravel that will give you beads. The next windmill you come to has no platforms, only platform outlines--toss yarn balls to solidify the platforms. Doing so will reveal beads on the platforms, which is how you obtain Stamp Patches #1 & #2. Now jump to solid ground.

Kill or avoid the Piranha Plant, then use Yoshi's tongue to unravel the three bows on the ground you see--the third one opens up a passage underneath with some beads and Smiley Flower #1. Defeat another Piranha Plant and ride the next windmill's platforms up until you see Wonder Wool #1 between some beads. Drop down to find a Yarn-Plant that will keep blowing yarn balls into the air until you're fully stocked so make sure to replenish your supply here. Use yarn balls to fill in the platforms on the windmill in front of you, then cross over to solid ground.

Take out a couple Shy Guys, refill at a Yarn Basket, and unravel the bow on a tree to cause beads to appear. Take out the Piranha Plant you see next, and pay attention as you unravel the bow off the next tree--the bow will then fly back to the left and land on the left wall. Use Yoshi's tongue on it again to reveal Wonder Wool #2 and some beads.

Run forward, past another Piranha Plant, and push against the wall to open the way to some beads containing Stamp Patches #3 & #4. Hit the Winged Cloud above you to summon a spring ball, then use more yarn to create platforms on the windmill above you, and bounce up. Instead of going right, jump to the cloud platforms to the left and collect Smiley Flower #2. Return to the right and collect some beads as you follow the arrow to the next area.

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 2 Smiley Flowers
  • 2 Wonder Wools
  • 4 Stamp Patches

Hit the checkpoint (Hearts: 5/23) and grab the beads as you cross the clouds to the nearby windmill. In this area, you'll be accosted by a new enemy called Gusty. These things fly across the screen at you indefinitely (they can fly in from either the right or left), but they're easy enough to deal with either by stomping, eating, or hitting with yarn--the latter of which you should do here to add No. 32 Gusty to the Scrapbook Theater. Collect the beads on the first windmill to obtain Stamp Patch #5. Grab the beads as you jump off to the next cloud platform for Stamp Patch #6. Here you'll find a Shy Guy and a Winged Cloud, the latter of which contains five hearts (Hearts: 10/23).

In between the two pipes you'll see next is an invisible Winged Cloud on the lower cloud platform. Hitting it causes some beads and Smiley Flower #3 to appear above you. Keep going to find a Yarn Basket, jump to the next windmill, then toss a yarn ball down and to the left to solidify a pipe. (Make sure you have plenty of yarn balls before going down it, though.) Descend, and as you run along the ground, stems will pop up. There are a pair of bows on the ground here that will give you a big yarn ball each, which is very useful. Hit all six stems to cause Wonder Wool #3 to appear along with a bunch of beads. Exit via the left pipe.

Keep crossing from windmill to windmill, dodging or destroying Piranha Plants and Gusties as you go, until you reach a windmill with a Winged Cloud in the center. Hit it to reveal Wonder Wool #4 and some beads that contain Stamp Patches #7 & #8. At the end of this area you'll find a blue pipe, but if you jump a little past it, you'll reveal an invisible Winged Cloud, inside of which are five hearts if you need them (Hearts: 15/23). Now go down the pipe.

Note: At this point in the course, you should have...

  • 3 Smiley Flowers
  • 4 Wonder Wools
  • 8 Stamp Patches

Run through the checkpoint (Hearts: 20/23) and restock at the nearby Yarn Basket. At the windmill, the middle bead of the three is Stamp Patch #9. Ride the platform to grab the three beads above, in the middle of which is Stamp Patch #10, and the next row of three beads below you and to the right likewise contains Stamp Patch #11.

At the next piece of solid ground, flick Yoshi's tongue at the bow to cause three hearts to appear (Hearts: 23/23). (Why it's just three hearts instead of five I have no idea!) Solidifying the platforms on the next windmill will cause Shy Guys to appear. Ride one of the platforms up, then jump to the upper area on your left and unravel the bow on the ground for some beads, then continue right. The next row of beads contains Stamp Patch #12, but beware of the Piranha Plant below you as you descend. Defeat the Piranha Plant, then flick Yoshi's tongue at the bow it was concealing. Follow the bow as it flies back to the left and lodges itself in a low wall. Unravel it to open a passage to Smiley Flower #4 and some more beads.

Go back right across the last windmill and ride it up, then jump to the high area above you. Unravel the bow to summon Wonder Wool #5 and some beads. Drop through the flippers and restock at the Yarn Basket. Drop down to the ledge below you and push the wall back left to reveal more beads, including Stamp Patches #13 & #14.

As you continue from here, Gusties will return. Jump through the line of beads between the first two windmills for Stamp Patch #15. Likewise, the beads between the next two windmills contain Stamp Patch #16. Creating platforms on this third windmill spawns a couple beads per platform. There is a Stamp Patch on each of the four platforms, netting you Stamp Patches #17, #18, #19 & #20. When you've filled in all four platforms, a circle of beads forms in the center along with Smiley Flower #5. All that's left now is to jump to the last stretch of solid ground and hit the Goal Ring.

By this point, you should have collected 100 Stamp Patches, earning you some new stamps to use in Miiverse.

Upon finding all five Wonder Wools in World 1-5, you'll knit back together Moo Moo Yoshi!