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    Alatreon Guide by X_battousaiX

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/29/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Alatreon Guide
    By XBattousaiX
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History (VH)
    2. Introduction (I)
    3. General Information (GI)
    4: Alatreon Breakdown (ABD)
     4A: Alatreon Moveset (AMS)
     4B: Alatreon's Openings (AO)
    5. Methods (M)
     5A: Hammer (HM)
     5B: Bows (BM)
     5C: Tail-Farming (TF)
    6.Drop Percentages (DP)
     6A Carve Percentages (CP)
     6B Break Percentages (BP)
     6C Quest Slot Percentages for Row A (QSPA)
     6D Quest Slot Percentages for Row B (QSPB)
    7.  F.A.Q.S
    8. Copyrights and Legal Stuff with contact information (CLS)
    9. Credits
    Version History (VH)
    Version 0.5 (May 9th, 2014), Began Guide
    Version 1.0 (November 28th, 2014), Attempted to finally finish the guide. HA, I
    got so lazy and haven't played in months, but the information is still fine.
    This is my first (of hopefully many) guides for Gamefaqs, so please forgive me
    for any mistakes I may make. This guide is meant solely to pass on my knowledge
    in order to help players who are struggling with defeating Alatreon in Monster
    Hunter 3 Ultimate. I have now built up a decent amount of experience against
    Alatreon and feel comfortable in helping others achieve the same. It may not
    necessarily contain 100% of the information that is worth knowing, but it will
    contain enough information that will aid an inexperienced player quickly become
    capable of defeating Alatreon. It may not necessarily have methods with all
    weapons, as I either lack enough experience with those weapons on Alatreon, I
    find them inferior to other weapons, or I simple dislike using the weapon on
    Alatreon. In any case, if you are a beginner to fighting Alatreon, or a Tri
    Veteran looking for information on 3U's Alatreon, I hope this guide will be
    helpful to you. Currently I have experience with both Hammers and Bows, so this
    guide will cover ONLY these weapons. I will eventually expand to include all
    weapons, but I feel hammer and bow are the “easiest” ones, hence why I'm
    focusing on these.
    General Information (GI)
    First things first, we should go over the requirements for facing Alatreon.
    Alatreon can be fought in 3 quests, one in the village quests, and twice in the
    Tanzia Port Download Event Quests. Unlocking the Village Alatreon (The
    Brilliant Darkness) requires completing every single village quest, including
    fishing some goldenfish AND conquering the quest Mark of a Hero (G-rank Ivory
    Lagiacrus followed by G-rank Azure Rathalos + Brachydios). The Tanzia Ports
    require just a hunter rank of 6 (Where Gods Fear to Tread) or 8 (The Second
    Coming), so they are much easier to access.
    As for the differences between the Alatreons, there are not actually that many.
    All three share the same moveset, which I will go over below, but have
    different Health values, as well as Attack Values. Do note that I do NOT
    possess accurate knowledge regarding the HR Port Alatreon from Where Gods Fear
    to Tread, and thus they are purely estimations, but I will be testing this
    soon. For the sake of this guide, The Second Coming Alatreon will be called
    G-rank Alatreon, the “Where Gods Fear to Tread” Alatreon as HR Alatreon, and
    the Brilliant Darkness Alatreon as Village Alatreon.
    Obviously, the G-rank Alatreon is the most difficult. He possess the most
    health, which is roughly twice the health that the Village Alatreon Posses.
    However, they possess identical attack values, and likely defense values. Thus,
    for all intents and purposes, if you can kill the Village Alatreon, you can
    kill the G-rank Alatreon. The only difference being that you NEED to be able to
    kill Village Alatreon in UNDER 25 minutes, and preferably in under 20 minutes,
    to be able to kill G-rank Alatreon. If you get in the ~ 22 minute kill range,
    you should be fine with killing G-Rank Alatreon, but do know that it will be
    VERY close.
    As for HR Alatreon, I believe he has less attack and defense, than his Village
    and G-Rank counterparts, but with roughly 50-75% more health than Village
    Alatreon. Overall, I don't consider him worth fighting, unless you have some
    friends and want to grind his HR parts. For solo players, you're better off
    sticking to the Village Alatreon who, despite hitting harder, will likely die
    faster and thus be more efficient to grind. Testing on HR Alatreon's
    differences is still needed, so this is information is subject to change.
    Alatreon Breakdown (ABD)
    Now that we know about the differences between the Alatreons we encounter in
    quests, its time to get into his personal details. The Attack values listed
    below will ONLY be accurate for G-rank and Village Alatreon! If you are soloing
    the HR Alatreon, then the damage it deals with its various moves will likely be
    decreased, removing any sort of threat whatsoever.
    Alatreon possesses two different modes. The first mode, in which he ALWAYS
    begins the fight with, is the Land Mode. In this mode, his attacks posses
    either no element, a fire element or a dragon element. The second mode is the
    Sky Mode, or Flight mode. In this mode, he will use either no element,
    lightning or ice element attacks. Unless Land Mode, Alatreon CAN land on the
    ground and continue to use his lightning/ice element attacks, so do not assume
    that just because he isn't flying he won't use lighting/ice element attacks! If
    Alatreon is enraged, he will breathe either fire (Land mode) or ice (Sky mode).
    Helpful to know if you just fainted and Alatreon is grounded, but aren't sure
    if he's still in the same mode as before.
    For those returning from Tri, you will notice that the area is mostly the same
    as before, with the exception of 3 (I never paid attention, but I think its 3)
    gathering spots, two ballistas and 1 ballista binder at the Northern end of the
    area. The Ballistas themselves are worthless, but the ballista binder will be
    one of your greatest assests. Shooting Alatreon with it will instantly land it,
    giving you a few seconds to pound on it while it breaks free. Great for hitting
    the horns ;). The gathering spots allow you to get some Nullberries to heal off
    blights, as well as ballista ammo, which isn't exactly useful. There IS a camp,
    but accessing it requires either using a farcaster or fainting. It possess a
    bed and nothing else.
    Alatreon also possess a wide variety of moves. I will list them below,
    describing them and explaining the recommended course of action to take in
    order to avoid them. Evasion +1/+2 and Evasion Extender are NOT necessary to
    dodge ANY of his attacks, although they do help if you have them. I'll with
    Land mode moves, then go to Sky mode. Moves he can do in both will be listed
    last in the Land section. Moves will be tagged with a (L) for Land, (S) for sky
    and (L/S) for both. Moves will have both a threat and damage level rating, with
    Extremely high rating for Damage being 1-hit kill. A lot of Alatreon's attacks
    posses an Extremely High damage rating due to the fact that he has high element
    values on his attacks. Likewise, with +15 or higher resistance to an element,
    you can drop the damage level from, say, medium-extremely high to merely
    low-medium. This only applies to purely elemental attacks, such as the Great
    Fireballs, and not physically-elemental attacks, like say his dragon charge.
    Alatreon Moveset (AMS)
    Great Fireball (L)
    Element: Fire
    Threat Level: Low/Medium
    Damage Level: Medium-Extremely High.
    Other notes: Requires Guard Up to block
    Description: One of Alatreon's staple moves. He'll cough up a hairba- I mean
    Fire Ball which, once contact is made either with you or the ground, will
    expand much like Barioth's Ice Balls in Tri. Even at 0 fire resistance, this
    move does a good chunk of damage, but it won't kill in a single hit unless your
    fire resistance is in the ~ -20 or below region. Guaranteed 1hko at -35 fire
    resistance, and I assume that's the same for anything below -20.
    Tells: Alatreon will sort of crouch and crane his neck before firing the fire
    ball. Will update with a better description soon.
    Evading: Well, most weapons can roll, so roll forward or diagonally-forward. Do
    NOT roll backwards or attempt to block (without Guard Up), as you will simply
    get hit. Overall, probably Alatreon's easiest move to avoid in Land mode. I
    could see Lances/Gunlances having trouble with this one, but I think moving
    forward may be enough, testing still required.
    Backup Great FireBall (L)
    Element: Fire
    Threat Level: Low/Medium
    Damage Level: Medium-Extremely High.
    Other notes: Requires Guard Up to block
    Description: Same as above, but instead of staying in place, he'll hop
    backwards as he fires it. It doesn't  really change anything, except that
    Alatreon ends up further away. Testing is required to find out if this is a
    rage-mode only attack.
    Tells: same as above, but you won't know about the hop until he fires it. Act
    the same way and go forward!
    Evading: Same as above, roll forward.
    Double Tail Flick (L)*
    Element: Fire *
    Threat Level: Low-Medium
    Damage Level: Medium-High
    Might be able to use it in Sky Mode when grounded with no element, but I
    haven't seen it.
    Description: Alatreon uses this when you're behind him and he's too lazy to
    immediately turn around. The flicks are pretty quick and have deceptive range.
    Roll after to get rid of the fire blight!
    Tells: He'll swing his tail in the air before using it like a whip and flicking
    it down twice on the ground behind him, but slightly to his sides. Quite a big
    tell on this one, the medium threat comes from the speed and deceptive range.
    Evading: Roll far away from Alatreon, or roll closer to his front legs/sides,
    but don't stay behind him. The deceptive range WILL likely make it hit you even
    when you think you're safe if you're so much as slightly behind him within 1-2
    rolls distance of him. I'll try to work out his range with this later as well.
    (Dragon) [Homing] Charge
    Element: None of Dragon
    Threat level: High-Extremely High
    Damage level: Medium-Extremely High
    Description: Alatreon's hardest move to see coming, due in no small part to a
    whopping 4 variants, but only two if you count the dragon and null element
    charges as one and the same. Alatreon will get charge like a bull, aiming to
    crush you underneath, and finish his charge with a horn uppercut that will send
    you flying, but only if the horn uppercut hits you. If the charge hits you,
    you'll just get knocked back. His homing charge is extremely offensive, since
    you won't immediately see which direction he'll charge in.
    Tells: Alatreon will sort of twist his neck upward, then charge you. For the
    homing charge, he'll move right or left AFTER starting, generally in the
    direction which you just rolled, so don't roll immediately after he starts.
    Evading: Run/roll backwards or diagonally backwards, then roll to the side once
    you've identified the direction he's going to be charging in.
    (Dragon) Claw Swipe (L/S*)
    Element: None or Dragon
    Threat Level: Medium-High
    Damage Level: Medium-High*
    *becomes Extremely High in rage mode
    Description: Alatreon tends to use this if you're in close proximity while he's
    changing direction to better face you. It may not always have dragon element in
    Land Mode, and he'll only use this when he's grounded in Sky Mode (always lacks
    an element in Sky Mode), and its rather quick to hit. Due to the potential
    Dragon Element, it can deal a LOT of damage, but I'm not quite sure this move
    can 1hko a gunner with -35 dragon resistance (not that a gunner should be THIS
    close to begin with). On that note,  Alatreon seems unable to 1-hit kill with
    this move, unless he's in rage mode. I've personally taken dragon charges in
    Helios X gunner armor and lived with a small amount of health (I'd think
    roughly 20 or so, maybe 10-15), and at other times died at over 145 health from
    it, so be weary when he's enraged while in Land-Mode. Blademasters won't have
    to worry so much about this move even in rage mode, as their higher defense
    will decrease the damage taken, but the dragonblight WILL need to be cured ASAP.
    Tells: Hard to tell coming as well since he uses when you're close, but you can
    typically see him pull back one of his front legs before it comes. He can also
    use this while immediately repositioning himself, which makes it even harder to
    see coming and dodge.  Med/High threat due to being quick, but its more a
    threat for blademasters than gunners.
    Evading: Well, roll forward when he see him ready the (pretty sure its always
    closest) front leg for a swipe. No other attack starts like this, so there's no
    risk that he's feinting a different attack. Likely his second hardest attack to
    Horn Uppercut(s) (L/S)
    Element: None
    Threat Level: Low-Medium
    Damage Level: Medium
    Description: Another of Alatreon's “useless” moves. It also possess deceptive
    range, but its not nearly as deceptive as his tail flicks are. He can use them
    individually or up to three in rapid succession. Not sure if he can stop at
    two, but either way, stay back. He'll alternate what sides he does them on if
    he does multiple uppercuts, so if it starts in the lower-left, it'll rise to
    the upper-right, and likewise of the lower-right to upper-left. Kind of quick.
    Tells: He'll just drop his head to one side, then flick it upwards, much like
    at the end of his charges.
    Evading: Roll back, preferably away from his head. Keep rolling as long as he's
    charging, or until you get sufficiently close to his sides past his head. Not
    very threatening.
    Sky Dive (L/S)
    Element: None
    Threat Level: low-High
    Damage Level: Medium
    Description: Alatreon leaps up into the air before propelling himself to your
    location. Slightly deceptive range makes the attack slightly difficult to dodge
    until you get used to it. It often ends up triggering Lava Geysers as well.
    Pretty sure he can use this in Sky Mode as well.
    Tells: He'll pounce backwards into the air. Gives you a good second to react.
    Evading: Roll directly to the side. He tends to aim to my right, so I roll
    Left. Rolling diagonally backwards may work, but it tends to be easier to go
    directly to the side. May not always be avoidable if you're too close to the
    lava pools.
    Lava Geysers (L)
    Element: Fire
    Threat Level: Low
    Damage Level: Medium-High
    Description: Alatreon summons up some fire from the ground. His previous
    Sky-Dive causes a few, and I believe he can trigger them with roars as well.
    Honestly, this attack will just annoy you due to making it harder to dodge
    freely, and knocking you into the air when hit by it. For icing on the cake: It
    may appear off-screen, so when you roll to your side, you MAY just roll into
    it. Isn't that fun? I need to review this attack to get more precise “triggers”
    for it.
    Tells: the ground bulges before the geyser shoots out, so that's all you can
    tell. Alatreon may summon/cause some with his roars as well.
    Evading: Walk around it... Roll around it... Run around it...
    Lightning Charge (S)
    Element: Lightning
    Threat Level: Low-High (varies on location)
    Damage Level: Medium-High
    Description: Alatreon flies across the map (can literally be across the map or
    just a small portion of it) while covering himself with lightning. If you're
    too close to it when he flies by, he'll knock you over from the high wind
    pressure (but you won't take damage for this). Can be annoying to avoid if
    you're too close to the lava pools on the map.
    Tells: He'll fly slightly higher, surge electricity in his body, before
    commencing the charge. Rather easy to see coming.
    Evading: roll directly to your side, whichever gets you furthest away from
    Alatreon. Being knocked over by the wind isn't too annoying though, since
    Alatreon doesn't seem to be very good at chaining other moves to this one.
    Tail Whip (S)
    Element: None
    Threat Level: Medium-High
    Damage Level: Low-Medium
    Description: Alatreon tends to use this if you tend to stay behind him when
    he's flying. He'll flick his tail just about the ground, covering a wide area
    with it. Its rather quick as well.
    Tells: he'll arc his lower body back to get read to “throw” his tail. I can't
    find a better way to describe the tell of this attack.
    Evading: Requires a lot of practice, but rolling through it is the easiest. You
    may be able to roll yourself to where the tell just hit, or roll far enough
    away if you can read the tell correctly. Still, I recommend rolling through the
    Lightning Strike (S)
    Element: Lightning
    Threat Level: Very Low-Low
    Damage Level: Medium-High
    Description: Alatreon focuses and calls lightning on your location. This attack
    ALWAYS comes in a pair, so after seeing the ground light up (hopefully you
    started moving before this), get away, and the ground will light up again
    underneath your feet, so dodge again. Very easy to dodge. You will learn to
    LOVE as Alatreon taunts after it.
    Tells: Alatreon will arc  his head and focus to call lightning.
    Evading: Roll away/walk away. Not very hard to dodge.
    Lightning Strike Barrage (S)*
    Element: Lightning
    Threat Level: Low-High*
    Damage Level: Medium-High
    *Depends on where you're standing when it starts. Can use this in Grounded Sky
    Description: Alatreon calls lightning down all around him. If you're close, its
    VERY hard to dodge, as the lightning strikes can happen in a few places at
    once, so rolling away from one strike may just put you in range of another.
    Comes in two variants, a close range and medium range version.
    Tells: Sort of like the previous move, but he'll throw in his taunt animation
    to call the lightning.
    Evading: Roll far away from Alatreon, or perhaps roll under him. I prefer
    getting far away during this attack though.
    Lightning Claw/Lightning Pound
    Element: Lightning
    Threat Level: Low-High
    Damage Level: High-VERY High*
    * I tend to use Helios X, regardless of Blademaster/Gunner, and this attack
    hits EXTREMELY hard at -10/-5 lightning resistance. Perhaps high lightning
    resistance armor can drop this to low-medium, but it seems to be one of
    Alatreon's strongest attacks in terms of damage potential.
    Description: Only used while flying, and comes in three variants. The first is
    a simple Lightning pound, the second is a triple homing combo, and the third is
    a 4-hit semi-homing combo that makes Alatreon alternate between his left and
    right sides. Both the triple and quadruple combos have Alatreon taunt after it
    is finished. The attack causes tremors if you're too close, which CAN be deadly
    due to the damaging potential of this attack, but you CAN roll far enough from
    it that it doesn't affect you (hence the low-high threat level).
    Tells: He'll raise his front legs, then pound down. For the multi-hit variants,
    he'll jump up afterwards and repeat it twice or thrice more.
    Evading: Roll AWAY from Alatreon, preferably ASAP. If you roll too late, you'll
    get affected by the tremors, but you can still button-mash and roll away before
    the next hit (which if its the triple combo will likely affect you with
    tremors, but hey, its not a direct hit).
    Lightning Drive (S*)
    Element: Lightning
    Threat Level: Low
    Damage Level: Meium-High*
    *Grounded Sky Mode only, damage level is a guess, since it never hits me
    Description: This is basically the same move as the Lightning Strike (that hits
    twice), and replaces his Great Fireball (non hopping) variant. Alatreon calls
    lightning in front of him in a straight line, which mows down a decent length
    of ground in front of him.
    Tells: He arcs his neck back just like the Great Fireball, and then “roars” to
    call lightning, in a motion similar to the Great Fireball. They're honestly
    identical movements.
    Evading: Dodge to the right or the left. Easy to dodge.
    Ice Spears
    Element: Ice
    Threat Level: Low
    Damage Level: Medium
    Description: Alatreon fires some ice from his mouth, which impales the ground.
    Causes ice blight, but not very threatening.
    Tells: Alatreon rears his head back and then flings it forward to fire ice.
    Evading: I act reflexively on this one, and rolling forward tends to work. This
    move hits rather rarely. Dodging to the sides also works, but it doesn't seem
    to work quite as well.
    Hail Storm
    Element: Ice
    Threat Level: Very Low (borders on Non-existent)
    Damage Level: Medium
    Description: Alatreon flies up high into the air, moves to one of two places in
    the area and calls a hail storm that causes ice to form and drop, generally on
    your current position. It lasts for a while as well. If Alatreon flies to the
    north-western side of the area, he'll land in a spot just south, which you can
    easily remember. On the ground where he lands is a reddish crack (kinda large,
    since its bigger than the hunter), and he'll always land right there. I'll
    likely place a link to an image here in the near future to show this spot.
    Alatreon always changes to grounded Sky Mode after this move.
    Tells: Really, I could leave this blank and you'd still see it coming.
    Nonetheless, Alatreon spins around while rising and slowly flies to his spot of
    choice. If you have the sound on, you can hear the sound of the ice starting to
    Evading: Avoid the shadows, which form below you. May not even require movement
    if he aims at the shakalakas.
    Blizzard Breath
    Element: Ice
    Threat Level: Medium.
    Damage Level: Medium
    Description: Alatreon inhales, then exhales a cold breath in a sweeping motion.
    He can do this in one spot or can move forward a bit during its duration.
    Causes the snowman status, which is extremely annoying. Not sure how the snow
    doesn't instantly melt considering the area we're fighting in either.
    Tells: He arcs his head back and towards the side.
    Evading: Rolling into it works wonderfully, as dodging backwards may cause it
    to hit you before you can roll again. Likewise, rolling to the side may make
    you get hit anyway due to the slightly deceptive range.
    This should cover all of Alatreon's moves. Hopefully I haven't forgotten a
    move. Feel free to suggest different names for the moves if you feel they don't
    fit the attacks too well.
    Alatreon's Openings
    Alatreon has a bad habit of taunting after certain attacks. This is the IDEAL
    time to attack, as during his taunts, Alatreon positions his head low to the
    ground, perfect for hitting for blademasters, and a free opening is always
    welcomed for a gunner. Below is a list of attacks after which Alatreon ALWAYS
    taunts. NOTE: it is possible that I may have forgotten one. In the event that
    this is the case, please forgive me.
    Great Fireball (non-hopping variant)
    Lightning Strike
    Lightning Drive
    Lightning Strike Barrage
    Triple Lightning Claw/Lightning Pound
    Quadruple Lightning Claw/Lightning Pound
    Alatreon will also randomly taunt after his other attacks, but there is no set
    pattern. Due to this, you should memorize which attacks Alatreon will taunt
    after performing in order to capitalize on dealing damage. Knowing Alatreon is
    75% of the battle. If you know what he can do and how he does it, all that's
    left is to act it out!
    I also recommend either the High-Grade Earplugs or Rock Steady skill for this
    battle. Alatreon roars a decent amount, and this is invaluable to get a few
    extra hits off every time. For Hammer users, this means more KO build up, and
    thus more free hits to the head, which means much faster kills.
    Methods (M)
    Any weapon can be used to fight Alatreon, but I personally feel that the two
    that shine the most are the Hammers and Bows. For now, I will only list methods
    with these two weapons, as I lack the experience with other weapons. If you
    simple do not want to use the hammer or bow, then you'll have to wait until I
    update this guide with more weapons.
    This is aimed for G-rank Alatreon, so everything here applies to the Village
    Alatreon as well. Just remember that since G-Rank Alatreon has twice the health
    of Village Alatreon, the G-rank Alatreon will end up taking slightly over twice
    as long as Village Alatreon with a status weapon. If you use an Elemental
    weapon, then I'm pretty sure G-rank Alatreon will take close to twice as long,
    whereas for slime weapons, G-rank Alatreon will take roughly 2.1-2.5x longer
    due to the increased slime resistance build up. Nevertheless, slime weapons are
    the way to go, as Alatreon takes *300* damage from slime explosions, and he
    possess the slime resistance of the Jaggi family (55 initial resistance, +45
    per application, 1145 max). This means Alatreon will take a LARGE amount of
    slime damage over the course of the battle, and even including the additional
    build up on G-rank Alatreon, slime weapons will still get faster times than
    elemental weapons.
    So, in conclusion, slime weapons may well be the best weapons for taking
    Alatreon on, regardless of weapon class. This isn't to say that other weapons
    can't do it, just that slime weapons will do it faster.
    Hammer (HM)
    Recommended Armor skills: High Grade Earplugs or Rock Steady, speed sharpening,
    Sharpness +1
    Recommended Inventory: Combo Books 1-5, 10x Mega Potion, 10x Potion, 10x honey,
    10x Kelbi Horns, 5x cool drink, 20x whetstones, 10x clensers, 10x nullberries,
    10x immunizers, 5x Mega Dashjuices (optional).
    Recommended Weapon: Novagio Demolisher or Grongigas Hammer (Awaken Required)
    Recommended Canteen Meal: Drink + Meat (Pyro). Hope the daily skill is slugger
    to get more kos!
    Personal Set: Helios X with Handicraft +5 00: High-Grade Earplugs, Partbreaker,
    Awaken, Speed Sharpening, Sharpness +1.
    For the hammer method, you will be focusing on the head. This will get you kos,
    which you should use to aim for the head even more, as it is Alatreon's
    weakspot. For this reason, remember the attacks after which Alatreon taunts. I
    personally use the Grongigas hammer with awaken, as this hammer just has such
    good raw, and 400 slime once awakened is more than Brachydios' hammer. The
    choice is up to you however, as both hammers require Sharpness +1 to attain
    purple sharpness, but Grongigas has slightly more purple. I'd say Grongigas is
    the slightly better choice, even with the -15% affinity, due to the much higher
    raw, higher slime and +25 defense.
    When the quest starts, drink a cool drink, then pull out your hammer. Alatreon
    will walk towards you, then roar, so if you can, try to get a 3-4 hit combo off
    on his head using a level 1 or level 2 hammer charged attack. Alatreon MAY roar
    again at this point, in which case you will have a few more moments to attack
    his head and get a KO. Keep focusing on the head and you will eventually break
    a horn (if not already have broken a horn on Village Alatreon).
    After this, Alatreon will likely end up moving to flight mode. The best spot to
    hit at this point is the tail, but he may tail-whip you, so do be careful. What
    I personally do is wait for him to give me an opening on his head when he
    taunts, but this is hardly the best thing to do (and it wastes a lot of time).
    If you Ballista Binder is ready, use it to ground Alatreon and get some hits on
    his head. Remember to take advantage of his roars as he keeps his head low to
    the ground during the roars. Remember how to dodge his attacks and remember the
    If you can't hit his head, the body isn't a bad place to hit. In the end,
    you'll likely get a lot of hits on his legs, since those are readily available
    to hit. That said, you'll be dealing only 50% damage when compared to the head
    (50% impact on the head vs 25% on the legs). The wings tend to bounce even a
    purple sharpness Grongigas, so the hammer can't really be used to get wing
    Overall, the fight is a VERY long fight for the G-rank Alatreon, and will take
    a good 20-25 minutes for the Village Alatreon. Mind you, I'm nowhere near the
    level of some players you see on youtube, but it IS possible to get times under
    10 minutes on Village Alatreon, as well as 20 for G-rank Alatreon.
    Example video: To be added when I find an appropriate one.
    Bow Method (BM)
    Recommended Skills: High-Grade Earplugs or Rock Steady, Bombardier
    Required Skill: Awaken
    Recommended Inventory: Combo Books 1-5, 10x Mega Potion, 10x Potion, 10x honey,
    10x Kelbi Horns, 5x cool drink, 20x whetstones, 10x clensers, 10x nullberries,
    10x immunizers, 5x Mega Dashjuices (optional).
    Recommended Weapon: Great Kelbi Deershot.
    Recommended Canteen Meal: Drink + Meat (Pyro).
    Personal Set: Helios X with a Fastcharge +5 0 talsiman: High-Grade Earplugs,
    Partbreaker, Bombardier, Focus, Awaken
    I personally prefer to bow Alatreon. Since most of his attacks are easy to
    dodge once you know how (practice is the key), you'll be able to shoot Alatreon
    out of the sky without too much trouble. Unlikely the Hammer method, the Great
    Kelbi Deershot relies more on its slime than raw. The reason for this is
    because Alatreon takes roughly half the shot damage that it takes impact
    damage. The head takes 25, so this should be the “primary” target, but due to
    being small (and slime being so important), it may just be easier to focus on
    the body (15) and wings (10). The neck and tail are both (20) for shot damage,
    so if you get hits there, its slightly more damage than elsewhere, but I
    wouldn't recommend aiming for those spots due to being harder to hit than the
    body or legs (15).
    Good times for Village Alatreon (for non-pro speedrunners anyway) would be sub
    15, and sub 25 for G-rank Alatreon. Compared to my personal hammer runs, the
    GKD times are 6-8 minutes faster on Village than my best hammer times, and 15
    to 22 minutes faster than my Grongigas Hammer time on G-rank.
    Regardless, this battle starts off similar to hammering. Drink up a cool drink,
    draw your bow WHILE turning around so you move back a bit, and then turn around
    on the spot and aim for a level 3 charged shot (Rapid L3) at his head, or Level
    2 (Spread 4?) if you can't get it in time. Alatreon may well have suffered an
    explosion on the first hit, so he'll likely roar, so get a few hits in, and
    he'll likely roar again. Once he's done roaring, move away as he'll attack, and
    aim for level 1 or 2 shots to get more slime on him. Remember that with
    Alatreon's low initial tolerance, resistance build-up AND high slime damage
    intake that slime will deal a huge portion of the damage. The difference
    between using Level 1 and level 2 shots is minimal and thus is left to personal
    preference. Use level 3 shots to break the horns, or level 1 or 2 shots during
    roars to maximize slime (and hopefully cause an explosion). Feel free to use
    level 2 or 3 shots when Alatreon is descending from his Hail Storm attack (or
    set up Large Barrel Bombs) to get a higher chance of inflicting slime.
    Tail-farming (TF)
    First of all: this is NOT my method. I didn't not discover it. None of the
    credit is mine. Someone posted it on my thread, and its worthwhile enough that
    I felt it deserved to be included! Gamefaqs user lulzace posted a link to a
    thread by another user, who included a video on how to tail-farm alatreon. You
    can find the link to this video at the end of the section, and a Big thanks to
    Lulzace for informing of this method!
    The method is simple. You need to use a HBG, and Cha-Cha and Kayamba must be
    using the Cannon mask and Lamp mask. The skills Recoil +3 to fire off the level
    2 sleep shots quickly and carving master to carve the tail a third time are all
    you need. If you can fit status attack up alongside those two skills, even
    Start the quest, load up level 2 sleep shots, then fire sleep shots at
    alatreon. Once he's asleep, go behind Alatreon, near the base of his tail, and
    call up your cannon mask wielding Shakalaka, and hope he doesn't miss.
    If he hits, Alatreon's tail WILL be cut in a single hit, and you can carve it.
    Maybe the cannon-wielder will carve as well! If you get what you wanted, just
    let Alatreon cart you three times, and you get to keep the tail carves.
    If you don't, just quit the quest, and start over: you'll regain the sleep
    shots you lost.
    And that sums up tail-farming. Pretty easy isn't it?
    Here is the youtube video by youtube user Yin S.
    Drop Percentages (DP)
    First things first: This information is NOT 100% accurate, nor do I ever expect
    it to be 100% accurate. RNG has a MASSIVE effect on drop percentages, meaning a
    lucky player can, potentially, get the rarest of drops every kill regardless of
    the unlikeliness of such an event, and you can end up having to hunt 200+
    without getting one. Rest assured: you'd have to be ludicuriously unlucky to
    end up with that many kills without skypierces/alatreonsphires (unless you
    don't break the horns.. but that's a different story).
    So, without further ado: I present to you G-rank's estimated Drop percentages.
    This does NOT include tail carves: I've yet to carve Alatreon tails, and
    there's a very easy way to farm Alatreon's tails for its drops, so I've omitted
    that information. Besides, I included the Tail-farming information above, so...
    it shouldn't take you too long to get what you want from the tail.
    Carve Percentages (CP)
    Don't forget: Alatreon gives 6 carves.
    Small note: Due to being somewhat lazy atm, I've only got a handful of kills
    noted down.
    Possible Body Carves: Skypiercer , Mantle, Pallium, Ripper, Dragongem,
    96 carves (16 kills) Drop rate estimation:
    Mantles: 28 mantles (29%)
    Palliums: 41 palliums (43%
    Sphires: 3 (3%)
    Rippers: 15 rippers (16%).
    Gem: 2 gems (2%)
    Piecers: 7 (7%)
    NOTE: Cha-Cha and Kayamba CAN steal these carves. They can also carve the tail,
    allowing a possible extra 4 carves/kill if they carve both tail and Body. I
    don't really count on this though.
    Break Percentages (BP)
    Break rewards: Note: Sometimes, we are not able to properly identify what
    breaks we obtained, it IS possible that certain rare drops do not belong to the
    break they are associated with. In that case, contact me and I will rectify it.
    Horns: Total breaks: 15. Rewards: 4x (1 mantle) (27%), 6x (1 skyswayer) (40%),
    5x (1 skypiercer) (33%). Looks reasonable for the sample size.
    Legs: Total Breaks: 18. Rewards: 1x (2 rippers) (5.5, rounded to 6%), 11x (1
    ripper) (61%) , 6x (1 mantle) (33%). Again, reasonable. Double rippers are
    quite rare, but eh, you can carve and get them as quest rewards, so you'll
    rarely need too many.
    Seeing as I only possess 2 wing breaks, this one is 100% off.
    Wings: Total breaks: 2. Rewards, 1x direwing (50%), 1x mantle (50%). I estimate
    this to be off, and I'd think wings are closer to 65% while mantles would be
    35%. More research must be made!
    Quest Slot Percentages for Row A (QSPA)
    Addional Notice: Do not expect me to calculate the overall % per quest for an
    item. I WILL do it, but only once I fully return to the game. These numbers
    are, therefore, the estimated percentage that an item will show up in a slot.
    Expect the percentages of common items to be ABOVE the actual value, and the
    percentages of rare items to be BELOW the actual value.
    Quest rewards Row A: 1x conquerer's seal (100%), 2x Alatreon Pallium (100%),
    SkySwayer, SkyPiercers, Alatreon Palliums, Alatreon Rippers, Alatreon Mantles,
    Alatreon Direwings, Alatreon Direwings
    The first two items are, obviously set quest reward items. You'll get them
    every time you beat the quest, so you shouldn't be worried about lacking
    Interesting note: Alatreon Gems and Sphires are NOT quest rewards! At the very
    least, based on my sample size of quests, 0 were obtained via quests! If you
    wish to obtain them, I recommend tail farming, it'll be much faster.
    And now for the Quest slot item Percentages.
    We obtained a total of 80 quest drops
    Diretails: 11 (14%)
    Direwings: 13 (16%)
    Skyswayers: 4 (5%)
    dragonsphires: 0*
    Dragongems: 0*
    Mantles: 21 (26%)
    Palliums: 20 (25% chance)
    Skypiercers: 1 (1%**)
    Rippers: 10 (13%)
    *I'm leaving those in for now, until I can verify if they actually exist. Since
    they're 0 currently, they don't affect the other rates drops rates in the case
    that they actually aren't drops.
    **We only got 1... I'd HONESTLY say this was just bad luck, but its possible
    that they really are this rare. Either way, you can carve them and get them
    from horn rewards, so you'll likely not even care from the quest rewards.
    AGAIN: These rates are estimations PER item roll for Quest Reward Row A. The
    minimum number of items you can get, regardless of Ultra Lucky Cat/Great Luck
    and/or Horrible Luck. 2 fixed items, 2 other items from the list.
    Quest Slot Percentages for Row B (QSPB)
    Quest rewards Row B: 1x tru armor sphere (100%), 1x timeworn charm (30%),  2x
    Heavy Armor sphere (20%), 1x Adamant orb (15%), 1x Enduring charm (15%), 1x
    true Armor Sphere (10%), 1x Ancient Shard (10%).
    Honestly, if you're doing this quest to farm for ancient shards or enduring
    charms... you're doing it wrong XD There are FAR quicker and easier quests to
    do to farm these items, and you can just do mining runs for them anyway.
    NOTE: Row B's rewards are taken from Kiranico.com. Credit to the team working
    on that site, as it is truly fantastic for hunters to use.
    Copyrights and Legal Stuff with contact information(CLS)
    This guide was written by yours truly, under the GameFaqs username Xbattousaix.
    This guide is ONLY allowed on gamefaqs.com at the time of writing, and if you
    wish to see this guide on othersites, contact me via private message on
    gamefaqs, or using my gamer E-mail, CorruptKen@outlook.com. If you're going to
    ignore this and upload it on other sites anyway, at the very least, give me the
    credit I deserve.
    Credits (CR)
    First of all, I have to thank fellow Gamefaqs users SizableMattress, FenixRonen
    and Itsstillgood. They helped me get the basics down for hammering and
    kelbibowing Alatreon, as well as helped me gather some carve and quest reward
    percentages. All of our findings can be found in my old thread with the link
    I'd like to thank Itsstillgood again: If you're wondering why, he's the one who
    supplied all but 1 of the quest and carve rewards. If it weren't for him, I'd
    have taken a LOT longer to finish this.
    Credit to youtube User Yin S for displaying the Alatreon Tail farming method.
    Credit to Kiranico, as I've used some of their information. If they had item %
    already, I'd be a fool to use my own over the information they got directly
    from the game.

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