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    Lance Guide by king_vonf

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    Lance guide, thing... I guess...
    Welcome to my first submitted FAQ. I have started writing FAQs before but
    I never felt they were necessary to upload, but now with the release of one
    of the most pimp MH titles to date i felt compelled, especially since the
    lance itself has gone from elitist prick 'master race' weapon to a more
    user friendly form with lots of newbies with misconceptions as to how it is
    to be used. 
    i am no word smith, and while i have an extended vocabulary i often cut
    right to the point with as few words as possible, its a bad habit really. so
    get a drink, this guide may be rather dry. also, it is worth noting that the
    Monster Hunter community is rather chockablock full of misconceptions
    and outright falsehoods, so for safety's sake i have only included
    information that i can assure you is totally accurate from my extensible
    monster hunting career, and i make note of it when i mention something a
    little hazy. all in all do not treat MH like an incredibly complex game. it
    certainly is an incredibly complex game, but over thinking is very counter
    productive in this series. and this guide is only meant as a general layout of
    strategy, so feel free to reference it or disregard it at your discretion.
    i have been playing Monster Hunter since the first title hit store shelves
    back in September of '04, and i have not missed a Monster Hunter since.
    through imports and emulators i have played them all. i own a physical
    copy, all purchased new, of every game in the series that saw American
    soil, and a few imports of those that did not (thank you Playasia(tm)).
    i have probably well over 5 thousand hours of hunting clocked in that i can
    recall and check, way more than i believe to be healthy. and as far as
    3 Ultimate is concerned, as of writing this guide i have just broken the 360
    hour mark, not G rank yet though, I'm addicted to the grind. the vast
    majority of this time has been lancing, i am adept with every other weapon
    category in the game (to varying degrees) but once i picked up the lance in
    MH1 i never felt at home with any other weapon. i often pick up the
    longsword and switch axe, and the hunting horn holds a special place in my
    heart, but when something needs to die with surgical precision it gets the
    lance. i didn't mean to sound like a bragging dueche there, i'm just
    defending that i know what i'm talking about. too late to fix it now.
    this guide will skip some of the fluff, like basic controls, missions, and 
    other game play whatnot that you will most certainly discover entirely on
    your own. and if i even include specific strategies for each monster it will
    be in a much later incarnation of the guide. i will also not include weapon
    trees or suggestions, as the wonderful folks over at gamefaqs already
    have some perfectly good weapon trees to ogle at. contact information
    will be included at the end of the guide. also the cheeky humor comes and
    goes, i wrote this over the course of a couple weeks. i personally find
    myself to be hilarious, you are not compelled to agree. and if i sound like a
    total butthole, it is because i kind of am sometimes.
    table of contents...
    [secA] lance traits
    [secB] lance drawbacks
    [secC] attack strategies
    [secD] shield bashing
    [secE] proper blocking
    [secF] counter attack?
    [secG] proper dodging
    [secH] underwater combat
    [secI] skill suggestions
    [secJ] what not to do, ever
    [secK] lance v gunlance?
    [sekL] afterwards, legal stuff, contact info
    so what can a lance do?
    it has the best block of any other weapon in the game, save for the
    gunlance which has equal blocking capabilities, though unlike the gunlance,
    the lance has better dodging. and do not forget this, you will be dodging
    with a lance nearly as much as blocking, and do not block for the sake of
    blocking, you won't accomplish anything by standing around recoiling
    from attacks. the shield is a privilege, a valuable resource, a good friend,
    a lover; do not abuse it or you will only get hurt, treat it well
    and it will save your life countless times.
    with enough practice, your DOT [damage over time] can be amazing, with
    enough grasp of the timing you are able to deliver very constant damage
    and long, neigh endless, combos. as far as what damage the lance does, i
    believe that the old belief still holds true; the lance deals cutting or
    bashing damage depending on which type of damage that particular part
    of that particular monster is weaker to [citation needed]. and do not
    forget that the lance is perfectly capable of cutting tails off, though it is
    tricky and for beginners it often requires tripping and trapping to pull off.
    the lance also keeps a nice balance of raw and element/ailment. you can
    use it for nice straight raw damage builds as well as potent elemental
    builds. the eternal middle ground that it shares with the gunlance make
    determining the right weapon for the right job easier in my opinion.
    the full emporium of attacks are as follows;\/ 
    [controls are for 3DS, they should be identical for WiiU, but i don't own
    one yet so...]
    forward thrust [X] - a basic combo attack. a simple horizontal stab, not as
    effective as the upward thrust, but good for small enemies or other
    targets close to the ground that upward thrusting might go right over.
    this is the attack you deliver from the draw, and for some reason it
    appears that when attacking from the draw you have a little less sharpness
    than usual now.
    upward thrust [A] - a basic combo attack. a simple angled stab, like the
    forward thrust except with slightly higher damage per attack. this should
    be your most used attack, since it has good damage and is best for striking
    higher parts of a monster.
    wide swing [X + A, neutral stance] - a basic combo attack. a sweep with the
    lance that covers a semicircle in front of the user. this attack is lame, it has
    wimpy damage and takes too long to execute. it is only good for knocking
    minions out from in front of you, and at this it excels, kinda. in previous
    games the only way to get away from minions was to jousting charge, and
    that was annoying, now there is more options, even if they kinda suck.
    *basic comboing - any basic combo attacks can be mixed and matched for
    a three hit combo. you should always back hop or sidestep after a combo
    or else you will be stuck in the painfully slow reset animation after an
    attack. if you dodge in time you can immediately begin attacking again.
    jousting charge [X + A in guard stance. or special button] - ahh, the jousting
    attack. the crown jewel of the lance. at the same time over and under
    rated. you hunker down behind your weapon and sprint forward,
    consuming stamina (a lot of it) as you hustle forward in one perpetual
    attack that hits with rapid succession. new to the tri series is an attack
    boost you get after a couple of meters or so of sprinting, you will flash
    red indicating you have reached terminal velocity, this means you should
    give yourself some distance before initiating a charge to maximize
    damage. you will require green or higher sharpness to 'charge lock' a
    monster, if you are too dull you will embarrassingly bounce off like a spaz. 
    also, do not, for the love of all that is sacred, charge spam in multiplayer.
    some people rage when you use this attack at all, but i am living proof you
    can use this attack to great effect in multiplayer. if you use the joustin
    charge improperly you will run over your teammates, sending them flying
    and putting them into a long reset animation. this is the lamest thing,
    almost as lame as hammer, switch axe, and greatsword users launching
    people, or bowgunners firing pellet shot everywhere. if you cannot joust
    responsibly then leave it alone, seriously. 
    *sudden stop [B during joust] - if you are jousting and need to stop you can
    perform a cancel which will bring your lancer to a skidding halt. useful to
    quickly reset yourself and avoid running over teammates.
    *jousting finisher [X or A during joust] - possibly the most potent attack the
    lance has (but trust me, that isn't saying much). you will perform a sliding
    stab attack to end your charge, good timing is required especially if your
    weapon is not sharp enough to pierce through a monster on a joust, as this
    attack will not bounce.
    draw guard [R + X + A] - while this is not an attack it is one of the most
    useful things to remember. if you draw your lance when holding the guard
    button you will immediately, like super fast, draw the lance into a guarding
    stance. i almost never draw a lance normally, this is just so much faster,
    even considering the time it takes to reset out of a block. you can do this
    while sprinting or standing still, and i guarantee this will save your life at
    least a dozen times before you know it.
    counter thrust [A during guard stance] - a basic combo attack. now, this is a
    tricky one that i have yet to fully figure out myself, mainly because i don't
    use it often. delivered from a block. basically you brace behind your shield
    and charge your attack before letting loose a potent stab. not as powerful
    as it looks as far as a normal attack goes, so don't use as a basic attack as
    the charge up takes too long to be worth the small damage boost. where it
    excels is where its namesake lies, if you are attacked during a counter
    thrust you will block the attack and attack back (if the attack didn't send
    you skidding back), allowing for an unbroken combo even while the
    monster attacks. be careful though as the charge is for a fixed time, unless
    you tap the button instead, but who does that?
    guard poke [X in guard stance] - a fun little attack, but you are vulnerable
    for way to long during the short pokes, so be careful. you momentarily
    lower the shield and stab, doing little damage but allowing you to take
    advantage of small openings without totally dropping guard. also a good
    way to pump a monster full of ailment without hurting it too much. oh,
    also a good way to detonate bombs, just poke them once and you will have
    your shield up before the explosion hits you. you will get sent skidding
    back and probably take a sliver of damage, but a better alternative to
    kicking them.
    phalanx advance [forward + X during guard stance] - not an attack but a
    useful move none the less. you duck your head down and dash forward 
    quickly, consuming some stamina. you are still blocking even when moving
    and this is the only time to let loose a shield bash. in older games an evade
    lancer with their shield out when a monster executed a long range attack
    was a sitting duck unless they could pull a switcharoo back hop in time,
    now you can simply phalanx advance out of the way without stressing your
    reflexes or desperately putting your weapon away. it doesn't cover whole
    lot of ground but it can be essential to survival.
    shield bash [X during phalanx advance] - last and least is the shield bash.
    not the most useful attack, but not as laughable as the wide swing. only
    executable after a phalanx advance, and i feel it would be a lot more
    useful if this wasn't the case. you flail your massive shield for a big bashing
    attack that deals a little knockout. try not to use this very often. can be
    used to start a basic combo.
    back hop [B] - the first of the lances basic yet vital dodges. can be
    performed at any opening with the weapon out, though the timing has
    gotten funny since freedom unite. can be easily chained and can be
    extended into a 'long back hop' as a chain ender by holding back while
    side step [left or right + B after an attack or back hop] - the sexiest of lance
    moves, a quick shuffle to the side. great if you don't want to be sent
    recoiling from soaking a hit. essential to avoid things like Plesioth's water
    beam or Agnaktors lava cannon which cannot be blocked without guard
    but what can a lance not do?
    you will quickly notice that the  lance is a very heavy and obnoxious looking
    weapon. with weapon out you mosey at a crawl, it takes forever to draw
    your weapon in a neutral stance, and takes just as long to put away.
    you will not be moving quickly.
    the damage per hit is mediocre. better than, say, dual blades and sword
    and shield, but slower. worse than, for example, hammers and
    greatswords, but not really faster. so constant assault and proper strategy
    is key. you must be able to lay on the hurt as often as possible or your DOT
    will shrivel and keel over.
    dodging, while essential to good lancing, is often clunky if you don't have it
    down. and to this day i sometimes over estimate a dodge and fail to clear
    enough distance in time and end up getting hit by an attack. keep the shield
    handy for these times. and keep in mind that with the lance out you cannot
    roll, you are stuck with footwork, this means if you need to roll off some
    fireblight or Brachydios slime you are gonna have to put the weapon away
    to stop, drop, and roll.
    blocking eats stamina, and since the lance can block what other weapons
    cannot, this also means that you use more stamina soaking them. and with
    all the side stepping, blocking, jousting, and whatnot you will find yourself
    low on stamina quickly if you are not careful. you will not block even a
    Jaggi's bite if you have no stamina. bring dash juice, and i hope you love
    hunting Royal Ludroth as much as i do.
    you will get tripped a lot. even with good natured companions, this is the
    lancer's lot in life. with your only 'super armor' being during attacks that
    can knock around other players, you can become a hypocrite really fast if
    you don't keep two things in mind: 1) jousting is to be used sparingly, you
    are a tank, not a motorcycle. a lancers stampede is one of the worst ways
    to be tripped up. 2) you have to work with your teammates, being a heavy
    weapon user and all. so try to focus on an area of the monster you
    teammates are not. since four longsworders can all spirit combo a tail
    without tripping each other and dual blade users almost never trip each
    other, you just have to suck it up and stay out of the way. it is no fun
    running into the fray only to spend the whole time derping on your knees
    instead of attacking. skilled friends help too.
    and one more thing to keep in mind the timing of certain things can be
    weird. in freedom unite the lance had very fluid timing, with the ability to
    dodge during large windows of opportunity and the ability to stall in
    between stabs. now these are no longer as smooth, you may from time to
    time find yourself button mashing to continue attacking or to back hop
    while your character finds it much better to reset to a neutral stance
    instead. there are some points in some animations where you cannot chain
    more moves, make sure to input them without delay, forethought is key.
    basic attack strategies, making with the stabby stabby;\/
    thrust + thrust + thrust + back hop (rinse repeat)
    attack + attack *monster moves* jousting charge + jousting finisher +
    back hop + continue attacking
    counter thrust + thrust + counter thrust + thrust...
    surrounded by small minions - wide swing + jousting charge
    *never use the wide swing seriously, it is suck sauce. meant only for
    knocking  minions out of the way*
    got a lance with a high ailment? in a team of other hunters? - guard poke +
    guard poke + guard poke.... *you are vulnerable during attacks in guard
    need to get away from a monster quickly? - jousting charge
    need to catch up to a fleeing monster? - jousting charge
    need to deliver some hit and run fun? - jousting charge
    riding a dash juice? - jousting charge
    *do not run over your friends with jousting charges, it is totally not cool.
    save it for the pros.*
    upward thrust over forward thrust whenever possible, the damage is
    higher and it usually reaches a monsters weak points much easier.
    forward thrusting is usually okay when you are trying to trip a monster,
    and is really good when trying to trip a monster with low legs, like Royal
    Ludroth or Gigginox.
    shield bashing and you;\/
    shield bashes are really not the best attack, they can deliver knockout but
    you probably won't KO anything other than a great jaggi by yourself, but
    you can offer a bit of assistance to your resident hammer/hunting horn
    user if you happen to be presented with the opportunity. though unless the
    opportunity literally jumps out at you leave the shield for blocking.
    using the phalanx advance to cover ground quickly is a good strategy, and
    to keep damage output up it is usually a good idea to follow up an advance
    with a shield bash as you can immediately follow up with thrusting attacks,
    so don't be afraid to use it as a means to an ends.
    how to block and when not to, do not use the shield as a crutch:\/
    it is called 'Lance', not 'Shield'. heck, nobody even calls it
    'Lance and Shield', keep that in mind.
    lance can block a lot of things, even things that cut right through the guard
    of lesser weapons, but it cannot block everything (but with guard increase
    it comes close). remember that blocking uses stamina and if you do not
    have enough stamina to block an attack it will go right through your guard
    like it isn't even there. dash juice is a lancer's best friend.
    blocking is your bread and butter as a lancer but it is not your four course
    meal. too many new bloods are boasting no damage runs with lances
    because of the stellar blocking, but with horrible quest completion times
    and boring hunts to boot. block only when you have too and when dodging
    is not an option.
    learn to dodge, back hops are your best bet in most situations, they allow
    for more damage output as they are best chained with attacks. and side
    stepping right through a tail sweep is an amazing feeling.
    you can block while doing a phalanx advance, you can even feel free to eat
    an attack head on run running into it with your shield, very helpful if you
    have a gunner right behind you who needs cover while they reload, unless 
    your ping is low and you both get hit anyway...
    when guard poking you are vulnerable, very much so, so be careful. for the
    first frame or so before you even begin to poke and for the last few after
    you have reset your shield you are for some reason not blocking. this is
    total B.S. but it is a fact of (MH) life, so remember it.
    the art of the counter thrust?;\/
    this is a real work in progress as i rarely use the counter thrust even if the
    situation calls for it. i don't use it much and i don't know a whole lot about
    how it works, this section should not be taken as fact, i cannot really back
    up any of this. so with that in mind i will confer what i know.
    you only charge the attack for a fixed time, unless you simply tap the
    attack button. this attack is not very practical as a standard attack due to
    the long charge and the (seemingly) small boost to damage. you are
    blocking while charging up, and if an attack hits you hard enough to send
    you sliding back or if it cuts right through your guard then the attack is
    the one thing i can say for absolute certain is that the counter is a great
    way to keep damage up and prevent you from being held up by small
    attacks. instead of waiting to recoil from a blow and then begin an attack
    from anew you can just counter and keep on trucking. you can also slip a
    counter into a normal combo for maximum DOT. but this counts as both
    the third attack in a string, and the first attack in the next one.
    dodging, hustle and shuffle;\/
    evade lancing is often where it's at, strangely enough. and you may be
    thinking, "with that huge shield and stellar guarding ability, are you
    seriously going to let it go to waste by dodging?". the answer is an
    awkward 'yes'. remember earlier when i said the weapon is called 'lance'
    and not 'shield'. blocking is an integral part of using a lance, but even with
    the proper application of the counter attack you will, with enough skill,
    have considerably higher DOT with evade lancing. the shield will always
    be there for emergencies or when a quick change of strategy is needed.
    the things to know about evade lancing, in no particular order are;\/
    that the moment of invulnerability is just long enough to sidestep through
    tail whips, back hop over quakes, and even some roars, though the shield is
    still the best way to soak a roar unless you have earplugs (which are
    essential to a pure evade build of any kind).
    you can chain any three evades (side steps or back hops) for maximum
    booty shaking, er, i mean, effect. you can only side step after an attack or
    back hop though.
    at any time during a dodge combo you can perform a 'long back hop', this
    involves holding the control stick backwards, in the direction behind your
    character, and evading. this will cancel your dodge combo so be careful if
    you need to cover as much distance as possible, often best used at the end.
    it covers roughly one and a half times the distance, with a marginally longer
    moment of invulnerability (i think, don't quote me on that).
    triple sidestepping is, i have found, a very useful thing, i almost never
    double side step, for only a moment of extra movement you cover that
    much more ground. great for avoiding Diablos or Barroth charges, or
    keeping up with the often constant wriggling of Agnaktor and Lagiacrus.
    underwater lancing, become the torpedo;\/
    ah, now this is where i have to say; D@mn it feels good to be a lancer. you
    will notice that underwater combat is a real hassle most of the time, and
    for some weapons more than others. but with the lance your underwater
    experience should be rather similar to that of land based combat. the only
    things you really need to watch out for are detailed below.
    you cannot angle your jousting charge up or down, still only left and right,
    this is very annoying, so limit jousting when underwater, even when soloing.
    dodging is kind of wonked underwater sometimes, you may often find
    yourself dodging up or down when you meant to back hop or sidestep, as
    well as vice versa.
    target cam is often essential as movement underwater with weapon out is
    often grueling, especially with a heavy weapon like the lance. so keep that
    camera focus on your quarry or you may end up swimming in circles trying
    to correct yourself.
    Oh my dear asdfghjkl! Waterblight! avoid waterblight (and also icebight)
    like the plague that they are. your stamina will thank you.
    skills, what helps and what to watch out for;\/
    (names may be inaccurate, i pulled them from memory, and some names
    are from freedom unite, I'll correct them a little later if need be)
    lancing would be a bad joke if Monster Hunter didn't have special abilities.
    some skills are, in my opinion, essential for even a decent lance build. also,
    some of my skill choices are extremely biased towards my ballsy style of
    play, i have a 'go big or go home' attitude with an unhealthy dose of 'is that
    the best you got! hit me again!?". so feel free to experiment with skills to
    find out what works best for you.
    also i won't be supplying any suggested armor sets for three reasons;
    1) I'm a complete armor set guy, i don't mix sets. i find it satisfying being
    given only one set and then struggling with talismans and gems to get just
    the right optimized skills for that armor.
    2) i like armors that have use with more than one weapon, so even if it isn't
    the best lancer armor, as long as it's just as good for another weapon i use
    and 3) i make so many armor sets for so many B.S. reasons, i couldn't
    possibly rifle through them and tell you why they are the best choice if i
    made them for no reason anyway.
    my top ability choices\/
    item use up - achieved from the lasting power skill. makes things like hot
    drinks, dash juices, and power pills last longer. allows for longer assaults
    and less time stopping to pop buffing items.
    guard +1/+2 - great for guard lancing, keeps you from skidding back as far
    and helps conserve vitality when hammered with repeated blows.
    evade +1/+2 - great for evade lancing, extends distance covered when
    dodging. makes you positively fly backwards during long back hops and
    allows for better side step precision.
    recovery up - increases the amount healed by potions and such. conserves
    health when tanking by reducing the number of health items you need to
    use and by allowing greater time between uses and less time spent
    consuming potions.
    speed sharpener - again, all about saving time. lances can sneak up on you
    with how fast they can dull sometimes, so you don't want to waste time
    sharpening when you could be stabbing.
    element/status attack +x - turns the moderate element builds for lances
    into very good element builds. also great for sleep bombing or paralyze
    tail cutting.
    secondary ability choices\/
    guard increase - guard lancer's holy grail. the attacks you still cannot block
    with this skill are few and far between. become the penultimate walking
    fortress. bring dash juice.
    evasion up - evade lancer's philosopher's stone. frees up timing
    constraints by increasing the moment of invulnerability during dodges,
    sometimes just a good stress reliever
    marathon runner - now if i wasn't such a dash juice addict i would put this
    on the top tier, and you may well want it on yours. makes evading,
    sprinting, and blocking consume less stamina.
    stamina recovery up - this would also be higher on my list if i didn't always
    have lots of dash juice. it increases the speed that your stamina bar
    recovers endurance, great when you are constantly dodgeing and blocking
    and have little time to break for recovery.
    ESP - this becomes essential for me at G rank, it stops your weapon from
    bouncing off tough hide. though keep in mind you are still dealing stunted
    damage and dulling your weapon just as fast as when bouncing, so keep a
    full compliment of whetstones handy.
    tritery skill choices\/
    critical eye +1/2/3 - critical hits take a well executed assault and make it a
    total slaughter. high affinity turns good runs into great runs and lacking
    weapons into good weapons.
    adrenaline +2 - a recent acquisition of mine, if you like to brag about not
    taking damage then load up on this for the attack boost when your health
    does get low.
    awaken - some lances in 3U get totally crazy with the awaken attribute,
    granting many weapons elemental and status they did not have before.
    i can't wait for my Black Diablos lance with awaken.
    defense up - this used to be higher on my list back when all i did was guard
    lance. good defense is still good if you have an older armor set and you
    need the extra assurance that you won't get owned by a stray hitbox
    (again something that isn't an issue anymore)
    how to be a horrible lance user and things not to do;\/
    if i haven't said it enough then i shall say it one more time: do not spam
    reckless jousting charges when playing with a group. if you can pull off
    jousting attacks without hindering anybody or tripping your fellow hunters
    then pat yourself on the back and keep on keepin' on. if you constantly run
    over teammates, or repeatedly make a destructive derp out of yourself
    then don't use the charge attack, it is not an essential attack strategy all
    things considered.
    don't wait for the reset animation after attacking, step or hop to quickly
    reset yourself, standing around and waiting to reset will get old fast.
    don't stand there and soak hits to your shield in place of evading, moving,
    or attacking. this can be hard for some to break, but standing around like a
    harmless rock does not make you a guard lancer. feel free to switch
    weapons till you have a better feel for the game play and them move back
    to lances, this is a perfectly viable strategy to avoid being a punching bag
    for monsters.
    don't just stand between the monster's legs and upthrust, i did this too
    much back in '04 and '05, i didn't make a lot of pals online. this is a horrible
    strategy and doesn't output a lot of damage.
    don't let yourself run low on stamina, in fact try to rock a full 150 stam at
    all times. nothing is more embarrassing than having that giant shield and
    not being able to block anything, except for looking like you have a ten ton
    weapon AND moving like you have a ten ton weapon.
    the obvious question; lance or gunlance?\/
    oof, well, i figured it would be best to cover this now since i will surely get
    at least one question about it later. and i have a very different view on this
    topic than others. i personally do not treat the lance and gunlance like
    similar weapons. they just play so differently, and while i really enjoy using
    the GL from time to time i have totally seperate armors for them.
    i view the lance and gunlance as i view the greatsword and hammer, as in
    not similar weapons at all. yeah they both stab, they both have high
    blocking ability, and they both have 'lance' in their name. but they are
    both wonderful weapons that don't deserve to be compared as if one was
    better than the other. so pick both up and use them as they are, at least
    that is what i do.
    ]]afterwards and contact info[[
    i hope this guide has given you some better insight in what it means to be a
    lancer. and if it has not helped you at all then i guess i shall have to live
    with that failure. it wouldn't be monster hunter to me if it didn't have the
    lance. i may make some periodic changes to this guide as i think of them,
    but i may not touch this again as i can tend to be very busy at the most
    inopportune times, so we'll call this a 1.0 for now. it may be poorly
    organized, it may be worded funny, but i made this guide at the same time
    i was finishing a psychology project (I'm not even going into medicine), so
    bare with me.
    you can contact me at my gmail account: wandering.crusader@gmail.com
    though make sure it is really, super important. i don't have as much time to
    invest in this FAQ as i would like (and i would love to write another, but that
    probably won't happen). so if you need to tell me something or ask me a
    question make sure it is really important and make sure the topic of the
    email mentions that it is regarding this guide. and if you hate hate this
    guide don't bother emailing me to tell me, just ignore it and it will go away.
    legally i, JM Brinkley, own nothing except this guide.
    monster hunter belongs to capcom.
    3DS is property of Nintendo.
    playasia own themselves.
    and all that other whatnot.
    this guide is to only be posted at gamefaqs, anywhere else it should be
    a special thanks to all my hunting companions over the past 8 years, some
    of you have been real bros, I'll never forget those who i have lost contact
    june 5th, 2013

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