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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CanWizard

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    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough
    Game: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    System: Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
    Author: Steve Edwards
    Contact: cerberusalchemist@gmail.com
    Current Version 1.00
    Submitted on 6/28/13
    Original Version 0.40
    Submitted on: 4/20/13
    This guide is the copyrighted property of Steve Edwards.
    Licenced for use on GameFAQs.com, neoseeker.com, and cheatcc.com
    1.  Introduction.................................................[100]
    2.  Useful Notes and Tips and Tricks.............................[200]
        Weapons and Weapon Types.....................................[201]
        The Item Box.................................................[202]
        Combining Items..............................................[203]
        In-game Menus ...............................................[204]
        How to Prepare for a Fight ..................................[205]
        How to Fight Large Monsters .................................[206]
        How to Capture Monsters .....................................[207]
        Skills: Food and Armor.......................................[208]
        Hunting Grounds..............................................[209]
        The Forge....................................................[210]
    3.  Shakalaka Companions...[contributed by heavyacademic]........[300]
        Shakalaka Menu Options.......................................[302]
    4.  Walkthrough Part 1 - Moga Village and Moga Woods.............[400]
        Moga Village ................................................[401]
        Freehunting in Moga Woods....................................[402]
    5.  1-Star Quests - Small Monsters...............................[500]
        Questing ....................................................[501]
    6.  2-Star Quests - Monsters.....................................[600]
        Great Jaggi..................................................[601]
        Arzuros .....................................................[602]
    7.  3-Star Quests - Big Monsters.................................[700]
        Royal Ludroth................................................[702]
        Great Wroggi.................................................[705]
    8.  4-Star Quests - Bigger Monsters............................. [800]
        Great Baggi..................................................[801]
        Lagombi .....................................................[804]
    9.  5-Star Quests - Even Bigger Monsters.........................[900]
        Purple Ludroth...............................................[908]
    10. 6-Star Quests - Very Big Monsters...........................[1000]
        Crimson Qurupeco............................................[1001]
        Pink Rathian................................................[1002]
    11. 7-Star Quests - Incredibly Big Monsters.....................[1100]
        Jade Barroth................................................[1101]
        Baleful Gigginox............................................[1102]
        Jhen Mohran.................................................[1103]
    12. 8-Star Quests - Ridiculously Big Monsters.................. [1200]
    13. 9-Star Quests - The Biggest Monsters........................[1300]
        Sand Barioth................................................[1301]
        Azure Rathalos..............................................[1303]
        Black Diablos...............................................[1304]
        Steel Uragaan...............................................[1305]
        Glacial Agnaktor............................................[1306]
        Ivory Lagiacrus.............................................[1307]
    14. Port Tanzia and the Arena...................................[1400]
        The Marina and Tavern.......................................[1401]
        Port Quests.................................................[1402]
        Goldbeard Ceadeus...........................................[1403]
        Green Plesioth..............................................[1404]
        Rust Duramboros.............................................[1405]
        Green Nargacuga.............................................[1406]
        Stygian Zinogre.............................................[1407]
        Dire Miralis................................................[1408]
        Gold Rathian................................................[1409]
        Silver Rathalos.............................................[1410]
        Lucent Nargacuga............................................[1411]
        Abyssal Lagiacrus...........................................[1412]
        Hallowed Jhen Mohran........................................[1413]
        Savage Deviljho.............................................[1414]
        Event Quests................................................[1415]
        The Arena...................................................[1416]
    15. Online Etiquette............................................[1500]
    16. Version History and Contact Info and Special Thanks.........[1600]
    1. INTRODUCTION [100]
    Well hello, dear reader. Welcome to my Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) Ultimate
    walkthrough and beginner’s guide. Now I’ve never written one of these before
    but I felt that I had to do this to help all of the new players out there who
    may not know all everything that veterans take for granted and don't bother to
    explain even thought the success of this series depends on getting new players.
    I think the veteran monster hunter players tend to assume that everyone already
    knows everything or else is an unredeemable noob. Let’s try to bridge that gap,
    shall we?
    This guide assumes that you are new to Monster Hunter, a ‘beginner’ if you
    will, and aims to walk you through the single-player mode (the MOGA VILLAGE
    quests) by familiarizing you with the different functions of your home base,
    helping you prepare for battles by suggesting armor and items, and giving you
    tips for dealing with the dozens of big bad boss monsters you will have to
    fight. I am using the WiiU version of the game to collect info for this game,
    but the games are completely identical in solo content so this guide is
    perfectly capable of guiding you through the 3DS version of the game. But let’s
    not get ahead of ourselves just yet. A little context is called for. Here are
    some hypothetical frequently asked questions a new player may want to ask:
    a. What is Monster Hunter?
    Monster Hunter is a video game series created by Capcom. It is said to be very
    popular in Japan and less popular overseas. These games have you play as a
    HUNTER who lives in a fantastical hunter-gatherer society made up of small
    human villages surrounded by a large wilderness populated with fierce MONSTERS.
    It’s an eat-or-be-eaten sort of world. Your goal is to hunt monsters because
    they threaten your village. You kill monsters, carve open their flesh, use
    their bones and skin to make weapons and armor, and then use those weapons and
    armor to hunt bigger monsters.
    b. What is Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) Ultimate?
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the ‘ultimate’ version of the third generation of
    Monster Hunter. It was released for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo WiiU on March 21,
    2013. It is built on the foundation laid out by Monster Hunter Tri (Wii 2010)
    and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP 2010, Japan-only).
    c. What is new in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that wasn’t in Monster Hunter Tri?
    Well that’s not what this guide is meant to cover, but the gist is that there
    are some new monsters, a lot of new MONSTER SUBSPECIES, some new weapon types,
    some new items, some new armors, and some updated graphics including HD
    textures on the WiiU, 3D on the 3DS, and dynamic shadows in both versions.
    Also there are new control methods and inputs based on the second screens of
    the WiiU and 3DS. Unfortunately the motion controls from the Wii version have
    been scrapped, which I think is too bad because I enjoyed swinging my
    controller as a sword to bring the pain down on some monster.
    d. What is the difference between the 3DS and the WiiU versions?
    Both versions feature all of the same single player content... hell, they even
    have the same multiplayer content. In fact the WiiU version is a port of the
    3DS game. The WiiU version has the ability to connect to the internet so you
    can hunt online with 3 people, friends or strangers, and this is super fun.
    The 3DS version is able to connect with 3DSs or WiiUs in close proximity for
    LOCAL PLAY, which could be even more fun that playing online with strangers,
    so long as you have some friends with their own systems and their own copy of
    the game and can meet up with them.
    The WiiU gamepad also has a couple more buttons than the 3DS, including a
    second analogue stick for controlling the camera. Both versions have a second
    screen which can use a virtual d-pad to control the camera.
    The 3DS version does have a 3D depth of field effect, which is actually a bit
    useful when you are fighting underwater and depth is otherwise hard to judge.
    e. Why is this game so difficult and frustrating?
    It's doing that on purpose. This game wants you to fail. It's sort of self-
    defeating for the game to do this, after all, nothing stands in the way of
    getting fans more than turning off those people who have already bought the
    game. On the other hand, this difficulty is also a subtle trap to get you
    hooked to this game forever. For those people who take this difficulty as
    a personal challenge to their skills and find a way to overcome it will
    experience a sense of triumph and satisfaction which is sorely lacking in
    today's contemporary hand-holding interactive movie-ish games.
    Monster Hunter is not shy about throwing you out in the wilderness and leaving
    you on your own to succeed or fail. It has no problem with making you fight
    a difficult battle for fifty minutes and then saying 'time's up, you are a
    failure!' and making all of that effort and time a total waste. You are
    fighting a game that wants to defeat you as much as you are fighting a
    particular monster that wants to defeat you. Again, this is all intentional,
    and the game is slyly trying to get you to look into its rpg item and armor
    systems, all the while lying down hooks to capture your interest.
    The basic lesson in all of the difficulty is that any challenge can be
    overcome with some preparation. Even if your weapon is weak, you can still
    wear down and defeat monsters if you brought enough health items to keep you
    in the fight long enough. If you go out of your way to buy some trap tools
    and find some thunderbugs, you can make shock traps that will give you a small
    chance to turn a losing fight around, or capture a monster just before time
    expires. Eventually your efforts outside of battle will reward you with items
    and armors and skills that make even the toughest fights trivial, and that
    is probably what makes this game so infinitely satisfying.
    If you apply yourself to this game and uncover all of its little details and
    secrets, you can turn the whole game inside out. Those monsters that used to be
    unfathomly difficult or those game systems that used to be cruelly restrictive
    will be brought under heel and become your slaves. Eventually you and your
    friends will be gang-shaving monsters in five or ten minutes without breaking
    a sweat, and you will feel satisfied because you still have that dim memory
    of when these fights could overwhelm you. And you just can't get that feeling
    if the fights and the game were never difficult to begin with.
    This guide is written for those people who still find the game difficult, whose
    every battle goes down to the wire, who are constantly clining to life and
    depleting their stock of items in every battle. I want to make YOU into a
    monster hunting machine. And believe me, it can be done, IF you have a the
    dedication and the will.
    f. That sounds hard. What is so fun about Monster Hunter, anyway?
    I’ll be honest: this game is about grinding. It is about repeating the same
    fights over and over again to collect the pieces to make new weapons and armor
    that do nothing but make those same fights easier. What could be so appealing
    about such tedium?
    The short answer is that the combat is fun. The long answer is... longer.
    Monster Hunter is set in a small village surrounded by a wilderness filled with
    giant, man-eating monsters. The survival of your village depends on YOU going
    out into the chaos and kicking its ass and bringing home whatever resources you
    can find. You are the archetypal hero in the world your animal brain still
    thinks it lives in; the world you unconsciously wish you live in. You will
    start out small and be awed and humbled by giant dinosaurs and dragons, and
    then you will experience a satisfying sense of progression, power, and mastery
    as you overcome one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another. You will
    feel the pleasure that comes with developing a skill through practice as you
    become more and more adept at the always-fun action-packed combat. You will
    become a GOD; a whirlwind of terror sweeps over the land killing everything
    that looks at you funny, and you will strike fear into Mother Nature herself.
    You will desire to broadcast your awesomeness to the world by equipping
    evermore outrageous weapons and armor, and along the way the game will addict
    you to item gathering by way of an intermittent reward schedule. You will lose
    yourself in this game and become someone... better.
    g. What qualifies you to write a guide about Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate?
    Not much. I’ve never written a guide before and the only Monster Hunter game
    I’ve ever played was Tri on the Nintendo Wii. That said, I thought Tri was a
    great game and I put about one thousand hours into it. I’m currently doing the
    same with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Really, I’m only writing this guide
    because it seems to me to be dreadfully needed. Someone needs to give all of
    the new players some tips and suggestions for what items to bring along or how
    to deal with the bosses. Helping new players is how this game acquires fans
    and fans in turn help the game series continue.
    I’m creating this guide to stand in between a manual and the more expert
    knowledge that you can find easily on the world wide web. First things first,
    the game’s manual can be found by opening up your in-game menu and
    looking into the section marked HUNTER’S NOTES. There you will find all of the
    information on controls, the Heads-Up Display (HUD), and the game sytems.
    One of the bad habits this game has is mentioning important details like
    ‘where the darned menu is at’ only once in a flood of otherwise colorful but
    useless text, and then never mentioning it again. So I’ll say it again: this
    game has a manual that explains the controls and how to use your weapons! It’s
    amazing how many players never find this. But then again, much of this game is
    deliberately designed to be obtuse and frustrating as an extra layer of
    challenge. Remember when games were challenging and they just dropped you off
    in the middle of nowhere without a goal or a prayer? Well this game isn't that
    bad, but its definintely 'hardcore' in the sense that if you hope to progress
    you're going to have to dedicate yourself to learning about it.
    The very basic sort of information that the manual provides won’t be in this
    guide. I will give you some tips on some of the game systems, though, like how
    to handle your item box, or tips on skills, or just how this game is usually
    played and how to prepare for quest (pro-tip: preparation is the key to
    success!). I don’t know... maybe I could go over decorations and charms...
    but that might be too in-depth for a walkthrough. If you need to know anything
    more complex or specific than what is in this guide, check the MONSTER HUNTER
    WIKI, which is a great resource for veteran hunters, but again, not so friendly
    to newcomers.
    This guide was made by writing down everything I know about Monster Hunter Tri
    Ultimate, which is a lot because I play it a lot and I’ve explained it to a
    couple of people before and try to help people from time to time with questions
    online and on the Miiverse. To remind myself of how the game progressed I made
    a new character and re-did the Lower-Rank Village quests to get a feel for how
    the game introduces things to the player. The walkthrough thus adheres to how
    the game actually goes, but it's taking me some time to play through all of
    the content again.
    h. I’m looking for a certain item. Where can I find it?
    This guide will NOT, absolutely NOT tell you where to get certain items. That
    information would just be too much of a pain for me to list here, and lists
    like that are certainly easy enough to find elsewhere.
    If you need to know where to find items, or find out how to unlock particular
    weapons or armors, I recommend the Monster Hunter Wiki. Just search that phrase
    in a search engine. It’s very useful, but again, most of the information is
    only useful to those people who don’t give up at this game because it is too
    Oh, here's another useful little website if you want to find something:
    That's what I'm using now. It's quick and simple and seems to work.
    i. How do I read this guide?
    If you’re looking for tips for a certain quest or a certain monster, check the
    table of contents to find what you’re looking for, and then get that bracketed
    number [xxx] and search for it [ctrl-f] to skip to that spot.
    The walkthrough will cover all of the Moga Village quests. They are grouped by
    tier, and this guide covers the KEY QUESTS and then the URGENT QUEST before
    covering whatever is leftover for that tier. The key quests and the urgent
    quests are the ones you have to do to proceed, but some of the other quests
    involve different and fun monster fights so you might as well check them out
    For every quest I will tell give you some information that you could find
    yourself in the QUEST INFO, like the objective and where it will be (if there
    is an ‘N’ next to the location this means the quest takes place at NIGHT). I
    will also give you my appraisal of the difficulty of the quest (which is just
    my opinion) and a list of items you should bring with you. This list is not
    meant to be comprehensive. They are just suggestions. Obviously any quest can
    be made a little easier with bombs or traps if you feel like it.
    If there is an important TERM or SYSTEM you need to know about that I'm just
    introducing I will probably CAPITALIZE it to draw it to your attention.
    I will also try to direct you by telling you which AREAS on the MAP you need
    to go to. If you need to learn where all of the areas are, make sure to pick
    up a MAP from the BLUE BOX at the start of every quest. Funny story, though:
    as a veteran of Tri I have long since fallen out of the habit of taking a map
    along or even displaying it on-screen, so my references to areas are based on
    memory and guesswork. If any of the areas I tell you to go to just aren't
    right, I apologize. They're probably mostly right sometimes though... maybe.
    2.  USEFUL NOTES [200]
    A lot of this information can be found in the in-game manual or will be
    explained during the tutorials of the single-player mode. Unfortunately, the
    in-game text is small and fleeting and easily skipped. SO I've provided this
    information I thought was most useful for beginners right here. Take a look!
    This game features 12 weapon types. Each of these weapons takes some practice
    in order to be used efficiently. The weapons can also be upgraded through an
    expensive FORGING system. Give all of the weapon types a try and see which ones
    suit your play-style. But because the weapons need practice and are expensive
    to upgrade, it is best to pick a weapon type and stick with it for a while.
    If you get a little ways into the game and have grown tired of your weapon type
    and you have a little money and parts to spare, feel encouraged to forge
    yourself a nice weapon of a new type.
    Broadly, weapons are divided into BLADEMASTER weapons and BOWGUNNER weapons.
    The first type are those ones that you use by running right up to monsters to
    attack. They can be roughly divided up into blades (cuts) and blunts (impact).
    Swords are for cutting tails. Hammers attack the head for massive damage and
    inflict stun. Lances are more rounded and consistent.
    The bows and guns, on the other hand, are ranged weapons, and they have their
    own system for making and using ammo. They have unique abilities and can do a
    range of different kinds of attack in a single battle. Personally I prefer the
    action and reaction of up-close combat and I find guns slow and boring and
    Some weapons come with SHIELDS while others expect that you will EVADE any
    attacks that come your way. I recommend that true beginners get themselves a
    shielded weapon just to keep them alive until they know monsters' attack
    patterns well enough to dodge attacks.
    If you need to know about a certain weapon and how it works, check the HUNTER
    MANUAL in your in-game pause menu!
    THE ITEM BOX [202]
    The ITEM BOX is your most important asset in this game. You can find two copies
    of it in PORT TANZIA, but in the single player mode the box is located in YOUR
    HOUSE. You will be returning to this box between every hunt to store items
    you have gathered and to get items you will need. Let’s look at it in some
    The ITEM BOX is a chest, like a treasure chest. It is a bright blue color to
    distinguish it from the surroundings. It is longer than meter wide, half a
    meter deep, maybe a meter tall. It has decorated edges. It has a curved lid.
    It’s a very impressive box but it doesn’t look like the resolution was improved
    from the old version of the game. But seriously, press A and have a look at
    some important BOX FUNCTIONS:
    You can store items from your blademaster’s or gunner’s POUCH. When you go out
    on quests you will acquire items to take back to your box for storage so that
    later you can forge with them or sell them or combine them or use them later.
    Your pouch can only carry 24 or 32 items so believe me when I say that this
    extra storage is very handy.
    You can take items out of your BOX to have them with you during a hunt. You
    will need some items on every hunt, some items on some hunts, and some other
    items are not necessary to take but are just nice to have. Be sure to
    replenish your pouch before every quest.
    You have a number of options here. You can combine items in your item box. If
    you select an item all those items it can combine with will be highlighted.
    You can also press X to SORT the BOX. You should become accustomed to the order
    the game puts these items in so you can find stuff quickly. You also have the
    option of SELLING  ITEMS, but I would advise against this at first. Items are
    more important than money, IMO. You need items for COMBINING, COMMODITY TRADES,
    and for FORGING new weapons and armor, so don’t sell items unless you are sure
    they cannot be used for any of the above. That said, if you have like, 20
    pieces of a certain monster’s buttcheek that are worth 1000z each, and you
    don’t want to make that particular kind of armor, then go ahead and sell them
    and pocket the 20,000z.
    The item box is also where you MANAGE EQUIPMENT. You can EQUIP WEAPONS, ARMOR,
    and TALISMANS. You will want to match your weapons and armor to whatever you
    are fighting. As for talismens/charms, I'll just briefly say that they can
    enhance your SKILLS and that this menu gives you an easy way to compare your
    charms. You can set DECORATIONS HERE (they are FORGED at the FORGE, though).
    You can REGISTER EQUIPMENT SETS and EQUIP the sets you have already REGISTERED.
    This is a very handy feature later in the game when you have made a couple of
    different sets of armor and want to be able to switch between them quickly.
    Unfortunately when you name your set you are only given 6 character spaces to
    do so. Really, six? Come on.
    At the item box you can also VIEW your character up close using zoom and
    rotate commands to make sure you are looking dope and fly before your hunt.
    For a little while this will be unimportant to you because you will be more
    concerned about survival, but in a little while surviving will be second
    nature to you (if it wasn't your first nature) and you will want to show off
    how cool you are while doing it. Show off your flair and style!
    Combining is a system that takes two items and turns them into one new, better
    item. You will be using this system to make yourself a whole bunch of necessary
    and/or handy items. As I previous explained, after selecting COMBINE ITEMS
    (in your ITEM BOX) and selecting an item, all of the items it can combine with
    are highlighted for your convenience. If you’ve accomplished this combination
    before the game will remind you of what the combination will result in. Your
    success rate can be improved by purchasing BOOKS OF COMBOS. There are some
    important combinations you’ll be doing quite frequently, such as:
    Herb + blue mushroom = potion
    Potion + honey = mega potion
    sap plant + paintberry = paintball
    Sap plant + stone or iron ore = bomb casing
    Bomb casing + flashbug = flash bomb
    Bomb casing + dung = dung bomb
    Screamer + gunpowder = sonic bomb
    fire herb + nitroshroom = gunpowder
    sleep herb + parashroom = tranquilizer
    Tranquilizer + bomb casing = tranq bomb
    Trap tool + thunderbug = shock trap
    Trap tool + net = pitfall trap
    Spider web + ivy = net
    Net + bone = bug net
    Stone + bone = pickaxe
    Cactus flower + bitterbug = herbal medicine
    Honey + bitterbug = catalyst
    Bitterbug + blue mushroom = antidote
    And so on and so on. All of the above items can be (more or less) commonly
    obtained by foraging out in the various hunting grounds. All, that is, except
    for the TRAP TOOLS, which must be bought. Some of these items can be bought,
    too, but why buy them when you can make them yourself and use the farm to
    produce infinite copies of the ingredients? Well, later in the game you will
    not want to bother to go get resources for the farm and you will have lots of
    cash, so feel free to just buy some of this stuff. By the way, the item shop
    in PORT TANZIA has better items if you want to check it out.
    There are some other very important combinations that gunners use to make ammo,
    using husks and fish and other items to make their ammo. Being a gunner is an
    incredible drain on your item collection. Being a gunner is also about the
    only reason for using the combine menu while you are out in the field as it is
    a way of circumventing the ammo limits.
    Why is combinging with the item box better than combining in the field?
    Because of a little system known as RATE OF SUCCESS. Combining with the box
    gives you a better chance that the combination won't just FAIL and produce
    garbage (wasting your ingredients). Not that the chances of failure are very
    high anyways. When you get some money and some RARE COMMODITIES, you are
    advised you pick up the five BOOKS OF COMBOS so that your item box combining
    rate of success gets maximized.
    Anyways play around with combining items in your book and you will be able to
    open up some really neat items that are not strickly necessary to beat any quest
    but can be really helpful nonetheless. You can check your combo list to find
    out things to try or things you already know. Oh, and if you hold down the A
    button while combining you will combine lots of items very quickly, which is
    useful if you are ever trying to make 50 mega pots or whatever.
    IN-GAME MENUS [204]
    Press SELECT on your gamepad, or START or SELECT on your 3DS, to open up the
    menu. When you are playing offline you’ll see two tabs, each containing about
    five menu options for you to choose from. Beginners should absolutely
    familiarize themselves with the following things before they get very far into
    the game.
    You have a pouch for items. If you’ve ever played Role Playing Games you
    probably have a good idea of what to expect to carry around: healing potions,
    antidotes, item drops from your downed enemies, etc. You know the drill. You
    can hold 24 items at a time. You have an item box in your house that can hold
    hundreds of items in storage, so you only have to carry with you what you
    actually need for the mission you are on. Bowgunners have a fourth page in
    their item pouch because they have to bring different types of ammo with them.
    Bowgunners’ and Blademasters’ item pouches are exclusive for some reason, so if
    you’re going to switch weapons you should first empty your item pouch.
    You can combine items in your item pouch using this menu. This is the menu you
    use to combine items when out on a quest. Ordinarily, you will want to do your
    combining through the item box in your house, because that has a better
    RATE OF SUCCESS. Failed combinations produce garbage, and I encourage you to
    just throw your garbage on the ground and forget about it. Combining out in the
    field is mostly useful for gunners who need to make more ammo than they are
    permitted to carry, but everyone can use this to take along extra traps or
    potions for a very dangerous fight.
    This is a list of things that can be combined. Personally, I never read it,
    and I had a whole lot of fun randomly mixing items together just to see what
    would come out. I think this thing is a bit of a spoilsport.
    LIST and HUNTER INFO. The monster list in this version of the game needs to be
    filled in by purchasing books from the item shop. It is not terribly important.
    The HUNTER INFO is actually this game’s MANUAL. All of the CONTROLS can be
    found inside, as well as the different attacks each weapon has. This is a great
    resource for new hunters. Unfortunately, like most everything in this game, it
    is mentioned once or twice in a great wave of text that you’ll probably ignore,
    and many novices never even find the game’s manual.
    Open this screen and you’ll find a button to make your character dance or
    lament or cheer. Kinda fun. Gesturing is a fun little thing to do when playing
    multiplayer and waiting for some tardy ally.
    You can save and quit using this menu option.
    This is a quick way to see your current stats: your defence, attack, your
    resistance to various elements, your current funds and resource points, and
    perhaps most importantly, your food and armor skills. If you ever want a quick
    glimpse of these stats, this is where to look. You’ll have to frequently change
    your armor and weapons to match the element and strength of the monster you
    want to hunt, so you’ll be checking this menu every so often.
    On this screen you will also find that having a full set of matching armor
    provides you with a number of SKILLS. Skills are super important in this game.
    Check the second and third sub-screens to check out your SKILLS in
    This is a more in-depth look at your equipment... and it’s mainly used for
    finding out what sort of bullets your bowgun can shoot (if you’re using a
    bowgun) or what your horn can toot or finding out how many decoration slots
    your armor has (this is a more advanced game system so if you really are a
    beginning you can probably just not bother with this).
    This is a little summary of who you are and what you’ve done in Monster Hunter
    that you can send to other players. I believe that the 3DS versions sends this
    out using STREETPASS. You can CHECK, EDIT, SEND, and view a CARD LIST.
    Make sure that you give yourself a dope title and that you buy all the monster
    books so people can see what you’ve hunted. Most importantly, head on over to
    the ARENA in PORT TANZIA to get some arena times on your card so you can join
    This screen can tell you when your crops are ready down on the farm.
    Here we have various options you may be interested in tinkering with.
    There are more menu screens that only come into play when you are online, so I
    won’t bother with them in this section. However, you should be made aware of
    some other options that pop up when you are out hunting:
    When you are on a quest this menu will tell you everything you need to know
    about it. You can find out what the victory conditions are (Hunt, Capture, or
    delivering X number of items usually) and what the failure conditions are (3
    deaths, the time limit). You can read some of this information ahead of time
    at the QUEST BOARD to figure out if it is going to be day or night during the
    quest (which is important to know in the SANDY PLAINS at least).
    If you’re playing single player, you have the option of PAUSING the game:
    stopping the quest timer and preventing you from being attacked.
    This option appears when you are out FREE HUNTING in MOGA WOODS. It allows you
    to return to MOGA VILLAGE without having to walk back to AREA 1. It’s very
    This option appears when you are on an official GUILD QUEST. You can give up;
    forfeiting the money you paid to accept the quest. You will be returned to
    MOGA VILLAGE as a failure.
    First things first, you want to know what you are going to fight before you are
    fighting it. Go to the quest counter or to the moga forecast and pick out your
    target. Read up on all of the quest info but DON'T select the quest yet.
    Return to your house and equip appropriate armor and weapons. Usually this
    means you want an armor set with helpful skills that is also resistant to the
    element of your prey, and you want a weapon that does elemental damage that
    your prey is weak to (If you need to quickly check what a monster is weak to,
    run to the forge and look at the armor that monster makes and somewhere in
    those many pages of information will be that monster's elemental resistances).
    Open your item box and store all the items you have but won’t need and then
    take out all of the items you don't have but will need. There are some items
    you need for every quest and some that you need for certain quests and some
    that are just helpful on certain quests. Make sure you have everything you
    NEED at least:
    hot or cool drinks (for cold or hot areas, respectively)
    traps and tranqs for cap quests (bring extras even)
    paintballs and dungbombs (to keep you sane)
    10 potions and/or mega potions at all times
    whetstones for blademasters, ammo for gunners
    meat (for high rank quests)
    pickaxes and bug nets (for down-time item gathering)
    At the beginning of LOW RANK QUESTS you will be provided with some helpful
    items, but when you get to HIGH RANK these are no longer handed out, so you
    will have to be even more prepared. Also in high rank you will have to keep
    dung bombs with you at all times to keep your from being devoured by THE DEVIL.
    Hopefully the process of getting your items replenished between quests quickly
    becomes routine for you.
    Once you are equipped run over to the RESTAURANT and eat something so that
    your health and stamina bars will be expanded at the start of the quest. Get
    extra defense for tough monsters and extra attack for easier ones. Be on the
    lookout for applicable skills. Some foodskills lend themselves to particular
    quests but I’ll let you fiddle about with that system on your own.
    Preparation is the key to victory so going about all of this runaround is
    really half of the battle. If you know yourself and your enemy you can predict
    the outome of one hundred battles. The actual fighting is less critical (but
    more fun) than all this preparation. Show that monster that you came prepared.
    Then it will die and you can carve it up for parts, and take QUEST rewards and
    put them in your box, and then maybe someday you will have enough parts to make
    a new belt. Return to Moga Village, deposit the extra items you picked up
    during the quest, and repeat the cycle over again for the next quest.
    The best way to deal with monsters is to be already familiar with how they
    move and attack. That may not be very helpful advice to the rookie player so
    here are some other things to be aware of.
    Overpreparation is the key to success. If you don't know how to deal with a
    monster, come prepared for anything. Bring an excessive number of potions and
    mega potions. Bring a bunch of NULBERRIES in case it has an attack that
    debilitates you. Bring extra WELL-DONE STEAKS in case the fight drags on.
    Bring traps and tranqs in case you need to turn around a losing battle or make
    a desperate capture attempt in the final minutes of a timed quest.
    One technique for getting to know monsters is to fight them without fighting.
    Sounds zen, I know, but it can really help you get a feel for your opponent.
    Attack the monster once and then put your weapon away. Spend two minutes or so
    just dodging it attacks. After a little time spent in a closed arena with a
    rampaging tiger you should have a good idea of how it behaves, assuming you
    survive. You will start to notice openings in between its attacks. Keep a
    mental note of all those times in your head and put them to use later.
    You will notice that monsters get commited to attacks and cannot break
    out of them until they are completed. Usually this means they will not even
    be able to change direction once they have started their attack. You can run
    around monsters during this time to position yourself to your advantage. When
    monsters have commited to an attack you have already dodged you also have
    time to use healing items or sharpen your weapon if it is dull. If you ever
    take a lot of damage, put your weapon away and run a little bit until you see
    the monster leave you an opportunity to heal.
    You should also familiarize yourself with the basics of EVADING and SHIELDING
    before you even think about attacking. What sort of options you have for
    moving or defending yourself depend on the weapon you brought and if you have
    it SHEATHED or not. With your weapon out, usually 'B' will give you a roll
    move to get out of the way of attacks, but sometimes it is just a sidestep
    (which can sometimes go through attacks unharmed). Your shield is on the 'R'
    button if you have one, and with it attacks can still damage your health but
    the brunt of the damage will go to your quickly-recovering stamina points. Your
    shield can get overwhelmed if it takes a lot of attacks in succession.
    When you are running around with your weapon put away you should consider
    yourelf relatively invulnerable. This is because you have access to a DIVE
    move that replaces your roll whenever you are running away from a monster.
    During your dive you are completely immune to damage and you can use this to
    get through anything that would otherwise kill you. It can even prevent you
    from being STUNNED by flashes or immobilized by ROARS. The dive is great but
    unfortunately your weapon needs to be put away for you to use it. Practice
    with it and learn to love it. Keep an eye on your stamina guage in battle
    so you don't suddenly become able to roll or dive to shield or run away. Oh
    yeah, your dive doesn't work underwater.
    When you attack monsters you want to do it and then quickly move out of the
    way of their next attack. Monsters in this game decide on an attack and then
    execute it, and then they have a brief window before they make their next
    move. Usually they have a little TELL or SIGN for what attack they are about
    to do. You want to anticipate the monster's moves and get out of the way but
    also position yourself so that you will be able to attack the monster when
    they are finishing their attack. See, after attacking, monsters usually spend
    a second or two recovering from the attack or reorienting themselves for their
    next move. This is your chance to land 3 hits or so and then get out of the
    A little ways into the game you will get a companion character who is meant to
    approximate what it is like to play multiplayer mode. What this means is that
    whenever you have this AI sidekick the monsters will not just be attacking
    you, they will have to split their attention between you and your ally. This
    means between attacks they will have to turn in a different direction while
    you are free to run up behind them and land some hits. It's very convenient.
    Take advantage of this by putting the monster between you and Cha-Cha (or
    Kayamba). What you don't want to do is have both of you on one side of the
    monster so it can attack you both at once.
    Monsters can be made vulnerable using items, too. It varies from monster to
    monster, but traps and flashbombs and sonic bombs can sometimes leave your
    foe completely immobile and helpless. These items are not necessary in a fight
    but if you have the items and need to make things easier for yourself then
    bring them along.
    There are other opportunities you should be aware of. Monsters in this game
    have a STAMINA SYSTEM and sometimes they will become visably TIRED. Usually
    this means that they just stand still for a couple of seconds and you should
    attack them. When you land a lot of attacks on a monster it can FLINCH or even
    FALL OVER. This is a great opportunity to expand on your combos, which
    otherwise should be kept short so the monster doesn't attack you while you're
    doing some complicated three-step attack.
    On the flip side of the stamina system is something monsters have called RAGE
    MODE. When a monster goes into rage mode it will usually ROAR (this can freeze
    you in your tracks) and become more agressive and chain its attacks together
    instead of letting you attack it. Sometimes monsters have a puff of smoke in
    front of their faces to let you know they are mad. Rage mode can really make
    things more difficult for you and you may find yourself suddenly overwhelmed
    by a monster you were previously dominating. Don't worry about it, it happens,
    and if you suddenly on the receiving end of three big hits and stunned and
    in bad shape or whatever, there is no shame in leaving the area you are in
    if you need to take a bunch of potions and sharpen your sword and eat some
    meat and really just collect yourself. Maybe you can even go take a little nap
    or do some gathering if you feel that you'd be better off waiting for the
    monster to calm down abit.
    You can be a little more proactive in your approach to rage mode, though.
    If you save your traps and bombs for this point you can sometimes snap
    monsters right out of rage mode and demoralize them.
    Monsters can leave the area they are in to get away from you, too. They can go
    find something to eat to regain stamina. Don't let them. They can go to
    sleep if they are really injured. You want to use an item called a PAINTBALL
    to keep track of those monsters who move around a lot or who move in
    unpredictable ways. Some monsters have a clear path they take through certain
    areas and are easy enough to follow on their own. Some monsters can fly or
    dig their way to far off-areas and make tracking them without paintballs hard
    or impossible.
    Unless you are in some contrived condition you usually won't be fighting large
    monsters one-on-one. There will be all sorts of other things around to attack
    you. Small monsters can try to inflict status conditions like sleep or
    paralysis on you while you aren't looking. You should seriously think about
    killing the more annoying ones before focusing on your real opponent. Sometimes
    other large monsters will show up in the same area. Large monsters can fight
    each other but mostly they will be double-teaming you. You can sometimes know
    this will happen ahead of time (through the quest info saying the area is
    'dangerous' or 'unstable') so bring DUNG BOMBS to make one of the monsters
    leave the area. These don't always work and you can run out so be prepared to
    just leave the area and wait for those monsters to go their separate ways.
    Fighting two monsters at once is not a good idea at all.
    Here's another good piece of advice that not enough hunters use: don't
    fight monsters in corners or near walls or in other small, cramped areas.
    You want room to run around so you don't get pinned against against a wall
    where monsters can chain attacks together on you.
    Another thing you should know about large monsters is that they have different
    ELEMENTAL WEAKNESSES and different WEAK POINTS. When you need help with a
    certain monster you can search this guide (or just go to the monster hunter
    wiki) to find out what elemental weapons will deal the most damage and where.
    Usually it is something obvious like the head which is weakest spot, but do
    yourself a favor and look it up anyways, and bring a weapon that can exploit
    your target's weakness. The different monsters sometimes have even more
    esoteric weaknesses to various items... like how gobul is weak to frogs. Get to
    know these sorts of things, too.
    Besides exploiting weaknesses, you also want to be aware that certain parts of
    monsters can be BROKEN. Not only does this usually make them flinch, it also
    gives you more rewards when the battle is over. You will want to pursue
    certain breakable points to get certain items for certain weapons and armors.
    Again, that kind of information can be searched for online but not in this
    When you kill a large monster while you are on a quest you will be given one
    minute to CARVE the monster for item drops. Use the remaining time to gather
    whatever items you can see in your immediate vicinity. Use this downtime as
    your primary item-gathering time so you don't have waste time doing it some
    other time. When your quest ends you will get even more items: send them to
    your item box forever. If you've been out hunting for like 30 or 50 minutes you
    may have to pee really bad but don't run off just yet because those quest
    rewards have a two minute timer for you to collect them before they are gone
    forever. And then take two seconds to save before you run off.
    Capturing monsters is a QUEST VICTORY CONDITION that comes up sometimes.
    Thankfully it doesn't come up very often. Oh sure, capturing is simple once
    you get the hang of it, but newbies have the hardest time putting it together,
    and even with care trapping can be mucked up in all sorts of ways and cost you
    the quest and waste your time. Read this section if you don't want to be
    frustrated and disheartened by an errant cap quest.
    Capturing is a straightforward business. You fight the monster like normal
    until it is really beaten up and broken. When it goes to leave the area it will
    display a highly recognizable LIMP as a sign that it can be captured. A special
    armor skill called CAPTURE GURU will also inform you of this, if you really
    need help with it. Follow the monster to wherever it limps to and lay down
    your trap. Lure the monster into the trap and then hit it with two tranqs.
    Preso! Captured. It seems so simple, but it can go so horribly screwy.
    The key to success in this game is overpreparation and redundancy. When the
    game sends you out on a low-rank capture quest it will provide you with
    an EZ trap and some tranq bombs/ammo. Don't let it make you complacent!
    Before going on any cap quest, make sure you bring along your own traps and
    tranqs. Get them out of your item box, or else go to the item shop and buy
    some trap tools and tranquilizer and go out to moga woods to gather some
    spider's webs and thunderbugs and ivy and parashrooms and sleep herbs. You need
    to be prepared in case your EZ trap fails or your tranqs miss.
    How can traps fail? The EZest way for them to fail is for the monster to limp
    past them without stepping on them. These traps can't be picked up after they
    are put down and if the monster just gets up and leaves the area then your
    trap is wasted and will most likely disappear before the monster comes back.
    Traps also only hold the monster for a short time so if something prevents you
    from tranqing the monster in time, or if the monster was never weak enough to
    be captured in the first place, then you've wasted that trap. Some monsters can
    just fly away without getting trapped, and rathalos especially seems to be too
    smart to fall into traps.
    ***Pro-tip: If you've run out of traps there is still a slim chance of getting
    some more. If you're on a map that happens to have some cats you can go and
    kill them: they have a 3% chance of dropping EZ traps. It's better than nothing
    I guess***
    Tranqs can fail you to. If you aim is false then you can throw them all away.
    Worse still some small or large monster can get between you and your quarry
    and take the bullet for them, like that porpoise in that BATMAN MOVIE. You know
    the one.
    There is yet another way to fail capture quests, and that is if your prey up
    and drops dead before you can capture it. The first two capture quests in the
    game are good examples of this. Arzuros and great jaggi are weak monsters and
    easily killed even with the worst weapons. You'll have to be really nice to
    them and give them lots of chances to tell you that they want to be captured.
    With all of that out of the way I have some more bad news: there are certain
    monster parts (needed for making sweet armor and weapons) that you can only
    get by capturing monsters. And even then you don't always get them. That means
    you're going to have to do this unpleasant thing and not get carves from time
    to time. The good news is that when you are out on a regular old hunting quest
    or even freehunting, captures are totally allowable victory conditions so if
    you have the opportunity to do it with no hassle you can go ahead, and if it
    goes SNAFU it doesn't matter you can just kill the sucker.
    Skills are a game system of huge importance. Going into each battle you will
    have the option of having some unique abilities that can totally tilt the odds
    in your favor. You can get skills to make certain of your attacks more deadly,
    or certian monsters' attacks weaker. You can get skills to ignore roars or
    status conditions, or currents and winds. You can manipulate your health and
    stamina or sharpness systems. There are all sorts of little tweaks you can
    do to your character if you have the will to do so, and these will be the
    difference between being a hunter subject the whims of fate and being a hunter
    who subjects the game to his will.
    Skills come in two distinct forms: armor and food. Armor skills are harder to
    get and change because they are loosely tied to your armor and it can take a
    lot of battles to get the items you need to make more armor or decorations or
    talismans. Food skills are much easier to get because you get them from the
    restaurant before each battle (assuming you eat before every quest, and you
    absolutely should) and they only last for one battle (or one life). I'll cover
    food skills first.
    When you eat at the restaurant you order a dish by selecting two items from
    six different types of food: meat, fish, grains, veggies, dairy, and drinks.
    Different combinations of these types of dishes give you different skills.
    Most importantly, eating lets you go into battle with expanded health bars
    and stamina bars so that you don't have to bring along NUTRIENTS or MAX
    POTIONS to get your health bar expanded (you still have to bring meat because
    your stamina bar's length decreases over time). You can also get an attack up
    boost for monsters you want to kill quickly or a defence up boost for monsters
    you think might be able to kill you. Beyond that you will also get a FIXED
    SKILL (which is tied to the food types) and a DAILY SKILL (which changes).
    Switch between a preparation method by pressing LEFT and RIGHT and press UP and
    DOWN to get a look at the skills you'll get and then just pick whatever suits
    your fancy.
    I know that sounds like a lot of information but really navigating the food
    menu is something you do super quickly just before each battle for a quick
    bonus. To make things easier for you I'll just tell you to get meat and grains
    for the attack boost, and fish and grains if you want the defence boost. Don't
    fret too much over getting the right skills they are sort of secondary when it
    comes to food.
    One more thing you should know about the restaurant is that the food you get
    there can be upgraded by completing villager requests and by doing port quests
    that are marked as 'CANTEEN QUESTS'. Upgraded food is better.
    Armor skills are where you want to get your most useful skills from, the skills
    that define what kind of hunter you are and give you your special edge in
    battle. Take a look through all of the armor the forge can make for you and
    look through the various options to see the skills and what they do. Just pick
    a set that would give you an advantage you like and then dedicate yourself to
    getting all of the peices of that set. Armor skills come in pieces with each
    piece of armor, so you'll typically have to collect the whole set of armor to
    activate the skill. Later in the game you'll be able to mix and match and use
    DECORATIONS to fill in some gaps to make truly unique armor, but for the
    people this guide is intended for just knowing that you want a full set of some
    kind of armor is enough.
    If you want to hunt monsters you're going to have to go out into the wilderness
    (if you don't want to hunt monsters then you are playing the wrong game). This
    game provides you six main HUNTING GROUNDS that serve as the settings for your
    hunts. You get to these areas by accepting QUESTS and each quest sends you to a
    certain hunting ground (this guide lists them as LOCALES). The six locales are,
    in the order they are unlocked: the DESERTED ISLAND (also known as moga woods),
    PEAKS. Each locale has its own ecosystem and its own set of monsters big and
    small you will encounter there. The locales are more than static backdrops (at
    least, until you are super-powered); they are living worlds with unique
    effects on how you will hunt and so it is important to know them as well as you
    know whatever your specific prey du jour is. After all, everything takes place
    within a CONTEXT and you would be smart to take that into consideration.
    Like everything else in this game: the environment is subtlely or overtly
    waiting to kill you and make you quit in frustration if you act without thought.
    The environment is the natural home of the monsters and they will be able to
    move between AREAS to try and escape from you if you get too powerful. The
    environment may allow the monsters to go underwater for a fight where you are
    much less mobile than your fishy foes. The environment may just outright drain
    your health or stamina over time just because it is hostile and cruel. You will
    have to take all of these things into consideration before the quest starts and
    bring items with you to neutralize these ill effects, bringing order to the
    natural chaos and turning these hunting grounds into sterile areas for you to
    more easily (or with less difficulty) hunt monsters.
    Here are some more practical differences between the hunting grounds. Different
    locations have different monsters, and this also includes SMALL MONSTERS better
    known as PESTS. These things will try to attack you while your attention is
    otherwise engaged fighting massive dragons. They vary from location to location
    and so where you are will be the difference between getting charged by a
    bullfango or being afflicted with some horrible status effect. The other
    noteworthy practical difference between locations is that they have different
    items for you to gather. If you need to get certain items you are going to have
    to go to those areas that have them. Because your access to areas is staggered
    with the unlocking of difficulty tiers, the game is able to give you access to
    new items as you progress and the newer items will be able to make slightly
    better weapons and armor.
    Hunting grounds are divided up into discrete AREAS. You and monsters can move
    between these with a negliable amount of LOADING TIME. Monsters won't usually
    pursue you to different areas so you can excuse yourself for a moment to heal
    yourself. In low-rank mode you will have easy access to a MAP of the area you
    are in and you have the option of having this map displayed on-screen at all
    times (I don't recommend this because it takes up a lot of screen space. And
    hey, this is why we have two screens now that we are in the future). I'll be
    referring the numbered areas on these maps from time to time. The other thing
    common to all hunting grounds is a rest area known as the CAMP where you will
    be free from monsters and able to pick up items, drop off items you are charged
    with delivering, or heal yourself completely using the BED. Oh yeah, and all
    of the locations have a secret area with good items that you can get to in
    high-rank mode using the FELYNE EXPLORER skill.
    Like I said before monsters move between areas. What I didn't say is that some
    of them move in such a way that you cannot easily watch where they go (either
    because they fly or dig or teleport or whatnot). You want to have an item called
    a PAINTBALL to track them. Besides that you will eventually accumulate a little
    bit of knowledge about where the different monsters hang-out in the different
    locations. Most of them stick to a certain sub-group of areas that are
    relatively similar and suitable for fighting them in. For instance, the
    leviathans stay in or near water, and land monsters still on or near land. Well
    its more subtle than that but I think you get the idea.
    Let's look over the hunting grounds one by one, shall we? The first loacation is
    the DESERTED ISLAND/MOGA WOODS and it is something completely unique. It is
    a special case in that you have access to it in two completely identical
    instances. I'll cover the differences in the walkthrough later. Anyways, this
    location has 12 areas divided up between a land-locked LOWER CIRCUIT and some
    water areas to highlight the underwater combat which is unique to the third
    generation of Monster Hunter. Areas 2 and 3 are good places to gather honey and
    mushrooms and bugs. Area 3 gets narrow in the middle so have your fights at
    either end and not in the middle. There is a cave in area 4 that you'll rarely
    visit because no large monsters go in there. Area 5 is a large area where you
    can fight land and water monsters. Area 6 is the JAGGI'S DEN where gjaggi goes
    to sleep. Area 8 is at the top of a cliff and you can get knocked off or use it
    as a shortcut to areas 5 or 11. Area 11 is entirely underwater and so is part
    of area 10. Area 12 is where the water monsters go to sleep. It is a small area
    so the fights there might be sudden death. As for small monsters, well the
    woods gets more and more of them as you advance. It has cats in some areas and
    some bnahabra and jaggi everywhere.
    And next we have the SANDY PLAINS. This is one of the most deadly areas in that
    it has this TEMPERATURE SYSTEM so that during the day it is hot (and you'll need
    to bring cool drinks) and during the night it is cold (and you'll need hot
    drinks). This only applies to the outlying desert areas 8, 9, and 10. Area 8
    is the most narrow of these and it is your usual location for fighting DIABLOS
    and it has a couple of places for him to get his horns stuck. Area 3 is the
    BARROTH'S WATERING HOLE and that's where you'll be fighting him. Area 5 is
    another jaggi's den and almost exclusive to him. Area 6 is another one of those
    caves that you can mine nice stuff in but you never fight large monsters in.
    The rhenopolos is a common pest in this locale. Did you know you can get stolen
    items back from cats in the cave? That's a real thing but it's not something
    that comes up ever. The sandy plains give you access to ice crystals and
    carpenterbugs and nitroshrooms and fire herbs and cactus flowers and such.
    And then there is the FLOODED FOREST. It's green and muddy. Areas 3,4,5,6, and 8
    are underwater and a good source of pelagicite and bathycite ores. You can fish
    gobul out of area 4 using the frogs in area 2. Area 8 is where lagi and luddy go
    to sleep. The whole forest is full of bnahabra and aggressive altaroth and
    wroggi. You can also get killer beetles here. And hey, have you ever heard of
    this guy called the VEGGIE ELDER? He's not important, but areas 5 and 7 have a
    nice waterfall shortcut to area 6. I don't know, this area is not that special.
    Oh yeah and the base camp has a secret path out to area six. It's great for
    getting out in the water to fight lagi, but otherwise it just strands you far
    out in the deep muddy muck.
    The TUNDRA is cold so you have to bring hot drinks. It has a large cave network
    through areas 4, 5, and 7. It is sometimes dark in there. Area 7 is where BAGGIS
    hang out and area 5 is where GIGGINOX breeds. Area 6 is where the BARIOTH'S
    PLATEAU is. The tundra is home to new ores called isisium and gracium (in high
    rank). And finally the tundra has two secret areas branching off of area 1 that
    get unlocked when JADE BARROTH or DEVILJHO get injured and try to hide there.
    And then there is the VOLCANO which is hot in areas 5 thru 10. It also is a
    great spot to mine dragonite ore. Area 6 is where URAGAAN has his ramp. Area
    10 is where AGNAKTOR sleeps and you can get powederstones for the powderstone
    quest. Oh yeah, bring cool drinks here.
    And finally we have the MISTY PEAKS which I don't understand or know my way
    around because it is new from Monster Hunter Tri. Don't ever go there under
    any circumstances.
    Actually, those aren't all of the hunting grounds. There are a couple of special
    areas that only come up in certain special quests, like the GREAT DESERT where
    you fight JHEN MOHRAN or the SACRED GROUNDS where ALATREON lives or the
    UNDERWATER RUINS where CEADEUS lives. These things are not worth my time to
    cover, and neither are the land and sea arenas which are afterall just plain old
    places (with dragonators((?))).
    THE FORGE [210]
    It's important for you new players to know the ins and outs of the forge
    because that is where all of your weapons and armor will come from... and since
    this game doesn't include a typical rpg level-up stat system for your character,
    gear is EVERYTHING. The first thing you need to know about getting new gear is
    that THE FORGE is the only place to go. There is an armor and weapons shop but
    the stuff they sell there is ridiculously overpowered and aside from getting
    maybe your first armor upgrade or buying the bone version of your starter
    weapon, it has nothing worth getting.
    So let's learn all about the forge. The forge can be found in the upper left
    corner of MOGA VILLAGE, and there is an identical forge in the MARINA of PORT
    TANZIA. When you talk to the WYVERN ARTISAN there you will be given three
    choices: WEAPONCRAFT, ARMORCRAFT, and DECORATIONS. I'll cover these three things
    in turn.
    When you click on WEAPONCRAFT you go into a submenu with two other options:
    FORGE WEAPONS and UPGRADE WEAPONS. If you click on the former you will be given
    the option to create a weapon of whatever weapon type you desire. Weapons made
    at the forge require a sum of money (Zenny) and a few MATERIALS that are
    typically DROPPED by the large monsters you hunt. Weapons here are ranked by
    a RARITY system and new potential weapons are added to this list as you kill
    new monsters. You can gets lots of info on weapons if you know how to read what
    is displayed here. You can see RAW ATTACK POWER, ELEMENTAL ATTACK POWER, and
    AFFINITY, which is another sort of power that might be linked to critical hits
    but who really knows. The colorful spectrum you see (assuming you are looking
    at BLADEMASTER weapons) is the weapons SHARPNESS. Having large green, blue,
    white, and pink bars on this spectrum is good. If you are looking at BOWS then
    instead of this you will have to shift through some screens to see what ammo
    your weapon uses, and you will be given lots of gun specific stats like RELOAD,
    RECOIL, DEVIATION... all that bowgun gobbledygook. If your weapon has SLOTS for
    DECORATIONS (see below) then it will say so. You can compare the stats of all
    available weapons to the weapon you currently have equipped. Fiddling around
    with buttons will also allow you to find some FLAVOR TEXT about the weapon,
    check out the materials needs to forge it, and view the weapon to see if it
    looks cool or not. Anyways, check back here when you kill a new large monster to
    see if you can make a new weapon. Try and make a weapon of every element early
    on and then move on to UPGRADING them after that.
    UPGRADING WEAPONS is where you want to focus your attention after you've made
    starter weapons. You will be taken to your EQUIPMENT BOX to look and see if
    anything you own can be upgraded. Weapons and materials will be greyed out if
    they aren't available, but anything that can be upgraded right now will be
    bright and colorful. You can take the weapons you have now and make them more
    powerful if you bring the required materials and money. You should do an
    internet search for WEAPON TREES to see what weapons can be upgraded to what
    and what materials you will need. You will be moving your weapons up the RARITY
    SCALE in sync with your progression through the game.
    ARMORCRAFT also allows you to forge or upgrade, but these both work in different
    ways than they did with weapons. For starters, you should know that you have
    FIVE pieces of armor you can wear at all times: head, arm, chest, waist, and
    legs. You will be forging and upgrading each of these seperately. When you see
    the large list of armors you can forge, you will notice that there are certain
    redundancies in the list that may confuse you at first. You will notice that
    every piece of armor comes in two flavors: one with higher defence and one with
    higher elemental resistances. The higher defence is meant for BLADEMASTERS and
    the weaker armor is for GUNNERS. So from now on you can just ignore every other
    piece of armor depending on your weapon type. You can see the materials and
    money needed to make armor, but more importantly with a press of a button you
    can see how that armor will look on you. If you are the kind of person who cares
    about SKILLS over looks, well there are a couple of submenues here that will
    let you check on the skills you will get from these armor pieces. Finally, when
    you get to HIGH RANK and G RANK armors you will notice that there are new
    verions of all of the armors with slightly different skills, and also that there
    are S/U and Z/X versions of armors which are just armor pieces for different
    SUBSPECIES of the same monsters. I hope some of that makes sense.
    UPGRADING ARMOR is much more straightforward than upgrading weapons was. Armor
    upgrades just involve adding small amounts of defence but otherwise keeping
    armor exactly the same. Armor upgrades cost money and ARMOR SPHERES, which are
    items you have to mine out in the fields. The successive layers of armor spheres
    are made available as you unlock higher level instances of the various HUNTING
    GROUNDS, so you will only be able to upgrade your armor a couple of times before
    the next upgrade requires an armor sphere you can't get to yet, and then you'll
    be better off forging a new set of armor. But later on you can go back and
    upgrade old armors with armor spheres from much later in the game, and you will
    be able to OVERFORGE armor, which makes low rank armor into high rank, or high
    into G, and lets you keep the skills the armor had before. When you get into
    the endgame and you are doing SKILL TWEEKS that require specific armor skills
    and whatnot, this may be important to you. If you're not bothering with this
    stuff then don't worry about overforging at all.
    DECORATIONS can be FORGED and SET here. Decorations are items that are set into
    armor SLOTS to increase your skill points to try and get you over the thresholds
    to activate skills. You can make decorations using JEWELS and materials. There
    is a nice button you can press to hide the decoration names and just tell you
    the skills the influence... very helpful when you are looking through 27 pages
    of skill names trying to find a certain one. You don't have to worry about
    decorations at the beginning of the game. Just get yourself a matching set of
    armor and use the skills it makes available to you, and if you feel you
    understand the skill system enough to tweek these stats, then dive in here and
    do it.
    This section was contributed by Mr. I Noble, aka heavyacademic.
    Questions or comments for him can be sent to inobleuk@gmail.com
    Although the 3DS version of MH3U has limited multiplayer options, you
    will spend most of your time questing alone. So it is nice to know that
    the game provides you with 2 companions in the form of "Shakalakas."
    As well as keeping you company and making amusing comments, they can
    carve monsters, gather materials, attack monsters and help out in many
    other ways.
    You meet Cha-Cha during one of the 3* Village Quests in the Moga Woods.
    You meet Kayamba in one of the 5* Village Quests.
    Cha-Cha leaves after the Fell the Lagiacrus! quest but he does return later
    in the game. Getting his Ancient Mask is the key to progressing beyond the
    5* Village Quests and accessing the Urgent Quest to fight the Ceadeus.
    To unlock the remaining 5* quests, the delivery quest, Ancient Mask will
    need to be completed, by delivering the following items:
    x2 Lagiacrus Scale - Hunt Lagiacrus
    x1 Sharqskin - Weaken and harpoon Sharqs in area 11 of the Deserted Island
    x4 Pelagicite Ore - Mine in areas 3, 5 & 6 of the Flooded Forest
    After delivering the required items above, head to Moga Farm with Cha-Cha.
    Examine the statue behind the waterfall to obtain Cha-Cha's Ancient Mask.
    You retrieve an "Unfortunate" Mask for Kayamba but by completing further
    quests you can transform it into the "Ultimate" Mask.
    Cha-Cha and Kayamba have a fondness counter called 'Chum-Chum' which
    represents the friendliness between them. This affects their likelihood
    of dancing  at the same time during quests. There are 5 ranks, and at max
    rank they are more likely than not to dance with each other, exceptions
    being if one is gathering or fighting.
    Chum Chum tickets are given out by the Savvy Tabby in the marina area of
    Tanzia port. He will give you one after Cha-Chas and Kayambas chum chum
    stat increases level.
    The tickets are needed for the Shaka Scarecrows Dual Sword branch of the
    weapon tree
    To interact with one of your Shakalaka pals, press A when near them. You
    are then presented a screen with the following options:
    Invite on Quest/Leave Behind - Selecting this option determines whether or
    not you bring Cha- Cha or Kayamba on a Quest. By default, they're set to
    not join you. Be sure to select this option to ensure they are there when
    you go on a Quest!
    Change Mask - This allows you to change Cha-Cha's or Kayamba's Mask.
    Different Masks give the Shakalakas brand new abilities, like lighting up
    an area or even breathing fire!
    Select Dances - Change the Shakalaka's Dances and special songs they can play
    to perform actions, such as taunting monsters, increasing your attack, or
    even restoring your Health!
    Select Abilities - This option allows you to set a Shakalaka ability onto a
    Mask. Use skills to add an Elemental attribute to their attack or give
    them the ability to focus only on gathering.
    View Stats - This option takes you to a screen that displays information
    about Cha-Cha's or Kayamba's level, their attack power, and how much
    Stamina they have.
    Multi: Take Along/Leave Behind - This option selects whether or not you
    take one of the Shakalakas with you in multiplayer. You can only bring
    one of them at a time. Try to pick the Shakalaka with the lowest level so
    you can make them both stronger!
    When you select View Stats, you're taken to a screen that shows all of
    Cha-Cha's or Kayamba's information at a glance. The following explains
    the features found on this screen:
    Lv - This displays the Shakalaka's experience level. Shakalakas gain
    levels when you defeat monsters; stronger monsters in difficult Quests
    are worth more than weaker monsters in easier Quests. Leveling up a
    Shakalaka gives them access to new abilities and also increases their
    other stats.
    Valor - This stat determines how likely the Shakalaka is to fight large
    monsters or stay in battle. Valor increases as the Shakalaka gains levels
    and Chum-Chum levels.
    Health - This display the Shakalaka's Health. The more Health they have,
    the longer they can fight!
    Attack - This displays the Shakalaka's attack power.
    Elem - This displays the Shakalaka's Elemental or Abnormal attack power.
    The only way they can get special attack values is by equipping an
    ability that grants them.
    Defense - This displays the Shakalaka's Defense.
    Masks - This shows the Shakalaka's currently equipped Mask.
    Mastery - This value increases as the Shakalaka completes Quests while
    wearing a Mask. Mastery determines what bonuses are given by a Mask, as
    well as how well they can use its abilities.
    Abilities - This displays what abilities the Shakalaka has equipped.
    Stamina - This is the maximum Stamina the Shakalaka has at the beginning of
    a mission. Stamina is consumed whenever the Shakalaka Dances and is
    restored over time. Different Dances consume different amounts of
    Recovery - Recovery is how quickly the Shakalaka's Stamina regenerates
    after a Dance is performed. Recovery changes depending on which Mask the
    Shakalaka has equipped.
    Dance Effects - This is a list of the possible Dance Effects the Shakalaka
    can perform with their equipped Dances.
    Chum-Chum Level - A visual representation of how close the two Shakalakas
    are as friends. Their Chum-Chum level increases as they go on Quests
    together and as you fight stronger monsters.
    DANCES [303]
    At all times, Cha-Cha and Kayamba are equipped with two separate Dances.
    When combined, these Dances allow the two Shakalaka to Dance and bestow
    special effects onto you, usually in the form of Health recovery!
    To change a Shakalaka's Dance, talk to them and choose the Select Dances
    menu. Pick two of the available Dances to create a table of possible
    effects. Each dance has a note attached to it, and each combination of
    notes creates a different table of effects.
    Each Dance has a Stamina cost attached to it, displayed in terms of High,
    Medium, and Low. The higher the Stamina cost, the less often they can
    Dance. Keep this in mind when selecting Dances.
    There are five Dances in total. Cha-Cha knows two and learns an
    additional Dance after Kayamba becomes your ally. The other two Dances
    can be traded for from the Argosy Captain after specific Quests have been
    Default Rah-Rah Dance	   -	Complete the Village 3* Quest Shakalaka Savior
    Ooga-Boo Dance
    Waka-Waka Dance	           -    Argosy Rare Goods from the Hunter Realm
    Boom-Boom Dance 	   -    Complete either Village 5* Quest The Desert
                                    Gourmand or Walk and Roll, Argosy Rare Goods
                                    from the Wyverian Realm
    Woo-Hoo Dance 		   -	Kayamba knows it by Default
    Each Dance Ability has several features. The accompanying list provides
    information on the following:
    Chum-Chum Dance: The effect when both Shakalakas perform the Dance together.
    This only occurs if Cha-Cha and Kayamba's Chum- Chum level is high enough.
    Duration: How long the Dance's effect lasts. Dances with no Duration occur
    Delay: The longer the Delay, the longer it takes for a Shakalaka to perform the
    Dance again.
    Stamina Consumption: How much Stamina is consumed when the Dance is performed.
    Stamina regenerates slowly over time.
    Taunt - Diverts monster's attention to Shakalaka. Used when discovered. Short
    Attack Boost (S) - Slightly boosts Attack of Shakalakas and Hunters. Used
    when fighting large monsters. Increases Attack even more. Short Long Med.
    Attack Boost (L) - Significantly boosts Attack of Shakalakas and Hunters.
    Used when fighting large monsters. Increases Attack even more. Short Long
    Defense Boost (S) - Slightly boosts Defense of Shakalakas and Hunters. Used
    when fighting large monsters or when Hunter is afflicted with Defense
    Down. Increases Defense even more. Short Long Med.
    Defense Boost (L) - Significantly boosts Defense of Shakalakas and Hunters.
    Used when fighting large monsters or when Hunter is afflicted with
    Defense Down. Increases Defense even more. Short Long Large
    Antidote - Removes Poison status. Is almost always used when Hunter is
    poisoned and is sometimes used when Shakalakas are poisoned. Removes
    Poison and slightly restores Health. Small
    Health Recovery (S) - Slightly restores Health of Hunters and Shakalakas.
    Use possibility is increased the lower the Hunter's Health. Recovers more
    Health. Med.
    Health Recovery (L) - Significantly restores Health of Hunters and
    Shakalakas. Use possibility is increased the lower the HunterÕs Health.
    Recovers more Health. Large
    Hot & Cool - Grants Hot or Cold Drink effect on Hunter. Used when in an
    Area that requires a drink but will not be used if Hunter is already
    under Drink effect. Increases duration of Hot/Cold resistance effect.
    Long Small
    Stamina - Stops Stamina from decreasing for a short period of time. Used
    when fighting large monsters. Stops Stamina for decreasing even longer.
    Short Long Large
    Weatherbreaker - Grants immunity to low Wind Pressure and Currents. Used
    when fighting large monsters. Grants immunity to high Wind Pressure and
    Currents. Short Long Med.
    Flash - Functions the same as a Flash Bomb. Used when discovered. Ñ Ñ Ñ
    Sonic Bomb - Functions the same as a Sonic Bomb. Used when discovered. Ñ Ñ
    Ñ Med.
    Blight Res Boost - Slightly increases resistance to Elemental Blights. Used
    when fighting large monsters or when Hunter is afflicted with Blight Res
    Down. Resist all Blights. Short Long Med.
    Natural Recovery Up - Doubles rate that red Health is converted to Green
    Health. Used when fighting large monsters. Red Health recovery rate is
    increased even higher. Long Med. Small
    Hearing - Grants immunity to low- powered roar attacks. Used when fighting
    large monsters. Grants immunity to high-powered roar attacks. Short Long
    Item Effect Up - Increases duration of positive status effect items. Used
    when fighting large monsters. Significantly increases duration of items.
    Short Med. Med.
    Elemental Atk Boost - Increases Elemental Attack values and increases Slime
    resistance. Used when discovered. Significantly increases Elemental
    Attack values and grants immunity to Slime. Short Long Long
    MASKS [304]
    Kayamba is able to share all of the masks with Cha-Cha except their main
    masks, the Acorn Mask and the Pincer Mask which can only be worn by
    Cha-Cha and Kayamba, respectively.
    Go here for more info on them:
    Name: Acorn Mask
    Ability Slots: 1-3
    Attack Range: Mostly Close
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Low
    Gathering Odds: High
    Chance Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Rapid Attacks
    Special Ability: None
    Stat Modifiers: Attack and Defense Up
    Name: Lamp Mask
    Ability Slots: 2-3
    Attack Range: Close Only
    Target Preference: Small Monsters
    Retreat Health: Low
    Gathering Odds: Low Chance
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Fireball Throwing
    Special Ability: Lights the Area when you call him
    Stat Modifiers: Attack Up
    Name: Ancient Mask
    Ability Slots: 2-3
    Attack Range: Mostly Close
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Low
    Gathering Odds: Average Chance
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Knife Throwing
    Special Ability: Oxygen Supply When you Call him
    Stat Modifiers: Health and Defense Up
    Name: Mystery Pot Mask
    Ability Slots: 2-3
    Attack Range: Mostly Long
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Medium
    Gathering Odds: Average Chance
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Spreads Poison Smoke Bombs
    Special Ability: Item change --> Check
    http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/MH3:_Cha-Cha_Guide for the list of
    items you give/can receive
    Stat Modifiers: Attack and Defense Up
    More on the Mystery Pot Mask posted by OldDirtyCR on GAMEFAQs
    "I use mystery pot mask which is ridiculously amazing and
    underappreciated. And fluffy mask. I'll change to melynx or false felyne
    once I get them.
    Mystery Pot mask I can essentially turn 5 herbs into 1 ancient potion, 1
    max potion, 1 demonic horn, 1 armor horn, and 1 LBB+ in the span of one
    mission. Even if you run out of pitfall traps or tranq bombs, you can
    easily convert herbs or bitterbugs or other basic gathering things into
    them. So you'll never worry about missing a capture quest.
    Here's a snapshot of the guide. It lists a table. You essentially give
    the chacha the items from the previous row on the table, and it'll
    convert them to the items on the next row. So Row A converts to B. B to
    C. C to D.
    The color smoke the shakalaka is showing tells you which item you will
    get if you signal the shakalaka. Just play around it with and you'll
    understand it more than my description. The table is quite helpful in
    that picture though.
    To give an example, if you bring 5 iron pickaxe and give all 5 to the
    mystery pot shaka. Wait for the smoke to cycle back to white (It'll start
    as white, but you have to wait for it to change to a different color and
    then change back). Signal the shaka and you'll get 5 mega pickaxe back.
    It's truly amazing"
    Name: Fluffy Mask
    Ability Slots: 1
    Attack Range: Doesn't Attack
    Target Preference: Small Monsters
    Retreat Health: High
    Gathering Odds: Extremely High Chance
    Anger Rate: Hard to Anger
    Anger Attack: Throws Dung Bombs
    Special Ability: Will Show Location of Large Monsters When You Call Him
    Stat Modifiers: Health and Defense Down
    Name: Grill Mask
    Ability Slots: 2-3
    Attack Range: Long-Range Only
    Target Preference: Small Monsters
    Retreat Health: Medium
    Gathering Odds: Average Chance
    Anger Rate: Hard to Anger
    Anger Attack: Spreads Flames
    Special Ability: Acts as a Double BBQ in items, Can also give him a raw meat
    and he'll cook it for you. Higher Mastery = Better Results
    Stat Modifiers: Attack Down, Stamina Recovery Speed Up
    Name: False Felyne Mask
    Ability Slots: 0-2
    Attack Range: Mostly Close
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Very Low
    Gathering Odds: Low Chance
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Uses Large Barrel Bombs
    Special Ability: Uses Bombs
    Stat Modifiers: Health Up, Stamina Recovery Speed Down
    Name: Pincer Mask
    Ability Slots: 1-3
    Attack Range: Mostly Close
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Low
    Gathering Odds: Average Chance
    Anger Rate: Easily Angered
    Anger Attack: Rapid Attacks
    Special Ability: None
    Stat Modifiers: Attack and Defense Up
    Name: Mock Melynxe Mask
    Ability Slots: 0-2
    Attack Range: Close Only
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Very Low
    Gathering Odds: Low Chance
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Throws Large Felvine Bombs
    Special Ability: Steals Items From Monsters
    Stat Modifiers: Defense Down, Stamina Recovery Speed Up
    Name: Stink Mask
    Ability Slots: 2-3
    Attack Range: Long Range Only
    Target Preference: Large monsters
    Retreat Health: Medium
    Gathering Odds: High Chance
    Anger Rate: Hard to Anger
    Anger Attack: Throws Dung Bombs if you get grabbed, when there are 2 large
    monsters in one area.
    Stat Modifiers: Attack Down, Stamina Recovery Speed Up
    Name: Whetstone Mask
    Ability Slots: 1-2
    Attack Range: Close Only
    Target Preference: Small Monsters
    Retreat Health: Low
    Gathering Odds: Low Chance
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Throwing Knives
    Special Ability: Acts as a Whetstone in Items
    Stat Modifiers: Health and Attack Up
    Name: Pitfall Mask
    Ability Slots: 0
    Attack Range: Extra-Long Range
    Target Preference: Small Monsters
    Retreat Health: Low
    Gathering Odds: Average Chance
    Anger Rate: Hard to Anger
    Anger Attack: Throws Fireballs
    Special Ability: Makes a Pitfall Trap when you call him, call him again to have
    him remove it
    Stat Modifiers: Health Up
    Name: Nulberry Mask
    Ability Slots: 1-2
    Attack Range: Doesn't Attack
    Target Preference: Small Monsters
    Retreat Health: Medium
    Gathering Odds: Extremely High Chance
    Anger Rate: Hard to Anger
    Anger Attack: Scatters Paralysis
    Special Ability: Uses nulberries When you call him
    Stat Modifiers: Health Down
    Name: Gag Gargwa Mask
    Ability Slots: 1-3
    Attack Range: Mostly Close
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Low
    Gathering Odds: High Chance
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Rapid Attacks
    Special Ability: Flees when hit by a monster, leaving behind an item. At
    Mastery 5: 20% chance for Small Golden Egg (sells for 5,000)
    Stat Modifiers: Attack and Defense Up
    Name: Rathalos Mask
    Ability Slots: 1-2
    Attack Range: Mostly Close
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Low
    Gathering Odds: Extremely Low Chance
    Anger Rate: Easily Angered
    Anger Attack: Spews Fireballs
    Special Ability: Roar
    Stat Modifiers: Attack Up, Stamina Recovery Speed Down
    Name: Ultimate Mask
    Ability Slots: 1
    Attack Range: Mostly Close
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Very Low
    Gathering Odds: Doesn't Gather
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: King's Anger (Once he becomes angry, he will attack nonstop while
    his HP lowers, retreats when all HP is gone)
    Special Ability: Style of King (Will guard all monster attacks, taking zero
    damage until he becomes angry)
    Stat Modifiers: Health Up, Stamina Recovery Speed Down
    Name: Idol Mask
    Ability Slots: 0-2
    Attack Range: Mostly Close
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Medium
    Gathering Odds: Low Chance
    Anger Rate: Easily Angered
    Anger Attack: Spreads Flames
    Special Ability: Farcaster (Warps you to Base Camp)
    Stat Modifiers: Attack and Defense Up
    Name: Artillery Mask
    Ability Slots: 0-2
    Attack Range: Extra-Long range
    Target Preference: Large Monsters
    Retreat Health: Medium
    Gathering Odds: Average Chance
    Anger Rate: Average
    Anger Attack: Throws Large Cannonballs
    Special Ability: Artillery (Launches partner at Monster sacrificing all
    of their HP)
    Stat Modifiers: Attack down, Defense Up
    Name: Kebab-boo/Fake Keroro
    Ability Slots:
    Attack Range:
    Target Preference:
    Retreat Health:
    Gathering Odds:
    Anger Rate:
    Anger Attack:
    Special Ability: Like the Whetstone Mask and Double BBQ Spit, this adds
    the Frog to the usable items list, and the wearer can be used as fishing
    bait like the regular Frog item. If you set up a trap before fishing out
    Gobul, Plesioth or Green Plesioth, the monster will go directly into the
    trap if within reach. Due to legal issues, this mask was changed to a
    stick of mutton with very small holes for eyes and a mouth. Will also
    focus close range attacks on large monsters.
    Name: Pirate J Mask
    Special Ability: When the hunter has low HP, the
    wearer will enter a state of rage and a glowing aura surrounds them.
    While in this state, the wearer of themask will attack relentlessy with
    increased attack power. If the hunter's health is raised back aboive the
    specific level, the aura will disappear. Quite likely to gather or carve.
    First posted here:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/683294-monster-hunter-3- ultimate/65899606
    Thanks to some new info, here is a better mask leveling guide that
    requires the minimal amount of Well-done steaks.
    1) Open your inventory in free hunt or on a mission 2) Find the meat you
    want to feed them 3) Select said meat and choose GIVE 4) Choose 1
    (because it's all you can select) 5) Select the Shakalaka you want to
    feed if both are with you
    There are greatly diminished returns for each feeding past the first per
    hunt.Unless your box is overflowing with well-done steaks, you'll save a
    lot of raw meat grinding doing it just 1 at a time.
    Rations, Rare Steaks, Pink Livers, and Ethnic Wyvern Meat also work, but
    are less effective or accessible than Well-Done Steaks.
    Fish+Veggies always has a chance to give this buff. Using Fresh
    ingredients increases the odds. If you don't get the buff, run out to
    free hunt and immediately go back into town. This will let you eat again
    (but does -NOT- make a day pass).
    Checking your status on the menu will show Feline Trainer if you miss the
    pop-up after eating.
    I can't stress how helpful this is. It will cut the amount of steaks you
    need in half, possibly in thirds.
    1) Have Cha-Cha and Kayamba in the mask you need leveled up. 2) Get the
    Felyne Trainer Buff 3) Step outside of Moga Village (free hunt) 4) Feed
    each of them a Well-Done Steak 5) Return to Moga and check mask level
    (talk to them)
    Repeat as needed.
    Doing this, the Nullberry mask only took 17 Steaks to max out. The
    Whetstone mask needed 22.
    Frequently Asked Questions [305]
    a. Does each mask require a different number of Well-Done Steaks?
    Yes. At this time I believe 22 is the average, with a select few masks needing
    more (or less), but most of my masks are past level 1 now, so I'm not
    able to test it accurately at this time.
    b. Is there a better way to do this?
    Yes! Instead of get buff / feed / repeat, get the felyne trainer buff and feed
    them while going through the game. This works best from the start of a new
    file. If you're low on steaks, the free rations from early missions are a great
    substitute and can easily lead to having several masks maxed out by the time
    you reach 6 star single player missions.
    c. Where can I get all this meat?
    Look at your Moga Forcast (touch screen while in town). When the Southern area
    says "Herbivore Breeding", it's go time.
    Put Gatherer on your Shakalas. Acorn and Pincer masks gave me the best
    resultsas far as them carving extra raw meat.
    1) Bring your BBQ spit and NO meat 2) Go to area 2. 3) Kill and Carve 4)
    Cook up 10 well-done steaks 5) get 10 more raw meat
    Repeat as needed
    Leave area 2 and come back to reset the Aptonoth.
    You could also combine this with feeding them and cook up 2 extra steaks
    while you're doing this, make sure you snag Feline Trainer if you do.
    Otherwise Feline Carver or Supercarver can speed up the gathering.
    d. Won't the masks level themselves up?
    Yes, but the amount of XP gained during a hunt is -very- small. Supposedly it
    is based on time spent, and it takes 30 minutes to get the same amount of XP
    for a mask as 1 well-done steak gives.
    e. Where do I get money to keep getting Felyne Trainer?
    Grow Nullberries are your farm with dung and sell the crop.
    Sources: Original Post:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/683294-monster-hunter-3- ultimate/65892569
    Helpful Link (thanks PDelta):
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/683294-monster-hunter-3- ultimate/65889731
    XP over time: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/943655-monster-hunter-
    Hope this helps!
    f. What are the "Best" Masks?
    What are the "Best"  Mask/Ability Combinations?
    A Search of the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate message
    boards on GameFAQs for
    topics under "mask" retrieves a lot of discussion on
    these questions.
     From what I have read there doesn't seem to be total agreement
    should come as no surprise!)
     However some of these answers may prove
    "pretty much the generic super strong setup
    lamp mask with quick
    recovery, seven lives, and hunter
    artillery mask with quick recovery and blood
    "Pitfall mask, Artillery and Lamp mask pair, Idol mask (if you want
    to get to camp). Mock Melynx and False Felyne aren't that great as they just
    straight up throw bombs anywhere (Melynx mask throws felvine bombs when mad and
    can possible get you, which can be irritating.) Melynx mask does get monster
    parts for you more than any other mask.
    Slime and Bombardier is great, but only
    use it if you want to break some parts. Elementals if else. Use Rocketeer and
    Blood Brothers for the Artillery and Lamp mask pair."
    Most of this information has been collected from elsewhere but I thought
    it might be a good idea to collate it together in one place. I welcome
    additions, amendments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism at inobleuk@gmail.com
    3. Walkthrough Part 1 - Moga Village and Moga Woods [400]
    Note: this walkthrough was made using the WiiU version of the game but should
    be perfectly fine for guiding you through the 3DS version. The quests are all
    the same in both versions of the game.
    When you boot this game up, you’ll be taken to a menu with a couple of options:
    - New Game
    - Continue
    - Options
    - Data Transfer
    - DLC
    Go ahead and fiddle with the OPTIONS if you want to change your controller or
    the screen brightness or disable the blood (don’t disable the blood). There is
    an important option here for WiiU users: the option to enable OFF-SCREEN PLAY.
    The DATA TRANSFER and DLC can probably wait for later: since you’re just
    starting the game, select NEW GAME.
    First things first: you character needs to exist. You can give yourself a name
    (for the purposes of this walkthrough, your name is MUD) and a gender. Gender
    is one of the biggest choices you’ll make because the male and female armors
    look different and collecting the different armor sets is part of the fun. But
    yes, all of the choices you can make here are purely cosmetic: voice, facial
    features, clothing colour. You are meant to be a generic hunter, and your
    distinctiveness in a hunting party (in multiplayer mode) comes through the
    armor you wear, the weapon you use, and how well you handle yourself. So don’t
    fret over these little things. Don’t worry that your face is low-res and looks
    bad because you won’t be zoomed in like this for most of the game. Pick a
    cool name and just go with it.
    *** Pro-tip: When selecting your name, press the ENG button and bring up the
    SYMBOL menu for cool characters to spice up your name ***
    You will then be prompted to choose the initial setting for the second screen.
    Standard mode displays your health bars and map onscreen, dynamic mode doesn’t.
    Personally, I like my tv screen to be uncluttered so I can enjoy the scenery,
    but you are free to choose as you like.
    MOGA VILLAGE [401]
    Welcome to the world of Monster Hunter. You are treated to a short video that
    displays the communal life of the fishing village of MOGA. This raft of a
    village is your new home. As you can see for yourself, and as the VILLAGE CHIEF
    explains afterwards: monsters are causing earthquakes in town and you have been
    hired to hunt said monsters. This is what is known as an EXCUSE PLOT for you to
    go out and kill everything that isn’t human. First things first, the CHIEF
    (the white-haired brown-skinned man with the green cape) gives you some money
    asks you to go look for his son, JUNIOR.
    After the CHIEF stops talking you’ll be in the game proper and able to move
    around and open up the menus. Behind you there is a red and yellow cloth. This
    is the door to YOUR HOUSE. You do not have much privacy here. Inside your house
    is a BED for saving the game and the all-important ITEM BOX (explained in
    section 2).
    If you are just beginning then when you check the STATUS MENU SCREEN you will
    notice that you are wearing five pieces of LEATHER ARMOR. This is the weakest
    ARMOR but the game is actually being generous by giving it to you. In the
    original Monster Hunter Tri you started out naked and only had a Sword and
    Shield. Well you have a Sword and Shield now too but if you go in your house
    and check your item box you will see that you start out with the weakest
    version of all twelve WEAPON TYPES. Maybe you want to consider switching before
    getting too attached to the weak little Sword and Shield?
    Oh yeah, I wanted to say something about that leather armor. I want you
    to see how having all five pieces of it gives you certain SKILLS. Because you
    are wearing a full set of leather armor you have abilities that will help you
    GATHER ITEMS more efficiently. You will soon want to make sturdier armor, but
    keep this armor onhand for when you will inevitably have to go gathering in
    the future.
    Your second screen has a map of MOGA VILLAGE. You will see that there are
    numerous YELLOW SPEECH BUBBLES with ELLIPSES inside. This indicates a VILLAGER
    who wants to speak to you. Sometimes they will give you items, sometimes they
    will advance the plot, but usually they will just jest in a small font and you
    will just skim over it. The GUILD SWEETHEART in the red skirt will tell you
    that JUNIOR went out into MOGA WOODS.
    There are a couple of CATS that you can talk to because this game is from
    JAPAN. One of these cats is named CHAMBERLYNE and he is your pet and looks
    after your furniture. He gives you a PRISMSHROOM LAMP. He's not really
    important but later in the game he will help you customize your residence.
    Outside on one of the piers you will find a cat named NEKO who can connect you
    to PORT TANZIA or the NETWORK MODE. The MUTLI MODE is for local multiplayer
    with 3DSs. NETWORK MODE connects you to the World Wide Web version of tanzia,
    and as far as I can tell the WiiU can jump online right from the get-go.
    However, if you are a NOOB I advise you to practice offline first, so you are
    not a BURDEN to your PARTY. In multiplayer, LIVES are shared between your team,
    so if you die enough the whole team will FAIL. Furthermore, your attacks can
    TRIP, STAGGER, and LAUNCH your allies, which is detrimental to their
    performance in combat. Neko also gives you the option of going to a SOLO
    version of tanzia if that’s what you want to do. There’s a better item shop
    there and that is where ARENA quests are at... but the quests there are a bit
    more difficult than they are here in Moga.
    Other villagers want to talk to you too, however their specific functions are
    temporarily disabled (due to the earthquake) so they are not terribly useful to
    you right now.  Heck, the FISHMONGRESS and the ITEM SHOP and the WEAPON SHOP
    aren't even that important when they are working. If you go to the bottom part
    of MOGA VILLAGE you will find the path to THE FARM. The HEAD FARMER will tell
    you all his FARMHANDS have run away, but he will give you 5 BLUE MUSHROOMS and
    give you an opportunity to name a PIG.
    Back in the main part of MOGA VILLAGE you can talk to the CAREFREE LAD to get
    5 WHETSTONES, which are the item that BLADEMASTERS use to keep their weapons
    SHARP. He is standing next to the path to MOGA WOODS, on the far right side of
    the village. If you are ready to move this game along, go out into MOGA WOODS.
    Before getting to the meat and potatoes of the game you must first run some
    laps between the village and the woods. Only when the villagers are convinced
    that you can fight, swim, and follow simple instructions will they let you hunt
    the big monsters that are this game’s main appeal.
    If this is your first visit to Moga Woods you may notice that it is not much
    of a ‘woods’ at all. You may also notice that the game is blocking off your
    access to a large portion of the map under the guise of earthquake damage.
    Anyways, the Chief will pop-up to give you messages from time to time.
    He tells you how to read the map and how to run and how to use the WiiU
    Gamepad. He gives you the MISSION to kill an APTONOTH and CARVE out some RAW
    MEAT from its dead body.
    Go straight through the first area and into AREA 2. The aptonoth are those
    quadruped black and grey dinosaurs in front of you. Walk up to these gentle
    creatures and KILL THEM. When they are dead, press A to RIP OUT THEIR FLESH.
    I know it looks delicious but don’t eat it just yet. You have been asked to
    DELIVER this RAW MEAT to JUNIOR. Remember to be quick about carving up your
    kills because they do disappear after about ten or twenty seconds.
    Head to the right side of the map (east?) and you will go into the RUINED BASE
    CAMP where JUNIOR is standing around looking at the rubble. Talk to him a
    couple of times to DEVLIER THE MEAT. He promises to REWARD you later. Turn
    around and run back the way you came until you are back in Moga Village. Feel
    free to gather any herbs or mushrooms or honey along the way. Item gathering
    is best done on the side during real missions.
    Back in Moga Village there are a number of people who want to talk to you.
    You will soon get a SWELLED HEAD over how IMPORTANT and POPULAR you are in
    this little village.
    Talk to JUNIOR in his now permanent post in the very centre of the village.
    He asks you to go get him some RESOURCES. He gives you a BBQ SPIT. You can use
    this tool when you are out hunting to play a minigame that transforms RAW MEAT
    into RARE STEAKS, WELL-DONE STEAKS, or BURNT MEAT, depending on your timing.
    You should practice this later. I recommend taking the BBQ with you whenever
    you are FREE HUNTING.
    You can talk to the WYVERN ARTISAN to learn about FORGING. The GAL WITH THE
    GOODS over at the ITEM SHOP now sells BBQs for some reason. Talk to the Chief
    to get some more money. Consider purchasing nets and pickaxes to help you
    gather items.
    Return to the woods and Junior will pop-up to tell you that the map has been
    expanded to cover 6 AREAS. He wants you to hunt some CARNIVORES, but feel free
    to collect some herbs or do some bbqing along the way. Take the opportunity to
    familiarize yourself with the various types of GATHERING POINTS: plants,
    mushrooms, honey hives, bugs, rocks, bones, gold sparkles, etc. You will be
    unable to get bugs or rocks until you obtain certain TOOLS from the item shop
    (or make those tools yourself by COMBINING items).
    You need to collect 30 RESOURCE POINTS by killing things. A running tally of
    your score will be displayed on your screen every time you make a kill. When
    you get to AREA 6, a cut-scene plays showing off the deadly JAGGI, a
    human-sized dinosaur of pink, orange, and purple. Junior advises you to attack,
    evade, and heal as necessary. The jaggi can be killed in 1 or more strikes
    depending on your WEAPON TYPE. Kill them until you accumulate 30 points. If
    you run out of jaggis to kill you can wait around for them to RE-SPAWN, or
    exit and re-enter the area.
    Return to Moga Village and make your HUNT REPORT to Junior. This is how you
    capitalize on your FREE HUNTING. Junior will give you some COMMODITIES and I
    advise you to send them to your box in case you need them later for TRADING
    or whatnot. Use your RESOURCE POINTS to fulfil the VILLAGER REQUEST ‘Fix up
    the Camp!’ With the camp restored, you would think you would be able to start
    doing QUESTS for the GUILD. Unfortunately, you still have some minor errands
    to execute.
    The WYVERN ARTISAN wants to talk to you. He can be found in the upper right
    corner of the village. He asks you to go find some IRON ORE and he gives you a
    MEGA PICKAXE with which to do so. If you talk to the VILLAGE CHIEF he will
    give you even more money and tell you about the TORCH. What he doesn’t tell
    you is that the caves are much brighter than they were in Tri so the TORCH is
    no longer necessary to see down there and will do nothing but get you pestered
    by bugs.
    Return to the WOODS and the CHIEF will direct you to AREA 4. Look for the
    blue/purple/green/grey rocks inside the cave and press Y to PICKAXE them and
    get IRON. If your axe breaks you’ll have to go buy a new one, or so they say,
    but I’ve never had an axe break before getting 1 IRON ORE in this tutorial.
    Return to the village when you are done.
    The WYVERN ARTISAN gives you a quick lesson in UPGRADING your ARMOR well before
    you need to know about it. Try not to forget though, like I did. On a
    side-note, the GREAT SWORD you start with only needs iron ore to upgrade,
    so if you have some left over you could conceivably start upgrading now.
    The other weapons have more strenuous requirements that you may need to keep
    searching for first.
    Anyways, as always, everyone wants to speak to you. A CAREFREE LAD will give
    you a MEGA BUG NET. Down on the FARM, one of the FELYNES has returned and you
    can use him to FARM ITEMS in exchange for RESOURCE POINTS. This is a convenient
    system to save you from the grunt-work of foraging for items, but right now
    you don’t really have enough RESOURCES to make proper use of it. The cat will
    also give you a SUSHIFISH for some reason. Feel free to name the cat something
    Talk to some more villagers to get the impression that they want you to go jump
    in a lake. At some point you will be given FISHING HARPOONS and told to hunt a
    MOLID... whatever that is. Go back to Moga Woods to learn that a MOLID is a
    big flat fish and can be found in AREA 11 of your map. Incidentally, the whole
    of Moga Woods is open to you now, so if you haven’t been to AREA 11 before, the
    quickest way to get there is to run up the left side of the map and jump off of
    the left-side of the cliff in AREA 8.
    You will be underwater and treated to a video of what appears to be a large
    leviathan coming around a spire, but turns out to only be two of those fish
    you’re here to hunt. Lucky you.
    The key to carving fish (sharqs, jellyfish, molids) is to injure them a bit
    and then stab them with the FISHING HARPOON until they are dead. Depending on
    your weapon type they may take one or more hits to be injured. I recommend
    hitting them only once before busting out the harpoon. Anyways, you don’t need
    to hunt fish very often in this game. Just do it now and do it again later for
    a VILLAGER REQUEST that requires a sharqskin... and maybe if you ever want to
    build a sharq weapon you can do it a third time. It’s not very important. What
    is important is that your ‘Return to Village’ button now works. Use it to
    spare yourself the long trek back to the village.
    The Chief will give you even more money. If you haven’t already, use some of
    that money to buy yourself 5 IRON PICKAXES and 5 BUG NETS. Don’t bother with
    the ‘old’ versions of these items: they will fall apart even with your
    ‘Spirit’s Whim’ skill keeping them together. You’ll get more money later. You
    can also buy Combo Books now if you are combining a lot of items. Go have a
    look at my list of useful combinations if you don’t know what to do with your
    herbs and blue mushrooms.
    From now on you are perfectly free to just head out in the moods and goof
    around out there if you wish. Consider it a form of ‘downtime’ or ‘relaxed
    hunting’. You can’t fail by dying and there are no time limits. It’s sort of a
    practice ground for the more structured official quests. When you want to go
    FREEHUNTING make sure you talk to Junior in the center of the village before
    and after you go: he is the guy who handles all of the systems related to
    freehunting and resources.
    As it was in the tutorial, to go freehunting you just go to the right side of
    the village and take the path to the woods. There's another path in the farm.
    You will have the opportunity to gather whatever items you want out there.
    Make sure you go out with a bare-bones item pouch. You’ll still need bug nets,
    pickaxes, and maybe potions and BBQs and whetstones. Go out there and get any
    items you may need to stock up on: you are a hunter-gatherer after all. You can
    use the items from these practice grounds to make a lot of the items you’ll
    need in the future: potions, mega potions, different kinds of bombs, and even
    weapons and armor! Consider killing some monsters and grilling them into
    While freehunting the game will keep a running count of your kills and give you
    RESOURCE POINTS for them. You can also collect resource points by finding
    account items or trading in other items to junior back in the village. What do
    you need resources for? Lots of things, actually. Resource points pay for farm
    upgrades, upgrading your sidekicks, and item farming. Getting resources is
    really the big point of freehunting.
    The best way to get lots of resources while freehunting is to kill a big
    monster. Only certain monsters show up in freehunting, and they only show up
    after you beat them in the official quests. Ask Junior for a forecast and plan
    your trip accordingly. Hunting down a qurupeco or rathian in the woods is not
    only good practice, it’ll probably help you fulfill a villager request or two.
    Killing (or capping) large monsters in the woods is how you get certain items
    called RARE COMMODITIES and later in the game you will be able to trade these
    things for unique items and abilities.
    The woods have changing conditions junior will inform you of so you know
    what’s out there to be hunted. A condition like ‘herbivores breeding’ is how
    you get rare items like ‘super-sized dung.’ Much later in the game you will be
    able to press 'X' to switch between daytime and nightime freehunting. Nighttime
    is the HIGH-RANK version of the woods, so the monsters are tougher and there
    are rarer items to be gathered. I can tell you're excited.
    You'll see soon enough that freehunting is kind of boring and that what you
    really want is some new places to go to get new items and monsters and lots and
    lots of money. You, my friend, want QUESTS!
    The GUILD SWEETHEART has good news for you: you can now go on an official GUILD
    QUEST. The bad news is that the quest is dull and involves no monster hunting.
    It’s another hoop for you to jump through though before you unlock the fun
    battles: so hurry up and jump. Didn't anyone tell you that the first couple
    hours of this game could be a game called HOOP JUMPER?
    QUESTING [501]
    Quests have their own rulebook. The most arbitrary and annoying part of quests
    is that you can’t return to your item box after selecting one but before
    departing. Make sure you have everything you need from your house before
    selecting your quest. Another condition is that you can't leave the quest area
    until you have succeeded or failed (or given up), so if your quest sends you
    out to moga woods don't bother trying to get into the village from there.
    Quests (or missions) are given and accepted through the QUEST COUNTER. You sign
    up for one of these and then head out onto the dock on the left side of the
    village. Press ‘A’ at the gap in the fence and you will be whisked away on
    your quest which will take place in one of many HUNTING GROUNDS. You will be
    given an objective and a time limit. If you fail to  complete the objective in
    time, or if you die three times, the quest is failed and you should feel bad
    and read this walkthrough more.
    Quests have victory conditions that must be fulfilled and failure conditions
    that must be avoided. There are three main types of victory condition that
    will give you a different colored square over your head when you chose them:
    red quests are HUNTING quests, which means that to win you must EITHER KILL OR
    CAPTURE the target monster(s). Grey squares are for CAPTURE quests and if you
    kill the monster on these quests then you have failed. Green squares are for
    DELIVERY quests and they charge you with bringing X number of a certain item
    back to the RED BOX. These are not very difficult. You can refresh yourself on
    the specifics of your quest by opening up the QUEST INFO MENU SCREEN.
    When a quest begins you will start out in the BASE CAMP AREA of the hunting
    ground. This area is a safe-zone and monsters cannot get in for some reason
    that probably involves wizards. Anyways, base camps have beds you can use to
    recover your health and status. They also have BLUE BOXES for getting items
    and RED BOXES for you to deliver items to. Low Rank quests provide you with
    many helpful items at the beginning of quests but once you get to high rank
    you won't be starting out at the base camp and those nice items won't be around
    at the start of quests anyways (again, wizards). If you ever pick up ACCOUNT
    ITEMS during quests you might as well deliver them to the red box because you
    can't take them back home with you.
    ***Pro-tip: The base camps in the DESERTED ISLAND, SANDY PLAINS, and FLOODED
    FOREST all have secret passages to far-off areas. Use them to save yourself
    some time getting to the fun combat parts of the game***
    Completing quests is your primary method for earning money in this game.
    Quests also reward you for success with QUEST REWARD ITEMS in addition to
    the items you gathered or carved during the quest. These quest rewards are a
    big part of quests and usually consist of even more parts of the monster you
    were hunting. The quest rewards are somewhat luck based but you can improve
    your odds of getting certain monster pieces by capturing monsters and/or
    breaking off their vulnerable parts. The information on monster drops and quest
    rewards can be found through online searches so I won't be covering it here.
    To unlock more quests and progress through the game you need to complete KEY
    QUESTS. This is not a term that can be found in-game. The villagers will
    only hint at which quests actually need doing and which are just for fun and
    profit. Moving quickly through the early KEY QUESTS will get you to the fun
    monster fights deeper in the game, but playing broadly by completing all of
    the quests will help you build up the item collection you need to make armor
    and items for those harder battles. This guide assumes you will be rushing
    madly through key quests so you can progress, and for this reason I am listing
    them first rather than following the order the game lays them out for you.
    WARNING: To unlock the final two single player quests in this game you are going
    to have to complete EVERY village quest, not just the KEY QUESTS. You may want
    to take care of all of the boring stuff now so you don't have to come back for
    it later.
    Deliver 3 Unique Mushrooms
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    You will find yourself transported to the exotic DESERTED ISLAND. You will
    feel cheated and lied to when you realize that it is the very same place as
    the Moga Woods except with a different and deceptive name (if you are living
    on the island it can’t be deserted now can it?). You cannot return to Moga
    Village through the ordinary path while on a quest here. You have to fulfill
    the conditions of the quest to get back. In this case, you need three UNIQUE
    Where are these unique mushrooms, you ask? Go over to AREA 2 and look for those
    big red mushroom patches on the ground. That is a very good place to start
    looking, no? If you don’t find 3 of them there, look in AREAS 3, 6, and 7.
    You did grab a map from the BLUE BOX, right? I'll be giving directions using
    the AREA NUMBERS so bring a map if you are not familiar with them.
    While you’re looking at mushrooms you may notice some bugs around you. These
    are called ALTAROTH (not to be confused with the Aptonoth from earlier). When
    they eat mushrooms or honey or berries their stomachs swell up and they can be
    attacked for carves. Sometimes they even ripen mushrooms for you. You don’t
    really have to worry about this though, it’s just a little tip.
    When you have 3 UNIQUE MUSHROOMS (I believe that CHOICE and RIPENED MUSHROOMS
    count towards this total), return to the RED BOX in the BASE CAMP and press A.
    You will get a big red QUEST COMPLETED! STAMP on your screen and you will feel
    satisfaction flowing out from your VENTRAL TEGMENTAL AREA.
    When you complete a quest a screen will come up with your QUEST REWARDS. For
    this quest you will get a nice collection of mushrooms. It is my opinion that
    you should always SEND TO BOX all of your rewards so you can deal with them
    ***Pro-tip: The DRAGON TOADSTOOLS you get as a reward for this quest can be
    combined with other rare items to make great and powerful rare items. You
    should hold onto these mushrooms and when you have a lot of extra resources
    take them to your farm and make a bunch of them. Until then, consider repeating
    this quest every so often just for these tasty babies***
    With your first quest completed you will return to MOGA VILLAGE. A FUTURE
    ALPHA MALE will give you 2 MEGA FISHING FLY. Stuff this away in your item box
    and don’t think about it.
    A bunch of new quests are unlocked. Have a look at them and see what catches
    your fancy. If you listen to what the GUILD SWEETHEART has to say, she will
    tell you that ‘Farm Aid’ and ‘Guts, It’s What’s For Dinner’ are the KEY QUESTS
    that unlock the next level of quests. Of course, the game never uses such a
    term, but if you ever want to know which quests you’re supposed to be doing
    just ask the villagers and see if they give you tips on killing certain
    monsters as a subtle hint of what you need to be doing.
    Slay 5 Jaggia
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    You are tasked with killing 5 JAGGIA. Jaggia are like jaggi but can take and
    deal out a little more damage. It’s not really a significant enough difference
    to warrant any concern. You can find them in AREAS 5, 6, and 7. They shouldn’t
    give you much trouble. Take them out one at a time or more if you have a weapon
    with a wide range.
    After completing this quest a CAREFREE LAD will give you 2 SNAKEBEE LARVA.
    These can be combined with those MEGA FISHING FLIES you received earlier to
    make GOLDENFISH BAIT. The game is subtly hinting that it wants you to go on a
    boring fishing quest. Feel free to do so, but it might not be a bad idea to
    first get some more bait ingredients (from bugs and from honey foraging
    Deliver 3 Monster Guts
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    This time you are sent out to get three MONSTER GUTS. When you accept the
    quest you will get a green square over your head. This means it is a delivery
    quest and you have to take whatever you were sent out to get to the RED BOX in
    the base camp. MONSTER GUTS can be found inside a sea monster called the
    EPIOTH. At the base camp you can hop into the water and take a shortcut out
    to AREA 9, and then go up to AREA 10. The Epioth is that ugly four-legged green
    thing floating in the water. Carve up the beast and see if you get any guts
    (you don’t even need to use a harpoon on these losers). They don’t always drop,
    so you may be hunting a lot of these.
    Head on over to AREA 11 to discover why you had to go on this quest. It’s the
    LAGIACRUS! OMG! OH NOES!! You will be advised to just turn tail and run away.
    However, as far as I can tell you are still obliged to get those three guts.
    Some Epioth will have spawned back in AREA 10 so hunt them before the LAGIACRUS
    shows up. When he does use your swimming skills to sneak by him and go back to
    AREA 11 where you can find some more Epioth.
    Once you have three guts, go up to the water’s surface in AREA 11 and look
    towards the land. See those green vines there? You can climb up those vines to
    AREA 8, and the lagiacrus will be unable to follow you. Once you are in AREA 8,
    the other side of the cliff is a quick way to get to AREA 5 and from there to
    AREA 2 and from there to the BASE CAMP and the RED BOX and another completed
    quest. You don't really have to take the route I gave you but I thought you
    might like to know that such shortcuts exist.
    When you get back to town a cutscene will play to let you know that the FLEET
    CAPTAIN’S BOAT is up and running. If you have resources to spare and need fish
    for some reason you can do it through the FISHMONGRESS. I don’t advise wasting
    your resources on fish. Use your resources in the farm to grow sap plants and
    blue mushrooms and whatnot. There’s a new VILLAGER REQUEST up that requires
    80points, too.
    Now that you’ve completed the KEY QUESTS, a new URGENT QUEST will be available.
    Urgent quests are the ones that unlock the next TIER of quests. They are
    usually of a difficulty representative of the next tier, but not in this case.
    Slay 6 Ludroth
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    The Ludroth aren’t very tough. They are ugly though. From the base camp take
    the secret underwater passage up to AREA 9. Go north to AREA 10 and you’ll see
    a little scene showcasing the ludroth. Kill them mercilessly and head out into
    the water and go to AREA 11 to find enough of the beasts to fill your quota.
    Completing this URGENT QUEST unlocks a new TIER of quests: the 2-star quests!
    Yeah! Right on! 2-star quests actually have large monsters to fight, and that
    is what this game is all about. It’s a pity that it takes an hour or three to
    get to this point.
    Feel free to skip ahead to the next section of the walkthrough while my
    professionalism compels me to complete my exposition of the boring 1-star
    Deliver 2 Kelbi Horns
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Kelbi horns are pretty easy to get in this game. They used to require some
    skill back in the good old days. Anyways, kelbi are little deer in AREA 3 who
    become stunned with single hit. Carve their horns while they are stunned and
    then make your way back to the RED BOX in the base camp.
    Someday you’ll be able to mix kelbi horns into powerful potions with honey,
    bitterbugs, and dragon toadstools, but not today. Let’s move on.
    Deliver 3 Goldenfish
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    I’ll give you my opinion straight-up: fishing is boring and pointless.
    Remember those two kids who gave you two snakebee larvas and two mega fishing
    flies? Well that was the game’s way of suggesting that you go on this quest.
    See those items can be combined together to make GOLDENFISH BAIT, which you’ll
    need to catch goldenfish, which you’ll need to do to complete this quest.
    The BLUE BOX will have another goldenfish bait for you, giving you a bait total
    equal to the the number of fish you need to deliver. Don’t let any of those
    fish run off with you bait or you’ll be a total failure.
    Like I always say, a couple of minutes of preparation can save you a lot of
    minutes of desperation and a lifetime of regret. Don’t bother with this quest
    until you have stumbled across some extra snakebee larva (in honey hives) and
    mega fishing flies (bugs). Hell, don’t bother with this quest at all. Why would
    Anyways, you have to fish for these things in AREA 10. You’ll see a small
    collection of fish. If you press the A button like you are prompted to do
    you’ll send out generic bait and catch generic fish. Instead you want to select
    your goldenfish bait and press Y. That’ll fill the water with the good stuff.
    Watch the fish in the water and pay close attention when they take a bite of
    your bait. That is the time to reel ‘em in. Nothin’ to it. Once you’ve wrangled
    three of the things, head on back to the RED BOX.
    You’ll get some small goldenfish as a reward, and I guess they sell for an okay
    amount of money for the time invested. Meh.
    Deliver 8 Red Coral Stones
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    You’ve seen those bone-like gathering spots at the bottom of the water AREAS
    10 and 11, right? That’s where you’ll find red coral stones, which are an
    ACCOUNT ITEM and therefore mostly useless outside of this one quest. Head on
    out there and grab them. Make sure to take the fishing harpoon from the blue
    box because harpooning sharks is something you’ll do only rarely and you might
    as well do it now while you’re out there since you’ll be needing a sharqskin or
    two eventually. Just hit the sharks once (or less, depending on how strong your
    weapon is) and then harpoon it to death. When I did this quest my weapon was
    overpowered but I had Cha-Cha with me and he was pretty reliable at hitting
    those sharqs for me.
    Gather 8 red coral stones and head on back to the red box. The quest rewards
    you pretty nicely with ores of the sort you’ll be needing for making better
    6. 2-STAR QUESTS - MONSTERS [600]
    This is where the game starts getting good. From now on, the monsters will
    actually be capable of injuring you. They may even kill you! The three
    FIRST-AID MEDS you get at the beginning of every quest may not be enough to
    treat your wounds anymore. If you haven’t already, go out to Moga Woods and
    get a bunch of herbs and blue mushrooms. Take them back to your item box and
    COMBINE them to make POTIONS. From now on you should have 10 potions with you
    at all times just in case. Use the farm to grow more herbs and mushrooms so you
    don’t always have to go scrounge around for them. If you are rich and don’t
    like being rich I suppose you can throw your money away by buying herbs and
    mushrooms and potions at the item shop like a sucker.
    A lot of new activity is going on in the village now. Along with the newly
    re-established FLEET, the village has resumed trade with the ARGOSY, a trading
    ship that shows up in town every-so-often. Talk to the ARGOSY CAPTAIN and the
    villagers to get a sense of how trading works and receive a CURVED FANG. At
    this point you don’t have much to trade with or for, but that will change
    pretty quickly.
    More interesting is the fact that the cat known as the ITINERANT COOK is now in
    town and he’ll be opening up a restaurant. From now on you’ll want to give him
    some of your money before every quest. Aside from FOOD SKILLS, which are a nice
    bonus, FOOD allows you to go into battle with a longer health bar, a longer
    stamina bar, and attack and defence up bonuses. It’s like item boosts without
    the waste and the clogging up of your ever-insufficient item pouch. Make sure
    you are this restaurant’s best customer.
    The cat will give you a VOUCHER for one free meal. Junior has a new villager
    request up: 150points and a monster fluid will get you a better insect box.
    Monster fluid, by the way, can be found inside Giggi, Altaroth, and Bnahabra;
    all those little blood-sucking buggies. The Wyvern Artisan wants to talk to you
    about charms. He’ll give you a PAWN TALISMEN. Go home and equip it and if you
    have a weapon with a shield you can make use of it. If you understand how
    skills work and you happen to find some talismans later on, feel free to
    customize your character with them.
    ***Pro-tip: That auto-guard talisman is another insidious trap. Relying on it
    to protect you will ultimately weaken your ability to use your shield properly.
    Just sell the thing.)
    The item shop will be holding a sale whenever the Argosy is in town. Use the
    occasion to stock up on pickaxes and bug nets. You may want to invest in a few
    TRAP TOOLS and TRANQUILIZERS since you’ll be engaging in CAPTURE QUESTS soon
    enough. The game will provide you with the necessary items at the beginning of
    capture quests, but things can go awry out there in the field and having a
    back-up trap and some extra tranqs can be the difference between a successful
    quest and fifty minutes of futility, desperation, and regret. Preparation is
    the key to victory! Have I said this already?
    The Guild Sweetheart has some good news for you: the SANDY PLAINS have been
    unlocked. The plains are a strange level and you have to know ahead of time
    where you are going to be fighting on the map and whether it will be day or
    night there. This is because the temperature can change wildly out in the far
    reaches of the desert and you will require either a hot or cool drink to keep
    you from burning or freezing to death. This game really gets its jollies by
    punishing the unprepared, and it is a jolly, jolly game.
    You also have the option of doing HUNTING TOURS now. Hunting tours are kind of
    dull and not terribly necessary to do. What is necessary to get through the
    second tier are the key quests ‘Pain in the Plains’ and ‘Bear Trap’. They are
    also the most fun quests at this level.
    There are some other quests now available to you and I’d like to take this
    opportunity to convince you that they may be worth your while. There is a 2
    star quest called ‘Secret of the Crystal Bones’ that will give you the
    opportunity to mine the Sandy Plains for the MACHILITE ORE and EARTH CRYSTALS
    that you might be needing to upgrade your starter iron weapon. What makes this
    quest more profitable than a simple hunting tour is that it will reward you
    with a few of these nifty materials regardless of your mining success.
    In addition to upgrading your iron weapon you might consider buying the bone
    version of your weapon type, which will open up another tree of weapon
    advancement that may be an easier upgrade path. At this stage in the game I
    would say that upgrading your weapon is more important than upgrading your
    armor. The Great Jaggi and the Arzuros are not particularly deadly so killing
    them quickly is the best way to speed through this section.
    Hunt a Great Jaggi
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: potions
    Head on up to AREA 6 (the Jaggi’s den) to be introduced to the Great Jaggi. As
    you can see, he’s just a pretty big jaggi. AREA 6 is close-quarters and filled
    with jaggis who will try to nip at you while you are preoccupied so do yourself
    a favor and clear them out.
    Great Jaggi’s special ability is to direct Jaggi around. This is also his
    greatest weakness. When he stops to call out to them you are free to attack him
    without reprisal. Smack him upside the head why don’t you?
    You can expect him to pester you with tail-swipes, hip-checks, and straight on
    biting. Your best avenue of attack is to let him initiate a move, dodge it, and
    attack him while he is reorienting himself after his attack. For instance,
    when he swipes his tail he tends to do it twice, and if you avoid the first
    swipe you’re free to attack while he is committed to his second swipe.
    Since this is the first large monster in the game I’ll be generous and
    re-iterate some of the general tips I wrote out above. The Great Jaggi will
    try to run away after a little while. Hit him with a paintball because he has a
    cave network that can take him to many different areas. He will try to eat or
    sleep if he takes a lot of damage: this is a good opportunity to get a few hits
    on him. If things are going badly and you need to heal or sharpen your weapon,
    leave the area you are in so the jaggis don’t attack you while you are
    vulnerable. Move around a lot and don’t get yourself committed to long combos
    that leave you vulnerable. Sometimes he’ll go into a rage indicated by a little
    white puff in front of his face, and his attacks will be faster and link
    together more. Do your best to avoid them or just leave and come back when he
    is less upset. His more devastating moves have a distinct ‘tell’ for when he is
    about to perform them. If you see him position himself for a hip-check, move
    out of the way or raise your shield.
    Honestly, it’s hard to give advice for fighting Great Jaggi. Anyone even
    remotely accustomed to this game can run circles around this guy and destroy
    him within a few minutes. Once you get your weapon upgraded even a little bit
    and get some practice, you’ll be crushing Great Jaggis like it’s no big thing
    With the Great Jaggi in the bag you’ll get some more of its parts as a quest
    reward. If you broke off the frill around its head you’ll get even more
    rewards. This will be your first time seeing the SCORECARD, which records the
    size of the monster you killed and compares it to your all-time scores.
    Once you get back to the village, Junior will tell you that Great Jaggi can now
    be FREEHUNTED in Moga Woods. Check the forecast if you ever want to go out and
    hunt these guys for resources. The Guild Sweetheart now wants you to go CAPTURE
    the ARZUROS, and the people around town will give you advice on how to capture
    things. Like I said above, now might be a good time to make your own traps and
    tranqs in case something goes awry in the next quest. Awry. Ever look at a
    word and just like... fixate on it until it loses all meaning? Awry is a good
    word for that. So is salsa.
    Capture an Arzuros
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: potions, traps, tranqs
    Capturing monsters is not really that complicated. If you’ve ever played
    POKEMON you’ll be happy to know that your skills are totally transferrable.
    You just have to weaken the monster, put it in a TRAP, and hit it with TWO
    TRANQ BOMBS. It sounds easy in theory, and with practice it is easy as pie, but
    noobies seem to have the hardest time working it out.
    Actually, there are all sorts of things that can go wrong in capturing and this
    particular quest is a good example of one type of problem. The Arzuros, it
    turns out, can’t take a lot of punishment and it is entirely possible that you
    will kill it before it ever lets you know that it is weak enough to capture.
    The Arzuros is a GLASS CANNON: it can dish out a lot of damage, but it can’t
    take damage for squat. You’ll have to be gentle with it. Attack it for a couple
    of minutes but then ease WAY back and let it run (or limp) away. Even if it
    runs away don’t be too mean to it when you catch back up with it. Seriously,
    treat this thing like you would a baby: just cut it up a little.
    BTW, the Arzuros is in AREA 3 eating honey. He’s big on honey. He’ll even steal
    it from you if you have any and he pins you down (usually being pinned by
    monsters will get you pretty banged up, but the Arzuros just licks you and
    tosses you away). The Arzuros is not too deadly. His forearms are reinforced
    and if you attack them your attacks will probably be defected. All the same you
    should attack them because breaking them is how you get ‘Arzuros Braces’ which
    are used for making his armor/weapons. But you’re probably safest attacking him
    from behind after he’s charged or swung at you and missed. This monster has a
    backside as big as a barn so you shouldn’t have any problem landing hits on it.
    His head, however, will usually be out of reach as he likes to stand tall on
    his hind legs and pretend he’s people.
    His attacks consist of a forward charge which can curve towards you a
    little bit. He also will stand on his hind legs and try to claw you 1 or 3 to 4
    times. You should run away and get yourself in a position to attack him when he
    is finishing his third or fourth strike. Just attacking him from behind is
    probably your best avenue.
    Once he’s LIMPED off, follow him, lay down your EZ SHOCK TRAP, and maneuver
    yourself so that it is between you and the beast. Lure him into the trap and
    throw two tranqs at him. If the area is full of Jaggis maybe you should clear
    them out or at least stand really close to the trapped Arzuros so that the
    jaggis don’t get in the way of your tranqs. Was that clear? If so, then
    congratulations on capturing an Arzuros! You're welcome!
    With this quest completed, a new key quest opens up. The kids in the village
    claim to have seen a mysterious creature in the woods. Junior thinks it’s a
    SHAKALAKA, whatever that means. You’ll have to accept the URGENT QUEST to go
    investigate the matter.
    Protect the Shakalaka Child
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    You don’t need to bring anything particular on this quest. Once you go out on
    the quest a text box will pop up. Someone asks for help and a symbol will
    appear on your map (if you grab a map from the box) pointing to where the
    Shakalaka child is. You need to go to where he is (AREA 6) and kill all of the
    monsters that are attacking him.
    The QUEST INFO claims that you can fail the quest by letting the Shakalaka kid
    (his name is ChaCha, by the way) get killed. I’ve never seen that happen
    myself. ChaCha can take some punishment in this quest so don’t worry too much
    if he gets knocked around.
    The monsters you have to fight are nothing special. In AREA 6 its 4 Jaggia.
    Then ChaCha will run to AREA 9 and you’ll fight 3 ludroth. Finally you’ll be
    led back to AREA 2 and have to fight 8 Jaggi. Surely you can handle this,
    right? I mean, I’m writing this for beginners, but by this point small monsters
    are nothing to you, right? Right? Oh goddess I hope I'm right.
    I’m just going to assume that you could handle it. Congratulations on reaching
    the third tier of quests! Now you can fight lots of big, fun monsters! Things
    are about to get real fun up in this game! But before you go on to the third
    tier, why not take a look at these other 2 star quests, hmm? They're... fun....
    Deliver 4 Crystal Bones
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: 5 pickaxes
    Crystal Bones are more crystal than bone: they have to be mined from rock.
    Bring a bunch of pickaxes as these kinds are kind of rare, sometimes. You can
    do some mining in AREA 4, and north of there is a cave full of mining spots
    and MELYNES, the black cats who try to steal from you. If they spot you you’d
    better kill them. There is another mining spot in a cave way out past the
    desert but hopefully you won’t have to trouble with going that far. This is a
    good quest for getting neat materials since you’ll be both mining them AND
    you’ll get some as quest rewards. Heck, while you’re out there, do some bug
    catching. Sandy Plains has THUNDERBUGS and CARPENTERBUGS: both very nice
    specimens. Maybe look for some CACTUS FLOWERS as they are specific to this
    area maybe.
    Hunt an Arzuros
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    You don’t have to worry about failing the quest by killing this weakling this
    time. Run on out to AREA 5 and show this guy who’s boss. If you need tips for
    killing this guy, go find the info from my coverage of ‘Bear Trap’.
    Personally I repeated this guest four or five times because I wanted the
    Arzuros armor. It looks cool and has the ‘defence’ skill. That stuff carried me
    past the Ceadeus.
    Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    You can go hang around the Sandy Plains if you want. The Paw Pass ticket shows
    up in your blue box after only two minutes. Kinda pointless if you ask me. Most
    people don’t.
    Slay 12 Altaroth
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended Items: Poison smoke bombs
    Altaroth are those big insects that crawl around on the ground picking up
    mushrooms. Have you seen them fill up their bellies on resources? If they do
    that and you kill them, they drop unique items you may well need.
    Oh, the box gives you 2 poison bombs. You can use these on the bugs to make
    them carve-able even before they eat. Try to use one bomb on a group of them,
    for efficiency’s sake. Anyways, check AREAS 2, 3, and 7 for the bugs. They
    re-spawn in AREA 7 if you need more of them.
    Capture a Great Jaggi
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 10/10
    Recommended Items: Bring your own traps! Bring two! Also, bring 6 Tranqs and
    whatever potions you’ll need.
    This quest caused me all kinds of frustration. I must have failed it three
    times in a row. That stinking Great Jaggi just doesn’t know when to run away.
    Seriously, you can give him all the space in the world, and yet even on the
    verge of death he won’t run off. It makes capturing him into a bit of
    guesswork, and guesswork is the mother of Wasted Traps and her ugly sister:
    Failed Quest.
    GJaggi starts off in his den in AREA 6 and he will defend it to his last
    breath. Take care to kill off all of his allies when he summons them and then
    wail on him for a minute or two. When he goes to eat... he MAY be ready to be
    If you have the money or resources to spare, you can buy or forge some BONE
    ARMOR to get the lovely CAPTURE-GURU SKILL. If you paintball a monster while
    you have this skill active, the pink indicator on the map will flash to let you
    know when the monster is weak enough to be captured. Very informative, but as
    for me I don’t capture monsters very often or ever have my map onscreen so I
    don’t use this skill or make this armor, and the only real downside is that
    this particular quest becomes so aggravating.
    Like I’ve always said, this game wants you to fail and it will try to frustrate
    you into doing so, but you can overcome this by being prepared. You’ll have to
    guess when this great jaggi is ready to be captured, and if you guess wrong
    your trap will be wasted. Do yourself a favor and bring a trap of your own.
    Bring two. Bring two and two trap tools and a thunderbug and a net.
    Overpreparation is the key to success!
    Deliver 3 monster guts
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: sonic bombs
    This time you’ll be fetching monster guts from little fish monsters that swim
    out in the sands on the far side of the Sandy Plains. Take the EZ SONIC BOMBS
    from the box because these monsters are vulnerable to sonic bombs. And by
    vulnerable I mean that they can dive down into the sand and are hard to attack,
    but if a sonic bomb goes off near them they are ejected from the sand and they
    will flop around on the surface for a few seconds while you rack up some kills.
    Did you know that your base camp in the sandy plains has a secret path to the
    cave that is AREA 7, and that from there you’re right next to one of the areas
    these monsters (they’re called DELEX) are in? You don’t have to thank me. If
    the delex aren’t there try the next area over. They’ll show up. Just wander
    around in the desert until they do. By the way, you did take those COOL DRINKS
    from the box, didn’t you? Oh boy, you’re gonna need those. Soooooo essential.
    If you didn’t grab them, you’ll have to just run all the way back to the base
    camp to get them. Man, that would suck.
    Monster guts are quite common carves from these guys, I’ve found. They have
    other items that can be carved from them: most notably the BIG FIN, which
    you’ll be needing for a villager request somewhere down the line. You’ll get
    some of those as quest rewards anyways.
    And that’s all the two star quests. Good riddance, I say. Bring on the big
    You’ve upgraded your weapon by now, right? Maybe you got a bone weapon and
    upgraded that, too? I know what you want next: you want a weapon that does
    elemental damage! Hell, I’ll just tell you what you really want: you a fire
    weapon to fight water monsters and a water weapon to fight fire monsters. Well
    then, you’re in luck! This tier has a fire element monster you can use to make
    a fire weapon, and a water element monster you can use to make a water weapon!
    Whatever you end up doing weapon-wise, if you are using a sword or lance type
    weapon make sure its upgraded up to GREEN SHARPNESS by the time you are
    fighting the Barroth and Royal Ludroth.
    First things first, though. Those monsters can do a decent amount of damage,
    and if you want to take them down you’ll need some better armor. That leather
    armor you started with was nice enough for gathering items and fighting weak
    monsters, but if you go and look at the DEFENSE STATS of the armors you can
    potentially buy or forge at this point, you will notice that each bit of
    leather armor has a DEF of 1, while Jaggi armor, for example, has a defence of
    10. Five pieces of Jaggi armor would then be 50 times better than five pieces
    of leather armor! Well, that’s not strictly true, but there will be a
    noticeable decline in the damage you take from attacks if you get better armor.
    As an aside, bowgunning armor is weaker than blademaster armor so that faulty
    math up above is even less true.
    Jaggi armor is a good set to pursue. To forge it all you have to do is hunt a
    couple of great jaggis and their underlings. Maybe you could use the practice?
    There are other options though. You could just buy a set of chainmail or steel
    armor if you’re feeling lazy. The Arzuros armor looks neat and has good defense
    (unlike the Arzuros), but you’ll have to break a lot of braces to get that.
    Whatever you decide to go with, make sure you get the full set because it just
    looks better. Also, that’s how to get ARMOR SKILLS.
    There are some other things you should consider at this stage. You should
    probably take a few FREEHUNTING trips into the Woods so you can build up
    resources for all of the requests you’ll be getting. You can carve up great
    jaggi for armor while you’re at it, and stock up on herbs and mushrooms and
    honey while you’re out there. Kill a couple of great jaggis out in Moga Woods
    and give your HUNT REPORT to Junior and you might just receive a 1 STAR RARE
    COMMODITY that you can trade to the Argosy Captain for unique items. I suggest
    that you get your hands on a DOUBLE BBQ, and then BOOK OF COMBOS 4. The other
    things you can trade for are less important: upgrading the FLEET CAPTAIN’S
    FISHING BOAT, and then getting furniture, pig clothing, treasure trackers and
    spare spears.
    You also have a new sidekick at your side... to kick. Talk to him and
    familiarize yourself with him and his menu. First you should select ‘take
    along’ and select an ability for him. Maybe a water or ice attack? Qurupecos
    are weak to ice, right? You can look that kind of information up online if you
    need to. Chacha is actually quite useful if you give him a chance. From now on,
    you’ll be able to attack monsters freely every so often while they are focusing
    on Cha-cha. Get into the habit of talking to Cha-cha after every quest to see
    if he’s picked up any items. Also you might want to consider giving him any
    extra rations because they might help him level up maybe.
    If you’ve stuck around this long, you’ll be happy to hear that I have more
    advice for you. If you haven’t spent all your money on armor, then head on over
    to the item shop and pick yourself up a copy of those books that improve your
    combination success rate. Hell, while you’re there, grab all of the books that
    fill out your Monster List. It makes you GUILD CARD look better, at any rate.
    And last but not least I have some advice about the farm. You’ll get a second
    farmhand at some point in the near future, and if you go freehunting and
    fulfill some of the villager requests you’ll be able to upgrade and use the
    farm quite a bit. Aside from using it to get a steady supply of herbs, blue
    mushrooms, and honey, you should now also be looking at growing sap plants to
    make bombs, and more specifically nitroshrooms and fire herbs, which combine to
    make gunpowder. What do you need gunpowder for? Why, you can combine that with
    the screamers you’ve been ripping out of great jaggis to make SONIC BOMBS,
    which will make your dealings with the QURUPECO so much smoother. If only the
    farm grew dung too... it would be paradise.
    Is that enough advice? No? Well then you should also be made aware that there
    is a new hunting ground called the FLOODED FOREST to check out, and that there
    is a new villager request that requires another 200points. These things are
    really going to start piling up now. Anyways, let’s have a look at the third
    tier quests:
    Harvest Tour: Flooded Forest
    Playing with Fire - Hunt a Qurupeco ***KEY QUEST***
    Rhenopolous Rampage - Slay 6 Rhenos
    Herbivore Egg Hunt - Deliver 2 eggs
    Toxic Troublemaker - Hunt a Great Wroggi
    Pest Control - Slay 12 Bnahabra
    The Deadliest Catch - Slay 7 ludroth
    Only the Qurupeco quest needs to be done to unlock the other key quests, so
    that's what I'm covering first.
    Hunt a QURUPECO
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Recommended Items: Sonic bombs, dung bombs, 10 Potions, paintballs, and a cool
    Take a look in your item box and grab the necessary gear, that is, the EZ SONIC
    BOMBS and the COOL DRINKS. Head on up to AREA 8 for a video to introduce you to
    the QURUPECO even though this is not Qurupeco’s usual spot. He’ll run off to
    AREA 4 soon enough.
    Anyways, there’s a Great Jaggi around and Qurupeco’s special move is to mimic
    the calls of other monsters and summon them to the battlefield to make your
    life a living hell. You can interrupt Quru’s calling with sonic bombs, but if
    your weapon is drawn you’ll have a hard time putting it away in time to bomb
    him. If another monster does show up, you can make it or Quru run away using a
    dung bomb. In this case though my advice would be to find this great jaggi and
    kill it dead before you seriously start fighting Qurupeco. It should take you
    like five minutes and it’ll save you a lot of harassment later on.
    Here are my tips for taking on the Qurupeco. First things first: hit him with a
    paintball and hit him again every 8 or 9 minutes because the things wear off.
    Quru has a nasty habit of flying off to far-away locations, and if you don’t
    have a paintball on him you’ll have to watch which way his shadow moves and
    just guess where he went, and even then he can fake you out and change
    direction mid-flight. Losing track of monsters is one of those annoyances
    the game burdens players with if they don’t come prepared.
    Now let’s talk about actually fighting the Qurupeco. Well, he’s not a very
    tough customer. He has ‘flints’ on the tips of his wings that can do a fire
    attack that can do some damage. Most of the armor available at this point is
    weak to fire, too, so that’s a problem. Qurupeco has two ways of doing his fire
    attack: one is slow and has an obvious tell. The other is instant and
    unexpected. There’s not much to say about the latter except don’t stand in
    front of him when he’s between moves. About the former though, there is a
    really easy way to dodge it. He attacks two or three times, each time looking
    at where you are and lunging towards it. You can walk sideways and avoid this,
    turning each time he reorients and is about to attack. You can literally just
    walk closely around this attack in a triangular pattern, and then run up behind
    him when he’s finished and attack him.
    You can break those flints if you put some pressure on them, but they are tough
    and will probably bounce your attacks. His head is weak but is usually out of
    reach. Familiarize yourself with those occasions when he will lower his head
    and punish him for it. Breaking his beak will get you more cool stuff.
    Sometime he pecks you with his beak. Sometimes he just runs forward and
    tramples you. Sometimes he does a move that is standard for large monsters
    where he spins around to swing his tail at you. He spins 180 degrees in one
    jump and then is committed to swinging around again, so if you can avoid the
    tail it’s a good opportunity to hit him.
    The Qurupeco can spit big green snot balls at you. These don’t go a lot of
    damage but they do inflict a defence down status effect. He seems to spit to
    his right. Also, did you know that Qurupeco can fly? It’s true. Sometimes he’ll
    go up into the air to spit at you, or peck at you; sometimes he just flies to
    get some space between him and you. When he lifts and lands there will be a
    gust of wind that stops you briefly and keeps you from attacking him, which is
    a shame. Try pausing a second while he lands before rushing in.
    Really your best chance to land a satisfying combo on this guy is when he’s
    calling out for help and dancing around like an idiot, which is why in this
    case I recommend going and killing the great jaggi he’ll call for help. This
    will not be an option in future missions when you've got to sonic bomb
    Qurupeco when he’s calling in Rathians and Deviljhos to help or kill him. Yeah,
    sometimes when you’re on a mission to capture Qurupeco and he’s about to die,
    he’ll call a monster to come in and kill him. Can you believe that? Messed up,
    I know. Hey, but that also means that other monsters can hurt Quru, so if
    you’re having a tough time killing one maybe you can let some big monster do
    some of the work for you ;)
    ***protip: When another monster comes into the area to help Qurupeco, the music
    will change a bit, giving you a bit of a warning that something is about to
    walk up behind you and bite you in the ass***
    Hopefully you took my advice about killing the jaggi first and you had no
    trouble with the bird (if you did have trouble, consider making better armor).
    After completing the quest Cha-cha will have a new, fluffier mask idea that
    needs 400points and 2 Quru feathers and 2 warm pelts and 2 velvety hides. The
    Wyvern Artisan will tell you that DECORATIONS are a thing and he gives you an
    aquaglow gem so you can start making these things. IMO decorations are nice for
    tweaking a mature character to get a nice skill spread but are not so important
    early in the game and you don’t really have the items to spare.
    Also another felyne returns to the farm and the Qurupeco will start showing up
    in Moga Woods. The Guild Sweetheart will ask you to talk to the Fleet Captain
    about the Royal Ludroth, and this opens up your next KEY QUEST: ‘Save our
    Boat’. Before going on this quest you’ll want to upgrade your weapon to have
    green sharpness (if you’re using one of those swords or lances). The Ludroth
    is vulnerable to fire so maybe you should be looking to making a fire type
    weapon out of qurupeco’s corpse. Consider grinding out a few battles with
    Qurupeco before advancing, and taking care to aim for those flints on the tips
    of his wings because breaking them rewards you with the item to make fire
    Hunt a Royal Ludroth
    Locale: Flooded Forest (N)
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Recommended items: 10 potions.
    Welcome to the flooded forest. By day it’s brown and the water is dirty, but
    by night it’s awful pretty, isn’t it? The Royal Ludroth is over in AREA 4 and
    he’s going to start the battle on land. Most of the water monsters are easier
    to fight on land because being in the sea puts you out of your element, but the
    Royal Ludroth has a lot of powerful movies with a long range to make his land
    sections actually more difficult than the underwater ones. Well, at least in my
    opinion (the correct opinion).
    Grab the nice items the blue box has for you. See those five POISON KNIVES?
    They’re supply items that you can’t keep so you might as well stick them in the
    Royal Ludroth. It’s easier this to do on land and only takes four of them. Also
    grab the MINI OXY SUPPLY and the NULBERRIES. Maybe you’ll be underwater enough
    to need oxygen, or maybe not. As for the nulberries, Ludroth can spit water at
    you and that causes a condition called WATERBLIGHT which is... not a very
    serious condition. It affects stamina but it’s not a game-ending sort of
    condition. But if you are worried about it that’s what the nulberries are for.
    On land the ludroth is surprisingly mobile. He can take a lot of punishment and
    dish it out to, so I hope you’ve made a better weapon and replaced your leather
    armor. Luddy (which is the term I’ll be using for the Royal Ludroth from now
    on) can charge you and jump at you and swipe at you with his claws. Those
    attacks aren’t so bad. He has a long tail that he’ll be using to swat at you if
    you get behind him. If you have one of the sword weapons you should be focusing
    on chopping that tail off. Cutting tails is your job, swordsman, and you should
    know that before going online.
    Luddy’s biggest attacks are those painful rolls he does. Fortunately they all
    have tells, that is, if you watch Luddy closely you can see him wind up and
    prepare for these devastating moves. He can brace himself for a forward roll
    that is quick and has a large range. Sometimes he coils up and spins around to
    flick you with his tail. And then there is the attack that you’ll hate the
    most: his sideways roll. This thing can squish novices pretty easily. Even if
    you see him wind up and point his head in the direction he will roll and you
    are next to his head attacking his ‘mane’ or near his tail, this roll can still
    sweep you up. It doesn’t always go straight sideways either, so if you try to
    roll towards the head or tail to get out of the way, you may still be caught.
    Just beware and try to attack him straight on or from behind. No, straight-on
    isn’t much better. Attack him from the side but near to one end of him so you
    can move out of the way of this roll in time.
    Oh yeah and luddy has this thing where he shoots water bubbles at you. He can
    spit these in three different directions in front of him but in doing so he is
    commited to standing still and completing that attack so you should be free to
    attack him many times while he does it. He has this other spit attack where he
    runs around blindly and spits from side to side. He can trample you or spit on
    you so you should just keep your distance and watch out for the bubbles
    because they cause waterblight even when they are puddles on the ground.
    In the water the Ludroth is part different, part the same. He moves around a
    bit, like he swims off to the side, looks at you, and then charges at you. You
    can pause for a moment to make him lock on to where you are, and then move out
    of the way in time to attack him when he gets there. He’ll probably be tired
    out from your fight on the land so he may also stop still between attacks and
    let you get a lot of hits in. Most of the hits you should be taking underwater
    will be those ones where you are up close to him and attacking away and he
    pivots around and slashes you with his claw as he does so. Don’t let him hit
    you with his charge attack because that’s a slow attack and easily avoided and
    it does a lot of damage.
    You know how to maneuver yourself underwater, don’t you? How the camera
    controls the direction you go in? Don’t fall unto two-dimensional thinking. It
    may be difficult to move or evade up/down, but dodging that way is a great way
    to get away from underwater monsters. They usually have to take a second or two
    to follow you to a different depth level. By the way, these big water monsters
    can sweep you up in CURRENTS that can prevent you from attacking them. You
    might as well hang back a moment while they subside.
    The progression of this fight is to push him into the water and up through
    those water areas towards his lair. It’s a pretty lair. He goes in there to
    sleep. In my opinion when monsters limp off to sleep you’re better off letting
    them do so. If you follow Luddy immediately into his lair you be fighting him
    and a whole bunch of ludroths in the water, but if you give him a minute you
    can take out the small ones out while he’s asleep and then fight (or even
    capture him) on land.
    It’ll be a long fight but you’ll probably succeed thanks to my invaluable
    advice. You’re welcome. Take your spoils from the quest rewards. Did you get
    any DASH EXTRACT? That’s an item you can combine to make neat things. For
    instance, you can combine it with Well-Done Steaks to make Mega Dash Juice,
    which is stamina increasing AND prevents it from decreasing. Wow! Anyways,
    you’ll unlock a second (useless) fishing boat and Junior will tell you that the
    Royal Ludroth are in Moga Woods looking for revenge (and they provide plenty of
    resources). There’s a request for another Insect Box: it needs 400points, 4
    Funky Pheromones, and 3 carpenterbugs. Talk to the Guild Sweetheart to unlock
    the next KEY QUEST: the Barroth! You can talk to the Village Chief for some
    useless advice on dealing with this creature.
    Hunt a Barroth
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Recommended item: 10 potions, cool drinks, cleanser, paintballs.
    I’ve heard that Barroth is the first WALL in this game: the first monster that
    new players find difficult to overcome. When I first played Monster Hunter Tri
    it was the Royal Ludroth that first got to me and the Barroth wasn’t so bad.
    Oh well. I still don’t think Barroth is any tougher than luddy and quru so I’m
    rating it the same difficulty as them. Barroth has tough skin and does a lot of
    damage, though, so I hope you have some good weapons and armor.
    First things first, Barroth is the first monster that can stop you in your
    tracks with his roar. He won’t usually take advantage of this but it’s
    something to watch out for. Later on he’ll roar again when going into rage mode
    and he’ll become faster and more aggressive.
    Barroth has a weird ability to change his elemental weakness. He’ll roll around
    in the mud and coat himself with the stuff. When he’s muddy he’s weak to WATER.
    When the mud is off, he’s weak to FIRE. It doesn’t really matter which kind of
    weapon you bring. You have both options available to you at this point. I guess
    I’d say that he’s covered in mud more often than not, so maybe you should kill
    a few ludroths and make yourself a water weapon. Or don't whatever none of the
    things I'm saying are important.
    You’ll notice quickly that Barroth’s signature attack is to stop for a second,
    lower his head, and charge at you from across the map. This attack is a
    powerful one and if at all possible JUST DON’T GET HIT BY IT. Really, he makes
    it clear that he’s going to do it and gives you a chance to put your weapon
    away and run or roll SIDEWAYS to get away from it. Even in rage mode, when he
    does this attack and few times in a row, you should be able to get around it.
    Sometimes, though, he does this sort of attack quickly and from a short range
    and there is a lot less you can do to get away from that. Make sure you keep
    your health up just in case. By the way, after Barroth does his charge, he’ll
    swing his tail as he stops to try and keep you from attacking him when he’s
    vulnerable. Just look out for this and then make him pay.
    Barroth likes to attack with his head in other ways. Sometimes he’ll just smack
    his head to the ground if you’re under it. This attack also throws up mud just
    to be difficult. He has another mud attack he does more often when he’s mad and
    covered in mud. He’ll stop and shake and mud will fly everywhere, and you’ll
    have lots of opportunity to attack him but if that mud hits you (it mostly
    flies forward but can hit you anywhere around him) it’ll do a lot of damage and
    encase you in mud and take you super vulnerable. A cleanser will clean you up,
    but even that takes some time. Just roll around if you don’t want to be beaten
    Barroth’s head can be broken off, you know. It’s a good feeling and a bit of
    poetic justice to take that thing off. However, his head is tough and any blade
    attacks will probably bounce off of it, and attacking him head on and bouncing
    attacks is a good way to make yourself vulnerable to be charged. This is the
    first battle where hammer users can really shine.
    Barroth has a tail to cut off, too, but it’s kind of high off of the ground
    most of the time. His tail swing move is one of those two step processes where
    he spins halfway around and then has to spin some more. You know what I mean,
    all the monsters do it, and it’s a good chance to beat him up. By the way, if
    your timing is good you can dodge right through this tail swing, so take
    advantage of that.
    Sometimes he’ll just chase you around and try to bite you. This is more comical
    than deadly. But if at any point Barroth has beaten you up or your weapon needs
    to be sharpened, don’t be afraid to step out of the area to heal yourself,
    unless you like being charged from across the map while you sharpen your
    sticks. Oh, and be sure to paintball the jerk 'cause he can dig underground and
    move into far off areas.
    Beating the Barroth unlocks the next URGENT QUEST: the Gobul. Oh and Cha-cha
    has yet another mask idea, a BBQ mask that needs a double BBQ and a flinstone
    and 3 fire herbs. These requests are really piling up, aren’t they? I don’t
    suggest letting go of your BBQ just so Chacha can abscond with it when he
    inevitably deserts you like the coward he is.
    Hunt a Gobul
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve’s difficulty rating: 3/10
    Recommended items: paintballs, sonic bombs, potions
    To start off this fight you have to go to AREA 6. This is not how you usually
    want to start a fight with the gobul. Usually you want to start the fight with
    gobuls by taking a frog over to AREA 4 and fishing gobul right out of the
    water. As I’m sure you’ve figured out for yourself, fighting on the land is
    just easier, especially when you are fighting giant fish monsters.
    With that said, you have to start out this fight in the water of area 6. Gobul
    is a big old fish when he puffs ups, so he’ll be hard to dodge. Another thing
    you’ll notice when he puffs up is that his back will get covered in spikes and
    that these things hurt a lot if he goes and rolls on you or does his forward
    somersault thing. Most importantly you’ll notice that when gobul puffs up that
    his backside gets tougher and can start bouncing your attacks, but his white
    underbelly is soft and squishy and vulnerable.
    Gobul can dive underground to escape to another area. Make sure to paintball
    him so you know where he’s gone. When Gobul is hiding underground after moving
    to another area he will try to camouflage himself as one of those underwater
    plants you can gather Airweed and sleep herbs from, you know the ones: those
    phallic shaped pink and purple things with the red spades on the tip. Gobul is
    one of those things: he’s the one with the air bubbles nearby. You can harvest
    his ‘whiskers’ or attack him or sonic bomb him. All sorts of options.
    Gobul sometimes dives into the mud to either sneak around and attack you or
    just to run off and hide. For the latter, make sure you paint it. For the
    former, some sonic bombs are recommended. They’ll pop that gobul out of the
    mud like a dart pops a trapped hamster out of a balloon. When he’s in the mud,
    you can see his outline if you look closely, so don’t be caught unawares. Be
    careful that he doesn’t jump up at you or jump up and then fall on you. Also,
    sometimes he just pokes his head out of the ground to try to suck you in, you
    know, like he does to that epioth in that introductory video. He turns around
    a little when the does this, but otherwise it’s a good opportunity to attack
    his stupid little lantern.
    You’ve seen that lantern hanging off of the gobul’s head, right? That stupid
    thing that he lights up sometimes to blind and stun you? You know that spinning
    the control stick cures stun super-fast, right? Well it does. Anyways, when
    you’re underwater the lantern is within reach and you should make a point of
    smashing it to show that fish who’s boss.
    Gobul has a big mouth and likes to bite people like you. He will also charge at
    you like the Luddy and the other underwater monsters. So yeah, fighting him
    underwater is a pain, but do it for a little bit and he’ll eventually hop on up
    to the land where he is about as deadly as a fish out of water. Up on the
    surface he still rolls and flops and charges at you, but it is all kind of
    pathetic and you should punish him for presuming to fight you on your turf.
    Oh, and he has a tail. Cut it off. If you are near his tail (or his sides even)
    he will swing it at you and paralyze you. That’s not terribly pleasant. Once
    you’re paralyzed (or stunned for that matter) you’re helpless and gobul may
    attack you, and there’s not too much to do about it except hope that you had
    been keeping your health high beforehand. There is probably armor you can wear
    to protect yourself from stun or paralysis, but it’s not really worth the
    effort to go and make some for a fight like this. Tough it out!
    When the gobul is really damaged he goes to hide in the water of Luddy’s cave,
    so even if you didn’t take my oft repeated advice to paintball him repeatedly,
    you now know to look there. Follow him and kill him dead, and then turn his
    skin into a hat.
    After killing gobul you’ll open up the next tier of quests... and it’s the
    tier where you fight lagiacrus to save the village! Sweet! Also there will be
    like three new villager requests for improving the village. I hope you have
    1400 extra resource points lying around.
    Let your forward momentum carry you to the next section of this guide: The
    4-Star Quests. The Lagi is calling for you! For now I’m going to talk to the
    air about the rest of the 3-star quests.
    Kill 6 rhenos
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s difficulty rating: 1/10
    A bunch of rhenos can be found in area 8. They respawn there, too. You’ll need
    a cool drink from the blue box. This quest rewards you with a lot of ‘bone’
    items and rheno parts. Here’s an interesting bit of info: you’ll need rheno
    scalps to make Barroth armor, an effective set of armor for the lagi and the
    next leg of the game. That just something to think about.
    Deliver 2 Herivore Eggs
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    If you check the quest info, it’ll tell you that the eggs can be found under
    the tree in AREA 7. Good info. You can take the shortcut from your base camp
    straight there, and then investigate the pile of bones next to that big old
    Congrats, you are now carrying an egg! Egg carrying has its own special bit of
    mechanics that you need to worry about. If you get hit, or if you exhaust your
    stamina to the point that your character gets tired, you will drop the egg and
    have to start over. You don’t want that. You can run, but keep an eye on the
    stamina guage. Also keep an eye on the cats and rhenopolouses and jaggis and
    altaroths who will try to assault you on your way back to the red box (you have
    to carry the eggs one by one to the red box, you know).
    Your best way to proceed to go from area 7 to area 2, which is full of cats, to
    area 1, to the base camp. Just dodge between the enemies and make sure not to
    get tired. You can complete this quest in less than two minutes if you are
    efficient... and believe me, efficiency is the name of the game in egg carrying
    quests. Your two minutes of effort will net you 1500z and an egg item worth
    even more money.
    If you really want to be efficient: invest in some LocLac armor, which has the
    special TRANSPORTER skill which makes you run better while carrying. There is
    also a food skill to protect your from being attacked, but I forget the name of
    it. Supercat maybe? Who cares. Practice your dodging skills.
    Slay 12 Bnahabra
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve’s difficulty rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: Poison smoke bombs
    Bnahabra are those big red flying bugs. The ones that paralyze you while you
    are busy fighting bigger monsters? Ring any bells? Well, now it’s your job to
    kill them. They fly around out of reach a lot of the time but with a little
    patience they’ll eventually come to you. If you grab the TORCH from the blue
    box you can draw you to them that much faster. The Bnahabra are spread across
    the map, in areas 2 and 4 and 7 and 8... there’s a lot of them in 8.
    As with the altaroth, poisoning the bnahabra will cause them to become
    carve-able. You’ll be given two POISON SMOKE BOMBS, but you are encouraged to
    bring your own. Bnahabra armor is extremely suave and if you want some you’ll
    need to poison a whole bunch of these buggers. You can make the poison bombs
    out of toadstools (found in this forest) and bomb casings. Bring 8 of them with
    you and intoxicate those bugs. Oh, here’s one thing to watch out for: after
    they are poisoned they can still fly a short distance, and sometimes they will
    fly and die over a spot you can’t get to, robbing you of your reward. Make sure
    to lure them out into the center of an area so this doesn’t occur. Oh, and be
    careful that Cha-cha doesn’t just kill these things behind your back.
    You’ll get some bnahabra parts as quest rewards so even if you don’t poison
    them you’ll get something. So make that armor and go online and show everyone
    how a psychedelic gentleman hunter fights!
    Hunt a Great Wroggi
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve’s difficulty rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: potions, antidotes
    Go all the way out to area 10 for your first meeting with the wroogi leader.
    You will quickly come to understand that he is a GREAT JAGGI SUBSPECIES under
    another name. Wroogis are for all intents and purposes jaggis who can breathe
    poison clouds straight ahead. The clouds travel forward and have a bit of a
    volume, but they are slow and easily maneuvered around. Furthermore, while
    breathing poison the great wroggi will stop to prepare for it, and he will be
    immobilized during it, so you have plenty of opportunity to attack him from the
    Otherwise, you can treat him like a regular old great jaggi. Make sure to kill
    all of his underlings so they don’t poison you. Run around him and cut him up
    and hopefully you have enough experience with great jaggis that you can apply
    to this very similar foe.
    Wroggi armor is poison resistant, so if you hate to spend a lot of time using
    antidotes, this may be the armor for you. Specifically, there is a monster in
    the next tier named Gigginox who will probably poison you ten or twenty times
    over the course of a battle, so being immune will most certainly be to your
    advantage. It’s not like this wroggi fight is going to take so long that
    grinding for the armor will take you eight years or anything.
    Oh, here's something I was surprised to learn: gwroggis aren't weak to fire
    like the gjaggi and gbaggi are. Yeah, they're actually resistant to fire.
    Boy, do I feel silly for all of those hundreds and thousands of hours I've
    spent inefficiently attacking gwroggis with fire weapons. You want an ice or
    water weapon for this guy. I mean, he'll drop dead quickly enough regardless,
    but if you're farming this guy for items then you're going to want to be
    efficient about it.
    Capture a Qurupeco
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s difficulty rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: dungbombs, sonic bombs, potions, traps, tranqs
    You’ll be given a dungbomb and 2 EZ sonic bombs, as well as an EZ trap and some
    tranqs. These may not be enough. This is the sort of quest that can muck up
    what should be an otherwise straightforward undertaking. Peco could just fly
    away from your trap, or some other monster could step in it, or even just kill
    Peco dead. It never hurts to be overprepared.
    Qurupeco might call in a Great Jaggi to help him, or it might be the dreaded
    RATHIAN. If it’s the former, kill it first and get back to Qurupeco later. If
    it’s the latter, well, you had better have a lot of extra sonic and/or dung
    bombs. Rathian is probably stronger than you at this point, unless you went out
    of your way to make peco or barroth armor. Still, it would be a monumental
    waste of time to kill the rathian and the qurupeco in one quest.
    For tips on fighting qurupeco, check up on my ‘Playing with Fire’ guide. If
    you’re looking to make qurupeco armor, capture quests offer a chance to get
    rare items. It’s just something to consider.
    Slay 7 Ludroths
    Locale: Flooded Forest (N)
    Steve’s difficulty rating: 1/10
    Hey, wasn’t there already a ludroth killing quest a while ago? What is the
    point of this?
    Well, these things might help you make ludroth armor, if that’s what you want.
    I think luddy armor is pretty damned ugly though. You might as well go into
    battle wearing a lifejacket. Anyways, there are like half a dozen of these
    things in Luddy’s lair, in case you didn’t know where to find them.
    Capture a Royal Ludroth
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Recommended items: pickaxes and potions and traps and tranqs
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    See above for my royal ludroth hunting tips. When capping him he’ll try to
    sleep in his cave in area 9. Let him fall asleep and clear the area out of
    ludroths before waking him. It’ll do you a world of good. And when you complete
    the quest you’ll unlock another hunting boat. Whoop-de-doo.
    It is the day of destiny. Your fight with the lagiacrus is upon you. The fate
    of Moga Village is in your hands, and if you fail and shut off the game, these
    virtual people might as well have never existed! I won’t let that happen and
    neither should you! Don’t you care about Junior succeeding his father and
    becoming head of the village? Don’t you care about the Village Chief’s dream to
    re-establish the city of his ancestors? Don’t you want to see if the Guild
    Sweetheart ever finds someone to end her chronic loneliness? All of these
    people are depending on you to save their home! Don’t let them down!
    As you may have noticed, the villager requests are starting to pile up. I’m not
    even going to list them anymore. There are just too many and you can get the
    info from Junior just as easy. If you’ve ventured into the multiplayer modes,
    you may start suspecting that Moga Village is only valuable as a farm, but to
    get that farm up to scratch you’re going to need to go out freehunting an awful
    lot to cover the point spread. There are bigger monsters in the woods now, like
    qurupeco and royal ludroth, whose carcasses are worth a lot of points. Hunting
    these beasts out in the woods may not provide a lot of quest rewards but it can
    still help you to make armor or weapons out of them, and while you’re at it
    you may also find some 2-STAR RARE COMMODITIES. When the Argosy Captain is in
    town you can trade these for (in descending order of importance): WakaWaka
    Dance, Combo Book 5, Redspear Plus, Bindshrooms, or two 1star items.
    There are a whole bunch of new monsters for you to fight at this level: Great
    Baggi, Lagombi, and Gigginox out in the Tundra, and the Rathian and the
    Lagiacrus in your older stomping grounds. With all of these new monsters come
    a whole bunch of new options for weapons and armor, so it’s hard for me to make
    suggestions at this point. You'll have the opportunity to add lightning and ice
    weapons to your collection, but they are not totally necessary, since fire and
    water more or less suffice. You could start experimenting with status attacks
    like paralysis and poison damage from Gobul and Wroggi/Giggi bits. You could
    even take up SLEEPBOMBING if you kill enough Baggis. You even have the option
    of making rathian armor now, the armor of true noobs. I don’t recommend it:
    health is a skill you should be getting through food bonuses, not armor. And
    fire attack plus is useless too... and you don't want to be using fire weapons
    on the monsters you need fire armor for... yes... everything about this armor
    is pure fail.
    I’m going to assume that what you are after at this point in the game is a way
    to defeat the Lagiacrus, since that is the point of this stage and he is a fast
    and strong opponent (at least in the water). You should have gathered by now
    that he is weak to fire. You did make a fire weapon from the qurupeco, right?
    As for armor, you’ll want to make something pretty sturdy. Pick whatever
    monster you can stand to fight a couple of times and make some nice armor from
    it. I recommend Barroth armor for the nice skills and the thunder resistance,
    but you are free to choose whatever appeals to you. If you’re not worried about
    lightning and just want to make underwater fighting more bearable, gobul and
    ludroth armors will help you not get tired when swimming and dodging about. Or
    you could just go for pure defence. In that case I would advise you to UPGRADE
    whatever set of armor you chose at the forge using ARMOR SPHERES. You can get
    stronger spheres from mining spots in the tundra.
    By the way, you have access to the TUNDRA now. The tundra is punishing and
    brutal if you have to spend any amount of time there. I remember when I first
    stepped out there and ran out of hot drinks and meat and I was so cold and
    whatever I was supposed to be hunting hadn’t respawned and I ran out of stamina
    and I was living kill-to-kill to just get some stamina to make it to the next
    area. The tundra will bleed you dry if you do not come prepared. This is just
    a warm-up (so to speak) for the VOLCANO, which will actually inflict damage on
    you over time if you’re not ready for it. On the bright side, the tundra does
    have some unique materials to mine, stuff like lightstones and isisium and
    armor sphere+ that’ll be needed in the making of stronger armor.
    Hopefully some of these tips have been helpful. You may want to consider mixing
    up some mega potions these days if the fights are too much for you. And try to
    build up a steady supply of hot and cool drinks from the extras you get from
    quests in the sandy plains and the tundra. By the way, the shop has new items,
    not that I suggest frequenting it very often. If you’re a gunner, though, you
    won’t have much of a choice unless you are blessed with thousands of extra
    items. You poor, poor gunners. Always poor.
    One final note about quest progression at this level. The KEY QUESTS here are
    sort of optional, that is, there are four of them but only two of them are
    actually needed to advance, one to unlock the first LAGIACRUS fight and another
    to unlock the next lagi fight. What I’m going to do is cover the first set of
    key quests, then the first Lagi quest, then the key quests that unlocks, then
    the URGENT quest against lagi, and then whatever is leftover. What I’m trying
    to say is that from the immediately following quests you can pick the ones that
    appeal to you the most. I'm not explaining this well, but that doesn't matter.
    Just go do stuff until more stuff gets unlocked. Heck those nine words could
    replace this whole walkthrough.
    Hunt a Great Baggi
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: paintballs, hot drinks, potions
    Hopefully you won’t be out here very long and won’t need extra hot drinks. The
    BAGGI is really a Jaggi subspecies under another name... and you can handle
    jaggi like they’re nothing, right? If not, you need more practice in the Moga
    Woods. Bring your fire weapon and waste this sucker like the upstart jaggi he
    Baggis and great baggis will try to put you to sleep. This is annoying, but
    they don’t really have any devastating attacks to take advantage your
    vulnerability. Maybe the great baggi will hipcheck you, but you should be able
    to survive it. Hell, Cha-cha may be nice enough to knock you out of it before
    any damage is done. Just do yourself a favor and slay all of the baggis around
    you before focusing on their leader.
    I don’t want to give advice on this guy... he’s a friggin’ jaggi and jaggis are
    this games’ lowest common denominator. Make sure to tag him in case he
    You can find the great baggi in areas pretty much every area of this map, but
    try areas 1,2,and 3 before venturing into the caves at the top. You'll find
    him eventually if you follow the trail of baggis.
    There is a food skill called insomniac that I don't remember how to get but if
    you stumble across it it will make this already trivial fight into a farce by
    preventing you from being put to sleep.
    Gbaggi's head can be smashed up for an extra reward item. Consider his head to
    be his weak point and give yourself some practice trying to hit that tiny
    moving target.
    Repel a Lagiacrus
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: 10 potions
    The lagiacrus is sleepy and slow on land. You should be able to run circles
    around him and cut him up in the process. He might try to bite or claw you if
    you are in front of him. He might turn around to try and bite you over his
    shoulder and then flick you with his tail. He might just run you down. He’s not
    that deadly or mobile on land.
    He can get down on his belly and move across the ground fairly quickly like
    that, but easy enough to see coming and avoid.
    You’ll find him in area 5 and soon enough drive him into area 9, which is a
    cramped space to give the lagi a better chance of injuring you. But don’t fret
    it. On land, the lagi is as harmless as a dead kitten. Soon enough you’ll drive
    him up to area 10 and then into the water, which is your victory condition this
    time around. Just use a fire weapon and it won’t be a problem.
    Completing this quest unlocks more quests: the rathian fight, a gigginox quest,
    and a wyvern egg quest, and of course evermore villager requests.
    Hunt a Rathian
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Recommended items: Herbal Medicine (or just antidotes), paintballs, potions.
    Rathian is one of those monsters you’ll be fighting over and over and in six or
    seven different variations, so maybe you should get used to it. Here’s what
    you need to know about rathian: it can shoot fire at you, it can poison you
    with its tail, and it can fly. If you can deal with all of those things you
    shouldn’t have a problem. But the single most important thing to know about
    rathian is that I will be calling her ian from now on. You can find her in AREA
    3, but she’ll quickly fly over to AREA 7.
    First things first: the fire. Rathian can breathe fire in a couple of different
    ways, but it always comes out of its mouth so you only have to watch out for
    fire in front of her. It can shoot fireballs, sometimes one straight forward
    but typically three at time and in different directions, forward and to each
    side. A bit of practice will get you familiar with this pattern and then you’ll
    be able to land lots and lots of hits while ian is committed to her futile
    attack. Hell, sometimes she’ll try to use this attack and nothing will happen.
    Her other fire attack is an explosive field attack in a triangular shape in
    front of her. It’s not as expansive as it looks, but all the same beginners
    should just steer clear. Here’s some other things about fire you should know:
    you can put out fireblight by rolling a couple of times or rolling once in
    water. If you’re getting beat up by rathian’s fire, maybe you should consider
    wearing some fire resistant qurupeco armor. Oh, and don’t use a fire weapon
    against ian because she’s resistant to it. She’s weak to everything else
    though. If you’ve made a weapon out of Royal Ludroth or Lagombi then you’ll
    have something you can use to waste Rathian.
    Rathian has poison barbs on her tail, but not all of her tail attacks cause you
    to become poisoned. She saves that for her most power and deadly attack: the
    forward tail flip thing. You’ll know it when you see it. If she’s on the ground
    for this attack she’ll step back a bit before launching it. It attacks just in
    front and behind her in a narrow line, but boy howdy does it ever hurt, and
    with the poison on top of the damage you’ll be hard pressed to heal from this
    attack. You’ll have to choose between an antidote and a potion, and you can be
    sure that ian will take advantage of your indisposition. Here’s a tip: make
    some HERBAL MEDICINE out of CACTUS FLOWERS and BITTERBUGS. Oh, and watch out
    when ian is in the air, she can go into this attack and any time, and sometimes
    she does it twice in a row. Maybe just don’t stand under her along her spinal
    axis because it can hit behind and it front of her.
    She has some other tail attacks too. Remember that attack where the monster
    spins around in two moves, the one I’ve pointed out as leaving the monsters
    extremely vulnerable? Rathian does that. Mostly her tail be up in the air and
    out of reach but do your best to cut it off anyways. There are rare items in
    that there tail. Sometimes when she does her little bite attack her tail swing
    at you too, so be on the lookout. Oh, and one last tail-related thing: even
    when her tail is cut off she can still hit you with that poisonous flip move
    even with its reduced range.
    Standing right in front of a rathian is dangerous, what with the fire and the
    tail spin. She also can just charge forward and run you over. For all of that
    her head is rather squishy and breakable so maybe you should attack it if she
    is tired and not moving around. Otherwise your best avenue of attack is to
    attack her legs and groin. Maybe she’ll run you over when she dashes forward,
    or maybe she’ll knock you over while she’s pivoting, but otherwise it’s a good
    way to attack her. Her wings are less viable for attacking because they are
    harder than they look and may bounce you attacks.
    Sometimes rathian will jump up in the air and do some flying... but not as much
    as rathalos does. That’s one of their differences. Still, ian can fly around if
    she wants. She can fly off to other areas to pounce on aptomoth and recover
    stamina. Remember to paint her. If she does stay in the air for any length of
    time, punish her will a flashbomb right in front of her face. She’ll fall to
    the ground and be confused and vulnerable for a while. Otherwise she may pounce
    or dive at you from the air.
    Rathian has another attack to look out for when she in the air. She may kick up
    her legs and then pounce at you with them, pinning you to the ground. She’ll
    trap you under her while she pecks away at you and you’ll have to scramble to
    get out of her grip. If you don’t get out in time she’ll finish you off with
    her devastating tail attack. Don’t let her. Just don’t. You’ll regret it. Use
    a dung bomb to escape.
    ***pro-tip*** if you’re playing multiplayer and an ian pins you, just let it
    have its way with you so that your teammates can land lots and lots of free
    hits. Dung bomb your way our just before the tail swipe. This advice is for all
    pin attacks.***
    ***funny-story: so this one time I was fighting a rathian out in the desert and
    it had me pinned on the ground so I am all like 'this is no problem I'll just
    use a dung bomb to escape' and so that's what I do, and I swear this is true:
    as I'm throwing the dung-bomb a delex swims up out of nowhere and jumps out of
    the sand between me and the rathian and it gets hit by the dung bomb and
    shields the rathian. So I just sqiurm there going 'WHAAAAAA?' and I put down
    down the gamepad in disbelief while rathian has her way with me and kills me.
    It just goes to show you that this game is conspiring to kill you in evermore
    ridiculous ways.***
    Mostly rathian will be trying to bite you or run over you. She is really
    hindered by her lack of forearms. She can run around the map as much as she
    wants, but you can dog her every step of the way. If she gets mad and she’s
    too lively for you, consider bringing some traps along.
    When rathian gets injured she’ll eventually make her way back to her nest in
    AREA 8. By the way, did you know that you can lure her there, or to any
    location, by picking up the WYVERN EGGS there? You can see this for yourself
    in the Wyvern Egg quest. If you ever lose track of ian and don’t want to look
    around, just steal some eggs and lure her to wherever you want to fight her
    (in my opinion, area 2 is too big and area 3 is too narrow. Area 8 is nice but
    watch out you don’t get thrown off of a cliff).
    Congratulations on killing a rathian. You can hunt them in the Moga Woods now
    and get lots of resources and commodities, which you will need for the villager
    requests that keep on popping up. Sheesh, so friggin many. As I’ve said before
    I don’t recommend ian armor.
    Are you ready for a real fight with the lagiacrus? Did you make that barroth
    armor I recommended? Or at least UPGRADE whatever armor you have with ARMOR
    SPHERES? And you have a fire weapon, and some potions, and some practice
    fighting underwater? Then let’s save this freakin’ village already!
    Hunt a Lagiacrus
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s difficulty factor: 4/10
    Recommended items: 10 potions, 10 mega-potions, nulberries
    You’ll find the lagi up in area 10. Are you psyched up for this? You’ll need to
    be. Remember what I said about having good armor. Lagi packs a punch. Check up
    above for my tips for fighting him on land (short version: hit him with your
    weapon). Here are some tips for your underwater battle.
    Lagiacrus can move around a bit underwater. He can move around much better than
    you can. He is also a giant monster. Consider yourself to be at a disadvantage.
    That said, he orients himself and moves around a lot like royal ludroth do, so
    if you have practiced against them you should be feeling confident.
    Lagiacrus has the same attack where he swims off to the side and then looks at
    you and then charges. He also has a more powerful version of the attack where
    he swims upwards, curls up, builds up some electricity, and then charges at you
    very quickly. This is a deadly attack but it has a long and obvious windup so
    put your weapon away and do some evading. You’ll be doing a lot of dodging and
    swimming down there so I hope you ate a big meal just before the quest. Maybe
    you should mix up some DASH JUICE.
    Lagiacrus can generate electricity, you know. It makes it out of those crystals
    on its back. You can smash those things, but it can still make some
    electricity. Anyways, lagi has like three or so different lightning attacks you
    should know about. Sometimes when he’s facing you he with rear his head back
    and then spit a ball of lightning at you. If he’s mad he’ll do it twice. As
    with rathian’s fireball attack, this will leave lagi vulnerable for a while.
    Sometimes lagi will stay still and build up electricity. You can see it do this
    easily enough, take it as your cue to get away from the lagi because it will be
    unleashing electricity around its body in a second or two. It’s a pretty small
    charged field though, and you can still attack from the front or from behind.
    When lagi is mad the electricity attack will be different. The charge up will
    involve a lot more twisting up of lagi’s body, and the attack will be much more
    deadly. Get REALLY far away. This is a deadly attack and you want to keep your
    dang distance. Put your weapon away and dodge away and then dodge some more.
    Keep moving away.
    If you don’t know it already, thunderblight is a condition caused by
    electricity and it makes you more susceptible to being stunned. And the last
    thing in the world you want to happen to you after taking a bit hit is to be
    stunned and to take another big hit. If you go get thunderblight, consider
    curing it with a nulberry if you don’t want to die.
    Aside from the electricity, lagiacrus is a big and mobile water monster who
    will try to eat you and smack you around with his claws and flick you with his
    tail while he’s turning around. But his attack pattern is very similar to
    luddy’s so I would say just go back and practice if you’re having trouble. You
    can make lagi come to you by staying far away and then hit him when his charge
    misses (remember to mind the currents). If lagi gets into a rage and he’s
    overwhelming you, bust out a shock trap to really mess with him. Lagi is also
    very vulnerable to flash bombs and sometimes it is easy to tell where he will
    be looking and therefore to put a bomb there.
    Lagiacrus has a number of weak points that can be broken if you so desire. Try
    aiming for his head to get precious lagiacrus horns. You can break up his chest
    and claws and back and tail, too. Lagiacrus armor is pretty popular. It’s cool
    looking and has amazing skills. And in this game (unlike tri) there are
    actually other lightning mons around you can be resistant to. Wow!
    Congratulations on saving the village! You now possess the TIDAL NECKLACE
    AWARD. Also, the earthquakes return in force and it turns out that it was never
    lagiacrus that were responsible... and Moga Woods are now crawling with
    lagiacrus you’ll have to freehunt. Huh. I guess you accomplished nothing.
    Everything you have done has been completely pointless. In fact, you’ve
    actually made the village worse. Nice going.
    Hunt a Lagombi
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: potions, cleansers, hot drinks
    Lagombi is over in area two. It’s not super tough. It’s pretty similar to the
    Arzuros, except with a snow attack. Sometimes it reaches down to the ground and
    throws snowballs at you, either one or two at a time. If you get hit you’ll be
    encased in snow and need to dodge around or use a cleanser to get free.
    Lagombi has four legs but it likes to stand on two of them so you’ll have a
    hard time attacking his head. Try it anyways since its cute little koala ears
    are breakable. Mostly you’ll just be attacking its belly or its backside or its
    legs. When it’s standing on two legs its front paws are free to swipe at you.
    Sometimes it’ll do that three-step attack process the Arzuros did, sometimes it
    does a single claw attack that moves it forwards a little ways.
    Lagombi’s most distinctive move is how it can slide around to cover a lot of
    ground really fast. It moves around a lot so you’ll probably be playing catch
    up. Lagombi likes to move around and then attack you from afar, or get behind
    you and attack. It’s a real jerk. Sometimes it slides right at you. It’ll do it
    once and then get tired, unless it gets enraged in which case at the end of the
    slide it’ll dig in its paws and launch itself again, and then a third time.
    Lagombi’s other kind of slide move is a circular move. It may only do a 180
    circuit to get behind you and attack, or it may complete a full 360 degree
    spin. The thing about this attack is that it makes a donut space so the space
    right in front of the Lagombi (ie, where you are probably attacking it from) is
    safe, but if you try to dodge in any direction you’ll be hit and swept off your
    feet. Weird. It's nothing too deadly, though.
    Lagombi is a weak little fluffy thing. Don’t fret to hard about fighting it.
    Don’t even worry about ice resistance. Just dodge those snowballs before they
    hit you. Oh, and one more thing. The Lagombi has a funny little buttcheck
    attack it can hit you with when you are directly behind it. How comical.
    Oh... here's something else you should know about Lagombi: it is an icy
    monster and it can be made into icy weapons. Well, there's not a whole lot of
    monsters who are super vulnerable to ice right now... but I guess you could
    use one of these things against rathians if you really wanted.
    Deliver 2 Wyvern Eggs
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: dash juice, dung bomb, paintball
    Delivering eggs is grunt work but it pays well. It is worth your time if you
    can do it efficiently. Mostly that means getting a hold of the food skill
    FELYNE LANDER. I think dairy and fish is the recipe you want. Lander lets you
    shave a good minute or two off of your time while also allowing you to skip
    over a lot of the dangers you will have to face. If you do get lander, when you
    get your egg in area 8 you can just jump off of the cliff to area 5 and the egg
    will be perfectly alright.
    If you want to do some running, remember that if your stamina drops too low
    that you will drop the egg (and have to start over). Some dash juice will
    prevent your stamina from falling, so that’s nice but not necessary. And then
    there is the ARMOR SKILL TRANSPORTR which helps your character move faster
    while transporting eggs. Pick whatever aid you desire, but none of them are
    Anyways, you want to run from the base camp up to the top of area 8. That is
    where the rathian’s nest is, right in the center you find some eggs. Clear out
    any jaggis that may be in your way before grabbing the egg. Ian might show up
    in area 8. You can either use the dungbomb that was in the blue box to get her
    to bugger off or you can try to grab the egg and slip away before she roars or
    runs you down. She shouldn’t be able to keep up with you once you start moving
    the egg from area to area.
    Carry that egg through area 7 and watch out for the jaggis there. They will run
    after you but even with that egg you can outrun them. I suggest making your way
    all the way over to area 6, the jaggi’s nest, which rathian cannot go to. It’s
    only full of giggi, and besides that one on the wall that will jump at you,
    they pose no threat. Area 5 has some slow moving jaggia, and then area 2 is
    short and jaggied. Keep one eye on your enemies and another on your stamina and
    find the balance between them.
    If you ever have the opportunity to meet rathian without an egg in your hands,
    consider paintballing her so you can keep an eye on her whereabouts using your
    map. Very handy, but you might be better off just getting lander and ending
    this quest quickly and without incident. Get in, get out, and pocket the money
    and the eggs and the charms you get as rewards.
    Deliver a PawPass Ticket
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, pickaxes, bugnets
    You can hang around in the tundra if you want. There’s not a lot to see. Mostly
    snow, ice, and darkness. Bring a hot drink. Be on the lookout for nice bugs and
    rocks and things.
    Slay 20 baggi
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, pickaxes, bugnets, meat, paintball
    You’ll have plenty of time to get to know your new hunting grounds on this
    case. The jaggis are spread out across the map and you’ll have to wipe them all
    out, wait for more to respawn, and then kill some more. Make sure you’re ready
    to survive out there for a time.
    There’s a gigginox out there, too, and it can be scary, but a paintball will
    keep you one step ahead of it. As for the baggis you are here to kill, they are
    just blue jaggi, and you can kill jaggis, right?
    Hunt a Great Jaggi AND a Barroth
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Recommended items: potions, cleansers, cool drinks, paintballs
    Some practice fighting barroth is never a bad thing, right? The great jaggi
    does not really add anything to the battle. You should just take him out of the
    fight as soon as you find him and only then turn your attention to the barroth.
    From that point on the quest is identical to the barroth quest and all of the
    advice I gave out above is still valid.
    When the quest starts the barroth will be in area 3 and the jaggi in area 5. If
    you dawdle in area 4 they will both come to you. Fighting them both at the same
    time disadvantages you, but sometimes the two of them will fight each other.
    Either get to area 5 before this happens or bring a dung bomb along.
    Deliver 8 Bloodstones
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve’s difficulty rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: 5 iron pickaxes AND five mega pickaxes. And hot drinks and
    The game is nice enough to give you 1 OLD PICKAXE. It is cruel enough to break
    that and all of your axes before it gives you the 8 bloodstones that you’ll
    need. I found myself with 6 broken axes and 7 stones, but luckily I was able
    to cobble together more axes out of stones and bones. Do yourself a favour and
    bring 10 axes. The stones are slow to respawn and this is another one of those
    quests designed to wear down and weed out the uncommitted. The dedicated will
    end up with a couple of those unique materials the tundra has to offer and some
    stronger armor spheres. Super good.
    Capture a rathian
    Locale: flooded forest
    Steve’s difficulty rating: 3/10
    Recommended items: antidotes, flash bombs, traps, tranqs, paintballs
    This quest is unlocked by first completing the 'dragon lady' key quest.
    You can read up above for my tips on fighting ian. You should get used to her
    because you'll be fighting her a lot. Fighting her the flooded forest is no
    different than fighting her anywhere else. She usually starts in area 2 and then
    moves into that center land area and then when she's injured she makes her way
    up to that narrow area and then to that end area where there is a nest and
    she'll go to sleep there and while she's asleep you can set up a trap and then
    hit her with two tranq bombs/tranq shots. Easy as pie.
    My thanks to Cassie Sun for pointing out to me that this quest exists.
    Hunt a Gigginox
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items: 10 antidotes, 10 herbal medicine, 10 potions, hot drinks
    and meat
    Gigginox is a tough little cutie. She changes color when she's mad and can
    make her head and backside thicker. I wasn't really expecting it to be so
    difficult. Fighting this thing online is a bit of a cakewalk but when you're
    alone in a dark room with this thing you're in for a hell of a battle. You'll
    probably be fighting her in a cave. She usually only goes outside to die. For
    the most part she sticks to those three cave areas (4,5,7). Area 5 is her home
    and for that reason I hearby dub it 'Noxi's Den'.
    Gigginox can poison you. No, she WILL poison you. A lot. She has a lot of
    poison attacks and she uses them frequently. Bring antidotes and herbal
    Noxi's (gigginox) most common poison attack is to spit a purple cloud straight
    forward. It can cover a lot of ground. Because noxi jumps around a lot
    she'll often be far away and you'll be running towards her, only to find
    yourself running face first into this miasma. My advice is to let noxi have her
    space and make her come to you.
    When she charges at you she can run you right over, but usually she will have
    jumped so far away that its easy to run around her and hit her in the side.
    Poor noxi can't turn while running: exploit that.
    Noxi's moves start getting serious with her bodyslam. She sort of arches
    a bit and then just flops down, hitting you if you're anywhere next to her.
    Worse still, she has a new move that looks sort of like this move or her
    birthing posture but then becomes a big poison gas cloud that comes out of her
    in all directions. She'll probably get you with this a few times, too. Sheesh.
    Remember you can quit the area she's in momentarily to use an antidote. She
    won't be offended if you do.
    Her most insidious attack is when she stretches out her neck and bites at you.
    She can do this whenever she's standing still, and it seems like she waits for
    you to get in so close that you have no chance of escaping. This attack has a
    huge area and its bigger than you think. It goes really far to one side, so far
    it can even get you behind where her head would usually be. This attack is a
    beast and you'll have little choice but a superman dive, assuming you were
    running towards her with your weapon away. Otherwise, I hope you kept your
    health high. Oh, and she can do this with her backside (cloaca?) too.
    Did you know that Gigginox's flabby arms are also wings and that she can fly?
    Good news: it won't be flying around during the fight. It will jump behind you
    to try and get the drop on you, or it will just jump on you. Sometimes she
    jumps up onto the walls and the ceiling (if she's in a cave. She usually is).
    From the ceiling she can try to pin you and suck you to death, or she can jump
    on you, or she can (you guessed it) spit poison at you. When she's on the
    ceiling her poison can go even further than usual and seems to follow you
    a little bit, so maybe you should do your sharpening in another room. Oh, by
    the way, when Noxi is on the ceiling gunners are still able to attack her, so
    feel free to clust her. When she's running towards me on the ceiling I like to
    run past her. That usually confuses her a bit.
    Noxi has another move when she's on the ceiling. She can reach down and swing
    her head around and if she catches you with it you'll be pinned to the ground
    as she sucks on you and (you guessed it) spits poison at you as a finisher. You
    can escape with a dung bomb, but really, just keep your distance from her when
    she's up there and don't get caught.
    Noxi will be preoccupied during your fight because she is constantly giving
    birth to little giggis. They shouldn't bother you, but if for some reason a
    couple of them are sucking on you while you are poisoned, do something about
    that. When noxi is giving birth she is vulnerable (duh), but sometimes she
    lures you in with fake birth pangs only to get you with a ball of poison that
    explodes in a wide radius . Sheesh. The poison thing gets old fast.
    Here's some more miscellaneous Gigginox information. She has no eyes and
    therefore she cannot be flashed. Her head and tail and underside can be broken.
    To attack her underside most effectively you will need to attack when she is
    flipped over on her back.
    Noxi is a tough fight. I think she's tougher than Lagiacrus. Don't worry if
    you can't beat her because you don't have to beat her until later when you will
    need her parts for a villager request. On the other hand, her armor looks hella
    cool so maybe you should fight her a lot.
    So you've wrecked the village. I bet they wish they had never even hired you.
    The woods are crawling with lagiacrus and you haven't done a thing to stop the
    earthquakes. And that little shakalaka side kick you had? Yeah, he died from
    injuries sustained in the lagi fight. Way to get that kid killed. I hope you
    feel bad.
    Okay, so that's not true. Cha-cha is gone but he'll come back if you complete
    more quests. And you'll soon enough have a spare shakalaka anyways. For
    the present though, you may have the opportunity to realize just how lucky
    you were to have that little distraction around. Absence makes the heart grow
    fonder, they say.
    In the meantime this would be a good opportunity for you to head on over to
    PORT TANZIA and try some of those port quests. See, they are just like the
    village quests except a little bit more difficult but you get to do them with
    friends or those wierdos you find online. The first tier of port quests covers
    the first four village tiers, ending with the lagiacrus fight, so it would be a
    good idea to have at least done these quests in the village first. All of the
    information I gave above about the monsters is still valid in port tanzia so I
    won't be repeating myself by covering the port quests. Best of luck but I'm
    staying in Moga Village.
    At the (sort of) end of this tier is the god of the seas: the Ceadeus. It is a
    long underwater battle but not particularly challenging. The game will even let
    you carry over damage from fight to fight so you can wear it down over several
    battles if you are a big weakling. Consider it the game's way of making sure
    you make it to the 6-star quests where this game starts distinguishing itself
    from Tri with its high-rank quests and the monster subspecies. That's right,
    things are about to get crazy up in this game, like somebody modded Tri and
    turned up the difficulty and switched all of the monsters elements and colors
    around. Hey wait... this game is practically just a mod! Whoa.
    When you first unlock this tier you have only a few dull quests available to
    Harvest Tour: Volcano
    Fell the Lagiacrus! (complete)
    The Lord of the Seas (capture lagi)
    Heat Exhaustion (deliver powderstones)
    You have to do either 'Lord of the Seas' or 'Heat Exhaustion' to unlock the
    URGENT QUEST - SHAKALAKA SAVIOR II, which involves a new monster and introduces
    you to your new companion (same as the old companion). You will also unlock
    some new quests with new (portable 3rd) monsters:
    The Desert Gourmand (Nibelsnarf)
    Hammer Time (Duramboros)
    Walk 'N' Roll (Volvidion)
    Hunt either Nibels or Volvi to advance the story. Chacha will come back and
    he'll have news about the true source of the quakes. You'll get another
    villager request that is actually necessary to complete: you need to make
    an ANCIENT MASK for one of your sidekicks. The materials you'll need are not
    too hard to come by and the game is not terribly oblique in hinting that you'll
    have to go behind the waterfall in the farm to find a secret item, as if this
    were some kind of adventure game or something. Once you complete that you'll
    find out there are lagiacrus in the woods and your unlock even more quests with
    Rathalos, Barioth, Diablos, Uragaan, and Agnaktor.
    From the above list you need to kill rathalos AND barioth to unlock the next
    villager request. Junior needs some giggi claws and rath talons and machelite
    ore and 1500 resource points to make you a new base camp in the UNDERWATER
    RUIN. And if you do that you'll unlock more quests, including the Uragaan KEY
    QUEST you need to complete to get the URGENT QUEST to fight the Ceadeus and
    save the village. And if you do that you'll get the URGENT quest to fight a
    Purple Ludroth and unlock the next tier of quests. Sheesh, this sure is a
    complicated tier! They couldn't have divided this up better?
    All of these monsters mean that you can make pretty much whatever weapon or
    armor you want at this point. I suggest making a few sets so you can pick
    whatever is best suited to your next fight. Find whatever skills you like best
    and make some armor out of them. Now is the time to really experiment with
    these skills and customize your hunter into an unspottable force. If I had to
    recommend anything armor-wise at this point it would be to get some armor that
    is resistant to fire because you'll be facing a bunch of fire-breathers (and
    whatever Uragaan does for his fire attack). Now I guess rathian armor would be
    the easiest way to do that... just don't let anyone see you in such a shabby
    These monsters all have different elemental weaknesses so you'll need a few
    different weapons on hand to exploit each monster. The forge should be able
    to just up and make you some advanced weapons so you don't have to start from
    the lowest weapon and upgrade it into what you need, but if you have to do
    that take a look at the weapon trees available on Gamefaqs.com and the
    Monster Hunter Wiki to chart out what you are looking for and how to obtain it.
    You'll need a good fire weapon for Duramboros and a good water weapon for all
    of those volcano creatures. A lightning weapon wouldn't hurt for rathalos and
    ceadeus: lucky for you then that you just killed that lightning infused
    lagiacrus. Why don't you make him into a cool looking weapon? Ice weapons also
    have their uses and can be made out of lagombi or barioth. Dragon weapons are
    of course super-sweet but where are you gonna find a dragon to make a weapon
    out of at this point in the game?
    Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Locale: Volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: Cool Drink, pickaxe, bug net
    Oh yeah, you can go to the VOLCANO now. It has a lot of sweet items for you.
    The first couple of wooded areas have great bugs and mushrooms to gather.
    When you get into the volcano proper (bring a cool drink) you'll be able to
    mine for new ores that will allow you to make even more durable armor. You'll
    be needing it, I'm sure. The best mining areas are 5,9, and 10. There is also
    a new small monster here called Uroktor or something and if you ever need some
    of his skin to make something, now you know where to look.
    The pp ticket shows up after two minutes. Move it from the blue box to the red
    box to complete the quest. You don't have to do this quest but hey why the
    hell not at least its only two minutes and you get some DRAGONITE ORE and
    KILLER BEETLES and whatnot.
    Deliver Two Powderstones
    Locale: Volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, paintballs, nutrients, dash juice
    Do you remember all of that advice I gave you about carrying quests? Up above
    in the quest named 'Wyvern Eggs something or other'? Well maybe you should go
    and look that up if you need a refresher. Maybe you should make yourself some
    LocLac shawls and whatnot to get the TRANSPORTER SKILL too. It's not strictly
    There's a special difficulty to this quest in that the things you are
    transporting are very hot and will be draining your health throughout. It's a
    real ordeal. You'll have to be direct in going from area 10 down back to the
    red box. The powderstones are in that spot in area 10 between those two mining
    points. Before you grab them make sure your health bar is big by eating well
    or ingesting some nutrients. And cool drinks and dash juice will keep you from
    getting destroyed halfway through this trek.
    You're going to be constantly running out of health and constantly endangered.
    If a rheno tries to charge at you make sure you are watching it and can lure it
    away from your most direct path. And make sure you always have stamina
    available to run away from cats. And if you ever enter an area with an Uragaan,
    just turn and find a new path so it doesn't roar and explode that volatile bomb
    in your hand. When you are free between the 1st and 2nd deliveries try and find
    Uragaan and paintball him so you can avoid him later.
    Remember that felyne skill LANDER? It might help you arrive alive. Of course
    when you jump from area 10 down to area 5 there will be an Uragaan there and
    you'll have to turn around so you don't get exploded!!! Otherwise your path
    will probably be 10,9,8,7,4,2,1. Don't dawdle or you will die. When you deliver
    the stone you will have a very red health bar so take a quick nap between runs.
    Anyways this quest is partially optional. Either do this one or the other
    Lagiacrus quest to unlock the next urgent quest.
    Capture a Lagiacrus
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: potions, traps, tranqs, paint, pickaxes
    You know the drill about capturing monsters by now, don't you? How it is
    sometimes simple but sometimes goes horribly awry if you don't overprepare?
    Anyways this will be familiar ground after your urgent quest against lagi.
    Capturing him is no more difficult. He'll try to run away when he's injured
    and you'll either let him and trap him while he rests, or you will put an EZ
    shock trap in his path before he runs away.
    Most of the battle with the lagiacrus in the flooded forest will take place in
    the muddy and low-visibility water, which is just too bad for you. Area 5 is a
    bit more cramped than area 6 so you had better be ready for close-quaters
    underwater combat. Maybe bring a shield around? If he goes up on land in area 4
    take advantage of it, but if his tail and horns fall off lay back on the
    attacks and see if he is limping. When he's ready to cap he'll have to make a
    long trek to the luddy's cave so you'll have lots of opportunities to get him.
    Lagi armor has great skills and are very popular in Port Tanzia. Lagi weapons
    are also your first chance at making thunder weapons and you'll probably want
    one of these for this tier's boss: ceadeus. Do yourself a favor then and get
    some extra rewards from capturing lagiacrus.
    Hunt a Duramboros
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended Items: 10 potions, 10 mega potions, herbs and blue mushrooms,
    paintballs, meat
    Duramboros is a long, long fight. This guy is like made out of hitpoints. Even
    if you have a sweet top-of-the-line fire weapon you could still find yourself
    locked in this battle for forty or fifty minutes. He can do a lot of damage
    when he attacks, too, but mostly he is just a slow or still bump on a log
    for you to whittle down to death.
    Now I'm of the opinion that poison weapons may be better for draining this
    hulk's hit points than traditional elemental fire damage. If you're having
    trouble with this guy that can't be solved with traps and bombs and whatnot
    than consider taking the time to waste a few gigginoxes and making a strong
    poison weapon.
    You may wonder (as I did) if you are not supposed to do something with the
    shakalaka (named Kayamba) in order to progress the fight. You aren't. Just
    ignore that loser. He doesn't seem interested in making a good first
    impression. Just wail away on Duramboros until Kayamba tells you he's nearly
    dead. That means you can capture him if you so choose.
    Dura (that's its name now) can take a lot of punishment. Its attacks do a
    whole ton of damage too... and why shouldn't they? The thing is massive. The
    thing is its still not a tough fight. It's never really 'intense'. Dura is
    slow and lazy and for the most part it won't mind you wailing away on it. It
    will try to attack you, probably miss, and then it will lie around while you
    attack it some more. It is a long fight though, and so Dura is probably
    bound to hit you a few times throughout and do massive damage. Make sure you
    come into this fight prepared to heal yourself for the full fifty minutes
    worth of fight. If you run out of potions your bed can heal you, but try to
    only run back there from a fight in area 1: anywhere else would just take too
    much time.
    Dura attacks with his head and with his tail. His head is the lesser danger so
    I'll start there. Sometimes he puts his head down and charges at you from far
    away. It's slow and not very deadly. His horns can be broken off with just a
    a little bit of pressure. Otherwise his head is not a very soft target.
    His tail is his main weapon which should be no surprise considering the size.
    He will turn his back on you and shuffle around and then smack his massive
    tail down on you one or two times. If it hits you it will hurt. If it just
    misses you, you'll be staggered and might be hit next time. Try not to get hit
    by this. You should be attacking the tail if you are using a blade but you
    also should have time to get away if it decides to attack you. I think blunt
    weapons can even take out this tail given all of the time involved.
    Dura's signature attack is to spin around in a circle, swining its tail out
    around it as it does so, and then letting itself be launched high into the air
    only to come crashing down, prehaps on you. This is a long attack and there are
    a lot of ways it can turn out. For starters, if you are in close to Dura while
    it is twirling its tail will go right over you and you will have immunity to
    land some attacks. If you are further away when this attack starts winding up,
    you can try to sneak in next to it when the tail is moving away, or you can
    just hang back. When Dura launches, sometimes it will be a shallow jump and
    sometimes it will go so high you will lose track of where it's going. Consider
    diving if you don't know if you're going to be squished or not because this
    attack hurts. When Dura lands it'll be immobile for an extended period and you
    can attack with impunity. You can trip or blind Dura with a flashbomb while
    it's winding up, too. Sometimes, when Dura is tired, this attack will fail and
    it'll just fall over. This is your best chance to attack its weak point: the
    humps on its back.
    Dura's humps are breakable weak-points, but for most of the battle they are
    atop his massive frame and out of reach. Whenever he falls on his side, say
    in the above-mentioned failure to launch, or when it is stunned, you will be
    able to land some hits on this thing. Do your best to take advantage of it.
    Any opportunity to shorten this fight will be welcome to you. If you feel like
    wasting time (or you are overpowered) you can use these opportunities to mine
    his tail or stumps instead (you can also mine his tail after its cut off,
    so that might be a much better idea).
    The Dura quest is a good warm up for the Ceadeus quest in that they are both
    long and boring. Get used to attacking for a long stretch of time and then
    only occasionally having to dodge something.
    By completing this quest you get yourself a Cha-cha replacement clone named
    Kayamba. Your days of not having someone else to take monster hits are over!
    Talk to Kayamba and when you get back to town and switch his status so that
    he'll accompany you on quests. He should level up and learn everything Cha-cha
    already knew, so give him a mask you like and pick out some abilities and
    dances you feel will help you in the near future.
    Hunt a Nibelsnarf
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, sonic bombs, barrel bombs
    Well those recommended items will be available to you at the beginning of the
    quest so don't worry about it. Getting Nibelsnarf with barrel bombs and then
    fishing him out of the sand is fun but not strickly necessary to beat him.
    When Nibels is rushing across the desert sands with his mouth wide open that is
    your chance to lay down a barrel bomb and lead him into eating it. He can curve
    towards you while he's moving so you can direct him to your bombs. He will
    explode from the inside out and he stuck sitting up in the sand. This is your
    opportunity to put your weapon away (!?!) and then an icon should appear that
    allows you to FISH nibels out of the sand and lay him on his back for an even
    longer and more devastating attack on your part. Whenever Nibels falls over
    make sure you hit him enough that he gets knocked into that 'stuck up' position
    for you to fish him out. The fishing thing needs to happen fast and you have
    to wiggle your joystick quickly to fish it out.
    Nibels is a fish like thing that swims through the sandy plains. I don't know
    if he ever leaves areas 10 and 11 but if he does I've never seen him do it. He
    moves around a lot and can dive under the sand where you can't get to him.
    He'll come out to bite you, either on a forward moving thing or in a straight
    up jump into the air. He's kind of like a mixture of gobul and diablos, I
    His weak point is deep in his mouth: his uvula. Hmm. Maybe nibels is more
    vaginal than phallic and I should be calling him 'her'. Anyways, this uvula is
    only open to attack when her mouth is open. She has gills on her sides that
    vent sand at you (as an attack after she's eaten up a lot of sand) that can be
    broken. She has a tail but this turns out to be a big tease because it sits
    there but can't be broken.
    So her head is where she is weakest but it is a sort of risk/reward situation
    as her main attacks all involve using her huge mouth to bite you and her
    attacks are pretty forward based. Maybe attacking her sides is better but she
    can still turn and bite you if she pleases. Sometimes she inhales a bunch of
    sand and then blasts it forward in a big sand cylinder. This attack can have a
    long draw-up and it leaves her vulnerable to sonic bombs. Oh and after eating
    a lot of sand she can vent it out of her gills to hit you anywhere behind her.
    This attack also has a large wind-up so you can see it coming.
    And maybe she's vulnerable to sonic bombs at some point? Yeah, maybe. I mean,
    you are given some in the blue box, so they must have a purpose. Try throwing
    some sonic bombs around and see if they do something. Whatever.
    Either this quest or 'Walk n' Roll' need to be completed to progress the game.
    See that quest to find out what's unlocked... or just play the game yourself.
    Hunt a Volvidon
    Locale: Volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: deodorant, cool drinks, potions
    Head on up to area 5 to meet this annoying pest. His name is Volvi and he will
    try to inflict a bunch of status effects on you as a way of making up for how
    weak and small he is otherwise. Well I guess his attacks do an okay amount of
    damage but he is still small and squishy. Anyways, he is a fire element thing
    in a volcano so I hope you knew already that means you should bring a water
    weapon. It's super effective!
    Right, so Volvi is big on the status attacks. His big one is that he spits a
    big old wad at you that can paralyze you. He spits it forward and even if it
    lands behind you it will explode and paralyze you. Volvi will probably jump
    on you while you are paralyzed... probably. I don`t know. When I fought this
    guy for this walkthrough I happened to be wearing my totally fly bnahabra armor
    and it turned out to make me immune to paralysis. I bet you`re jealous of my
    sick armor now. Bring along some if you have it, but if you don`t you should
    know that it takes forever to get enough bnahabra parts for this stuff. Just
    go fight this guy with your noobie rathian armor and get paralyzed like a
    chump. Take your lumps and bring some potions to recover your health later.
    Or maybe not. Volvi has another status attack where he farts on you and you
    become soiled and unable to use items. That sucks. This attack has a big tell
    so you should be able to see it coming and get away before he really bursts. If
    you get this shit on you then you won`t be able to heal when you get paralyzed
    and whomped. This is a pretty devastating combo for a loser like Volvi. While
    you are dirty you`ll still be able to use a special item called 'DEODORANT'
    which cures the soiled condition. If you are really debilitated and injured
    then you should probably leave the area while you use your many recovery items.
    Volvi has a shell on his back. It's not very strong so feel free to attack it
    and break it. He likes to curl up in it and jump around. He likes to try and
    jump on you in one big jump, or maybe he'll just jump around a couple of times
    and maybe come near you and maybe not. Sometimes after jumping he is stuck on
    his back (and vulnerable). He also likes to roll around using that shell of his
    to get around or behind you. Maybe he'll even try to just roll over you.
    Mostly though you should understand that Volvi is just a bigger Arzuros and
    Lagombi. Can you see how all of those monsters stand on their hind legs and
    try you claw at you? They're all variations on the same monster except this
    time with some annoying status effects. So yeah that same claw attack where the
    monster spins while he claws at you returns again. If you need practice on an
    easier version of this guy then go fight those other guys.
    Let's see. Sometimes when Volvi tries to spit paralysis snot at you he will
    instead just whip his tongue at you which is not so bad.
    So after completing this quest (or the nibelsnarf quest) you get Chacha back
    and he'll tell you the real source of the earthquakes and he has a new mask
    idea that will need sharqskins and pelagicite ore. And once you complete that
    request you'll unlock some more quests. So go get those baubels and resources
    and let's get this thing moving along. Oh, by the way, there are lagiacrus in
    the woods now if you need lots of resources and rarer commodities to get cool
    stuff. And hey, maybe you could make a lagiacrus into a lightning weapon in
    case you ever have to fight something weak to lightning like a rathalos.
    Hunt a Rathalos
    Locale: Volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, flash bombs, antidotes
    Here's what you really need to know about rathalos: he's a rathian who flies
    a bit more. He is the same shape and size as rathian, he moves like rathian,
    he has the same weaknesses and strengths as a rathian. If you need pratice for
    fighting this guy, go fight some rathians. Heck, even wearing rathian armor
    will help you survive this guy's fire attacks. You didn't hear that from me.
    Rathalos uses fire a bit differently than rathian does. He doesn't do that move
    where ian stands still and spits fire in three directions (and leaves herself
    vulnerable for a long time). He does stand still and spit one fireball straight
    across the area if you are far enough way. Mostly though he does his fire
    fighting from the air. He will probably hit you with it, too. See, rathalos has
    a roar that stops you and while you are immobile he will jump into the air and
    shoot a fireball down in front of him. If you are standing in front of him
    when he roars you can expect to be exploded. His head is his weakpoint, sure,
    but he likes to roar and fireball you so don't stand right in front of it if
    you can help it.
    Rathalos also shoots fire from the air in threes. This attack is slower and
    more predictable so you really shouldn't be caught in it. He either fires 3
    shots forward or aims them at you (following you as you run along the ground).
    When he's hanging in the air his tail will be hanging down and this is your
    best chance to attack it (because when he's standing on the ground it will be
    too high to reach). When he's shooting fire he seems to be immune to flash
    bombs which is too bad. If he's ever in a similar posture in the air but not
    breathing fire make sure to flash him and send him crashing down to the
    ground. A rathalos that spends all of its time in the air is one that you can't
    attack and therefore takes forever to kill.
    Rathalos will bite and claw at you from the air, too. He can just fly at you
    and run you down. He has an attack he doesn't use very often where he
    flies really high up and circles around the area a few times before diving down
    at you. Don't let him hit you with this even if it is hard to follow him with
    the camera while he does it. Don't make the mistake of thinking he left the
    area and stand still sharpening sticks. That's a recipe for disaster. When
    rathalos ends this attack he may stay in the air and turn around slowly: make
    sure he turns into a flash of light!
    Rathalos's most deadly aerial attack gets launched from a height between the
    other ones and you'll notice that he raises his claws a bit in preparation.
    That means that he is about to dive at you and scratch you with his claws. It's
    a fast attack and if it hits you you will be poisoned. When he flies up out of
    range you should put your weapon away and be ready to use your invulnerable
    superman dive to get through it.
    Okay, hopefully rathalos will spend some time on the ground where you can get
    at him. On the ground he is just a red rathian and you can kill him like one.
    He does that ridiculous two step tail swipe move and runs at you and tries to
    bite you. Nothing you haven`t seen before. If its on the ground then you should
    be constantly attacking it and putting your rathian training to use.
    If this is your first battle with the rathalos you can find him up in Area 8.
    That`s a bit higher up on the map than he usually goes. You can usually find
    him in the lower areas 1,2,3,4, and 6. He goes to 6 to sleep I think. Try to
    fight him in 1 or 4 because they have more room you you to dodge around in.
    Hunt a Barioth
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, cleanser
    Barioth is a pretty little kitty cat so hopefully you won't have any difficulty
    killing it. He's not so tough once you're used to him but for you newbies he's
    a fast and deadly creature so be careful with him and make sure you've got some
    tough armor. You don't need to worry about specific skills or ice resistance
    exactly... he only has one/two ice attacks and they're not especially common
    or deadly. Bring along your fire weapon and some hot drinks and then head on up
    to area 2 to see a cutscene of barioth wasting a popo. On subsequent fights
    with this guy you're gonna want to start by going over to area 6 which is the
    BARIOTH'S PLATEAU where barioth fights start and end.
    Here's some more stuff about the plateau that won't be helpful in this first
    encounter. The platform is nice because its big and those annoying baggis cant
    get up there to sleep attack you. It's just you and barioth. Be careful that
    he doesn't see you when you are on the lower part of area 6. He can fly up into
    the sky and come crashing down on you with lightning speed, and fighting him
    down there is not advisable because there is not enough room for you to run
    around him. Also be careful climbing up to the platform because if he's seen
    you coming he could be waiting at the top ready to attack you and knock you
    off. One last thing about this plateau of his is that he can jump onto the wall
    and launch himself into a flying claw attack. Try to roll under this towards
    the wall.
    Barioth likes to run at you. Try to make him run a lot to tire him out. If
    you're standing right next to him when he starts running then try to roll under
    his arms before he starts moving.
    Sometimes he will try to turn and claw you and swing his tail while he does it.
    He also has a tail attack has a big tell. Oh, he has a new hipcheck move he
    likes to spam. Friggin' hipchecks everywhere.
    He has this ice attack he uses to shoot ice in front of him and create an icy
    whirlwind. If you get caught up in any part of this attack you'll be covered
    in snow and unable to do anything (it's just like being covered in mud). You'll
    probably also be iceblighted and that will really hurt your stamina. But the
    thing is that this attack has a huge windup on barioth's part where he draws
    his head back like he's about to sneeze on you so you can make sure you don't
    get sneezed on. Bring cleansers and nulberries with you if you need to.
    Barioth flies around sometimes. He can fly to distant areas so make sure you
    paintball him. Sometimes he likes to fly and use his ice attack from the air.
    This is a bit harder to anticipate and can maybe kill you if you aren't tough.
    He likes to claw at you from the air, too. When he lands he'll spin around to
    try and claw and tail-swipe you too. Here's a useful bit of info: if you break
    his claws then he will lose traction on between moves and be unable to chain
    them together. And hey, if you cut off his tail too he won't be able to hit you
    with that either! Wowzers!
    So maybe you should focus on breaking his claws. I wish i didn't have to say
    this but swordsmen should be cutting tails. And hammer users will be happy to
    know that bari's face can be broken for even more quest rewards. Happy days.
    Okay so completing this quest and the rathalos one will unlock the next
    villager request and the next key quest which is the uragaan so that's where
    we're headed next.
    Hunt an Uragaan
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks
    The Uragaan is a tough beastie with high attack power and hit points and
    sometimes it even moves fast. On top of all of that his face and back and a
    lot of his tail are super-hard and will bounce your pathetic low-rank attacks.
    Yup. This is gonna be a tough one. You had better upgrade your water weapon
    if at all possible, or even switch to another weapon type with a better water
    weapon (and maybe a shield). I think most water weapons can be improved at this
    point with nibels or bari or diablos parts, probably because the game designers
    made a bunch of fire monsters for this sections and know that you'll need to
    buff up in order to beat them.
    As for armor, well make the toughest stuff you can find. Some useful armor
    skills to look into would be tremor-proof (Volvidon or Diablos armor would be
    good for that and other things) or maybe rathalos armor would be good. You have
    lots of options at this point. As for me, well I just upgraded my Arzuros armor
    some more and that stuff ended up carrying me all the way to HR6.
    This fight takes place in the volcano so bring cool drinks along if you're
    gonna take a long time to kill it. He's up in area 6. This is a special area
    for Uragaan where he can unleash an attack that will run you down and you'll be
    almost powerless to stop him. Well, you can trap him while he does this, but
    otherwise you'll have to dive out of the way if he rolls at you, or even just
    leave the area for ten seconds so you don't get hit with this, of course if you
    do that you won't be around to take advantage of his long recovery afterwards.
    Anyhoo, you'll see this attack coming when Ura digs down into the ground and
    then appears on the unreachable ledges of this area.
    Ura likes to curl up in a ball and roll around. In case you didn't notice he
    is massive and being rolled over will hurt you alot. And you might think that
    with his shape and movements being similar to the barroth that his roll would
    be like Barroth's charge in that it can't change direction after it gets
    launched: you would be wrong. Ura sometimes just rolls straight forward but
    sometimes that ball of death turns and circles around in strange patterns and
    will find you wherever you run. If you don't have a sturdy shield then make
    sure you are primed to dive for your life at any moment.
    His roll does have a wind-up where he draws his head back before he launches
    it. Really Ura is slow to move and attack except that the roll itself is fast
    once it gets going. If you've managed to get around the roll then you want to
    chase after uragaan and attack him when he comes out of it. Like the Barroth
    he will swing his tail afterwards to try and prevent you from taking advantage
    of him.
    So about that tail then. Well he has a tail attack where he spins all the way
    around to try and hit you with it. It's a slow attack that has a tell where he
    draws back a step or two. After the attack his head will be pretty much back
    where it started, except three firerocks will come out of somewhere and fly
    forward at you. They hurt a little and will trip you up as you approach, but
    their real threat is more subtle. See, ura has this chin attack that causes
    tremors and if he does this near those little rocks they will explode and do
    a hefty bit of damage to you. Try to be careful around these things by not ever
    being around them.
    So about that chin attack. It's a big one. He just lifts his head up and then
    strikes down on the ground in front of him (it can also hit you between his
    legs). He has another chin move where he attacks four times in a row, except
    he attacks to the side and moves forward each time. It has a suprising forward
    and sideways range so keep your distance or get behind him (note that it is
    difficult to attack him from behind because his tail is tough).
    Oh man, but then there is his worst chin attack. When ura does his roar (and he
    roars a lot) he does two chin pounds before you can move again so if you're in
    front of him you're gonna be squished. Yikes. If you have the soundproof skill
    that would be helpful. I think gigginox armor has it. And hey, if you go that
    route you might as well bring a poison weapon. That seems like an easy way of
    damaging this sucker.
    Let's see. Ura also has a hipcheck. Like most of his moves its very slow. Oh,
    it has another kind of special attack. If he draws up on his hind legs and
    little clouds of red or blue appear, take that as a sign to move away from the
    guy. He is about to ventilate either a fire gas that knocks you back and
    inflicts fireblight or a blue gas that puts you to sleep (so he can roll or
    chin smack you). Neither of these are good things to be hit with so just steer
    ***Protip: When ura is doing his gas attack the gas only goes out his sides and
    doesn't go forward or backwards. This means you can still impact his head or
    slice his tail if you are careful***
    Hammer users will want to focus on breaking ura's strong and durable chin. It
    can be done if you are persistant. Tail users will want to slice his tail but
    the very end of it is tough so concentrate on the softer root part. Most
    everybody will want to be attacking ura's legs and groin because that is pretty
    much the only part that is not covered in stone-tough hide.
    Anything else? Um... if he ever falls on his side you can mine his back for
    crap like LAVA NUGGETS if you want. Um... he gets into a rage a lot and becomes
    much more dangerous so maybe keep some flash bombs or traps handy to turn
    things back in your favor. Oh, and the blue box has two barrel bombs for you so
    you might as well use them to break his tought chin or something.
    Finishing this quest will get you the next URGENT QUEST: the Ceadeus! This is
    your chance to save the village (and unlock the HIGH RANK QUESTS). The ceadeus
    fight is a real slow boring thing so make sure you have a half hour to spare
    (maybe two if you don't get the job done the first time).
    Repel a Ceadeus
    Locale: Underwater Ruins
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: air philters, UW Ammo (from the Argosy Captain)
    Okay so if you did the above mentioned hoopdidoo then you've unlocked this
    urgent quest to save the village from uncertain disaster from what may be the
    cause of the earthquakes. Personally I don't think one should put much faith
    in Chacha's apprehension of the situation and for all I know Ceadeus is totally
    innocent and you're just going down there to kill him for no reason, but hey,
    the game says you gotta do it so you gotta do it. The villagers are all behind
    you but the guild isn't, but as the Guild Sweetheart says: 'The man can put
    that in his pipe and smoke it!' Well you heard her so put whatever you like in
    your pipe and let's get going!
    First thing you need to know is that the battle takes place entirely
    underwater. In case you didn't know, Monster Hunter Tri was the game that
    introduced underwater fighting to the series and so the boss of that game had
    to be underwater as a sort of thematic thing. Chacha has a new mask available
    that allows you to call him (open the menu up and press X) and he will swim
    over to you and give you oxygen. Call him every couple of minutes or so to
    keep your oxygen meter filled. Bring some air philters just in case Chacha is
    unreliable. Also you can't eat meat underwater so maybe you should combine some
    of your well-done steaks with dash juice to make MEGA DASH JUICE.
    The Ceadeus battle is a long, boring, inconclusive affair. You probably won't
    even kill him. You'll probably just 'repel' him, which means make him run away.
    Not very satisfying. It's a thirty-five minute battle but it feels like
    forever. He's weakest to dragon weapons but if you've been following this guide
    you won't have one (it just goes to show you not to listen to me). His next
    biggest weakness is lightning and lucky for you the game made you fight that
    lightning monster a while back (I think his name was lagiacrus or something)
    that you can make a decent lightning weapon out of. Still you'll have to focus
    your attacks on his softer underbelly because his back is too tough for your
    low-rank weapon.
    You start the battle in a new location: the UNDERWATER RUINS. Go to area 1 and
    Ceady is behind you. He wont even try to attack you. Maybe his tail will flick
    you while he's trying to swim past you. Hell, he first uses his waterbeam to
    open a passageway to continue swimming. Be careful allthesame because when he
    fires that thing up he recoils pretty far backwards and can sweep you up in it
    even if you are behind him a bit. Anyways just wail away on him for a long time
    and maybe eventually he'll notice you. Chase him over to area 3 and the 'fight'
    begins, not that it gets much more difficult.
    Sometimes he shakes his head around and maybe his horns will hit you while he
    does it. Sometimes he lifts his tail up to hit you when you are in front of
    him. He has a bite attack, too. Let's just say that you are so small and weak
    that he probably won't even notice you attacking him for thirty minutes or so.
    He may try to hipcheck you like the lagi before him, but slower and without
    lightning. No big deal. I think it attacks to his right side.
    What you want to do when he does into rage mode is to lure him over to those
    big spikey things on the far wall of area 3. Call Chacha and Kayamba over to
    you too and wait for him below the switch. When he follows you over there then
    you swim up to the dragonator and hit the button and watch a scene play out of
    him being impaled on that thing. Hopefully his bigger horn will break off and
    you'll be able to carve it. Don't miss on that thing because it takes ten
    minutes to recharge (for some reason) so you'll probably only have two chances
    if you had to chase him into area 3.
    There is also a gun attached to the cliffs that you can use if you pick up some
    underwater ballista ammo (or bring some after trading for it with the Argosy
    Captain). This weapon does a nice bit of damage from afar but be careful
    because while you are using it you are locked into it and he can easily attack
    you with his body or waterbeam.
    Oh here's some more things about that waterbeam attack. First off: it's a huge
    beam and it'll be hard to get away from it if Ceady starts doing it while you
    are attack his face. And it can't be blocked with a shield. It does have a big
    windup where he lifts his head up, though. It inflicts waterblight which hurts
    your stamina which is bad since you're underwater swimming everywhere.
    If the time expires then dont worry so much because all of the damage you've
    managed to inflict will be carried over to your next attempt at this fight.
    Okay, so if you repel Ceady then the village is saved and you get to watch a
    video of Chacha teaching the village children to dance. I hope you feel that
    is worth all of your trouble. You also get some Ceadeus quest rewards but if
    you've ever listened to me before then listen to me now when I say that you
    shouldn't bother making ceadeus weapons or armor. Yeah, maybe it has nice
    skills, but you are going into high-rank and you are going to want high-rank
    armor. Futhermore when you are grinding monsters to get monster parts you want
    to grind on a monster that doesn't take 30+ minutes to kill everytime. Come
    back and grind on Ceady after you have a blue sharpness lightning weapon made
    out of lagi+ or Crimson Quru or Zinogre or whatever. And as for ceady weapons,
    well you can get good water weapons from Luddy+ and Plesioth so Ceady weapons
    are really redundant.
    You'll get a 'gem of the depths award' and everyone in the village has
    something to say. The Argosy Captain will give you a water longsword. You can
    now do high-rank quests and the chief explains how they work. Also the Misty
    Peaks area is unlocked and you can hunt SUBSPECIES now. Hurrah.
    Hunt a Purple Ludroth
    Locale: Misty Peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: antidotes
    Start up this quest and you'll learn pretty quickly how high-rank quests work.
    No items for you and you have to start in a random spot. Deal with it. The
    monsters usually spawn in one spot but if you spawn far away they may just move
    before you get there. Check area 9 of the Misty Peaks to see if there is a big
    pink and purple luddy stompin' around there. If not, check somewhere else. It's
    a good chance to get to know this new hunting ground.
    He's a poison ludroth. Maybe you could tell that he was poison because he's
    purple and that's the color of poison. When this luddy does his belly flop
    thing a bunch of poison will splash up around him and onto you. Also he shoots
    poison bubbles and his claw attack is poisonous. Maybe bring an antidote along?
    If you're just advancing up out of low-rank you will find that this high-rank
    sucker has a lot of hp (hit-points) and attack power. At least he doesn't go
    underwater in the misty peaks. If you are using high rank gear then consider
    him to be a 3/10 difficulty like the ludroth.
    Beating him unlocks the Moga Woods Night Mode. From now on when you go
    freehunting you will be given the option to go during the day or night and
    at night you will find better items and commodities and stronger monsters.
    There are also a couple of new villager requests and purple luddys out in the
    The Wyvern Artisan will give you an advanced armor sphere and the 6-star
    requests will be unlocked. Wow, there are like 18 of them. This is gonna take
    me forever to write up, so my advice to you for now would be to tackle the
    weakest monsters first (the Great Jaggis and Wroggis) and make them into armor,
    and make yourself a Rank 4 weapon that has blue sharpness. Low-rank armor and
    weapons are just not going to cut in from now on. And hey, maybe hang around in
    the Misty Peaks a bit and familiarize yourself with this new area why not?
    Hunt a Duramboros
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items:
    Well duramboros gets a bit easier with time. As you may remember he is weak to
    fire weapons, and as you may have noticed in the volcano there are lots of
    powerful fire monsters who are more than willing to have their throats ripped
    out in order to upgrade your fire weapon. Also this second time around you'll
    have your shakalakas around to help you whittle down this behemoth's health.
    Otherwise, this fight is just like before and you can find anything I have to
    say about the matter above.
    Hunt a Diablos
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, sonic bombs, potions
    Diablos is actually a tough fight. It attacks quickly and with force. Yep. I
    mean, just take a look at this thing: it's made out of horns and claws and
    spikes and it just looks super pissed off all the time. Of course he wants to
    destroy you. Would you believe me if I told you it was a vegetarian? I know,
    that makes no sense whatsoever... but its totally true. Those delex it fishes
    out of the sand in its introductory video? It ain't gonna eat them. Totally
    pointless. Whatever. Just don't bother using tainted meat on this guy because
    it won't get you anywhere.
    Diablos likes to get pissed off and scream really really loud. There are
    actually two levels of monster roars in this game and if you want to use your
    EARPLUG SKILL on this guy you're gonna need the stronger one. But more
    importantly Diablos's roar is your best indication of when it is in rage mode
    (aside from how violent and fast he gets). See, when Diablos ISNT in rage mode
    (ie, right when you meet him, or when he moves to a new area and before he
    roars) then he is vulnerable to SONIC BOMBS right after he digs underground.
    And you really, really want to take advantage of this opportunity because
    bombing him gets him stuck in the ground for a good long time and it stops him
    from doing his dig attack. It's like a cheaper pitfall trap you can do 2 or 3
    times in one battle. Actually, for this guy it really is just like a pitfall
    trap because he ignores it when enraged and when he does fall in his tail is
    Okay, so Diablos likes to dig and go underground to attack you. Sometimes he
    digs slowly and you can wail on him. Sometimes he digs quickly and jumps up at
    you immediately. Sometimes when he's underground there will be a trail you can
    see for his movements. Usually he moves in a straight line but sometimes he
    turns around to attack you from behind (and sheilds don't sheild your behind).
    What I like to do when he dives (and is enraged and can't be bumped out) is to
    put my weapon away and run diagonally away from where he was. It's not the best
    strategy for being placed to attack him when he jumps up, but at least it keeps
    you safe.
    Diablos has a big tail with a lot of mass and spikes on it. If you are behind
    him he will probably try to pound you with it or swing it in two swipes. If you
    can get around this you have a good chance to attack him. Like a lot of
    monsters his back and face are tough but his belly and crotch and legs are
    squishy. Oh and that two step tail swing returns, except this time the tail is
    huge and deadly.
    Diablos has two huge horns on his face that you'll want to break off. Of course
    attacking them will leave you vulnerable to being attacked by them. Dia likes
    to just run you down with those things. He has this brutal move where he takes
    two big steps forward and swings his horns at you. This attack launches and
    has a large sideways range and his tail is swinging behind him too boot. And he
    has a headbutt/hipcheck thing. Yeesh.
    So yeah, this guy is an offensive machine. When you have to fight him in close
    quarters in areas 7 and 8 and 11  you are not going to like it. Out in the far
    desert and area 4 there is more room and you'll be able to make him run long
    distances and you'll have lots of time to get out of the way of his attacks.
    You should remember to bring cool drinks and meat to stay frosty out there. So
    other than that all I can tell you is to attack the squishy bits and use sonic
    bombs and maybe flash him. Oh, and seriously you should bring a trap and tranqs
    for when this guy goes to sleep in area 11 because you really do not want to
    fight this thing in that small cave.
    Oh yeah, here's something else you should know: Dia is weakest to ice weapons.
    If you don't have one and don't want to bother getting one then a water or
    lightning or dragon weapon will do just fine.
    Hunt a Rathalos
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: flash bombs, antidotes
    Search for '904' to find my tips for fighting rathalos. I don't think he's very
    challenging though and if anything fighting him on the deserted island makes
    him easier to deal with: there's no need for cool drinks and the battlegrounds
    are nice and large and open. I guess just remember that he is weak to ice and
    lightning and dragon and water but not fire.
    Repel or Slay a Ceadeus
    Locale: Underwater Ruins
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: air philters, UW Ammo (from the Argosy Captain)
    This battle is just a long drawn-out pain. It takes forever and in the end the
    thing will probably just run away. Now if he does run away then the next time
    you come back it will be in area 3 and still damaged. You can get to area 3
    quickly by taking the shortcut behind your camp (and if it turns out you went
    the wrong way well thats what that FARCASTER in the blue box is for).
    All that stuff I said above assumes that you will be able to actually get the
    ceadeus to area 3. All you have to do is attack it as it swims there, and it is
    a pretty big target.
    Yeah this quest is a pain. Make sure not to miss with that dragonator! As soon
    as its ready then lure Ceady over (call your sidekicks to you too). Try and
    float near the spikes and not near the button exactly so that Ceady goes to
    the right spot, and then swim up to the button and don't miss!
    Don't miss! What else can I say?
    Capture an Uragaan
    Locale: Volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, traps, tranqs
    Well all of my tips for Ura combat are up above somewhere. This is not very
    different at all. Ura won't give you any trouble about letting you know when
    he's ready to be captured. He has a lot of hit points and defense and he's
    smart enough to limp off to area 6 when he needs to. Let him sleep and set up
    a trap and then throw tranqs at him. Yep. Nothin' to it.
    Hunt a Agnaktor
    Locale: Volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, sonic bombs, pitfall traps
    Agnaktor is a big uroktor. You've seen those little things around, right? They
    dive down into the molten rock and then jump out at you. Agnaktor does that
    too. Hmm... I think I'll call him Lasagna. That's kinda funny. Ha ha!
    He's over in Area 7 probably. He likes it there because in addition to diving
    into the ground he can jump up into the ceiling and attack you from there. What
    a pain. Usually when he's in the ground or ceiling you'll have ample warning of
    where he is going to strike. Heck, if he's not enraged then you can even sonic
    bomb him and get him stuck in the ground! However when he is enraged he attacks
    relentlessly and you could find yourself overwhelmed. He has this one diving
    attack where he just picks are target and jumps out at it repeatedly and this
    can really easily run you down if you don't run like a headless chicken. Also
    it causes tremors as he slides around under you so don't depend too much on a
    As you probably figured out yourself, Lasagna is a fire monster and he has a
    lot of fire attacks so you want to be wearing fire resistant armor and bring a
    water or ice weapon. As for his fire attacks, well, he has a lot of them. The
    first is that peck he does with his beak whenever he tries to go into the
    ground. That does fire damage and sometimes he'll just peck at you 2 or 4 times
    moving forward a little each time. If you're far enough in front of his he'll
    just slowly click his beak and then shoot a fire beam straight ahead. And he
    has this other fire beam where he sits up in the ground and then shoots ahead,
    then a little bit to his right, and then he spins it around in a counter-
    cockwise circle. Well I'm not describing it well but you will know it when you
    see it. It's a 360 degree fire beam, okay? Put your weapon away and dive
    through it, or just be really close to him because this attack doesn't hit the
    area right around him and its a good chance to break his legs.
    Lasagna's whole body is covered in volcanic rock and this has strange elemental
    properties. Whenever he dives down into the lava or uses his fire attacks his
    armor becomes soft. If he just attacks you all regularly  on land then his
    armor hardens up and your attacks will just bounce off him. You'll have to
    entice him to get down into the lava somehow. One easy way to do this is to
    lay a pitfall trap for him to fall into. Another thing you can do is stand
    really far away from him so that he'll use his firebeam attack (which softens
    up his chest and mouth at least). Also if you use a fire weapon you can soften
    up his armor yourself (but really, a fire weapon against lasagna? come on). Oh
    but if you ever break his armor then you can attack the broken spots at any
    time. Lasagna can be broken up pretty much everywhere if you try hard enough.
    Well maybe that is all of lasagna's special attacks or maybe not. Anyways
    otherwise he behaves kinda like lagi and luddy before him. He moves like a lagi
    and he has a few of those landlubbery attacks. He does that hipcheck that lagi
    does. He does that curl up tail spinning thing. He jumps at you and slides
    around and yeah he's like a more mobile lagi with fire attacks.
    So what can I say. Bring a pitfall trap and some sonic bombs and cool drinks.
    When he's in the lava don't stand on the edge because the edge of the volcanic
    ground does damage to you. When he's injured he'll run up to the top of the map
    to try and sleep but you can run up after him and hit up 4 or 5 great mining
    points on the way.
    High rank! Woot! Let's get high up in here!
    High rank monsters are a lot like regular monsters. Most of the time you won't
    notice a difference outside of their having higher hitpoints and attack and
    defence. So it's like you're fighting the same monster except it will take
    longer and you'll be using more potions until you get tougher weapons and
    armor. Yeah, you're going to be going through the same content again to get
    stronger versions of things you already have.
    So it's not quite the same. Some of the monsters have some new attacks, kinda.
    What you're really going to be blown away by are the new MONSTER SUBSPECIES,
    like that Purple Ludroth from the urgent quest. Talk about your sinister switch
    ups. These things will be throwing all kinds of crazy remixes your way to keep
    things fresh while you desperately grind your way up to better gear.
    If you find yourself being overwhelmed at the level of damage coming your way
    then maybe you should be focussing on getting high-rank gear. The difference in
    the defence between high and low armor is so huge that it totally transcends
    whatever skills you have on your dopest lr gear. Get your hands on whatever is
    easiest to make: jaggi or wroggi armor or something like that. You should be
    able to scrounge up the parts for that without being overwhelmed. Don't just
    jump into the pink rathian fight without first working your way up through the
    ranks all over again. Get yourself some easy to get high-rank armor and start
    upgrading all of your weapons up to rare 3 or 4 (did you know that the rarity
    ranking of your weapons will clue you in to what you can expect to be upgrading
    in the near future?).
    Did you hear what I just said? I said you should totally ignore the key quests
    until you have killed a bunch of jaggis or wroggis and made them into armor!
    Yes, I am still listing them first, but seriously... ignore them and go kill
    those weak things instead! You have you work your way up!
    Moga Village has pretty much quieted down now. The flood of villager requests
    has pretty much receeded. And just to show you how messed up this is: now that
    you don't need a boatload of resource points for those requests, the woods are
    about to be filled with bunch of new monsters worth astronomical amounts of
    points! Yowza yowza! And now you can freehunt by day or by night, with night
    being the high-rank mode with all of the new monsters and new items to gather
    and that sort of fun stuff. Also it's darker out so it's scarier.
    You'll be getting your hands on some really nice rare commodities if you go
    out there at night, like 3 or 4 star stuff. You can get your hands on all sorts
    of nice stuff like new dances and masks and items and whatnot. Maybe you want
    to pick up those armor and power charms or whatever they are called? They claim
    that having them around makes you stronger and I guess you might as well
    believe them. One thing you really want to pick up is a shakalaka mask called
    the FALSE FELYNE which will turn one of your sidekicks into a powerful
    offensive weapon capable of staggering large monsters. The thing about that
    mask though is that you can ruin the attack and get yourself launched if you
    attack your companion: think of it as good training for multiplayer mode. It's
    about time you noobs learned to not attack your teammates and interrupt their
    attacks, and I can think of no better way of teaching you that lesson than by
    exploding you every time you screw up.
    And you can hang out in the Misty Peaks now. They aren't so interesting. Sure,
    some of the areas are pretty, but a lot of them are bland uninteresting areas
    with nothing especially unique to gather or mine or anything. Hmm. Add to that
    a bunch of vicious pink rathians and you have an altogether unpleasant spot
    that I still don't know the lay-out of because high-rank quests don't start
    you off with a map (or anything in the bluebox, which I'm sure I mentioned
    above but I'll just repeat myself anyways).
    Here's some other things you should know about high rank. You're going to want
    to keep your eye open for a DAILY SKILL in the restaurant called FELYNE
    EXPLORER. I don't know how often it shows up but try cooking double veggies to
    see if it's around. If you've unlocked the drinks category of food then you can
    get explorer by eating drinks and fish. But how do you get drinks on the menu?
    That's a mystery. Anyways the thing about this skill is that when you start
    quests with this skill you will start in an otherwise inaccessible secret area
    where you will have the opportunity to collect rare items. Don't forget your
    bug nets and pickaxes! The other, much more serious thing you need to know
    about high rank mode is that THE DEVIL might just show up while you are out
    there and he'll kill you dead for the lolz. Do yourself a favor and just run
    And hey, if you're not feeling up to high rank and you want to practice on those
    big low rank monsters for a bit, you can go talk to Neko (means 'cat') and head
    on over to port tanzia as you are now ready to take on the 2star port quests.
    There you'll get to fight slightly tougher versions of the 5star village mons.
    They're somewhere between the difficulty of high rank monsters and what they
    were in the 5star village quests. I'll leave the port stuff for you to find out
    and get back to my regularly scheduled coverage of the village quests.
    Slay 10 Jaggia
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: none
    Prepare to be humbled. Now that you are a high rank hunter you are no longer
    strong enough to fight large monsters and you'll have to settle for slaying
    defenceless jaggia.
    Well, that's not strickly true, and the game has a more sinister reason for
    making you engage in this small potato farming. Once you get up into area 6
    you'll see a scene play out in which a great jaggi is 1hko'd by a much larger
    dinosaur known as THE DEVIL. In reality the devil can't kill gjaggis quite that
    fast, but he can probably kill hunters in low rank gear in 2 hits or so. You
    don't want to deal with him right now or in the near future. If you ever see
    this guy around just run away. If you have some moves you can paint him or
    dung bomb your target into another area, but still you want to just run away.
    He will rip you apart if you try to ignore him, and even if you are a tough
    number it still won't be worth your time to hunt him in the middle of another
    quest like this.
    Just run around the lower circuit of the deserted island until you rack up 10
    jaggia kills. Take your time and gather some of the new high rank items you are
    now able to gather.
    Hunt a Crimson Qurupeco
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items: sonic bombs, dung bombs, paintballs
    Did you read what I wrote above about not jumping right into the key quests for
    this tier until you've grinded on some weaker mons to make high rank armor? I
    hope you took my advice, or else you're about to find out what it's like to be
    beaten up by a qurupeco (spoiler: it feels shameful). Well, the real problem in
    this quest isn't the qurupeco per se, but rather that he calls in bigger
    monsters to help him out, and having to constantly chase quru away from ians
    or devils can really drag this quest out for a long long time. Bring along a
    lot of bombs and paint so you can keep this quest moving along even after
    devils start showing up every couple of minutes or so (and don't try to fight
    quru while there is a devil in the room... just don't).
    Crimson Qurupeco aren't so different from the regular variety. They're still
    weak to ice, for instance, so if you made a weapon out of barioth now is the
    time to use it. However, this quru is lightning based and also weak to fire
    weapons. He probably won't hit you with his lightning attack very often so
    don't go worrying about that... but make sure you don't go using lightning
    weapons on this guy in your ignorance.
    Yeah his only lightning attack is that 'flint' attack he does with his wings,
    you know, the one that used to be a fire attack on the old qurupeco? It's just
    as easy to avoid as before: you just have to change direction everytime quru
    does. If you do get hit, though, you won't be afflicted with the easy to
    extinguish fireblight, but rather with thunderblight, the awful condition that
    makes you more prone to being stunned. Drat. Maybe you should bring nulberries
    along if you think you can't avoid this attack easily every time.
    Crim has a new move where he smacks his flints together three times (or five
    times if they are damaged) to create a blinding flash of light. It's an obvious
    and slow enough move that you should have time to put your weapon away and
    dive your way through the attack and thus saving yourself from being stunned.
    The other thing that is different about Crim is that his roar is loud enough
    to stop you. It's not that significant a thing but it is different, I guess.
    Otherwise you can treat him like a regular qurupeco: you can sonic bomb him
    when he calls for help, you can knock him out of the air when he tries to fly
    around, and you can keep an eye open for when he lowers his head so you can
    bust open his pompous bill. The biggest danger in this fight is the devil
    showing up frequently enough that you use up all of your items trying to
    relocate the fight and in the process you get worn out and demoralized. The
    only way to prevent this is to come overprepared with lots and lots of items!
    So it turns out that Crim has another new move I am only newly aware of. He has
    a special song he does that puts you to sleep! That's certainly different.
    Unfortunately for Crim he's not good at taking advantage of this. He's about as
    likely to wake you up by taking flight and breezing on you as he is to put
    himself to sleep and spoon you. Crim's call can also put other large monsters to
    Oh, and here's the skinny on crimson qurupeco armor: it looks ridiculous (and
    that makes it awesome). In a tier or two you're going to go up against some
    tough lightning monsters with big lightning attacks so having some high-rank
    lightning resistant armor (like this crimson qurupeco armor) could be a huge
    help. Well, that's just my two cents. Did I mention how ridiculous it looks?
    Completing this quest will unlock crimson pecos in moga woods. Expect almost
    all of the monsters you defeat from here on out to do that.
    Hunt a Pink Rathian
    Locale: Misty Peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: antidotes and herbal meds, mega potions, flash bombs
    Pink rathians are like regular rathians except that they can kill you with new
    secret ninja moves and like... machine guns and s**t.
    Don't fight pinkian until you've made some high rank armor. I'm totally serious
    about that. That's good advice.
    But the pinkian still has fire and poison attacks and pretty much all of the
    same moves. What makes her so much more deadly than regular old rathians? Well,
    I guess it's just that she's more aggressive. And she has two new moves that
    she is not shy about spamming.
    The first new move is an addition to her short and small bite attack. What bite
    attack? Let's just say that it was formerly of such a short range and small
    damage that it was beneath your notice except that it was an opportunity to hit
    her as she pathetically immobilized herself to extend her head to one side and
    bite at some air. But now this attack comes with a fiery explosion all in front
    of her, with significantly less warning than her old fire field attack. Yikes.
    I think she tends to bite to her left, but then again I thought her other new
    attack only went in one direction too and that turned out to be wishful
    thinking on my part, so I'm not to confident in that statement. Anyways just
    try not to be in front of her when he rears her head back and then steps
    forward for this attack. You're better off attacking her from the side to get
    at her legs and groin anyways.
    But you really really really really need to be careful about her next new
    attack because it is super deadly and has a huge range. Pinkian has this new
    poison tail spin move except this one doesn't just attack along her spinal
    axis but instead she flings her tail around her mostly attacking you off to
    whichever side she wants. This move is wild to look at and it has a huge range
    so if you see her winding up as if to take to the air then be super super
    quick about running away. When she's in the air though she does her old
    tail spin move, and she does it on the ground too on rare occasions. Yikes,
    unpredictable and deadly!
    So yeah, this new rathian is a monster and you should be wary about fighting
    it. I mean you should really put it off until you've done the rest of these
    6star quests and made some killer armor. Some qurupeco or regular ian armor
    will be fireproof if you think you're going to be exploded a whole lot. Heck,
    you already know that this game is full of fiery monsters that are going to be
    regurgitated for you to fight again two tiers from now, so getting yourself
    fire-resistant armor now will be a good investment.
    Oh and by beating this monster you unlock pinkians in the moga woods. Make sure
    you check the forecast so you know if its safe to go out at night.
    Hunt a Plesioth
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items: potions
    Compared to pinkian before it the plesioth is not very difficult at all. Sure
    it's big... but it also doesn't move around a lot in the water and it goes on
    land and stands around a lot too. He doesn't even have a lot of hitpoints
    either I don't think. Don't worry about Plesioth.
    Plesioth is weakest to fire so hopefully you've made a fire weapon by this
    point. You may want to wear some waterproof armor, like ludroth stuff or
    something, because plesi has this waterbeam attack that is pretty powerful and
    fast acting and goes through shields. When he's in the water this attack will
    shoot straight ahead so try not to dick around in front of him. On land he can
    fire forward or sweep the beam in front of him, either close up or far away.
    Sometimes when one of you is on land and the other is in the water he will
    take a shot at you. This isn't such a big deal but be aware anyways.
    Okay so let's start in the water since I think that's where Plesi is going to
    start. Yeah if you didn't know it Plesi is a fishy thing that hangs out in the
    watery areas of the deserted island... you know, like the luddy and lagi did.
    Now in the water the plesi is a big target and doesn't move as much as its
    fishy shape would suggest. Chalk that one up to lazy programmers. Anyways, when
    its not sitting still taking hits it will be swimming around doing those same
    underwater attacks you know and love. It can jump up out of the water and fall
    down on you. It spins around to whack you with its tail and it flips around to
    do the same thing.
    Plesi goes on land a lot for a fish and he is surprisingly tougher up there.
    When he gets on land you will notice that he is a very tall and long monster
    and that most of the time you'll only be able to attack his legs. He lowers his
    head to do his waterbeam but yeah otherwise it and the tail will be out of
    Plesi's land moves are kind of ridiculous. He likes to run around like a...
    well nothing runs in quite such a horrifying spectacle as a Plesioth. He's
    trying to unnerve you so he can run you over. He also does that sliding move
    that the lagi liked to do on land.
    Plesi is infamous for his hip-check move and its strange dissociated hitbox.
    Basically what you need to know about hipchecks is that in addition to hitting
    you in the direction the monster is attacking, the hipcheck can also hit you if
    you are behind the monster (in the direction it is not attacking). That is just
    the way it is so you'd better just learn to deal with it. Keep you health up
    and stay clear of Plesi's sides... both of them.
    Now for the special plesi items. Plesi can be fished out of the water using
    sonic bombs and frogs somehow. Well that's just what I've heard. I've never got
    them to work and frankly I don't see the point in doing so because if anything
    Plesi is an easier target in the water. Just take your weapons to him and break
    his head and his back and his wing fin things.
    So beating this... thing... unlocks the seven-star quests. Kayamba will be
    talking about some 'ultimate mask' and there will be a villager request up to
    get you ready for the MOHRAN hunt. You'll also be happy to know that there are
    Plesioth in moga woods in case you want to farm them for commodities and the
    parts to make new water weapons.
    Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: cool drink
    PawPass tickets show up in the bluebox after two minutes. Move one over to the
    red box to complete the quest and get some really bad quest rewards. You've
    been here before and you know the drill, right?
    I think gjaggi shows up on this quest. You can kill him if you want.
    Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items:
    PawPass tickets show up in the bluebox after two minutes. Move one over to the
    red box to complete the quest and get some really bad quest rewards. You've
    been here before and you know the drill, right?
    I think gwroggi shows up on this quest. You can kill him if you want.
    Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Locale: Misty Peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items:
    PawPass tickets show up in the bluebox after two minutes. Move one over to the
    red box to complete the quest and get some really bad quest rewards. You've
    been here before and you know the drill, right?
    I suppose a large monster could show up here, too. You can hunt it if you
    Hunt a Rathian
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: flash bombs, antidotes, potions
    Get some high rank armor first. High rank ian can do a whopping ton of damage
    otherwise and you'll waste a lot of potions. Otherwise ian is exactly the same
    and if you need help I wrote out everything I know about ian up above
    Hunt a Royal Ludroth
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: potions
    Well Luddy is still just a luddy so don't worry too much about him. Bring
    some potions along and make him into armor if you like wearing really ugly
    lifejacket parka things into battle.
    Hunt a Great Jaggi and a Pink Rathian
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: potions, antidotes, flash bombs
    It's wierd but true that fighting more than one large monster in a single
    quest actually makes them easier to fight. And the thing with Gjaggi is that it
    is such a pushover that it hardly counts as a large monster on its own. So this
    is basically another fight against the pinkian, except its easier because it
    takes place in a more familiar hunting ground. No more cramped spaces and
    getting lost for you!
    Oh and this is one of those 'hunt all the large monster' quests so that means
    instead of getting monster carves you get mega potions... so kill them if you
    need mega potions but trap them if you hope to get anything good out of this
    Hunt a Barroth
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: potions, cleanser
    This is just another barroth quest. You can handle barroth, right? I sure hope
    so becaue soon you're going to be seeing barroth's head lurking in the ground
    in the moga woods.
    Hunt a Rathian and a Barroth
    Locale: sandy Plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items: traps and tranqs. cool drinks
    This is one of those 'hunt all the large monsters' quests and that means that
    the monsters will be weaker but instead of getting carves from them you'll
    be getting mega potions from their corpses. How does that work exactly? Well
    it involves a large guild conspiracy to replace all of the monsters with
    hollow clones for the purposes of making you question the purity of the drugs
    you are taking. Do yourself a favor and capture these monsters since you won't
    be getting carves anyways.
    Hunt a Great Wroggi
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Recommended items:
    Yeah this quest is not tough at all. It's pretty much exactly the same as the
    low rank version, except by now you probably have better weapons. Make this
    one of your earlier high rank quests since its so much easier. It also unlocks
    moga gwroggi.
    Deliver 5 Slagtoth Oil
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items:
    Slagtoths are those ugly green cows that show up sometimes in the flooded
    forest. They are easy to kill and the account item you are looking for shows
    up occasionally. Deliver 5 of these things to the red box when you have them.
    If pinkian shows up then throw a paintball at it and avoid it. There are
    plenty of slagtoth around so you shouldn't have any trouble finding them. One
    thing you'll be happy to know is that this quest rewards you with a whole bunch
    of charms.
    Hunt 2 Arzuros
    Locale: Misty Peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: Dung bombs
    Arzuros still aren't tough, but in this quest they'll be working together to
    tag-team you. They'll to tough to keep separate and they can do a lot of
    damage so you may be in for a tough (but short) fight. So yeah, dung bombs and
    high rank armor might help. Beating these two unlocks arzuros in the moga
    Hunt a Great Jaggi
    Locale: Misty Peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Recommended items: potions
    It's a great jaggi. The misty peaks just makes it harder to find.
    Slay 15 Bullfango
    Locale: Misty Peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items:
    The bullfango are everywhere and they are not very tough. Run around and hunt
    them down. Pinkian and purple ludroth might show up but just ignore them.
    Deliver 3 Gargwa Eggs
    Locale: Misty Peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items:
    Gargwa eggs come out of those wierd ostrich things in the first area of misty
    peaks. Anyways you have to scare them to make them drop their eggs. I like to
    kick them.
    Completing this quest gives cha-cha another new mask idea.
    Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: sonic bombs, dung bombs
    This is a wierd quest that I don't get. You have to kill Qurupecos to get a
    pawpass ticket. You have to kill 2 Qurupecos to unlock the ticket. There is
    also a rathian around to make things difficult. When you kill the first Quru
    you will get a notice that there are '4 monsters left'. Kill another and you'll
    be told that there are '3 monsters left'. I have made no efforts to get any
    further than this. Does it mean that there are two more Qurus to kill and one
    rathian? Or is it three more qurus to kill and the rathian doesn't figure in?
    Again, I don't know. Yes, I know you guys count on me to provide you with
    everything you need to know about this game.... but I don't care. If you want
    to get to the bottom of this then feel free but I suggest that you come back
    to this much later when you have a much better weapon (ice, I suppose) that
    can dispatch these qurupecos in under ten minutes each.
    Now that you've gotten used to the increased challenge of high-rank mode, the
    next tier of quests shouldn't pose any problems for you. It's a straightfoward
    progression or levelling off after the difficulty spikes of the last tier.
    Basically this tier will take you to the tundra and make you fight high-rank
    versions of all of those monsters (except the barioth). Just bring your high
    rank gear and some hot drinks and you'll be fine. You did remember that you are
    responsible for bringing hot drinks and meat now, right?
    There are one or two new subspecies for you to encounter but they shouldn't
    give you much trouble. The big new battle in this tier is the JHEN MOHRAN hunt.
    It's very different from other battles and you'll have to unlock it through
    a villager request. Beating it is going to involve being pretty much perfect
    with your application of the DRAGONSHIP DEFENCES and having a much better
    weapon than you will probably have at this stage. Unless you like spending a
    half hour in a vain struggle for no reward I would suggest that you save this
    quest for later, like a tier or two later. I have no idea why this is a 7star
    Speaking of weapons, right about now you should be upgrading up to rare 4 and 5
    weapons. If you're using a blade then try to start getting some with BLUE
    SHARPNESS. For whatever reason such sharpness is not actually required to hit
    monsters at this point, but you might as well get it anyways. And like I said
    this tier takes place mostly in the tundra so that means you'll be
    fighting monsters who are weak to fire and that means that you should bring an
    up-to-date fire weapon. Unfortunately it doesn't look like qurupeco parts are
    going to cut it to get a better fire weapon at this point and instead you're
    going to need parts from the rathalos at the end of this tier. Aww. Sucks, I
    But then again, looking at the key quests for this tier we have a volvidon
    quest, a baleful gigginox, and a jade barroth. Of those 3 monsters only one is
    actually weak to fire, and the other two can be handled with water weapons
    (and there are new powerful water weapons that can be made out of your last
    urgent monster: the plesioth). So it is totally possible that you could make a
    water weapon out of plesioth and use it to power through this tier, defeat the
    urgent Rathalos at the end, make him into a new fire weapon, and then use that
    to come back and steamroll your way over the rest of this tier. Yep: that's my
    advice. The only other thing I would add is that you should also make a better
    lightning weapon (out of crim and baleful gigginox) to take down jade barroth
    and rathalos. That should cover the element spread for this tier.
    Now on to my armor advice. Well I don't think you need anything specific. As
    long as you're wearing high rank armor of any kind and upgrading its defence
    through the forge and the high rank armor spheres available in the tundra than
    you should be fine. Having some poison-proof armor will certainly make your
    dealings with noxi much easier (and there are A LOT of noxi fights in this tier
    for some reason). Just pick whatever you like best.
    One last thing you should know is that the 6star village quests roughly
    correspond to the 3star port quests. I say roughly because at the end of the
    3star port quests is an urgent quest against a monster that doesn't show up for
    two more tiers in the village: brachydios. If you're progressing through the
    village and port together then it is entirely possible that you'll be having
    your first fight against brachy out in tanzia. And don't worry too much about
    that because he's an entirely new monster so it's kind of new for everyone.
    He's pretty aggressive though and he has a new status/element you should be
    afraid of. But if you come overprepared with 5 cool drinks, 10 potions, 10 mega
    potions, lifepowders, ancient and max potions, etc., you should manage to squeak
    through. Oh, and you can roll to get slime off of you, like fireblight.
    Hunt 2 Volvidon
    Locale: Sandy Plains (N)
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items: dung bombs, deodorant, hot drinks
    Ugh. Volvidon are annoying one at a time. Fighting them together is just a
    recipe for being afflicted and then jumped on from out of nowhere. Bring dung
    bombs along so you can deal with these guys seperately, and bring deodorant
    along so you don't lose access to your items (IE... those dung bombs you need).
    Apparantely deodorants can be made out of bomb casings and bitterbugs and you
    should have some of them in your item box. If you get caught in a situation
    where you are soiled and have no deodorant and there are two volvidon ganging
    up on you then you're going to have a bad time.
    Hunt a Jade Barroth
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, cleanser
    Jade isn't too different from her muddy brother. She uses pretty much all of
    the same moves you're already familiar with. She throws snowballs ahead of her
    pretty often though, and her charge move can change direction (thereby
    coming barroth's greatest exploitable weakness). These two new attacks are hard
    to dodge and you'll probably be swept up in them a bit, but the upside is that
    Jade doesn't have a lot of hitpoints or really powerful ice attacks so you
    should be able to bring her down even with a weak fire or lightning weapon.
    First things first are those snowballs. She likes to smash her head to the
    ground and bring these things up, and she likes to launch them forward at you
    in threes. They're easy enough to avoid once you know the directions they're
    going to go, but until then bring yourself some cleanser. You don't want to be
    a slow moving snowball when jade starts charging around in all kinds of
    directions. You want to be able to block or dodge out of the way of something
    crazy like that.
    Well the new charge isn't so crazy I guess. It's kind of like the roll uragaan
    does where it gets all screwy... except jade doesn't change direction quite as
    fast. Yeah she has a pretty wide turning radius and that translates into time
    to turn your guard around.
    Oh and here's something interesting... and secret. When jade limps out of the
    fight she'll move down towards area 1 and then head towards that pile of
    branches and crap on the far side of the area, you know, that spot that once
    you realized was empty and pointless and you never looked at again. Anyways,
    if you leave jade alone, or if you lure her into attacking in that direction,
    she will demolish the wall of the area and open up a path to two secret areas.
    You can follow her over there and kill her but mostly you want to get here to
    gather some rare dragonbone relics and whatnots. Do yourself a favor when
    jade starts limping by letting her open up the secret areas before you kill
    Hunt a Baleful Gigginox
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, nulberries
    If anyone has suggestions for a cute nickname for baleful gigginox please
    email me at cerberusalchemist@gmail.com
    Baleful gigginox trades in poison attacks for electric attacks and she does it
    with mad abandon. I hope you have some lightning resistant armor or at least
    ate a meal that made you lightning resistant because she has a lot of these
    attacks and they have annoying ways of getting to you. Bring nulberries along
    because thunderblight is the pits.
    Baleful gigginox is much more colorful than her pale counterpart. She is also
    much more deadly so she doesn't need to be camoflaged. She is bright yellow
    under normal circumstances but when she is enraged she is very very red. And
    when she is enraged her tail is soft and vulnerable and her head is hard, while
    normally her head is soft and her tail is hard. That's a useful thing to know.
    I think that applies to regular noxi too but its the sort of thing I only
    noticed when I got to this fight.
    Her most effective electric attack is to poop out a yellow mound of... yellow
    something... that will explode after a few seconds. This attack has a larger
    area than noxis poison pile did and it can paralyze you and leave you super
    vulnerable to being attacked. Blech. If you have some armor or charms to
    protect yourself from being paralyzed then this is the place to use them.
    Otherwise if you see baleful gigginox doing this move you may want to get away
    from her rear end even if she is in rage mode and her tail is her weakpoint.
    Oh and be super careful of this lame move that gigginox does after
    deploying this thing where she does two pivots and if you are between her head
    and arms she can move into into the blast radius. If you don't want to be hit
    by this thing then just get out of the dang way.
    Oh and sometimes the baleful gigginox excretes this pile onto its back and then
    it will carry it around until you break it or it explodes and destroys you. I've
    only ever seen this in g-ranked baleful gigginoxes but hey for all I know the
    high baleful gigginoxes do this too.
    Oh and she also shoots out electricity that splits into three paths and this
    can paralyze you, too.
    Oh and remember that move where noxi would brace herself and then squirt poison
    clouds out from under her? Baleful gigginox does that too but with an
    electrical field and its a little bigger than noxi's poison one and this attack
    really stings so steer clear.
    Baleful gigginox has this other thing she does where she gets all charged up
    and lunges at you and paralyes you and eats you. Yikes. Try not to let her get
    you into this position.
    Like noxi the baleful gigginox likes to hang out on the ceiling and this can
    drag out the fight interminably. And there's not too much you can do about that
    (if you are a blademaster). My advice you would be to turn your back on her
    and let her think she's getting the drop on you. If she thinks she can squash
    you, she'll come down in a heartbeat (you should move out of the way once she's
    committed to jumping down at you).
    Hunt 1 Rathalos
    Locale: Deserted Island.
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    Recommended items: Antidotes, potions, flash bombs.
    This rathalos is exactly like every other rathalos you've fought: it has a
    poison attack, it stays in the air a lot and needs to be flash bombed, and it
    likes to fly over your traps and make fun of your feeble attempts at
    ensnarement. The only thing different about this quest is that you are required
    to bring your sidekicks along because they have some beef with this guy sorta.
    In addition to unlocking the 8star quests, completing this quest will also
    get you a really ugly UNFORTUNATE MASK for kayamba. This mask is totally
    useless and the process of upgrading it will be serving as the plot for the
    next couple of tiers. It's a very thin plot.
    Deliver a Paw Pass Ticket
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks
    Gbaggi or lagombi could show up. Whoopdidoo. Anyways you know the harvest tour
    drill. Bring a hot drink and get yourself some gracium and rare scarabs or
    whatever it is you're after.
    Hunt a Gobul
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: frog, sonic bombs
    Luddy can show up. Otherwise this is another gobul fight. Fish him out of area
    4 with a frog so you can fight him on land. Don't get paralyzed. Don't fall for
    his attempts to jump out at you from underground.
    Hunt 2 Lagombi
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Recommended items: dung bombs, hot drinks
    Lagombi are pushovers. They're small and weak. Two of them together might be a
    problem because they can hurl themselves across an area at a high speed. Do
    yourself a favor and dung bomb them to keep them apart.
    Hunt a Great Baggi
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks
    Gbaggi are total losers. Make sure you clear out the little baggis so they
    don't put you to sleep so the gbaggi can smack you. On the other hand, if the
    gbaggi puts you to sleep then you have a few seconds to wander around and
    getting attacked by one of the small baggis is preferable over being attacked
    by the big one.
    Hunt a gigginox and a baleful giggnox
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: antidotes, hot drinks, dung bombs
    When you fight multiple monsters they will be weaker versions so the fight
    should be easier. But bring extra pots in case this thing drags on.
    Deliver 5 antelka antlers
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: hot drink
    Lagombi shows up... no biggie. You're here to get antlers from 'antelka' or
    some such thing. They're like kelbi but a little more aggressive. Just knock
    them out until you have 5 antlers.
    Hunt 3 Gigginox
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, antidotes
    Another gigginox quest. This tier is surfeited with them. I don't know why.
    If you like inflicting status effects on monsters than I guess you should take
    advantage of all of these noxis to make noxi armor and weapons.
    Oh, did I ever mention that high rank noxi has stronger poison that does much
    more damage than regular poison? If I didn't, I am now. Noxi has pink poison
    now and that stuff will eat away at you super fast. Bring pots and antidotes.
    Hunt a Jade Barroth and a Gigginox
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, antidotes
    Take out one or the other first. And hey, maybe you should save this quest
    until after you've beaten the rathalos and upgraded your fire weapon.
    Slay or repel Jhen Mohran
    Locale: Great Desert
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 9/10
    Recommended items: potions. the special items you need are in the bluebox.
    Like I said above, this quest is unique from all others in this game and it is
    of a difficulty far above the rest of the 7star quests and your current power
    so you should put this off until later. Much later. Don't do it! In Monster
    Hunter Tri this quest was online only and that meant you had four people
    around to damage this thing and believe me when I say that the monster has not
    been properly scaled down so that one person can hope to defeat it at this
    point in the game.
    This quest has to be unlocked through a villager request. The parts you need
    are not hard to come by. Don't worry about it. Anyways this quest is not needed
    to progress in this game until you get to the final two quests so you can
    put it off until then.
    This quest has a couple of new ways to bring about your failure. For one thing
    the quest is only 30 minutes and if you don't inflict enough damage in that
    time then Jhenny will bug out and you will be a loser. There is also this thing
    called the DRAGONSHIP you need for this quest and if Jhen destroys it then you
    will fail. And believe me: this ship will take a beating over the course of the
    battle. The ship has a couple of DEFENCES that need to be employed practically
    perfectly in order to protect it (and to damage jhen enough to slay or repel
    it). Even if you use these things effectively the fact is that your small
    damage output may not be enough to stagger the massive jhen enough to keep it
    from wrecking your vessel. The dragonship's INTEGRITY is listed in your quest
    info. When it goes from 'Low' to 'Warning' to 'Danger' to 'The Dragonship was
    Destroyed, Quest Failed' then you are in trouble.
    Let's familiarize ourselves with the dragonship defences. No, let's start with
    what is in the bluebox because some of that stuff is used in defence. There are
    some ammo-like things in there you should not ignore. Some of them are ballista
    ammo that you will be using to shoot jhenny when she is otherwise too far away
    to attack. You can pick up more of this ammo up on deck from between the stairs
    to the front (or bow). Also in this box are some different bombs. The EZ bombs
    can be used on the ship or on the desert ground. The anti-dragon bombs can only
    be used on Jhenny's back. Make sure you use all of them. Finally we have the
    gold ammo thing that is known as the BALLISTA BINDER. This is a special ammo
    that stops Jhen in her tracks during some of her attacks. Like the other
    defences it has a period between uses during which it cannot be used so you
    have to be careful to use these things at the right times.
    The next dragonship defence is a circle pad thing on the centre of the deck
    known as the HUNTING GONG. It takes a bit of time to activate and it has a long
    refractory period. Anyways the most important thing you need to know about the
    gong is that you MUST NOT HIT IT ACCIDENTALLY OR AT THE WRONG TIMES because it
    is the only way to prevent jhenny from bellyflopping your ship for massive
    damage. Don't waste this thing. If you see Jhenny draw up on the side of the
    ship and draw her belly up then be quick about ringing this gong. I guess you
    can use it early in the quest because you don't actually need it for a while.
    Anyways later in the fight this gong is going to be your best method for getting
    Jhen to back away from the ship and maybe even knock her over. Don't waste this
    opportunity or else Jhen will just repeatedly smash up your ship until it
    Finally we have the most important and powerful dragonship weapon/defence: the
    dragonator. Cool name, right? It's essentially similar to the dragonator you
    used to kill ceadeus. This is a forward facing weapon (for the first
    phase of the fight) that does massive damage and can prevent the dragonship
    from taking massive damage. It needs to be used during a very specific part of
    the fight and if you use it at another time or screw up the timing of using it
    then you might as well just give up because you need to hit Jhenny with this
    thing to kill her. In the next phase of the fight the dragonator will be turned
    jhen-ward and it will eventually be made available for a second strike that will
    either be the killing blow or else make it possible.
    Besides the key defences the dragonship has two other weapons for you to use to
    damage Jhen when she is out of the range of your weapon (and perhaps they are
    stronger than your wee weapon). There are BALLISTAS (which you should already
    be familiar with from the ceadeus fight) that aim out over either side of the
    deck and you can gather ammo for these things from between the steps up to the
    foredeck. These weapons should be directed towards Jhen's tusks and then her
    legs and then just aimed at her face and belly. You can zoom with this weapon
    using the R trigger or something else just fiddle with it. At the stern end of
    the ship you can pick up CANNONBALLS that can be loaded into nearby CANNONS to
    damage jhenny through its massive hide. These cannonballs don't have as great a
    range as the ballistas, and if you are attacked while you are carrying one it
    is liable to explode and damage you. Both of these things have limited ammo. I
    think ammo comes back for a little bit in the second phase but eventually you'll
    have to get your hands dirty. Your best bet for completing this quest is to get
    a FELYNE skill called BOMBARDIER which pumps up your ballista and cannonball
    damage output.
    As you may have gathered from the preceding paragraphs: this fight has two
    'phases'. During the first phase jhen is on the move and your dragonship is
    drawn up beside it and you'll only be able to attack from the dragonship deck
    or you can hop on jhenny's back and attack her there. In the second phase the
    ship is still and jhen slowly walks towards it and you are able to run out on
    the desert and attack her from the ground.
    This fight is already sounding very different from the other fights, right? Well
    there is one more most important difference between this fight and all of the
    others. This fight is actually very SCRIPTED. The other monsters all had their
    own repertoires of attacks available to them but they were able to use them
    in whatever order they liked and at any moment they could do one thing or any
    other thing. Jhen is different. The Jhenny fight progresses along a set pattern
    that repeats itself every time you do the quest. Therefore you can perdict when
    Jhen is about to perform her attacks and it is all up to you to take advantage
    of that knowledge to attack and/or defend yourself when the need arises. But
    don't get to thinking that this fight is ABSOLUTELY scripted. Jhen still has
    room for minor variations within the overall pattern... like small flourishes
    or riffs on an otherwise structured piece of music. Things are usually more
    subtle than simple binary oppositions like scripted-unscripted. Open your mind,
    Here is the broad overview of the battle. You begin inside the dragonship next
    to the bluebox. This is a safe area that you return to if you ever fall into the
    desert. You will grab your ammo and binder and bombs from the box and go up to
    the deck. Jhen will appear off of the starboard side of the ship. That's the
    right side. It will be far away at first and you can only hit it with the
    ballista so long as it doesn't hit you with rocks. Roll out of the area of the
    ballista and the ammo when rocks are flying around. Soon enough it will be close
    enough to cannonball it. It will start ramming the ship and it would be a good
    idea to bind it early because you don't need the binder for a little while. A
    little later it will be right next to the ship and a red indictor will appear to
    tell you that you can leap over onto Jhenny's back. Here you have the chance
    to attack two visible weak points on jhen's back. Either use your anti-dragon
    bombs here or else take them up to the tusks. Eventually jhen will shake you
    off its back and you will take damage and return to the below-decks. Jhen will
    then move to the other side of the ship and come up for a head on attack. You
    will either have to bind or gong her depending on how she chooses to attack.
    Probably bind. You can bind her at the start of the fight and have the binder
    again for this.
    Jhen's head will now be looming over the boat and you will be able to directly
    attack her tusks. Before you break them you will be able to jump on them to get
    to her back and finish off her back. After this stage jhen will move ahead of
    the ship and then turn back for her most massive attack. This is when you have
    to hit her with the dragonator in a make-or-break attack. Head on up to the
    foredeck and position yourself over the dragonator and watch as jhen jumps up
    and into the sand and barrels towards you. The timing of your attack is
    critical. If you miss, or even if you hit at the wrong time, the dragonship will
    be sad. You want to press A when jhen comes up for the second time. Try to be a
    little early over a little late. If you screw this up then just give up and
    start the quest over again (or put it off for two tiers).
    Then jhen will draw up beside you again and this part is just a repeat except
    you be low on ammo. When she is right next to your ship you can attack her
    forelegs with your weapon. Jhen will jump over to the other side and may try for
    a bellyflop that you will need to hunting gong away. And if all goes well you
    will be told that you are going into the second phase of the fight. When that
    starts, gather up some ballista ammo and shoot at it for a while because jhen is
    going to take a while to waddle into the area you can attack it in. When she is
    closer then you want to use your binder and gong to stop her attacks and keep
    her away from your ship. When they are unavailable then you want to run out into
    the desert and hack away at her legs until they break, and then keep doing it.
    When jhen gets close to the dragonship then you want to run back to the ship and
    use the dragonship defences to counter her attacks on the ship and push her back
    a bit. Save gongs for bellyflops. Use the dragonator when it is available. Use
    the binder when you can. Cannonballs are available and powerful too.
    And if everything goes perfectly and the the dragonship doesn't buckle and jhen
    takes enough damage, she will run away, or even better she might keel over and
    you will be able to carve her up. You can carve her body and again at her mouth
    so try to be quick and carve both of those areas.
    Oh... did I ever mention which elements you should be using against Jhenny?
    No? Well you should be using ice/dragon. Her biggest weakpoint is in her mouth
    and after that it is those things on her back. And fire is the worst element to
    use against her. Yup. You're welcome.
    Killing jhen gets you another mask idea from cha-cha. Hooray.
    So you defeated rathalos and barroth and gigginox and volvidon, did you? Well
    congratulations! You are now qualified to fight high rank versions of all of the
    monsters you fought in low-rank mode (and one and two new ones).
    There is not much to say about this tier. It has a nice variety of monsters and
    it allows you to go to the high-rank version of the volcano. But really there
    is nothing fundamentally new here. There is hardly any plot left anymore and
    not too many villager requests to fulfill. You'll beat up monsters you've beat
    up before and you will be able to hunt them again in the woods afterwards.
    Your weapons and armor will probably get a slightly better as you get access to
    slightly better materials. You will probably want blue sharpness by this point.
    I know I upgraded my weapons to blue by now so I can't say authoritatively that
    green weapons bounce because I always keep my weapons sharp.
    Let's talk about the new monsters because that's what's interesting, right?
    You unlock the brachydios by talking to the argosy captain so you may have to
    wait a few in-game days for him to be around and set this quest up for you.
    And all I can tell you about the fight beforehand is that brachydios has a
    quality that is unique to him that is not quite an element and not quite a
    status effect and there is no armor with a resistance to it so you'll be going
    into this fight in a very very vulnerable state. Good luck. The other new
    monster is a more standard fare but he is dangerous in that he can get enraged
    and power up all of his attacks with electricity. I hope you have some
    lightning-proof armor (maybe this is why the last tier was full of
    Hunt a lagicrus
    Locale: deserted island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items:
    Lagiacrus is not that tough once you are used to him. He's a lightning monster
    who hardly ever uses lightning attacks. Use your high rathalos fire weapon and
    have your way with him.
    Hunt an agnaktor
    Locale: volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, sonic bombs, pitfall traps
    Hopefully you took the time to hunt a low rank agnaktor when it wasn't
    mandatory so you are prepared to fight a slightly tougher version. Actually
    when i fought him this time he had this new move where he was doing his fire
    beam and he tilts his head back and then like loses control of it and the fire
    beam fans in front of it. Maybe the low rank version does this too but I never
    saw him do that. It's not that big a deal though.
    Hunt a duramboros
    Locale: misty peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items:
    Duramboros is not nearly as tough as he was the first time around. This time
    you have two helpers with you and you have stronger weapons. Fire or poison
    will do the trick.
    Hunt a brachydios
    Locale: volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks
    I don't like how brachy looks. He looks fake. I get that he is some kind of
    plastic mould monster, but I think his whole aesthetic clashed violently with
    the natural atmosphere of this game. All of the other monsters look like things
    that could live in these environments but brachy just looks like a toy. And his
    armor has that same plastic look that just looks totally different from
    everything else and just doesn't seem to belong.
    My next problem with brachy is his unique element/status: slime attacks. Slime
    doesn't fit into the established types. You can't call it an element or a
    status. That's bad enough, but what's worst about it is that slime weapons are
    overpowered compared to everything else. It makes all of the elements and
    statuses worthless and robs this game of the diverity of approach and freedom
    of character customization it used to enjoy. I don't use slime weapons out of
    principle and I regard anyone who does use them as noobs who need to play this
    game on 'easy mode'.
    Moving on -> Your first encounter with brachy will be in area 7 of the volcano.
    You will notice that his fists are very large and distinctively colored. He is
    going to be punching you with those things a lot. He also has a tail with a
    large weapon on the end, and a horn with special attacks. Later on you will
    notice that when he gets into a rage that he glows green/yellow with slime.
    Let's start with the slime. His punch attacks tend to coat you with the stuff.
    If it stays on you for long enough it will explode. You don't want to explode.
    You can roll a few times to cure yourself of the condition (like with
    fireblight). Sometimes brachy punches the ground as part of his attack or his
    movement. This leaves a little slime bomb on the ground. As it changes color
    from green to red it is counting down to a little burst that can harm you if
    you are close. Slime can also be detonated by attacks, fire, bombs, roars, and
    other thingies. Be wary. Like I said before, slime isn't a real element so you
    can't get slimeproof armor except through skills which are not applicable
    elsewhere so why even bother.
    Brachydios spins and moves a lot. He has this forward jump that can hit hard.
    Sometimes he just runs around punching the ground. He also does that two step
    tail spin. You'll probably want to attack him from the sides or from behind
    so he can't punch you.
    When he goes into rage mode his horn will glow and his head gets harder. He has
    these special attacks where he sticks his head into the ground and causes
    explosions. He can cause an area explosion that hits all around him (including
    behind). If he looks like he is aiming ahead of him then he is doing an attack
    that creates a cloumn of explosions ahead of him. These things can explode slime
    spots too so they are of varying range and danger.
    You can break off his tail anvil thing, and break his horn and his arms. He'll
    still slime you, though. Oh, and I think he's weak to water. After this fight
    you'll be able to fight brachy in Moga Woods but that place is getting kind of
    crowded don't you think?
    Hunt a zinogre
    Locale: misty peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items:
    When the 8star keys are done then you'll be told that the Unfortunate Mask is
    'reacting' and the chief will give you some info on the Zinogre, your next foe.
    You must have Kayamba and the Unfortunate Mask for this because it says so. I
    wonder what happens if you don't? Does the Guild Sweetheart say something silly?
    I'll never know.
    The Zinogre will henceforth be called Ziggy and he is weak to ice and then
    water. When you find him in area 7 you will see how he can howl and transform
    himself into an electrified demon. Usually he will begin in a relatively
    harmless state but for this first quest he will start out enraged and deadly
    and that's just too bad for you. I hope you figured out ahead of thime that he
    makes his attacks more deadly in rage mdoe by adding electricity to all of them
    and you came prepared to survive shocks and thunderblight.
    Normally Ziggy is a green and yellow wold and he is kind of a joke. He is lazy
    and his attacks are prone to missing. When he stands still and howls he can
    draw energy to himself and power up. He does through a couple of power stages.
    Sometimes he glows and sometimes bolts zap around him and his fur stands up.
    Finally he just goes full-out and becomes a huge aggressive dynamo. You can
    interupt his powering up if you attack him enough while he does it. You won't
    be able to stop him everytime though, and when he makes the leap to his ultimate
    form he will let loose a burst of electric energy all around him (but not at the
    end of his tail).
    Funny story: an unpowered or half-powered Ziggy can draw electricty from
    shocktraps to power himself up and shock you. A fully powered ziggy just breaks
    them. Don't use shock traps except to hold him long enough for a capture.
    Ziggy is fast and aggressive and can change direction quickly. One of his
    signature moves is this backflip he does to smack you with his tail if you are
    behind him. He also runs and lunges and shoulderchecks and so on and so on. He
    has this two or three step claw attack that SEEMS slow but actually he is just
    faking being done so you'll stop running away and he can hit you. Don't stop
    running until you are sure that he's done. And he has this wild jump attack
    that can catch you as he spins going up or when he comes crashing down. And all
    of these attacks are electrified when he's mad.
    Ziggy has this wierd electric attack where he plants himself on the ground and
    pivots to shoot balls of light out at you. He shoots one set of two balls or
    two sets of two if he is angry. These things fly forward and curve to make them
    hard to avoid. They are hardly deadly though and when he is planted for this
    move you are completely safe if you are next to him and wailing on him.
    His other lightning attack is much rarer and he needs to be powered up for it.
    He stands still and summons lightning strikes all around him. You can see spots
    on the ground where he will call in bolts. This attack is big so just stay
    When you complete this quest Kayamba will tell you that his mask is not yet
    empowered and junior will tell you that there are zinogre in the woods. But
    there's some good news though: the 9star quests are unlocked! Well, a couple of
    them are.
    Deliver a paw pass ticket
    Locale: volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, pickaxes
    Now you can go to the high rank volcano! Yay! Did you know that you CAN'T use
    felyne explorer to get to secret areas during harvest tours? That's a real
    shame, especially since this is one secret area you really want to get to so
    you can get your hands on rustshards and whatnot. Well high rank rustshards
    aren't amazing yet but you'll get some better ones once you go to Tanzia and
    go on some g-rank quests.
    Hunt a lagiacrus and a plesioth
    Locale: deserted island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: nulberries, dung bombs
    Well I wouldn't want to fight both of these things at the same time, but
    otherwise this should be kind of straightforward. I think you can even find
    them pretty far inland anyways.
    Hunt a Diablos
    Locale: sandy plains (N)
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, sonic bombs
    Diablos is a tough cookie, as I'm sure you already know.
    Hunt a nibelsnarf
    Locale: sandy plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: barrel bombs
    Nibelsnarf is the same as ever. A lot of these guys are the same as before
    except with more hitpoints and attack power. Hopefully you have better defence.
    Hunt a barioth
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, cleanser
    This is a barioth quest. check out my info on barioth from earlier in this
    Hunt an uragaan
    Locale: volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks
    All of these fights are old-hat now. If a volvidon shows up then just shoo it
    Hunt 2 duramboros
    Locale: misty peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: dung bombs
    Whoa, two!?! Actually, they're not that big of a deal. Multiple monsters mean
    smaller hitpoints. Bring some poison weapons because those things can just slice
    through duras without incident.
    Hunt a gobul, a great wroggi, and a lagiacrus
    Locale: flooded forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: antidotes, frog
    So this is a 'canteen' quest which I have recently been made aware means
    that completing it will upgrade one of your restaurant food choices so you
    should totally do it.
    The monsters appear in the order listed so you can run up to area 4 and fish
    gobul out of the water and utterly destroy it with haste because its a low
    hit point gobul. Then go kill the wroggi even faster. Finally hop in the water
    and find lagiacrus and hopefully he falls just as fast. I think you'll want a
    fire weapon for this one.
    Hunt an agnaktor, a volvidon, and a rathalos
    Locale: volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, deodorant
    These guys have low hp and they appear in the order listed. Bring a water
    weapon I guess and take down that agnaktor super fast. Volvidon is a weak guy
    and shouldn't take very long. Rathalos could be a big time waster so paint him
    so he doesn't lead you on a drawn out wild goose chase. When I did this quest
    they appeared in areas 7,5, and 3.
    This section could take me a while to write. I looked into how many new
    monsters are introduced in this tier... and it is a lot of them. Like... more
    than five... and that's the biggest number I know. It's like
    tier 5 all over again. I have no idea why capcom decided to split up the
    tiers in such a way that you have to fight a bunch of old monsters for 3
    tiers in a row and then you get to tier like this that is just new monster
    after new monster. It's ridiculous and it's going to take me forever to write
    about all of these guys. Augh.
    The first and most important thing you need to know about this tier, the final
    tier, is that if you want to get to the final two quests (Mark of the Hero and
    the Alatreon fight) then you are going to have to complete EVERY QUEST that
    comes before them. That's right, you can't fight alatreon until you've gone back
    and fished a bunch of goldenfish and captured a great jaggi and slayed some
    altaroth and captured some uragaan and gathered some gargwa eggs and hunted
    dozens of gigginox and so on and so on. Ugh. What a drag. Completionists will
    be pleased though.
    *** Pro-tip: If you do have to go back and fight a bunch of boring easy quests,
    try using an all-new weapon type. This is a good opportunity to learn a whole
    new way to play this game.***
    This tier at least is very interesting. It is stocked full of 'new' monsters
    that are more or less variations of old monsters. I don't think they're much
    tougher than anything you've faced before. Maybe you'll want to take the time
    to turn one of these guys into upper-tier high-rank armor. You'll certainly
    want to make a bunch of better weapons. If you're into a game like this then
    you're proabably compulsive enough that you'll be interested in making stronger
    weapons of every element and status just in case you ever need them.
    Anyways this is your final village tier. These are the hardest tests you'll
    find before heading over to Port Tanzia (and if you go there with other people
    you will probably find it easier than this). After this tier is done, only the G
    rank quests over in Tanzia will remain and they're all the more annoying in
    that you can't farm parts for g rank weapons and armor in Moga. Yeesh. Let's
    power through this already!
    There is a small amount of story left in this game in the form of an old
    rivalry between the Village Chief and one of your new subspecial opponents:
    the IVORY LAGIACRUS. If you avenge the Chief's disgraceful defeat then he will
    never have to speak to you again. I'm sure that is reward enough.
    This is also the point in the game where you will no longer have to run every
    time THE DEVIL rears his ugly head. That kind of thinking is for children and
    shood be discarded with other outdated notions of how to function in the world.
    You are now ready to take down that sucker and make him into a really cool
    looking weapon. Just be advised that he has a nasty dragon attack that you
    should avoid being hit by. If you've gathered a bunch of DRAGONBONE RELICS and
    other materials you can make some sexy dragon resistant DOBER armor to help you
    through this fight.
    At the end of this tier is the ELDER DRAGON ALATREON. He was formerly an online
    only monster back in Tri, but now you get to fight this dragon all on your
    lonesome (with your shakalakas). And he's a real doozy of an opponent who can
    wield all of the elements and has a plethora of hit points. Good luck.
    There are a lot of key quests in between you and alatreon though. A lot of these
    quests won't even be unlocked when you first get to this tier, but if you do the
    key quests listed here then you'll eventually unlock everything. Talk to the
    Argosy Captain if things stall for some reason. And did you remember what I said
    about having to do EVERY village quest to unlock the final two urgents? Good.
    Hunt a sand barioth
    Locale: sandy plains (N)
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks
    Sandy is just like a regular barioth except that she is brown and red (with
    blood)? She's not very different from her albino brother. She has this new
    move though when she creates a sand blast (like bari's ice blast) it will
    create a large twister of sand that will exist for a little while and allow
    sandy to hop up into it and spin around and then fly down at you with her claws.
    It hurts but her aim is not great and you should have plenty of time to dive
    or shield or something. Otherwise she is a barioth in a large desert area (which
    gives you more room to move around). Break her claws to hinder her mobility.
    Bring some cleanser so you don't get muddy.
    I don't know if high sandy does this too but on g rank sandy has this awfully
    annoying move where she makes a bunch of little twisters that move around
    really fast and launch people and do a surprisingly hefty amount of damage.
    Seriously, these buggers are a bigger threat than sandy herself.
    Hunt a nargacuga
    Locale: flooded forest
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: sonic bombs
    Narga is a black panther that shares a lot in common with barioth. It's not
    particularly special in any way. It's fast and mean but its not elemental.
    It's just a straight up fight between you and a monster without a lot of
    special tricks. When was the last time that happened?
    After this quest and 'Desert Storm' are completed then you will get some news
    on the Ivory Lagiacrus and unlock a bunch of new quests featuring a bunch of
    new subspecies.
    Narga likes to hang out in area 7 but maybe sometimes it will go to 2 or 10.
    Head on up to area 4 and just kill it right there. It's weak to fire and
    lightning and you should have no shortage of those types of weapons.
    He likes to charge at you and swipe at you with his claws and tails. He moves
    a lot like barioth does. His claw attack is similar but a little slower sorta.
    He does the same tail swipe that can hit you when you are in front of him, but
    he does this one a lot faster. He can also fly to far away areas like barioth,
    and also like barioth his wings can be broken to knock him over and make him
    less nimble. His wings are really tough though.
    Narga has some special tail moves though. Like sometimes he'll brace himself
    and make a funny noise and raise his tail and shoot spike out of it. These
    things can fly a long ways. Later cuga subspecies will have poison spikes to
    shoot at you but these are vanilla. His other tail move he does when you think
    he can't hit you with his tail. If you are in front of him and he shivers he
    can unexpectedly jump and spin around and bring his tail crashing down on top
    of what used to be in front of him (i.e. you). His tail can get stuck in the
    ground when he does this in rage mode so feel free to hack it off of him.
    Oh and you can sonic bomb him when he's getting ready to pounce you. It just
    stops him for a second but its kind of amusing I guess.
    Hunt a pink rathian and an azure rathalos
    Locale: Misty Peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: flash bombs, antidotes
    You can fight azure rathalos before getting to this quest but hey, this is key.
    Since there are two monsters they will be weaker than normal but this is your
    first required fight against Azure so I'll be using this opportunity to cover
    what makes this rathalos so different from his rubicund cousin. It's not much.
    It may seem impossible to believe but Azure actually spends even more time
    flying than los did. And Azure is quick to move and change direction in the sky
    so it won't be easy to flash him. He's a real pain. Furthermore he has a couple
    of new moves up there that make him a pesky opponent.
    His talon attack that inflicts poison is very different. Instead of being
    slow to set up and very obvious to see coming, it is now a quick attack launched
    from a very low attitude. He'll just turn around and launch this quick lunge at
    you. I hope you're good at diving/shielding.
    Azure's other new flying attack is that when he is hovering he can breathe
    flames down straight down in front of him. This does not have a very large range
    but it does attack an area you'll probably be in if you are trying to attack him
    as he is flying, so that sucks. You can't shield this either because it attacks
    from above you, or something.
    I think he has another fire attack like the  pink rathian's flame bite but like
    not as bad. I was sort of disappointed with Azure rathalos. He wasn't nearly
    as big a threat as pinkian was.
    Hunt a black diablos
    Locale: sandy plains (N)
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, sonic bombs
    Black Diablos, or Diablack as he will henceforth be known, is not at all
    dissimilar to Diablos. They are completely identical. You can go through this
    fight without finding any difference at all.
    Diablack has no new moves at all. He is just more easily enraged and faster
    and more likely to be chaining attacks together quickly. You may remember that
    Dia was already prone to this so this won't be much of a surprise for you.
    If you are having trouble with this guy then the only thing that can help you
    are better weapons (ice, water, poison) or stronger defences (with say, tremor
    proofing skills or high grade earplugs).
    Hunt a steel uragaan
    Locale: volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, deodorant
    I was going to call this guy Durasteel but then I thought that could be
    confused with Duramboros so I'm just going to call this guy Steely.
    Steely has a lot of flashy colors on his hide and his head but he is not too
    different from his earthen counterpart. His basic change is that his gas attack
    now causes the soiled condition and prevents you from using items. Make sure
    that you have your hit points up and cool drinks drank and weapons whetstoned
    before you get soiled.
    Hunt a glacial agnaktor
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, nulberries, sonic bombs
    Oh man this guy has a tough hide and he likes to use a sweeping beam attack
    that shoots forward and then to his right side (your left if you are facing
    him). And this thing goes through shields and it can cause waterblight AND
    iceblight. Having both of those at once will keep you from moving or doing
    anything really. Bring a friggin nulberry or two. You should be farming those
    things anyways since they sell for a lot of gold but dont cost many resource
    Like the old agnaktor this guy (I'll call him glacie) can be sonic bombed when
    it is underground and not enraged. Makes for some easy attacks. Otherwise just
    break his legs and tail like usual and use fire weapons to melt down his icy
    armor. And if you are ever running towards him try to stay on his left.
    Hunt an ivory lagiacrus
    Locale: deserted island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: nulberries
    Once you've bagged all of those key monsters I covered before you'll be able
    to take on the Chief's nemesis: the Ivory Lagiacrus. Now when I say that Ivory
    here is just a lagiacrus that spends almost all of its time on land, you may
    be tempted to think 'Hot damn! Fighting lagi on land is the easiest thing in
    the world' and normally you would be right. But this lagi likes to use his
    lightning attacks on land, and they have great range and hit hard, so if you're
    vulnerable to electric attacks and being stunned by thunderblight then no, this
    is not going to be an easy quest. This is going to be a painful, painful quest.
    You will be hit by lightning during this quest. Do yourself a favor and get
    some armor that has lightning resistant. And then go to the restaurant and
    eat some veggies or whatever it is that gets you extra thunder res. And then
    bring some nulberries because thunderblight is super sucky for you.
    He has this awful attack where he shoots lightning ball but he puts english on
    the shot and twists his head so that the lightning hits the ground and
    electrifies it and moves sideways (to lagi's right usually) and zaps a big area.
    Hunt a deviljho
    Locale: volcano
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, tainted meat, traps, dung bomb
    Deviljho is a big tyrannosaurus sort of dinosaur. Up until now I've just been
    obliquely calling him THE DEVIL and saying you should just run away fom him
    at all costs. Well, that thinking has served its purpose and now is about the
    time for you to come around on the idea of hunting this beast. He's not really
    all that bad. He does get mad and get access to a big dragonbreath attack that
    you probably don't have resistance to, but so long as you see him rear up his
    head for this attack and you know how he sweep his head from his one leg to his
    other, fanning his breath out in front of him, you can easily avoid it.
    Otherwise he'll just be trying to bite you and stomp on you and whack you with
    his tail. He does this like five step criss-cross sort of advancing attack,
    kind of like Diablos did, and it can bite you or get you with wild tail swings.
    Sometimes he jumps and causes tremors or pins you and eats you. He can just
    stomp on you if he pleases. Of and he has this little spin move he does that
    can hit you twice: once to exhaust your shield and once to smack you with his
    And he throws rocks at a distance and he can dig to escape from you. Yup. That's
    Hunt an ivory lagiacrus and a brachydios and an azure rathalos.
    Locale: land arena
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 10/10
    Recommended items: the more items you bring, the better.
    Surprise surprise: the monsters in this quests aren't weaker than usual...
    they're stonger than usual! Isn't that a hoot!? And you have to fight the
    last two stronger-than-usual monsters at the same time! It's your lucky day!
    Now about your weapon. The best element to have would be dragon, since ivory
    and azure are weakest to it. But if you don't have a dragon weapon (and if you
    have been doing the quests in order then you probably won't) maybe ice
    would be best. It's only a secondary weakness of all of these monsters. I mean,
    ivory is weakest to fire... but brachy and azure sure aren't. And lightning is
    no good either against Ivory. Water is great for brachy but is less and less
    good on the other two guys. Of course if you use slime and poison then just go
    ahead and do that. Whatever weapon you bring make sure you have some skills
    to pump it up.
    These monsters are very powerful. High rank armor may not be enough protection.
    Heck, I first attempted this quest with G-rank armor and a G rank hammer and I
    still got wasted. I had to beat it with a high rank shielded weapon. My
    armor was still G rank for the high defence and thunder-res, but it had useless
    skills so you can probably also win with high rank armor with good skills.
    Anyways, going over to Tanzia and getting some g-rank armor aside, your best bet
    for unevening the odds in your favor is to bring a lot of items. I'm sure I've
    mentioned this already, but hey, why not mention it again: overpreparation is
    the key to success. In addition to ten potions and 10 mega potions, you should
    be filling up your 24 item pouch slots with an incredible redundancy of healing
    items to keep you in the fight as long as possible. Here are some good things to
    bring along:
    10 pots (combine these with honey when the mega potions run low)
    10 mega pots (you can get more of these from the dead monsters)
    3 lifepowders (there are more in the center of the arena)
    1 ancient pot
    2 max pot
    10 herbal meds (save for when azure poisons you)
    10 honey
    5 mega nutrients
    5 dragon toadsools (to make max potions)
    5 immunizer
    5 kelbi horn (to make ancient potions)
    2 mega-armorskin
    5 mega dash juice
    3 large barrel bombs
    20 whetstones
    5 flash bombs
    1 shock trap
    1 pitfall trap
    2 trap tools
    1 thunderbug
    1 net
    and for the last slot... well... be creative ;) If you're worried about azure
    pinning you while you're not looking then bring dung bombs. Dust of Life is
    another healing item that can keep you in this fight longer. And a couple of
    nulberries would be nice to recover from Ivory's attacks. Basically just
    make sure you have enough potions to survive a 50 minute fight with multiple
    If you use up your lifepowders and mega potions during the Ivory part of the
    fight then you can replenish these items to a small degree. A couple of
    lifepowders can be found in the center of the arena. The monsters here give out
    mega potions when they are carved. They give out 3 from their bodies and
    another one can be carved from their tails so try and rip off Ivory's tail at
    There is a brief window between Ivory's death and the arrival of the next two
    monsters. Use this time to sharpen up your weapon, combine more potions, drink
    some more mega dash juice, and lay down some traps. If you use two traps on
    Ivory and then combine your trap tools to make more traps in the interim, you
    can trap azure and/or brachy a couple of times without being hasseled. Heck,
    lay down some barrel bombs while the monsters are stuck and try to speed things
    The arena has a base camp but it doesn't have a bed, so farcasters won't be of
    much use. The bluebox has a very limited array of items for you that you can
    pick up when you die. If you ever die then drink an ancient potion to replenish
    your HP and Stamina, and drink some dash juice and armorskin and combine more
    items while you are safe in the camp.
    The arena is sort of a small and sterile place. It doesn't even have a
    dragonator to help you out. At the beginning it is just you and an ivory
    lagiacrus. And he's beast. He as a lot of attack power and hit points and it's
    entirely possible you'll use up all of your potions just fighting him. But try
    not to. When he goes down you'll be fighting brachydios and an azure rathalos at
    the same time! Yeesh! Well actually they aren't as big a threat as Ivory was.
    They're a bigger threat to each other than they are to you... so long as you
    don't wander in between them.
    It turns out that a brachydios could totally take an azure rathalos in a fight.
    If you do your best to keep azure between you and brachy, brachy will do a lot
    of damage to azure for you, and azure will be acting as your meat shield. You
    may be better off in this fight if you spend this time shielding and dodging
    instead of fighting, especially if Cha-cha and Kayamba aren't around. Do your
    best to lead brachy into destroying azure and flash bomb azure when he's in the
    air to make him vulnerable. Focus all of your attacks on Azure during this stage
    of the fight. This will make him go down quicker and it will also keep you from
    making Brachy mad and giving him access to his more deadly attacks.
    Once azure goes down you are mostly out of the woods. However, you may be caught
    in the unenviable situation of being low on healing items and low on time. You
    can pick up a couple of mega potions from azure's corpse, but there is not much
    you can do about the time except to hurry. Hopefully brachy will be exhausted
    and will stand still frequently for you to attack him. You should have at least
    15 minutes alone with brachy or else you may run out of time.
    This is probably the hardest quest in the game, so congratulations if you beat
    it. I mean, it is probably even more difficult to do some of the Tanzia G rank
    quests on your own... but hey, they weren't designed to be tackled solo and you
    really should be able to find someone to help you out. Completing this quest
    unlocks the final village quest: the alatreon fight. It is less difficult...
    Hunt an Alatreon
    Locale: Sacred Land
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 10/10
    Recommended items: smokebomb, cool drinks, nulberries, flash bombs, farcaster
    This is the final moga village quest! If you can beat this, you're done! Game
    over, man! It's really the end! It's not like there are a dozen new monster
    subspecies to find over in Tanzia... and a whole bunch of event quests you can
    download to extend this game forever....
    This quest is slightly less difficult than 'Mark of the Hero' but don't let
    that make you complacent. Did you see that huge list of items I listed as being
    ways of overcoming that quest? You'll probably need a similar pharmacopoeia with
    you to survive this quest. Alatreon can do huge damage in a lot of different
    ways, and he has a lot of hit points to keep this fight going on a long time.
    Make sure you have an inexhaustible supply of healing items. Make sure you
    have lots of cool drinks too. If you are planning on dying twice over the course
    of this quest you may even need more than 5 cool drinks. There are ways of
    doing this, of course, and I hope you know them by now.
    There are some other items you're going to want over the course of this quest.
    Nulberries are a necessity and they can be picked up in the center of the
    sacred land. Alatreon has an attack that causes snowman, too, so you may need
    a cleanser if you cannot dodge this easily avoidable attack. Flash bombs are
    needed to get Alatreon out of the air, where he is hard to hit, and you may
    want to bring extra bomb casings and flashbugs to combine later. The only way
    to get to the camp is either to die or to use a farcaster, so bring one along
    in case you need to use the bed and/or combine some more potions. Finally,
    this is the one instance in the game where a SMOKEBOMB is useful. Bring one
    along and put it as the first item in your pouch so you can use it immediately
    at the start of the fight, which will prevent Alatreon from noticing you long
    enough for you to use a cool drink and whatever other buffs you want to bring
    into the fight.
    Aside from these items you will be happy to discover that some generous
    programmer has placed to BALLISTAS in the sacred grounds for you to use in
    getting Ala back down on the ground where you can fight him. One of them
    requires you to collect nearby ammo to fire. The other one uses a BINDER to
    take Ala down, but it has a downtime of some minutes after using it so you'll
    still need flashbombs from time to time.
    The other special element of this area are the walls on either side. Ala can
    be coaxed into charging into these walls and getting stuck for a short time.
    This is one of the few times his head will be close to to the ground for you
    to attack or even barrel bomb his valuable horns. However, this opportunity is
    also a crisis. Ala can get out of this predictament in a violent fury that
    shatters the wall he is stuck in and maybe kills you if you are nearby.
    Did I ever mention that Ala is immune to traps and cannot be captured? He can
    be put to sleep and people like to SLEEPBOMB him for his horns. The other wierd
    thing about Ala is that his elemental weaknesses are different in the air than
    they are on the ground. On the ground he is weak to Ice (and he attacks you
    with dragon and fire and lightning attacks but in the air he is weak to somethin
    else that only gunners should even bother with (and ala will be attacking you
    with lightning and ice). You're going to be doing most of your attacking while
    he is on the ground, but don't shy away from hitting him as he flies. That is
    a legitimate method for bringing him down, too, and its a good chance to hack
    his tail.
    For those of you who fought Alatreon back in Tri, you will probably think that
    he has been nerfed in several ways. Well... yes and no. A lot of his attacks
    are less deadly... but he has a hell of a hot of hitpoints for a moga village
    monster and its totally possible that you can fight him for 50 minutes and fail
    to bring him down. Still, you'll be happy to hear that when he jumps back into
    the air that he doesn't shoot fire down as often as he used to. He doesn't use
    fire attacks often at all. Now he does lightning attacks on the ground... and
    these have huge tells for where they will strike. And he has this one lightning
    attack where he shoots lightning straight forward in a line and this is super
    easy to avoid and leaves him vulnerable to attacks. Another change to Alatreon
    is that after he charges his tail still swings to protect you from running up
    behind him to attack, but he doesn't swing his tail as vigorously as before and
    he won't hit you with it as often. And when he is in the air doing that
    lightning pound attack he moves slower and hits fewer times than he used too.
    Also its easier to bring him down with flashbombs and he stays down the first
    time. So... yeah... a couple of nerfs for Alatreon not even including the
    super helpful ballista binder.
    Mostly Alatreon is going to be attacking you with dragon type attacks and they
    are really powerful. He's a really strong opponent and there is not a whole lot
    of dragon resistant armor available. You may need to go get some really strong
    G RANK armor by playing over in Port Tanzia. This quest is doable with High
    Rank gear and a hell of a lot of skill and items... but do yourself a favor
    and just wear G rank gear instead. The Volvidon X gear has dragon resistance
    and a little bit of fire resistance too... though Ala doesn't seem to do his
    fire moves as often as he did back in Tri.
    Alatreon's basic attack is to pick a target player and charge at them, usually
    with a dragon power-up. This is his most common attack and it is also your
    most reliable chance to attack him. After he is done with this attack he will
    be still for a moment for you to attack him. He may flick his head about and
    sweep his tail behind him, but you should be able to get up to his legs and
    stab them with your weapon. After he stops he takes one more step forward so
    aim your attack just ahead of where his legs are to make sure that you hit them.
    His legs are the easiest to attack but if its all the same to you then try to
    attack his belly because it is slightly more vulnerable.
    His head would be a great target if it weren't so high off of the ground all of
    the time. He brings it down at certain times but only briefly. He has a two
    strike horn attack that does a lot of damage and has a surprising forward range.
    Don't stand in front of him like a goofball unless you like getting hit. Don't
    stand behind him either or you will have him swat you with his tail. Actually,
    if you get him to initiate a tail swipe, he will be immobile for a bit for you
    to attack him.
    Anyways, when he is on the ground, you want to have him charge at you and then
    go around that and get a few hits in. When you are attacking his sides he can
    turn suddenly and dragon punch you and that really bites. It inflicts the nasty
    dragonblight too, so don't be caught by this. He rarely shoots fire but if he
    does then move away from it. Keep your guard up when he jumps away because he
    may just jump back at you.
    When he's in the air he has a whole different moveset and he'll be resistant to
    your attacks probably. He has two ice attacks. One of them shoots icicles at
    you. The other is icebreath that can cause snowman. These are both easy to
    avoid and good opportunities to get under him to attack his tail a bit. His
    lightning attacks are worse. He has this lightning charge that can get him
    across the map in an instant so you're never truly safe trying to sharpen or
    gather ammo or use the binder.
    You want to lead him to near the binder so you can bring him down. Call your
    shakalakas over to make sure they dont waste time keeping him in the air far
    out of range. But dont bring alatreon right on top of the binder either because
    that makes it hard to attack him, doesn't it? Lead him nearby and wait for him
    to get caught up in his icebreath or lightning pound or other attacks on your
    diversions-I mean, sidekicks, and then hop on the binder and bring Alatreon
    crashing down. When your binder isn't available, you can flashbomb him, but not
    during his attacks. You have to wait for him to switch up attacks. This also
    brings him down, but it doesn't keep him on the ground as long as the binder
    does. That's a good chance to attack his head or tail or wings or whatever is
    Oh, and if he stays in the air long enough, he'll fly up into the air and
    initiate this other ice attack which isn't really as deadly or whatever. It
    does take up a lot of time, though... and this quest can certainly come down to
    the wire. Let me tell you, fighting Alatreon for 50 minutes and failing to
    bring him down SUCKS. Keep up your attacks! Use that binder as often as
    possible. Maybe you should save this quest until you've made some great g-rank
    Hunt an azure rathalos
    Locale: deserted island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: flash bombs, antidotes
    my tips for fighting azure rathalos are up above in the 'Heaven and Earth'
    quest because that is the azure's KEY quest (even though you can do this one
    first, and probably should, as azure rathalos can get you better fire weapons).
    Hunt a nibelsnarf and a volvidon and a sand barioth
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, barrel bombs, deodorants, cleansers
    When I did this quest all of these monsters spawned out in the far desert
    regions. I think volvi was in 8.
    Hunt an great jaggi, a duramboros, and an azure rathalos
    Locale: destered island
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items:
    Gjaggi I think spawns in his den. He will go down within a minute. Dura hangs
    out in the big areas like 5 and 2 and 7 and he can dig and move around a lot
    if you aren't careful. Azure sticks to los's predictable routes around the
    island. Check for him in area 7 or 8.
    Hunt an arzuros, a nargacuga, and a zinogre
    Locale: misty peaks
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items:
    It can take while to find these guys but I think they all spawn in the center
    areas like that forested place and that river/waterfall area.
    Hunt a diablos and a black diablos
    Locale: sandy plains
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: cool drinks, sonic bombs, flash bombs
    These guys are a pain apart and they are a pain together. Bring tough armor
    and some sonic bombs, maybe a nice weapon too.
    Hunt a glacial agnaktor and a barioth
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve's Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: hot drinks, nulberries, cleanser
    Try to fight these guys one at a time. Getting doubleteamed inside that tight
    baggi's den ain't no fun.
    The PORT QUESTS are pretty much exactly the same as the village quests except
    that you can do them with other people. You don't have to do them with others
    though. Port Tanzia comes in three flavors: SOLO (self-explanatory), MULTI
    (for local multiplayer with 3DSs), and NETWORK (for online play on the WiiU).
    The port quests are also the only way to make it up to G RANK, which is a
    difficulty that is even higher than HIGH RANK. You'll have to do all of the
    KEY low and high rank port quests before you can do G rank.
    Port Tanzia operates on a HUNTER RANK (HR) SYSTEM that ties into the quest
    difficulties. You start at HR0 and you must talk to the GUILDMASTER in Tanzia
    to get up to HR1 and start doing HR1 quests. Completing key and urgent quests
    will bump you up to higher hunter ranks and allow you to do harder quests. Your
    hunter rank will be an easy way for you and others to see how good you are and
    what quests you are eligible for.
    Now if you are a beginner and you're unsure about when you should be tackling
    Port Tanzia, I would have to say that you should complete AT LEAST the first
    four tiers of the village quests before heading to the port, since the first
    tier of Port quests goes all the way up to the lagiacrus fight.
    The Port quests are of a higher difficulty than the village quests because they
    are scaled up in difficulty to accomodate more players. The basic metric you
    need to know about difficulty is that it goes: low rank village -> low rank
    port -> high rank village -> high rank port -> g rank port. That said, having
    3 good players with you in Port Tanzia can make all of those quests
    EXTREMELY EASY. In fact, you could concievably be CARRIED through all of the
    port quests on the shoulders of players much better than yourself. You should
    instead aim at being good enough yourself that you aren't a burden on your
    teammates, since after all in Port Tanzia those 3 lives you have for every
    quest are COMMUNAL.
    If you tackle Tanzia with friends or strangers you're going to have to learn
    how to get along with other players. The section in this guide called ONLINE
    ETTIQUETTE covers a lot of the dos and don'ts (it's mostly don'ts). For now
    all you need to know is that some of your attacks can hit your teammates, and
    while it may not damage them it can still hinder their performance and no one
    likes that.
    Anyways when you feel ready to take on Tanzia then just boot up your game and
    run on over to the lower left part of Moga Village and talk to the CAT there
    named NEKO MEANS TIGER and he'll ferry you off to whichever version of Tanzia
    you desire. Let's familiarize ourselves with what we'll find when we get to
    Tanzia is divided into two sections: the MARINA and the TAVERN. The tavern is
    the more important because it is where you get quests, but the marina is
    where you need to go to change your weapons and armor. It is actually very
    annoying that these two areas are divided and you can't change your weapons
    at the bluebox in the tavern... but there's nothing to do about that. Let's
    go over what's in the marina first.
    When you go to the MARINA you will be next to NEKO and his boat which has a
    bed on it for some reason. Neko can also connect you to the Moga farms and
    fisheries so you can get your dues without going back to Moga yourself. The
    next point of interest is the fully functional blue box, and beyond that there
    is a FELYNE COURIER who handles GUILD CARDS in case you can't just use the menu
    option. If you go down you can talk to a SAVVY TABBY who occasionally gives you
    CHUM-CHUM TICKETS that may be useful for something. On the right side of the
    screen there is GRANNY GO-TO'S ITEM SHOP, which has a rotating inventory of
    nice items, and there is a forge and a weapons shop which are identical to their
    Moga counterparts.
    The TAVERN is more interesting. It has a QUEST COUNTER with multiple attendants.
    On the left side is the girl who holds the QUEST LIST, in the center is an
    old troll dude you have to talk to when you rank up, and on the right side
    there is the girl who has the ARENA QUEST LIST. Oh and there's another girl
    in the back who bangs the GONG to let people know that you are looking for
    help. There is another item shop on the right, and on the left is a RESTAURANT
    you want to go to before every quest. At the far end of the tavern is a blue
    box where you can do inventory management, and the DEPARTURE GATE. When you
    want to get multiple people in on a single quest they will have to join the
    quest posted on the QUEST BOARD and they will have to press A at the departure
    gate before the person who posted the quest starts the quest. And finally in
    the center of the tavern is the most important feature: the ARM WRESTLING
    BARREL. All disagreements should be settled over an armwrestle.
    If you are in a solo instance of the port then it may be occupied by the GHOSTS
    of people you have exchanged GUILD CARDS with. You can HIRE these hunters to
    go on quests for you. In exchange for a small amount of money you can send
    1 to 4 hunters on a quest and they will bring back items for you. It is actually
    a very easy and cheap way to get a lot of very nice items, including some
    unique items. The quests they go on have a difficulty rating and you will get
    ODDS on how likely the quest will be successful. The odds go up with more
    hunters involved.
    If you are playing multiplayer or network mode then you will have new menu
    options and you'll be able to see the names and weapons of your fellows and
    you'll be able to use various IN-GAME CHAT options. The touchscreen makes for
    an east means of communication outside of the ten or so set phrases the game
    lets you have. You can also find options for VOICE CHAT over the NETWORK MODE
    if that is your thing. And there are status indicators and a wide variety of
    comical GESTURES at your disposal to help you attempt to communicate across
    language barriers.
    PORT QUESTS [1402]
    The port quests are pretty similar to the village quests so hopefully you will
    find this to be familiar ground. You do want to get to these quests in a timely
    manner since multiplayer is more fun and this is the only way to get to the
    highest difficulty level. On the other hand you don't want to come to tanzia
    unprepared and cart three times and bring three people down with you. Try to do
    Tanzia roughly in sync with Moga since that way you can work on two fronts
    towards collecting the pieces for your next set of armor or weapons. If you
    happen to play through either moga or tanzia first and then find yourself
    starting from square one in the other... I would recommend that as a good
    opportunity to try out a new weapon type. I mean, if you're going to play the
    whole game over again, you might as well do it in a whole new way.
    I'm not going to cover these quests in detail because they are not substantially
    different from the Moga quests. You can search for all of that information on
    the monsters you will face here in the earlier parts of this guide if you need
    it. What I will list here are the KEY QUESTS you need to do in order to rank up
    (note that the game never tells you about key quests so I'm getting this
    information off of the MHWIKI, which as a wiki means the info is being
    contributed by players). And I'll also point out to you the CANTEEN QUESTS and
    tell you right now that those quests are important to do because they will help
    you get better food in your restaurant.
    There are many different types of quests in Tanzia, like arena quests and
    advanced quests and event quests and whatnot. I'll cover the arena and event
    quests seperately and just tell you now that advanced quests come and go and are
    a little more difficult but not really don't worry about them.
    HR 1
    The first tier of port quests goes all the way up to the Lagiacrus so you're
    going to want to have beaten the lagi in tier 4 moga first. The key quests are:
    THE FISHERMAN'S FIEND (Urgent - lagi)
    In addition to these there are two CANTEEN QUESTS to upgrade your restuarant to
    make you even stronger.
    [Canteen] FORECAST: LAGOMBI (lagombi)
    [Canteen] THE FISHER KING (goldfishing)
    HR 2
    At HR 2 the port quests cover the rest of the low-rank monsters so you
    should come and do this after you've made your way through some of tier 5 in
    the village. Here are the keys:
    DOUBLE TROUBLE (Urgent - Raths)
    [Canteen] ROAD WORK (Ura)
    HR 3
    This is a HIGH RANK tier, which means that the monsters are much stronger than
    they were on low rank. Go do the 6star quests in Moga and make yourself some
    high rank armor before coming here. The urgent monster for this tier is
    Brachydios, a monster which shows up much later in the village quests but he is
    brand new to this game so go ahead and fight him first here if you want.
    SPLASH DAMAGE (Plessy)
    MUD BROTHERS (2 barrys)
    BYE-BYE, BLOOM (Crim)
    BRACHYDIOS MIO! (Urgent - Brachy)
    [Canteen] GRAB A GOBUL (gobby)
    HR 4
    This tier is pretty close to the 7star quests in moga except for the early
    addition of Ziggy and Ivory. If you've done those 7star quests then you should
    probably have the materials to make some lightning resistant armor which should
    enable you to deal with these lightning based mons.
    TUMBLE ON THE TUNDRA (baleful gigginox and jade)
    RULER OF TWO REALMS (Urgent - Ivory)
    [Canteen] FISHING FAILURE (dura)
    HR 5
    HR 5 includes all of those new monsters from the tier 9 village quests.
    Unlocking the final two quests of the village can take a while so you might as
    well do this tier in the interim. The urgent quest is a new sub but it is an
    easy enough fight for multiple hunters.
    DESERT DESERTION (bari and sandy)
    ECHO LOCATION (glacie)
    AZURE ATTACK (azure)
    THRONE OF THE ABYSS (urgent - beardy)
    [Canteen] END OF THE ROADS (steely)
    [Canteen] DESERT RUMBLE (jhenny)
    HR 6
    This is the super special awesome G RANK everyone's always talking about.
    Only the best of the best play here... and also all of the scrubs who were
    carried here. Anyways, you'll notice that in addition to the expected bump
    in enemy hp and attack power, some of the smaller large monsters (Gjaggi,
    gbaggi, etc) are much faster than they were formerly and they can be pretty
    dang deadly. Good luck. Oh, and if you want G rank weapons and armor you'll
    have to grind out monsters here and not back in moga.
    THE GREEN FLASH (green plessy)
    SWELTERING SHOWDOWN (2 volvis and 2 gjaggis)
    AXE TO GRIND (Rusty)
    THUNDER ON THE TUNDRA (bari and baleful giggi)
    STICKY SITUATION (2 brachy - urgent)
    Yikes! That's a lot of keys!
    HR 7
    Well you're pretty deep into G rank now. Hopefully you've played enough of the
    solo mode that you now how to handle all of these monsters. At the end of this
    tier and going into HR8 you're going to be introduced to some new monsters and
    subspecies you can only fight here.
    Some of these are pre-requisites that unlock other key quests. Some of them
    are pre-requisites for unlocking non-key quests. It's actually very confusing
    and intricate so I'll just say that do all of them that are available to you and
    that should hopefully unlock the other ones you need.
    DESERT STORM (Sandy)
    A SEA OF WYVERNS (Ivory and gobby) (must do 'Fishy fiend' first)
    VOLCANIC ACTIVITY (los and steely) ('rath alert' and 'thrill hunt' first)
    NIGHT STALKER (Green cuga) (do 'desert storm', 'horny wyvern', and 'vol act')
    INFERNAL OVERLORD (Stiggy) (must do 'Night Stalker' first)
    DEEP-SIX A DEVILJHO (jho) (must do 'Night Stalker' first)
    DENIZEN OF THE MOLTEN DEEP (lasagna) (must do 'Night Stalker' first)
    BLACK FLAME OF CALAMITY (mira - urgent)
    [Canteen] COLD DAY IN HELL (2 gbaggi and a brachy)
    HR 8
    Well this is the final tier of quests so there are no keys and nothing to
    unlock. Well that's not entirely accurate. Until now you HUNTER RANK has been
    tied to the quest level you had unlocked, but now your hunter rank is going to
    be shooting up just for completing any old quest. The final quests in this
    tier have to be unlocked by reaching the following hunter ranks:
    HR 45  - RAGE MATCH (2 jhos)
    HR 50  - MOONLIGHT TRYST (sylvie and goldie)
    HR 55  - THE EARTH SHAKERS (pinkian, rusty, brachy, stiggy)
    HR 60  - THE SEA SHAKERS (luddy, gobby, plessy, lagi)
    HR 80  - FOUR POINT FORMATION (cuga, bari, green cuga, sandy)
    HR 90  - HEAVY HITTERS (diablack, jade, dura, steely)
    HR 100 - MARCH OF VICTORY (Brachy, rusty, ivory, stiggy)
    [Canteen] SUBMARINE STRUGGLE (green plesioth and a royal luddy)
    There are a bunch of new subspecies in this tier, and a couple in HR6 and HR7,
    that can only be fought in Tanzia. The next few sections of the guide are going
    to be covering these lastest additions, if and when I ever get around to
    covering them. After two months of playing this game pretty exclusively I'm
    feeling the need for a long break. Maybe I'll even go outside.
    Hunt a Goldbeard Ceadeus
    Locale: Underwater Ruins
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: nulberry, air philter, um... yeah that's it.
    This quest is not a very big deal. It's just like the old Ceadeus quest except
    it only takes place in the final area and there will be three other players
    around to speed things up for you, probably.
    It seems that people are really big on doing this quest because they like the
    armor or something. I don't think you'll have much trouble finding people to
    do this quest for you.
    The only thing you need to know about goldilocks here is that he has a
    waterbeam attack that sweeps across the arena, either sideways or from above.
    It's hard to dodge but he'll probably be far away when he does this so you'll
    have nothing to do but try to dodge it. Anyways, it's my opinion that you
    should just bring some water resistant armor so this attack doesn't OHKO you.
    I'm a big fan of resisting. And I'm also a big proponent of bringing potions
    to heal damage when you take it. Yup. You should do that.
    There is still a dragonator here for you to skewer ceady. Use it. Have some
    people lead ceady in front of it while someone else presses the button. There
    are also ballistas around but they're not exactly necessary.
    Oh and he's weak to dragon, if you have dragon weapons. If not... bring
    Hunt a Green Plesioth
    Locale: Deserted Island
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: potions
    Get some g-rank level armor before doing this. This guy does a lot of damage
    but he is not different from plesioth in any way. Bring g rank armor that is
    resistant to water.
    He's weak to lightning and fire.
    HR 6 KEY QUEST - AXE TO GRIND [1405]
    Hunt a Rust Duramboros
    Locale: Sandy Plains
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: cleanser
    Well he has a lot of hitpoints and does a lot of damage... just like a plain
    old duramboros. The difference for this guy is that he just gets up faster
    after his tail attacks. No more free hits as dura lays around like a baby just
    asking to be smacked. I think also his tail can get you muddy too. Big freaking
    He's weak to the elements of water and or ice.
    Hunt a Green Nargacuga
    Locale: Flooded Forest
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: some sort of large wooden badger
    Well cuga is a tough cookie already, and the green cuga is even tougher. He's
    faster and meaner and you should be careful.
    Well actually most of the time he is pretty much the same. It's when he gets
    enraged that he gets some variation in his moveset. Like you know that tail
    spin that cuga did? Well nargreen here can do it twice. He spins around and
    slams his tail down in what used to be in front of him. And then he picks his
    tail up and brings it down somewhere else. Sometimes he hits the same spot
    twice just to break through your shield. And it causes stun so don't get hit
    by any of these attacks. It still gets stuck in the ground so you can attack it
    Hunt a Stygian Zinogre
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: nulberry, hot drinks
    This zinogre is dragon flavored zinogre. He's not much tougher than the old
    zinogre. Um... he takes longer to power up I think but its harder to stop him.
    His biggest change is that when he shoots out orbs they stay still for a bit
    and then sort of home in on you so look out for those. You'll get the hang of
    dodging them pretty quickly.
    he brings down dragon lightning before he is fully chaged so keep an eye out
    for that.
    his energy balls can be blocked by him if he is moving or you get behind him
    Hunt a Dire Miralis
    Locale: Tainted Sea (it's a beach with a couple of wrecked dragonships)
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: nothing specific. bring potions.
    This dragonish thing looks a lot like the monster that lives in the lake by
    my uncle's cabin. That's probably just a coincidence though.
    He's covered in rocks or made of rocks or something. Some of those rocks will
    be glowing red which means they are soft and can be attacked and broken.
    Everything else is super hard and will be difficult to attack. Just move up
    and down this guy's body attacking the glowing weak points. It should be a
    familiar approach to anyone who has played action adventure videogames. Bring
    an ice or dragon weapon and go to town.
    This fight takes place in a unique area that is basically just a beach near a
    volcano. Mira starts out in the water and when it's out there you can jump into
    the water to attack it. It crawls up on land from time to time and you'll have
    to follow it to continue your attacks, but when it's on land you will only be
    able to attack those parts of it that are near the ground most of the time. This
    monster is freaking huge.
    But when it is on land you also have the chance to lead it over to a shipwreck
    and stab it with a dragonator. Do that when you have the chance. There are also
    a couple of ballistas around and the ammo can be found on that ship next to the
    dragonator. You can shoot mira when its in the water or on land. Some people
    like to start shooting it at the beginning of the quest. Just be careful
    because it can fire fiery rocks at you from a distance.
    Oh I should warn you that at the very beginning of the quest that mira will
    shoot rocks at where you spawn so as soon as the opening cinematic is skipped
    you shood book it or else you could very easily be killed! Heads up!
    Mira hits real hard but like ceady and jhenny it is not usually actively
    attacking you but rather just moving around with such large mass that it just
    sort of runs you over. Well there's not much you can do about that since you
    need to be close to it to attack it (probably) so just bring potions and heal
    Oh and he has one more attack. He can wind up and shoot fire out of his mouth
    and that makes a big explosion. Try not to be hit by this one if you want to
    So yeah, not a hard fight, aim for the glowing weak-points, heal when damaged,
    use the dragonator.
    Congrats! You have conquered the preamble part of g-rank. Now you are in the
    top godly tiers of heaven!
    Hunt a Gold Rathian
    Locale: Tower (N)
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: antidotes, dung bombs, flash bombs
    This is just an unnaturally golden rathian. It's like all of the rathians that
    came before it except with a a hard head and body and it can crush you as it
    lands and it is weak to lightning and water for some reason and it has a new
    move combo. But other than that it is exactly the same.
    Goldielocks does lots of tail flailing with poison barbs. That tail will take a
    while to break off, too. She does pinkians wild spin as well as a slower,
    trickier forward spin.
    Has faster fire attacks that hit with a lot of force and create small field
    explosions. Also when goldie is shooting fire sometimes she'll step back a bit
    and after two fireballs chain into a tailspin move so if you're up next to her
    thinking that you're safe from being fireballed you can suddenly find yourself
    missing three quarters of your health bar and also poisoned. Luckily goldie
    doesn't usually go after you right after nailing you like that.
    This may be your introduction to the TOWER area. Yeah... there's not much to
    it. I don't know why this doesn't just take place in the arena. Oh, there is
    a corner where you can gather rare items.
    Hunt a Silver Rathalos
    Locale: Tower (N)
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 7/10
    Recommended items: antidotes, dung bombs, flash bombs
    This guy is just a beefy rathalos. He has more hitpoints, does more damage, and
    he has stronger skin along his back and tail and especially his head. His legs
    and underbelly and wings are still soft enough for you to plunge your weapons
    into. He might be slighty faster I don't know. Oh, and when he lands from
    flight he comes down hard and can hurt you.
    For all his armor he is still just a regular old rathalos with the regular old
    rathalos abilites and weaknesses. He has all of the old fire attacks like when
    he jumps in the air and shoots fire forward, and that one where he shoots
    3 fireballs down from the air, and the one where he stands on the ground and
    fires forward, and that azure attack where he breathes flames down in front of
    him, and that fire bite attack... and one I've never seen before where he's in
    the air and sneezes and there is a fiery explosion off ahead of him. Yup, fire.
    He still has his poison talons, although he can swing around in the air and try
    to fool you for which target he is attacking. And he can still jump on you and
    pin you and you'll need to dung your way free. He can still be flashed out of
    the air. Wait for when he does his three fireball move and then he'll spend a
    couple of seconds flying low to the ground just asking to be flashed.
    He's weak to lightning and water (!?) and not ice and dragon and fire. Kinda
    different, I suppose.
    Hunt a Lucent Nargacuga
    Locale: Tower (N)
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 9/10
    Recommended items: antidotes, lifepowders
    She's invisible oh noes! Weak to ice/dragon. Can cause poison with its tail
    spike shots. And because her name lends itself to the monicker 'Lucy' she is a
    That's the basics up there. This is just another nargacuga... a blue one this
    time. It's the first nargacuga that doesn't look completely revolting. She is
    also invisible when moving. You may have noticed that angry nargacuga have
    glowing eyes that leave trails, though... and this one does that too, so you
    can follow her eye trails to see where she goes. Also her steps cause dust to
    fly up and if she is poisoned then you can watch for that.
    Speaking of poison, she shoots out a lot of poison barbs when she does her tail
    flip move. Sometimes she does the green cuga's double tail flip and then shoots
    out two sets of poison spikes. Super lame. These things fly out in many
    directions... but not through the cuga so if you are in front of her you are
    safe from spikes (but not from being tailflipped). Sometimes she just shoots
    these things forward like regular cuga spikes. Sometimes she winds up for these
    attacks and you can flinch her to prevent it... like with the zinogre.
    This gal does less tail whipping, I think. I mean, she does lots and lots of
    tail flipping, but the whip move hse shares with barioth... she does that less.
    She does sometimes spin around real fast and shoot out poison barbs, and that
    move has a huge range and hits all around her so you may commonly find your
    whole party knocked back by that one. Why not be nice and bring some lifepowders
    along for this one, hmm?
    Lucy's got a tougher head and hide than older cugas but I think you expected
    that. Like the other cugas this one has tough wings but you still want to break
    them to make her stagger between moves. And then you can cut her tail and then
    she's pretty much dead.
    Hunt an Abyssal Lagiacrus
    Locale: Underwater Ruin
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 9/10
    Recommended items: nulberries, air philters, kazoos and tambourines
    This is an underwater lagi fight that takes place in the underwater ruin
    This guy is just a cool looking lagiacrus with big electric attacks and he can
    create little whirlpool twister things to mess with you like sandy does. Damn
    I hate those things. Oh, and he's weak to dragon element.
    And the electric attacks are super annoying too. Remember those powered up
    Ivory Lagi attacks? Imagine how awful they would be underwater where lagi can
    move and attack in three-er dimensions. Like, he does that move where he shoots
    lightning out of his mouth and it just streaks everywhere and ughhhh.
    Abby here needs a lot of HR to unlock so by the time you get here I hope that
    you already know how to go into a quest with enough items and the proper gear
    not to get triple-carted.
    Use the dragonator on this guy. Just do it.
    Hunt a Hallowed Jhen Mohran
    Locale: Great Desert
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 9/10
    Recommended items: pot
    This one is weak to fire. He's just a bigger jhen mohran with a different
    attack pattern. You have to unlock this fight by defeating every other monster
    in the game except for abbysal lagiacrus, lucent nargacuga, and savage deviljho,
    so by the time you get here you should have some really good armor and a decent
    sense of the items you'll need to bring on this quest to survive.
    This guy and the g rank jhen (which I think is an event quest) have a new move
    where they create a blast of sand... sort of like that... what's its name...
    that ugly sand fish thing from the start of the game. Wow... it's been so long
    I'm actually forgetting the names of the easy monsters. Oh wait, now I remember.
    Blech... I was probably just repressing it because nibblesnarf is such a crappy,
    crappy name. Snarf snarf nibble nibble. Well... it's pretty funny I guess.
    Anyways yeah, this quest has a different script from the last one, but it is
    still on the same dragonship in the same desert (except at night I guess). He'll
    try to surprise ram you at the start, but you can gong him and show hm you know
    the score, and then bring him in close and bind him and wail on him and jump on
    his tusks and board his ship and plunder all of the spices he is carrying.
    You still have to break his back weakpoints and then his tusks and then his
    forearms and then just whatever you can reach. Try and shoot his mouth if you
    can of course. And eventually you will be in a final showdown that is pretty
    similar to the last one. Honestly describing all of these monster subspecies
    seems like a waste of time to me. You should be able to completely decimate
    anything monster hunter can throw at you by this point, and do it while looking
    totally awesome to boot!
    Hunt a (Savage) Deviljho
    Locale: Tundra
    Steve’s Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    Recommended items: poison meat, tinged meat, sleepy meat, dung bombs, barrel
    bombs, flash bombs, hot drinks, potions, whetstones, etc.
    Savage Deviljho is a more powerful version of deviljho... but pretty much
    exactly the same. Savage Deviljho (from here on out known as SAVVY D) is like
    Deviljho in that he can show up during any G rank quest quite uninvited. If you
    want to fight this guy specifically (he does have one unique item drop you may
    covet) then you have to download this event quest. Note that the quest doesn't
    indicate that this is a savage deviljho, probably because he is so similar that
    he doesn't even qualify as a subspecies. If you want to fight this deviljho
    earlier than hr8 though you have good chances of encountering him in the HR6
    event quesr 'An Ominous Cry' and in the HR7 quest 'Night Stalker'. If you go to
    the restaurant and look for the FOOD SKILL 'FELYNE GAMECHANGER' (double
    veggies?) you can increase your chances of monsters like Savvy D coming over to
    (If you don't know how event quests work then go check out the section of this
    guide that covers event quests... it's right below this quest actually.)
    When Savvy D shows up he will look like a perfectly ordinary deviljho... except
    that he starts in rage mode. Heck, even his little lock-on icon looks like a
    regular deviljho. But Savvy is always mad and so he's always ready to bust out
    a dragonbreath attack. And when you injure him a little bit, he'll enter his
    new super saiyan 3 mode that makes him distinct from other deviljho. Well, it's
    mostly just a cosmetic change. Sure, now he has dark dragon energy spiking up
    around his head... but he still moves and acts like a regular deviljho. Maybe
    he's a little faster? I don't know... that could just be me reaching for
    something new about this guy. He's pretty similar. His dragonbreath is a bit
    bigger so stay a little further away.
    So yeah, treat him just like any other deviljho. He's still extremely vulnerable
    to tainted meats of all kinds. He still shows up in every environment and if
    he gatecrashes your quests you should just shoo him away with some dung bombs.
    EVENT QUESTS [1415]
    Event quests are special Tanzia quests that have to be downloaded from the
    internet. More of them are being released every so often. It's free DLC!
    Event quests are special and completing them will get you special
    items and getting enough special items allows you to make special weapons and
    armor that are typically super sweet looking and kind of powerful. Yup. You
    WANT these.
    Back in the day, event quests were online quests that were rotated from week to
    week. Since they were only available for a limited time people were super
    excited to do them before they disappeared again. In Monster Hunter Ultimate
    the quests are being released every week, but once they are released and you
    have downloaded them they are available all of the time. And what seems to be
    the case online is that people aren't all of that enthused to do these things.
    Well, there are usually people online doing the deviljho quests or the super
    powered Ivory Lagiacrus, but the other ones just get done when they are released
    and then people move on and forget about them.
    If you ever want to do these quests, do a search for 'Event Quest Players' and
    see what comes up. If there's nothing resembling the quest you want to do then
    make your own room and advertise you desired event as clearly as  possible. You
    may have to wait a while for players, but once you get them they usually won't
    mind doing the same quest over and over until you all have  enough tickets or
    whatever for the sweet near weapons. Super sweet.
    So what weapons do you want? What quests give you what? Well, a quick online
    search is your best friend here. I mean, I guess I could make a list here... but
    the Event Quests are still being rolled out here in the Americas and I don't
    know what's coming in the future. I guess what I'm saying is that I'll update
    this section with that information in the distant future when the releasing of
    DLC content has stopped.
    To get the event quest DLC you just need to talk to your pet cat CHAMBERLYNE
    in your house back in Moga. He'll hook you up. Make sure you check back every
    so often. Oh, and as far as I know, you don't have to download quests yourself
    if you go online and someone else has posted a quest that you don't have. At
    least, that's what I think I've found out myself. I could be wrong, not that
    I've ever been wrong about anything before.
    You can select the event quests you've downloaded from the quest counter in
    Tanzia. They are listed in a special 'event quests' section below the other
    quests, so they are divided up between low, high, and g ranks.
    THE ARENA [1416]
    The arena is where you go to see if you are actually GOOD at hunting monsters.
    Arena quests don't let you overpower yourself with higher-tier weapons and
    armor and an overabundance of healing items. No, when you step into the arena,
    you are given a choice of pre-made weapon/armor/item sets and tasks you with
    making the most of them using your pure gaming skill. Oh, and your given a
    couple of PAR TIMES to chase after, and everyone you exchange guild cards with
    will be able to compare their times with yours in a LEADERBOARD. Yeah, this is
    for GAMERS. The HARDCORE. The HIGHSCORERS. You should totally do these quests
    and try and get awesome times.
    Anyways, the arena is in Tanzia. It's on the right side of the quest counter.
    The quests are divided up by the number of players who can participate. You
    are allowed to take on the four-person quests by yourself, sure... but you're
    not going to get good times that way. Go online or find some friends and tackle
    these things.
    Arena quests take place in ARENAS. There is a land arena and a water one.
    They're medium sized sterile environments. The environments are not a big deal.
    It's just you and the monsters. It's all about skills. There is no benefit to
    breaking parts, no stuff to carve to get items. All you get is times for a
    leaderboard and some special COINS that allow you to make some sweet armor.
    15. ONLINE ETIQUETTE [1500]
    Monster Hunter as a single-player game is a brutal experience that I can say
    from experience captures the slogging difficulty of going out in the punishing
    wilderness and trying to stab a bear to death as it runs you down and rips open
    your flesh. Multiplayer MonHun is a wholly different story and it is much, much
    easier and a lot more fun. If you are playing on the 3DS then you have the
    mobility to go out and find other players, either on 3DS or WiiU to play with.
    But if you are playing on the WiiU then you will be able to take advantage of
    this new fangled gizmo called THE INTERNET to connect with people from all over
    the world and hunt together.
    Playing online is a lot of fun and it makes the game super-easy. Unfortunately
    it also involves playing with other people. As Lewis Carroll said: 'Hell is
    other people'... I'm sure it was Lewis Carroll who said that... anyways he
    was totally right. Playing video games online involves a certain level of
    anonymity and lack of consequences for bad behaviour and this can bring out the
    worst in people. If at all possible you should find some friends to play with
    in person or online... but if you are like me in being an unbearable and joyless
    sourpuss with no friends then you'll just have to brave the plebeian masses
    and hope for the best.
    You do have the options of BOOTING people out of rooms you've created or
    BLOCKING users who are harassing you. I've never had to rely on either of these
    tools but they are there if you need them. Furthermore the MICROPHONE CHAT in
    this game can be disabled on a player-by-player basis through your ONLINE
    OPTIONS MENUS, or you could just turn the volume down on your television or
    gamepad if you run into some foul-mouthed hatemongerer. Again, this sort of
    thing doesn't come up very often... but you do have ways of dealing with it.
    There are two fundamental attitudes you should hold when you are playing online.
    Unfortunately they are contradictory... but do your best to hold both of these
    ideas in mind at all times. The first is that hunting online should be quick and
    efficient, that everyone involved should be doing their best, or at least not
    dragging the team down with bad play and carting. The second is that hunting
    online should be fun, that this is a game and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
    People play this game to relax and unwind, and trust me when I say that when
    sitting down to some mindless monster hunting after working 5 10-hour days, the
    last thing you need to hear is some entitled pubescent complain about your
    performance. But even then, don't just disappear for whole quests and expect
    your teammates to do all of the work for you. You still have to try.
    So try to be understanding when your allies aren't in peak performance, but try
    to maintain an acceptable level of performance yourself. I know these two
    attitudes are hard to work with but do your best. If you are seriously focussed
    on obtaining some rare part or fighting some difficult monster and you don't
    want to put up with failure and noobs then do everyone a favor and put a sign
    on your room that says "Looking for experts". Likewise if you want a more chill
    atmosphere where no one is going to bitch if you happen to die or bring
    the wrong weapon or something then you want a room that says 'Relaxed hunting'.
    There is room to accomodate all playstyles just so long as you remember that
    Multiplayer Play Basics
    Online (or just multiplayer) play in this game is CO-OPERATIVE, which means that
    you and your teammates are working towards a common goal. It is in everyone's
    best interest to decide what that goal is and then to work together in achieving
    it. Communication can go a long way towards forging an understanding and
    achieving your goals. Sometimes you may find yourself playing across language
    barriers and this can make things difficult, but a combination of GESTURES and
    common decency can sometimes suffice to get things done.
    The Most Important Thing to know about multiplayer is that those three lives
    you've enjoyed as a safety net on your own are now COMMUNAL LIVES. That means
    that those three extra lives have to cover your whole team. If you are playing
    on a four man team, then, that means that each of you can die 0.5 times per
    quest without failing (since that number is less than 1, if you die ((or CART))
    even once on a quest, you are using up more of the teams resources than you
    are entitled to). The long and short of this is that when playing multiplayer
    the quest for everybody and we probably could have succeeded without you. You
    need to be on top of your game to go play online, or at least be familiar with
    the monsters you are fighting. You don't have to worry if you die once in a
    while, people are understanding... but don't make a habit of it!
    Multiplayer play has a different tempo from single player play. When people work
    together they can get lots and lots of quests done in very little time. This
    feels good and is an effective use of MonHun time, but it does place certain
    obligations on you. Your teammates in Tanzia won't appreciate it if a good
    quest rhythm gets interuptted because you had to go spend five minutes in the
    forge looking at new gear. Between quests you should expect to have enough time
    to go over to the MARINA and switch your gear, but if you want to use this time
    for forging you should at least inform your teammates of this.
    But you really shouldn't be using your online time for forging new gear. If you
    can quickly check in at the forge and see what items you still need for your
    next upgrade, then sure, do that quickly, but don't waste other people's time
    doing things you should be doing offline in solo mode. While you are at the
    forge you will be unable to read the text chat of your teammates so you may be
    unaware of how imposing you are being on their patience to start the next quest.
    Like i said, communication is key, so don't spend an inordinate amount of time
    in the forge where you can't communicate!
    Another aspect of this game that should be handled in solo mode is keeping your
    ITEM BOX stocked with enough items to quest with. When you hunt online you
    should expect to be doing 5 or 10 or 50 hunting quests in a row because no one
    wants to get together to go pick mushrooms or fish for ammo or anything lame
    like that. It is your responsibility to have a stocked box that can carry you
    through all of this marathon gaming, and if you ever run out of certain key
    items then you should just retire from online mode for a little while and go
    back to moga to do some gathering. That said, Port Tanzia does have two item
    shops that can quickly replenish your supplies of potions, whetstones, ammo,
    bombs, and some other key items, and NEKO in the MARINA can hook you up with
    your farm which you should be using to produce a steady stream of honey for
    upgrading your pots to super pot. And if you are out on a quest and know that
    the area you are in has a good spot for gathering SPIDERWEBS or DUNG or
    whatever it is that you need, try to find some time to gather this after the
    monster has died or run away or something. If you want to take a bit (but not
    too much) more time to gather stuff then remember to COMMUNICATE this desire to
    your teammates! A lot of these paragraphs are ending with exclamation points!
    The second most important thing to know about about multiplayer is that your
    attacks cannot DAMAGE your allies but they can still annoy them and negatively
    impact their performance and in doing so bring down the performance of the
    entire team. Certain attacks can LAUNCH your allies into the air, which is
    extremely disruptive. Some attacks can TRIP your allies, a shorter pause but
    still annoying enough in that it can freeze your allies in place when they
    would rather be moving somewhere. Some attacks just STAGGER your allies,
    INTERRUPTING their attacks. These are all bad things to do and no one likes
    being hit by these (under most circumstances... being launched does give you
    some invulnerability and can save a person from damage). What this whole
    paragraph boils down to is a message that says 'Don't hit you teammates! (duh!)'
    If you are running up to a monster and your ally is already attacking a certain
    point, then don't attack that spot and your ally! I don't know why this is so
    common, but if you can't add damage without interrupting your allies from
    delivering damage, then you aren't actually adding anything to the team. Find
    somewhere else to attack, wouldcha? The monsters are really large and made up
    of disparate components so as to allow four people to be attacking different
    areas and not get in each others way. If one person is already swinging their
    big clumsy longsword on the monster's legs, then you should find somewhere
    else to attack, like the head or tail or body or wings or... something!
    Trying not to get in each other's way also means knowing how all of the weapon
    types work. If you spend all of your time in solo mode using a sword, you may
    be surprised when you go online and find out that hammers primarily work by
    aiming at the head and that almost all of their attacks launch people who get
    near them. A little experimentation before going online would be super useful
    so that you will know ahead of time that it is just practical to let those
    hammer users have exclusive rights for shots to the head so that you dont get
    launched and/or get in their way. Learning about other weapon types may even
    help you learn a thing or two about your own weapon (in the case of our
    hypothetical swords user, he may learn that weapons like hammers and guns have
    real problems breaking or even hitting tails and that it is actually the
    responsibility of swordsmen to be tailcutters).
    So yeah, hammers get priority for headshots, but if you can get in bowgun shots
    there without interupting them, go ahead. You also want to use the gunlance's
    super wyvern fire attack on the head usually... so be sure to communicate this.
    Some weapons like the great sword and the switch axe have attacks with huge
    ranges that also launch allies (these are commonly known as UPSWINGS). These
    attacks hurt your team more than they hurt monsters, so when you are online just
    don't use them! Similarly, the lance has a charge attack that can be absolutely
    disruptive and it shouldn't be used if there is even a chance of hitting your
    teammates... but since it is primilarly for moving without putting your weapon
    away you can sometimes use it when you are far away from people... it's not
    something you'd bust out in a crowd anyways.
    Let's see... what else. Um... oh yeah the longsword when it does it's SPIRIT
    ATTACK THING takes up a lot of space and trips people, but it is a necessarily
    evil to get that weapon up to scratch so try and use it responsibly and watch
    out for other players using it. Dual swords are another weapon that trip up
    teammates but their range is much smaller so it SHOULD be easy for them to avoid
    attacking allies (but dualswords users are all noobs it seems).
    Bowgunners have their own way of doing things that doesn't always gel with
    playing well with others. When gunners play with other gunners they are able to
    go wild because there are no allies near the monster to block or get hit by
    their shots, and I think this spoils them a bit because sometimes when they play
    with blademasters they still spam clust and pellet shots like its not super
    disruptive and irritating. Save ammos like these for when the monster is far
    away from the hunters. And try to aim your shots up high so that they clear
    the hunters and hit those parts of the monster that are otherwise never getting
    If you are a big fan of SLEEPBOMBING, or sleeping, or bombing (again, primarily
    a bowgunner thing) then you really should COMMUNICATE this before the quest
    begins and maybe even again when you are doing it. When monsters fall asleep it
    is not always obvious what is happening. Furthermore pulling out bombs suddenly
    and without warning is a surefire way to blow your whole team up idiotically.
    Sleep and bombs are super useful though so if you want to do it just make sure
    you tell people and inform them that they should be bringing bombs of their own.
    Let's take a step backwards. If you want to play online you have to navigate
    quite a few menus first and try to make any breaches of ettiquette along the
    way. There are a lot of unwritten rules you have to follow here... maybe its
    about time someone wrote them down, eh?
    Actually, there is one written rule that people don't follow for some reason.
    The online mode is divided up into a couple of WORLDS and some of these are
    clearly marked as belonging to LOW RANK (HR 1 and 2), HIGH RANK (3-5), and G
    RANK (6 and up). And yet for some reason when you go into these worlds you will
    find people of the wrong hrs posting quests that don't belong in those worlds.
    Like you will find people posting G RANK quests in the low rank world... just
    taking up space. Maybe they are hiding from randoms by being out of place? I
    don't know... if you are that concerned with having randoms join your game, then
    mark your room 'playing with friends' or put a password on it.
    Oh, yeah, don't join rooms marked 'playing with friends' unless you are on that
    person's FRIEND LIST or are actually their friend IRL. And on the subject of
    friend lists, you can add people you got along with to this list and then you
    can see when they are online and what room they are in and join them or send
    them messages, but try not to be needy and constantly messaging your 'friends'
    when it clearly says they are already on quests. Just because the next strongest
    weapon you can get needs just one more Nargacuga's upperlip to forge doesn't
    mean that anyone else in the world cares or has to drop everything to help you.
    Back to the menus. When you talk to NEKO MEANS TIGER and select NETWORK MODE
    you will be asked to join a world. Pick whichever world includes your current
    hunter rank, or go to the FREE world or the RECRUITING one or whatever. It
    doesn't matter. Join a lobby that has a healthy number of people (more than 50)
    What you want to do next is press the SEARCH FOR A ROOM button. This will give
    you a couple of options to do a search of all of the rooms and see what matches
    your query. You could search for 'Relaxed hunting' or 'Chat and hunt' if those
    are your cup of tea, or 'event quest players' or 'arena' if that's what you are
    looking for. You can search for certain monster targets.
    If your search doesn't work out then you can go into the 'ENTER A ROOM' option
    and that will show you all of the current ROOMS being HOSTED in your LOBBY.
    Confusing, i know. You can look through these to see what is going on in that
    room and how many people are needed there and if you press R you will get extra
    information that will tell you what HR the HOST is and whether they are out on
    a quest or not (or if they are seeking companions, which is a useless
    smokescreen). Try to join rooms that have space and have an appropriate HR and
    who are in Port Tanzia. That's the sweet spot.
    Now here is the hard talk the noobs need to hear. You cannot, CANNOT just join
    rooms with people who have HRs much higher than yours and expect them to drop
    down to your level and do your kiddie quests for you. It doesn't matter if the
    room says 'anyone is welcome' because even that message carries the unstated
    fact that people want to play at their own level and want people to join their
    rooms who can help them achieve THEIR goals, not YOURS. When you join someone's
    room, don't start asking for help or saying you need this or that. Ask what
    is being hunted next (or just say hi).
    If you need help advancing because you are of low rank and skill, then you
    should join rooms with people of similar hunter rank and work your way up
    together. You could even create a room of your own in the appropriate spot
    and mention that you are 'looking to increase HR' and hope that some godly
    player takes pity on you and condescends to help you. That is a very nice thing
    when it happens, but you should count on it and you are absolutely not entitled
    to it.
    I don't know, I got sort of lost on a rant there. Does everyone understand how
    to navigate worlds and lobbies and room now? Well I hope so, because that
    material will be on the next midterm.
    Let's see if there's any other miscellania. Um... if you enter a room and people
    are out on a quest you can ask them how long they'll be but if they are busy
    they may not answer so dont go expectign them to drop everything just to talk
    to you because that is a good way to get killed.
    Traps and captures. Don't just stand beside traps far across the area pinging
    all day. That's stupid. Don't post capture quests and not bring your own trap
    tranqs and depend on others to do it. Take responsibility for your own quests.
    And don't demand that monsters be capped when someone else posts a hunting
    quest. That sort of thing should be REQUESTED POLITELY before the quest starts,
    not demanded once the monster starts limping. Basically the person who posts
    the quest is the leader and gets to decide.
    Ah, but who is posting quests? For starters it should be the person who created
    the room (the HOST). If you are in a room without a specific target then the
    usual fair play deal is for everyone to take TURNS posting quests, usually with
    a bit of a heads-up of what will be hunted. You can ask to hunt certain monsters
    next, for instance. Being polite is the way to go (and if that isn't working,
    finding a room where politeness is respected is probably the way to go).
    The HOST is the one who keeps the room existing so it is in your best interests
    not to harass them (don't harass anyone, but especially not the people who can
    kill you mid quest). And HOSTS, you have some responsibility not to BOOT people
    indiscriminately, and especially not to end rooms in the middle of quests or
    even between quests without informing people and letting them save and whatnot.
    Express your intentions! If someone joins your room while you are out on your
    last quest, don't leave them in the tavern while you finish and then close the
    room without telling them.
    I would also advise you not to play this game for very extended stretches of
    many hours because people get sloppy as they get tired.
    Oh yeah, when you're out playing, don't stand in doorways or in corners or
    spots because that is just inviting monsters to wipe your party. About the
    doorways more specifically, what I mean by that is that if you follow a monster
    into a new area then it will probably turn and attack you, and so if you are
    the first person into the area and you stand in the doorway, then the monster
    will be attacking in that direction as the three people following you enter
    the room and they will get hit and it will be your fault. I mean, sometimes
    monsters attack doors anyways and there is nothing you can do to attract their
    attention away, but that's different.
    And when tails fall off don't everyone immediately rush over to it. it will
    still be there in five minutes when the monster leaves or dies. When a monster
    loses its tail it is typically vulnerable to attack for a few seconds, but if
    someone is carving its tail when it gets up it will probably attack them. So if
    everyone just runs for the tail immediately then you're all going to be attacked
    and that is stupid!
    And finally if you are going to be 'Away From Keyboard' for an extended period
    of time then you should tell people. Obviously this is not at all ideal during
    a quest but people understand that life happens but please do us all a favour
    and try to leave your character somewhere relatively safe!
    Well I hope that's everything.
    Love each other.
    There. That ought to suffice.
    4/20/13 - Version 0.40 is submitted. Contains a table of contents, an
              intoduction with hypothetical FAQS and 8 sections of 'Useful Notes'
              and a walkthrough for about half of the Moga Village quests.
    4/29/13 - Version 0.45 is submitted. Adds information on Rathalos, Uragaan,
              Nibelsnarf, Barioth, and Volvidon. And Ceadeus. Also some things
              about Gigginox I forgot to write down. And I made my explanation of
              Questing and Freehunting more clear. And I thought to tell people
              about the Sandy Plains temperature system. Corrected some other minor
    5/06/13 - Version 0.50 is submitted. Adds information about Diablos, Agnaktor,
              and Crimson Qurupeco. Information about high-rank mode is provided.
    5/14/13 - Version 0.60 is submitted. It includes a section on shakalakas by
              Heavyacademic. And I finished up the info on the 6star quests.
    5/27/13 - Versions 0.70 is submitted. It covers the 7star quests and includes
              a section on 'hunting grounds.'
    6/03/13 - Version 0.80. It covers the 8star quests.
    6/11/13 - Version 0.85 covers some 9star things and gives an overview of the
              Port Tanzia quests.
    6/19/13 - Version 0.90. Gives some basic info on a couple of Tanzia monsters
              and it goes over Event Quests and Arena Quests.
    6/28/13 - Version 1.00! The guide is done and covers all of the monsters that
              can be hunted!
    This guide was written by Steve Edwards, also known as CanWizard. My email
    address is cerberusalchemist@gmail.com. Feel free to email me to point out
    mistakes in this guide. I mean, I'll probably catch them eventually so don't
    bother unless it's really important. I don't really want to be hassled with
    suggestions for things that could be added to this guide. I especially don't
    want to be bombarded by people asking me for help. This guide is all I am
    willing to give you.
    Special thanks to Mr. I Noble, aka heavyacademic, for contibuting his guide on
    the shakalakas.

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