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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (3DS) 04/04/14 aquashiram14 1.20 442K
FAQ/Walkthrough (3DS) 06/28/13 CanWizard 1.00 423K

In-Depth FAQs

Alatreon Guide (3DS) 11/29/14 X_battousaiX 1.0 39K
Armor Set FAQ 09/25/13 FireMario12 120K
Bow Guide 05/13/13 Polantaris 1.01 47K
Bow Guide (3DS) 05/09/13 Piggy Mog 0.4 26K
Bowgun Guide 04/25/13 mazereon 0.6 106K
Carve/Drop Guide 05/11/13 celerym 2.5 425K
Charm Sniping Guide 09/06/13 LikeIIs 1.1 22K
Dual Sword Guide (3DS) 10/13/13 aquashiram14 1.51 133K
GreatSword Guide 09/14/14 Anubis_Drac 1.0 495K
Gunlance Guide (3DS) 06/01/13 sephiroth1491 1.30 29K
Hammer Guide (3DS) 05/26/13 TheYashasama 1.1 15K
Hunter Rank Guide (3DS) 05/11/13 Asuka Kazama 0.40 13K
Lance Guide (3DS) 06/14/13 Lance100USA 1.01 24K
Lance Guide (3DS) 06/05/13 king_vonf 30K
Sword and Shield/Dual Blade Guide (3DS) 11/26/13 Mx4_1204 1.0 82K

Foreign Language FAQs

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