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by lunacent

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FAQ/Walkthrough by lunacent

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/04/14


Hey, welcome to my guide for Bayonetta 2! I'm your host, XG549. Thanks for checking it out. The guide is pretty basic right now. Its main function is to point out where all the collectibles are in the games, and give some very general tips and hints for how to deal with trickier enemies. I plan on consistently updating the guide over the coming months. As I play the game more and explore more of the post-game content, I'll add sections covering those parts. Eventually, I would also like to include a section for basic tips on how to do well in the game and a section with specific strategies for dealing with each enemy. This is a long project to undertake and the guide in its current state is far from finished, so please bear with me!

If you think you know a way to improve my guide, I would love to hear it! That includes small things, whether it's a typo I overlooked or something I worked vaguely, as well as big things, such as if you think you have a decent strategy for a certain fight or something, or if you think I should change the format or structure of the guide in some way to be more user friendly. I'm open to any and all comments and suggestions! You can find my contact information in the credits section at the end of the guide. Just click the link in the table of contents!

What qualifies someone like me to make this guide, you might ask? Absolutely nothing! I'm no better at this game than most people; I'm just dedicated to it. I plan on making this game my absolute bitch. The only reason I decided to write a guide was because no one else had, and there was no single place that chronicled where to find all of the collectibles. But I'm not great at this game. I haven't even finished Infinite Climax yet. I'm just writing, adding to, and improving this guide as I continue to make my way through the game, which is why I'm so open to your suggestions for improvements. Thanks for understanding, and I hope my guide can be of use to you in some way as it is!

Version History and Copyright Statement

V1.0 [4 Nov 2014] Added complete checklists of all collectibles and unlockables with referencing links back to the chapters.

V0.9 [3 Nov 2014] Complete walkthrough of the main story. A few minor details about post-game content and some incomplete checklists. I'll be updating with more complete checklists ASAP and adding more post-game coverage in future versions.


This guide is copyrighted © 2014 to Andrew Williams (XG549) under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International license.

You are free to copy, edit, and distribute this guide or portions of it under the following conditions:

  • You credit the original author (XG549) in any location you reproduce it, as well as noting what parts, if any, were altered by yourself.
  • You do not use any part or form of this guide for commercial purposes, or make money off of it in any way.
  • Any derivatives of this guide that you publish must be licensed under the same Creative Commons license as the original guide.

Only the literature of the guide is copyrighted to me (XG549). Bayonetta 2 and all game content are © 2014 to Platinum Games, SEGA, and Nintendo. All rights reserved.


Just in case you're wondering, the entirety of this walkthrough was written while playing on 3rd Climax.

Records of Time: The End

Fire up the game, start a file, and it's time to go. The Records of Time are more of a prologue than the actual "Prologue" chapter, especially since this entire scene is essentially useless. The exact voiceover will appear again later in the game, the background setting is seemingly irrelevant to anything else throughout the plot, and you won't even get a rating at the end of this chapter. So it's up to you: warm up your combat skills for a couple of minute or sit back and just listen to the background story. Unfortunately, there's no option to skip this segment on a fresh file, but hey, you get a Bewitchment for completing it, so no harm done, really.

Chapter End Checklist

[ ] Bewitchment #01: After the End Comes...

Prologue: World of Chaos

The Prologue establishes the setting and introduces you to combat, but there is no exploration to be had just yet. After a lengthy intro cutscene and tutorial session, you're thrown right into battle, where you'll stay until the results screen.

Verse 1 (P)

Group 1: Acceptance x3
Group 2: Acceptance x9
Group 3: Accolade x1, Acceptance x2
Group 4, 5: Acceptance x3
Group 6: Accolade x1, Acceptance x2
Group 7, 8: Acceptance x3

The most basic enemies in the game. Nothing here should give you trouble, so it's a good opportunity to practice maintaining combos and dodging effectively.

Verse 2 (P)

Belief x1

Still nothing tricky here. All of his attacks are really easy to dodge. In the first phase he will run alongside the train, occasionally swiping his arm at you or going in for a bite. Midway through that, he will latch onto the cab with his arm; jump onto him and run up to his face for an opportunity to use a Punish attack. After that he will continue running alongside the train until you get him to about half remaining HP, where the battle will transition to stationary ground and you'll have Jeanne as an ally. His attacks are basically the same as before; only difference is you'll occasionally trip him and get a chance to Punish, and you'll end with a Climax. He should go down quickly and easily.

Verse 3 (P)

Gomorrah x1

Well this is an interesting turn of events! It may be no big deal to newcommers, but fans of the original Bayonetta will definitely be surprised to be fighting a demon rather than an angel, especially one that Bayonetta herself summoned. This bad boy will fight you in two phases. For the first, you'll be following him up the tower. He has a couple of basic attacks, a claw swipe and a bite. These have really long tells and are pretty easy to dodge. More rarely, he will shoot an energy shot or beam from his mouth, which is a bit more difficult to dodge. I recommend backing up from him when you see that charging up, as it's easier to dodge from a distance than when you're right in his face.

After you get him to about half health, he'll spiral up to the top of the tower (be sure to dodge each rotation: he'll hit you on his way around). There's a checkpoint in between phases, so if you happen to die after this point you won't have to redo the entire fight. He's much more inclined to use his projectiles and laser beams here, so be careful. On the other hand, you now have occasional opportunities for Punish attacks. Other new attacks include a tail swipe if he rotates around the tower, and an inhaling attack that you'll have to use a megaton to get out of. His attacks hit hard on Hard mode, but he's pretty easy in lower difficulties. Wrap it up with a Climax and you're done with the Prologue.

Chapter End Checklist (P)

[ ] Bewitchment #02: Prologue Complete

Chapter I: Noatun, The City of Genesis

We're here for our first real chapter, and boy is it a big one! There are a lot of collectibles to be found here, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Start off by immediately turning right. Follow the path out to the end of the dock where there is a Treasure Chest with a Yellow Moon Lollipop. Just to the left of here, on the wooden dock, is Umbran Crow #01. Remember that Crows will respawn if you just give the spawn point a little bit of distance, in case you miss it on the first try. Now run over to the opposite dock. Underwater, between the two staircases on the left, is a Treasure Chest with some halos. At the very end of this dock, you'll find Journal Echoes: A New Beginning.

With those two collectibles in hand, now we can run up those stairs in front of where we first started. Look to the right and you'll see a staircase leading up to a balcony. Grab the Treasure Chest to the side of the staircase for a Green Herb Lollipop. Up on the balcony, about halfway down, you'll find Journal Echoes: Divine Retribution , as well as Resting Place #1. Use the Panther Within technique (double tap ZR while running) to collect all five shards in time, then return to the Resting Place to receive Broken Moon Pearl #01.

There's a Blood Rose Lollipop at the end of this balcony hallway thing. From there, jump down to ground level and hop into the pool of water, but don't go into that portal just yet. To the left of the portal, you'll find a Treasure Chest containing Broken Witch Heart #01. Jump out of the pool to the left, and you'll see Journal Echoes: Unknown Entrance and Muspelheim Portal #01.

Verse 1 (Muspelheim #01)

Timed Battle: 30 Seconds
Accolade x1

Welcome to Muspelheim! The realm of challenges. You'll go through many of these on your journey if you care about completionism, but don't forget these are entirely optional! If you can't beat one, just skip it and come back for it later.

This one is pretty simple, as one might expect the introductory challenge to be. Acceptance's attacks are very clearly foretold and he doesn't do anything tricksy, so getting hit shouldn't be a problem. Thirty seconds can be pretty short if you're used to just button mashing, but using the right combos (read: use Wicked Weaves) as well as utilizing Witch Time whenever possible will make cake of this challenge. The PKP combo is excellent, as is the PPPPP combo that you can hold on the end for a flurry attack. Just be sure not to waste time getting hit; the recoil takes way too long.

For completing it, you're awarded Broken Witch Heart #02.

One last thing to note before moving on is the location of Umbran Crow #02. From the Muspelheim Portal, look up at the arches lining the pool. It can be difficult to see from this angle, but the bird is nestled atop the column closest to the flagpole. As for how to reach it... well, you can't yet. You'll need to purchase the Crow Within ability from Rodin's shop before you have the capability to reach this one. Once you have that, go up to the balcony where the first Resting Place was. At the very end of that corridor, use Panther Within and jump over the balcony towards the first set of arches, then trigger Crow Within before your altitude falls below the top of the arches. Once you're at the middle-most column of the first set, cancel out of Crow form, kick off the wall of the column, then reactivate Crow Within and fly over to the furthermost column where the Umbran Crow is sitting. It's tricky for sure, but with a few attempts you should be able to figure it out. I highly recommend immediately purchasing Crow Within on your first visit to Rodin's shop, then returning here to pick up this Crow before moving on to Chapter 2.

Anyway, for now it's time to move on. Jump back into the pool and go through the portal. In the next hallway you'll find Journal Echoes: Fragments of Memory. Exiting out the other side brings you to the entrance of a sunken coliseum; look to the left and pick up Journal Echoes: Sealed Time. Now you can head down the staircase for the first real battle of the chapter.

Verse 2 (C1)

Cachet x9

These guys are simple. There should be nothing to this battle.

Before heading up the stairs to the next area, look to the right and grab the Treasure Chest across the broken staircase, which contains Broken Witch Heart #03.

On your way up the stairs to the next area, keep to the left to find Muspelheim Portal #02.

Verse 3 (Muspelheim #02)

Use Witch Time (2 Minutes)
Acceptance x2, Cachet x2

Witch Time challenges are fairly straightforward and often pretty generous with the time limit they give you. The only hitch is that Witch Time only comes in bursts of a few short seconds, so be sure to use it effectively. Wicked Weaves are your friends. PKP combo is your best friend. Acceptance and Cachet are basic enemies, so as long as you've got the hang of triggering Witch Time, this one will be a breeze.

Your reward for completing this challenge is Broken Moon Pearl #02.

Continue on up the stairway; notice the Treasure Chest off the cliff just right of the upcoming doorway if you want another Green Herb Lollipop. Once you're out of the water, turn around and walk into the dead end if you want to trigger an optional Verse 4.

Verse 4 (C1) (Hidden)

Acceptance x3

Nothing new here except an Acceptance with a bow instead of a spear. You'll see a lot more of those guys. They're annoying.

Unfortunately there's no reward for this optional verse other than bonus points towards your total chapter score. You need it if you're trying to get a Pure Platinum but it's passable otherwise.

On the other side of this alley is your first entrance to the Gates of Hell: Rodin's shop where you can purchase all sorts of goodies. Again, I recommend picking up the Crow Within technique before anything else, so you can go back for Umbran Crow #02 (you'll have to replay the chapter after it's finished; you can't go back to the beginning now). I also find Bats Within to be extremely useful throughout the rest of the game. Other than that, I tend to buy all of the Witch Hearts and Moon Pearls before spending money on anything else. I don't find any of the accessories or special techniques too terribly useful. But to each his own. You're obviously free to buy whatever you want in whatever order.

The way forward is a doorway to the right of the Gates of Hell entrance. There's nothing notable here, except some trippy ground shifting caused by a formiddable beast, but don't worry, we won't fight him for a while. Open the doors and step into the Cascade Foregrounds. Look immediately leftwards to find Resting Place #2. The second fragment, although not shown in the cutscene, is actually under the bridge right next to the first fragment. Just drop straight down into the water after collecting the first piece rather than gliding over the bridge. There's a Treasure Chest underwater on the other side of the river from the fifth fragment, with a Purple Magic Lollipop inside. Muspelheim Portal #03 is just ahead, still underwater. Once you make your way back to the Resting Place, bust it open to claim Broken Witch Heart #04. Lastly, if you're interested, there's a Treasure Chest tucked away in the alcove near another Gates to Hell entrance, on the opposite side of the area from where the Resting Place was, and another Treasure Chest full of halos in the northeastern corner of this area. With all that out of the way, step into the middle of the area to trigger Verse 6.

Verse 5 (Muspelheim #03)

Defeat Enemies to Earn Time (30 seconds)
Acceptance x3 (+3 sec), Cachet x6 (+2 sec)

In truth, these aren't much different than regular time trial challenges. The key to solving them is 1) take out the weakest enemies first, and 2) try your best to group enemies together so multiple enemies get hit with a single combo, taking them out faster. As always, Wicked Weaves work wonders. Try out the PPKP combo if you haven't used it much.

Your reward for completing this challenge is Broken Witch Heart #05.

Verse 6 (C1)

Group 1: Accolade x1, Acceptance x5
Group 2: Cachet x8
Group 3: Accolade x1

More of the same, nothing too tricky here. The Cachet like to gang up on you, so be careful about that. Accolade is pretty strong in Hard mode, but his attacks shouldn't be too difficult to dodge.

Upon completing this verse, you'll be rewarded with Angelic Hymns LP #1. Turn it in to Rodin for the Rakshaka. (Conveniently, there's a Gates to Hell portal right nearby, so go claim your prize immediately if you so choose!)

Journal Echoes: Relics is sitting at the base of the ramp just ahead. Jump through the hole at the top of the ramp to trigger a change in gravity, which directly leads to Verse 7.

Verse 7 (C1)

Valiance x1

Valiance is your first mini-boss type enemy. The first of many! He's certainly trickier than the things we've had to deal with so far, but he's far from unmanageable. Most of his arsenal involves swinging his sword and stomping at you. If you spend too much time between his legs, he may try to grab you, which you'll need to Megaton out of. He isn't too tough, and most of his attacks are fairly easy to dodge, but if you do get hit, he does a considerable amount more damage than the small-fry enemies. Remember, practice makes perfect! You'll end this one with a Climax and be on your merry way.

The ending of the battle will leave you inside the church. Straight ahead on the railing, you should spot Umbran Crow #03. As annoying as Loki's incessant whining may be, resist the urge to jump down there and shut him up; there are things to find up on the top level first. To the right you can find Muspelheim Portal #04. Back around to the left is a chest with a Mega Green Herb Lollipop, and from there you can jump to a narrow ledge where there is another Treasure Chest containing Broken Moon Pearl #03. If you've got all that, you're ready to jump to the lower floor and trigger Verse 9.

Verse 8 (Muspelheim #04)

Don't Get Hit (2 Minutes)
Cachet x9

Not much to say about this one. If you've been practicing your Witch Time timings, then this should be pretty straightforward. Just keep an eye on all angles and don't get cocky with your combos. It's a good idea to separate the enemies before trying to attack them; if you've got a large group in front of you, not all of them will get stun locked by your combo and you're pretty much guaranteed to get hit.

Your reward for completing this challenge is Broken Witch Heart #06.

Verse 9 (C1)

Cachet x6, Compassion x1

Compassion is the first enemy who I find a bit tricker than normal to dodge effectively, simply because a lot of his attacks have long-lasting hitboxes. I'm pretty sure that this battle always starts with Compassion using his homing drill attack, so be ready to dodge out of the way as soon as the cutscene is over. Unfortunately, there's not really a trick to dodging Compassion's long attacks; it just takes practice. Any time you've got Cachet & Compassion, it helps to try to separate Compassion from his cronies and take him out first, which is easy to do since he likes to get in your face while Cachet are more passive. The Cachet like to gang up and spam their blades, which can be tough to dodge multiple of at once. So, take out Compassion first then establish some hit-and-run tactics with the Cachet, letting them get their attack window out of the way then running in for a short combo during the cooldown.

Look to your right during the transition to the next room to find Journal Echoes: Purification Grounds inside one of the cubicle-esque rooms. Up ahead at the base of the staircase is a nifty little Witch's Recipes book: now you can finally make use of those colored trinkets you've been picking up! Picking up the recipe book will automatically add Journal Echoes: Entry No. 001 to your collection (though strangely enough, there is never an entry 002 or higher...)

Directly left of where the recipe book was, in another small cubicle just before the next room, is Resting Place #3. This one's a little too easy, but inside the box is Broken Witch Heart #07. The Treasure Chest in the next room, to the left of the staircase, contains a handful of concoction ingredients. Up the stairs an through the door, there's a chest straight ahead with a Yellow Moon Lollipop. Verse 10 triggers when you step into the inner courtyard.

Verse 10 (C1)

Group 1: Accolade x1, Acceptance x2
Group 2: Compassion x2, Cachet x6
Group 3: Urbane

Starting of with more of the same. Take out the Acceptance first if you don't want to be pelted with arrows while fighting Accolade, or leave them if you'd rather utilize the Witch Time opportunities.

Urbane is a new face, however. He's only as tricky as Valiance though. His attacks are basic, but most create an explosion or flame trail, either of which will have intense area-of-effect action, so be sure you've got your dodge timings down cause you won't be getting lucky with any near misses. He drops his mace-gloves when you kill them, so pick them up and have a little fun if that's your kind of thing!

Once that's done, run back to the chapel where Verse 9 took place if you're interested in triggering the optional Verse 11.

Verse 11 (C1) (Hidden)

Accolade x2

Nothing new here. This verse is entirely optional; no rewards apart from the bonus that's necessary for a Pure Platinum.

From where Verse 10 left off, head through the doors. There's a Gates of Hell entrance on the left if you need it; otherwise, right is the way forward. When you reach the river just out of the alleyway, jump into the water to the left to trigger Verse 12.

Verse 12 (C1) (Hidden)

Accolade x1

Simple. This verse is normally optional, but you should do it at least once, because you're rewarded with Broken Witch Heart #08.

Almost there! On the other side of the bridge is an underwater chest full of halos if you want it. Midway down the forward alley, Verse 13, the final verse for the chapter, begins.

Verse 13 (C1)

Glamor x1

Mini-boss time! This guy is ridiculously simple in his current form. All he does is bite and claw swipe, each having super early tells, so they should be really easy to dodge. You'll transition to a second stage after getting rid of his first life bar, but no new attacks crop up here. End it with a Climax and we're done with Chapter One!

Also, completing this chapter will award you with Journal Echoes: Leaders of the Umbra.

Chapter End Checklist (C1)

[ ] Bewitchment #12: Prepared for Anything
[ ] Bewtichment #13: War on All Planes
[ ] Umbran Crow #1
[ ] Umbran Crow #2
[ ] Umbran Crow #3
[ ] Angelic Hymns LP #1: Entrance of the Gladiators
[ ] Muspelheim Portal #01 (C1V1)
[ ] Muspelheim Portal #02 (C1V3)
[ ] Muspelheim Portal #03 (C1V5)
[ ] Muspelheim Portal #04 (C1V8)
[ ] Journal Echoes: A New Beginning
[ ] Journal Echoes: Unknown Entrance
[ ] Journal Echoes: Divine Retribution
[ ] Journal Echoes: Entry No. 001
[ ] Journal Echoes: Fragments of Memory
[ ] Journal Echoes: Sealed Time
[ ] Journal Echoes: Relics
[ ] Journal Echoes: Purification Grounds
[ ] Journal Echoes: Leaders of the Umbra
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #01
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #02
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #03
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #04
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #05
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #06
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #07
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #08
[ ] Broken Moon Pearl #01
[ ] Broken Moon Pearl #02
[ ] Broken Moon Pearl #03
[ ] Resting Place #1
[ ] Resting Place #2
[ ] Resting Place #3

Chapter II: A Remembrance of Time

This chapter, perhaps a relief, contains significantly fewer collectibles than Chapter One did. I think Ch.1 actually has the most of any chapter. That aside, let's get started.

Walking forward, check the small alley to the right for Muspelheim Portal #05. Looks like we are starting things off hot and heavy!

Verse 1 (Muspelheim #05)

Use Enemy Arms (2 Minutes)
Acceptance x4, Accolade x1
Arms: Spear, Crossbow, Dual Blades

The tricky part of using enemy arms is that they are slow. Painfully slow. This isn't too bad for the Acceptance, but against Accolade (and in future enemy arms challenges) you're most likely best off only attacting during Witch Time. It's not a requirement, but it makes things safer. The Accolade spawns after two of the Acceptance have been defeated. I found the Dual Blades to be best against Accolade - they have the fastest draw of the three weapons and pack a pretty strong punch. The crossbow works well against the Acceptance since it can shoot in quick succession. Keep in mind that a new set of weapons will spawn once you use up the first set, but you do have to completely use up each weapon before you get new ones. All in all, it's not too hard. This time, at least.

Your reward for completing this challenge is Broken Moon Pearl #04.

Right across the bridge from the portal is a chest containing a Mega Bloody Rose Lollipop. Jump into the water and follow the river until it runs into an underwater tunnel. At the end of this tunnel is a Treasure Chest protecting Broken Witch Heart #09. Back at the surface, proceed onto Verse 2.

Verse 2 (C2)

Enrapture x3, Acceptance x3

Enrapture on his own is no terrible feat. Unfortunately, they basically never appear alone, and they become much more annoying and dangerous later when they pair up with other enemy types, because they will cast a buff on the rest of the enemies that makes them angry like they were taunted. Enrapture is pretty weak though, and its attacks are basic. If you're ever in a situation where you can't ignore another enemy to focus on Enrapture, just run over and tap it once - any hit will knock out the buff for a few moments, giving you a chance to wail on the other enemies.

With those goons mopped up, nearby you should spot Journal Echoes: Rules of Nature. There's nothing else of interest around here, so walk out on the pier to trigger a cutscene with Loki.

If you're interested in the optional Verse 3, evade the tidal wave when prompted, but don't dash across just yet. Run back to where Verse 2 took place and you'll trigger Verse 3. Afterwards just go back to the pier to prompt another wave and continue as normal.

Verse 3 (C2) (Hidden)

Enrapture x3, Accolade x1

Nothing special here. Easy fight, no reward. Do it if you want a Pure Platinum.

There's another hidden verse after the dialogue between Bayonetta and Loki. Kick open the door and walk far enough forward to trigger the "Room of Prayer" header, then back out to the coastline for Verse 4 if you want it.

Verse 4 (C2) (Hidden)

Acceptance x4, Accolade x1

Another easy fight, just as optional as the last one. Just watch out for the guys with bows.

Back through the doorway you should spot Umbran Crow #04 in plain sight atop some rubble. Just ahead is Journal Echoes: Path of the Chosen as well. See, we've already found half of the collectibles. Told you this would be a short one. Up the stairs is Verse 5.

Verse 5 (C2)

Group 1: Accolade x1
Group 2: Accolade x1

These Accolade have giant hammers as opposed to dual blades or lances, so be wary of the new movesets. They're as simple as ever, though. The first one will drop his hammer, which you can use on the second if you're into that kind of thing. It does pretty hefty damage and will stunlock pretty easily.

After the cutscene, you see Angelic Hymn LP #2 spawn behind you. Go grab it, and stop by the Gates of Hell entrance on the way back up to trade it in for the Kafka. Break the chests down there while you're at it if you're in the mood for an optional Verse 6. They have lollipops in them, so you're not missing much if you prefer to leave them closed and bypass the verse.

Verse 6 (C2) (Hidden)

Accolade x3

Triple Accolade, Triple Weapon! Lance, Dual Blades, Hammer: one each. It's a cute little matchup, but it shouldn't be difficult. You're used to these guys by now, right? Just be careful not to let them gang up on you, which they really like to do.

The chest on the opposite side of the room from the Gates of Hell entrance has concoction ingredients. Claim it if you wish, then follow Loki up the staircase.

Verse 7 (C2)

Enrapture x2, Accolade x1

This should be a fairly straightforward battle, but you should still be careful. Definitely take out the Enrapture first; their buff makes Accolade super aggressive, which actually makes him a tad dangerous as opposed to mere cannon fodder. Aside from that, it's no big deal.

Verse 8 (C2)

Belief x1

This guy is no different from the one you fought in the Prologue. There just is no train sequence, and Jeanne isn't here to help (not that she did much anyway). As a side note, every time I fight this guy I just want to slice his arm off as if this was Monster Hunter and it was a tail. Just that kinda vibe, y'know?

After clearing Verse 8, notice the Muspelheim Portal #06 in the upper corner before you jump down. Through the next doorway is the end of the chapter!

Verse 9 (Muspelheim #06)

Single Combo (1 minute 30 seconds)
Cachet x6, Enrapture x3

The very, very important thing to understand about Single Combo challenges is thatit does not literally mean only one combo in the sense that, for example, PPKP is one combo. What it actually means is that as long as your combo meter never resets, you're good. See the boxes in the upper right of the screen that appear every time you hit something? After the first hit, as long as at least one of those boxes stays on screen at all times, you're golden. If you ever get separated from your enemies for any reason, hold Y to get a few gunshots in and that will keep your combo going. It also helps to try to group your enemies together so that it takes fewer hits to take them out, and therefore less chances to break a combo. This is honestly one of the easier challenges. It can get tricky in later challenges where you're more prone to getting hit and knocked away (the recoil from taking damage is extremely dangerous to maintaining a combo because it just takes so long to recover), but in this case, you're dealing with chump change, so this particular challenge should be easy. When in doubt, use Y.

Your reward for completing this challenge is Broken Witch Heart #10.

Chapter End Checklist (C2)

[ ] Umbran Crow #04
[ ] Angelic Hymn LP #2: William Tell Overture
[ ] Muspelheim Portal #05 (C2V1)
[ ] Muspelheim Portal #06 (C2V9)
[ ] Journal Echoes: Rules of Nature
[ ] Journal Echoes: Path of the Chosen
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #09
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #10
[ ] Broken Moon Pearl #04

Chapter III: Paradiso - The Gates of Paradise

This chapter has no collectibles - it's just a boss fight!

Verse 1 (C3)


Phase One: He will begin by swimming away from you. You'll often cross paths with his slithering tail, and you'll need to roll through it or else take stupid damage. Hold Y while doing this to build up your combo meter a little bit. After a few moments you'll be bombarded with debris, which you can (and should) also roll through. He'll then lunge at you for a bite. Try to trigger Witch Time so you can get in a good amount of hits here. The whole cycle repeats again, and after a second run of all that, he will lunge at you from directly below. Dodge it and pummel him with a Gigaton to move onto the next phase.

Phase Two: More debris, another bite attack, and then he will jump up and shoot a series of ice shards that can be easily dodged. After more debris and another bite, you'll move right onto the next phase.

Phase Three: Checkpoint. Now that you're in the sky, you'll see two more of these guys show up to help. Fortunately, at the moment you only have to fight one at a time. They'll mostly stick to biting, with the occasional claw swipe or projectile attack. Do note that while in the previous phases your combo meter was persistent, now it will decay as usual so be sure to fire with Y during transitions if you want to keep your combo score high. After you tango with each of the newcomers for a bit, the original one will resurface and his life bar will reappear. Bites, claw swipes, tail whips, the usual. The only thing to be particularly careful of is when he periodically becomes enraged (glowing red), he will do several claw swipes in a row, so be ready to dodge them all. The climax ends the battle with a bang, featuring my favorite summoned beast in the game, and you're on your way.

Chapter End Checklist (C3)

[ ] Journal Echoes: Taboo (received automatically)

Chapter IV: The Two Meet

Check the hole right in front of you at the start to find Journal Echoes: Sovereign. Once you're off the rooftops and on the stone pathway, check to the left for some good old fashioned platforming that leads to a Treasure Chest holding Broken Witch Heart #11. Back at the crossroads, proceed right to encounter the first verse of the chapter.

Verse 1 (C4)

Fidelity x1

Fidelity doesn't have any cheap tricks. Most of his attacks involve various directions of sword slashing, all pretty easily told. Just make sure you can trigger Witch Time reliably, as most of his attacks involve multiple swords, and you're likely to get hit by the second if not the first, unless you get the invulnerability from Witch Time. Occasionally he will spit out a couple of timer mines, but they're really slow to explode and don't move after appearing, so just lead him away from those and you'll be safe.

As a reward, Angelic Hymn LP #3 (1/2) will appear in front of you. Grab it, and head rightward at the next fork if you're intersted in an optional verse 2. It triggers on the stone outpost set apart from the edge of the rooftops; use Panther Within to reach it.

Verse 2 (C4) (Hidden)

Fidelity x1, Acceptance x4

Hopefully you'll have some magic built up from the previous fight, allowing you to make quick work of the Fidelity with a Torture Attack. This fight is super simple if you manage that. Otherwise, the Acceptance will be pests trying to get cheap shots from behind while you focus on Fidelity, but you're probably used to that kind of thing by now, huh? Overall this one's pretty easy.

There's no reward here, only bonus points needed for a Pure Platinum.

Back and to the left, you have a door to kick open... that makes the entire tower fall over. That was fun. There's a Mega Purple Magic Lollipop in the chest just below, where the building was just standing. Run across the fallen structure to activate a Witch Walk sequence that leads to the next verse.

Verse 3 (C4)

Accolade x1, Cachet x6

Here's our first introduction to the Shielded Accolade, which is an incredibly annoying opponent. They're practically invulnerable while they've got their shield up, but you have two options to deal with them. Either wait until they strike at you and dodge into Witch Time, or just hammer uselessly into the shield until they recoil. The latter option allows you to Counter with Y, which does a decent amount of damage. For this fight, take out the Cachet first and the Accolade should be fairly easy to deal with.

Don't follow the building upward just yet. Run sideways around the walls until you find Muspelheim Portal #07 on the back side.

Verse 4 (Muspelheim #07)

Single Combo (2 minutes)
Group 1: Acceptance x2, Cachet x5
Group 2: Accolade x1, Cachet x6

This one isn't much more complicated than the last one. Just remember to use the gun to keep a combo safe at a distance and have fun dispatching the grunts. The only tricky part is that hits to the Accolade's shield won't count towards your combo. Torture Attacks and Umbran Climax both pierce the shield if you have magic built up. Otherwise, just get some Witch Time from one of the Cachet before approaching the Accolade.

Your reward for completing this challenge is Broken Witch Heart #12.

Now it's time to head to the upper level of this building. Find the side with the door, but don't go in yet. Behind a column to the left of the door is Resting Place #4, which contains Broken Moon Pearl #05. Head back to the door and go in - or try to, to be sabotaged by an Urbane.

Verse 5 (C4)

Urbane x1

This guy is no different than the last time you fought one, so if you learned his attack patterns then, you'll be good to go now. These solo battles are almost always a cakewalk.

Kick open the door ahead and look carefully for Umbran Crow #05 resting atop the power lines - this one's easy to miss. You'll have to run and jump from a distance using Panther Within to grab this guy, as he is timid and quick to fly off. Behind you now is a chest right by the door you just came through. It contains a Mega Yellow Moon Lollipop.

After the cutscene, take note of a small room to the right a short distance ahead, with a few barrels inside. Walk inside this room, grab a couple halos from the barrels, then walk back out to activate an optional Verse 6. Avoid the room altogether if you're not interested in this verse.

Verse 6 (C4) (Hidden)

Fidelity x2

This is a good opportunity to practice dodging if you haven't gotten the hang of it yet. Two of these guys together can be tricky but not unmanageable. Remember not to get cocky with your combos - dodging is more important.

Once again, there's no reward here other than points.

As you enter the ruined tower, take note of the Angelic Hymn LP #3 (2/2) to the right. Turn it in to Rodin later to receive the Undine. Proceed as normal for the next verse.

Verse 7 (C4)

Cachet x6

You'll get four at a time. Kill one and another will spawn. Basic.

Hop out of a tower to find a conveniently placed Gates of Hell entrance if you want to pick up your new weapon. Turn around and notice the park bench at the end of the alley, the one with a couple sitting on it. You can break this if you feel like clearing the optional Verse 8.

Verse 8 (C4) (Hidden)

Accolade x2

Two shielded Accolade are a nuisiance but nothing intimidating. As always, Torture Attacks work wonders against these guys.

Up ahead you'll find a cutscene and a boss!

Verse 9 (C4)

Masked Lumen

Ah, the Masked Lumen. My favorite enemy in the game. Much like Jeanne in Bayonetta 1, there's something innately satisfying about fighting humanoid rivals compared to wailing on angels. This guy will easily be the toughest opponent so far, so keep your game up.

He has a huge, very versatile movepool, and a healthy balance of melee attacks and ranged projectiles. Probably his most dangerous attack is one where he charges at you from a distance. It's fast and has a pretty subtle tell; I get hit from this more than anything else. The variety of his attacks can be intimidating, but most of them are nothing too special. The tricky part is that he can dodge just like you can, so you won't be scoring any mega combos until you go into Umbran Climax (which will stun lock him until the climax is over... usually).

If you're going for a good score, be strategic. Do a lot of hit and running, throw in some gunshots to keep the combo going. If you're getting hit a lot, try spending a minute or two just dodging without attacking and get a feel for the tells on his attacks. Masked Lumen is intimidating, but far from impossible. As always, practice makes perfect.

Once you take out about half of his first HP bar, he will summon a Fortitudo to wreck the battlefield. Don't worry, Bayonetta will summon Labolas to deal with the Fortitudo, so you can focus on Lumen. Checkpoint.You'll be in a new setting now, but his attacks stay the same, except for one new addition: when he raises his hand into the air with an orange glow, he's charging up a magma eruption that will hit the entire field. This attack does massive damage. Watch for when he slams his hand down and dodge at that moment to avoid it, or run up to him and land a combo to knock him out of the attack if you're quick enough.

Halfway through the second HP bar is another transition. Checkpoint. Now it's Madama Butterfly vs. Iustitio, and the battle between you and Lumen takes to the sky. Again, his attack pattern remains largely similar to on the ground. Occasionally, Iustitio will fire a laser in your direction; it's easily dodged.

The last third or so of his final HP bar will be chipped off in a fight where you and Lumen control your summons directly. Iustitio does nothing more than punch at you with an occasional laser shot. Both are really easy to dodge. Just hammer on his face until the Climax, and victory is yours! Man, what a cool battle.

Chapter End Checklist (C4)

[ ] Bewitchment #03: Chapters I-IV Complete
[ ] Umbran Crow #05
[ ] Angelic Hymn LP #3: Der Hölle Rache
[ ] Muspelheim Portal #07 (C4V2)
[ ] Journal Echoes: Sovereign
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #11
[ ] Broken Witch Heart #12
[ ] Broken Moon Pearl #05
[ ] Resting Place #4

Chapter V: The Cathedral of Cascades

Transform with Serpent Within and carry Loki to shore. After the cutscene, look to the right and pick up Journal Echoes: City of Water. Now turn around and run over to the left corner of the shoreline. Here you should see Resting Place #5, which contains Broken Witch Heart #13, as well as Umbran Crow #06 in the window of the partially submerged column nearby where the Resting Place was - you can reach it with Panther Within.

From where the crow was, fall into the water and sink to the floor. Look to the right and you should be able to spot a Treasure Chest in the distance. Go break this open to claim Angelic Hymn LP #4 (1/2). Swimming out into the middle of the underwater area will trigger the first verse.

Verse 1 (C5)

Fidelity x2

The enemies are simple; underwater combat is tricky. It's generally preferable to just wait on the floor until they come to you, where you can use relatively usual tactics, although gravity is a bit floaty underwater. If you feel like taking the fight to them, either jump up to them or swim to them with Serpent Within; once you're slashing at them, you should float in place as long as you're continuously connecting hits.

Swim over to the right side of the room, and up to the top of the large column with a couple of arches connecting to it. On this small island is Muspelheim Portal #08.

Verse 2 (Muspelheim #08)

Witch Time Disabled (2 minutes)
Group 1: Fidelity x1, Cachet x2
Group 2: Fidelity x2

This is one of the trickier challenges, for sure. You're probably used to relying on Witch Time to hammer in some quick combos, but you won't be able to do that here. You also don't get the invulnerability bonus that comes along with Witch Time, so you'll have to be more careful about attacks that can hit more than once. Keep in mind that you still have just as many invincibility frames during a dodge as usual, so dodging attacks isn't any more difficult than you're used to, you just won't get the free three seconds to wail on a helpless enemy. Stick to short potshots, maybe a PKP combo if you see a large opening, and focus more on dodging than attacking. Bottom line: don't be greedy.

In this particular battle, you'll want to take out the Cachet before focusing on Fidelity just so they aren't sneaking in for cheap shots from behind. In the second phase, try to separate the two Fidelity so one doesn't attack you while you're combing the other. Torture attacks take care of Enrapture really quickly once your magic builds up.

Your reward for completing this challenge is Broken Witch Heart #14.

Find the tunnel at the front of the room to proceed. There's a Mega Green Herb Lollipop in the chest below the exit if you want it. After the path drops off a little bit, swim to the very bottom and take the path leading back the direction you came from. In this dead end is the optional Verse 3.

Verse 3 (C5) (Hidden)

Enrapture x1, Fidelity x2

Take out the Enrapture first to keep the Fidelity from staying enraged, and after that this verse is no more complicated than Verse 1.

This is normally optional, but you should do it at least once because you're rewarded with Broken Moon Pearl #06.

Return from whence you came and take the path forward. Once you're out of the water, notice Umbran Crow #07 on a post just throught the doorway. Grab it, then run around to the right and bust open the chest to find Broken Witch Heart #15. Go back to the entrance (beside the Gates of Hell portal) and pick up Journal Echoes: Underground Graveyard midway down the stairs. In the middle of the room is the next verse.

Verse 4 (C5)

Pain x1

It's our first demon encounter! Not counting Gomorrah, at least, but Gomorrah doesn't show up as an enemy in Lemegeton's Guidebook. Anyway, Pain is a big HP sponge, and he hits harder than other enemies (most demons will), but his attacks are still pretty basic. He'll mostly try to hammer you with his saw arm things. Some of his attacks may try to hit more than once, so just be careful if you don't trigger Witch Time. Stay too far away and he'll shoot some easily dodgeable bullets. Once you get used to his timings he should go down easy.

Play with the dropped saws if you want, then swim towards the top. About midway up the room you should see some platforms scattered around the wall. One of them has a Treasure Chest with some halos inside, and another platform features Muspelheim Portal #09. Floating in the dead center of the room is Journal Echoes: Trademark, as well.

Verse 5 (Muspelheim #09)

Don't Touch the Ground (2 minutes)
Cachet x3

Nowhere's an interesting challenge. You'll be placed on the platform of columns in the middle of the arena. Your attacks won't break them, but any enemy attacks will. If all of the platforms break, or you otherwise fall to the ground for any reason, it's game over. Suddenly fighting a few measely Cachet becomes a lot more complicated, huh? Fortunately, Platinum took it easy on us this first time around. A group of Cachet are pretty easy to deal with even in this context, but I promise it will get much, much harder later on ;)

Anyway, they key to these challenges is to keep the fight in the air. If you jump up to the enemies, instead of letting them come to you, their attacks are far less likely to connect with the columns. Remember, as long as you're attacking an enemy, you won't lose altitude. So stay in the air, keep your combo going, and try to take out enemies before they get too many chances to attack. Also, don't get hit, because the recoil is very likely to send you past the edge of the platform. Lastly, be careful about air dodging. When you air dodge, you won't be able to jump again until you touch the ground, whether you've already double jumped or not, so just be sure that you're above the platform and not the ground before you choose to dodge. It's tricky, but this particular one shouldn't be too hard. Get used to it now, because the later ones like this are much more difficult.

Your reward for completing this challenge is Broken Moon Pearl #07.

Once you've got everything, swim up to the top and jump out of the water. If you're interested in an optional Verse 6, turn around and dive right back in and the verse will trigger once you sink a little bit.