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by TheDogfather

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Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/25/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: October 2015

Pikmin 3 Title


Welcome, beloved readers, to my Pikmin 3 FAQ/Walkthrough (and my first ever Contribution to this site)! In this guide, I will cover everything even remotely relevant to the game's Story Mode, minus the minor enemies. This guide will, hopefully, help new and experienced players alike have a painless and efficient playthrough.

You'll see a Table of Contents (TOC) to the right of this very text. The TOC contains links to all major sections, including sub-sections within the Walkthrough.

If you wish to follow this Walkthrough every step of the way through your playthrough, consult the Main Walkthrough, which painstakingly details what to do during each in-game Day, and acts as an itinerary/checklist for those who want a nice, efficient playthrough. Keep in mind that efficiency does not equal speed; I wrote this thing with a steady, not speedy, pace in mind.

If you wish to research a specific subject matter, consult the appropriate Appendix to the right.

If you wish to read up About the Author and/or About the Guide, follow those links from the Appendix to the right or simply scroll down.

About the Guide

As previously stated, this guide is designed to guide you through the game's Story Mode; I don't have anyone to try the multiplayer modes with, so I can't cover them. This guide will try to be as clear and easy-to-follow as possible, but it might prove difficult to guide you through a nonlinear game in which there is no concrete order to do things. As such, I cover each area to its fullest; if you're not following the Main Walkthrough, you'll want to find the unclear topic in the Appendix. Aside from a Main Walkthrough, this Walkthrough features mini-guides related to specific subjects such as the game's Areas and major and minor bosses. I also skip a few Data Files (mostly Secret Memos) because A) some of them are just so far out of the way, and B) I don't see them as that vital to getting 100%.

This guide is a Formatted FAQ, meaning that it has basic html markup. This means that it has hyperlinks, images, and other easily-digestible information. Despite being new to this, I used these features to the best of my ability in hopes that they will make your reading experience as efficient and painless as possible.

The making of this guide came about when I took Fruit information and sorted it by Area. After a day or so of little sleep and being pleased with the efficiency of the homemade guide, I answered the calling to make the most efficient Pikmin 3 guide that I could grind out.

Edit on 1/25/17: To help me improve the quality of future guides, I would appreciate any and all feedback related to the efficiency (or lack thereof) of this guide. I would like to know my strengths and weaknesses in terms of guide-writing. Your feedback is key to letting me know what to improve on.

About the Author

On GameFAQs, I'm either SSBBSB or PonySB. This is my first attempt at guide-writing. If both you readers and I find this guide to be a success, I might take a blind stab at writing another guide for some other game. Admittedly, I think I've only 100%ed Pikmin 3. I know I never beat the first game and, off the top of my head, I can't remember my Pikmin 2 progress.

I have a Major in Communication and a Minor in Writing. This means that I took a bunch of writing classes during my college career. I used what little knowledge I retained to make this guide. I also used Adobe Photoshop to make and add the non-red Map Markers and used Elgato to record the gameplay videos and take the screenshots.

Version History

Version 1.0

Submitted 10/14/2015 4:43:21 PM

•Main Walkthrough complete.

•Most formatting finished.

•Two sub-guides completed.

Version 1.1

Submitted 01/25/2017 9:09:22 AM

•Guide structure updated


Pikmin 3 has three different control schemes: Wiimote + Nunchuk + GamePad, just the GamePad, and the Pro Controller + GamePad. All three control schemes require moderate to extensive use of the GamePad. The GamePad functions as the in-game map. I strongly suggest that you position it within your line of sight when you're not holding it. I have mine on a TV tray in front of my TV so I can easily look back and forth between it and my TV. For reference, I use the Pro Controller + GamePad control scheme.

Wiimote + Nunchuk + GamePad Controls

Analog Stick (Nunchuk)Move
Z (Nunchuk)Change View
Hold Z (Nunchuk)Lock-on
C (Nunchuk)Toggle Pikmin Type
Shake (Nunchuk)Dismiss/Charge Pikmin Throw
Point (Wiimote)Cursor Movements
D-Pad (Up) (Wiimote)Ultra-Spicy Spray
D-Pad (Left/Right) (Wiimote)Dodge (After Dodge Whistle)
D-Pad (Down) (Wiimote)Use Item (Bingo Battle Only)
A (Wiimote)Throw/Pluck Sprouts/Punch
B (Wiimote)Whistle Pikmin
+ (Wiimote)Pause Menu
- (Wiimote)Switch Leaders
- (GamePad)Toggle Off-TV Play
Touch & Slide (GamePad)

Investigate/"Go to" Area (Pauses Game)

GamePad Controls

Left Analog StickMove/Move Cursor
ZLChange View
Right Analog StickRotate View
Hold ZLLock-on
LToggle Pikmin Types
D-Pad (Up)Ultra-Spicy Spray
D-Pad (Down)Use Item (Bingo Battle Only)/Toggle Map View
D-Pad (Left/Right)Dodge (After Dodge Whistle)
HomeOpen/Close Home Menu
-Toggle Off-TV Play
Pause Menu
ShakeDismiss + Charge
YSwitch Leaders
X or AThrow/Pluck Sprouts/Punch

Whistle Pikmin

RToggle Enemy Targets
R + Left Analog StickMove Cursor Only

Pro Controller + GamePad Controls

Left Analog StickMove/Move Cursor
Right Analog StickRotate View
ZLChange View
Hold ZLHold to Lock-on
LToggle Pikmin Types
D-Pad (Up) Ultra-Spicy Spray
D-Pad (Down)Use Item (Bingo Battle Only)/Toggle Map View
D-Pad (Left/Right) Dodge (After Dodge Whistle)
Home Open/Close Home Menu
+Pause Menu
Shake Dismiss + Charge
B Dismiss + Charge
YSwitch Leaders
X or A Throw/Pluck Sprouts/Punch
ZR Whistle Pikmin
RToggle Enemy Targets
R + Left Analog StickMove Cursor Only

Game Introduction and Garden of Hope 1

Game Intro


In 20xx, the inhabitants of Koppai, a planet “at the far reaches of space,” struggles to feed the growing population due to inadequate crisis planning and growing appetites. The food supply is rapidly dwindling. As such, the Koppaites send out unmanned spacecraft called SPERO to search for food. The mission initially sees no results. Fortunately, the final SPERO discovers a planet, PNF-404, that has edible matter for the Koppaites to harvest for their survival. To this end, Koppai sends three astronauts to PNF-404 to harvest and bring back home edible matter; the crew unfortunately crash-lands on PNF-404 after something unclear happens during the landing sequence.

Day 1

Distant Tundra 1 (First Visit)

Summary: This is a tutorial segment involving Charlie and Yellow Pikmin.

Details: The game begins with Captain Charlie waking up in a snowy area and being gawked at by bizarre yellow creatures with large ears and leaves for hair.

First Encounter

The yellow creatures quickly bolt as Charlie stirs. He then gets up, regains his wits about him, and realizes that he and his crew were scattered across PNF-404's surface. He then pulls out his KopPad and tries to call the ship and contact his crew. After receiving no response, Charlie sets out to find Alph and Brittany, his crew members.


You can now control Charlie with either the left joystick or the joystick on the Nunchuk. Walk a few steps and Charlie will notice the yellow creatures perched on a leaf. The path forward is blocked by a cluster of Spotcaps, or the Pikmin 3 equivalent of mushrooms. Go left and you'll see even more yellow creatures sitting on a rusty can. The yellow creatures will then notice Charlie and approach him. Charlie will then hypothesize that whistling will scare them away. Move the cursor onto the yellow creatures using either the left joystick or the joystick on the Nunchuk and press the on-screen button prompt to whistle. The captain's hypothesis proves to be false as the yellow creatures surround him. Desperate to lose the mob, Charlie decides to try to throw the yellow creatures away. Aim at a Spotcap and press the on-screen button prompt to toss a yellow creature. The flung yellow creature will land near the Spotcap and start attacking it. Throw a few more and Charlie will prompt you to dismiss the mob using an on-screen button prompt. Press the button shown onscreen and the yellow creatures will disperse and start attacking nearby Spotcaps.

After recapping the controls, Charlie will decide to try to find a use for the yellow creatures. Whistle them back under your control by sweeping the cursor over them while holding down the whistle button. Once they're back under your control, backtrack to the barrier of Spotcaps. Walk up to the Spotcaps and then press the disperse button. The yellow creatures will automatically start tearing down the Spotcaps.

Once the Spotcaps have been destroyed, whistle the yellow creatures back to your side and head forward. An unbreakable-for-now Crystal Nodule blocks the left path, so continue forward until you reach another mushroom barrier. Throw your followers onto the Kingcap (the huge Spotcap) and they'll start tearing it and the other mushrooms down to clear a path. Go into the cave and you'll come out in a sidescrolling section. Simply go left and into another cave. It's dark in here and enemies are present, so walk near the glowing blue fungi to light things up somewhat. The light will scare away the enemies. Either throw the yellow creatures at the enemies or disperse your squad near the enemies to have them fight the enemies. You might have to chase one or two of the enemies down to finish them all off. Once the last enemy dies, a cutscene will play in which something semitransparent will scare off your squad and attack Charlie. The screen then fades to black.

Tropical Wilds 1 (First Visit)

Summary: This is another tutorial segment involving Alph and Red Pikmin.

Details: After Charlie gets attacked, the game then switches over to Alph, the engineer of the PNF-404 mission crew. Alph, whose name I keep mistyping as “Aplh,” lands in a small pond at an oddly low speed. He and the other two crew members fell from, at the very least, low orbit. Wouldn't the gravitational pull turn them into screaming hot, screaming fast objects? How did they survive such a fall?


Regardless, Alph wakes up just in time to see their ship, the S.S. Drake sputter by and crash offscreen. Alph gets up, recalls the crash, and then declares that he needs to find Brittany and Charlie. The game then turns back to normal gameplay with you now in control of Alph. Head out of the pond and towards the clearing between the foliage. Waiting for you, and possibly spying on you, is another plantlike creature similar to the yellow creatures that Charlie encountered. This creature, however, is red with a pointed nose and no ears. Alph and the red creature will startle each other, causing the latter to scurry away.

Follow after it down a ledge once you're back in control. Walk a bit and you'll see it again. It skitters towards two more of its kind attempting to reach a red orb with a propeller on top and holes around the bottom. The red creatures can't get it off of the branch that it's stuck on, however. The game will prompt you to whistle at the red creatures in the same fashion as that of Charlie. Move the cursor over to the red creatures and press the whistle button. Once the red creatures are at your side, move the cursor over to the red orb and throw your three groupies at the red orb just as you threw the yellow creatures at the Spotcaps earlier in Charlie's segment. Once all three of the red creatures have landed on the red orb, they'll pull it off of the branch and to the ground. The red orb will then spring to life and sprout yellow legs. This red orb will be important in a bit, but, for now, leave it alone and turn the camera to the right using either the right joystick or turning Alph and pressing C on the Nunchuk. You'll see two piles of solid building materials with the number 3 and the number 12 above them.

Tropical Wilds Tan F1

Author's Note: In Adobe Photoshop, I made custom Map Markers representing all of the different kind of Fragments in the game. I then pasted the markers onto the preexisting maps of the game's Areas and drew a line indicating where the Fragments were.

These are Fragments of an incomplete bridge that lies nearby. Either disperse your squad near the Fragments or just throw your troops at the Fragments and they'll each pick up a Fragment, carry it away to the end of the bridge that is behind you, set their Fragment into place, and then go back to get another Fragment. They'll return to the spot and just stand there if there are no more Fragments to pick up. Wander near the unfinished end of the bridge and Alph will spot his KopPad, or the Koppaite equivalent of a Wii U GamePad. Once the red creatures have set all 15 of the Fragments into place, whistle them and cross the bridge to pick up Alph's KopPad.


This thing, in-game, serves as a communicator for the crew members. In our reality, however, it is a map, a radar, and an information recorder all in one. You utilize these features by interacting with the GamePad. As I said in the Controls section, having the GamePad in your field of vision is all but required to properly navigate the game's Areas. In fact, there are times where you need to actually pick it up and fiddle with it. Speaking of, once Alph picks up his KopPad, you'll need to pick up your GamePad and use the touch screen to scroll towards the source of the radar ripples. Once you find the source of the signal, the S.S. Drake, press A on either controller until Alph puts the KopPad away and normal gameplay resumes.

Back in proper control of Alph, look around to see a few flowers with red pellets with numbers on them. These are Pellet Posies. Throw a red creature at each of the flowers. They'll destroy the flowers, pick up the leftover Pellets, and then carry them off to the red orb. Once they have delivered the Pellets to the red orb, a tractor beam will pull in the Pellets and the red orb will release some red sprouts with leaves on them. Approach a sprout and press A. Alph will pluck the sprout to reveal another red creature. The game will then formally introduce you to Red Pikmin.

Red Pikmin

These Pikmin reproduce by bringing Pellets to the orb. The orb then turns the Pellets into new Pikmin. Back to normal gameplay, press A next to another sprout and Alph will start going on autopilot and pluck all of the remaining sprouts and add them to his squad. Whistle the remaining Pikmin to your side, go back across the bridge, throw a Pikmin at any leftover 1 Pellet Posies, and then take note of the cardboard box that I've been ignoring. You can't move it yet, so head to the left of it with some Pikmin. You'll encounter some enemies called “Female Sheargrubs.” These enemies can't hurt your Pikmin, so just disperse your squad and let them kill the enemies.

Female Sheargrubs

As the two groups fight, I want to explain how combat works in Pikmin 3. You can either throw Pikmin at enemies, letting them headbutt the foes to death, or just lock-on to an enemy and then press the swarm button to have your entire squad mob them. After the fight, the Pikmin will carry the dead enemies back to the red orb to make more sprouts. Throw a Pikmin at the nearby 1 Pellet Posy, and then wander back to the red orb to pluck the new sprouts. With 15 Red Pikmin in tow, return to the area where the Female Sheargrubs were and go up the slope to the right to find a 5 Pellet Posy. Now would be a good time to try locking-on to objects. Move your cursor over to the face of the 5 Pellet Posy and hold Z if you're using the Nunchuk or ZL if you're using either the GamePad or the Pro Controller.

Lock-on HUD

When successfully locked-on, a blue Heads-Up Display, or HUD, will appear with options for two different actions, the name of the locked-on object (if available), and some text that doesn't match up with any known written language. I can only assume that Koppaites can read it plain as day. Locking-on is the Pikmin 3 equivalent of Z or L-Targeting in the 3D titles in the Legend of Zelda video game series. Locking-on is vital for combat in both this game and the Zelda games. Without locking-on, you're reduced to randomly throwing Pikmin at enemies who are oftentimes mobile.

Anyway, press the appropriate button to charge the flower with your Pikmin. They'll destroy the flower and carry the 5 Pellet back to the red orb. Follow them back and pluck the new sprouts. Whistle the stragglers to bring your squad total to 20 Red Pikmin. You can now use your 20 Red Pikmin to move the giant cardboard box that was probably bothering you. Return to the box, lock-on to it, and press the charge button. The Pikmin will then swarm the box's side and push it forward to uncover what looks like a gold SD card.

Data File

This is a Data File (part of the game's collectable Exploration Notes), Pikmin 3's version of the Dead Drops in the first two inFamous games. Some intelligent being has left these things all over PNF-404. At first, I wasn't going to cover these in my guide, but a talk with my dad convinced me that these were worth covering. At the end of each Day, I list the available collectables that you can get during each Day, including the Exploration Notes. Whenever you acquire an Exploration Note, its contents will pop up on the KopPad. You can review these by tapping the new GamePad icon that appears after Alph has finished installing the Exploration Notes app on his KopPad. This particular Data File formally calls the red orb the “Onion,” repeats information regarding Pikmin production, and states that Pikmin take refuge in it.

Back in control of Alph, head to the left of the cardboard box and into a cave. Venture past the Spotcaps and Kingcaps to find the game's first official obstacle (aside from the Crystal Nodule that blocked Charlie from going left in front of the dark cave), a Dirt Wall.

Dirt Wall

Every so often, the game will throw such obstacles at you. Minus the Dirt Wall, each obstacle requires something specific in order to get past it. The lowly Dirt Wall requires any Pikmin to destroy it; just lock-on to the wall and press the charge button. After a few seconds of violently headbutting the Dirt Wall, the Pikmin will destroy it. Whistle your Pikmin back and head outside for another cutscene.

Once outside, Alph will spot the S.S. Drake, the ship that is somehow in perfect condition and upright despite sputtering and crashing earlier. The Drake serves as the home base for the Koppaite characters.

S. S. Drake

Alph then scans the area for signs of life, but finds nothing. Just then, he gets a call on his KopPad. The good news is that it's Brittany, the third crew member, calling. She looks unharmed, which is also good. Unfortunately, she gets cut off mid-sentence. Alph is worried, but somewhat relieved. Just then, a strange sound is heard and Alph guesses that it was some nocturnal creature waking up hungry.


Alph then decides to enter the Drake and leave PNF-404's surface for the night. The Onion, oddly enough, decides to follow suit.

In the ship, Alph brings us to the Juice screen. During the landing disaster, the crew lost most of their supplies. As such, they must live off of one bottle of Juice every night. You start off with three bottles, watch Alph consume one, and are now left with two bottles. Running out of Juice results in a Game Over. Game Overs, no matter the context, are bad. You obtain more Juice by finding edible matter on the planet. We'll discuss this more tomorrow.

Juice Screen

After Alph drinks his Juice, you're presented with a data screen that details how your Pikmin count changed as the Day progressed as well as how much edible matter you found that Day and how much Juice you have left.

Advancing from this screen will have the camera zoom in on Alph (or another crew member) staring out the Drake's window as he (or she) writes down his (or her) thoughts concerning the Day.

Day 1 Notes

Tonight, Alph mentions something called a “cosmic-drive key.” The crew needs this to return to Koppai. This thing, alongside the search for edible matter, drives the crew to scour every pixel of PNF-404 in search of it. The cosmic-drive key's disappearance drives the action forward. It's a MacGuffin, an object that only exists to move the story forward like the Orb in Guardians of the Galaxy or the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Alph then declares to set out to find Brittany in the morning. He then closes his journal entry by making note of the fact that the Onion followed the Drake into the sky.

Exploration Notes Available on Day 1

Pikminology #1

"The Onion is like a nest for the Pikmin. It both gives birth to them and provides them with shelter."

Area: Tropical Wilds

Location: The Data File is revealed after the Pikmin move the cardboard box near the original Red Onion site.

Day 2

Author's Note: From here out, the game puts you on a clock. The sun meter at the top of the screen represents how far into the Day you are. As the Day progresses, the sun icon crawls across the meter. Each Day will last about twenty minutes and the sun meter will chime at you at the one-quarter, one-half, and three-quarters marks during the Day. I'm writing this guide with a playing pace that ranges from slow to average. I'm not physically or mentally able to blaze through any game at astonishing speeds. If your playthrough gets either ahead or behind, don't panic. Just adjust the daily checklists accordingly and progress at your own pace. The game is somewhat forgiving when it comes to falling behind. As long as you have at least two Juice Bottles and a concrete plan to acquire more the next Day, you'll be fine.

Garden of Hope 1 (First Visit)

Summary: Today, Alph discovers Rock Pikmin and increases the population of both Red Pikmin and Rock Pikmin. He also finds the first Fruit in the game.

Details: Day 2 starts with Alph searching for Brittany's signal and pinpointing her location at the Garden of Hope, the game's first real level. The Drake will scan the area and unlock it as a destination.

Garden of Hope Discovery

Alph will then recap the situation involving Brittany and the cosmic-drive key. After the monologue, you'll be given the option to land in the Garden of Hope. Press A to do so. Alph will then fly the Drake to this area and land in a clearing. Strangely, the Red Onion follows suit, landing nearby. Stroll up to underneath the Red Onion and Press A. A menu will pop up that lets you withdraw or deposit your Pikmin by holding the joystick down or up and then pressing A on the “OK” button.

Onion Menu

Withdraw all of your Pikmin, watch the scenes, and then head to the right to see another Dirt Wall. Lock-on to it and charge at it with your Pikmin so that they can destroy it. Whistle them back once they're done. Instead of passing through the new opening, though, go right and past a giant flower pot. You'll see some Fragments and an enemy called a “Dwarf Bulborb.”

Dwarf Bulborb

While the Dwarf Bulborb is capable of eating Pikmin, it won't live long enough to do so. Simply put your cursor over it and toss a Pikmin. The impact will instantly kill the enemy. Throw two more Pikmin to help the lone Pikmin carry the body back to the Onion to produce more sprouts. Go towards the Fragments, throw a Pikmin at the 1 Pellet Posy, and then send the rest of your squad on Fragment duty. They'll pick up the Fragments, go off and set them in a nearby bridge, and then return to the Fragments were, awaiting further orders. Whistle them and then return to the Red Onion to pluck the new sprouts. With your increased Pikmin count, head through the opening where the Dirt Wall was. To your left, you'll see more Fragments.

Garden of Hope Tan F2

Order your Pikmin to do their bridge-building and then whistle them back once they're done. Grab the Data File that was under the Fragments, fling a Pikmin at the 1 Pellet Posy, head back to base, and then cross the bridge, stopping once you're on land again. You'll see large version of the Dwarf Bulborb. This is the regular Bulborb. There are two ways to kill it. The first option is to lock-on to it and rapidly chuck Pikmin at its eyes. They'll latch on and attack the eyes, damaging the Bulborb. This method is risky since the Bulborb will probably shake the Pikmin off and start eating them if you're not quick to whistle them back to throw again. The safer method is to lock on, sneak around to the Bulborb's back, and then charge. Your entire squad will do a Mother 3-esque back-attack, killing the Bulborb almost instantly.

Bulborb Back-Attack

Upon killing the Bulborb, a number of Pikmin will haul the body back to the Red Onion to convert it to new sprouts. Whistle the stragglers and put them to work attacking the nearby Dirt Wall. Rush back to the base, whistle your Pikmin, pluck the new sprouts, return to the Dirt Wall, and send the rest of your squad to work on the Dirt Wall. Once they're done, whistle them back and head up the slope to activate a cutscene in which Alph sees Brittany and calls her to wake her up. After they chat, continue right to witness another cutscene. The camera will zoom in on a strawberry on a ledge. This is the first Fruit in the game, the Garden of Hope Sunseed Berry 1. The game gives each of the 30 Fruit varieties its own strange name.

Garden of Hope Sunseed Berry 1

Alph will want to study this Fruit by getting it to the Drake. Throw three Pikmin onto the ledge and they'll pick up the Fruit. They'll then start taking it to the Drake. Continue on the path, past the Crystal Wall and into a cave. You'll exit out into a craggy area with various crystals. March forward and Alph will notice something stuck in a large crystal. Before he can investigate, however, the Koppaite is ambushed by a Medusal Slurker, an odd-looking enemy.

Medusal Slurker Ambush

Alph will then notice something stuck inside the enemy's body. Lock-on to the Medusal Slurker and rapidly throw Pikmin at it to start damaging it. The Medusal Slurker will eventually shake the Pikmin off and attempt to use an appendage to absorb them into its body. Quickly whistle your Pikmin back and throw them again. Two or three rounds of this should do the Medusal Slurker in.

During the fight, the other Pikmin probably finished moving the Sunseed Berry to the Drake. The Drake will scan the Fruit, declare it to be edible, and then convert it into a new Juice Bottle filled with Juice. This process will be how the Koppaites will have enough Juice to survive the game. There are 65 Fruit left in the game. Collect them, have the Drake convert it into Juice, and have the Koppaites live to see another day.

After the Medusal Slurker dies, it'll leave behind some Rock Pikmin.

Rock Pikmin

The Rock Pikmin will then start rolling into the large crystal to try and break it. Whistle them under your command, aim your cursor at the crystal, and then start throwing them at the crystal to damage it. Whistle them back and then throw them at the crystal again to break it, freeing the Rock Pikmin Onion. Alph and an Exploration Note will now tell you how to switch Pikmin types and how to split your squad into groups by Pikmin type. After the exposition, the Medusal Slurker's body will fall from the sky and right into the hands of the Rock Pikmin. They'll carry the body a few feet to their Onion, thus creating new Rock Pikmin sprouts. Grab the Data File that is under the Rock Onion, look behind you, whistle your Reds, and then start throwing Rock Pikmin at the crystals that line the area. You'll find another Data File in one of the crystals and several gray 1 Pellets. Make sure to match Pellet color with the color of the Pikmin carrying it. Doing so yields extra sprouts.

As you're combing the area, the game and Alph might notify you that nightfall is coming and that nocturnal creatures are about to wake up. The Rock Onion will then have a white circle around the ground beneath it and the base will also have a white circle. You'll then be shown a message saying “Hurry Up,” and a Pikmin counter.

Hurry Up!

The counter, as well as an indicator on the top of the GamePad screen, tells you if you have any inactive Pikmin outside of the white circles. The white circles are safe zones in which inactive Pikmin will escape the hungry jaws of nocturnal creatures. Any Pikmin that are outside these safe zones when the sun sets will die. If you have any Pikmin in danger, pick up your GamePad, slide the on-screen map around to find them, and then head to that location to whistle them back under your control to save them. If nightfall is approaching, then pluck up your Rock Pikmin, whistle any stragglers, and then head back to base. If not, then ignore the previous and the next sentences and consult the next Day of this guide on how to rescue Brittany. If you go back to base, then, if you have time, throw Rock Pikmin at the Crystal Wall until it breaks. Don't bother heading through this new opening since time is running out.

Crystal Wall

You can either wait for the countdown to end, or pause the game, go to “End Day,” press A, and then confirm it to automatically end the Day. Once the Day ends, Alph and the Pikmin will get in their respective ships and take off and out of reach of a hungry Bulborb. The Rock Onion will follow along, do a Dragon Ball Z-type Fusion Dance, and then merge with the Red Onion.

Onion Fusion

Alph, after commenting on the fusion, will drink a nightly ration of Juice, and then, after the data screen, write about the edible Fruit, the Rock Pikmin, and rescuing Brittany.

Fruit Available on Day 2

Sunseed Berry 1

Real Fruit: Strawberry

In-game Image:

Sunseed Berry

Map Marker: Spot 1

Weight: 3

Yield: 1 Juice Bottle

Garden of Hope Requirement: 30 Reds

Garden of Hope Location: This Sunseed Berry sits on a ledge just on the path to the round area in which Brittany is trapped. You need to tear down a Dirt Wall to get on the path. The camera moves towards it in a cutscene. Just throw 3 Reds onto the ledge and they will pick the Fruit up and carry it to the Drake for analysis.

Exploration Notes Available on Day 2

Rock Pikmin #1

"Rock Pikmin are very hard... like rocks."

Area: Garden of Hope

Location: The Data File is under the Rock Onion once it is activated.

Pikminology #4

"New Sprouts will be the same color as the Pikmin that retrieved the pellet or creature."

Area: Garden of Hope

Location: The Data File is in a Crystal Nodule in the area where the Rock Pikmin are found.

Pikminology #11

"Make sure Pikmin are in your squad or close to the Onion when the sun sets. All others will perish!"

How to Obtain: The Data File is obtained once the sun meter is close to sunset for the first time.

Day 3

Garden of Hope 1 (Second Visit)

Summary: Today, Alph rescues Brittany. Together, they find two more Fruit, build a bridge, and break some Crystal Walls.

Details: Land in the Garden of Hope again and prepare yourself for a productive Day. As Alph exits the Drake, you'll notice that, if you had any unplucked sprouts from yesterday, they'll have flowers on their heads instead of leaves. As Pikmin remain underground, they change from leaf to bud to flower Pikmin. At each of the growth stages, the Pikmin's speed and attack power increase. A sprout left in the ground overnight will automatically be a flower Pikmin when you visit the area next.

Withdraw all of your Pikmin from the combined Onion, pluck your flower sprouts, and then cross the tan bridge. You'll see an Electric Gate. You don't have the appropriate type of Pikmin to break this obstacle, so avoid it. Head left from the Electric Gate, up the slope that lies past the broken Dirt Wall, past the ledge that had the Sunseed Berry 1 on it, and up to a Crystal Wall that has a Data File past it.

Crystal Wall 2

Lock-on, equip your Rock Pikmin, and start throwing them at the wall. They'll hit the wall, bounce off, and then start rolling into it. Once the wall shatters, whistle your Rock Pikmin back, venture forth, go around to the front of the giant barrel, grab the Data File, and then approach the Crystal Wall that is keeping Brittany trapped. Lock-on to this Crystal Wall and throw your Rock Pikmin, letting them do their thing. Once this wall shatters, Brittany will be free.


Brittany, once free, will point Alph towards a giant lemon, the game's second Fruit. This is the Garden of Hope Face Wrinkler 1. A tutorial on utilizing both leaders will start. Throw at least five Pikmin onto the first step, throw Brittany, switch to Brittany using the on-screen button prompt, have her whistle the thrown Pikmin, and then throw the Pikmin onto the top step that has the Fruit on it. They'll pick it up and carry it to the Drake.

Garden of Hope Face Wrinkler 1

Once the Pikmin have started carrying the Fruit, drop back down to Alph's level and either touch or whistle him to reunite the two leaders and their respective squads. Press the disperse button to separate everyone and then, as Brittany alone, whistle the Rock Pikmin and head left into a valley of crystal chunks and spider-looking enemies. These are Skutterchucks, enemies with the ability to throw the crystal chunks at your Pikmin and crush them to death. Rock Pikmin, however, just get temporarily stuck in the ground as they're immune to crushing damage. Throw some Rock Pikmin at each of the Skutterchucks. The Rock Pikmin will roll the enemies to death and then carry their bodies off to the Onion. Go past the battlefield to see an unfinished bridge and some brown Fragments in front of a Data File.

Garden of Hope Brown F1

Throw a few Pikmin onto these Fragments and then wander left to see a slope leading up to a Large Crystal housing some more Fragments.

Garden of Hope Brown F2

Sic the rest of your Rock Pikmin onto this Large Crystal; the Pikmin will automatically start doing Fragment duty once the Large Crystal breaks. Switch back to Alph, whistle the Reds, go to the spot where the second set of brown Fragments are, and then look behind you to find the Garden of Hope Sunseed Berry 2.

Garden of Hope Sunseed Berry 2

Throw three Reds onto the Fruit's ledge and then, leaving them to transport the Fruit, head to the spot that had the first set of brown Fragment. Disperse your squad near the Fragments and wait as the Pikmin do double duty on both sets of Fragments. This method of splitting up your squad and then distributing Pikmin among multiple tasks is key to maximizing the efficiency of a playthrough. To recap, three Red Pikmin are taking a Fruit to the Drake, several Rock Pikmin are setting down one pile of Fragments, and several more Red Pikmin are handling the other pile of Fragments. It's the joy of multitasking.

Once the bridge is complete, grab the Data File in the broken flower pot that housed the first set of brown Fragments, whistle Brittany and the inactive Pikmin, and then cross the bridge to end up back at base. There, whistle the inactive Pikmin, leave the sprouts alone to grow, and then face the Crystal Wall to your right. Use yor Rock Pikmin to break it, and then split up again, giving the Rock Pikmin to Alph and the Red Pikmin to Brittany. As Alph, take your Rock Pikmin past the broken wall. The second that you step into this new area, Alph's KopPad will pick up a signal off to the northeast. Alph assumes that it's Captain Charlie.

Radar Signal

Back to normal gameplay, go left to encounter some new enemies, Yellow Wollywogs.

Yellow Wollywogs

These enemies jump into the air, hover there for a second, and then come crashing down on top of your Pikmin, killing them. Since Rock Pikmin are immune to crushing damage, they are ideal for this fight. Either throw them at the Yellow Wollywogs or just swarm them. Leave your Rock Pikmin to fight the enemies and then walk into the water to find a Data File.

Switch back to Brittany and her Red Pikmin and go pick up the Data File in the new area. This Data File enlightens you about the “Go Here” function.

Go Here

To quote, "On KopPad's radar, align with your destination and touch Go Here to start moving!" This waypoint system isn't like that of most other video games. Instead of moving the joystick to scroll the map around and then pressing a button to set a waypoint, you use your finger or stylus to scroll the GamePad's map around. An indicator sits, fixed, in the center of the map screen. You scroll the map around until the indicator is pointing above the spot that you want to travel to. Once you stop scrolling, a dashed line will appear, marking the shortest path that you can take to get to that spot. You'll also see an on-screen button saying “Go Here.” Poke the button to have your leader or leaders shift to autopilot and start marching along the dashed path to the destination at the speed equivalent to a leaf Pikmin. You can then switch to another leader and have him or her focus on another, unrelated task. The autopilot leader or leaders will stop at their assigned destination and chirp that they're awaiting additional orders. They'll also stop if there's an obstacle in the way. This feature is great for multitasking, but a tad risky.

Let's say you have three Fruit scattered across the Area and you want to be efficient about getting all three of them. Imagine if Fruit A is behind a Dirt Wall in the north part of the Area, Fruit B is encased in a Large Crystal in the Area's northwesternmost spot, and Fruit C sits past an incomplete bridge to the south of the base. It would take ten forevers to make a trip from base to the north to get Fruit A, swing by the northwest to get Fruit B, and then backtrack all across the map to get Fruit C. You decide to split up your leaders into two groups. Controlling Alph, you withdraw 50 Rock Pikmin, pick up your GamePad, and then use the “Go Here” function to set a course for Fruit A to the north. Alph and his squad of Rock Pikmin will then shift to autopilot and start marching towards Fruit A's spot. Once Alph and his Pikmin are mobile, switch to Brittany, withdraw 50 Red Pikmin, and then manually go south to the bridge that needs to be finished in order for you to get Fruit C. Find the Fragments and turn your Red Pikmin loose to have them start building the bridge. When the Red Pikmin start doing Fragment duty, switch back to Alph and his Rock Pikmin. They should be close to Fruit A's location. Press the button shown onscreen to manually stop Alph's march and run him, by yourself, the rest of the way to Fruit A's Dirt Wall obstacle. Destroy the Dirt Wall by either throwing or swarming, and then throw some Pikmin onto Fruit A for transportation. By that time, Brittany's Red Pikmin should have completed the bridge leading to Fruit C. Switch back to Brittany, whistle the inactive Red Pikmin, cross the bridge, and then throw some Pikmin onto Fruit C to haul it to the Drake. Switch back to Alph and his Rock Pikmin and look towards the northwest. There's a hypothetical, hungry Bulborb guarding the Large Crystal that contains Fruit B. If you would have used the “Go Here” function to approach Fruit B's location, Alph would have walked his Rock Pikmin right into a trap, getting his Pikmin eaten. Approach the Bulborb and start rapidly tossing Rock Pikmin at it until it dies. Rock Pikmin do massive damage when thrown. Let some Rock Pikmin carry the Bulborb's body back to the Onion and then approach the Large Crystal. Use your Rock Pikmin to break it, revealing Fruit B. Throw a few Rock Pikmin onto Fruit B for transport duty and then whistle the stragglers. Switch back to Brittany, use the “Go Here” function to start her and her Red Pikmin back to the base, and then, after switching back to Alph, manually run him and his Rock Pikmin back to the base. The three Fruit should have safely made it to the Drake at this time. By using the “Go Here” function, you got three Fruit in one Day. However, you should always make absolutely sure that your leaders aren't blindly walking themselves and their Pikmin into enemy territory.

Back to the game, have Brittany and her Reds go right to find even more new enemies and two Data Files.

Fiery Blowhogss

These enemies, Fiery Blowhogs, spew out fire. A nearby Data File states that Red Pikmin aren't bothered by fire. Seeing as how the Fiery Blowhogs can only attack with fire, Red Pikmin can effortlessly kill them. Sic your Red Pikmin on the enemies and grab the two Data Files. Let some of your Red Pikmin carry the bodies back to the Onion, whistle the inactive ones, and then switch back to Alph.

By this time, sunset is probably approaching and either one or both of the Yellow Wollywogs should be dead. Have some Rock Pikmin carry any dead enemies back to the Onion, but don't whistle the stragglers just yet. Disband any Pikmin you might have under your control and then head further along the shore to find a Data File and two leaf enemies called Skitter Leaves. These things are harmless. Grab the Data File and then head into the water to find an underwater enemy called a “Toady Bloyster” and yet another Data File.

Toady Bloyster

You can't kill underwater enemies yet, so grab the Data File and return to your Rock Pikmin. Whistle them and then face the Dirt Wall to the northwest.

Dirt Wall 3

There's a Fruit in the area beyond this wall, but we don't have time to get it today. Quickly round up any stragglers and wait for the countdown to end, thus bringing a productive Day to a close. Alph, Brittany, and the Pikmin will then go to their respective ships and blast off. You'll then be treated to a screen showing the two Fruit that you got today.

New Fruit

On this screen, press A to get the actual Fruit analysis part. You can use the joystick to rotate the Fruit to examine it. When you're done examining the Fruit, press A again to have the Drake convert the Fruit into Juice. It baffles me how Koppaites are, I assume, able to drink undiluted lemon juice. Such a drink would invert a human's face if they drank it. I do like how the color of the half-bottle of lemon juice changes color when strawberry juice is added.

Juice Combo

Advancing from the Juicing screens brings us to the part where the leaders drink the last of their mysterious blue supplies. Off the top of my head, the only blue human food that I can think of are blueberries. Blue cheese doesn't count because it's the Penicillium mold cultures, not the cheese itself, that's blue.

After the rations screen, you'll see the data screen showing today's productivity. After that, Alph will mention, in his nightly journal entry, that Brittany is a botanist and that she is making ongoing Fruit reports. You can view these reports by tapping the Fruit icon on the GamePad. After suspecting Brittany of stealing food, Alph then goes to bed.

Fruit Available on Day 3

Face Wrinkler 1

Real Fruit: Lemon

In-game Image:

Face Wrinkler

Map Marker: Spot 5

Weight: 5

Yield: 1.5 Juice Bottles

Garden of Hope Requirement: 10 Reds, 20 Rocks, and at least two leaders

Garden of Hope Location: This Face Wrinkler on the top step of a two-step set of ledges and is acquired during the tutorial on throwing and switching leaders. Throw at least five Pikmin onto the first step, throw Brittany, switch to Brittany, have her whistle the thrown Pikmin, and then throw the Pikmin onto the top step that has the Fruit on it. They'll pick it up and carry it to the Drake.

Sunseed Berry 2

Real Fruit: Strawberry

In-game Image:

Sunseed Berry

Map Marker: Spot 3

Weight: 3

Yield: 1 Juice Bottle

Garden of Hope Requirement: 30 Reds

Garden of Hope Location: This Sunseed Berry sits on a ledge to the 5 o'clock position of the set of brown Fragments that is in a Large Crystal. Face the ledge and throw three Pikmin up to the Fruit. They'll pick it up and haul it to the Drake.

Exploration Notes Available on Day 3

Rock Pikmin #2

"Rock Pikmin inflict extraordinary damage when thrown directly onto an enemy or object."

Area: Garden of Hope

Location: The Data File is past the Crystal Wall outside where the Rock Pikmin are.

Dividing Labor #1

"Split into 2 squads to manage your workload more effectively!"

How to Obtain: Rescue Brittany and complete the tutorial on throwing leaders.

Rock Pikmin #3

"Rock Pikmin aren't crushed when trampled on."

Area: Garden of Hope

Location: The Data File is beyond the area with the two Yellow Wollywogs and near two Skitterleaves and a Toady Bloyster.

Red Pikmin #2

"Red Pikmin are good fighters."

Area: Garden of Hope

Location: The Data File is off the shore of the area with two Yellow Wollywogs, right in the corner.

Pikminology #5

"Pellets retrieved by Pikmin of the same color produce more sprouts."

Area: Garden of Hope

Location: The Data File is near the group of Fiery Blowhogs that reside near the base.

Red Pikmin #1

"Red Pikmin are resistant to fire."

Area: Garden of Hope

Location: The Data File is near the group of Fiery Blowhogs near the base.

Day 4

Author's Note: 19th Century German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke the Elder once said, “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.” This was certainly the case when I tried to do the game's next part with only 36 Rock Pikmin. It was a train wreck because I was underequipped when I went to investigate the mysterious radar signal that Alph's KopPad picked up yesterday. If you don't have at least 50 Rock Pikmin and 50 Red Pikmin, spend today farming Rock Pikmin and Red Pikmin by revisiting the Area's Pellet Posies and transporting the Pellets to the Onion for Pikmin production. If you do have 50 of both Pikmin types, then follow the parts of today that involve the dark blue bridge and the Dirt Walls and ignore the Pikmin farming parts.

Garden of Hope 1 (Third Visit)

Summary: Depending on your current Pikmin numbers, today is spent either preparing for the game's first boss and farming Pikmin, or actually fighting the boss.

Details: The Day starts with Alph and Brittany recapping their mission and then discussing the new radar signal that Alph noticed yesterday.

Land in the Garden of Hope, pluck any flower sprouts, withdraw all of your Pikmin, and then head north to the area where you found the Fiery Blowhogs. Face northwest to see a yellow arrow on one side of the shore and a yellow “X” on the other shore. Approach the arrow and, in a cutscene, Alph will spot an incomplete, dark blue bridge and some dark blue Fragments. Line yourself up with the arrow, position the cursor over the “X,” and then toss all of your Pikmin, plus Brittany, across the stream.

Yellow Arrow

Once everyone is across, switch to Brittany, have her whistle the Pikmin, and then go left to find the first set of dark blue Fragments.

Garden of Hope Dark Blue F1

Sic some Pikmin on these and then head right, past the Dirt Wall and up to a Large Crystal holding the rest of the dark blue Fragments.

Garden of Hope Dark Blue F2

Break the crystal, let the Rock Pikmin begin Fragment duty, and then, when they're done, switch to Alph, cross the complete bridge, and then reunite the two leaders. Go up to the Dirt Wall that you passed to get to the second set of dark blue Fragments to trigger a cutscene in which Alph pinpoints the radar signal's source: an intimidating, hollowed-out tree.

Radar Signal 2

When in control again, lock-on to the Dirt Wall and charge your Pikmin at it. They'll destroy it, opening the path to the tree.

Author's Note: This path leads to a boss fight in which you need a healthy number of Rock Pikmin in order to prevail. You need at least 40 to have a prayer; 50 is a safer number. If you don't have 50 Rock Pikmin, turn around and start combing the Area for Pellet Posies to harvest and unkilled enemies to kill. The rest of this Day instructs you on where to find the Pellet Posies. Head back to base to start the hunt.

Back at base, you might see a white butterfly going from flower to flower near the Crystal Wall.

White Spectralid

This is a White Spectralid, a benign enemy that yield only one sprout when brought back to the Onion. Later in the game, these things can drop nectar upon death. We'll cover nectar once it shows up in the next Area.

Search around the base's perimeter to find a few 1 Pellet Posies. Since you have more than one color of Pikmin in the Onion, a giant chunk of the game's Pellet Posies change color about every three seconds, cycling between the colors of each type of Pikmin that you've discovered thus far. Make sure to time it so that your thrown Pikmin hits the Pellet Posy's face as soon as your desired color comes up. The Pikmin will instantly destroy the flower and free the Pellet.

After sweeping the perimeter, head into the area beyond the broken Crystal Wall. To your left is another White Spectralid, a Dirt Wall guarding an area that we'll discuss either tomorrow or the next Day, and any remaining Yellow Wollywogs that you didn't kill yesterday. To your right is a red 5 Pellet Posy. If Rock Pikmin bring the 5 Pellet to the Onion, then three Rock Pikmin sprouts will appear. If Red Pikmin bring the 5 Pellet to the Onion, then five Red Pikmin sprouts will appear.

Go back to base and exit southwest to see a 1 Pellet Posy and a giant concrete wall.

Concrete Wall

You won't be able to get past this wall until much later in the game, so ignore it, go back to base, and then head across the tan bridge to find two more 1 Pellet Posies. Return to base again, go east towards the brown bridge, and harvest the last obtainable Pellet Posy.

Harvesting the Pellet Posies, building the dark blue bridge, and destroying the Dirt Wall should have taken up most of the Day. If not, then haul it back to the area where the Yellow Wollywogs were and quickly order some Pikmin to tear down the Dirt Wall there. Beyond this wall is a Fruit guarded by a time-consuming scale puzzle straight out of a 3D Zelda game. We'll attack this after we've killed the boss. End the Day manually once you've rounded up any inactive Pikmin.

Author's Note: Don't fret too much over the fact that you didn't get any Fruit today. As I said before Day 2 started, you'll be fine as long as long as you have at least two Juice Bottles in reserve and a plan to get more Fruit during the following Day.

After some lamenting, some ration-drinking, and the nightly data screen, Alph will make a journal entry wondering if there's a connection between the radar signal and the person whom keeps leaving the Data Files around for the crew to pick up.