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by super_luigi16

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FAQ/Walkthrough by super_luigi16

Version: 1.52 | Updated: 09/13/13


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Welcome to my Pikmin 3 FAQ/Walkthrough! In this guide, I will cover everything you could ever want to know about the main storyline of Pikmin 3 and the associated entities--from the plot to the Pikmin themselves and from the enemies to the fruit. This guide will help you make it from your crash site to your final destination. Anyway, this guide will only cover the main storyline and the walkthrough of said storyline and its peripherals--it will not include Co-Op modes or competitive modes. Also, if and when DLC is released, it may or may not be included in this guide depending on the voluminous nature of the DLC. Finally, this guide will cover any other information you might need to complete the game or assist your playthrough in the Appendices.

Before we get started, let me help you out with some basic navigation. Of course, you see to your right a wonderfully useful Table of Contents (TOC). The TOC contains links to all major sections, including sub-sections within the Walkthrough. However, with regards to other sections, I have the following list assembled for your convenience.

  • If you would like help every step of the way through your gameplay, check out the Guided Walkthrough. It outlines what to do each day, and acts as a itinerary for those who want my recommended way to get through the game. Note that the Guided Walkthrough is not accelerated, meaning I will not try to get you to complete the game as quickly as possible.
  • If you're looking to check out specific information about the game, start at the Appendices. Appendix A: Areas is a good place to begin!
  • If you want to read up About the Author and About the Guide, follow those links or scroll right on down.

About the Guide

This guide is solely intended to get you through the main portions of the game--I will not cover multiplayer aspects. However, the Guided Walkthrough will be covered to its fullest so that you can get through all portions of the game. This guide will try to be as clear as possible, but it is difficult to navigate a game in which there is realistically no fixed way to play. Hence, I cover each area to its fullest--if you're not following the Guided Walkthrough, you'll need to search through each area's section to find the area in which you are having troubles. It's not the best solution, but it's the most streamlined way to accommodate all troubles. Of course, things tend to be easier if you're following the Guided Walkthrough loosely, but I can understand reluctance to do so. Anyway, this guide aims for clarity, but you may have to search for it!

Moreover, this guide is a Formatted FAQ, meaning that it has basic html markup. This means that it can have hyperlinking, images, and other useful additions to make your reading experience faster and easier. I try to use these features to the best of my ability, and they will hopefully make your experience reading my guide as seamless as possible!

About the Author

Hiya, everyone! My (user)name is super_luigi16, though I usually go by SuperLuigi or SL for short. This is my eleventh guide and my tenth complete Walkthrough! I usually write for Nintendo first-party titles, though I do occasionally write for other games. Anyway, I have quite a bit of experience with Pikmin--I've extensively played the first two games, and I've even done a few speedruns of either game. Needless to say, I'm accustomed to controlling one-hundred little Pikmin. Without further ado, let's get started!

Version 1.52

Submitted September 12th, 2013

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Version 1.50

Submitted September 12th, 2013

Version 1.22

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Version 1.20

Submitted September 2nd, 2013

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Version 1.00

Submitted August 21st, 2013

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Version 0.90

Submitted August 18th, 2013

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Version 0.50

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Version 0.25

Submitted August 4th, 2013


There are many control methods available to you, though they all utilize the GamePad in some fashion or another. Whatever control scheme you choose--I highly recommend that you accustom yourself to it. It is imperative that you know how to pilot your captain and handle enemies; if you do not, the game will be even more difficult than it already is. Make sure you know how to juggle all of the button combinations, and you should familiarize yourself with all of your portential assets. Nevertheless, try out the different control schemes availalbe to you--choose your favorite!

Wiimote + Nunchuk + GamePad

This setup involves holding the Nunchuk and Wiimote in your hands while putting the GamePad beneath the TV to use as a further guide. The TV can be used for the traditional third-person mode, though it can be turned off with TV-off play, and, in that case, the GamePad will serve as the TV. The main problem with this setup is that you're not only balancing two control methods as you would with the Wiimote and Nunchuk, but you're also throwing in the GamePad that you would use for the "Go to" feature.

Hence, you really need to have a good setup where you can easily reach your GamePad and where you can still function with your Wiimote and Nunchuk. The Wiimote and Nunchuk tend to be more natural to use, though some of the shaking mechanisms can be difficult and/or finicky. Nevertheless, this is a game that was originally supposed to be on the Wii; despite adaptations for the Wii U, the Wiimote and Nunchuk setup can work just as well, if not better.

Analog Stick (Nunchuk)Move
Z (Nunchuk)Change View
Hold Z (Nunchuk)Lock-on
C (Nunchuk)Toggle Pikmin Type
Shake (Nunchuk)Dismiss/Charge Pikmin Throw
Point (Wiimote)Cursor Movements
D-Pad (Up) (Wiimote)Ultra-Spicy Spray
D-Pad (Left/Right) (Wiimote)Dodge (After Dodge Whistle)
D-Pad (Down) (Wiimote)Use Item (Bingo Battle Only)
A (Wiimote)Throw/Pluck Sprouts/Punch
B (Wiimote)Whistle Pikmin
+ (Wiimote)Pause Menu
- (Wiimote)Switch Leaders
- (GamePad)Toggle Off-TV Play
Touch & Slide (GamePad)Investigate/"Go to" Area (Pauses Game)


The GamePad only control scheme is one of the easiest control schemes to master as there are the fewest amount of peripherals. The game has been aptly optimized to work with just the GamePad, and the setup is the second-least-bulky method--only behined the Pro Controller.

Anyway, the GamePad has all of the buttons and features in one place--it doesn't sacrifice the usefulness of the second screen, nor does it sacrifice the buttons. However, the GamePad can feel bulky and it can be hard to maneuever. Also, the Shaking motion can be problematic for those that tend to shake their controller from time-to-time. Nevertheless, the GamePad control scheme is the most accessible, and it can be very easy to master--it just doesn't have that high of a ceiling due to its bulkyness.

Left Analog StickMove/Move Cursor
Right Analog StickRotate View
ZLChange View
Hold ZLHold to Lock-on
LToggle Pikmin Types
D-Pad (Up)Ultra-Spicy Spray
D-Pad (Down)Use Item (Bingo Battle Only)/Toggle Map View
D-Pad (Left/Right)Dodge (After Dodge Whistle)
HomeOpen/Close Home Menu
-Toggle Off-TV Play
+Pause Menu
ShakeDismiss + Charge
BDismiss + Charge
YSwitch Leaders
X or AThrow/Pluck Sprouts/Punch
ZRWhistle Pikmin
RToggle Enemy Targets
R + Left Analog StickMove Cursor Only

Pro Controller

The Pro Controller is the perfect setup for those who are very familiar with the GameCube, Xbox 360, or PS3 controllers. It offers two analog sticks that allow complete camera control, and the small, sleek design allows you to easily maneuver and reach all of the buttons.

Of course, the Pro Controller doesn't have the capabilities of the GamePad. Hence, you're going to have to couple the two of them, so that can be difficult. The simple setup of having the GamePad next to the Pro Controller can circumvent this problem. So, the main impediment to the Pro Controller is deciding whether you want the more traditional Pro Controller control scheme or you want the hybrid Wiimote + Nunchuk layout.

Left Analog StickMove/Move Cursor
Right Analog StickRotate View
ZLChange View
Hold ZLHold to Lock-on
LToggle Pikmin Types
D-Pad (Up)Ultra-Spicy Spray
D-Pad (Down)Use Item (Bingo Battle Only)/Toggle Map View
D-Pad (Left/Right)Dodge (After Dodge Whistle)
HomeOpen/Close Home Menu
+Pause Menu
ShakeDismiss + Charge
BDismiss + Charge
YSwitch Leaders
X or AThrow/Pluck Sprouts/Punch
ZRWhistle Pikmin
RToggle Enemy Targets
R + Left Analog StickMove Cursor Only

Guided Walkthrough

Pikmin 3! :)

This is my preferred Walkthrough for you to use as it saves a lot of the problems that come up when you're floundering around and missing objects. While the Walkthrough in this section is not perfectly efficient (i.e., a speedrun), it is a good efficient run that keeps you busy, but doesn't go crazy with the multitasking. After all, Pikmin 3 is a game that relies on doing multiple things at once; this section (hopefully) reaches a happy medium.

Of course, because I am trying to reach that happy medium, there are going to be people who are at either end of the extremes. If you are running quicker than my walkthroughs, feel free to move ahead to the day after where I am. This may or may not be possible with boss battles, for instance, but you should usually be able to make every second count! For those of you who are running slower, try to bisect my days into two parts--that way, you can comfortably move forward while taking the time to accustom to your surroundings. I always try to leave you with more than enough juice leftover, and it really shouldn't be an issue for you. Just make sure to get the fruit!

So, what about the Walkthrough itself? Well, it's very straightforward. Everything that you're supposed to do is presented chronologically. When following the Walkthrough, I recommend that you first read through what you're going to do for the day. This gives you a good guide for what you need to accomplish, and it allows you to prepare. Then, as you start to play, you can either go from memory, or you can do small portions of the Walkthrough--for instance, a paragraph or two at a time. You can always pause the game with + or by exiting out to the GamePad menu. Slowly progress through the Walkthrough until you're done for the day.

The Walkthrough is presented in a way that makes it easy to follow. Bosses are presented in boxes, like so:

Armored Mawdad

Difficulty: 6/10

This crystal-clad bugger is hard to defeat. You'll need to start out with your Rock Pikmin, but keep all of your Pikmin in your party. Firstly, you'll want to sort to your Rock Pikmin. Be sure to keep a supply in your party at all times as this will make your life much easier. Throw the Rock Pikmin at the back side of the Mawdad. Once the Mawdad locates you...


Rewards: Dragonfruit, Phone, Armored Mawdad Carcass

They are usually very easy to find because they are the largest boxes in the Walkthrough. Other boxes you might find include useful tidbits like Pikminology or Bulborb Notes. I don't include all notes in the Walkthrough, but those can always be found in the Exploration Info app on the GamePad. Finally, the story is covered in the spoiler boxes, like so:

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Pikmin 3 has a story!

Simply highlight to browse the story as it progresses. While it is not imperative and I do not cover every single detail, the spoiler boxes can be nice checkpoints for you to look toward! These spoiler boxes also make this Walkthrough SPOILER-FREE as they are not presented in the body of text. Checklists will likely be coming later, so look forward to those!

Without further ado, I present to you my Pikmin 3 Guided Walkthrough!

Day 001

Author's Note - Today is like a practice day. You cannot lose.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

In 20xx, a distant planet named Koppai is suffering from an overpopulation problem. The denizens are exhausting their food resources, requiring... drastic measures. The planet sends out SPERO spacecraft to search for food. The final SPERO provides hope where the others lacked such fruit: PNF-404. This planet is home to vast food reserves that the planet must harvest for its survival. Koppai sends out three astronauts to investigate; they crash-land on PNF-404.

Charlie - Distant Tundra

Recovering from his crash landing, Charlie, the mustachioed green captain, discovers that he has crash-landed. He laments that he has to find Alph and Brittany--to action! If you walk around a bit, you will discover some Yellow Pikmin (Yellows) inhabiting the cliffs around you. They are innately friendly, and Charlie doesn't like that at first. Whistle the Pikmin toward you and throw them at the mushrooms. Charlie acts as the tutorial.

Round up the rest of the Yellows in the area using your whistle. There are some on the cliffs behind you and there are even more in the next area beyond the mushrooms. Whenever you see shrooms, throw Yellows at them to destroy them! It's pretty simple--the Yellows will go straight after the mushrooms and destroy them. Try landing the Yellows directly on top of the mushrooms if you can: it's good practice. Continue along to the next area and across the bridge to the cave.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Charlie is captured! Oh no! Maybe that amorphous body had something to do with it...?

Alph - Tropical Wilds

Now we're piloting Alph. He seems to be the most junior of the two crew members we've seen thus far. Upon stumbling out of the water (which you should do), Alph will discover another variety of Pikmin: Red Pikmin (Reds). Farther on, Alph will find the Reds struggling to get an object out of a branch. Whistle them as you did the Yellows with Charlie and throw them at the object--when all three are firmly lodged onto the object, it will reveal itself!

This is an Onion. It is the home of the Pikmin. Now go to the right of the Onion and locate a pile of debris. This debris is actually a pile of tiles to be used for a bridge! Throw your three Reds at the debris and call the Pikmin behind the rubble to use it for the de-rubbling process as well. Now check out where the Reds are going--they're taking the bridge pieces to the existing offshoot. Alph will bring your attention to the KopPad, but we'll ignore it for now. Get that bridge done!

Once it's finished, head over to the KopPad. Alph will direct your attention to the S.S. Drake (Drake, from now on; it is your ship), which you must find. After you regain control of your captain, throw some Pikmin at the Posey Pellets inhabiting the area. These are the long green stalks with red pellets lodged as flowers; the flowers have numbers on them. The Reds will destroy the stalks, giving them a pellet. They will then take the pellet to the Onion to sprout more Pikmin!

Posey Pellets

Posey Pellets come in the color of every single color Pikmin, barring Purples and Whites. They are the easiest way to increase your Pikmin's numbers as they put up no fight. Poseys come in all different types of pellets, ranging in numbers from one to twenty. These are Ones, Fives, Tens, and Twenties, and I will refer to them as such. I will also usually use the color. This means that if a pellet is red and has a five, I will call it a Red Five.

Pellets that are the same color as the (majority of) Pikmin that brought it to the Onion will have an extra bonus to the posted number. Ones will become twos, but the others will maintain their posted number. Rather, with the bigger numbers, there will be a penalty if you cannot match the colors.

Use pellets to your advantage and always match colors for larger numbers!

Head back with your Pikmin to the Onion and pluck the new recruits. Take some of these Pikmin to the area beyond the Posey Pellets to discover a Red Five; grab that. Also be sure to defeat the Female Sheargrubs roaming around the area. Use your Pikmin to take all of these goodies back to the Onion (it may take multiple trips). You should now have 21 Reds. Now go back to the area where the Red Ones were and locate the big cardboard box. Throw twenty Reds at the box so that they can use teamwork (yay, teamwork!). Alph will discover a file that tells him about Pikmin!

Pikminology #1

"The Onion is like a nest for the Pikmin. It both gives birth to them and provides them with shelter."

Alph stores this information in the Exploration Notes that you can access later via your GamePad. Browse them at your leisure. Continue pressing ahead past the box and into the cave. In this cave, you will find more mushrooms. Feel free to defeat the mushrooms, though they don't have anything in them. At the end of this cave is a Dirt Wall (it looks like a sandcastle, huh?). Lock on to the top portion via the lock-on button (Controls), and watch your Pikmin take that massive wall down! Continue through the cave to the clearing.

Here is the S.S. Drake! Yippee!

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Alph receives a call from Brittany who is stranded elsewhere. The signal is messy, but she breaks off before she can tell you about where she is. However, before we can go off looking for her, Alph hears nearby nocturnal predators approaching--time to head up into orbit! Going into orbit is the only way to avoid these predators. The Onion will join us--it offers your Reds safety.

Once in the ship, Alph will start eating away at one of his three rations. We need more food rations to make it through the rest of our stay here! That's what tomorrow is for, right?

Day 002

Time starts working as usual from this day onward. This means that the day will move forward as you play. Each day will last about twenty minutes, and chimes will ring at the one-quarter, one-half, and three-quarters marks during the day. A countdown and Pikmin flag will warn you when sundown is approaching.

Today, we're going to the Garden of Hope!

Stand underneath your Onion. Withdraw all of your Reds.

Pikminology #2

"Stand under an Onion and then press "A" to call or return Pikmin."

Alph then installs Pikmin Info as an application to your KopPad (GamePad). Continue searching around the area to find a Dwarf Bulborb. Your first real enemy! Defeat it by locking on and firing away. Don't get too close or it will come after you! Enemies yield Pikmin. You can also go after nearby White Spectralids for more Pikmin. Grab the nearby tiles to start (but not finish!) the bridge. Now destroy the Dirt Wall and continue to the other rubble.

Throw your Pikmin at this rubble. They will finish up the bridge, and you can check out the Pikminology they uncover.

Pikminology #14

"Once Pikmin are done transporting fragments, they will return to the original loaction of the fragments."

Be sure to also grab the pellets in this area: Red Ones. Once your Reds finish up the bridge, you'll be able to find a full-grown Bulborb in the next clearing. Sneak around the Bulborb so that you have a better battling angle and try to lock-on to his eye sockets. Start chucking Reds at him and whistle them back as he shakes them off! You'll want to have a good rhythm of throwing and whistling to prevent him from eating your Pikmin. After you finish him off, put some Pikmin on the Bulborb, some more Pikmin on the nearby pellets, and the last of your Pikmin on the Dirt Wall. Escort your returning Pikmin to the Onion, pluck your new recruits, and return to the Dirt Wall. Proceed through this wall.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

We make contact with Brittany! Awesome! Let's try to find her (and some fruit!).

After that short call, continue along as Alph to find a strawberry residing on a small perch. Throw three or four Pikmin at the strawberry and continue with the rest to the cave. Once in here, a Medusal Slurker will fly down and attack you. These guys aren't difficult if you're focused on them; just lock-on and toss Pikmin at him. Eventually the Slurker should slurk on out, leaving his carcass and a few Rock Pikmin to boot.

Rock Pikmin (no abbreviation), are rock-hard. They can destroy crystals. Throw them at the crystals in the area (including the one that gives you the Onion). Also make sure that they (not your Reds) get the carcass so that you can increase your Rock Pikmin numbers. There's also a data file.

Rock Pikmin #1

"Rock Pikmin are very hard... like rocks."

As we're working around here, we'll receive news that the Sunseed Berry has been received. Analysis yields us Piktamin U and revelations that it can be grown on Koppai with its seeds. Alph installs the Fruit File on your KopPad. Back to work! Get the Rock Pellets and the rest of the crystals in the area--another file!

Pikminology #4

"New sprouts will be the same color as the Pikmin that retrieved the pellet or creature."

You should end up with 22 Rock Pikmin after all of the throwing and such. Now return through the cave to the Crystal Wall. Destory it for another data file.

Rock Pikmin #2

"Rock Pikmin inflict extraordinary damage when thrown directly onto an enemy or object."

In this new clearing, we'll find another Crystal Wall with Brittany pleading for us to save her. Use your Rock Pikmin to free Brittany. She'll talk for a bit (she seems a bit senior of Alph), and she'll point out a huge fruit behind you. Now for her instruction: switch to throwing Brittany and then throw some Reds after her.

Dividing Labor #1

"Split into 2 squads to manage your workload more effectively!"

Once using Brittany via switching captains, throw your Reds at the lemon and let them take the lemon back. We'll head off beyond that clearing to where there are some Skutterchucks scurrying around. Throw some Rock Pikmin at them to break their hard shells! Try to avoid their attacks, as well. Put some Pikmin on the bridge fragments and some other Pikmin on the carcasses. Next, put the Pikmin that finish up with the bridge tiles on the bridge tiles in the nearby crystal. This will finish the bridge. Finally, grab the Sunseed Berry behind where those fragments were. This should leave you with one-quarter of the day left for exploration.

Return to the Onions and gather your Pikmin. There's a Crystal Wall behind the Onion that you should explore if you have time. Nevertheless, Day 002 will stop here; if you want to continue exploring, continue to Day 003! The more time you can save, the better!

As the day ends, you'll want to gather your Pikmin. If they are not nearby their Onion(s), they will get left behind and die. This means that you'll want to gather them up and either have them with a captain or keep them within the nesting area(s). Watch the sunset and the day will finish up! Good job!

Pikminology #11

"Make sure Pikmin are in your squad or close to the Onion when the sun sets. All others will perish!"

After the day, Alph will analyze the lemon, which is a Face Wrinkler, and the other strawberry you hopefully got. You should be up to four bottles of juice after today's haul and rations.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Brittany and Alph discuss the fruit hauls. It seems that they also need the Cosmic-Drive Key as well as the captain--likely Charlie. In their ship, they also sense a signal coming from the Garden of Hope: what could it be?

Author's Note - This day can be very action-packed, so you need to determine your own pace. If you cannot defeat the last enemy quick enough, that is fine. Simply pick up from where you left off on Day 4. Meanwhile, this walkthrough will continue with Day 004 in the next area. Take your time as necessary! Everyone plays at their own pace, so don't be intimidated if I move ahead.

Head to the Garden of Hope.

Withdraw all Pikmin.

Destroy the Crystal Wall. This next area is more inhospitable. You'll want to defeat the Yellow Wollywogs roaming around to the left. I recommend that you split your troops so that you only take Rock Pikmin with you. Rock Pikmin--though they can't grab onto the Wollywog--cannot be killed. They will simply get piledrived into the ground. Keep throwing and whistling until you defeat both Wollywogs. Have the Rock Pikmin take the Wollywogs back.

Now switch to your other captain, and have him or her call the leftover Reds. Take these Reds and destroy the Dirt Wall behind where those Wollywogs were. Load the data file while you're over there.

Rock Pikmin #3

"Rock Pikmin aren't crushed when trampled on."

Take both Brittany and Alph back beyond here to discover a small appartus. Throw the non-commanding captain as well as six or seven Pikmin onto one of the cans and throw a greater number of Pikmin onto the other can. Switch to the thrown captain and grab the lime. Now return with both captains to the main area as the Pikmin haul the lime back to the ship.

Dismiss your Pikmin and explore the water. Locate the nearby data file.

Red Pikmin #2

"Red Pikmin are good fighters."

Now take your remaining Pikmin to the other area in this main watery clearing. Locate the Fiery Blowhogs and split your troops again. Take your Reds and throw a bunch of them at each Blowhog. Your reds cannot be hurt by the fire. After these beasts die, have the Reds take them back to the Onion. Grab the data files in the area.

Pikminology #5

"Pellets retrieved by Pikmin of the same color produce more sprouts."

Red Pikmin #1

"Red Pikmin are resistant to fire."

Be sure to also let the Reds get the Red Five in the area. With your remaining troops (of which there should be about forty or fifty), take both Brittany and Alph to the ledge next ot the bridge. As your working, you'll likely get another Pikminology about how many Pikmin can be in the field (if not, it'll definitely come later!).

Pikminology #8

"There can only be 100 Pikmin on the surface at any one time, but more can sprout inside the Onion."

Dividing captains. Adapted from Destructoid.

At this ledge, throw the non-commanding captain and a slew of Pikmin (both kinds) to the other side. Switch captains, and have this captain get Pikmin on fragments. I recommend you throw about five or ten reds on the exposed fragments. Take the rest of your Pikmin over to the crystal in the far corner and have the Rock Pikmin destroy it. Put some more Pikmin on these tiles (preferrably Rocks), and then put some Red Pikmin on the Dirt Wall in the back. As your working back there with your one captain, take your other captain (who should still be on the other side), and have them grab the other Pikmin lounging around the Onion.

Gather all Pikmin and head to the area exposed by the Dirt Wall via use of the bridge. In this long clearing, we will find a new data file--a Journal Entry! Read it at your leisure. March ahead into the large tree stump. Make sure you have Pikmin of both types!

Armored Mawdad

Difficulty: 6/10

This crystal-clad bugger is hard to defeat. You'll need to start out with your Rock Pikmin, but keep all of your Pikmin in your party. Firstly, you'll want to sort to your Rock Pikmin. Be sure to keep a supply in your party at all times as this will make your life much easier. Throw the Rock Pikmin at the back side of the Mawdad (preferrably the tail). Once the Mawdad locates you, move out of the way with your Pikmin and recall the isolated Pikmin as necessary. Keep hammering away at his backside with Rock Pikmin. This will likely result in one of his crystal segments shattering, revealing his fleshy underside.

Meanwhile, the Mawdad will charge after you with his pinchers out. He will attempt to gather your Pikmin and will chew on them for a bit. This can be good if you have fleshy area exposed and Reds to boot. Throw the Reds at his fleshy areas to damage the bugger. It may be easier to split your Pikmin once enough of his body has been exposed: send the Rock Pikmin--along with Brittany--out while Alph handles the rest of the battle with his Reds. Just some food for thought.

The key to this battle is to destroy enough of the Mawdad's shell to render him defenseless but not too much so as to waste your time. Once you have enough of his shell exposed, switch to reds and start tossing them at his backside to deal damage. It will take a while to whittle his health down, but you should be able to do it in no time!

Rewards: Dragonfruit, Phone, and Armored Mawdad Carcass

Take your prizes back to the Onion/Drake, and finish up your day! The lime--after analysis--will prove to be a Zest Bomb, giving you more juice. Moreover, the dragonfruit will become a Firebreathing Feast while the Mawdad will give you a ton of Pikmin. Finally, the phone will become a Data Glutton after analysis. This should give our signal strength a boost after today.

After today, we should have well over one-hundred Pikmin and seven rations of juice.

Day 004

Now let's fly to the Distant Tundra with our increased range!

Again with the problems! Brittany manages to strand herself again in a small cave. (Isn't it adorable who she calls Alph "Alphie?") In here, Brittany finds some electrical Pikmin. These guys are Yellows! Grab the three sprouts and throw these Yellows at the other two. This will resotre the electrical current, giving you the Yellow Onion, and allowing you to proceed. Put the Yellow Pikmin on the pellets and examine the data file.

Yellow Pikmin #1

"Yellow Pikmin can conduct electricity."

You cannot. Do not walk through electricity! More data files!

Yellow Pikmin #3

"Yellow Pikmin can be thrown very high up in the air."

Now head downward. Get the Yellow Five up on the higher ledge. Be sure to grab the rest of the Yellow Ones in the area as well. At the end of this little loop is a geyser--these geysers can be used to propel both you and your Pikmin other places. Be sure to pick up another Yellow Five near the crystal in the snowy spot. With those additions, you should have enough Pikmin to push that ball berring down the slope and into the wall to create a cave opening. Exit the cave!

Now out in the opening, Brittany regains contact with Alph. Switch to Alph and have him withdraw a healthy number of Rock Pikmin and Reds. Get the pellets in the area (make sure to match the Pikmin to the pellet!). Continue exploring beyond the pellets and head right at the fork in the road. See the fish in the middle of the road? Throw Pikmin at it--it's a Joustmite! Pikmin can easily overpower it with numbers. Now break the Crystal Wall with your Rock Pikmin and separate out your Pikmin.

Pyroclasmic Slooches. Adapted from candidslice.

Have Alph take the Reds in the revealed clearing and defeat the Pyroclasmic Slooches. These guys are easy to defeat if you throw the Reds on their back. Throw some reds on the bridge tiles, then have some reds take back the slugs and the strawberry and have the Rock Pikmin take the Joustmite back to the ship. Now, with the Rock Pikmin, expose the geyser hidden by the crystal. Take your remaining Pikmin up there.

Cross the bridge to the left and defeat the Joustmite with your remaining numbers. Return the carcass to the Onion with some Rock Pikmin. Split the remainder and take some Reds back across the bridge to deal with the Fiery Blowhog. Throw them all at the Blowhog and read the data file in the meantime:

Yellow Pikmin #4

"Yellow Pikmin are good at digging."

Leave the Reds there to defeat the Blowhog, and go back to your Rock Pikmin. Go up the hill and look across to the Bouncy Mushrooms. Throw Pikmin at the mushroom to have them get the appartus on the other side. With those Rock Pikmin returning to the Drake, have any leftover Pikmin accompany Alph to the Fiery Blowhog area via the "Go Here" feature.

Switch to Brittany. Have her head to the lower level and defeat the few Joustmites in the area. Usually about this time is when the Dodge Whistle will be analyzed. It adds dodge features to your whistle; read the Exploration Notes for more about using the Dodge Whistle. Anyway, have your Yellows retrieve the other bridge pieces.

Switch back to Alph. Keep pressing ahead to the bridge pieces and the put your remaining Pikmin on these Fragments. Watch out for the Larva. Let the Pikmin do their job and return to the Onion (you may need to go back with more Pikmin to get the remaining Fragments; Pikmin cannot get up there on their own). Meanwhile, have Brittany take the Joustmite carcasses back to the cave with some Yellows. Have her take the rest of the Yellows to the Swooping Snitchbug on the other side of the bridge. Defeat the Snitchbug and destroy Electric Gate. Have your Yellows dig up the Yellow Five there, take it back to the Onion; use the rest of your Yellows to take the rest of the carcasses back. This should end your day! Good job, team!

At the end of the day, your Sunseed Berry should give you a ration to cancel out the ration used for today's technically-unproductive but realistically-productive day.

Day 005

Head back to Distant Tundra! We've got some more 'sploring to do!

Considering Brittany is still stranded--well, we need to fix that! Start out by withdrawing thirty or so Rock Pikmin and thirty Reds. You should then assign Alph to walk over to an area to the west where two outcroppings meet; you can throw Pikmin from Alph to Brittany here. After you send Alph that direction, switch over to Brittany and withdraw thirty or so Yellows. Start walking Brittany to the other side of the outcropping.

Switch over to Alph and throw all of the Pikmin he has over the edge. This should give you very healthy numbers for Brittany to control. Take your Pikmin up to the crytallized water spouts and epose them both with Rock Pikmin. Ride all the way to the and defeat the Whiptongue Bulborb with a Rock Pikmin barrage. Afterwards, head slighlty down and defeat both Arctic Beetle Larva. This should make this area much more traversable. Use your Rock Pikmin and Reds to handle the bridge fragments--use your Yellows to grab the fruit hanging off of the branch behind the fragments and to grab most of the carcasses. Once the bridge has been finished (you should have more than enough Pikmin on it), send Alph across the bridge to meet Brittany.

Now reunited, take the two captains back to the top of the snowy hill. Up here is a raised area that one of the captains should access. Make sure no Pikmin are in the lower area. Use the second captain to push a ball berring (requires twenty Pikmin) to the lower area (also pick up the cherry). Now with all of your Pikmin, sweep through the area picking up all of the goodies that are left. Send these to your respective Pikmin camps as you see fit. Send one of your captains after the goodies and use the other one to cross the bridge back over to Alph's side with a troop of Reds and Yellows. With these Reds and Yellows, you'll want to destroy the Dirt Wall and later take out the Bearded Amprat with your Yellows. Yellows are preferred as they are not phased by its electrical shocks.

Now for the cleanup! Tell your first captain to go up the hill and pick up any leftover Pikmin. Instruct your second captain to pick up Pikmin from both camps. Your first captain should head down the slide to the left at the top and meet up with your second at the bottom where the cave was exposed.

Pikminology #6

"As Pikmin develop, they get faster. They grow from leaf to bud to flower."

Now at the bottom, go into the cave. Defeat the Pyroclasmic Slooches with Reds. Afterwards, split up your troops and take a horde of Yelows through the flames to connect the electrical wires on the other side. This should solve our lighting issue! Our other captain should cross the now-budded flowers to meet up with the Yellow's leader.

Pikminology #12

"Throw Pikmin into a Candypop Bud, and they will change color."

We've pretty much finished up this cave--well, other than the flowers. Head out onto the buds with both captains and throw a captain up to the upper flower along with five or more Pikmin. Have this captain retrieve the orange higher up and continue along your merry way. Now exit out the cave to the back.

This is the area where Charlie crash-landed earlier! Cool! Maybe he's around here? It should now be about three-quarters of the way through the day, by the way. Take your Rock Pikmin and destroy some of the crystals. There are mostly pellets around here, but you can retrieve them at your leisure. They are very far away from camps, so do your best to gauge whether you'll make it back in time. It is recommended that you send one of your captains back to the main camp.

Do not proceed to the cave where Charlie went. We'll save this tomorrow. Once you're done in this area, return to the red side of the bridge. If you have time, use Rock Pikmin to destroy the crystal. Head through this area and locate the Climbing Stick. Extend it with some Pikmin and grab the fruit up top. This is optional. You may or may not be able to get this fruit back--likely not.

Good job on another day! Your fruits are a Velvety Dreamdrop, a Citrus Lump, and a Cupid's Grenade. This should provide you more than enough fruit to make it through the next few days. Tomorrow is going to be a doozey!

SPOILER! Highlight to View

With Alph and Brittany reunited, they're going to want to resume their search for that signal.

Land in Distant Tundra again!

Withdraw 25 Reds, 25 Rock Pikmin, and 35 Yellows. This number is not overwhelming enough to create problems. Guide your captain to the area beyond the cave we discovered--the area where Charlie started. Grab your Pikmin and continue on to where Charlie was. Once in the first cave, defeat the hoard of Phosbats. Head farther in and defeat the next hoard and the little Phosbat Bod spitting out the Phosbats. This should yield some nectar that your Pikmin will promptly drink.

Pikminology #13

"When Pikmin consume nectar, they blossom into flower Pikmin."

Just beyond that area, you should locate the electrical wire. Throw some Yellows at it. Now that the area is lit, the monster will head to the next area. Follow it!

Vehemoth Phosbat

Difficulty: 4/10

In this cave, you will have to face the bird-bat-frog once and for all! The battle will begin immediately, so head off toward the electrical wire in front of you! Load it with Yellows to stun the Vehemoth Phosbat. Once it drops, charge it with your Pikmin to deal massive damage. As it recovers, it will release poison spores that will poison your Pikmin. Whistle them back to health.

The Phosbat will fly off toward the back where it is darker. Locate it with your GamePad and load the electrical wire there. The Phosbat may attempt to tornado your Pikmin in, but it should be in vain if you move out of the way. Anyway, lighten up the area again and charge the Phosbat yet again. This should deal more damage. Continue locating electrical wires in this area to lighten up the area. Should the Phosbat give you trouble, simply run to a lit area to help your cause.

About halfway through the battle, the Phosbat will deploy Pods and Phosbats to make the battle trickier. Try to defeat most in the main area. Ignore the ones in the corner.

Finally, the coup d'état. Locate the Climbing Stick toward the back and throw about forty of your available Pikmin on it. These Pikmin will grab some bridge pieces, letting you reach an upper area. Get both of your captains readied at the top of the bridge platform, and, once it's completed, throw a captain and twenty or more Yellows to the other side. Switching to the thrown captain, complete the electrical wire higher up. This should lighten up the entire room, letting you easily attack the Phosbat while it's near-constantly stunned. The battle should be over quickly.

Good job!

Rewards: Mango, Charlie, Vehemoth Phosbat Carcass

Now to clean up the mess. Throw Yellows or Rock Pikmin on the carcass and Reds on the Mango. Take a group of twenty Pikmin with one captain and send them off back to the previous cave. Have the other two captains take the rest of the Pikmin off to the back of the cave where the treasures are exiting. Push the bag down with ten Pikmin, revealing a path back to your main camp. Return to the main camp.

The captain with twenty Pikmin should grab the grape in the first cave. Make sure all of them get a piece of the grape.

The other two captains should proceed back to the area across the bridge where the Bouncy Mushroom was. Locate the green grapes over here and defeat the Swooping Snitchbugs. This can be time-consuming, but locking-on should resolve the problem. Remember to round everyone up before the day is up! Grab the Cupid's Grenade on the Snowman on your way back--a Yellow is needed.

Your fruits today were the following: Heroine's Tear, Dusk Pustules, Dawn Pustules, and Cupid's Grenade. You should be up to ten fruits, meaning we can locate fruit now--awesome!

Good work today!

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Now with Team ABC back (Alph, Brittany, Charlie) together, the quest turns to Olimar. The sneaky Hocotatian is thought to be hiding in Tropical Wilds, according to signals. The three captains head to investigate!

Head to the Tropical Wilds!

Withdraw thirty of each Pikmin type!

Head down out of the main area and locate the Dirt Wall just below the main camp. Charge the wall with your Pikmin to knock it down in no time. Lock onto the Whiptongue Bulborb in the next clearing and chuck your cache of Rock Pikmin at it. Let the Rock Pikmin take the carcass back. In this area, there's a cave in the back corner. Lock-on to it and charge with the rest of your Pikmin. Once they're done, head through and continnue around this jungle section.

This is why you do not take non-Rock Pikmin. Adapted from Edge.

Stop at the first clearing. Dismiss your Pikmin and grab your Rock Pikmin and all of your captains. Have Alph throw Brittany and Charlie up. With Brittany and Charlie on the second tier, throw the Rock Pikmin up to the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva to defeat it. Rock Pikmin are impenetrable by... rocks, so you should be fine. Throw Charlie up to the top with your Rock Pikmin once the larva is defeated and get some more Reds and Yellow to him. Have Charlie escort your goodies to the bottom with your new recruits. Return Brittany to Alph and send the rest of the Pikmin with them to the bridge near the Dirt Wall at the entrace.

While those two are walking to that bridge, have Charlie work his way through the "crystal spider alley" to more bridge pieces. Ignore these for now and keep going around the bend. Use any Reds you have to defeat the Fiery Blowhogs. Watch out for the Aristocrab and Yellow Wollywog as those can give you trouble. Do not defeat either of those enemies. Once they've been defeated, continue working your way toward the back of this area. Grab a data file along the way.

Pikminology #7

"Use Ultra-Spicy Nectar to invigorate Pikmin and boost their attack power."

Have Charlie put his Rock Pikmin on the hole next to the Fragments. They will be uncovering more Fragments. While they're doing that, have Brittany throw Alph and a bunch of Yellows and Reds to the other side of the bridge. Grab the Fragments in the original vicinity with a few Pikmin and then move toward the right. Defeat the Swooping Snitchbug and grab the rest of the Fragments, the Pellet Poseys, the Dapper Blob, and the carcasses. Be sure to also pick up the data file over here.

Dividing Labor #2

"Split into 3 squads to manage your workload even more efficiently."

By now, Charlie's Dirt Hole should be unburied. Move his Pikmin over to Fragment duty. Return to Brittany. Have Brittany cross the now-completed bridge over to Alph and reunite the two. Throw Alph and ten or more Yellows up to the ledge in the back of this first clearing. With Alph, retrieve the capsule and instruct him to escort it back. Meanwhile, send Brittany off to the opposite direction of where the Snitchbug was. As Brittany makes her way toward the Slooches, have Charlie recall his Rock Pikmin as soon as they're done with the bridge. Have him return to camp as well. Feel free to grab the berries next to where the Fragments were, as well.

With Brittany over by the Slooches, have her defeat the flaming slugs. Also grab the peach while you're over there. Have Brittany meet up with Charlie and clear up the rest of the area. Send one of the captains back and leave the other to tend to the grapes, which you should also send back to the camp. Leave that captain there as the Pikmin will return to the grapes. Use your last two captains to round up any strays you have and finish out the day strong! Grab the fruit from the Armored Beetle Larva as they are on your way back. This should be more than enough to keep you occupied! If not, simply keep sending carcasses back.

You should end up with the following: Dawn Pustules, Dapper Blob, Lesser Mock Bottom, and a Velvety Dreamdrop.

Day 008

Head back to Tropical Wilds!

Withdraw twenty Reds and take all three captains to the area where the Swooping Snitchbug was. Look off to the upper area where the stump is. Throw your Reds as well as Alph and Brittany to the other side. Once over there, throw Alph and your Reds to the other side. Instruct your other captains to return to the main camp. Meanwhile, with Alph, push the bag down to create a ramp. This should give you a wide open path to the next area in Tropical Wilds.

Charlie and Brittany should withdraw a mixture of realistically any Pikmin they want--just bring the total up to around eighty. Take these Pikmin to the new area exposed by the bag. Deposit the Yellows at the buried gourd along the way. Take the rest of the Pikmin and walk through the deserty sands to a large clearing. Now for the boss battle!

Sandbelching Meerslug

The Meerslug is a rather straightforward battle. It has two main attacks--one where he burrows above ground to spit rocks at your Pikmin and another when he burrows into the ground to create a sandstorm. Of these two, the latter is the more annoying one as it can be a bit more startling. However, it is also the attack that creates the widest opening (with some risk, of course).

Anyway, so the Meerslug will almost always start out with the burrowing. This means that he'll start causing the sand to recess so that he can create a quicksand pit, swallowing Pikmin. You can attack him in any quicksand pit, allowing you to deal an absolutely massive amount of damage; you do this by simply keeping your Pikmin troop around halfway down the pit and charging at the Meerslug once he pops out of the ground. Instead of running right into his waiting mouth, your Pikmin will hit him along the outside rim of his mouth, dealing damage. A few Pikmin may start to get eaten, but they should be recovered in a few milliseconds.

After being attacked, the Meerslug should pop out of the ground, revealing his entire body. This will allow you to attack him. Gather all of your Pikmin and charge! Once you've dealt some damage, he'll recede back underground. For the record, the Meerslug will pop out whenever you hit him in a quicksand, whenever you hit him with a bomb, but only occasionally when you hit him when he's spitting rocks at you.

Speaking of which, when he is spitting rocks at you, the Meerslug will prove to be pretty benign. The rocks don't kill any of your Pikmin, so you should be more than apt to simply run up the molehill and charge at his body. After a bit of attacking, he will either (a) exit the area via underground or (b) fly up into the air, allowing you to get more hits in.

So, all in all, this battle should be relatively easy. Just keep chipping away. You might not finish in one day, but, if you do, simply incorporate aspects of Day 009 into the latter portions of the day.

Rewards: Watermelon Chunks, Sandbelching Meerslug Carcass, Cellular Phone

Day 009

To the Tropical Wilds again!

Author's Note - Use today to finish up the Meerslug. Withdraw another 40 Rock Pikmin to deal with the Meerslug, and you should finish him up today.

Have the Rock Pikmin return the carcass, giving them the reward for today's and yesterday's work. Use your other captains at the base to supply any more Pikmin needed to haul the treasures back. Send your last captain to move along with today's work.

You should be able to finish up the entirety of the Sandbelching Meerslug--including retrieving his goodies--by midday. If you cannot, start the battle over and try again.

The Folded Data Glutton will be analyzed by the Drake. Your other captain should head out to where the Fiery Blowhogs were to unbury a lemon in that general vicinity. Meanwhile, the two other captains should finish up with the last of the Meerslug's treasures and return to the main camp. Once the lemon is finished, send that captain back. Now to split up your labor again. Send Alph and Brittany to the electrical fence guarded by an Orange Bulborb with a troop of Yellows and Rock Pikmin (consult your map for the exact location). Charlie, meanwhile, should head through the cave in the back. Have him stop in front of the Pyroclasmic Slooch. If you have time throughout the day, have him progress through this cave. This Walkthrough assumes that you cannot complete this.

Use your Rock Pikmin to handle the Orange Bulborb. Once its defeated, send the Bulborb back. Have Brittany take 20 Yellows and go north around the bend to the west to find a big fruit buried underground. Have her work on unburying it while Alph heads into the arena with about ten of his Yellows. You will pick up a Pikminology along the way:

Pikminology #15

"All Pikmin can dig holes."

Anyway, use Alph to enter the arena if you want. There's a Shaggy Long Legs in here that you can start to battle with your Yellows. He will switch from arena to arena. Throw Yellows at his legs to get them to attack his hairy joints. You should be able to get about one-quarter of his health gone before the day is up.

Today's haul includes the following: six pieces of Crimson Banquet, a Pocked Airhead, and a Face Wrinkler.