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General FAQs

FAQ/Move List 01/09/15 KOH13 1.02 406K
FAQ/Move List 05/31/15 Soylent_Robot 1.0 112K

Character FAQs

Lucina 11/21/14 MKaykitkats 1.00 123K
Mega Man 12/18/14 messhia_dark 1.00 42K
Mega Man 01/06/15 Theguysayhi 0.1.5 98K
Rosalina & Luma 06/14/15 cyclone2 0.9.2 30K
Villager (3DS) HTML 12/01/14 Alpha218 1.15 52K

In-Depth FAQs

All Star Mode Guide 02/05/16 White_Pointer 1.06 65K
Boss: Bowser Guide HTML 12/13/14 R_O_B_Sentry 15K
Item List HTML 07/27/15 Andrew Testa 1.0 35K
Smash Tips List 12/05/15 Redmage1987 1.1 83K
Trophy FAQ HTML 06/18/15 Sonictrainer 275K
Trophy List/Guide HTML 02/04/16 jackieboy87 3.0 139K

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