wii u will not load save data?

  1. I was online one day playing ssb4 with my friends. I usually play without items on because i am a competitive smash player but today we all wanted to play casually so I turned on all my items and we began playing. After we were done playing i turned off all my items and went to sleep.

    The next day, i hopped online to play with my friends. The game loaded and suddenly items started appearing when i know i turned them off. I just brushed it off thinking I probably forgot when i did not.

    Fast forward again to the next day i hopped on again and it was the same thing. I was getting confused on why they wouldn't stay off. Months later now suddenly whenever i make a new tag name i log off and log back on NOTHING IS LOADING??

    If someone knows the answer to this please help. None of my save data is loading because when i check its saving but not loading. Its really frustrating having to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    User Info: PSiBRi

    PSiBRi - 3 months ago


  1. Try holding down the Power Button on the WiiU Console and try it again, I wish you good luck on your attempts to fix it if this does not work.

    User Info: SirNootTheThird

    SirNootTheThird - 3 months ago 0 0

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